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1. The Cross

2. Atlantis

3. Black Magic


Now that the Easter Eggs have been found, the bunny rabbits forgotten, the many pageants performed, and great pilgrimages made...all in the name of Jesus Christ...we hope you had a quiet and happy RESURRECTION DAY and thought a bit about the significance of the work on the Cross which our Savior did for us. Did you think as to why this was necessary? Did you consider the significance of 'The Cup' at the last supper, and later in the Garden of Gethsemane as HE drank that cup of clear water? All of this was a part of the significance of 'The Cup'...'The Cross'...for on that Cross YAHWEH in a human body as YAHSHUA-Savior told you that this part of the Great Mosaic was now finished. Thus it was that this then is a time to remember the past for sure but to also look forward to the future. Don't keep Him on the Cross for that work is done, look forward to the future for HE with that Cross renewed the covenant with us, and also made a new covenant with the House of Judah, and the House of Israel. This covenant did not depend on Israel keeping the ritual of the law, this was behind them, this covenant was because of the LOVE of the Father for His children, and only depends on His keeping of the covenant, for we can be disobedient children but still children even in chastisement.

Now:..a booklet to help you understand events at that time, and the meaning of the 'Cup of Clear Water', can be obtained from Mrs. Swift entitled.. ..'The Symbol of the Cup'. There are other booklets available also to help refresh your mind as to those events so long ago, as we come up each spring to RESURRECTION DAY.

As to the Cross...where did it originate; what shape was it found to be, and has its meaning changed thru the ages? Long before the time of Adam's coming into flesh the Cross was a symbol for it was found in the heavens, and then later with the advent of the Adamic race in what we call 'The Star Bible'. In Bullingers 'Gospel of the Stars'..the crux, or cross is pictured much as we see today with the crossbars down a ways from the top of the middle span. It was the symbol of LIFE..not death as some use it with YAHSHUA still on the Cross. It was symbol of Natural life given up, and Eternal Life procured...atonement finished. (John 5:24) The New Covenant now in place, this part of the program of the kingdom is FINISHED. 'Tis finished!..The Messiah..died..cut off for sins..not HIS own, accomplished is the sacrifice..the Great Redeeming work is done!'

We find in several places that one of the Ancient forms of the Cross was the TAU..the word in Hebrew as well as in the Greek. And then some will ask but how did Enoch know the meanings of this symbol of the Cross? Well, remember that Enoch was taken into the heavens, and there he met with YAHSHUA and had his mind renewed as to what he knew when in the spirit. Our Father must have told Enoch that he was brought there in the flesh so that when he returned to earth in the flesh, he would remember these things to be able to pass them on to the generations of Adam. Since YAHWEH'S people now were in earth to build the kingdom it was necessary that they be told of that promise made to them in the heavens, of restoration. Told that the promise is still in force for we forgot many things when the veil of flesh was put upon us. When our Father explained the program of the kingdom there in the heavens, he explained what would happen to us in the flesh under the influence of the fallen Archangel. The Cross was that symbol of redemption which would be necessary, and only He could accomplish this in the flesh such as we would have. This is hard for many people to accept for they do not want to be the people of the kingdom unless they can do it their way. But Enoch obeyed so perfectly that he was taken back into the heavens without seeing death, thus we must accept his message as coming from the Father in heaven.

In the Throne area of YAHWEH there was a Cross for it is also a symbol of the restoration for all flesh, in the restitution of all things. After all YAHWEH allowed the Archangel to rebel, for His purpose, thus only He can restore all Creation as well as His children who fell under the guidance of this Archangel who became Satan. This was to be accomplished thru the work of the Kingdom Administration which called for His sons and daughters to be restored to leadership positions thus to actually bring Heaven to Earth, as He taught us to Pray:...'Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.' From the Old Big Book we find much about the different designs of The CROSS. We find that the TAU cross was sometimes in the form of a modern letter Capital T with the horizontal bars resting on the vertical column. Sometimes it was called a Hammer cross because it could be used like a hammer when held by its vertical base. The old book tells us that the Cross or a Whirling cross like a Swastika it was said to represent the motion of the Divine Spirit moving in a circle with the circle a symbol of Divine Creation. The Rose CROSS' One of the Ancient Mystery Schools knew of the symbolism of the CROSS for this Mystery School had knowledge of spiritual things.

Now; thru out eons of time the symbol of the CROSS has shown down from the heavens promising the restitution of all things, and within the program for earth, the coming of the Adamic Race, brought the story of this great 'Star Bible' into view of at least some of His people now in earth, so that the promise made before the world was framed would be remembered. And so that they would know that now the Builders of the Kingdom were moving forward here in earth. So that they would know that this would bring the crucifixion and resurrection to pass, thus the Ancient Adamites looked forward to the coming of their MESSIAH. Today we have some people still looking for a Messiah, and even Israelites trying to accommodate their belief in that way. But before the Adamic people were started in earth, the people of creation had some knowledge of the Cross. They looked to the heavens for answers until Satanic corruption blotted out most of those thoughts. Some even told of being taught by sons and daughters of YAHWEH, and how they expected those sons and daughters to return, this time in the flesh and lead the way to restoration even for them. As Adamites looked forward to their Messiah and his work for them on That Cross, it was with the understanding that the agony of our Savior on that Cross was not the agony of death but the agony of birth, of restoration, thus by HIS STRIPES we are restored. The death of His physical body as the Spirit left it made it possible for His released Spirit to go into the Netherworld and rescue the spirits of His children held there in bondage. He then returned to raise His physical body from the tomb. Thus He had now in a body of flesh just like His children possessed, drank that 'CUP' of clear water in the Garden fulfilling the Israel symbolism of taking on Himself all the sins, all the transgressions that had been made, and would still be made, from the time Lucifer rebelled until the time when he will once more bow at the feet of Our Father and acknowledge YAHWEH-YAHSHUA as KING OF KINGS. Only YAHWEH Himself in a body of flesh as Messiah could accomplish all this, and fulfill that promise made to His children so long ago while they were with Him in Spirit. Thus we have this symbol of the Cross in the heavens as well as the Lamb of Sacrifice, and here in earth for almost 2000 years we have had each year a remembrance with our RESURRECTION DAY. No matter how it has been used in pagan religion or Luciferian worship, still the Cross remains a fulfillment of a promise to our people,...THIS WE HOLD DEAR.

Now; I noticed in the Old Big Book that in the Masonic legend, that C Hiram Abiff was given a cross in the form of a hammer, thus a Tau cross by his ancestor Tubal-Cain...very interesting, and revealing don't you think? But Masonry which became so corrupted still carried a form of the Cross in symbolism. They say that the T or TAU cross was one of the oldest forms of the Cross in earth. This was said to be the mark on the forehead of every person admitted to the mysteries of Mithra which we told you about. In the time of Enoch and Job it is said that a king of Israel when initiated into the mysteries always placed this type of cross against his lips. Even among some of the American (so called) Indians we find the use of the Tau cross. From the Hebrew Alphabet compiled by Jeanette Penrod the Hebrew word TAU equals 400, and the Greek word TAU equals 300.

Albert Pike was so in love with Freemasonry and would not admit to the corruption which had been and was taking place in that organization tells us that the Caduceus of Hermes was an outgrowth of the TAU Cross. We would say that Enoch was Hermes and that Enoch possessed such knowledge because he obeyed YAHWEH perfectly in his time here in earth. His staff I have described before, but it was a staff with a cup on top and wings on either side of the cup and could be said in that way to form a cross. The two serpents entwined around the staff hung-head downward signifying the perverted theology of Satan, or darkness. But this type of cross with the Cup ..had wings signifying from heavenly realms and this was about 5000 years before the birth of the flesh, and long before He drank the Cup of clear water in the Garden of Gethsemane. Thus so called Christianity was not the first use of the CROSS in symbolism and worship, altho it was the same people in the heavens, and then in earth as followers of YAHSHUA-Messiah who saw the fulfillment of the wondrous promise made in the heavens. This story of the Cross and its significance has been carried down thru the years by tradition and many written records. Even tho many great libraries were destroyed still YAHWEH always saw that 'Truth' was preserved. When the great Library of Alexandria, Egypt was burned then many precious rolls were still saved thus preserving this knowledge. In the Old Big Book the authors think the saved rolls were probably buried in the sands of Egypt, but we think that at least some of them were taken to Britain.

Now; in the records we also found that a golden Cross is said to symbolize illumination, a silver Cross symbolizes purification. A Cross of Base metal symbolizes humiliation, where as a Cross of WOOD symbolizes aspiration, a yearning for something bigger and better than that already possessed. And since our Father came into the flesh to fulfill the Ancient promise then our race, and yes the whole creation vibrates together waiting for greater things than we possess at this time.

In the Gospel of Matthew we read the words spoken from the Cross:...'My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me'. (Matthew 27:46) This translation has puzzled Christians for almost 2000 years. We have told you before that from the Swift ministry...we find that this translation was probably not correct. After all this was the flesh as Messiah doing the great work of redemption. He came to be the sacrifice for His people, and His creation. In the book 'Atlantis and the Mother of Empires' which Mrs. Swift loaned to me from the Swift Library was some interesting interpretations of these words. Our author believes in evolution so we take that into account, but still he came up with some interesting interpretations. He traced words back to the Accadian language, the Mayan language, and thru different translations including that of Dr. Lumas and decided that perhaps there was a different translation than this one found in the King James Version of Scripture. We know that the physical body of YAHSHUA hung there in agony on that Cross of wood, then as the Spirit left that physical body no doubt, there could have been a human reaction. But there was no complaint as to why HE had come, or what HE was to do. Dr. Lamas in his literal translation free translation:..'My God, My God for this I was kept.' We would say this would be the soul and spirit in communion, and very possible. In the authors free translation in this book 'Atlantis Mother of Nations' it is translated this way:..'My God, My God my wounds will be kept open by those who defame me.' This we would say is also possible, for here is a warning, and an appeal to those who would defame Him, would perpetuate the agony of the Cross, while those loyal to Him would be healing balm to His wounds.

Now; this sentence was of obvious importance, for it was preserved for a record, and since this symbol of the Cross goes back in time and history could not these words warrant a translation not in the understanding of the times, but in classical speech of very ancient lineage as preserved by Priests and Masters. It seems that the root of these words if found in the Accadian and even in the Mayan tongue and since the work on the Cross was prophesied and promised so long ago before then of course the languages would have some reference to it. We would say it could have come to the Maya from the time of the Great Civilization there at the time of Enoch and Job, or even later as the Israelites came. As for the Accadian the author dates that language back to the land of Chaldea.

Another form of the Cross was known as the Crux Ansata. We think this more of a pagan cross for in the Old Big Book they say that this design is a combination of the masculine TAU Cross and the feminine Oval..the added significance of procreation. This design was a T Cross with an oval on top of the center of the cross bars, and a smaller oval inside of the larger. You find this type of cross in many pagan temples and in pagan sculptures and pictures.

On Easter Island in the Pacific on the back of one of the Ancient stone figures is a Crux-Ansata, thus if this island was a part of Ancient Mu or Lemuria then this Ancient symbol was found before the Adamites came into earth.

According to our understanding the creation under the influence of Satan began to worship the sex organs and then sex became a part of their religion. This brought the downfall of creation, and has also had a great effect on our Race. Remember that being a fallen Archangel, Lucifer could not create, never could, and now he could only take and subvert. Since Lucifer was still aware of the symbolism of the Cross, but could no longer impart knowledge as it came from YAHWEH...then his knowledge was a perverted version. Lucifer rebelled because he would not recognize the spirit children of YAHWEH in the heavens, and could no longer understand the method of physical procreation that was necessary to bring about YAHWEH'S kingdom in earth with His bodies of flesh. Since there are so many writers who believe in evolution, thus cannot recognize the Adamites as a Race of people, different in some aspects, for a purpose, they then consider the people of the Old Testament as pagans until they find the Jews at Jerusalem. They do not see that Abraham was not a Jew, and that Adam and Eve brought into flesh...symbolism and a Faith in ONE GOD, and that this Faith they carried into the world as they migrated. Some even went into China and Japan and then always to the west and they carried the symbol of the Cross with them.

Another type of Cross is like a capital X, this symbol is as number ten, and you find this symbol in Ancient inscriptions wherever the Adamites roamed. Most of the writers tell you that India has retained the Cross, but remember that Aryans established a great civilization in Northern India, as they came out of the High Mountains to the north of that area. Those Adamites were looking forward to the coming of their Messiah and His work on the Cross where He would redeem them.

Event the Rosicrucians, and Alchemists and Illuminate consider the Cross as a Light, and those who worship Satan attribute this light to their god., but the Cross in whatever form has had many meanings for different people, but to the Aryans this symbol meant their redemption and eventually Eternal Life.

Another type of Cross is the familiar Roman, Greek Cross which is also associated with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Here you find the Cross with the cross arms dropped from the top of the center column. Thus you find a variety of Cross's...the Triple Tau cross of the Royal Arch of Masonry, the double and triple crosses of both the Masonic and Roman Catholic symbolism. To the Christians the cross bar of the Cross is of a two fold significance, it is the symbol of death of our Redeemer but also a symbol of Life thru the Resurrection. Did you know that even the spinal nerves in our bodies cross at the back of the spine?

The Cross within a circle has long been regarded as a sing of the planet earth. After all this is where the work on the Cross was to be finished. Today we see a great mixture of darkness with the Light, but in Central America as Cortes came with the Spanish Cross, this brought back memories and the natives thought that Quetzal had returned, for they thought and expected the Almighty to redeem His people and thru them the rest of creation. Godfrey Higgins in his writings tells us that the Incas had a 'cross' of very fine marble and it was regarded as of great value. Mexican Temples have been found built in the form of a Cross, and some Ancient paintings show Quetzal nailed to a Cross. Some pictures showed three crosses with a man on each side of him. The three passion nails are highly important symbols as well and you will find them all over the world, for they are symbols in connection with the Cross.

Another type of Cross is called a Maltese Cross, sometimes a German Cross but it still symbolizes Light, Resurrection, Restoration..a promise fulfilled...and with this CROSS we conquer. This Cross is a vertical cross bar and a horizontal one, and the outer tips of the cross are larger and shade back smaller to the center.

In the book 'Atlantis Mother of Empires' there are many other designs of the Cross but they are all for Phallic worship (fal'us). The center column of the cross is always represented there as the male sexual organ, as an emblem or symbol of the reproductive power of nature; and worshiped in pagan rites, because of the misunderstanding taught by Satan who could no longer put forth truth. Here we would like to say that perhaps you have heard as we have that such as the Obelisk' Washington Monument and even those that marked the path of Manasseh and Ephraim people are the same as these used in Phallic worship. But we do not find this to be true, for there is a difference, and only Satan trying to imitate brings something that has been mistaken for the real thing. The Obelisk is a four sided stone pillar gradually tapering as it rises, and it terminates in a pyramidal top, the Satanic ones are straight up and down like the center column of the cross with a different top.

Now; again...when I am making this tape...Easter is over and lets not keep our Savior on the Cross. Lets realize that as our Savior suffered in a human body on the Cross that HE became a Risen Savior, and a triumphant KING OF KINGS. And now we look forward to the rest of the fulfillment of this great Mosaic laid out in the heavens so long ago. Our Gospels portray this 'ONE' who was to hang on the Cross as 'The King'..head of His kingdom in earth, as a servant of the spirit now in earth to fulfill the necessity of the Cross. They portray HIM as a fact the only perfect physical man, as John tells us...'Israel behold your God'. Thus here on this past Resurrection Day we saw an empty Cross...and we 'Beheld our God'. Therefore we did not go to old Jerusalem and walk that path he walked struggling with a heavy Cross, for we know that part of the struggle is finished. We believe we should remember, but thank HIM and look ahead, for He renewed the Covenant with both the House of Israel and the House of Judah, and now together they make up His kingdom of people in earth. Surely then it is time for His people to see HIM as their KING OF KINGS, and realize that even the Tabernacle in the Wilderness is part of the story of the Cross since it led up to the work on the Cross, and that also is finished for the old rituals were nailed to that Cross when HE..our Father ...soul, body and spirit visited HIS people.

QUESTION:..Was there really a continent called Atlantis where the Atlantic Ocean stands today?

ANSWER:...From all the information available we think so. Plato talked of this continent and most refer to his writings. In the Old Big Book they have an article about Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity. The picture for this article is not of such an Ancient land, for it is of Odin..the Scandinavian hero. In this picture is a great warrior with Eagle Wings on his helmet. He is in battle dress, has a spear and sword and scabbard, as well as the wings on his helmet. He is pictured against the backdrop of purple mountains, and the end of the rainbow shows an illuminated city on top of the highest peak of the purple mountains. On the rock at his feet stand two wolves. And the picture is entitled Odin..The Scandinavian father-God. The caption under it says it is difficult to find any satisfactory information about Odin, and Godfrey Higgins even suggests that Odin..a Northern God is simply a different pronunciation of Buddha. Sir William Jones also believes that Buddha was Woden, or Odin. That Woden came from the north of India, that Odin is linked with the Ancient source where in his name meant wisdom or knowledge. That in this symbolic name is found an allusion to the tree of knowledge growing in O-don or Eden, the garden of wisdom.

Now; the Aryans came thru northern India where they had a great civilization for some time during their migration. They do go back to the garden of Eden, for this was the Adamic race, and they did have great leaders who became called gods...sons of YAHWEH.

And there is much to be found today about Odin the leader of the Scandinavians...we told you earlier in the tapes about this leader, and he may have been the son of Tea Tephi, for he left Britain to become the leader of the Scandinavian people, the Vikings, and the wolves were a symbol of the tribe of Benjamin which you also find not only in Iceland but in the Scandinavian countries as well. The Benjaminites were the 'Light Carriers' of Israel, and the rainbow stretches from the feet of the wolves to the Illuminated city on the top of the mountain. When great storms came or trouble the Scandinavians cried to Odin their illustrious leader who had gone home in spirit, and they thought he rode in the great ship of the heavens as we have told you before, so they cried to him to intercede with YAHWEH for them still trapped here in earth.

They did not worship Odin as a God, but they did believe that he and they were sons of YAHWEH, and they called on those sons who had gone home to help them in their journey here in their occupation of earth. It may seem strange that this picture of Odin was picked for this article about Atlantis, but not if you know that even on Ancient Atlantis, after all the corruption brought about by the fall of Lucifer that still some of the Atlantians wanted to live as their Priest instructed, after the children of YAH came to earth and instructed them thru their temples. They could not see where all this turning good to evil was leading, and they did not want to go that route.

We will bring you some of the information that is available as to this Ancient land, and let you make up your own mind as to...did it really exist? In 1915 the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution in their annual report carried an important altho short article on the subject of Atlantis. The author..M. Pierre Termier, a member of the Academy of Science and Director of the service of the Geologic chart of France, had in 1912 delivered a lecture on the Atlantean hypothesis, and his notes were used in this report put out by the Smithsonian.

Mr. Termier called attention to the fact that in the past few years science has returned to the study of Atlantis. And now they are remembering things Plato told us. Science thus began thinking that a vast region continental or made up of great islands had collapsed west of the Pillars of Hercules, known today as the Straits of Gibraltar, that it collapsed in the not so far distant past, and will be confirmed by oceanographers.

In his lecture M. Termier presented geologic, geographic and Zoologic data in substantiation of the Atlantis theory. He sites the fact that from the Azores to Iceland dredging has brought lava to the surface from great depths. The volcanic nature of the islands now existing in the Atlantic Ocean corroborated Plato's statement that the Atlantean continent was destroyed by volcanic cataclysms.

A young French Zoologist...M. Louis Germain admitted that Atlantis... the Atlantic continent connected with the Iberian (Spanish) Peninsula, and with Africa toward the south.

Plato's description in 'Critias' is in Mythology. It states of how in the first ages the gods divided the earth among themselves, proportioning it according to their respective dignitaries. Each established in his sphere of influence a Priestcraft and instructed or instituted a system of sacrifice. To Poseidon was given the Sea and the island continent of Atlantis. In the midst of the Island was a mountain which was the dwelling place of three earth born human beings. Evenor, his wife Leucipe, and their daughter Cleito. The daughter was very beautiful and after the death of her parents she was wooed by Poseidon who begat by her five pairs of make children. Poseidon divided his continent among the ten boys and Atlas was the oldest and he made him lord of the other nine. He called the country Atlantis and the sea around it Atlantic in honor of Atlas. Poseidon divided the continent and the coastwise sea into concentric zones of land and three of water surrounded the central island. This island Poseidon caused to be irrigated with two springs of water, one warm the other cold. The descendants of Atlas continued as rulers of Atlantis and with wise government and industry elevated the country into a place of surpassing beauty. Natural resources were apparently limitless, precious metals were mined, wild animals domesticated, and perfumes distilled from its fragrant flowers. The Atlantians erected palaces, temples and docks. They bridged the zones of sea and later dug deep canals to connect the outer ocean with the central Island where stood the palaces and temples of Poseidon. Thus the various parts of the kingdom were united.

Plato describes the white, black and red stones quarried to be used in the construction of public buildings and docks. The Citadel on the central Island contained the Palaces, the temples and other public buildings, and in the center surrounded by a wall of gold was a Sanctuary dedicated to Cleito and Poseidon. Here the first ten Princes of the Island were born and here each year their descendants brought offerings. Poseidon's own Temple, its exterior of Ivory, gold, silver and Orichalch (it looks like brass in color) stood in the center, and it contained a colossal statute of Poseidon standing in a chariot drawn by six winged horses. About him were Nereids riding on Dolphins, and around the Temple were statues of the first ten kings and their wives.

To this Island Kingdom came vessels from every maritime nation, for this Island was well populated. The part of Atlantis facing the outer sea was loftily, and had great mountains, but the central part was a great plain sheltered by these mountains, and each year two crops were grown, and in summer they irrigated using great canals which were also used for transportation. Each of the ten kings of Atlantis had complete control over their kingdom, but their mutual relationship caused them to be governed by a code engraved on a column in the Temple of Poseidon. Thus at alternate intervals great pilgrimages would be made to the center of the Island to the Temple of Poseidon, thus equal honor could be bestowed upon the odd and even numbers. Here each King renewed his oath of loyalty, upon the sacred inscription. Here the Kings renewed their oaths not to take up arms against each other, and to always come to the assistance of any of their numbers who were attacked. In final decisions it was the descendants of Atlas who ruled.

Plato concluded his description of the antiquity of Atlantis by declaring that it was this great empire, after its power and glory had brought rulers who forgot their pathway of wisdom and virtue, and had then decided to attack the world and conquer that then attacked the Hellenic land. The false ambition...following false gods brought down the mighty Atlantean Empire. Plato then says that Zeus..perceiving the wickedness of the Atlanteans gathered the gods into his holy habitation and addressed them, and here Plato's narrative comes to an abrupt end for the work known as 'Critias' was never finished. (unquote)

Now; from the Swift ministry and the books of 'Horus'..the Ancient Egyptian is learned that it was many, many years after the coming of Lucifer and his fallen Angels to earth that the mighty Empire of Atlantis finally fell into destruction, for all kinds of evil was practiced in the Empire before it began to break up, and finally the Great God of the Heavens withdrew his children from the Temples of Atlantis where they had instructed for many years. For those who did not want to go down from the mountain to join the great corruption now rampant on the plains, then their Priest led them from their homeland and finally some of them settled in Africa along the Nile River and later became called Egyptians. Later Solon ...a son of Plato gives a description of Atlantis which was given to him by an Egyptian Priest, possibly from the writings of Horus, for it describes the conditions on Atlantis as the days came for its destruction. In the work..'Timaeus' is said that violent earthquakes occurred and floods came, mountains split open, water poured in, and the tops of the mountains blew off. The Island sank into earth carrying warlike men, and people caught in a great judgment, vanished as the Island of Atlantis disappeared as it sank beneath the sea.

Now;..there is also many references to Atlantis in the old writings, they tell us there were seven Islands in the Atlantic sea, and besides these three others of an immense magnitude, the one in the middle being an immense one. Egyptian Priests declared the story of Atlantis to be written upon Pillars which were still preserved in 300 B.C.

Ignatius Donnelly gave the subject of Atlantis profound study in his... 'Beginnings of glimpses of Vanished Civilizations'..he believed that horses were first domesticated by the Atlanteans, for which reason they were considered sacred to Poseidon.

Plato's description of Atlantis should be regarded as both allegorical and historical for there was reason to believe that the story concealed a philosophical mystery, however later philosophers could not agree as to the actual interpretation. By that time philosophy had sunk to the interpretation of everything as strictly earthly, human evolutionary meanings. Then they try to explain the mystery of the fall of Atlantis in that manner departing from the great Mosaic of YAHWEH as to his plans for the restoration of a world gone astray after the Luciferian rebellion. However most all do claim that Atlantis did exist and place the date of its final sinking about 9600 B.C. That its sinking stretched out over a long period of time, as part of it went down, then another part and so on until the final destruction. Ignatius Donnelly believes that the History of Atlantis is the key to Greek Mythology, that the Gods of Greek Mythology were men, not creators of the Universe, but rather as regents to be set over the Universe and used their mythologies to proclaim what was to be. The Divine lesson being that total corruption brings destruction from on high, and in antiquity we find that as the original races of people fell under Lucifers dominion they were destroyed. Some of their numbers who did not want to follow Lucifer did escape from the sinking land and on both sides we find traces of them.

Now; the Cross and the Serpent were both Atlantean emblems of wisdom, the center of this Atlantean wisdom..religion was presumably a great Pyramid like Temple standing on the brow of a plateau rising in the middle of the city of the Golden Gates. Here it was said that the Priests were trained by children of God, and from here those Priests of the Sacred Father went forth carrying the keys of Universal wisdom to the uttermost parts of the earth.

This is just a portion of what has remained in mythology of the story of what life was like back in the days before Adam, before and after Lucifer rebelled in the heavens and came to earth. Today what we need is a more clear interpretation of Ancient Mythology, or the writings of Plato who was schooled in the Ancient Mystery Schools of our race.

Many are the nations who in their mythologies, carry the stories of gods who came out of the sea, who instructed them in arts and crafts, how to read and write and till the soil, cultivate herbs for healing, study the stars and form governments. Perhaps it was these Atlantean Priests instructed from above who came as tho out of the teach the created world what they needed to know. Wherever these Priests proselyted they erected Temples such as found on Atlantis but mostly men remembered not the wisdom taught, but the gold ornaments and the transcendency of their wisdom, but not the true explanation of the Cross and the Serpent. The Ancient Egyptian Priests however did record that someday YAHWEH would send His sons and daughters back to earth, this time in bodies of flesh, to teach the way of salvation.

After these Atlantean Priests left Atlantis they never returned because their homeland sank under judgment, and after the lapse of centuries then tradition preserved only a fantastic account of gods who came from the place where the sea now is. It is then said that from Atlantis came the heritage of arts, crafts, philosophies, ethics, and religions, but also hate, strife, and perversion. Wars were then fought and all subsequent wars were then fought in a fruitless effort to justify the first one and right the wrong which it caused. Today we are still on that same treadmill, for the world is still in the Luciferian grip of error.

As to the question, do we really have any proof, any physical evidence that there was such a continent as Atlantis, was there a continent in the Pacific as well that sank? Yes, we do have such proof, besides the writings of Plato and others.

A few years ago off the east coast of one of the Southern States in deep water, they found a great Pyramid. Then further south in the Islands they found warm water springs were still bubbling forth even tho they are now under many feet of water. In 1968 mysterious stone structures were sighted on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean off the Island of Bimini. They intrigued Professor David Zink of the U.S. Air Force Academy of Colorado so much that he mounted a continuing series of underwater Archaeological expeditions to explore this site. In his book...'The Stones of Atlantis' he describes the results of his investigations, and some of these findings were almost unbelievable, but seem to also confirm the historical existence of the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

I have this book in my library and will try to give you a short review as to what Dr. Zink found. Since he became an instructor for the Air Force we have started reaching for the stars thru space exploration, and he thought that the study of the Ancient Greek Myths might reveal how our planet was formed, and how long there had been people on it. Here is some of the things he found in his search. One of the most colorful of the new theorists was Immanuel Velikovsky who declared that from the legends and myths around the world...that our planet had been involved in seven destructions by fire and water. Thus pre-historic man had endured a residue of terrible but natural violence. He emphasized the close passage to earth of both Mars, and Venus at one time, and since a change in scientific attitude occurred in 1973...then he was invited to speak, after a number of U.S. space programs had born out his earlier predictions..then people in the scientific world began to listen. For instance Velikovsky said Venus was about 800 degrees Fahrenheit, or incandescent and this was found to be true, where as Einstein had erroneously suggested the planet to be frigid and at least 13 degrees Farinheight. Jupiter was predicted by Velikovsky to be a source of radio energy and this was also proved to be true. Dr. Zink then in his days had seen the supposedly fabled Knights of the Round table transformed from purely literary in origin thru Archaeological work in Wales to the realm of historical possibility, thus why not see about the Lost Continent of Atlantis?

Dr. Zink had read about the findings of Edgar Cayce and how Cayce's description of Atlantis paralleled that of Plato's story. Only Cayce's story went further telling of the use of flying machines and underwater crafts, of the people of Atlantis before their fall. How these pre-historic people used cosmic energies, for their energy was in harmony with their environment until their final days when because of great disobedience it was turned to destructive purposes. But more and more expeditions were being undertaken and more and more proof of an Ancient world was turning up, yet some scientists did not want to recognize these finds for they would have to rethink their whole life time of analysis and this they did not want to do. But Dr. Zink was still curious about the Cayce readings as to what was to be found, and one place to look was in the Islands to the south of the U.S. Plans were then set in place for in the Bahama Islands the water is almost clear and you could get glimpses of huge blocks of stone, stunning in their size and obvious order as tho something, such as Stonehenge did at one time in Ancient pre-historic times exist. So did these Ancient people know the positions of the stars, and use them to time the lunar risings and settings and the eclipses??? We think they did.

Even in North America we know of locations of such wheel sites which were used to mark the summer and winter Solstices. New Hampshire’s Mystery Hill, once believed to have been built by a 19th., century farmer, includes stones of over six tons that mark the summer and winter Solstice, and now even Biblical men trace the existence of Adam to 400 B.C. or longer back, and try to bring all men from Adam, still they cannot help but know that there had to be men on this planet thousands of years before Adam. Dr. Zink in the explorations off Bimini on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle thus will be able to dive and examine those great stones and take pictures of them to be studied later. They found two long thin stones nearly cylindrical and they studied them, and found they were laid out oriented to the equinox,...was this only an accident of nature? Like Stonehenge, the site at Bimini also has a northeasterly orientation. And they found Ancient building blocks, and some were white marble which is not native to the Bahamas.

This book by Ignatius Donnelly published in 1831-1901., was in the hands of Dr. Zink, this book was by a most learned American Congressman who had studied in the Library of Congress before he published his book..'Atlantis ...the Antediluvian World.' And after studying that work it became clear that there was much more land above the sea than would be admitted in the modern Christian world. This land at one time had to exist...above the sea of today, even tho the Modern Christian world was holding to a narrow view point. Dr. Zink was surprised at the strong interest found among a number of Soviet men of letters, as to the theory of Atlantean history. They accept more easily all the writings and the findings from the Lost World of Atlantis.

Edgar Casey in his readings traced Atlantis from the beginning thru its Golden Age, then thru three increasingly drastic earth changes including the one that finally destroyed it completely. The dates are given as about 48,000 B.C., 28,000 B.C., to 10,700 B.C. or a little later. Thus the thought was that Atlantis did not sink all at once, it was like the total decline of a great civilization. The Spiritual awareness of the citizens giving way to increasing materialism, sexual perversion, exploration and slavery. The decline was marked by a constant battle between the Sons of God...of ONE God, and the sons of Belial. The fire stones, which had earlier been used for healing, began to be employed in punishment and torture and what was termed Black Magic began to be used. Thus the Ancient civilization which Plato and others told us about then gradually slipped beneath the waters, in one great catastrophe after another, but also in judgment.

Now; Herodotus once held that the straits of Gibraltar had once been joined by land. There we were to discover that during the Glomer Challenger voyage that approximately maybe six million years ago the Mediterranean Sea was a desert, and 10,000 feet below sea level. And five and one half million years ago the sea broke thru the land bridge and water from deep in the Atlantic ages as well as Marine life poured in and it took about 1000 years to fill that basin.

Plato spoke of hot and cold springs on Atlantis, which suggests a volcanic terrain, and colors of rock as white, black and red. Those types of rocks have been found in places as the Azores. In 1898 a cable laying expedition working in 1700 fathoms of water brought up a sample of ocean floor as they grappled for a broken cable. The sample was tachylite, which is a vitreous lava which is formed above water, and which is supposed to disintegrate in sea water in about 15,000 years.

Ignatius Donnelly's claim that the Azores are undoubtedly the peaks of the mountains of Atlantis seems reasonable since in 1808 a volcano built a cone from the ocean bed near San Miguel forming an island 300 feet in elevation above the surface of the sea. In the Pacific this was also occurring last year...1985.

In February 1969...where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea there was dredged up by a Geological Observatory team from Columbia University, a ton of granite rock. But Granite had never been found in the open sea before.

We could quote more and more of these instances on both sides of the American west, and in some places it is found that the ocean floor seems to be rising and shipping has had to be warned. Also there are many things in the Cayce Readings which became changed in translation because of the belief in evolution. Thus not understanding the program of YAHWEH, or His judgment on a land which totally followed Lucifer and his rebellious Angels then in trying to prove evolution his readings were sidetracked. What we do believe, just as Dr. Zink did is that our people need to know about the past of our planet before they try to probe the future..thru space exploration.

Dr. Zink thus was very interested as other researchers were beginning to admit that there was truth to be found in the manuscripts of the past. He knew that Cayce had spoken of the Essene manuscripts, and of Jesus in connection with those people, but Cayce was dead before the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1948, and the Essene community in Archaeological diggings at Qumram in 1949. Could there then be anything to these myths about benevolent beings? Perhaps more highly evolved they supposed than mankind today who had visited earth around 28,000 B.C., coming from the Pleiades Star Cluster? The Atlanteans told of seven sisters, the seven daughters of Atlas ...named for the seven stars of the Pleiades. That those coming from the area of the Pleiades are not as our human form, but consciously controlled by mental form, the thought pattern, and in that level of consciousness are those who guide and direct the vibrational frequencies of those on earth who are moving into a similar pattern and direction?

Now; if the translators of the Cayce readings had forgotten about trying to have everything evolve they might have come up with the explanation as Dr. Swift did thru inspiration, that these visitors from the Pleiades were sons and daughters of YAH sent to earth to teach, and to guide the people of creation, that they could be heard and sometimes dimly seen by the Priests of the Great Temple on Atlantis, but they could not be touched. Horus their Priest told his people that they must leave that old homeland for the land was sinking in judgment, and they then left their land and finally settled along the Nile River in what is now Egypt. Those were some of them who lived along the eastern rim of Ancient Atlantis. And now on the Bimini Dr. Zink was to find that there were Ancient people in that area who had inhabited this site near Bimini, and they were undoubtedly very interested in the Pleiades as were other pre-historic people.

We have learned from different sources that the temples of Atlantis were erected very carefully, their architecture employed certain sacred numbers relating to the structure of the Universe which seemed at that time to be well known, such as the Solar system and life on this planet. They were oriented to favor stellar, solar, and lunar alignments. The energies of these bodies resonated within the geometric shapes of the Temples, and were thus amplified, both for raising consciousness and for healing. The Temples were thus located in a significant relation to the earth's magnetic fields, such they were to find in the field off the Island of Bimini, and such as in Adam's time as at the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Douglas Singer joined the group with Dr. Zink, and now Dr. Zink was to learn that the Pleiades were the focus for an incredibly diverse series of facts in history, mythology, anthropology, and archaeology. And here is just a tip of that iceberg:...the Ancient Chinese it seems, revered the Pleiades as early as the 24th., century B.C. You then find reference in the Bible when YAHWEH challenged Job:...'canst' thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades?' In this instance, in Mythology in Adam's age... the Pleiades are considered as the place where Universal love came from and which would be understood vaguely by men.

In the Polynesian Islands in the Pacific these seven stars of the Pleiades Constellation is known as...'the seven little eyes of heaven'... the world over they are known as the 7 altho only six are visible to the human eye today. Ancient Greek Temples were built to face toward the Pleiades at their rising or setting, and today you still find as you did in antiquity the close connection of the Bull, or Taurus, the eye of the Bull, and the Constellation of Perseus with the Pleiades group. This was found at the site off the Island of Bimini, and was also an important factor or marker for sailors at one time. The Ancients also believed that Alcyone of the Pleiades was the center of the Universe. Thus the establishing of the megalithic sites in alignment with the Pleiades is marked. Dr. Zink even called in known so called psychics to help his explorations ...but many things were learned of the astronomic use of the strange column standing under the sea, how crystal reflected the rays of the sun and could be tuned more accurately at certain times of the year. Dr. Zink then wanted to find further evidence than psychic readings so he learned of a retired Navy Captain who while flying a helicopter off Cat Cay had observed an enormous quantity of fresh water welling up in the sea, and he said it was as if some unknown water bearing layers were connecting the Bahamas deep in the earth with mountains further north in the U.S.A.

In summary, Dr. Zink reached these conclusions based on their exploration at Bimini:.....

1. Bimini was occupied by men long before the inhabitants found by Columbus.

2. What ever the precise geological history of the limestone blocks off Paradise Point, their order and pattern clearly suggests human intervention.

3. Dr. Valentine's claim that the Bimini Road was the remains of a megalithic structure seemed valid.

4. There was remnants of a sacred geometry on this road.

5. The site was not actually a road but one of its functions may have been the protecting of a Temple from surrounding waters.

6. Intriguing artifacts unrelated to any known culture were found.

7. Natural springs with healing potential are indicated as having been a part of a large sacred complex.

8. As recently as 6 to 7 thousand years ago the Bimini complex would have been located near the N.W. extremity of a land mass as long as the present state of Florida and wider.

9. From all evidence for 8000 years world wide volcanic activity has been fairly dormant according to Geologists. (this written in 1978) And we would say that since 1980 we have seen a stepping up of such volcanic activity, in 1982 when all planets were on one side of the sun we saw this pattern.

Now; did 'Ponce de Leon' come seeking rejuvenation and landed at Miami instead of Bimini as Eggerton Sykes maintained? Did Phoenicians know of this site at Bimini, or did the Egyptians as well know of this healing site at Bimini? Dr. Zink tells us that he was forced to accept Plato as an authoritative source of information about a historical fact that Atlantis did exist.

Now; my friends:...Terry Ramsey, one of my 'Identity kids', brought over a letter, it is about an invention, called the Cosmic Pipe. A Dr. Hieronymous has devoted almost 60 years of research to the instrument and practical applications of this energy. The idea being that the Cosmic Pipe collects cosmic energy 24 hours per day and broadcasts this energy to your soil environment, while the other instruments called 'The Analyzer' and the broadcaster can be used to treat specific conditions that require immediate attention. The instruments have broad applications in soil, water, plant, animal, feed stuffs, and personal health correction and maintenance. This is termed...The new age Agriculture by Dr. T.G. Hieronomymus, for with this there will be soil enrichment and bugs and disease germs will die. Actually the Cosmic Pipe and associated instruments sound like an outgrowth of the work of Nicholas Tesla, the inventor.

Then in reading the daily paper the first of March, I ran across this item under a headline:...'Government puts fusion machine in Mothballs' came from Livermore California (UPI)...'A three hundred fifty million atomic fusion machine passed its first series of tests Friday morning, and then was mothballed a few hours later. Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said the 160 foot long machine had been designed to study where the atomic fusion might produce virtually unlimited energy from Isotopes found in water. But the magnetic test facility B was a victim of Federal Budget cuts. The device contains 1,350 tons of magnets, which engineers said passed their first test at 3:00 A.M., Friday...then the machine was shut down.

Alright the powers that be are still in control are they not? The unseen Government program does not call for cheap energy for the people of these United States, for the program is still a take-over from within. But these inventions are on the sidelines and will be used when the time comes, and the U.S. is surrounded and can no longer continue in this game plan. I still think that YAHWEH has a few surprises in store for the enemy when His plan for the Kingdom emerges.

Now to the subject...BLACK MAGIC...which was one of the things said to have caused the down fall of Atlantis...

QUESTION:... the question then came what is Black Magic???

ANSWER:...A magician under certain conditions was said to be able to control the invisible inhabitants of the elements and the astral world. The Astral pertains to the stars, but was presumed by occultist to pervade the regions of space and enter into the composition of all bodies. An Astral body thus was the power to occupy two places at the same time, from this they produced what was known as a ghost or a double.

Now; Egypt was, as we know, the birthplace of the Ancient Schools of Mystery formed by Enoch and Job. Thus you would expect that here the enemy would also try to take over and destroy all the keys to the Ancient wisdom, so there would be no knowledge except theirs, for Black Magicians were on fallen Atlantis even before the coming of Enoch and Job, and they had been trying to destroy that knowledge the Ancient Atlanteans brought with them also into Egypt.

Idolatry was introduced by encouraging the worship of images, which is the beginning..and the Wise had erected these images in their beginning solely as a source of study and meditation. False interpretations were then given to the emblems and figures of the mysteries, and elaborate theologies were created to confuse the minds. The masses then deprived of understanding, eventually thru ignorance became slaves of supposed spiritual impostors. Superstition prevailed, and black magicians then dominated national affairs, and with witchcraft and Demonism many things were proclaimed and practiced. The name Black Magic has nothing to do with the color black, it is just the opposite of the knowledge of Light. Much was known in those early days about the Elementals and many sought to use Elementals and found they instead lost their lives. Many are the instances of this found thru Ancient history, but today people do not even believe there is such a thing.

You have all seen the pictures of the 'Goat of Mendes' that figure of a sitting human body with a goats head, a star in its forehead, and the third horn between the two with three points on it. Also the figure has wings and the name Eliphas Levi Del is inscribed on the partial dome the figure sits on. This 'Goat of Mendes' was a composite figure formulated to symbolize this astral light, this then a demonic figure, and Black Magic is performed with the aid of a demonic spirit who serves the Sorcerer for the length of his life, with the understanding it is said, that after death the Black Magician will serve his own demon.

The most dangerous form of Black Magic, it is said, is the scientific perversion of occult powers for the gratification of personal desire. Human selfishness is the cause of much worldly evil, you see people who will barter their Eternal soul for temporal power, and down thru the ages you have seen them make that mysterious choice. The Black Magic art includes nearly all forms of ceremonial magic, witchcraft, sorcery, Vampirism, and Mesmerism and hypnotism except when used only for medical purposes even there an element of risk is included.

Now; the Demonism of the middle ages seems to have disappeared, but there are still many modern forms of the same thing still around, altho the name Black Magic has gone thru a name change, yet its nature is the same. The Bible gives us many instances showing how evil spirits resides in people, thus since Jesus cast them out we know this to be true.

In the Old Big Book it tells us that back in 1524 a writer, Dr. Faust who was classed also as an old magician who lived in the 16th., century, that even tho they today tell you that he was a fictional character, still he wrote a book, and there is a translation from the original German...before it was ordered that the book be destroyed. He told the names of the many evil spirits who the Black Magicians were able to call forth to their service. And then he also discovered that the Magician who called them would soon realize that they were in a trap, for then the Magician is really a servant of the occult. The symbols or emblems used by the occult are simply borrowed from the true light, for Black magic is a misuse of a fundamental art, and has no symbols of its own. So remember that as you try to figure out symbols and emblems labeled as occult, they are simply true symbols inverted or reversed. For instance the pentagram or five pointed star, when used in Black Magic...its form differs in one of three ways. The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch. It may be inverted by having one point down and two up, or it may be distorted by having the points upward is also called 'The Goat of Mendes' because the inverted star is the same shape as the Goats head. When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, it signifies the fall of the morning star. Thus in symbolism an inverted figure signifies a perverted power. When Peter chose to hanged head down, he wanted to convey the message that an inverted power had called for his crucifixion, and the crucifixion of YAHSHUA the Savior. Even tho the same power called for the crucifixion of YAHSHUA still they could not have accomplished it unless it had been 'allowed' for a great purpose.

There is then much to be learned about Black Magic, and Occult practices but there is so much good also to be learned that we don't like to spend much time on that subject. You see much of the symbolism of Rosicrusionism as a mixed bag, but mostly the perverted symbols of Light which have been changed over the years as Satan has been able to use his influence are just that perverted symbols.

Now; before we close this subject about Lost Atlantis, there is this book borrowed from the Swift Library entitled:..'Atlantis Mother of Empires' by Robert Stacy-Judd which also had some interesting things in it. However believing in evolution because he could not accept the Christian theology of all races from Adam, a mere 4000 years B.C., our author then tries to prove that 'the cradle of man' was lost Atlantis. But we think he will find that Archaeology will prove that there were people on earth before Adam... a long time before, but that Lost Atlantis was not the birthplace of all men. We believe that he will some day understand the contribution of the Aryans to the world.

We have already given you the book report:..'In Search of the White God' and we believe as does the author of Lost Atlantis that people in South and Central America did come from Lost Atlantis and also from Lemuria of the Pacific, long before the Aryans came to those lands, or were even on earth. There are great untold stories in such places as the almost un-penetratable jungles of Central America, for one Maya account tells of at least 150 cities erected in the Yucatan area alone. We would then ask you this:... Since the Soviet Union now holds the area of the Ancient Tarim Basin, the early Adamic land, does the powers behind the Soviet Union now want all this area of Central and South America as well, so as to wipe out any knowledge to be found there? Did you notice in New Beginnings a while back that they quoted 'The Link' as saying that it was the Catholic Papacy that spiritualized Israel when the Angelical church of England was leaning toward the theory of British Israel Teaching?

Now; our author recognizes Plato's story of Lost Atlantis and records as does others that the break up of Atlantis did not happen all at once. The first part sunk about 23,000 years B.C., the second part about 14,000 B.C., and the latter about 9,600 years B.C., and this was the western part. Our Father then had much patience with His creation, but it sunk further and further to the point of no return, and was then destroyed. In case it is hard for you to believe that this planet has had much upheaval, there are many records of this unstableness, not only in the Bible but from other sources as well. For instance:..Our author tells about some happenings that perhaps you have not heard one time, 8 leagues from Morocco which is a little village of 10,000 inhabitants was wiped out as the ground opened and swallowed the village and then closed over them again. In 1815 about 200 miles from Java, on the Island of Sumbawa there was heard a terrific explosion. The noise continued from April 5 to July 11, when the most violent explosion was heard almost 1000 miles away. Out of a population of 12,000 people only 26 are known to have escaped to tell of volcanic explosions, and a giant whirlwind which carried people, horses, and cattle into the air. How even the most giant of trees were ripped up and carried into the air. And as the Island sank the whole sea was covered with floating timber.

Other reports tell of the strange water migration of the small lemming... for these rodents leave Scandinavia and swim westward to a spot far out in the Atlantic, there to circle about as tho searching for land they remembered, and then they finally die from exhaustion. There are also certain flocks of birds that fly to a part of the Atlantic where no earth is visible and they appear bewildered at not finding an Ancient homeland. They fly in circles until they fall exhausted into the sea. We also then believe that there was at one time much land above the waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Our author points out that the Aryans were a people living at the dawn of history, but we would say that they were living at the dawn of the Adamic history. Believing in evolution he cannot see their migration over earth as a race of people, at a certain time, and for a purpose. However he does point out different things to confirm the things that Dr. Swift and I have been telling you. He points out that the early Quichuas of Peru were originally fair and had blue eyes, and many times had auburn hair. I noticed in the National Geographic Magazine for April of 1986., that in the Lost Maya Village of Rio a discovered tomb lay a skeleton such as in other untouched tombs, of a large framed man about 5'7" or more in height where as the average Maya male of that time was about 5'3" and of smaller frame. The report says this civilization reached its peak about 250 B.C., to 250 A.D., and following the footprints of earlier Aryans, as we have told you before.

Our author confirms that it was Father Diego de Landa...the Priest with the Spaniards, who became the second Bishop of Yucatan, who compelled the Maya to destroy their books and manuscripts causing an immeasurable loss to Archaeology. It is said that this Catholic Priest found a large number of books, but felt there was nothing in them but suspicions, so ordered them destroyed, and the Maya were very sad as they carried out this order, for they had books they felt had much knowledge in them.

This...not understanding sometimes causes people to react...does it not? We find this even today do we not? We have seen this reaction even to the Swift tape ministry for it seemed something different, as tho a different religion as some say. And rather than check it out, and see if it has any merit some just destroy it, so that it does not disturb their mind. We have seen this all thru history, if a nation is conquered then destroy their knowledge if they do not think as you do. This has always been the pathway to One World Government, but people do not seem to realize this. Our author has much to say about this symbol of the Cross since it has been found all over the world. Of the many designs of the Cross which he has found, most are those in Phallic or pagan worship where the sex organs are the basis of their rituals. They take the TAU Cross and then using the erect column add the D and E or female symbol of the oval. Yes, you will find this union of these symbols all over the world. But we would say that this was not the case until Lucifer had rebelled and was confined to this world, and brought forth his perverted symbolism. However unless you have some understanding of the great Mosaic laid out by our Father and you only believe in evolution then you would not realize this.

Our author points out that Phallic (fal-lic) worship is still practiced in India by the followers of Siva, Vishnu and Kali, and of course this is true for these are pagan gods. You will find this is true also in other parts of the world, in Voodooism, and all kinds of Satanic worship. But again Lucifer could not create, he could only take the established symbols and pervert them, and this you would expect. Therefore I am not going to give you any of these designs of this perverted use of the Cross, but will keep a list of them and can point them out if..YAHWEH forbid..we as a people sink further into Satanic worship. Our race has been damaged enough by this worship of the procreation process, since most do not understand necessity of this process to bring forth the Kingdom of the flesh, on this earth, or earlier to populate the earth.

I can see how those who are caught in the belief of evolution cannot accept the Christian story of all races from Adam, and then even from Noah's three sons. They cannot accept as we cannot accept the idea that all races came from Adam for they realize that it is a biological impossibility for the Negro race at least, to have come from the white race, and most of them believe that the Aryans are the Caucasian race, but because of this blinder of evolution they cannot put the Mosaic together and place the different races in their proper place. Yes, there are many things that point to much more land being above the waters at one time. And we do know that as Lemuria went down after the corruption of the people by Satan, then our west coast area as well as South America was much changed. These facts are well outlined today, but history books have been so changed that our young people never read of that.

Now; we are thus in a time of great upheaval as Babylon, the World Order falls, therefore we occupy and learn as we wait for the KING OF KINGS.