ERM - Tape 052 - Perfect Translation?; Apocalypse Mystery; Freemasonry; Hermes


Tape no. Ella Rose Mast




1. Why Not A Perfect Translation of the Bible?

2. The Mystery of the Apocalypse

3. Freemasonry

4. The Writings of Hermes



QUESTION:...Why do we not have a Bible with perfect translation so that people will know what it really says?

ANSWER:...Well this is a far from perfect world as yet, and some people worship pen and ink and not the word. But it is all in the book as to how we are to be misled, so you just have to work at finding the truth, for it is not handed out on a silver platter as yet.

Symbolism was to carry the message down thru the years because the written word, in the hand of men with their pen and ink, would become confusing.

A good example of this confusing tactic is found in the Companion Bible where also there is uncovered great translation and truth. In the Epistle to James we read:...'James a servant of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad...greetings.' here James is listed as a servant but in Matthew 20:26 and mark 10:40., the word servant is translated minister. We know that James was one of the apostles that moved out to carry the gospel of the kingdom to lost Israel. He was picked by YAHSHUA who came and humbled himself, but now at the time of James..he is exalted and glorified. In the gospels the translation..Jesus Christ.. means YAHSHUA who came..humbled Messiah..thus once again we should take care to note the various meanings so as to understand the translations.

Now; James was writing to the twelve tribes of Israel, and now there is no suggestion of there being a separation of the house of Judah and the house of Israel. And we recall that those of Judah and Benjamin who were left in the old land of Palestine at the time of the coming of Messiah had become sort of narrow minded. They were not going to recognize any of the house of Israel outside of Judea. They were willing to go along with the Jewish control of the temple altho they knew that Herod's temple was covered with gold, and around the rim of the temple was the symbol of their belief..the fig leaves and six pointed stars with interwoven serpents heads. They knew that the jews identified their ecclesiastical rule with the fig leaf, and their political rule with the serpent, but they pretended not to notice for this was still the seat of their kingdom in Judea, and they always hoped that some day, some way they would see the control returned to them. Oh, they knew there were a multitude of lost Israelites out there from that area, and they accepted their tithe when it came in, and recognized them as the ones who had stayed with Jerusalem, which was the center of their faith so long. We see some of that even today, do we not? Otherwise we would not have so many denominations. But those Israelites of the houses of Judah and Benjamin who did not lose their lives at that time would themselves be leaving the old so called holy land. Dr. swift told us that according to Roman records that permission to migrate would be granted and those Israelites left in the old land would migrate westward to join others who had gone before. Even the Jewish rulers of Judea knew that most of Israel were in the west and wondered if YAHSHUA would go to the dispersed.

But talking about men using words to confuse, then here in the Companion Bible the enemy has been at work, for in the notes before the epistle of James where he says he is writing to the 12 tribes of Israel..we find these notes to hold to the theory that jew and Israel are the same:..(quote) the distinctly Jewish character of the teaching marks this epistle as having been written at an early period of history, at the time when the events of the book of acts were taking place..around A.D. 45. It is noticeable that the doctrinal tone closely follows the precepts of the sermon on the mount. As the jews assembled in their synagogues they had Abraham for their father, and were looking for the coming of the lord which was at hand. (Unquote) but remember that by this time James was plainly writing to the 12 tribes of Israel now scattered abroad, but listen to what men have written to try to confuse, and claim that jew and Israel are the same. (Quote) This writing belongs to that period of time when the whole church was Jewish. (Unquote)

People never seem to question this writing of men because it is in the Bible. But look how another translation would sound if you just used the word..Judean..instead of Jewish. (Quote) the teaching is distinctly Judean in character, and marks this epistle of James as having been written at an early period of history of the book of acts. The doctrinal tone follows closely the precepts of the sermon on the mount, which you would expect as they moved out in search of lost Israel, preaching and teaching the gospel of the kingdom. The Israelites still assembled in their meeting places, the place of the scribes, now translated synagogues. They had Abraham for their father, and they were Israelites in the Old Testament, and Israelites in the new testament, Judean Israelites now, but never the less..Israelites. As the men added words saying...the writings of James belongs to that period of time when the whole church was Jewish, if they had said when 'the whole church was Judean' it would have made a big difference. What we call the church today started in Palestine, for the apostles were instructed to start at Jerusalem with the proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom and then they would move out from there to where Israel was to be found.

You do not find this substitution of jew for Judean or Israel in the old testament comments..before the writing of the prophets. And you don't find it before the four gospels. Even in the notes before the book of acts, or the epistles to the Romans and Corinthians. But as you come to the epistle of the Galatians then the notes say Paul always went to the jews first, thus the word jew became substituted for Judah and Israel would become gentile altho they would point out that the word gentile means nations. And the Greek word Ethene...meant nations, thus nations of lost Israel, but no one seems to want to pick up on that fact.

Oh, there were jews always in the picture and they opposed the apostles always, but this confusion of the notes is never pointed out, by church hierarchy of today. When introducing the epistle to the Hebrews these notes say this epistle is addressed to the the nation under its earliest the Palestinians..the jews, and the diaspora or dispersed Israelites alike. John 7:35.

Then you come to this epistle of James, and altho he knew who Israel was and where they are now located, still the notes of men say the whole church..these followers of YAHSHUA were Jewish, and they are now Christian jews in dispersion..thus not Israelites anymore. Thus we see that 'blindness in part' did come to Israel, and yet symbolism would carry the story for all who have 'eyes to see'. This seems to be the way things would develop so don't look for a perfect book as of yet, still today you must study to show yourself approved.

Now; we believe the Bible from cover to cover, but we don't believe that men have translated it infallibly over the years. As written by inspiration, it is an inspired book and infallibly accurate, but men have not translated always accurately. We do not believe that the enemy in their work to twist the scriptures has obscured any great truth which YAHWEH wants us to have, for these truths have survived all their attempts to twist and to change. This only demonstrates how potent this great truth is since Lucifer and his people have worked so hard to crush it. With symbolism..the universal language, the vessel of truth which is there has survived all their attempts to twist and to change. This only demonstrates how potent this great truth is for they have not been able to wipe truth from the face of the earth, or from the hearts of our people.

Another instance of how this works is to be found in the work of our government as they mint the new gold piece. I am wondering who designed the coin, for one side will be a symbol of freedom, but on the other side is to be an eagles nest with a mother eagle and some little ones in the nest, and fluttering over the nest is to be a male eagle with outstretched wings looking down. In the eagles mouth is the twig of an olive tree and on the twig 7 leaves. Remember the symbol of the outstretched wings of the eagle.. promises protection in the trying days ahead. Also in Deuteronomy 32:11., speaking of Jacob..YAHWEH says that Jacob-Israel is the lot of his inheritance. 'As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttering over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings; so YAHWEH alone did lead them, and there was no strange god with them.' but then Jacob-Israel forsook Elohim which made him, and lightly esteemed the rock of his salvation, and provoked him to jealousy with strange gods. This provoking him to jealousy has the meaning that Jacob-Israel provoked YAHWEH as they ascribed to YAHWEH..the things of men.

Thus always Israel stumbles along, but still symbolism carried down the message, and until in time with the kingdom administration in place then symbolism can be translated into all languages and be understood. At that time you can have a book with correct translation which you can read, and not have to study. But as for now, a church can only give what it knows. And not understanding symbolism or even the ancient meaning of words we find that today Israel worships idols, or in otherwords they ascribe to YAHWEH many things dreamed up by just men. Thus when the kingdom administration is in place, the message of the cross will be totally understood. But until then we must search and study to find this message buried in this corrupt world of translation.

The key to this is in the house of David (Revelation 3:7 and Isaiah 22:22) the fulfillment culminates in the messiah, he opens the door, he is the key to understanding of the kingdom story, to the recognition of the offspring, his kindred.

Question:...about the keeping of the ancient feast days...should we?

Answer:...we hesitate to say much about it for many of our people believe in keeping these days. We will just say that all written ordinances which were punishment for disobedience..were thus translated into physical things and these were nailed to his cross. There is nothing wrong with getting together and worshiping, and I will tell you what Dr. Swift had to say about this subject, which I also agree with:...when YAHSHUA comes and if he says that Israel is to keep the feast days as they were commanded to do in the old testament, then of course we will keep the feast days. But until then Dr. Swift thought he was to busy trying to bring 'the word' to Israel so he did not concentrate on keeping the feast days.


The Mystery of the Apocalypse..........

This article about the 'Mystery of the Apocalypse' is from the old big book. It speaks of the city of Ephesus..the great temple of Diana was there marking that city. Many secret doctrines were found there, and much paganism. You found Buddhistic teaching, Zoroastrian and Chaldean philosophy being taught and even some of the teachers of these doctrines were not clear as to what they were trying to teach. Many Christian myths originated there such as it being the last domicile of the Virgin Mary, which we have covered as being in Britain. According to the legend..the tomb of John the Divine was located there. And it was said that John did not die in the usual manner, but selected his tomb, entered it while still alive and closing the entrance behind him vanished from sight. A rumor was current in ancient Ephesus that St.. John would sleep in his tomb until the return of the Savior, and that every time the apostle turned over on his sepulcher couch the earth above moved like the coverlets of a bed. My story of the work of john seems to me to be more practical.

The Apocalypse of John or the book of revelation is the most important but least understood of the Christian writings. Early as the second century its authorship was disputed. And by the third century even the writings of john in the bible were declared to have been written by another who was trying to foist his own doctrines upon Christianity. It was said that the book of Revelation clearly shows the fusion of what was called pagan, namely the knowledge from the ancient mystery school, and their symbolism with Christianity. Now; not understanding where the ancient mystery schools came from and by the time of this writing even, some were convinced of the theory of evolution then of course some writers think that the book of revelation was written to reconcile the discrepancies between the early Christian and pagan religious philosophies, and that instead of christianizing paganism the opposite is true. Thus these ancient so called pagan mysteries were transferred to Christianity. Some writers even advanced the theory that the book of revelation was an attempt to undermine the Christian mysteries by satirizing their philosophy. Thus those with a set theology, those with no understanding, or just a limited earthly meaning to the symbols of the old and ancient mystery schools would question the book of Revelation, and even all the writings of John as well as the apostle Paul, and then the attempt to tie them with evolution would disguise truth even further.

The description of what is portrayed by the writers and artists of this old book varies greatly from what I see in symbolism. They do not trace even the symbolism of 'the Lamb' back to its time and space before this world was framed. They do have the numerical equivalent of 666 for the anti-Christ and the 888 for YAHSHUA, then for number 9., which we say means judgment, they say that 9 is a sacred number symbolic of man in his regenerate state, and also the path of his resurrection. They have no idea as to the new Jerusalem coming down which John saw and they think the 12 gates are the signs of the zodiac thru which celestial impulses descend into the inferior world. But even here..the twelve gates..symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel, but also each tribe of Israel did carry a sign of the zodiac, so they carry a bit of the ancient message.

As they read the book of Revelation, they find no story such as we do. To them this is human regeneration in progress, and even the fiery sea into which those who fail in the ordeal of initiation to the mysteries, signifies the fiery sphere of the animal world. To us this is Shekinah light which cleans the mind. Thus believing in evolution you can find many different meanings in that book of revelation. In my early tapes I did from the Swift ministry the story of the apostle John, his understanding of the different heavens and what he experienced so that he could write this book of Revelation..we won't repeat it here, but you can replay it so as to refresh your mind.

In selecting a picture to go with this article they used Dante's la Divina redrawn in 1891.

Charles Allen Dinsmore writes of the topography of Dante's spiritual world. He, Dante, maintained that the earth is round, having a hemisphere of land, in the center of which stands Jerusalem. And when Lucifer was hurled from heaven, then the soil veiled itself with the sea thus making a hemisphere of land and a hemisphere of water. The interior of earth retreated leaving a vast cavity which extended from the center of the globe to the surface of the inhabited hemisphere. The void which evil made in the world is the abode of lost souls and is divided into 9 circles, of which the seventh is sub-divided into 3 smaller circles, the 8th., and into 10 ditches, and the 9th., into 4 belts. (Unquote)

Now; since Dante was a Catholic and a great friend of the Pope, he of course believed in purgatory, and the picture thus has a conical mountain in the center with the summit marked as the terrestrial paradise or Garden of Eden. In his writings this is where Dante met his beloved Beatrice. And according to the Divine Comedy as the soul climbs the seven steps of purgatory it is cleansed of the seven mortal sins, and it then ascends thru the seven spheres of the Ptolemaic universe. To each of the planets is assigned one of the seven virtues, and the picture then expands from the inner circle in seven bands, colors blue..for the first marked with the symbol of the moon..the next is a blue grey..and carries the symbol of Mercury. The next band is a very light blue with the sun as the symbol. Then again the deeper blue and the symbol is of Mars. With the sixth band, in a light blue ..there is the sign of Jupiter, and the seventh band a very pale blue carries the symbol of Saturn. Then the last band is dark blue filled with five pointed stars, and here it is said that the soul receives a knowledge of spiritual truths. And in the ninth band which is all white, here it is said all is absorbed into the celestial mysteries. Then above the bands is a pyramid resting its base on the circles, and in the pyramid is a beautiful red rose, and above the pyramid just touching its peak is the oblong circles marking the paths of the planets with lines going down from these upper circles to each of the colored bands, on each side of the pyramid to the symbols below. Four lines only reach to the base of the pyramid seven to the different bands of color, none reach to the inner white circle which had the middle picture of the conical mountain with 8 steps on the top, and the conical fire on the bottom.

Now; in summary...Alighieri Dante was a poet and was born in Florence, Italy, May 14, 1265 and died September 14, 3121 at Ravenna, Italy. He was a descendant from an ancient family of the lower nobility. In the old countries and especially there in Italy there was the lower nobility, the higher nobility and what was called the black nobility which I explained some time ago, and which did not refer to the color of the skin.

Dante was a student of philosophy, and familiar with the works of such famous poets as Horace, Virgil, Statius, and Ovid. He met Beatrice Portinari, the daughter of a rich citizen when she was only eight years old. But the impression she left with him made a mark, and the love he bore here was a poetic inspiration ever afterward.

Dante in the struggle between different factions in the country went to Rome on a Pope Boneface VIII, and his absence gave his enemies the opportunity to serve a banishment against him, and he remained in exile from his birthplace from there on. He traveled extensively in that time, thru out Europe and no doubt knew of the ancient mysteries. His poem... 'the divine comedy' was instrumental in making the Florentine dialect the literary language of Italy. There are three parts to this work and they are:..hell--purgatory--and paradise. And you see how the teaching of the catholic church influenced him. In his story he travels with the thought, thru hell, and purgatory describing them awesomely. Then he is taken by Beatrice to scenes of surpassing magnificence. He ascends with her into the celestial paradise passing over the seven spheres marked by those seven bands of color in the picture, and as they reach the 8th., there the triumphant redeemer is surrounded by a glorious company. When he reached the ninth sphere or the band of white he feels himself in the presence of deity himself, but Dante can't see him because of the radiant light. But he was reaching for him..was he not and the journey was made longer and harder by his idea of what Priestcraft had taught him of the way.

Now; as you read Dante's work perhaps it will be a little easier to understand. As to the apocalypse..before the book of Revelation can be understood then you must know something as to the meaning of symbolism, of history and so forth.


The Brotherhood...the secret world of the Freemasons.

We have told you some things about secret societies, and we now have this book by Stephen Knight in which he did and in depth study of Freemasonry in great Britain. The book was published in 1984 and we thought you would be interested in some of his findings. We have told you some of these things before and Stephen Knight confirms them in his book. For instance..Masonry goes back to Adam..but Freemasonry as practiced today goes back little more than three centuries. In the years between 1723-1813 the name of Jesus the Christ died out and then was deleted from Freemasonry..and the Christian Masons did not seem to notice. Thousands of practicing Christians in Britain today worship the Freemason god believing him to be the Christian God..if they will it. This is the most prevalent misunderstanding by the Brotherhood.

Candidates taken into the Brotherhood are told that they must believe in a supreme god of some kind, but actually it does not matter who. The Christians believing in Jesus Christ think this god of Freemasonry is our Savior. The Moslem Masons believe that Mahomet is the prophet of this god of the Brotherhood. And each member is to interpret the figure of speech: ..'the great architect of the universe' as they please. Then in Freemasonry members are taught that a man's first duty is to himself. This Masonic god cloaked under the description of 'the great architect' had a specific name and a particular nature, which has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, or Mahomet or even any of the pagan gods such as Vishnu, Buddha, or even Kali. Two-thirds of the Freemasons ever realize the untruth of this title... 'the great architect of the universe'..because it is deliberately kept hidden from them. Our author thinks that most Freemasons, even those with strong religious connections would never have joined the Brotherhood if they had not been a victim of this subtle trick. The true name, altho not the nature of this Masonic god, is revealed only to those who reach the third degree, who elect to be 'exalted' to the royal holy arch. In fact the 'royal arch' is an extension of the third degree and represents the completion of the 'ordeal' of the master mason. Only about 1/5 of all Master Mason's are 'exalted'. Even those who are taught the ineffable name of the Masonic god do not appreciate the true nature of this one, because of the hiding from them of much truth. Most members just believe that because other good men join the Brotherhood, then it must be a good organization, and it will help them politically and in their business life.

The name of the 'great architect of the universe' is:..Jah-Bul-On. They say this is:..Jah-the Jehovah, the god of the Hebrews and Bul-Baal, the ancient Cainanite fertility god associated with the licentious rites of black magic, and on the form of Osiris which was the god of underworld of Egypt. I would say that rather than the name being Osiris, it was Set or Soth, and this was the worship of a pagan god. Thus the full name was Jah-Bul-On. And even Albert Pike in 1873 when learning the name of the 'great architect of the universe' was disgusted and disquieted by this name which he said was an appellation of the devil. However he was so enamored by Freemasonry that he finally came to the conclusion that if Christ was acceptable as a part of Freemasonry even to a non-Christian, why not the devil as well, even unacceptable tho he might be to most initiates, still he has his place...why? Because men were being brought into Masonry that would believe in no other god.

Many Christian men have admitted to being ashamed of some of the initiation ceremonies they have undergone. But those that have a feeling for the occult recognize the name of this Free Masonic god, and appreciate the real significance behind the deliberate Masonic ambiguities of the rare and esoteric literature solely for advanced masons even tho there is nothing openly suggestive of Satanism.

Our author thus learned that at one time Masonry in Britain was once only for white Protestant men. That most all Royalty were Masonic members over the years. Thus it was an organization..a brotherhood of one race of mankind, going back to Adam. But men joined because of the help brother would give brother in their business life. There are certain signs in the handshake, or even how the feet are placed that tells one brother if the one they are speaking to is a Mason. Originally of course this brother helping brother was not to be a practice of discrimination against anyone, but like anything else became corrupt in many ways. Freemasonry has become a method for the infiltration into high places of influence in Britain and everywhere else. Thus much corruption has crept into judgeships, even the secret service, police and every position of influence.

Now; Freemasonry is a secret organization, but then so was the ancient mystery school of the Master Masons. But over the years as the mystery schools were infiltrated by others than Adamites many strange rituals were brought into Masonry, and it seems that most Christians just ignored or shut their eyes. I asked a business man friend here in our town if he was a Mason, just to see how far and widespread the organization is here. This man is an active Christian and a friend so I just asked, and when he said he was a Mason, I asked him what he could tell me of the background of Masonry. He replied:..very little, probably not as much as you already know. He does know that I study a lot, and he said he had joined because most business men belong, but he wasn't a very good Mason, for he never studied. I also know that my father was a Mason when we lived in eastern Kansas when I was a kid, and I have heard him say that he quit the Masonic lodge because of the rituals which he had to go thru, and he thought they were silly. But if a survey was conducted I think you would find Freemasons in large numbers, in places of influence and business in this country as well. And many of them do not know the background of the organization, or how it is set up today. Perhaps this was to be expected as we come into the grip of a one world government, when Israel is still blind to their inheritance.

Now; our author tells us that for years the Vatican was not a base of Freemasonry, but now it has been infiltrated, and it was the Jesuit priests who urged the embracing of Freemasonry and brought it in.

In 1981, if you remember, a Masonic conspiracy of gigantic proportions rocked Italy to its foundations. English Freemasonry was quick to say that their type of freemasonry was different than the Italian type. Freemasonry was introduced into Italy in 1733, but it was not until the 1980's that this scandal broke as Michel Sindona, Italy's most influential banker fled to the U.S. He was arrested in New York City, but an Italian by the name of Gelli flew to New York saying that Sindona was an innocent victim of communist intrigue. But Sindona was believed linked to the mafia, and this Gellis was head of a Masonic P2 lodge, and most of the powerful men in Italy held memberships in the P2 lodge, with the communist they said having no members in the lodge. It was found that freemasons were in every decision center of Italian politics. Not only that but Freemasons also controlled the military of Italy, and NATO was forced to acknowledge that if they did not accept Free Masonic power, the soft underbelly of NATO nations would be in jeopardy. Finally it was learned that Bert Licio Gelli was an agent of the KGB, and this was thought to be the connection for the attempt on the life of the Pope...and the Soviet Union. It was also recalled that Gelli was also in the U.S. and had attended the inauguration of President Reagan.

Now; why did Gelli turn on his own country? Well..he was obsessed with power for its own sake and filled with hatred because he considered that his people did not appreciate him. He was thus the proper tool in the hands of the KGB which was sowing seeds of disruption any time it can in the west. The British intelligence had detected KGB involvement in the movement of the Free Masonic P2 lodge at an early stage, and they thought this a move to weaken NATO's southern flank, and then the communist came into power in Italy and this sent a shock wave thru out the western world.

Now; you in April of 1986 how the U.S. planes had to fly twice as far from Britain so as to strike at Libya because the southern flank nations of NATO would not let our planes fly over their territories yet they expect us to protect them. But you also noticed that Britain and Germany stood with the U.S. as prophecy says they will.

In the book:..'The Brotherhood'., our author tells us that Freemasonry was in Russia before the establishment of the Soviet Union in 1917, in fact they had provoked the revolution. He also bring out that the KGB has been using Freemasonry in England for decades to help place its agents in positions of responsibility and influence, the secret service..government communications headquarters, the radio interception organization..the times.. the BBC..the foreign office, or the home office, in that order of preference. This has been going on since 1945, and members of security services admit they have no idea the extent of this penetration.

Now; it is forbidden for any member of either the intelligence services to be a Freemason, but quietly they do become members. Freemasonry as a whole is quite unknown to its members, so many are members just playing like little boys with something they do not understand. Thus the KGB used this organization..and still does a major target for so called 'special political' action. After all the brotherhood always enjoyed the advantages of royal patronage which the Masonic or Master Masons of old did find necessary thru the Old Master Organization of Master Masons, or master builders of the race of Adam.

In June of 1982..a middle aged man was found hanging by the neck from a scaffolding beneath the Black Friars bridge, in London. He was Roberto Calvi the president of Italy's largest bank. In 1981 he had been named a member of Licio Gelli's illegal Free Masonic lodge. He had been found guilty of illegally exporting 26.4 million dollars to Switzerland. He had been known as god's banker for he was closely linked to the Vatican bank for years. On the last day of may 1981 highly irregular transactions were discovered with several companies registered in panama owned directly or indirectly by the Vatican bank. Calvi fled to Austria, then with a false passport came to England. His secretary who kept the books of lodge P2 jumped or was pushed to her death from a fourth story window of the bank. Remembering that in Italy, the logo of 'the brotherhood' is the figure of a Black Friar we trace his movements. Freemasonry denied any connection with his death, but it was strange he would travel four miles across London late at night to Black Friars bridge, fill his pockets with bricks, climb on to the bridge, and over the side of the scaffolding he could not have known was there, and arranged a heavy rope and then throw himself off the scaffolding he could not have known was there. It would have been easier by far in his apartment or from his office window.

The mystery of Calvi's death deepens rather than clarifies with time. It is all bound up with the riddle of P2 the KGB penetration of Freemasonry, and then Freemasonry penetration of not only the Roman Catholic Church but the Vatican itself.

Licio Gelli was later arrested in Switzerland where he was attempting to withdraw nearly one hundred million from several numbered accounts at Geneva's union bank. This money belonged to the Vatican bank.

Anyone who has ever investigated Freemasonry in Britain realizes that rot in Masonry has spread deeply as more and more of the good brethren of this ancient organization get out and are replaced by the bad. This rot must be cut out ruthlessly because it is spreading. Masonry consists of a body of men banded together to preserve the secrets, customs and ceremonials handed down to them from time immemorial, and for the purpose of mutual intellectual, social, and moral improvement. They also endeavored to cultivate and exhibit brotherly love, not only to one another of the race, but the world at large. Freemasonry however offers none of these things and instead teaches that man's first duty is to himself, and no one should join the order who cannot afford to pay the initiation fees and other charges of the order. This is the big change in this ancient brotherhood.

Our author tells of the initiation rituals and many of the different signs used to pass on to others the notice of their membership. He has delved into the mysteries of this secret organization further than any other, and promises more information as his investigation goes on. But this should be enough to show how this Israel organization has been infiltrated and used. How over the years it has been changed from the ancient mystery school of knowledge set up at the time of job.

Now; President Reagan is listed as a Mason, but many if not most of the Washington officials no doubt are Masons as well as officials on a state level and on down. How much of a good mason is hard to tell, and how will they understand their organization we do not know, but probably a great number of them, no more than our friend. But there are those who do know the purpose of the organization of today, and how to manipulate it as well as other things, thus to enhance their program of a one world government.


The life and writings of Hermes from the Old Big Book, and the Swift tape ministry..............

Dr. Swift in his research found Hermes to be Enoch, the Adamic man who obeyed so perfectly while in earth that he returned to the heavens without passing thru the back-door of this life, which is death. We also believe that Hermes can only be Enoch, and I think you will agree as you hear this message.

In this old big book the writers believe also that Hermes was known to the Hebrews as Enoch and was thus called the second messenger of God. In the mythology of the Greeks you find mention of Hermes, and later he was mercury to the Latins. He was revered in this form of the planet mercury because this is the closest planet to the sun which they believed to be symbolic of YAHWEH, and in this manner then Hermes who was nearest to god became his messenger. To the Masonic scholars since Hermes was the author along with job of Masonic rituals, these borrowed from the ancient mystery schools established by him and job, then the true Masonic symbols are said to be established by Hermes. We would say that many of the ancient symbols have become inverted, and added to, but still the original is also used. Some of Freemasonry of today think that Hermes is a type of CHIRAM who we have told you about, but then they also put CHiram before Jesus the Christ.

We learn here that Hermes was revered because of his knowledge and reformation of the calendar system, as he is the one who increased the year from 360 days to 365, and this precedent still prevails today. Hermes was considered the greatest of all priests, the greatest of all kings, and the greatest of all philosophers, thus was listed as 'thrice the greatest'. In Egypt at the mystery schools established by Hermes the great philosophers such as Plato, and Pythagoras would later study. Even our beloved American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his last poem...made it a lyric ode to Hermes.

In the old big book the picture to go with this story of Hermes is 'the dragon killer'. Here Hermes stands with his right foot upon the dragons back. He has just slain the dragon and we have told you before much about Enoch the dragon killer, and here in this picture they have the heads of the two serpents twined around the staff upward, where as they should be downward, for after the fall of Lucifer that would be the symbol of the serpent. Here Hermes is pictured as personification of universal wisdom with his foot upon the back of Typhoon the vanquished dragon of ignorance and perversion. This is the reason then why the heads of the serpents should be downward for after his fall, Lucifer is capable of only teaching a corrupted theology or ignorance and perversion. The figure of Hermes of this picture wears what we call a Masonic apron, he has a cross on a chain around his neck. In his right hand is the immortal emerald bar or philosophers stone inscribed with his Hebrew. In his left hand is the staff with the wings on the head of the staff and entwined with the two serpents. Above the right arm is a circle with a pyramid pictured there, and also a Sphinx, and in the lower half of the circle is water and a bird ..the wading in the water. The curious characteristics of this bird have caused it to be closely associated with the forms and symbol of Hermes. This is a large long legged bird with an exceptionally long, slender curved bill. In the Nile valley this bird was considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians. Why? Because in the old big book even tho some of the writers say that Hermes was taught by the great dragon, still we know enough we hope about ancient symbols to look for gems of truth even here. We read:..(quote) the ibis also being both male and female make this a very unusual bird. (Unquote) we then remember that ancient Egypt was the place of the establishment of the ancient mystery schools of Israel, by Enoch and job. These schools also taught that Audaum of genesis ii., was both male and female, and that YAHWEH took eve from Audaum and this way made Adam and eve one flesh, thus the first couple for the Adamic race were established in flesh for the building of the kingdom in earth. They also taught that the promised Messiah was to be the flesh..for our Savior. That after the crucifixion and resurrection, then the comforter would come... thus when YAHSHUA was ready to return to the heavens he did promise to sen the 'comforter' who would lead them to all truth.

Now; it has always been a conceived notion that a mother is the only one who comforts the child, and from this idea came the idea of a trinity... father, son and holy ghost. But actually YAHWEH who was YAHSHUA in the flesh sent his holy spirit to make the apostles understand all that was to happen to them, and this would be a comfort as they saw the great mosaic unfold during their persecution. Thus they taught that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA was a triune god...or spirit, soul, and body, but no trinity here, but still it would be established in the Christian era later.

The reason then that the ibis is listed as one of the symbols of the Hermetic story is that it is a symbol of the great masaic, as well as the Adamic race..for it reproduces itself, and thus is the symbol of immortality. The ancient Egyptians taught that the ibis bird drove out the winged serpent of Libya which an ill wind blew into Egypt. And when its neck and head are tucked under it wing, its body is said to resemble a human heart. These birds also are said to destroy crocodile eggs, and the crocodile was a symbol of the detested Typhoon..or dragon.

The emerald stone which Hermes holds is said to contain the story of the divine alchemy of the hu-man regeneration.

In the other circle with the pyramid and sphinx is the picture of a dog. It seems that the dog was always associated with Hermes because of its intelligence and devotion. On the forehead of Hermes was the symbol of Scorpio of the heavens which now as the dragon..lies helpless under his feet, but still a part of this great mosaic. The scarab over his heart represents the presence of the spiritual and the regeneration light within his soul. (Unquote) we would say that after Enoch’s trip into the heavens this was the symbol:..two great golden wings, and a circle between two wings, which is also pictured in some places as a cup. The collar he wears is marked by circles and symbols of the heavenly bodies symbolizing we would say...creation and its connection with the heavens.

The dragon, now on its side which Hermes has subdued has a tail which has three points, an arrow on each point. These three arrows are said to signify mental, moral and physical perversion, and this my friends was exactly what happened to Lucifer in his rebellion, was it not?

Many of the writers say that if God ever appeared in man, he appeared in Hermes, for only from God could he have obtained all that knowledge. Hermes gave to the world the knowledge of medicine, chemistry, law, art, astrology, music, rhetoric, magic, philosophy, geography, mathematics, and especially geometry, as well as anatomy and oratory.

In Bryant's 'Ancient mythologies' Cadmus is the same as Hermes, and according to Webster's dictionary, Cadmus was a mythical king of Phoenicia. As we have told you before the Phoenicians received their name from pho-(father) Honoch or Ehoch. This knowledge he possessed and passed on to the Adamic race and it came on down to the Greeks for their learned men studied in Egypt at the mystery schools established there by Enoch and Job approximately 5000 B.C. The 'Rose Cross' contained the spiritual knowledge and was established by Enoch, while the master builders from which Masonry sprung was the law of the Fulcrum for earth, and that established by Job. The two used together contained the mysteries for the erection of the great pyramid, and the sphinx and many other things.

Now; these writings of Hermes or Enoch have been mutilated over the years, men of supposed learning have thru misunderstanding of symbols discarded or changed many of the things Enoch wrote. And even the books we do have written by Enoch which were changed somewhat and then removed from the lists of books to be incorporated into our bible. The jews of today will declare that Enoch was not one of them, but he was one of the greatest leaders of the Adamic race we have a record of, and he was the dragon killer.

The early Christian fathers such as clement of Alexandria, Egypt whose writings have been preserved unto this day tells us that Enoch wrote 42 books which contained hymns, regulations for the kings life, astrology which the palm tree was the symbol of, hieroglyphics, cosmography (the science which treats the earth in connection with the universe), geography, sacrifice, worship, first fruits, prayer, laws, heredity and so forth. The old big book tells us that these books written by Enoch disappeared during the burning of the great library at Alexandria, Egypt by the Romans. Then later the Christians under the Roman Catholic Church, this power of Rome realized that these books must be destroyed for until then they would never be able to bring the Egyptians, or even their own people unto subjection to the church, and we would say its Priestcraft. The volumes which escaped the fire as the great library burned in Alexandria were said to be buried in the desert and their location now known to only a few initiates of these ancient secret mystery schools. (Unquote) as we have told you before we believe some of those books are now in England.

Now; why were these books of Hermes considered such a danger to the priesthood, why must they be destroyed before the people found out what was in them? Here in the old big book when you divide between pagan and truth they tell you that the writings of Hermes was kept in a golden box in the inner sanctuary of the temple. There was only one key and this key was in the possession of the one called 'the master of the mysteries'..we would say..the high priest of Israel at that time. He alone knew what was written in this sacred and secret book. The book and box is said to have been carried from Egypt into another land by the faithful. It is also believed that this book and box is still in existence and still leads the disciples of this age into the presence of the immortals. No other information can be given the world concerning it now, but the apostolic succession from Hermes himself remains unbroken to this day. And those particularly fitted to serve the immortals may discover this priceless document if they will search sincerely and tirelessly for it. This book revealed to mankind.. we would say to hu-man or the Adamic-man..what is called the 'one way' aid for ages the wise of every nation has reached immortality by this way..established by Enoch or Hermes in the midst of darkness, for the redemption of mankind. (Unquote)

Now here in his old big book, if you skip a few strange stories as philosophers try to say that Christianity sprang from paganism and adopted pagan symbols into Christianity...yet still is carried forward much truth which we had already learned from the swift ministry. Priestcraft saw fit to do away with the outlined great mosaic as Enoch taught and substituted instead this idea of a universal brotherhood..thus:..'go ye into the world and preach the gospel to every creature, he that believeth, and is baptized shall be saved, but the that believeth not shall be damned.' mark 16:15-20. Which was not in the original scripture.

We have been told here in the old big book that Hermes had described the method by which divine wisdom was first revealed to him. From the Swift tape ministry we learned how this was revealed to Enoch, and after that Hermes then began his ministry teaching the secrets of the invisible universe as they had been revealed to him. This dragon which Hermes has conquered and then here stands with his right foot upon its back is described as being part serpent, part crocodile, and part hog. This description then is quite symbolic, for this is Satan, the serpent, the dragon and the hog ..part creation, part disintegration, part human and thru transgression then this is one of the reasons why swine is condemned as a food in the scriptures.

In the ancient mystery schools..humanity..we would say the Adamic race, is likened to sheep, a flock of sheep. And the Almighty Father was the great shepherd, while Hermes here in earth is a shepherd also, and in his intelligence and devotion is where the picture of the dog comes in...for the shepherd had need of a sheep dog as he cares and moves the flock to better pasture. The staff carried by Hermes was thought to symbolize great power and used by the ruler to guide the destinies of his people.

Now; Hermes according to the old big book, told us that 'light' was the form of the spiritual universe, and the swirling darkness which would engulf this light was only material substance. Thus divine light dwells in the midst of mortal darkness, but ignorance cannot divide darkness from the 'light'. Thus Hermes was to teach that you must learn deeply of the mind and its mysteries, for therein lies the secret of immortality. (Unquote)

It is there almost inconceivable what the mind of men has produced from the divine wisdom given to Enoch, or Hermes. This is outlined for us here in the old big book as philosophical thought and its progress thru the ages. We therefore believe that the supreme mind..our father..fashioned a glorious universe and put his creation there in. Everything was created in a circle, so that you end is also your beginning. Lucifer also a creation longed to pierce the circumference of that circle, and to understand the mystery of him who sat upon the eternal throne. He looked into the depth and saw a shadow or likeness of himself and fell in love with his own shadow, thus began his fall, for the shadow was only an illusion. This relates as well to Adam-man for we as a race have looked down instead of up, and from this came the theory of evolution and the loss of knowledge of our inheritance as a people.

Here in the old big book we have seen this philosophy and knowledge of Hermes reduced to the level of the natural-physical man, thru this error of an attachment with earthly things. Chasing this illusion of the darkness then Adam-man lost much of this ancient wisdom, and does not realize that the body they now worship is but the tomb of his soul, thus they never rise in their thoughts to immortality. To the ignorant, the body is supreme and most are incapable of realizing the immortality that is within them. Knowing only this physical body which is subject to death, they believe in death because they worship that substance which is the cause and reality of death.

Hermes, in his quest for knowledge learned that...the father of all things consists of life and light, where as man is made of this light. If therefore Adam-man were to learn and understand the nature of life and then he also shall pass into the eternity of life and light.


Now; who but Enoch could this be talking about, thus we think the Hermes was Enoch. (Quote) Hermes appealed to the father to understand what was told:..'I am the mind..the eternal teacher. I am the word..the redeemer of all men, and by means of 'the word' the world is saved. I come only unto me that are holy and good, pure and merciful, and who live piously and religiously, and my presence is an inspiration, and a help to them. When I come.. those who love me will know all things, and will adore the universal Father. I will no more permit the evil senses to control the bodies of those who love me, nor will I allow evil emotions, and evil thought to enter them anymore. I become the doorkeeper, and shut out evil, thus protecting the wise from their own lower nature. But to the wicked, the envious, and the covetous 'I come' not, for such cannot understand the mysteries of the mind. Therefore I am unwelcome to those who are bound up in evil, but finally evil will destroy itself. The punishment of desire is after all the agony of unfulfillment. '

As Hermes bowed his head before he who taught him so much, still he begged to hear more and was told that the material body is returned to the elements from whence it came, namely the eighth sphere. But the evil pass to the dwelling place of the demons. (Unquote)

Now; in the mystery of the apocalypse I described to you a picture of the key to Dante's divine comedy, the seven different circles and symbols in each circle. Here in the old big book Hermes is supposed to have been taught this explanation and perhaps this is where Dante received his inspiration. (Quote) ..upon this ring sits the moon and to it is returned the ability to increase and decrease. Upon the second ring sits Mercury and to it is returned machinations, deceit and craftiness. Upon the third ring sits Venus, and to it is returned lusts and passions. Upon the fourth ring sits the sun, and to it is returned ambition. Upon the fifth ring sits Mars, and to it returned rashness and profane boldness. Upon the sixth ring sits Jupiter and to it is returned the sense of accumulation and riches. And upon the seventh ring sits Saturn at the gate of Chaos, and to it is returned falsehood and evil plotting. But when the soul comes to the eighth sphere the ring of fixed stars, here free of all illusions it dwells in the light and sings praises to the Father, in a voice which only the pure in spirit may understand. Behold O’ Hermes, there is great mystery in the eighth sphere, for the milky way is the 'seed ground' of souls, and from it they drop into the rings, but they return again from the wheels of Saturn. Some however can't climb the seven ringed ladder, so they wander in darkness below and are swept into eternity with only the illusion of the senses and earthiness.

The path to immortality is hard and only a few find it, the rest await the great day when the wheels of the universe shall be stopped, and the immortal sparks shall escape from the sheath of substance. Woe unto those who wait, for they must return again unconscious and unknowing to the seed ground of the stars and await a new beginning. Those who are saved by the light of the mystery revealed unto you O’ Hermes, and which I bid you establish among men..(we would say Adamic-man) shall return unto the Father who dwelleth in the white light, and shall deliver themselves up to the light, to be absorbed into the light where they become powers of YAHWEH. This is the way of the good, and is revealed only to those who have wisdom. Blessed art thou, o son of light to whom all men..I the light of the world..have revealed myself.

I order you to go forth and become a guide to those who wander in darkness, so that all those within whom dwell the spirit of my mind..for they shall be saved by my mind..and my mind which is in you shall call forth my mind which is in them. Establish my mysteries, and they shall not fail from the earth, for I am the mind of the mysteries, thus my mysteries shall not fail.'

Thus Hermes taught and he blessed the father of all things and consecrated his life to the service of the great light. Then Hermes began to preach saying:..oh, men made of the elements, but with the spirit of the divine in you..rise from your sleep of ignorance. Be sober and thoughtful, realize

That your home is not in earth, but in the light, why have you delivered yourself over to death, having power to partake of immortality. Repent, change your minds, depart from the dark light and forsake corruption forever. Prepare yourselves to climb thru the seven rings and blend your soul with the eternal light of the eighth ring.

Now; some who heard Hermes mocked and scoffed and went their way. But others casting themselves before the feet of Hermes, besought him to teach them the way of life. He lifted them gently and went forth, staff in hand, teaching and guiding mankind, Hermes sowed seeds of wisdom, and nourished the seed with immortal waters, and at last came the evening of his life, and he commanded his disciples to preserve these doctrines and inviolate them not, thru all ages. He committed to writing so that all men desiring immortality might therein find 'the way'. This Hermes wrote:........

'Since the day truth came..his mind has been with me. I give praise and blessing unto God, the Father, the light, the eternal. Holy is God the Father of all things, the one who is before the first beginning. Holy is God whose will is performed and accomplished by his own powers which he hath given birth to out of himself.

Holy is god who had determined that he shall be known, and who is known by his whom he reveals himself.

Holy art thou, who by thy word hath established all things.

Holy art thou, of whom all nature is the image.

Holy art thou, whom the inferior nature has not formed.

Holy art thou, who are greater than all excelling.

Holy art thou, who art better than all praise.

Accept these reasonable sacrifices from a pure soul, and a heart stretched out unto thee. O thou unspeakable, unutterable to be praised in silence. I beseech thee to look mercifully upon me, that I may not err from the knowledge of thee, and that I may enlighten those that are in ignorance brethren..thy sons.

Therefore I believe thee, and bear witness unto thee, and I depart in peace, and in trustfulness into thy light and life.

Blessed art thou O’ Father, the man thou hast fashioned would be sanctified with thee as thou hast given him power to sanctify others with thy word, and thy truth.' (Unquote)

This was taken from 'the vision' written by Hermes who we believe can only be Enoch. Here in the old big book it says:..(quote) the vision of Hermes like nearly all the hermetic writings is an allegorical exposition of great philosophy and mystic truth, and its hidden meaning may be comprehended only by those who have been 'raised' into the presence of the true mind. (Unquote)

We believe this could only be the teachings of Enoch who was taken back into the heavens then brought back this knowledge to his brethren, the sons of YAHWEH. From the scriptures we do know that Enoch obeyed so perfectly here in the flesh that he went back into the spirit without tasting death. Enoch was the great dragon killer of our race, and no matter how the philosophers, the evolutionists, or Priestcraft try to change the interpretations of the writings of Enoch, to an enlightened mind the teachings of Enoch are still brought out thru the scriptures, and the great mosaic has been taking shape, right on time.

Here in the old big book they try to tell us that the one who taught Hermes or Enoch all these things was the great dragon, and yet they then tell you that Hermes slew the dragon. This we term a corrupted theology from a perverted mind, that tries to hide your identity, and Adam-man is too blind to see where it is coming from. Only lucifer could hide such truth, but then reducing everything to a human level does help to cloud the mind.