ERM - Tape 053 - Pyramid; Secret Doctrines of Israel; Sun, a Universal Deity; Isis





1. The Pyramid

2. The Secret Doctrines of Israel

3. The Sun, a Universal Deity

4. Isis


Since we have told you of Hermes who we believe can only be Enoch, and since we now believe that Enoch and Job were the Great Architects of the Pyramid of it is spelled today (then Gizeh). Let us see what the Old Big Book has to say about this Pyramid that will confirm what we have told you before about this Pyramid of Giza. We have also told you of Atlantis which we believe at one time extended or existed as a Continent where now we find the Atlantic Ocean. The writers here in the Old Big Book as well as others who believe in evolution try to base their theory on the idea that mankind started on Atlantis and evolved into a great civilization there.

The accompanying picture which this article is entitled:..'The initiation of the Pyramid' and it is quite interesting even tho men translating the mysteries did not interpret as we do. This picture is the artists concept of the Great Pyramid on the center Island of Atlantis. It shows a valley ringed by mountains, and in the center of a great city is a great temple built like a pyramid 24 steps high. This temple sits on the top of a sheered off mountain. The Temple Pyramid is white with an entrance on one side outlined in gold, a door leading in and one leading out, and there are two broad avenues up and down the mountain, and people are seen coming and going from the city below. Many gold statues above the entrance of the Temple, and around the front base of the Temple are also to be seen. Also in the sky above are two different types of air craft, and another is also below the base of the Temple on a landing site in the center of the city. You see this Pyramid Temple as a place of worship..for people are coming and going, making it altogether different from the Great Pyramid of Geish (Giza) which we say is the 'Bible in Stone'. The caption below the picture is entitled..'An idealistic depiction of the Atlantean Temple'. Then we read:..'Plato described in detail the divine foundation of the Atlantean Empire. The Golden Age, preserved in myth and Legend, when the gods walked with men depicts thus the Zenith of the Atlantean civilization. In the British Museum there is a remarkable document..known as the Toroano Manuscript. This was written over 3,500 years ago by the Mayas of Yucatan, and it contains the story of the cataclysm which sank the continent of Atlantis. This priceless document contains the following statement according to the translation by Le Plongeon:...'In the year 6 Kan, on the 11th., of Mulac in the month of Zac, there occurred terrible earthquakes which outlined without interruption until the 13th., Cheun. The country of the hills of mud, and the land of Mu was sacrificed, being twice upheaved, it suddenly disappeared during one night, that basin being continually shaken by volcanic forces, being confined these caused the land to sink, and to rise several times in various places. At last the surface gave way, and countries were torn asunder and scattered, unable to stand the force of the convulsions, they sank with their 64,000,000 inhabitants.

Now...we have the proof that the land in the Pacific went down as we have told you. And then in an Ancient document when talking about the Atlantean continent being submerged, the initiates of the is said.. carrying with them the secret documents entrusted to this keeping immigrated into Egypt and other parts of the earth where they would be safe from impending catastrophe. Thus their secret teaching, with its priceless value to subsequent ages was preserved. They established centers of learning, promulgated the code, clothed in the language of symbolism to such as those deemed worthy to receive it. (unquote) We have told you earlier from the Swift Tape Ministry that we believe this knowledge came from the sons and daughters of YAH who came to this Atlantean Temple to instruct the Priest who in turn instructed their people. We also believe the Biblical story of the generations of Adam (Genesis 5) as to from where and why they came into earth. Thus we find again more conformation of the Catastrophe that happened to Atlantis and also to Mu of the Pacific. Here then in the Old Big Book they tell us (quote)..'Supreme among the wonders of antiquity, unrivaled by the achievements of later architects and builders, the great Pyramid of Gizeh bears minute witness to an unknown civilization which has completed its predestined span, passed into oblivion. Eloquent in its silence, inspiring in its majestic design, in its simplicity the Great Pyramid is indeed a 'Sermon in Stone'. Its magnitude overwhelms the puny sensibilities of modern man. Among the shifting sands of time stands this fitting emblem of Eternity itself. Who were the illuminated mathematicians who planned its parts and dimensions, who were the master craftsmen who supervised its construction, the skilled artisans who trued its blocks of stone? (unquote)

Ignoring the Biblical story of Adam, of Enoch and Job as the builders of the Pyramid, the city of ON, and the Sphinx as symbolic messages from the in the Old Big Book they explain it this way:..(quote) 'The earliest and best known account is that given by the highly revered but somewhat imaginative Herodotus. He wrote that the Pyramid was built in steps, battlement wise, as it is called, or according to other 'Altar' wise. After laying the stones for the base, they raised the remaining stones to their places by means of machines formed of short wooden planks. This first machine raised them from the ground to the top of the first step. On this step was another machine which raised the stone upon its arrival and conveyed it to the second step, hence a third machine advanced it still higher. Either they had many machines as there were steps in the Pyramid, or possibly they had a single machine which easily moved and was transformed from step to tire as the stone rose. Both of these accounts are mentioned here..The upper portion was then finished first then the middle and finally the nearest and lowest to the ground. There is an inscription in Egyptian characters on the Pyramid which is said to read:..The quantity of radishes, onion, and garlic consumed by the laborers that constructed it....but I remember that the interpreter of this thing said to me that the money expended was 1600 talents of silver. If this be true..what a vast sum must have been spent on the iron tools used in the work, on the feeding and clothing of the laborers, considering the length of time the work which was stated as being ten years plus additional time for the quarrying of stone, their conveyance, and the forming of the underground apartments. (unquote) While this is a very extremely and colorful account still it is apparent that Herodotus, the father of History, for reasons which he doubtless considered sufficient concocted a fraudulent story to conceal the real origin and purpose of the Great purpose of the Pyramid. This is but one of several instances in his writings which would lead the thoughtful reader to suspect that Herodotus, Himself was an initiate of the Sacred Mystery Schools, and consequently obligated to preserve inviolate the secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools. The theory advanced, and now generally accepted that the Pyramid was the tomb of the Pharaoh Cheops cannot be substantiated. In fact Menetho the Egyptian historian and others all differ from Herodotus and each other regarding just who built this supreme Edifice. If this were to have been the tomb of a Pharaoh, the Sepulchre vault would have been finished at the time this Monument was built, but it was never completed. (unquote)

Now;...of course it was not finished, it was empty tomb. The Old Big Book also says there is no proof that the Pyramid was built by the Egyptians. There is none of the elements of their Architecture or decorations such as inscriptions, images, cartouche, paintings, and other distinctive features associated with dynastic mortuary art. The only Hieroglyphics to be found within the Pyramid are a few builders 'marks' sealed up in the chambers of construction. These were apparently painted upon the stones before they were set in position, for the marks were either inverted or disfigured by the operation of fitting the stones together. Some have tried to identify the crude dabs of paint as cartouches of Cheops, but it is almost inconceivable that this ambitious ruler would permit his Royal name to suffer such indignities. Now; the date the Pyramid was erected has also been a confusing issue because many think the flood of Noah's time was all over the earth. That there are no water marks on the top of the Pyramid so it could not have been before that time. But since we believe the Pyramid was built by Enoch and Job soon after 5000 B.C., then yes it was built before the time of Noah's flood, which was not all over the earth, and the sea shells at the base of the Pyramid were from the Nile flooding not from the flood all over the earth.

Now; as to the man who tore the hole in the Great Pyramid:..Caliph al Mamoun, a descendent of Mohomet..journeyed to Cairo from Baghdad in A.D. 820., lured by reports of great treasure sealed up in the chambers of the Pyramid. He saw as he arrived only the white glistening 4 sides of this great structure, and could find no indication of an entrance. He set his workers busy with instructions to keep cutting and chiseling until they discovered something. This started the defacing of this Ancient Monument. the men worked and they worked and when almost ready to abandon the job they heard something fall..somewhere in the wall near these toiling arabs, and they pushed on. Finally they broke into the descending passage leading to the subterranean passage. Finally they were able to clear a passage way, and they rushed from room to room, but found no treasure. The Caliph being wise had sent to Baghdad for funds, the exact amount of wages due these men, and had the money buried at the foot of the Pyramid. Later the workers were amazed to find the exact amount of funds due them buried presumably by the antediluvian monarch who had no doubt estimated their wages and buried it. The Caliph then returned to the city of his father and the Great Pyramid was left to the mercy of the following generations. In the 9th century with those white casing stones in place the Pyramid on a sunny day appeared as a dazzling triangle of Light. Since that time all but two of those casing stones have disappeared, many of them have been re-cut, and resurfaced and are in walls of Mohammedian Mosques, and Palaces in various parts of Cairo. (unquote)

We also find two of those casing stones in the Museum in London, England. Even tho writers cannot agree on who built the Pyramid, and when, still they all agree that it was built of limestone and granite, these two kinds of stone being combined in a peculiar and significant manner. That the stones were trued with utmost precision, and cement used was of such remarkable quality that it now is practically as hard as the stone itself. The Limestone blocks were sawed with bronze saws, the teeth of which were diamonds, or some other jewels. The chips from the stones were piled against the north side of the Plateau on which the Pyramid stands, where they form an additional buttress to aid in supporting the weight of the structure. The Pyramid is an example of perfect orientation and actually squares the circle. The last is accomplished by dropping a vertical line from the Apex of the Pyramid to its base line. If this vertical line from the Apex of the Pyramid is considered as the radius of an imaginary circle, the length of the circumference of such a circle will be found to equal the sum of the base lines of the four sides of the Pyramid.

Now; many are the ideas of the Pyramidologists as to how the Pyramid was entered, and used in Ancient times in connection with the Ancient Mysteries and their rites, but we believe it was built to be used this way. We believe that it is the Bible in Stone and built for that purpose as a part of the Great Mosaic, and it is still standing today as a reminder and a witness.

Here in the Old Big Book they tell us that there is a remarkable Niche in the North wall of the Queen's Chamber which the Mohammedian guides call a shrine. The general shape of this Niche however with its walls converging by a series of overlaps like those of the Grand Gallery, would indicate that it might have been intended as a passageway. Dr. Dupre believes an entrance did exist here and by this route the workmen made their exit after dropping the stone plugs into the ascending Gallery.

Dr. Swift thought there was a passageway from the Pyramid underground to the Sphinx, and I have read about this underground passageway from other research material. We believe there is quite a connection between the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, since both were built by Enoch and Job the two who also installed the Ancient Mystery Schools. We also believe that what we have told you before, and in this message makes more sense than other explanations by those who do not believe in the Great Mosaic. Biblical Scholars have come up with conceptions as to the ways and reason for the building of the Great Pyramid, one such far fetched reason is that it was Joseph's granary, but this was totally inconceivable.

The Sphinx is also a mysterious building. And here in the Old Big Book the Ancient pictures of the Sphinx show that it was definitely the body of a sitting and laying Lion with the head and breast of a Woman. It is about 200 ft. long, 70 ft. high, and 38 feet wide across the shoulders. The major part of the Sphinx is carved from a single stone. We have told you before about the Temple found under the Sphinx, the steps leading down to it and all the symbols found therein, and that a picture of the Sphinx is used as a marker in the Zodiac on the ceiling of the Great Temple in the city of ON. It was to show the beginning and the end of the Zodiac for the Star Bible. Thus it was between Virgo and Leo, therefore this is a Lion with a Woman's head, not as you hear today of a lion and a man's head, and that at one time the man had a beard. Actually that which fell from the head was a headdress which the woman wore.

Here in the Old Big Book they do believe that the Sphinx was erected for symbolic purposes, as was the Pyramid, and that both seem to have some connection with the Ancient Mystery Schools. Much vandalism has been inflicted on the Sphinx and the Pyramid, but to the Ancient this Sphinx was a symbol of strength and intelligence. To the many later writers..after evolution came on the scene, then with no understanding or acceptance of the Great Mosaic or its symbolism they then say that the Sphinx is make in front and female behind. This is the way it is with nearly all symbolism today, totally turned around as they search for earthly humanistic meanings. Most then ridicule the Sphinx, and without trying to investigate this great, this symbol of Immortality, the beginning and the end, they then turn to try to unravel the mystery of the Great Pyramid, this Bible in Stone without much better luck.

C. Piazzi Smith the Pyramidologist tells us that the Coptic meaning of the word Pyramid means a division of ten..and ten means completion..that men of old accepted the Pyramid as the ideal symbol of both the secret doctrines and those institutions established for its dissemination. They say it is a symbol of the Holy Mountain which was believed to stand in the midst of the earth. The Pyramid is also supposed to stand at the exact center of the land masses of outer earth.

In reaching for a humanistic, evolutionist explanation for the Pyramid we read that it supposedly represents the human body and its organs. Then have this to say:..the 12 signs of the Zodiac, like the governor of the lower world are symbolized by the twelve lines of the four triangles, the faces of the Pyramid. In the midst of each face is one of the beasts of Ezekiel, and the structure as a whole becomes a Cherubim. The 3 main chambers of the Pyramid they say are related to the heart, the brain, and the generative system, the spiritual centers of the human constitution.

The Mysteries taught that the Divine energy from above descended upon the top of the Pyramid which was likened to an inverted tree with its branches below and its roots at the Apex. There is such a picture in the Old Big Book which we will bring to you later. But from this inverted tree the Divine wisdom is disseminated by streaming thru out the world. (unquote) This should be an interesting topic for YAHWEH is the root and trunk of the tree when you understand symbolism. The beasts of Ezekiel we know as a Man, a Bull, an Eagle, and the Lion, those being the four leading tribes of Israel around the Tabernacle as they marched and camped, also as they are found today in the west. The Lion of Judah on the East, and the Eagle of Dan on the North, the Bull of Ephraim and Manasseh on the West, and the Man of Reuben on the South. With their idea of the tree upside down they did catch the idea that it was from the trunk of the tree (YAHWEH) that Divine Wisdom came.

Here in the Old Big Book they think that perhaps the capstone was on the big Pyramid to begin with, but perhaps not since the builders of great religious edifices leave their creations unfinished, thereby signifying that God alone is complete. But the capstone all agree, if it existed was itself a miniature Pyramid. Then they reason that the Pyramid may be likened to a man, the mind is the capstone of the man, the spirit the capstone of the mind of God, the epitome of the whole capstone of the spirit. Thus man is taken from a quarry and by a secret culture of the mysteries gradually transformed into a trued and perfect Pyramidal capstone. The Temple is complete only when the initiate himself become the Apex thru which the Diving power is focused into the structure below. (Unquote)

With all the proof as to the Adamic Race being on earth for a purpose, still philosophy developed into humanism, and evolution became an accepted theory, thus the blindness of Israel as declared by Scriptures was in place, and Israel forgot her inheritance. But the Ancient Egyptians associated Hermes with the Pyramid, and they believed that the Pyramid was the supreme temple of the Supreme Invisible Deity. They testify that the Pyramid was not a Light House, nor an observatory, or a tomb, that it was a structure erected as a repository for secret truths which were the foundation of the Mystery Schools. But the more modern writers will not accept the teaching of the past, to them it is that the Ancient Egyptians could not reason as they are able to do today. They also think Osiris was probably the black god of the Nile, or he was a manifestation of energy like the sun, and the Pyramid was his house, a symbol of the Universe within which he is entombed, and upon the Cross of which he is crucified. Thus blindness leads astray and keeps you away from Ancient truths.

In Ancient Egypt..Plato one of our race came face to face with the wisdom of the ages, and learned the secrets portrayed by the Pyramid, the outer symbol of an inner truth, thus do not let man tell you that this Great Pyramid is simply a tomb. It was in Egypt also that Plato learned the Divine name which has also been forgotten. Here this man of our race learned the wisdom of the ages, and altho he is long gone still he portrayed much wisdom thru the use of pen and ink, and much of this still lingers on. Thru the work of such men these secrets of wisdom carried down so that spiritual enlightenment has moved with our race. Now; again from the Old Big Book. There is a profound mystery about the atmosphere and temperature of the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. There is also air vents leading to the outside thru fresh air and here it enters and leaves. This of course you do not find in tombs. The Queen's Chamber also had air vents leading to the outside thru fresh air, but only time and age opened these where as the ones in the Kings Chamber were always open.

Men say that the Great Pyramid is the most perfect building in the world, the source of weights and measures, the original Noah's Ark, the origin of languages, the alphabets, and scales of temperature, and humidity. Few realize however that it is the gateway to the Eternal. (Unquote) We would say that all this is shown thru the symbolism which these early men of our race established as a witness.

Again from the Old Big Book:...The modern world may know a million secrets, but the Ancient world knew ONE, and that ONE was greater than the million, from the million breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, and lust, while the ONE secret confers life, light and truth. The time will come when the secret wisdom shall again be the dominating religion, and philosophical urge of the world. The day is at hand when the doom of dogma shall be sounded. The great theological 'Tower of Babel' with its confusion of tongues was built of bricks and mud, and the mortar of slime. Out of the cold ashes of lifeless creeds, however shall rise..phoenix like those ancient Mysteries. No other institution has so completely satisfied the religious aspiration of humanity. For since the destruction of the mysteries there never has been a religious code to which Plato could have subscribed. The unfolding of man's spiritual nature is as much an exact science as astronomy, medicine, or jurisprudence. To accomplish this end religion was primarily established, and out of religion has come science, philosophy, and logic as methods by their divine purpose, so as the divine purpose might be realized. The Dying God shall rise again, the secret room in the House of Hidden Places shall be rediscovered. The Great Pyramid shall stand as the ideal emblem of solidarity, inspiration, aspiration, resurrection and regeneration. As the passing sands of time bury civilizations upon civilizations beneath their weight, the Pyramid shall remain as the visible covenant between the Eternal Wisdom and his world. The time will come when certain men, casting aside the fallacies of dogma and tenet seek simply...TRUTH..and will be satisfied with neither substance, nor counterfeit. (Unquote)

Remember that Hermes was Enoch and he told us in his writings that the time will come when no longer will our Father allow evil thoughts to enter the mind of those who are spirit of His Spirit. In otherwords at that time we will think as He thinks and know as He knows, and will then understand perfectly the symbolism of the Great Pyramid, this Ancient Bible in Stone, and the Sphinx as well. There will be no mystery concerning the connection between the Gospel of the Stars, the Great Pyramid and our Bible, the three great witnesses of our Race.

Now; the Great Pyramid thus cannot be a Satanic emblem or symbol, but what about the Pyramid on the Seal of the U.S.? We would say that altho the Illuminati has taken many of our Ancient symbols and used and also changed them somewhat, still the 'All Seeing Eye' and the Pyramid are Ancient symbols that belong to our race. The Pyramid on our Seal does not look like the Great Pyramid for it has 72 blocks of stone but those blocks of stone carry back to Abraham, and then on back. There are 72 Scriptures with reference to the covenant with Abraham, and as I have told you before the Great Name of Godin numerology is also 72. Thus again three witnesses to the importance of this number, carrying forward from YAHWEH thru Abraham, and then on to the U.S. of A., the last great Nation of the Kingdom to be established.

George Washington and others knew about the Great Pyramid, its symbolism before the Ancient passageways were opened. This is a knowledge handed down thru the Ancient Mysteries Schools. He knew about the Sphinx, and the 'All Seeing Eye' and the chief cornerstone, that the civilization of God's Kingdom was symbolized as 'Living Stones' simply framed together in which the Chief Cornerstone seals the whole building in and makes it complete. He knew the symbolism of this Adamic Race, and he knew that no other foundation can any man lay, but that which is laid in YAHSHUA-Christ. The Chief Cornerstone which can fit only on top of a Pyramid, for there is no other building which can hold such a capstone. And this capstone has to be the image of the whole thing, complete in itself. Even as the whole people of the kingdom make up the body of Christ, the whole kingdom then becomes a reflection and HE seals the whole thing in.

Peter said:...'All ye who are with me are stones, simply framed together to grow into a Holy Temple unto YAHWEH.' Dr. Swift had much material and some very ancient volumes about the formation of the U.S. Seal, the acceptance, and the measures, things done as well as to the discussions between George Washington, Ben Franklin and others who prepared this design such as the engineers, and engravers who were master Masons as well, but not of the Freemason lodges. All participated, knowing exactly what they were doing. They knew that a Pyramid was the ideal symbol of Messianic building because it was a Temple symbol of the Kingdom of God. They knew about the Ancient lore, going back to Ancient Egypt, this is the reason they adopted this Ancient Messianic symbol, because they believed that America had a prophetic Destiny, as here would be gathered a representation of the children of Israel under this symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, symbolizing protection in all times. Thus these Adamic men knew what they were doing when they put the 'All Seeing Eye' in the Capstone and surrounded it with Glory!

Oh! yes, the enemy was fighting George Washington and the others, and they later would bring about the Civil War, but they were never able to destroy these symbols, so they formed counterfeit organizations, and used those symbols trying to make you believe they were Satanic.

Again this is the relationship of the symbol of the Pyramid to America. 72 times the covenant is confirmed in Scripture passages..with Abraham. There are those 72 stones in our Pyramid and then numerology according to the Old Big Book gives us the number of the Name of the Great God of the Heavens as 72...thus three great witnesses tied together as to the importance of this number in the Great Mosaic. The measure of the Pyramid was more than just a passage measure. It was made as a sidereal calculator, like an astrolabe. It not only gave a procession of the Equinoxes, but it gave the co-joining of certain measures in the Star Bible which was given to both Noah and Enoch. Now; the Star Bible is not Astrology in its total, but it is the value of the movement of the planets, in certain positions, which God made known to the Patriarchs so that they would look for certain things to happen. When certain planets were in conjunction in certain signs of the Zodiac, under certain conditions, then knowing these things, they would know what to look for. Thus the Star Bible contained many things that the early Wise Men of our race understood.

There are thus many signs and symbols and numbers which tie the whole story together, if you look for them. There is also the judgment law of incompleteness..this law of 'Sin and Death'. There is also 'The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus which has made me free of the law of sin and death.' This was the judgment law of incompleteness. The factor here is 153..whether it be in the Great Pyramid, or the number of stars of 7th., magnitude in one-quarter of the heavens, or whether the fish in the net when Jesus told the disciples to fish on the right side of the boat, and then count the good fish..which were 153..then there was also 153 Books which tell the story and should be available to tie the great Mosaic together. Fish even were the symbol of the kingdom people in the Star Bible, in the age of conflict under the guidance of the true church YAHSHUA is of course the completor. Thus the sign of the fish is the sign of Church and State... the kingdom, and the Crossed Golden Fish was the symbol the Spiritual reinstating of the Family of God. You saw the crossed fish on the tunics of the army of YAHSHUA for they knew at that time who they were and what they were fighting for. Remember that the Illuminati was designed to destroy and crush Christianity, to fifth column their way into all areas of the Ancient Wisdom Schools. It received a great rebirth about 1776. You see the Devil is a counterfeiter. He grabs good symbols and uses them to gain power, utilizes them by twisting them like he twists words, and always this is to deceive you.


We have heard so much about how the Ancient people worshiped the sun so thought we should look at that subject. And in case you think we dwell to much on these subjects found here in the Old Big Book, I will just say we are just searching for our past by tracing it thru symbolism.

Remember that in Hosea 12:10., YAHWEH said:...'I have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and used similtudes, by the ministry of the prophets'..Symbols and Parables were used by YAHSHUA not to make the spiritual truths plain, but to confuse the mind of the enemies of the Kingdom, to hide truths from them. Mark 4:11-13.

The witnessing and working such as history records..of the children of God can only be explained by Divine purpose and arrangement. Romans 11:5 and Isaiah 1:8. 'The remnant shall save the nation.'

Now; the adoration of the sun was one of the earliest and most natural forms of religious expression. To the Ancient civilizations, before Adam, the sun was the fire of nature, a warmth for their bodies. Without the Sun there would be no life or heat, and they feared His absence. The sun was thus considered identified with the principal of good. To the people of Brahma of the Hindus land, the Mithras of the Persians, and Osiris of the Egyptians as well as Apollo of the Greeks, and Adonai of the Phoenicians, the sun was the symbol of he who caused the worlds existence. Among all the nations of antiquity altars, mounds, and temples were dedicated to one form or another of symbolism, or they say...worship of the sun. Some were to the symbol of the Creator of the Universe, the Great God of the Heavens. Some were more primitive forms of worship of someone they did not quite understand. The Pyramid, the Zikkurats of Babylon and Chaldea, the Round Towers of Ireland, and the massive rings of stone in Britain and Normandy, the Tower of Babel which according to Scripture was built so that man might reach up to God were in actuality astronomical observatories for studying the heavens of which the Sun is a part.

Many early Priests and Prophets were versed in astronomy, and their writings are best understood when read in the light of these Ancient sciences. With the growth of man's knowledge of the heavens, astronomical principles and terminology were introduced into his religious system.

The Sun rising over the back of a Lion..astrologically has always been symbolic of power and rulership. A symbol very like that appeared on the flag of Persia. Today these people are said to have been sun worshipers, but we now know that the Adamic Persians considered the sun a symbol of YAH of the heavens as did others. The Eagle is also a symbol of power and Caesar and Napoleon had an Eagle as their symbol of power, understanding something of symbolism these more powerful leaders then used the Lion or the Eagle as their symbol of power.

Now; the picture accompanying this article about the Sun in the Old Big Book is of a white woman dressed in a flowing robe of blue green color. A cape of the same color covers the top of her head and hangs down on the sides almost to her bare feet which are standing on a crescent moon. Under her feet is a globe with a red serpent wrapped around it. In her arms she holds a baby and around his head is a golden halo. She is surrounded by a yellow oval that looks as tho bright lights come out from behind her like the sun. Above her head is 12..five pointed stars. In the deep blue rectangle that contains this picture are the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

There is much symbolism here such as you find in Revelation 12:1-3., she is Virgo of the Zodiac..she is Israel of symbolism and to the astronomers of antiquity this was symbolic of the supreme authority of the Creator Himself. To the Ancient Adamic astronomers of the Persians, the Hindus, the Babylonians and the Egyptians and the Druids., the Sun was the symbol of the three fold form of ONE Supreme Intelligence. We would say...a Triune God with spirit, soul, and body. To those not understanding the mysteries this was a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

To Freemasonry the sun was as an orb of light has three distinct phases of light, the rising, midday, and setting. Then their philosophy divides the life of all things into three distinct parts,..growth, maturity, and decay which is a humanistic point of view. To the early Egyptians the sun was the symbol of Immortality. For while it died at evening still it came back the next morning. To those not understanding a triune God, this then was God the Father symbolized by the dawn and his color is blue at the rising of the sun, for it is veiled in a blue mist. God-the sun-the illuminating one sent to bear witness to the world is the Celestial globe at noon-day, this is the radiant, the magnificent...'The Lion of Judah' the golden Savior of the world, his color is yellow, and his power is without end. God the Holy Ghost is the sunset, for when the orb of day, robed in flaming red, rests for a moment upon the horizon line, and then vanishes into the darkness of night, to wander in the lower worlds, it later rises again triumphant from the embrace of darkness. From this then came the idea of a trinity, and much misunderstanding as to the coming of the Messiah, as to who HE was and HIS purpose in coming. Many do not realize or care to understand even the passage of the sun thru the 12 houses of the Zodiac. Tell them that those creatures symbolize the tribes of Israel, for each tribe carried one of those symbols and they look at you as tho you have lost your mind. They are not interested in knowing that the sun to the Ancient Egyptians was the symbol of Immortality, or of the Great God of the heavens, that it makes an annual pilgrimage passing thru the 12 signs of the Zodiac each year, and that it is also known for its third path of travel which is called the procession of the equinox, in which it retrogrades around the Zodiac thru the 12 signs, at the rate of one degree every 72 years. To the pagans, to those who do not accept the Biblical story of Adam, the sun as he makes his way thru the 12 signs of those living creatures was said in allegorical language either to assume the nature of or triumph over the sign he entered. Thus the sun became a Bull in Taurus, and was worshiped by the pagans of Egypt under the name of the Bull..Apis. The pagans of Assyria worshiped him as Bel or Baal, or Bul.

In Pisces, the fishes, then the sun was a fish, thus Vishnu the fish god of the Hindus of Indian and the Philistines of Palestine show their god in statue sometimes with a fish body and a human head. But it was from the Zodiac that the pagans originated their gods. Their Priests worshiped what to them was a Supreme Deity, what they called a Divine Light which they called Solar Fire, but on close investigation this was the darker light of the knowledge of Lucifer, who had at one time imparted to them Divine knowledge, but after his rebellion, his light or truth is only of the darkness.

Ancient Priests of Egypt wore the skins of lions, which to them was the symbol of the Solar orb of Leo, and which was the keystone of the Celestial Arch. Hercules was a solar deity, a mighty hunter, and he wore a girdle made of the skins of a Lion. Samson the Hebrew, wore skins of a Lion and fought the Philistines who represented the powers of darkness.

In Ancient times crowns were made with a number of points extending outward like the rays of the sun. Many of the Ancient philosophers, prophets and dignitaries carried a scepter, the upper end of which represented the solar rays of the sun. Thru history there have been many who were associated with the sun because of the knowledge they were believed to possess. These such as Hermes, and Osiris, and Isis of Egypt believed that the sun was a symbol of Divine Providence. In Greece there was Apollo, Jason, Zeus, and others while in Scandinavia there was Odin especially because of his lineage, his knowledge, and his leadership. These were all associated with the sun, and even the hieroglyphics of the Mysteries were of the insignia of solar power. And yet today many of our people never even wonder about such things, some even term astrology as Satanic. Now; in the Old Big Book there is an article taken from Lilly's..Astrological predictions for 1648-49 and entitled 'The Three Suns'. This describes what was seen in Lancashire England on Monday the 28th., of February of that year. There arose with the sun..two on each side of the sun, their distance about ten degrees from the sun. And from the parts away from the sun they seemed to issue out certain rays not unlike those which the sun sends out from a cloud, but brighter. The parts of these parelii suns which were toward the sun were of a mixed color with green and red and these the most predominate at least. A little above them was a rainbow of bright color, which seemed to touch the Parelii suns on either side of the regular sun. Then above all this was another rainbow with its arch toward the lower rainbow, and the ends vanishing into the light of the full moon. Thus here were two rainbows back to back with the lower rainbow seeming to end in the parelii suns. By the time of this the sunrise faded out this picture there was amazement, and some terror as no one seemed to understand what they were seeing. Such things were to be signs in the heavens, and no doubt the Father was telling us something, so remember the date of February 28, 1648., maybe we will find some explanation.

Now; many writers claim that Christianity was taken from Paganism, and not understanding that the Faith carried by the Adamic Race developed into Christianity, they then say that the historical Jesus is said to have been forgotten, and nearly all incidents recorded in the four Gospels have their correlation in the movements, phases or functions of the heavenly bodies. They have a natural explanation for everything altho their sun God is a white child who grew into a young man with reddish golden hair, and then developed a white beard, and by the end of the year after passing thru the 12 signs of the Zodiac is said to be an old man. Still the sun was symbolic of heavenly power, but to the Christian this Supreme Spirit is Christ, the redeemer of the world, the only begotten of the Father, out of His race, the WORD made flesh, and the hope of Glory.

Now; as to December 25th., here in the Old Big Book, it is said that the pagans set aside this date as the birthday of the solar man. They rejoiced, feasted, gathered in processions, and made offerings in their Temples. The darkness of winter was over, the glorious son of light was returning to the northern hemisphere.

In the time of Pope Leo I., some of the fathers said that what rendered the festival of Christmas venerable was less the birth of Jesus Christ, than the return, as they expressed it..the New Birth of the Sun. The sun was said to have passed into the sign of Virgo on the 13th., day before the end of summer, and the Catholics placed the feast of assumption, or the reunion of the Virgin and her son on this date.

Many of the writers in the Old Big Book think that everything Christian is simply something which developed after adopting many of the pagan beliefs. Thus it is still worship of the same god of the pagans. They then tell you that the Virgin mother story is simply the giving birth to the sun god, this Christianity preserved. They try to tell you that Isis was also in this same picture. And that the sign of Virgo rose over the old city of Jerusalem on December 25th., so this must have been the birth-date of the Christian Savior.

Today we believe that the time of December 25th., right in the time of that pagan celebration,..the body for YAHWEH as YAHSHUA to dwell in as Savior was conceived, thus he was born 9 months later. The writers here in the Old Big Book also tell us that doctrines taught secretly were embodied in Christianity altho its keys are lost. The Christian church blindly follows Ancient customs, and when asked for a reason gives superficial and unsatisfactory explanations, either forgetting or ignoring the indisputable fact that each religion is based upon the secret doctrines of its predecessor. (unquote) How true...Christianity is based upon the secret doctrines of the Old Testament Faith of the Adamic race. Paganism just borrowed some of the Symbolism which would carry thru this faith, and not understanding would corrupt and change the meaning of this symbolism.

As to the three suns which are sometimes seen as in is their explanation:...these are three lights of the Solar system. The Spiritual sun, the Material sun, and the Intellectual sun. The Spiritual sun manifests the power of God the Father, the Solar or Intellectual sun radiates the life of YAHSHUA. The Christian redeemer, the Pagan Priests considered the Solar system as the Grand man, and drew their three centers of activity from their three main centers of life in the human body;..namely the brain, the heart and the generative system. (unquote)

Now; we learned that this phenomena of the three suns and their rainbows was not something that never had happened before. In the year 51 A.D., three suns were seen at once in the sky. There is no mention of rainbows at that time, then this occurred again in 66 A.D., and then again in the year 69 A.D., the timing of these three occurrences...before 70 A.D., when the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed for all times. In fact according to William Lilly's writings there were 20 such occurrences from then on to 1648. Wonder why...did signs not mean so much to the dwellers in earth, or just what?

The Great Paraclesus wrote:..'There is an earthly sun which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the sun, while those who are blind may still feel him. There is then an Eternal sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and those whole spiritual senses have awakened to life will see that Sun, and be conscious of His existence. But those who have not attained spiritual consciousness may yet feel his power by an inner faculty which is called intuition.' (unquote)

Now; to show you how philosophy and certain Rosicrucian scholars would then reduce symbolism to their level of thinking (quote)..Of these three phases of the sun..the spiritual sun was called Vulcan. The solar or Intellectual sun is Christ and Lucifer respectively, and the material sun was the Jewish Demiuirgus, or Jehovah. Lucifer represented the intellectual mind without the illumination of the spiritual mind, and would be a false light. Then the false light is finally overcome and redeemed by the true light of the soul, called the second Logos or Christ. The secret process by which the Luciferian intellect is transmitted into the Christ intellect is said to be one of the great mysteries of Alchemy, and is symbolized by the process of transmitting the base metals into gold. In the rare 'The secret symbols of the Rosicrucians'..Franz Hartman defines the sun alchemically as..'the symbol of wisdom'. In the majority of cases the religions of antiquity thus agree that the material sun was just a reflector rather than a source of power. That this sun was just a reflector rather than a source of power was a great admission for them, was it not? They said that this sun reflected the light of the Invisible sun, that this spiritual sun was the true source of Light and Truth. (Unquote) Here then they admitted that those Ancient Adamic people were really not sun worshipers, and they also agree that there was something about the Adamic-man which was connected with Divinity. This is where the three pointed star then came from, for the three spiritual natures of Adam-man are said to be radiant, transcendent, and divinity, and in the physical world these three are symbolized as a Pyramid pointing upward, the three lower natures are physical organism, emotional nature, and mental faculties. These symbolized as a Pyramid or triangle pointing downward. Put these two together and you have one triangle outlined in black pointing downward with the other in silver light pointing upward, thus the six pointed star, and later called the star of David, and of Solomon, and known today as the star of Zion. (unquote)

Alright:...we believe that this star of David represents the kingdom in earth, thus the darker pyramid or triangle pointing downward with the light or spiritual pyramid pointing upward. This is Zion from which the WORD goes forth, this is the kingdom..eventually in earth as it is in heaven. Today the Star of David has developed into something connected with the Serpent, but in this connection also remember that the serpent with its tail in its mouth shows that its end will be as its beginning, when the Serpent nature of Lucifer is destroyed, then his end will be as his beginning, and his hold Satanically over the kingdom of YAHWEH in earth will be no more.

Now; many are the arguments here in the Old Big Book, as to whether there are other planets inhabited. Some secret order taught that the sun was inhabited by a race of creatures whose bodies were different and the solar heat has no effect on them. We would say that in different dimensions they would not notice the great heat or light of the sun. This was shown by YAHSHUA as He passed into a different dimension by stepping up the electrons of His body, and left the treasury room when the Jews sought to kill Him, in the other dimensions there was no walls. And He stepped back into the other dimension as He came outside.

Now; gold is a symbol of spirit, and sulphur is considered associated with the sun because of its fiery nature. And then the Illuminati in trying to understand the mystery of 'The Pearl of Great Price'..used a Pearl hidden in the shell of an oyster at the bottom of the sea to signify spiritual powers. The seekers after truth was said to descend into the darkness of the sea of material illusion in search of understanding, instead of looking toward the light of the sun. (unquote) This is of course just opposite as to where truth comes from, but it also shows how they search for this knowledge of truth which they are not capable of understanding.

Speaking again of the Alchemist Franz Hartman we read this comment:... (quote) 'A soul cannot develop and progress without an appropriate body because it is the physical body that furnishes the material for its development.' (Unquote)

We would say that the purpose of Alchemy was not to make something out of nothing, but rather to fertilize and nurture the seed which was already present. Then regeneration would actually mean the unfolding of the Omnipresent Divinity in Adam-man, so that this Divinity may shine forth as the sun or illuminate all with whom it comes in contact with.

Here in the Old Big Book this is said to be in all men, making no distinction between men, but to us it makes more sense to separate Adam-man from Enosh as does Scripture. We are told here in the Old Big Book that back in the Ancient Temple of ON, Egypt that a strange and mysterious light illuminated the Temple during the hours of the night. This Light was said to be the reflections of the spiritual sun gathered by the magical powers of the Priests. Then in the middle ages the practice of Black Magic was confined to the night hours. Those who served the spirit of evil were thus called Black Magicians, and those who served the spirit of good were called the White Magicians. Black and White were thus associated respectively with night and day. This endless conflict between good and evil is alluded to many times in the mythologies of various people. Those who use the darkness for their maneuvers were usually associated with the spirit of evil.

Now; as to the solar colors:...According to the Ancients there are seven primary colors, not three primary and four secondary colors as we have been told, even tho the human eye is mostly capable of estimating only three of them. Thus altho green can be made by combining blue and yellow still there is a true or primary green which is not a compound. This can be proved by breaking up the spectrum with a prism. Helmoltz found that the so called secondary colors of the spectrum could not be broken up into their supposed primary colors. Thus the orange of the spectrum does not break up into red and yellow but remain orange if passed thru a second prism. Consciousness, intelligence and force are fittingly symbolized by the colors blue, yellow, and red. The therapeutic effects of colors are in harmony with this concept, for blue is a fine soothing electrical color. Yellow is a vitalizing and refining color and red while it is a heat giving color, to some it is an agitating color.

It has also been demonstrated that minerals and plants affect the human constitution according to their colors. Thus a yellow flower generally yields a medicine that affects the constitution in a manner similar to yellow light or the musical tone of 'Mi'. The Ancients then believed that the spirit of Adam-man corresponds with the color blue, for the mind moves with yellow, and the body with red to make up that combination.

In the original symbolism of the Christian Church, colors were of first importance and their use was regulated according to carefully prepared rules. Since the middle ages however the carelessness in the use of colors has caused a loss of their emblematic meanings:........

1. White or silver thus signifies life, purity, innocence, joy and Light.

2. Red signifies the suffering and death of Christ, and his Saints, also Divine love, blood, warfare and suffering.

3. Blue signifies the heavenly sphere, the state of godliness, and contemplation.

4. Yellow or Gold symbolizes fruitfulness and goodness, and glory. 5. Green signifies fruitfulness, youthfulness, and prosperity as well as wisdom.

6. Violet symbolizes humility, deep affection and sorrow.

7. Black symbolizes death, destruction, and humiliation.


In early church art..the colors of the robes, and ornaments revealed whether a Saint has been martyred as well as the character of the work he had done.

In addition to the colors of the spectrum there are a vast number of vibratory color waves, some to low, and others to tones registered by the human optical apparatus. It is appalling to think of our colossal ignorance concerning these vistas of abstract space.

As in the past man explored unknown continents, so in the future armed with curious implements fashioned for a purpose we will explore these little known fastness of light, color, sound, and consciousness.

This then is a bit of the vastness of development and exploration in the Kingdom of our Father. And I would like to close this article with this letter from Jesus which a lady left at the Knackstedt Health center.

My Precious friend,

I am sending you this letter by way of one of my disciples. I just wanted to let you know how much I love care about you, and how I greatly desire to become a meaningful part of your life.

This morning when you awoke, I was already there with you in the Light of My beautiful sunshine that filled your room. I was hoping that you would say Good Morning to ME; didn't. So I thought maybe it was just a little bit too early in the day for you to notice me.

Again...I tried to get your attention when you stepped out of your door. I kissed your face with a soft Gentle Breeze. I breathed upon you My fragrant sweet breath scented with flowers. Then I sang you a Love song thru the Birds in the trees. You just walked right past ME.

Later on in the day, I watched over you as you were talking with some of your friends. Oh! how I wished that you would talk to ME also. I waited, and waited, but you just went along your way.

This afternoon I sent you a refreshing shower and glistened to you from each Rain drop. I even shouted to you a time or two with thunder trying to get your attention. Then I painted you a lovely rainbow in the midst of my fluffy white clouds. I just knew you would see ME then, but you were unaware of my presence.

This evening to close you day, I sent you a beautiful sunset. After that I winked at you a thousand times through my stars, hoping that you would see ME and wink never did.

Tonight when you went to bed, I spilled Moonlight upon your face to let you know that I was there with you. I was hoping that you would talk to ME a little while before you went to sleep...You never said a word. It hurt ME deeply; however I continued to watch over you all thru the night thinking that maybe...just maybe you would say hello to ME this morning.

Each day and every day, I have revealed Myself to you in many strange and wondrous ways hoping that you would accept ME as your Shepherd. For I AM the only ONE that can supply you with all your needs. My love for you is deeper than the deepest ocean, and bigger than the great blue sky. I have so very much to give you and also share with you. Please let me hear from you soon.

Your loving Savior...forever....Jesus.

ISIS..THE VIRGIN OF THE WORLD From the Old Big Book. Since we have been studying Hermetic symbolism as the works of Enoch are described in the Old Big Book, then it is especially fitting that we see where this idea of the goddess Isis comes from as we find her today..the Goddess of the world, or in places we find her called the Virgin of the World.

We have told you earlier where the Black madonna came from, who she was, and how she has been worshiped over the years. And now we will see who Isis is, where she came from, because as you see that name today you think of her as a pagan goddess. But her picture here in the Old Big Book made you wonder just who she really was to begin with. the original has a connection with Ancient Egypt, with Osiris...the Ka of Ra of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The legend of Ancient Egypt about the resurrection of Osiris parallels the crucifixion of YAHSHUA and His resurrection which was a promise carried thru the teachings of the Priests of Israel. We have told you before that the Priests of Ancient Atlantians who became Ancient dwellers of the Nile before the name Egypt was applied to that land believed that the children of the Great God of the Heavens would return in the flesh to show them the way to a better life. They would then learn of Light and Lige, and they thought that this 'ONE what' would be found by means of a ladder, which was a name, and of course the name we now know is YAHSHUA the Messiah.

Now; if reading the 'Book of the Dead' don't expect a story book or you will be disappointed. Like the Bible it is in allegory and of course hieroglyphics and so forth. Yet there is still much information there...and one instance is on page IV is interpreted as: Setteth Unas in life in Amenta? And the allusion here is to the setting of the sun, and the land of the setting sun is included in the establishment of the kingdom in the west where also we are to see the finish of this evil One World control. Then no. 6., and here you find the crux hieroglyphics..the Cross with the oval on top, but not the smaller oval inside as it became a pagan symbol. This is the original, it also goes with the kingdom story, and here the translation reads:..' shalt thou die' the kingdom people life..for with Eternal life..thou shall not die.'

Now; back to Isis..In Ancient Sais, Egypt there was a temple to Isis with this Inscription:..'I Isis am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal man hath ever unveiled me.'

Now;..Plutarch and many others affirms that the Ancient writers believed this one called a goddess, was the daughter of Hermes, who was so noted for his wisdom, and the meaning of her name is...'Wisdom'. Godfrey Higgins finds that the name of Isis comes from the Hebrew and is found also in the Greek, and in both the name means..'to save'. You will find Isis in some form of nearly all religions of the Ancient world, and then in Christianity as the Virgin Mary, she is said to have given birth to all living things, chief among them the sun, yet remains a Virgin according to these legendary accounts. So you see how the story true and yet some false..much misunderstanding of this Ancient lady.

Here in the Old Big Book the picture of Isis is taken from a statue in the Ancient Temple of Sais, Egypt. Isis here is a naked white woman with long golden brown hair, covered by a thin scarlet colored vail. A serpent with its tail in its mouth forms a golden circle behind her head and shoulders. One ear ring is a small sun, the other the moon, and there is a wreath of Olive leaves on her head. One breast is covered by a big bunch of purple grapes, and the other by a sheath of wheat. Around her waist is a golden belt. It is golden such as Hermes wore. In her right hand she carries a bronze musical instrument called a Sistrum. The vibrating motion of her arm produces a sharp triple sound. Below her left hand is an oblong vessel, in the shape of a boat, or ark, and below the ark hangs the balanced scales. Around her bare feet and over the block on which she stands are a few crawling serpents. She stands on a block and the inscription on this block is:..'the fruit which I have brought forth is the sun'. And on each side of the block is a Ram's head. Above her head is the same symbol as on the belt of Hermes, the two golden wings with the ball or glove in the center.

Beneath the picture we read:...'I am Isis, mistress of the whole land. I was instructed by Hermes, and with Hermes I invented the writings of nations, in order that not all should write with the same letters. I gave mankind (we would say Adam-kind) their laws, and ordained that no one can alter. I am the eldest daughter of Kronos, I am sister of the king, Osiris. I am she who rises in the dog star. I am she who is called the goddess of women. I am she who separated the heavens from the earth. I have pointed out their paths to the stars. I have invented seamanship. I have brought together men and women. I have ordained that the elders shall be beloved by the children. With Osiris we have mane an end of cannibalism. We have instructed Adam-kind in the Mysteries. Have taught reverence to divine statues. I have established the Temple precincts. I have overthrown the dominion of the Tyrants. I have caused men to love women, have made justice more powerful than silver and gold. I have caused truth to be considered beautiful. (This from Erman's handbook of Egyptian religion.)

Now; here in symbolism we think of (Israel)..Virgo of the heavens. And here in the Old Big Book this scarlet veil is said to cover her, and is symbolic of ignorance and emotionalism which stands between Adam-man and truth. That she only lifts her veil and reveals herself to the true and wise investigator who unselfishly, humbly, and earnestly seeks to understand the mysteries which surround her in the Universe. To those whom she reveals herself..they are warned to remain silent concerning the mysteries which they have seen. The great admonition of the wise men:...'To the vulgar and profane, the infidel and disinterested one..she does not uncover her face, for they could not understand the secret process of the invisible worlds. (unquote)

Now; we understand that the woman is a symbol of the church which is the spiritual center of the kingdom, this faith of Adam-man. She is also the comforter..or the Holy Spirit, thus she would carry wisdom, she has her beginning in the Zodiac of the heavens, and is explained in the Star Bible, she is the symbol of Israel who brings forth the man-child, the Messiah of the Adamic race, for their redemption and restoration. The Serpent with its tail in its mouth symbolically is the tempter, but also this shows that his end is also his beginning, and that he rebelled, but will also bow again before the MOST HIGH. As Israel of Revelation 12:1-3..the woman is symbolic of the fruit of the vine of YAHSHUA..she is the mother of 'The Wheat'..for the kingdom, and thru Israel all the world will be once more balanced.

Then...this symbolic woman here portrayed as Isis the Virgin..then became to the Pagan world something else..thru their lack of understanding. In 'The Songs of Solomon' one of the two spurious books in our Scriptures then Isis became the dark maid of Jerusalem, and is said to be symbolic of nature. The watery, material principal which creates all things out of herself, after impregnation has been achieved by the virility of the sun. Here then Isis is equated with the Black Madonna, the Queen of Heaven as she was sometimes called, and she has been impregnated by the virility of the sun.. remember Lucifer decided he would be God (Isaiah 14) and the first mixing of people with the dark race after his rebellion was his practice. The 'Song of Solomon' were advocating race mixing, and were not written by Solomon. It is a spurious book written to confuse Israel. This Isis of Jerusalem is then pictured as fully clothed yet very pregnant. She carried the musical instrument in her hand as did the original Isis, but a pail in her right hand, and under her foot is a vessel, on its side with something being poured out of it. There is a moon on its back surrounded by a sun on the front of this figure, and here she is called 'The Queen of Heaven'. But remember that Scripture speaks of even some of Israel baking cakes in honor of the Queen of Heaven. Here the caption under her status says:--'She is the eldest daughter of Saturn, the most ancient of gods. And Saturn, remember, was a symbol of Satan. It says that she was first made known to mortals, and taught them the use of wheat. We would say she made known to mortals as this Queen of Heaven, for mixing the wheat with chaff. There are some of these same descriptions of here which are on the statue of Ancient Egypt but more has been added. Thus this woman now called 'The Queen of Heaven' is now both false and true, and thru corrupted symbolism, she becomes the Virgin of the world---a pregnant Virgin of humanism.

The name of Isis was then given to one of the occult medicines and this 'virgin' of the world then is shown covered with a black veil. And black represents death, and corruption as being this way of a new life and generation. But we then remember that John the Apostle writes:--'Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.' We look even in the margin explanation and we find that except a man be twice born, once in spirit and once in earth, he cannot understand this Kingdom of God.

Now, the color black then means death and corruption and the colors white, yellow, and red signify the three principal colors of the Alchemy or Hermetical Universal medicine after the blackness of putrescence is over. We find that the name of Isis has thus been used in many ways, to mean many things. In the original, she wears a crown of Olive leaves fitting into her place in the great Mosaic. The serpent with its tail in its mouth, in a circle shows its end, as was its beginning. It shows terrestrial corruption which must be purified before it can be medicinal for the restoration of health. The Lights from the sun in Ancient times was recognized as a medicine for healing of humanities. This was Cosmic energy. Today that secret is lost to most of the world.

In Ancient Egypt, they had a Madonna also, and she was shown seated with a small son in her arms. And sometimes she was called Isis and the child Horus as in Mythology. She was crowned with a lunar orb held in place with the Ram's Horn. All the descriptions of the 'Virgin of the World' rest on some type of earthly explanation. And mostly sex oriented. In the explanation found in Freemasonry and Humanism, the decorations with the sun, moon, and stars, as in Revelation 12:1-3, they tell us is because she was believed to rule as the guardian spirit of nature personified. We find an altogether different explanation of this lady crowned with the sun and the moon under her feet. For she is Virgo of the heavens. And she takes her place in the great Mosaic.

We find then that there was an original Isis, a white woman, probably a daughter of Enoch who carried the symbolism of the Great Mosaic. Then in heathenism or paganism, not understanding symbolism, she became a symbol of a corrupted world. In fact in evolution, she is said to have come out of the sea which was the breeding ground for the sperm of all living things. Thus this would be evolution, not creation by the Father. But it also shows how far down the road of corruption the philosophy of that day has shrunk..

Even in Egypt, as paganism took over, there were to be found many statues of Isis and Osiris, until Osiris was then considered the king of the underworld and those statues were then in ebony color. Harpocrates--the god of silence often accompanies the statue of Isis. He warns all to keep the secrets of the wise from those unfit to know them.

In the occult world, the figure of Isis is sometimes used to represent sorcery. In one of these myths concerning her, Isis is said to have conjured Ra to tell her his secret name. Which he did. And this name is equivalent to the LOST WORD of Masonry (Freemasonry). It is said that by means of this word, a magician can demand obedience from the invisible and superior deities. The Priests of 'The Virgin of the World' understood hypnotism, mesmerism, and they became adept in the use of unseen forces. (We would say Satanic forces).

Plutarch then describes the followers of Isis in this manner:--'For as tis' not the length of the beard, or the coarseness of the habit which makes a philosopher, so neither will those frequent shavings, or a mere wearing of a linen vestment constitute a votary (a person consecrated by a vow) of Isis. For he alone is a true follower of the mysteries, who after he has heard, and been acquainted in the proper manner with the history and the actions of those called Gods, searches into the hidden truths which lie concealed under them, and examines thee whole by the dictates of reason and philosophy.

During the middle ages, the Troubadours of Central Europe preserved in song the legend of the Egyptian Goddess. They composed songs to the most beautiful woman in the world, whom all the philosophers of the world have wooed. She also represents the mystery of motherhood which the Ancients recognized and the pagans thought her proof of natures omniscient wisdom, and the Gods overshadowing power. To the modern seekers of truth, she is the epitome of the great unknown. And only those who look behind the story to the original symbolism will be able to solve the mysteries of life, death, generation, and regeneration.

The early Egyptians of the days of Enoch and Job, were taught the art of mummification. And some, such as a Pharaoh, or other persons of Royal rank were mummified. Those people were such as followed or had the attributed of Osiris. The pagans then believed that mummification prevented reincarnation which they thought was necessary for imperfect souls. But the followers of the Mysteries believed that those who had the will and the capacity to enter the secret knowledge of the Mystery Schools believed that the destruction, such as death, of the body would liberate the soul of that body. They preserved the body after death as a sort of talisman, or material basis for the manifestation of the soul upon the earth.

This article then is just another example of why an understanding of symbolism is necessary for truth. Because much of the truth has been turned to darkness as the Adamic people traveled thru the ages here in earth. But after all, this is a world of both good and evil. and we feel that the age is hastening to its end. 'For evil has been sown in each generation. But the harvest of evil has not yet come. If that which was sown is not reaped, if the place where evil has been sown does not pass away, the field where the good has been sown will not come.' (II Esdras 4:26-29)

The year 2520 ---this time of Israel's punishment, is said to be up this July 4, 1986, It is also in shortened time span of 2520 months from July 4, 1976 to July 4, 1986. This is supposedly the 7th Jubilee Year. September 2, 1986, will be exactly 666 months from the birth of Mikhail Gorbachev on the second of March 1931. Then too--1985 was declared the year of the Bible by President Reagan, whereas the United Nations has declared the year 1986 as the year of Peace. But remember, -- I Thessalonians 3:5--" For when they say peach and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them., as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape." When a woman is having a baby, as the baby starts to arrive, the process is carried out. Then--'But Ye brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are the children of the Light, and the children of the day; we are not of the night, nor of darkness.'

This then is a time to watch for events to take place, and remembering who you are then find courage to look up for that is where your strength and help comes from.