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1. The Secret Doctrines of Israel

2. A bit about South Africa



In the Old Big Book these Secret Doctrines of Israel are said to be contained in what is called the Qabbalah, and is pronounced with a K---Kabalah.

Again in this tape we will be looking backward recalling things in the past which are to be made known here in the present. In todays world this Kabalah has developed into the Cahilla, which is a great conspiracy set in place to totally destroy Christianity, so that YAHWEH'S Kingdom and its Faith does not rise to rule.

As we look at the past it is sort of like a grammar lesson, we find the present..tense..and the past perfect, but this has not been the case always. Altho there has been some golden years in the Adamic past, still this has been warfare from the beginning between the kingdom of YAHWEH and the kingdom of earth. This Doctrine of Israel, of Ancient Israel was so simple, yet so disturbing to a corrupted leader of the World Order that it was kept secret so that it would not be completely lost as Adam-man moved in Destiny thru a physical world.

We find in our studies that Freemasonry has played a great part in influencing a change in the thinking until the word Jew has been substituted for Israel, and even men like Albert Pike became so enamored with the rituals and organization of Freemasonry that they were willing to substitute Jew for Israel, and even to proclaim that Lucifer had his place in the organization..if Jesus Christ was there. They would let one represent the positive and one the negative, but never seemed to notice when Jesus Christ was removed from that organization. The meaning of symbolism then died out and Humanism took its place. In the days of the early church the Jews of Jerusalem called the followers of YAHSHUA..'dogs' since they still clung to the Ancient Mysteries and their Secret documents. But remember the 'dog' was associated with Enoch because of his devotion and obedience.

The picture here in connection with these Ancient Secrets of Israel is very symbolic, and confirms what we have been telling you thru out the tapes. The picture is entitled the 'Ancients of the Ancients'..and against a dark blue background, we see the 'ONE' pictured here as the Ancient of Days, He has long white hair and beard, and is seated on a golden throne. He is dressed in a scarlet robe. His arms are outstretched, and from His right hand it is as tho a stream of blue mist comes and flows down to his feet, to the bottom of his robe. From his left hand comes a red mist slightly different in color from his robe, and this flows down to cover his feet and robe, with the blue over top of the red below his knees. The throne chair has a golden pillar on the right from which a bubbling fountain flows, and the water then drips down on the golden pillar on the left is the Eternal Flame. On the front of both pillars is a blue circle enclosed with a red serpent, its tail is in its mouth, in this circle is a star made from a dark blue triangle pointing downward, and a white triangle on top of the blue with the point upward, thus making a blue and white six pointed star. Today there is a six pointed star altho drawn and colored differently and they call it the Star of David, but in the original as in this picture, this was the symbol of the kingdom in earth, symbolized by this blue triangle pointing downward, and the kingdom in the white triangle of spiritual knowledge pointing upward. Earthly knowledge was to be learned here in the flesh, and eventually we will see the completed kingdom which is symbolized as no. ten of the Mysteries. Thus the Doctrine of Israel can be found even in the numbers one thru ten, as easy then as counting on your fingers. Around the throne chair where the Ancient of Days is sitting we see..on his right side, a Lion standing there. Behind his right shoulder sits an Eagle, behind his left shoulder stands a white man, and on his left side stands a Bull. Here in symbolism you see the four 'Living Creatures' that you find in Revelation 4:7. These are the same four 'Living Creatures' that were on the ships of YAHWEH which Ezekiel saw (1:10) as he witnessed the Great Fleet coming in.

In the Book of numbers we read of the marching orders of the tribes of Israel as they marched, and then camped around the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. Each tribe carried the standards of their fathers house. Thus on the east side of the Tabernacle camped three tribes, with the tribe of Judah in the center, and the Lion of Judah flying the highest. On the north of the Tabernacle was the tribe of the center with the Eagle on the staff flying the highest. On the west were camped Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh with the flag carrying the Bull of Ephraim flying the highest, and Reuben the man. Thus here again were the four 'Living Creatures' of symbolism that you find in the Zodiac which were in the Star Bible, being carried by the twelve tribes of Israel. This is all part of the Ancient Mysteries of Israel.

Also in the picture in symbolism, from a V Cleft in the top of the head of the Ancient of Days, as tho out of his mind, we see a white woman standing and she has long golden hair and her arms are outstretched and slightly lifted up. Around her head and behind her shoulders is a circle of misty blue, and in the center of the circle, above her head is a white triangle with the symbol of the Eternal Flame, in gold, in the center of the triangle. This lady in symbolism of course is Israel, she is from the mind of YAHWEH. She is Virgo of the Star Bible, and the lady of Revelation 12:1-3. She is in symbolism the kingdom, and its Faith, and the bringer of Messiah, the Lion of Judah, the kinsman redeemer of His Kingdom, and finally no. 10., of the Ancient Israel Doctrine.

To complete the symbolism of this picture here in the Old Big Book, we see that the Ancient of Days, and the four 'Living Creatures' have their feet resting on a light blue globe covered with five pointed stars which symbolize Divine Power. Then just below this globe covered with the five pointed stars is a circle, and in that circle is a human figure also in a circle like an embryo awaiting birth. But this is a developed person not a baby, and this figure has its hands and feet touching, with its head inside the circle of its body, in fact in the center of the circle. With a baby at birth, when normal the head and feet touch, the arms at its side, the head then moves into the birth canal. Here this figure has its head inside the circle formed by its body. There is no explanation given here in the Old Big Book of this figure. This morning when rewriting my notes the thought came that I had been waiting for..this is of course symbolism, thus this is begatting a race, the head inside his own circle for all knowledge as well as Audaum's spirit comes from YAHWEH. Thus Audaum was both male and female, the beginning of a race, and both formed or created, and begotten since his spirit comes from YAHWEH. Thus Audaum was set apart from the creation of Male and Female, with only created spirits. This was only one of the secrets of the Ancient of Israel Doctrines.

Now; before corruption set in there was a secret doctrine contained in Masonry which originated from the Ancient Mystery Schools. These secret doctrines were then contained in the Qabbalah (Kabalah). These secrets then explained the picture in symbolism which we have just described. In the Kabalah were numbers, letters, symbols, and a philosophy as simple as the alphabet, profound and infinite as THE WORD. Here were theorems more complete and illuminating than those of Pythagoras, a theology summed up by counting on ones fingers; and infinite which can be held in the hollow of an infants hand. Thus ten ciphers, and 22 letters, a triangle, a square, and a circle. These are the elementary principals of the Kabalah, the written word, reflections of that WORD which created the world. Hebrew theology was divided into three parts:....

1. The Law.

2. The soul of the law or the Mishna (the unwritten law).

3. The soul of the law, or the Qabbalah, these unwritten traditions, the secrets hidden from the world.

The law was taught to all the children of Israel, it is found in the Old Testament, but the Mishna, this unwritten law was revealed only to the Priests or teachers, but the Kabalah...the secret, hidden, unwritten traditions were cunningly concealed and only the highest initiates of the Mysteries were instructed in these secrets.

According to certain Hebrew mystics now called Jews..Moses ascended Mt. Sinai three times, remaining in the presence of YAHWEH for 40 days each time. During the first 40 days he was instructed in the tables of the written law, and then the tables were delivered to him. During the next 40 days he was instructed in the hidden traditions, or the mysteries of the Qabbalah. Moses then is said to have concealed in the first four Books of the Pentateuch..these secret instructions that YAHWEH had given him, and for centuries students have sought therein for the secret doctrines of Israel. (unquote)

Alright then unless you can understand the first four Books of the Bible how can you understand the rest of the Book, or Israel's connection with it? We are told that the spiritual nature of Adam-man is concealed in his physical body, so the unwritten law, the mysteries are concealed within the Mosaic code. And according to the Ancients these mysterious secrets were delivered to Adam-man so that he thru the aide of these hidden principals might learn to understand the mysteries of both the Universe about him, and the Universe within him. That these secrets were taught to Adam-man so that thru the knowledge gained from understanding these principals, the fallen Adamic race might regain its lost estate. (unquote)

In the first four Books of the Bible you will then find the outline of the Great Mosaic with the kingdom now established in earth. Here you find the place for the symbolism of these so called 'Living Creatures' as the leading marching tribes of Israel in their positions around the Tabernacle. In the caption under this picture we have described to you we are told this is ..'A Greater Assembly'..that the Ancient of Days is the 'concealed' of the 'concealed ones'..the Eternal of the Eternal Ones. That in the understanding of the Mysteries, his symbols..with this understanding you become knowledgeable. That the Glory of His LIGHT shall be given unto the Just who are called 'The secret fruits of the Sephiroth tree.' That from the hands of the Ancient of Days comes the Mother and Father rays by which the physical existence comes into being. (unquote)

Now; the Sephiroth in symbolism is pictured as a tree, and the meaning of the 10 numbers is found there. The word Sephiroth means spheres and dimensions...thus creation. Here this tree of the Sephiroth is pictured upside down with the trunk pointing upward to the sides of the north, and on the top of the trunk of the tree is a gold and red crown with what looks like a German Cross on top of the crown. From the trunk of the tree, two large limbs come out one on each side of the main trunk. Then further down on the tree connected to the main trunk is a large gold emblem, and at the tip of the leaves of this upside down tree, in line with the main trunk are four circles, a blue and a red circle side by side, with a white and a green circle on top and thus up and down. Each of the top circles covers a bit of the blue and red circles. These four circles are said to represent the organization of the hierarchies controlling the destinies of all creations. These four circles are said to be dimensions of the seven heavens, and there are also 12 symbols..bottles..around the crown each set with a blue green stone. Behind the crown is a white triangle outlined in deep blue, making the background for the crown. Thus the no. 12., is also associated with the crown, and this is the tree of Creation... and also of the Adamic race, Israel plays their part here also in the heavens, and always here connected with the main trunk of the tree. Were as the side limbs carry three small emblems similar to the large one..three one each side symbolizing the creation of created spirits thus no. 6., of the Sephiroth tree.

Here in the Old Big Book it is said that different Angels were dispatched from heaven to instruct Adam in the Mysteries of the Mishna, and the Qabbalah, those unwritten and secret or hidden traditions, and to renew in his mind the Law. Then Shem was taught, also Isaac, Moses, and David whose teacher was Michael. From Adam these Mysteries are said to have been passed on down to Noah, and to Abraham who went into Egypt with them. And there in Egypt Moses learned the Mysteries and was further instructed in the Wilderness. Moses then initiated 70 Elders of Israel in the Secrets of these Doctrines, and they were handed down from hand to hand in an unbroken line down to David and Solomon. As to the Zohar it had not been completely translated into English at the time this Old Big Book was put together, but there was a complete translation in French. Dr. S. MacGregor Mathers translated three Books of the Zohar into English. He said in the Zohar contains a vast number of philosophical tenets, and a paraphrase of its salient points is embodied in this work. Dr. Swift told us that it contained things YAHWEH told different ones of the Adamic race, and these secrets were passed down from generation to generation.

(Quote)...The Qabbalah had an influence over medieval thought both of Christian and Jew. For it taught that there existed within the sacred writings a hidden doctrine which was the key to these writings. Scores of learned minds then began to search for these Ancient truths by which the race should be redeemed, and their labors were not without its reward, their writings then demonstrated this fact. Qabalism and Hermeticiam are now considered synonymous terms for they cover all the Mysteries, this secret doctrine of antiquity.

These simple truths of the secret doctrines of the first century of the Christian era gradually evolved into an elaborate theology system which became so involved that it was next to impossible to understand its dogma. There were however three great books which explained these Ancient Mysteries:....

1. The Yetzirah...or Book of Information.

2. The Zohar, which is called the Book of Splendor.

3. The Qabbahal.

In fact the Qabbahal and the Zohar contain the deep Mysteries of the Ancient Doctrines of Israel and these we learned are contained in the first four Books of the Bible. All these Mysteries are then carried over into the Book of Revelation. The Yetzirah...or Book of Information is found in translation here in the Old Big Book, and I will try to give you a summary of it, for it was translated from the Hebrew, and it is said to reveal YAHWEH by estimating HIS Handwork. The translation here in the Old Big Book is by Reverend Isidor Kalish and was done in the year 1877. This was used for the foundation work of this translation, then other material was added from other writers to put together their interpretation here of this Ancient book. They found two copies of this in German, one in Hebrew, and some traces in Latin. Then the Rosicrucian writers also helped with the translation, so it depends on how far back the so called Rosicrucian writings go as to whether it is authentic 'Rose Cross'.


YAH of Hoses..The LORD of Hosts, the Living Elohim, the King of the Universe, Omnipotent, the merciful and gracious God. Supreme dweller in the heights, whose habitation is Eternity, who is Sublime, and most Holy, engraved HIS name, and formed and created the Universe in 32 mysterious stages of wisdom, by three paths, namely numbers, letters, and sounds which are in HIM as ONE and the same. Ten properties, from one..thru the equation is:... 5 properties...and then in the center is the covenant with the only ONE God, then five more properties. In the spiritual world it is the covenant of THE WORD, and in the corporal or physical world it is the circumcision of the flesh, the rite of Abraham. But 10 is the number, examine all things by means of this number 10., and restore the WORD to the creator, and lead the creator back to his throne, for HE is the only formater, and beside HIM there is no other, HIS attributes are 10 and without limit.

The appearance of the spheres, out of nothing was as tho a flash of lightening or a sparkling flame, they are without beginning or end. The WORD of God is in them when they go forth, and when they return. They run by HIS order like a whirlwind and prostrate themselves before his throne.

The ten spheres have their end linked to their beginning, and their beginning linked to their end, cojoined as the flame is wedded to the live coal, for YAHWEH is the Supreme ONE and to HIM there is no second, before ONE what do you count?

Concerning the number 10 of the Sephiroth (spheres) of existence out of nothing..seal up your lips and guard your heart as you consider them, and if your heart opens for utterance, and your heart turns toward thought control them, returning to silence. For it is written:...'And the living Creatures ran and returned.' (unquote)

You find this quote in Ezekiel 1:14., here Ezekiel has had a great experience while in Captivity. He looked and it was as tho a great cloud was coming out of the north parts, coming as tho a cloud very bright, and like fire. This was the fleet of YAHWEH and described this way in other places as we have told you before, and out of the North Parts is the place of God's Throne. See Psalm 75:6...then from the Companion Bible..God's Throne is where promotion comes from. Then Isaiah 14:3..tells us that Satan said:---'I will also sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north.' Here Satan is saying that he is not going to be satisfied to just be the ruler of the kingdom in earth. He is talking about the Divine Assembly, reserved for the throne of YAHWEH, and his kingdom..talking about the total kingdom. This quote from Isaiah is not an Adamic conception, this is a Divine Revelation by HE who knows what is in Satan's heart. The three symbols of YAHWEH'S Glory are portrayed by storms, clouds, and fire, while the whirlwind interpretation is from the Hebrew and is Spirit. Then Job 37:22...tells us that out of the north comes a Golden Light. These are the Ten formations of the Universe flowing out from YAHWEH...(quote)

1. The spirit of the Elohim..blessed and more blessed by the living Elohim of the ages. His voice, His spirit, and His Word are the Holy Spirit.

2. He produced air from the spirit, and in air He formed and established 22 sounds or letters. Three are fundamental, seven are double, and 12 single, but the spirit is the first one, and above all.

3. First in order is water, He extracted this from the air, and formed there in 11 letters and established them out of mud and loam making them like a border, putting them up like a wall, and surrounding them as with a rampart. He poured snow upon them and it became earth. He said to the thou earth. (Job 37:6)

4. Fire (ether) He drew forth from the water. He enlarged, and established by it the throne of Glory. He then fashioned the Seraphim, and the Ophanim (perhaps Cherubim) and the Holy Living Creatures (His spirit children) as His ministering Angels. And these three He formed his habitation and then you read in Psalm 104:4...'Who made his Angels, his ministers a flaming fire.'

5. He selected 3 consonants (I H V) from the simple ones, and a secret belongs to the first elements, which are..air, water, and fire (ether), and these secret letters are then A-M-Sh. He sealed these with His Spirit and fashioned them into a great name and with this sealed the Universe in six directions. He turned to the above and sealed the heights with I H V.

6. He turned toward the below and sealed the depth with H I V.

7. He turned and sealed the east with V I H.

8. He turned backward and sealed the west with V H I.

9. He turned to the right and sealed the south with I V H.

10. He turned to the north and sealed the north with H V I.

(In your diagram we have given you the arrangement of the Great Name.. according to the Reverend Dr. Isidor Kalish.) These are two existences out of nothing. From the spirit of the Living God emanated air, and from air came water, and from water came fire (ether). Then from the fire, the heights, the depth, the east, the west, north, and the south came and were sealed.

The Tetragrammation outlined here is of a triangle and arranging these letters you find the great Name of God, which is I H V H in the form of a Pythagorean 4 tiered name, and in the numbers then the 72 powers of the great Name of YAHWEH are manifested. Here then is your triangle in the center of the diagram. In chapters 2 thru 4., the Hebrew letters are outlined and in that triangle in the center are the letters in English:... A M Sh..and around this triangle then is a dark seven pointed star with white letters, while the point of the seven pointed star are of the planets of these heavens, these are said to be double letters and thus they have a double meaning, for this is Adam-man's number also, and this is to show his connection with the heavens. Then around the triangle, and the dark seven pointed star is a 12 pointed white with black letters, and these are called the simple letters, and here you find the symbols of the Zodiac in each point. It is said that in the midst of the star is the invisible throne of the most Ancient of Ancients, the Supreme definition less Creator. These are the 22 Hebrew letters as we find them here in the Old Big Book, and I have given you them in English translation. (I thought the diagram would help you understand this better even tho I am not an artist.) Here it is said that God let the letter A predominate in primordial air, crowned it with and combined it with the other two of the triangle and sealed the air of the Universe. He let the letter M predominate in primordial water, crowned it and sealed the earth in the Universe including land and sea. He let the letter Sh predominate in primordial fire and crowned it and combined it with the other two of the triangle and sealed the heavens in the Universe.

Now; we are told here that these seven letters of the seven pointed star symbolize wisdom, riches, fertility, life, power, peace, and grace. Being double they also have their opposites, these being foolishness, poverty, sterility, death, servitude, war and deformity. These seven letters also point out the six dimensions of height, depth, east, west, north, and south with the Holy Temple in the center to sustain them all. These seven letters are not six, they are seven, not 8...they are seven. So reflect on that into it, and reveal its hidden mystery, and place the Creator back on HIS Throne again.

These seven double letters have been designed, established, purified, weighed and exchanged by YAHWEH. He formed seven planets in the Universe for special purposes, produced seven heavens, seven earths, and seven Sabbaths. Therefore He loved 7 more than any other number under His Throne. The seven planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon and 7 days of the week, seven eras, and the seven gateways to Adam-man are two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and the mouth. (unquote)

In other places they include:..(quote) With the seven double letters He designed seven earths, seven heavens, seven continents, seven seas, seven rivers, seven days and seven weeks (from Passover to Pentecost), and in the midst of them is His Holy Place. Here is a cycle of seven years, and the seventh is the release year, and after the seven release years there is the Jubilee. For this reason God loves number 7 more than any other thing under heaven. (unquote)

Seven is thus Adam-man's number and (quote)...YAHWEH joined the seven double letters together for two stones build two houses, and three stones build six houses, and four stones build 24 houses, five stones build 120 houses, and six stones build 5,040 houses. Make a beginning according to this arrangement and reckon further than the mouth can express, or the ear can hear. (unquote)

Here in symbolism we are talking of the building of the kingdom from this Adamic race, you are to stop and think, uncover the hidden secrets and as they say put God back on His Throne. Stop trying to solve all problems by man's thinking.

CHAPTER 5:..........

This is of the 12 simple letters of the 12 pointed star. In your diagram I have given you the signs of the Zodiac, and also with these 12 points, they also signify the months of the year as you know, and even a part of the human body as well.

In summary then there are three first elements, seven planets, and twelve signs of the Zodiac. Part of the mystery then is that there are three faithful witnesses:...the Universe, the Year, and then Adam-man. There are 12 signs of the Zodiac, the seven planets and above is also the Dragon, and below is the world, and in the midst is YAHWEH who regulates them all. (unquote)

Now; you see why the 7 pointed star is dark, for over this world was to sit the Dragon (Tali) and he is in the Universe like a king upon his throne. He has been given dominion over earth where Adam-man..number 7., was established to build the kingdom. In symbolism the original six pointed star was a dark blue pyramid, or triangle pointing downward, and a white pyramid or triangle pointing upward, the kingdom in earth thus was of a dark blue color, and altho Satans color is black, blue is the symbol of heaven and Lucifer will not be allowed to completely take over the kingdom here in earth. (Quote) These are the 22 letters by which the Great I AM (YAH), the LORD of Hosts, the Almighty and Eternal designed, and created....sounds, numbers, letters, and sounds. His Universe is formed by these and all that is yet to come. When the Patriarch Abraham comprehended the great truths, meditated upon them, and understood them perfectly, the LORD of the Universe (The Tetragrammation) appeared to Abraham and called him His Brethren, kissed him upon the head, and made with him a covenant. This covenant was first Spiritual, second material or the covenant of circumcision, and YAH said to him also:...'Before I formed thee, I knew thee.' Jeremiah 1:5.

Abraham bound the spirit of the 22 letters (The Thora) upon his tongue, and YAH disclosed to him their secrets. He burned them in fire, and imprinted them upon the winds. He distributed them among the seven planets and gave them to the twelve Zodiacal signs. (unquote)

Alright:...understand that Lucifer rebelled in the heavens, caused warfare among the beings of the Universe in the area he was given control of. He became the symbol of evil, and finally was driven into this Solar system and confined to earth. Here was the place then where YAHWEH would establish His physical kingdom. This is what the Patriarch Abraham understood, and this is the reason for the seven pointed star being in black in the big diagram. Lucifer's color is black because it portrays rebellion, warfare, and evil. Abraham also understood that the Great I AM..YAHWEH OF HOSTS holds the balance in His hands. And Lucifer can thus run so far and no further. He understood that he was also known unto YAHWEH before his physical body was formed in earth. Abraham understood that from his lineage would come the 12 tribes of Israel, thus identification of YAHWEH'S kingdom people here in earth is established. This was understood also by Moses and is outlined in the Books of the Bible which he wrote. The secrets are there for you to learn, if you first determine who Adam really was.

Yes, the program of our Father has been a secret from the many but the secret has also been revealed until the truth has been kept alive in this world where Lucifer was to run his course. Remember that YAHWEH told Michael, to let Lucifer run, for this is the theater of the Universe, and Lucifer will be brought back to his beginning from here in earth.

We have told you of the Tree of Creation..the Tree of formation which is this upside down tree where the symbols of Israel are attached to the crown. Then Moses in Genesis I., gives us just a few statements of facts: ..'In the beginning YAHWEH created the heavens and the earth.' Then we read:...'The earth was without form and was void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.' Well what happened to bring this great destruction which was upon the earth which...made void? Peter tells us something about the earth at that time. (II Peter 3:5-6) Jeremiah also speaks of things brought back to his memory. Here then in two short verses is a bit of history. Moses is giving us just a bit to show how the world that was had been destroyed by a world wide flood. Then in the same verse Moses speaks of the beginning of the re-establishment of the earth. 'And the spirit of YAHWEH moved upon the face of the waters'...then the light of the moon and the sun begin to shine thru the mist, and the re-establishment of the land began. This was all before the establishment in the earth to start the kingdom in the flesh (Genesis 2). In Ancient Hebrew the Name of YAHWEH was used here in the first Chapter of Genesis 32 times. In the English translation the title God is used 33 times and Freemasonry now has 33 degrees.

Now; there are many figures of speech in the Bible, and a figure of speech means that this grouping of words described as a figure of speech is designed and is legitimate departure from the law of languages in order to emphasize what is said. In otherwords, a figure of speech is used to call your attention to what the Holy Spirit is saying. the Spirit of YAHWEH moved upon the face of the waters...and this is the 'Heaven and earth which are now...II Peter 3:5-7..and Peter verifies this by saying:...By the Word of YAHWEH...'Standing out of the water', and in the water, whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water...perished. But the heavens and the earth which now the SAME WORD here kept in store, reserved unto fire, against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.'

Here then, my friends, was the great flood which covered the first creation...and made void. Here also is the beginning of the heavens and earth which now is. There will be no world wide flood of wide of ungodly men. How? fire which is Shekinah Light, one of the attributes of the Holy Spirit. II Peter 3:10-12. Thus the Shekinah Light will be used and the darkness cannot stand the Truth of the Light of the WORD.

The flood of Noah's time as we have told you before was not world wide, and the Rainbow was the symbol of that promise. Peter in the New Testament was only carrying forward these words of prophetic wisdom which Moses gives you a thumbnail sketch of here in Genesis 1. Here then the recreation is in full swing and the land masses begin to show, the moon, the stars, and the sun shine once more upon the earth, and the creatures of the sea can once more multiply. Everything even the people both male and female were restored so as to repopulate the earth. Then verse 26 of Genesis 1., is out of order, it fits better in the Great Mosaic as the last part of Genesis 2:5...and verse 27 follows verse 25 in Genesis 1., in good order. In the Ferrah Fenton Bible it says that YAHWEH created man under his own shadow, and here in Genesis 1., it says that YAHWEH gave them the trees, plants, fish, and fowl to sustain them, and He saw that His creation was good. But did you notice that it does not tell us here that the evil which caused the destruction of the world that now destroyed forever? In otherwords the rebellion in the heavens did not end with the destruction of 'The world that was..think about that and go back into Archaeology and other sciences and determine that there were people on this earth long before Adam. Moses Israelite much, much later is here disclosing the Ancient history to Israel in short, but definite statements. He is showing the work of YAHWEH in His purpose. If you are a student of Archaeology and Paleontology you will easily find traces of these people on earth, even before the Negro skulls were found on earth about 73,000 B.C., which is about the time of the coming of the ships of Lucifer which were destroyed here, and his confining to this planet began. Adamites were not found on earth until about 5500 B.C., and these were Caucasians. As we go into Genesis 2., we find that the recreation is finished and YAHWEH rested on the seventh day. He also blessed this seventh year, and we learn from the Ancient Doctrines that the number 7 is loved most of all. Thus Audaum the Adamic race is no. 7 of the Sephiroth tree.

In the Old Big Book there is another tree, and it is called the Ygdrasil Tree, and it is said to be the symbol of Life, Time, and Destiny, and this tree in symbolism fits here in Genesis 2. The picture is of a great cleft in space between two stone mountains. In an egg shaped picture with a blue background is a tree having a main trunk and two side trunks, one on each side, but intertwined with the main trunk. These then are rooted in a plot of land, and this land is a purple mountain with a lighted city on the top. A Rainbow with an archway near the lower middle of the trunk leads to the lighted city on the mountain top. Around the lower trunk after the three are combined is entwined a serpent, his head is downward toward the roots of the tree, and on the roots of this Tree of Life there are many worms eating away. And round this circle of land where the mountain and lighted city sits is a serpent in a circle its tail in its mouth. In the top of the tree directly above the lighted city sits a great Eagle. And between the eyes of the Eagle, in fact on its head is a Falcon which is said to note everything taking place in the Universe.

On either side of the Egg shaped picture with the Tree of Life, on the top of the tall cliffs stands a great giant, one on either side, casting what is said to be ice and flames into the great depth so as to disturb this 'Tree of Life'. The serpent and the worms constantly gnaw at the roots of the Tree, realizing that if they can destroy the life of this Tree, the rule of the Gods will be over. (unquote)

Now; in the Ancient teachings, this tree was also called a 'soul tree', showing that the creation of Adam-man is rooted in the spirit. Later Jewish writers not understanding the symbolism would call this tree..the heavenly Adam, however Deity is not conceived of as having a part in the Sephiroth tree. That this tree only defines the limits of the creation essence. Thus they throw out the Gospel that Jesus preached. But in the Zohar it says:..'There is a garment (meaning document) which every Adamic-man can see. And those with understanding do not look at the garment (or written document) but the body beneath it, which is the intellectual code. For none can gain entrance into the ancient house of wisdom unless he carries the lamp of Hermes (Enoch). Those wisest of all..the servants of the Heavenly King look at nothing save the soul, the spiritual doctrine which is the root of the law.'

Later philosophers would throw out all but physical ideas and declare a new meaning for all symbols. This tree of creation, showing also that Israel is connected to the Heavenly King they discard, altho they do say that Adam-Kadman was the first heavenly man. This Old Big Book also tells us that death was not mentioned by the early Cabalist, but was added later as more concentration on death came into being. Then the kingdom became the representative of the physical Universe and was declared the smallest and least important.

But this is the 'Tree of Life'..the Adamic kingdom established in earth, carrying the begotten spirit of YAHWEH. The earliest Mystery Schools established one of the highest known standards of morality and ethics ever known. But those not understanding symbolism used the symbol of YAHWEH'S creative power as sex symbols in their worship. Back even in mythology coming from Hindustan, in the Ancient days after coming out of the basin, the Adamites talked of 'The Garden of Eden'..The Ark..the Gateway to the lighted city on the Hill', and the veil of the mysteries'...'the procreative mystery of a certain people.' Father, Mother, Child constituted a natural symbol for the growth of the kingdom from this 'Tree of Life'. The Mysteries glorified the home as the supreme institution functioning as a unit. Pythagoras likened the Universe to the family declaring that the supreme fire (spirit) of the Universe was in the midst of its heavenly bodies, so by analogy, the supreme fire of the Adamic world was upon its hearthstones. The early schools of philosophy likened the Divine family as the kingdom in earth.

Now; (quote) This Mystery of Life from this tree is the supreme mystery contrary to the dictates of reason, a standard has been established which affirms that innocence bred of ignorance is more to be desired than virtue born of knowledge. Eventually Adam-man will learn that he need never be ashamed of truth. Until he does learn this he is false to his God, to his world and to himself. In this respect Christianity has woefully failed in its mission, for while declaring Adam-man's body to be a Living Temple of the Living God, in the same breath it asserts that the substance and function of this Temple is unclean. (unquote)

We would say not being able to explain this 'Living Temple' the House of God is degraded and defamed. The meaning of Ancient symbolism being lost to the church, then even the understanding of some of her worship services is also lost. Blindness in part has set in, and hides these Ancient Truths. Even the flowers of service have lost their symbolism and connection to the kingdom story. The lowly sunflower was once considered touched by the Divine because it opens its face always to the Sun. Flowers were considered by the Ancients as the ideal of beauty and regeneration. The Rose of the Ancient Mystery School was a most important symbol. You find this symbol of the Rose in Adam-man's history soon after they came out of the Tarim Basin in their migration. Even the Lotus blossom in Ancient Hindustan was the symbol of the 'Whirling Cross' before it became the prayer wheel of paganism.

The Rose Cross Mysteries used a garland of Roses to signify the same spiritual knowledge referred to in the Bible as the seven lamps of the Candlestick, and the seven churches of Asia-Minor. The Rose thus represented spiritual unfolding and attainment. The Heraldic Rose of the middle ages generally had either five or ten petals showing its relationship to the spiritual mystery of Adam and the Sephiroth tree. 9 petals on a flower were symbolic of judgment on anything against the kingdom. Thus the ancient Kabalah of Israel represented creation with its roots in the reality of spirit, while the Ygdrasil...'The Tree of Life' supports upon its branches 9 spheres or worlds which the Egyptians of Enoch's time enclosed in the mysterious no. 10 the undefinitionless cipher of the mysteries. Actually the definition is there all the time, for all numbers lead to 10 which is the completion of the kingdom. And the serpent around the trunk of the 'Tree of Life' symbolizes the tempter, follow him and all discover what is termed reality, which overthrows the rule of the Gods of the kingdom. (unquote)

Now; remember the worms were also working on the roots of 'The Tree of Life', and that reminds us of the warning of Joel 1:4...these worms and the serpent are eating away at the very heart of Adam's Faith, which is the very foundation of the kingdom.

Yes, the symbol of the tree is used often in Scriptures, in tracing races and so forth. In verse 9 of Genesis 2., we find both the 'Tree of Life', and the 'Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.' 9 signifies that the 'Tree of Life' is now in earth controlled by the 'Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil'...all to the extent that YAHWEH WILLS. In the New Testament the 'fig tree' is a symbol. The Olive Tree of the Garden of Gethsemane also marks a part of the Great Mosaic while in the Book of Revelation we find the Tree which bears 12 manners of fruit, and its leaves are for the healing of the nations. The Rods of Moses and Aaron, the spear of Odin, and the Rod of Hermes around which serpents were entwined were all cut from 'The Tree of Life' which of course portrays the kingdom.

The Early church fathers had a great understanding of these things. They knew that the grape was the fruit of the Vine of Life, not to be fermented. They knew that strong wine produced by artificial fermentation was looked upon as symbolic of false life and the light of Satan for the rational faculties of the kingdom race are clouded by strong drink, and the animal nature liberated, then controls the individual. These were understood facts of great spiritual significance. The grape of the vine, in fermentation then is not the fruit of the Vine, but it does symbolize the adversary. Now; this 'Tree of Life' represents the secret of Immortality (Genesis 2:7-8) Audaum was both male and female, and both created and begotten. And Audaum was placed in Eden which signifies a condition of earth. When you want something to grow you place it in a garden. Here in symbolism and allegory then the 'Tree of Life' now in the Garden. And in this same verse is the other tree..this one knowing good and evil, thus the Adamic race would represent the secrets of immortality where as the 'Tree of the knowledge of good and evil' represents the secret of mortality. The allegory of the eating of the apple represents the knowledge of the procreative process, and Eve and Adam would learn as to what the material world is all about. This then was the method of the individual establishment of the kingdom in the flesh. The literal story of Eve eating an apple, and the serpent beguiling her...then accepted by an unthinking world is preposterous, but the creative mystery of which it is a part, the symbolism is one of natures profoundest facts. The mystery thus reveals that altho the kingdom people still wander in a world of mystery thus reveals that altho the kingdom people still wander in a world of good and evil still they will ultimately attain 10 of the Sephiroth tree and once more eat of 'The Tree of Life' for in the mysteries, by partaking of its fruit Adam-man attains immortality. (unquote)

Yes, YAHWEH did give the world real trees, not family trees as well, and five of the most symbolic were:....

1. The Oak Tree, the Druids were called people of the Oak trees as they placed their places of worship in the Great Oak groves.

2. The Divine nature of Adam-man was likened to the Ash Tree..indestructible.

3. The Palm Tree was a symbol of regeneration...thru Messiah.

4. The Cypress Tree was likened to the Holy Spirit.

5. The Shittem Tree...this was wood used by the children of Israel for their Ark of the Covenant and etc. and this was the Acacia or Tamarisk Tree. It was from the Acacia that the crown of thorns was made. This Tamarisk type of wood when used as a door post often took root and would shoot out budding above the doorway. It was likened, to immortality because of its tenacity of life. All of these trees were pleasant to the sight, and good for food. Genesis 2:9. These trees were for the benefit of the race, and the world. Even the fruit and blooms of some of the trees such as the Pomegranate had peculiar significance. The Pomegranate blossoms were embroidered upon the bottom of the High Priests of Israel's garment by command of YAHWEH. Even the lowly onion was revered as a symbol of the Universe because of its rings and layers representing the concentric planes into which creation was divided according to the Hermetic Mysteries. It was also regarded as possessing great medicinal virtue.

The Evergreen trees were symbols of youth, vigor, perpetuity of existence. There is also the tree of Alchemy, and there was the Heraldry tree of the Knights of the Round Table, and around that table were the banners of the 12 tribes of Israel each carrying a sign of the Zodiac marking each tribe.

Here in Genesis 2:2-3., we find in allegory and symbolism the beginning of the Adamic race for the building of YAHWEH'S KINGDOM, IN THE PHYSICAL WORLD. This 'Tree of Life' marks the spiritual begatting of the spirit children to inhabit physical bodies..thus this is a Family Tree. Here is also the family tree of the one knowing both good and evil, and this 'Tree' is connected to Satan, thus you have two seed lines here in this picture. In the tree of creation then you find the kingdom connected to the main trunk and that part outside of the main trunk then may show other family trees. The created male and female have a created spirit, and most fell under the influence of Lucifer and could no longer help themselves, thus we see YAHWEH'S purpose in forming the bodies for Adam and Eve who both then carried a begotten spirit. Here being the beginning of the Kingdom in earth, in a physical world then it was necessary for YAHWEH being High Priest to come and restore Adam and Eve so that thru Seth the Kingdom will continue to develop. The fig leaves covering Adam and Eve were in allegory simply symbols of their fall, but even tho they were set back on course, they after learning what Satan knew they then were not allowed to go back into the Garden to partake of the 'Tree of Life' meaning they were not allowed to go back to the spiritual state since they now knew the knowledge of good and evil. Now they will have to go thru the ten steps to the completion of the kingdom, which was the plan and purpose from the beginning was it not?

As to the rivers out of the Garden (Genesis 2:10-14) which then parted into four heads, this was in symbolism the Adamic race in migration under the leadership of 4 sons of Seth. As you notice that there is gold in the first river. Thus from one of those streams of life..from this 'tree of life' would come Shem, and on down thru his lineage Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the children of Israel for the kingdom seed even of our day, and of course from them also would come Messiah. And in the Book of Revelations these are gold tried in the Fire.

Here in Genesis 3:14...we find a symbolic mystery for there is to be enmity, or ill will, between Satan's seed and the seed of Adam thru Eve from then on until YAHWEH calls a halt to this process. The figure of speech here of Satan to crawl on his belly and eat of the dust of the earth signifies defeat of him and humiliation. YAHWEH as High Priest of His race then in symbolism stripped the tunics with the fig leaf emblems which they were using for covering, after they lost their Light of Spirit covering, and Adam and Eve were said to be covered with Lambs skins, thus marking these two once more as the builders of the kingdom.

In your understanding we feel it is necessary to know something about the patterns of yesterday, about the antiquity of the earth, and about the ingenuity and technique by which YAHWEH installs people in different situations for a purpose. In your study we suggest the 4 basic Identity tapes by Dr. Swift because of his great understanding and research. Many of the Swift booklets also carry messages that will help in understanding the first four books of the Bible as to these Ancient Israel Doctrines. To fill in your understanding we now suggest these Swift booklets:..God's call to Race. God, man, nations and the race. Michael Prince of Space. Testimony of Tradition and the origin of the race. These to start with and you can add to your supply of booklets from Mrs. Lorraine Swift P.O. Box 271118, Escondido California, 92027. There are about 32 of these booklets available.



As of today..the President has been pushed by the Press to name a

black man to be the Ambassador of South Africa, and they have failed so far. However today more Senators got into the act, and tried to convince the President that he must do more to bring South Africa to their knees over Apartheid, so the Senators will bring more pressure themselves..wonder who pulled their chain? (Now in 1987..Pres. Reagan named a black man that Ambassador as demanded).

To understand what is happening in South Africa today we think you should go back in history with the eminent Ivor Benson, (quote)...The history of the world over the same period, and the history of South Africa since shortly before the beginning of the Anglo-Boer war in 1899 epitomes the same thing. This was in 1899 marked the beginning of the end of the British political Imperium, and the beginning of an entirely new kind of Imperium...that of International financed Socialism. Outside Media coverage spread false information about grievances that did not exist. Most of the workers read the 'London Times' to find out what their grievances were. This was a war of white man against White man...British against South Africans, and those who saw behind the maneuvering said:...we are fighting in order to place in power a small International group of mine owners, and speculators, most of whom are foreigners by origin, whose trade is in finance, and not in British Interest. These men were those called 'gold bugs' who controlled the richest mines in the world. The funding for the control over the mining Industry came from the British branch of the Rothchild’s. The program called for the displacing of the descendants of the original South African settlers called the 'Afrikaners', and to turn their economy to those who were largely International financiers of German origin, and Jewish in faith and race.

Today there is much Black discontent in South Africa, but evidently more across the borders, else why all the illegal Black immigration which has become South Africa's major problem just as it is becoming America's problem.

The Boer war resulted in the death of more women and children in concentration camps from typhoid than men killed on both sides in the fighting between these white men..Africans and British, for a cause they did not quite understand. Ever since that time South Africans have fought as has America since 1776 with the parasites on their backs to keep their country out of the hands of what today is called 'Political Communism'.

For a better understanding of this situation..the book..'The South African Experience 1910-67'., is well documented and names names. This was the dream of a new World Order, and the British Empire was replaced by a New Commonwealth. There was a concentration of World Evil at work, a tremendous force..of hatred there, and it flows thru out the world. If not given everything they plan then they plan to take it, and South Afrikaners fell into the trap, and they entered into an alliance with the money powers and that helps explain why they today, try to appease, and accommodate, and still it does not work. The power behind the scene is saying...'all or nothing'.

Whether South Africa survives or not will depend on whether she is able to resist the temptation of a 'settlement' of the kind which beat the Rhodesians. Will enough of the history of this century be known to enough people in the west to collapse that 'Tower of Babel' while the South African white man is still holding out? South Africa with its vast resources in strategic and other minerals, its manufacturing potential, its ability to feed its own people, and a military power both conventional and nuclear and without equal in Africa, is one of the few countries capable of serving links of dependence on the rest of the world, and adopting a bold and heroic attitude for the benefit of the whole west. The people of the west have allowed themselves to be drawn into yet another of this centuries suicidal struggles. That is the meaning of what history professors call this century of conflict. (unquote)

Now; what then is YAHWEH'S plan, will South Africa have to bow to total Communist rule. Somehow I doubt it, for America..are people of His kingdom. Someday they will throw off the yoke that binds them, and put God back on His throne. They are now hanging tough with the Press which once again tells but one side of the story so as to help the International planners. and today we saw two Senators from Kansas bow in a hurry and go to the President and try to get him to change his plans. Who pulled their chains? We can surely guess. Events depend on how near we are to the time when this yoke of the International Bankers is to be lifted off our backs. So we will watch and wait for developments.