ERM - Tape 060 - Tarot; Ancient Mysteries; Birds, Insects; Name of the Jews god





1. The Tarot Cards.

2. Ancient Mysteries Part III.

3. Ancient Things Known of Birds, Insects etc.

4. The Name of the god of the Jews.


We have spoken earlier about the Tarot cards..and now let us analyze those and see where our playing cards come from today. Those pictured here in the Old Big Book have this caption underneath:...This deck consists of 78 curiously embossed cards of uncertain origin and date. The picture consists of a deck of 78 cards, this first picture of a supposed Gypsy with a knapsack on his back and there are 21 cards in the framework of a triangle. One card at the top, two cards in the next row, with three in the next row, four in the next, and five in the next with six on the bottom row. The deck is divided into two general sections, the larger has 56 cards of the minor trumps, and the smaller 32 cards termed the major trump. The minor trumps are further divided into 4 suits of 14 cards each somewhat similar to the modern playing cards. The top or 'pip' cards of each suit descend from the Ace to the ten, and their denominations are shown as their respective emblems portray as 6 rods, 4 cups, 9 coins, and 3 swords. The court cards of each suit are 4 in number, termed King, Queen, Knight and Page. The Kings are usually shown seated, the Knights on horseback, and the Pages standing, each holds the emblem of the suit.

The Major trumps are also divided into two sections, one is composed of 21 cards, usually numbered, as they are here in this picture, the other of this group is a single card either unnumbered, or marked with a cipher. The accepted order of these 21 cards with their names as they are pictured here is:...

1. the Juggler

2. the High Priestess

3. the Empress

4. the Emperor

5. the Pope today

6. the Lovers representing Marriage

7. the Chariot

8. Justice

9. the Hermit

10. the Wheel of Fortune

11. Strength

12. the Hanged Man..hanging upside down

13. the Skeleton

14. Temperance

15. the Devil

16. Fire from Heaven

17. the Stars

18. the Moon

19. is the Sun

20. is Angel is blowing a trumpet and three figures are on their knees on the ground. Here is pictured an Olive Wreath, a lady with a scarf in the wreath and the scarf is blue. Around this picture is a Lion, a Bull, an Eagle, and a Man.

21. the Unnumbered card upon which the others are spread is designated.....the Fool.

Now; let us see what we can learn from this symbolism..what is true and what is false as it is interpreted here. The opinion of the authors differ widely concerning the origin of playing cards, the purpose for which they were intended and the time of their introduction into Europe. It is thought that the Tarot cards were part of the Philosophical lore secured by the Knight's Templars from the Saracens in Syria. The Templars concealed the secret meaning of the symbols on the cards, the purpose for which they were intended, and the time of their introduction into Europe. It is thought that the Tarot cards were to be found by introducing the leaves of this Ancient book of explanation as a device for amusement and gambling. About this time it is said the Gypsies also began to wander over Europe, and they brought cards with them which they used as they do in the present day for divining the future. However these Tarot cards can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Then after the destruction of the great Library of Alexandria, Egypt Ancient Priests banded together to preserve their secrets, and they carried with them the most precious volume saved from the burning building, this was the book called..'THOTH'..or Tarot which I have mentioned before, but this also was the book of Enoch, then it is true that originally the Knave of Hearts did carry a 5 petal Rose upon his sleeve as it is suggested here. I do not believe that the Gypsy's came from the Ancient Adamic Priests, for the one called a Gypsy here...pictured in this Old Big Book is in reality the wandering Adamic Priest carrying the Book of Enoch saved from the flames in the burning Library at Alexandria, Egypt. Oh, the Rosicrucians have picked up the symbolism found in the cards, and they claim they are Masonic symbols, but that depends on whether you are talking of Freemasonry or the Ancient Master Builders who are to carry the title of Masonry. We see some tampering with the story of the cards as outlined in the Book of Enoch, but we also see the symbolism in them of the Ancient Israel Doctrine when interpreted correctly.

Again..from the Old Big Book:...many symbols appearing upon the Tarot cards have definite Masonic interest. The Pythagorean numerologists will also find an important relationship to exist between the numbers on the cards and the designs accompanying the numbers. The Qabbalist will be immediately impressed by the significant sequence of the cards, and the Alchemist will discover certain emblems meaningless save to one versed in Divine chemistry, and transmutation, and regeneration. As the Greeks placed their letters of their alphabet with their corresponding numbers upon the various parts of the body of their humanly represented Logos, so the Tarot cards have an analogy not only in parts and members of the Universe, but also in the divisions of the human body. They are in fact the key to the magical constitution of Adam-man.

The Tarot cards must be considered as separate and complete hieroglyphics each representing a distinct principal of law, power, or element in nature, in relation to each other as the effect of one agent operating upon another, and as vowels, and consonants of a philosophers alphabet. The laws governing all phenomena are represented by the symbols upon the cards whose numerical values are equal to the numerical equivalent of the phenomena or event. Irrespective of the evidence of philosophy which the student is working with, the Tarot cards can be identified with a specific part of the Israel Story according to the mathematical and philosophical laws.

Eliphas Lewis imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot..if he knew how to use it could within a few years acquire Universal knowledge, and be able to speak on all subjects with the unequaled learning and with inexhaustible eloquence. (unquote) Remember the song a few years ago..of the soldier boy caught with the deck of cards, and how he explained to his Chaplin what the meaning of those cards were to him?

There is much argument as to the explanation of the meaning of these cards shown here, so lets look at the symbolism and see what they mean to us.

Card No. the picture of a so called juggler. He stands before a table on which is placed a cup..we think of the Holy Grail, or the cup placed in the Sack of Benjamin. On the table is a coin, and we think of the Great Master Builder, and the tribute money he paid, and also of the part that money has played in the downfall of Adam-man. A sword is there on the table signifying the Sword of the Eagle-Phoenix bird..the sword of truth, and also the sword of Goliath as he threatened Israel. There is also the mystic blade of the philosopher on the table, the sword which divides false from truth. The Juggler's hand is in the form of a circle signifying the motion of creation. His left hand points toward the earth, his right hand is aloft, the wand symbolic of his mastership over the terrestrial Universe. The wand is the Rod of Jacob..the Staff that budded, and in physical terms the human spine crowned with the globe of creative intelligence. In the original Egyptian Tarot this man wears a golden band about his forehead, and the table before him is in the form of a perfect cube, and in his girdle is the Serpent with its tail in its mouth. You find here in the Old Big Book that lots of explanations are given for this symbolism, then they go back to what was found in the Ancient Egyptian Tarot, thus from the days of Enoch. And with the other information we have gathered thru the doctrine of Ancient Israel and others we can then sort out the symbolism.

Card No. here called the female Pope, and they say associated with the legend of the only woman who ever sat in the pontifical chair. This was Pope Joan, and she was supposed to have accomplished this by masquerading in men's attire until discovered, then was stoned to death. But here in this picture on the card, is portrayed a seated woman crowned with a tiara which is surmounted by a lunar crescent. In her lap is the book of the law (usually partly) closed. In her right hand are the keys to the secret doctrines, one key is of gold and one is of silver. Behind here are two pillars, and a multicolored veil is stretched between the two pillars. Her throne stands upon a checkerboard floor. This does not seem to me to be a female Pope at all. In the so called Egyptian Tarot this women is veiled is Isis..a reminder that the full countenance of truth is not revealed to the initiated. A veil covers ½ of the book she is holding signifying that only ½ of the mysteries were to be understood by the ordinary people. We feel this Priestess represents the Israel Faith..the mysteries, and she can also be a symbol of Isis, the daughter of Enoch, the symbol of knowledge, much, much more than the modern explanation of a female pope, don't you think? We feel that these cards are just outlining the Great Mosaic..if you are able to read it.

Card No. called..the Empress..she is likened to the 'Woman clothed with the Sun' of Revelation 12:1-3. Here seated on a throne is a winged woman form, supporting with her left hand a shield emblazoned with a Phoenix, and in her right hand is a scepter surrounded by an orb, or trifoliate flower. Beneath her right foot is sometimes seen a crescent moon, and on her head is a crown, or rather it surrounds her head, and is a diadem of 12 stars. She is called generation. (unquote) We would say that this is Israel as portrayed by the woman of Revelation 12. In the Egyptian Tarot we see this Empress seated upon a cube filled with eyes, and a bird is balanced upon the forefinger of her right hand, she is surrounded by a radiant glow as is the woman of Revelation 12, and she then is Israel, the bringer forth of the kingdom, and the redeemer. In the Star Bible she is shown chained, and then released. She is the wife, and the bride, later in paganism she is shown as pregnant but that is the way they did with Isis as she become the Virgin of the world.

Card No. 4:...(quote) is called the Emperor, and is by its numerical value directly associated with the Great Deity of Israel, revered by the Pythagoreans. This Emperor is dressed in Armor, and his throne is a cube stone upon which a Phoenix bird is clearly visible. He carries a scepter in his right hand and an orb in his left. The Orb is evidence that He is the supreme ruler of the world. Symbols of both the sun and moon are upon his robe, and these are called the eyes of the Great King. The position of his body and legs form the symbol of the Ancient Alchemist Monarch. In the Ancient Egyptian Tarot the figure is in profile and wears a Masonic Apron, and the Skirt forms a right triangle. Upon his head is a crown, and on his forehead the coiled design of Deity. (Unquote) We feel this explanation is about right, for he fits in the Great Mosaic as the Great King of Israel.

Card No. 5:..this major trump card is interestingly described here, and is called 'the pope'..and is said to represent the High Priest of the pagans, or a Christian Mystery school Priest. Wonder who did that translation..Ha? For here is what this card is all about. (quote) This figure wears a tiara, and in his left hand he carries the triple cross surmounting the globe of the world. His right hand bears upon its back the stigmata.... (the marks of the wounds on the body of The Christ)..the ecclesiastic sign of secrecy, and before him kneels two figures. The back of the throne which is here called the Papal in the form of a celestial and terrestrial column, so this is not a papal throne. According to the Pythagoreans this card signifies the initiate or Master of the Mystery of the Tree of Life, and the spiritual physician. In the Ancient Egyptian Tarot the Master wears the symbol of Divinity, and before him the two figures are kneeling, one in dark garments and one in white. The white garment is said to represent life, and the other...death, or good and evil. The triple cross and tiara are symbols or emblems of rulership over the worlds which have issued from the Great Unknowable. This description does not fit the description of the Pope now does it? After all this is the Great Mosaic we are talking about, and anything that does not fit there is cast aside.

Card No. the Major trump card and is called 'The Lovers'. And it shows a marriage ceremony. A Priest is uniting a youth and a maiden in Holy Wedlock. We say this is Adam and Eve. There are two cards..or rather two parts to this card, and below the picture of the wedding ceremony is that same youth who we say is Adam, and here on either side of Adam is a figure of a woman. It says that this youth stands at the parting of the way, for he is to choose between Eternal and temporal. Above him is a halo of light which the uninformed call cupid. If he chooses unwisely the arrow of blindfolded fate will transfix him. In the Egyptian Tarot, this arrow of genesis points directly at the woman on the left signifying that the end of her path is destruction. The lesson here is said to be the price of choice is responsibility. But looking closely at his maiden on the left of Adam you see that she has dark hair and a dusty coloring, while the one on the right has long golden hair, and a crown on her head. We that this is Lilth and Eve..that the woman (Eve) was deceived but Adam knew better (I Timothy 2:14) You know the story of the Black Madonna which we have told you before, so we say this is Lilth, and that is also in the Great Mosaic for here Adam fell, and joined the world. But don't forget that was also foreknown in the program of YAHWEH, for this is His physical kingdom being formed in earth. He was to come and set right this situation which Satan had dreamed up to stop the kingdom.

Card No. 7:...of the Major Trumps is called 'The Chariot'. It portrays a victorious warrior crowned, and riding in a chariot drawn by black and white Sphinx's. The starry canopy of the chariot is upheld by 4 columns. This figure in the Chariot has the scepter which is said to be of solar energy. On his shoulders are ornaments with the Urim and Thummim, but here in the Old Big Book called Lunar crescents. The body of the chariot is a cubic stone, and the man in the chariot dressed in armor, is not standing but is rising out of that cube. In the Egyptian Tarot the warrior carries a curved sword, is bearded, to show maturity, and his scepter is crowned with a square upon which is a circle, surmounted by a triangle. All these symbols fit the Ancient Doctrine of Israel, and the Great Mosaic. This no. 7., is also Adam's number, and it means that here in the kingdom he meets his perfection, and the Sphinx's drawing the chariot symbolize the secret and unknown doctrines of Israel, and of Adam-man. If one of the Sphinx's was black this was to show that some of the secret Doctrines were not to be known by the world, for Adam is now in a world that is both true and false ..good and evil. The cubic stone from which the figure is rising signifies the polished..regenerated Adam-man.

Card No. 8:...of the Major Trumps is called 'Justice'..and portrays a woman seated upon a throne, the back of the throne rises in the form of two columns. Justice is crowned, and carries in her left hand a sword, and in her right a pair of Scales. The symbolism is said to be that Eternal Justice destroys with the sword all that is unbalanced. In the Ancient Egyptian Tarot the figure of Justice is raised upon a dais of 3 steps, signifying that Justice can be fully administrated only by those elevated for the position. Justice is also blindfolded so that the visible is in not influencing the decision. We would say this picture is of the administration of the Kingdom..Israel ruling under the Kingship of YAHSHUA..with a rod of Iron, which is total Justice for all.

Card No. 9:..of the Major Trump is called the 'Hermit' and portrays an aged man robed in a monk's attire or habit and cowl, leaning upon a staff. In his right hand he carries a lamp which he partly conceals with the folds of his cape. The Hermit portrays the secret organization..the Mystery School, which for untold centuries has carefully concealed the light, of Ancient wisdom from the profane. The Staff of the Hermit symbolizes knowledge which is Adam-mans only enduring support. Sometimes the mystic staff or rod is divided by knobs into seven sections such as the 7 candles in the Candelabra. In the Ancient Egyptian Tarot the Hermit is shielding the lamp behind a rectangular cape to emphasize the philosophic truth that wisdom, if exposed to the ignorant, would be destroyed like the tiny flame of a lamp unprotected in a storm. It is said that Adam-mans body forms a cloak thru which his Divine nature is faintly visible like the flame of a partly covered lantern. Thus the Hermetic type of life..leads Adam-man to attain depth of character and tranquility of spirit. (unquote) Now; from Adam's beginning then the Israel Doctrine has been partly hidden, as tho there was to be a long period of time thru which 'The Light would need to be protected from the ignorance of the world.

Card No. 10:...of the Major Trump cards is called..'The Wheel of Fortune' but this is a mysterious wheel which has 8 spokes. Above which sits the immovable Sphinx, carrying the sword of Justice. Many are the explanations of this card but in the Egyptian Tarot the Sphinx is armed with a Javelin and is pushing Typhoon (or Satan) from the wheel. The vertical columns supporting the wheel are places so as to represent the axis of the world, and here the Sphinx is then upon the North Pole. Sometimes the wheel and its supports is a boat upon the waters. Alright, since this is No. 10., then we see the Divine Arbitrator disposing of Satan from the wheel of Adam's timetable, for the time has come for the Administration of the Kingdom to begin.

Card No. called 'Strength', and this card portrays a girl wearing a hat in the form of the orbit of the planets, and her hands are upon the mouth of a ferocious lion. It is thought that she may be opening the Lion's mouth to find the key to wisdom which is contained therein. King Solomon's Throne was said to have been ornamented with Lion's, and he himself was likened to the King of Beasts with the key of wisdom between its teeth. In the Egyptian Tarot the maiden is pictured as a Priestess wearing an elaborate crown in the form of a Phoenix bird, and there is serpents at her feet and an Ibis bird. Now; the Lion of Judah is of course the key to wisdom, this is where Solomon received his wisdom and Enoch and Isis before him. Wisdom is however pictured as a female, so is Israel's Faith, or church...the spiritual center of the kingdom.

Card No. 12:...of the Major Trump cards is called 'The Hanged Man'. Here we see a young man hanging by his left leg from a horizontal beam and supported from two tree trunks. From each tree 6 branches have been removed. The right leg of the youth is folded back behind his back in such a way as to form a cross surmounting a downward pointing triangle, and this figure thus forms an inverted symbol of sulphur. In the so called Egyptian Tarot the hanged youth is suspended between two Palm Trees. In some pictures the figure carries under each arm a money bag from which coins are escaping. Remember that the Palm Tree is the symbol of Astronomy. The downward pointing triangle has a cross in it, this formed by the right leg of the youth which is folded behind his back, and thus is a symbol of earth..the rising above all difficulties will be by the way of the cross, here in earth where Satan has so much control of money and everything else. But with the resurrection now a thing of the past, we can look forward to the development of the kingdom. But there is also something here to contend with since this is Israel's is also double a two-fold meaning. There are 12 branches missing from the trees which hold the horizontal bar. The two Palm Trees do represent the Savior, but it is not Him hanging head downward here in earth to be finished. When you add the coins then some say this also represents the betrayer..Judas of Iscariot who hanged himself. We see this as the kingdom of darkness being least on the verge of being destroyed, because the triangle pointing downward with the cross also downward is the symbol of the Kingdom of good and evil, and here we then say is the finish of this kingdom of the knowledge of good and evil, and this destruction is to happen here in earth.

Card No. 13:...a Trump card is called 'Death', and it is a picture of a great skeleton with a great scythe and there are many heads lying on the ground as tho the grim reaper has just passed by. In the Egyptian Tarot there is a beautiful rainbow behind this figure of death. Here we say that the rainbow was a promise to Adam-man that this time..destruction is to be by Divine Fire, and then the battle between the children of light and the children of darkness here in earth is forever finished. god is in his heaven, and all is right with the world. As this is No. 13., this is also the number of the U.S.A., so we see the climax of this battle right here in our land?...We think so.

Card No. 14:...of the Major Trump cards is called 'Temperance' and portrays an Angelic form with the sun upon her head. She carries 2 urns, one is full and one is empty, and she continually pours the content of the upper into the lower urn. In some cards the flowing water takes the form of the symbol of Aquarius, and not one drop of the 'Living Water' is lost, for when the lower urn is filled a reversal is made, and it flows back to the upper urn. Thus from the invisible to the visible and then back again, the Spirit is controlling this flow of 'Living Water'. In the Egyptian Tarot the figure is of a winged man, not a female, and we would think this is right. The figure pours the water from a golden urn into a silver urn, or from the sun to the moon, with the sun a symbol of YAHWEH, and the moon a symbol of Israel. You remember that in the Star Bible this 'Living Water' is poured out to the two fishes who are tied to the Water Bearer. In the kingdom administration there is also thus to be temperance in all things. Think of that a moment, how many things of today will be missing in that administration, and total justice no doubt will seem as a rod of iron to rebellious spirits.

Card No. 15:...of the Major Trump cards is called 'The Devil' or Diablo, this creature resembles the pagan god Pan with the horns of a deer, the arms and body of a man, the legs and feet of a goat or a dragon. The figure carries a lighted torch for a scepter. He is winged like a bat, just like Hiram the Elemental in the earlier symbolism of the story by Freemasonry, and this figure also belongs to the shadowy, inferior sphere. A male and female elemental are chained to its footstool. The torch is the false light which guides unilluminated souls to their own undoing. In the early Egyptian Tarot this devil or Typhoon as he was called in Egypt is a winged creature composed of a ..hog.. a man, a bat, a crocodile, and a hippopotamus, thus standing in the midst of its own destruction.

We hope you caught that symbolism for the devil is winged, showing that he came out of a heavenly sphere, took the body of a man, advocated the mixing of men with animals of earth as well as the mixing of the races of earth, has the appetite of a crocodile, and the strength of the hippopotamus. This then is what Adam-man was faced with in his battle to set the kingdom in place in earth. This figure is holding a torch aloft..his kind of fire which does not illuminate the inner man. Thus this card being described then is of the kingdom of darkness..both good and evil., the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Card No. of the Major Trump cards is called 'The Fire of Heaven'. It portrays a tower, the battlements of the form of a crown is being destroyed by a bolt of lightening issuing from the sun. Two figures are seen falling from that tower which must have been filled with gold coins which are now coming out as the lightening bolt hits the tower. In the Egyptian Tarot the tower is a pyramid, its apex shattered by the lightening bolt, thus the missing capstone. In Levi's explanation this card is connected with the 16th., letter of the is Ayin..written as a non capital y. We believe this 'Fire from Heaven' symbolized as a lightening bolt from YAHWEH has now hit the tower of Usuary, this potential power of economic control which has hit the kingdom and hindered the kingdom for so long. Since the lightening bolt hit the apex of the pyramid, this is then the Pyramid of economic control that I outlined for some before I started this tape ministry. This Satanic pyramid has an all seeing eye, and under it is listed all the organizations of this great so called conspiracy that has been going on so long. We do not believe that this is the Great Pyramid for that one never had a capstone in place, the finisher of that pyramid had at that time not come as redeemer either. This then is a false pyramid, and the eye in the apex is International control of money, and such organizations connected with it are the Federal Reserve System, the United Nations, the Rockefeller controlled CFR and Trilateral organizations, the African National Congress and many, many more.

Card No. 17:...of the Major Trump cards is called 'The Stars', and portrays a young girl kneeling with one foot in the water, the other on land. Her body in a form suggesting a swastika, the whirling cross. She has two urns, the content of which she pours upon the land and upon the sea. Above the girls head are 8 bright stars, one of which is exceptionally bright and large. In the Egyptian Tarot the Great Star contains a diamond on a black and white triangle, and the flowering bush of the picture is a tall plant with three heads upon which a butterfly alights. Now; here is an upright triangle, the symbol of Divine knowledge, and wisdom, but it is in black and white showing the place of the polishing process of the father above. Here the elements of water and earth under her feet show where Israel receives her polishing until she can shine with the glory of her Father, like the great diamond above. The Swastika is the whirling cross, and has been an Israel symbol from its beginning, which was long before it was associated with Adolph Hitler. This girl is symbolic of Israel, she is the wife, the bride, and the content of the urns is wisdom which she pours out in earth, for she was to be a blessing to the people of the world. There are 8 much brighter than the other 7, which is also symbolic of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA and His kingdom people...the Adamic Race.

Card No. 18:...of the Major Trump cards is called 'The Moon' and his shows the moon rising between two towers, one is light and the other is darkness. A dog and a wolf are baying at the moon. In the foreground is a pool of water from which emerges something like a crawfish. Between the towers a path winds, vanishing in the background. The so called Egyptian Tarot pictures the two towers as Pyramids, and the moon is partly obscured by clouds. The dog is, of course, associated with Enoch, his symbol of devotion, the wolf is the killer of the sheep. Here the lighted pyramid would signify Israel, and wisdom...where as the one in darkness is a symbol of the kingdom of the knowledge of good and evil. The moon is the symbol of wisdom and of Israel, and this path of wisdom thus stretched out between the two towers, and then beyond signifying the path of truth, for Adam-man as he is in quest of wisdom, and will finally pass between the fortresses of science and theology, and follow the winding path leading to spiritual liberation, and then to the great beyond. This then is the drama which has been and is being played out here in earth.

Card No. 19:..of the Major Trump cards is very is called 'The Sun', and portrays two children, one male and one female, standing in a garden and surrounded by a magic ring of flowers. Behind them is a brick wall enclosing this garden, and above the wall the Sun is rising, and its rays are both straight and curved. And from the eyes of the solar face 13 teardrops are falling. In the Ancient Egyptian Tarot which we see as connected to Enoch, there is pictured this youth and maiden, and above them is a solar orbit the symbol of generations. Here is also the emblem of the planet Mercury. In their reach for explanations here in the Old Big Book they say these two are Gemini..the twins of the Zodiac, and then say Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Some suggested that these two children are the two serpents entwined around the Caduceus, so you see how far they go in searching for explanations. We see this as Adam and Eve in the garden, and from them to come many generations of Adamites for the kingdom established in earth. Them emblem of Mercury is also the symbol of the U.S. as well as a symbol of importance in Alchemy, and we see the sun as an emblem or symbol of YAHWEH, and then you find there are 13 teardrops from His eye. There could have been any number of teardrops, but here is marked as 13..and in symbolism then that is the number of the Tribe of Manasseh, the last great nation of HIS kingdom, and this emblem that marks the U.S. thus is for a purpose. As I was reading this I thought of how our Heavenly Father..knowing in advance as to what was programed for this last great nation of His people..was calling attention to of HIS sheep nations ..way back there. Then I also remember that here is where he planted the myrtle trees long before we became a nation, so as to mark our destiny. Isaiah 55:13...'Instead of the thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree; and it shall be for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.' A double witness of His purpose no doubt. The Myrtle grows as a bush in Palestine, but as a great tree here on the west coast in Southern Oregon. We have gone up the mountain in the fog and seen how those myrtle trees shine thru the fog and the other trees. Here in our nation we think the final scene of this struggle between light and darkness will be played out, as HE brings a halt to this beast system of control described as Great Mystery Babylon.

Card No. 20:...of the Major Trump cards is called 'Judgment', and here are three figures seemingly to be rising from their tomb, altho only 1 coffin is visible. Above them is a blaze of Glory in which we see a winged figure presumably the Angel Gabriel blowing a trumpet. And here is something very interesting as they explain in the Old Big Book. They tell us that only 1/3 of the spirit actually enters the physical body, the other 2/3 is considered the overman. Thus only one of these figures is actually rising from the coffin, while the other two are just accompanying and assisting this arising. In the Ancient Egyptian Tarot it is very evident that the three figures are to be considered as one, for three mummies are pictured as emerging from one mummy case. We believe that when the trumpet is blown then we are to understand that spirit, soul, and body will then stand together once more, this is resurrection and regeneration of Adam-man. This is the promise being fulfilled, and it takes place at the time of judgment on all things which hinder the kingdom.

Card No. 21:...of the Major Trump cards is called 'The World', in the caption it is called 'The Fool'. Here we see a female figure draped with a scarf which the wind has blown into the form of a Hebrew letter...Kaph. This is written like a rectangle open on one end. Her extended hands each hold a wand, her left leg posses behind the right, and this causes the figure to assume the form of the Alchemy symbol of Sulphur. In the Egyptian Tarot there is also a Cherubim in the corner of the card, and it is surrounded by a wreath composed of 12 trifoliate flowers, and a figure kneels below this wreath playing on only a three stringed instrument. Here again we see the kingdom in symbolism, the 12 tribes of Israel...spirit, soul, and body..a kingdom people, now rising and ruling..immortal..the symbol of the woman...The Faith delivered to the Saints.

Now; in the deck of cards, there is also 4 suits of the minor trump cards, and these four are symbols of the four worlds of Quabbalism. The key to the lessor Tarot cards is the Tetragrammation...I H V H..The V is pronounced as a W. The four suits they tell us here are representative of a society, or the nations, the cups are the Priesthood, Swords are the military, and coins are the trade..en, and rods are agriculture or farming. The Kings are said to represent history and characteristics, while the Pages represent arts and sciences of the nation.

There are many interesting examples of playing cards found in the museums in Europe, and in various cabinets of collectors. Heraldic cards were produced also and decks with emblems chosen from Greek and Roman mythology. There are educational decks ornamented with maps, and pictures of famous historical places and incidents. During the American Civil War a patriotic deck was circulated in which stars, eagles, anchors, and American flags were substituted for the suits, and the court cards were famous generals.

Modern playing cards are the minor trumps of the Tarot, from each suit the Page is eliminated leaving 13 cards. But even in this abridged form, the modern deck is however of profound symbolic importance for its arrangement is apparently in accord with the divisions of the year. The two colors...Red and Black represent the two grand divisions of the year, the time when the sun is either north or south of the equator. The four suits...Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs are the four seasons, the 12 court cards are the signs of the Zodiac arranged in--iads of the Father, thus a power and a mind according to the upper section of the Bembine Table. The 10 Pip cards of the suite represent the Sephiroth the 13 lunar months of each year. The 52 cards of the deck are the 52 weeks of the year. And counting the number of the Pips as 10..and recoining the Jacks, Kings, and Queens as 11-12-13..then here is represented out of these 52 cards, 364 days of the year and if the joker is considered, the number is then 365 days of the year.

Now;...Milton Pottenger believes that the U.S. is laid out according to the cards, therefore this country will ultimately consist of 52 states... administered by the 53., un-denominated division..or the District of Columbia. Time will tell as to his idea, but I never heard of it before.

The court cards contain a number of important Masonic symbols, and 9 are full face, and 3 are in profile. Here we understand is the broken wheel of the law, signifying 9 months of the prenatal epoch, with the three months short of spiritual unfoldment necessary to produce a perfect man. This is the situation that beset Adam and Eve as they fell, in physical bodies, to the level of the other of the earth. The four Kings are Cardinal signs of the Zodiac, the four Queens carry 8 petaled flowers symbolic of The Christ and His kingdom, and they are also a fixed sign of the Zodiac. Four Jacks are the common signs of the Zodiac, and the Grand Master of the order of the cards is the King of Clubs for he carries the Orb, and emblem of his dignity.

This ends the description of the Tarot cards, as well as the modern playing cards. We thought this quite interesting, and we see the game of Chess as having much symbolism, for here in the Old Big Book they say this game of Chess is actually the most significant of all games. Like the Tarot cards, the Chessmen represent the elements of life and philosophy. The White King and Black King represent upon the plains of the Cosmos the great war which has been fought thru the ages between the forces of light and the forces of the darkness. We would say between the Kingdom of YAHWEH, and the Kingdom of Lucifer, each fighting for control of this world. Lucifer is to learn that he only has so much time for his endeavor.

QUESTION:...Ancient ideas about the insects, animals, reptiles, and birds. Part one.

All those things have been used in the symbolism of the Ancients. Here in the Old Big Book we find that it says that an interesting pagan ritualism is found still the custom of eating fish on Friday. The day Friday was sacred among many nations even the followers of the Prophet Mohammed.

The sages of old studied living things to a point of realizing that God is most perfectly understood thru a knowledge of His supreme handiwork, some aspect of the animate, and inanimate nature. For every existing creature was thought to manifest some aspect of the intelligence and power of the Eternal One. Fish were linked to symbolism with the followers of The Christ, and you find them in the Star Bible, and back to Adam. The word.... nun...means both fish and growth, and that is still the name of the female devotee of the Christian Faith....Catholic Faith.

Now; the Dolphin is considered a friend of shipwrecked sailors, a friend and benefactor of man. We have told you before of the origin of the Dolphins understanding, as Dr. Swift outlined it so well, and will not go into that again. The Ancient Persians, Egyptians, and Greek mysteries saw the use of Birds and Fish, and animals as their symbols, having a definite meaning in the symbolism of their Faith. This symbolism not understood... then became corrupted and Vishnu the fish man became a god in pagan India. When used as a symbol of evil the fish is said to represent the lower nature of mankind in earth, and the tomb represents the sepulcher of the mysteries.

Now; from Satan's teaching from whence came the idea of evolution, they devised the idea that all life began in the sea, and not understanding the symbolism of the fish, or being born of the spirit and the water, they came up with the idea that the origin of man was in the water, thus the fish man. But actually what the mysteries were telling Adam-man was that this race begotten in the heavens came into earth by the breaking of the water sack or natural birth in the physical. I believe that Dr. Swift was the first of the so called Identity ministers to catch this vision, and many who followed his teaching still failed to catch many things he said, but perhaps the time was not right for them.

Now; here also in the Old Big Book we find some interesting comments about Jonah and his three days in the whale, and Christ three days in the tomb. These are a part of the mysteries, and the story of Jonah thus was a legend they say...actually this was the initiation of Jonah into the mysteries, and a great fish...was a Great Ship named the Great Fish that picked him up and there he was 3 days in instructions so as to get rid of the great darkness still in his nature so that he could become the prophet that YAHWEH had chosen him to be. It would take much instructions to prepare this reluctant Israelite to become what YAHWEH had in mind for him to be. Just as the Apostle Saul-Paul would need time for the instructions. In those Ancient days it was customary to build their ships in the form of fishes or birds. This could have been the reason for the translation that Jonah was picked up by a Great Whale, for this was the design of the ship? In fact the early Christian Statues and carvings show this whale as a composite creature...part horse and part dolphin, not a whale. The horse symbolizing Divine power, the Dolphin symbolizing the darkness of the light put out in earth by Lucifer which had also trapped this Israelite named Jonah. From these Ancient stories and pictures then the supposed Sea Serpent which according to the Mayan and Toltec legends that brought the gods to Mexico were thus ships built in the form of a sea monster or Dragon. And in these ships were the Adamites called gods, because they were white skinned.

The theory of H. P. Blavatsky of Rosicrucian fame and Freemasonry was most enlightening as to misunderstanding of Ancient symbolism of which he was not given the capacity. He says that Jonah was actually confined in a cell hollowed out of a dragon after he had been captured by Phoenician sailors, and carried into one of their cities. Dragons to him were in the form of Cetus of the constellations of the heavens. Then the Gnostic’s in their work, trying to conceal from the ignorant...divided the nature of YAHSHUA into two parts, one the mortal man, the other Christos..the principle of Cosmic mind. Thus the Great Mind used the form of flesh, and we call HIM YAHSHUA (Jesus) as He moved thru His purpose in earth. In order to illustrate this point, and yet conceal it from the ignorant, many strange and even repulsive creatures were used in symbolism to conceal this wondrous story of 'YAHWEH in earth'. This is one of the reasons why a symbol of a caterpillar was used for the 'Messiah'..for under this lowly creeping, wholly terrestrial aspect, was concealed the emergence of a beautiful butterfly, a form with its radiant wings, emulating in its varied colors, the 'Rainbow of promise', with the serpent, the salmon, the scarab, the peacock and the dying dolphin all a part of the overall picture.

The early philosophers held the opinion that the diseases which swept thru communities in the form of plagues were actually living organism, and they were viewed as we have told you before as being the results of Lucifer...after he became he mixed the cultures. The earlier philosophers thus gave these diseases different symbols of hideous shapes to show its destructiveness. And since these plagues came in the air then birds or insects were used in their symbolism. Beautiful symmetrical forms were used to symbolize all natural, benevolent conditions and powers, but to the unnatural were assigned contorted and abnormal figures. The evil one (Satan) was pictured as a deformed, or having the nature of a certain despised animal.

The Ant was looked upon as an emblem of industry and foresight, as it stored up supplies for the winter, and also was able to move objects many times its own weight.

The Locust which swept over parts of Africa and Asia obscuring the sun, and destroying all green things was considered the symbol of fits and passions, disease, hate and strife, for all these destroy the good in the soul of man, and leave a barren desert behind them.

Initiates of the Egyptian mysteries were sometimes called scarabs; or lions; or panthers. But the scarab was said to be the emissary of the sun, symbolizing light, truth and regeneration. Stone Scarabs were placed in the winding cloths at the time of preparing bodies of the dead for eternal preservation. 'The Book of the Dead' carries this instruction:...'And behold, thou shalt make a scarab of green stone, which shall be placed in the breast of Adam-man, and it shall perform for him...the opening of the mouth.' Here the Old Big Book thinks this is a part of a funeral rite, I do not. You now know that the scarab portrays the sun..the symbol of YAHWEH, and the philosophers stone is pictured as green, the same color as found around the throne of YAHWEH, and symbolizes truth. Thus you that get the truth from the throne and put it in the heart of Adam-man..will find that it opens his mouth with truth. RA was the symbol also of the Sun, the creator of the Universe, thus the head of the Scarab which signified the resurrection of the soul, thus portrayed a new life at the end of the mortal span. The mummy cases of the Egyptian dead were nearly always ornamented with Scarabs. Usually one beetle had outstretched wings, and was painted on the mummy case directly over the heart or breast of the dead, thus the Scarab also symbolized the divine part of Adam-man's nature. The fact that its beautiful wings were concealed under its glossy shell typified the winged soul of Adam-man hidden under its earthly sheath. The particular ball which the Scarab rolled backward while the insect faces in the opposite direction makes it a fitting symbol for the sun which according to Egyptian Astronomy rolls west to east altho it seems to move in the opposite direction.

The Scorpion was the symbol of both wisdom and self destruction, the Egyptians of Enoch's time called it the creature accursed. Since its sting is in the tail, it was called the symbol of Satan, Saturn...a backbiter, a false and deceitful thing, thus the emblem of the wicked, and a symbol of persecution.

The early Christians when declaring the symbols of the 12 signs of the Zodiac represented the 12 disciples, then said that the scorpion was assigned to Judas of Iscariot, the betrayer. The red light in the heavens, in the heart of the scorpion was said by the Ancients to be the lieutenant or deputy of Mars the man of war. The scorpion was also the symbol of wisdom at one time for Lucifer was a part of the process of bringing the light of wisdom to the Universe. But in earth the tree of the knowledge of both good and evil was the symbol as Lucifer was said to know both good and evil, but after rebellion Lucifer could no more put forth truth, so he turned the good he knew, to just the opposite or to evil.

Night moths are said to typify the secret wisdom, because they are hard to discover, and are concealed by darkness which is ignorance. There are some which have markings on their body somewhat like a skull, and these are the emblems of death. The death watch beetle was believed to give warning of death by a peculiar ticking sound.

The spider...Paraclesus taught that the spider was the medium for a powerful but evil force which black magicians used in their undertakings, that it was the emissary of the evil one.

The bee was considered a symbol of wisdom because it tells you that you can extract wisdom from the experiences of daily life. The Ancients claimed the bee came to earth from the planet Venus millions of years ago.

Wheat and Bananas were also said to have come from Venus, thus their origin cannot be traced.

The fly symbolized the tormentor..Zebub or Zabab..meaning fly..thus Baalzebul became Baalzebub, or Beelzebub..the prince of the demons. The Jews called him...'My Lord of the Flies'. Dr. Swift said that he was one of the fallen Angels given control of the underworld after he rebelled against Lucifer.

Now; the reptiles...Serpent worship has permeated nearly all parts of the earth, thus some sort of knowledge of the serpent has been around for eons of time. Going back into Ancient Egypt and Persia you find a design explaining the two principals of good and evil. This then is two serpents standing on their tails, and they are contending for the Mundane egg...or earth. In otherwords, in symbolism then both the good and evil is contending for the Universal egg, and these are not twisted serpents, for you find the twisted serpent after Lucifer's rebellion, and then his confining in earth. In otherwords then in symbolism both the good and evil is contending for the earth. Not understanding symbolism then...the serpent was found in all types of worship. However the serpent in the Garden signifies the disobedience of Adam and Eve as they bowed to the enticement of Satan.

Here in the Old Big Book they by translation of different ones try to tell us that the serpent is a symbol and prototype of the Universal Savior who they say redeems the world by giving creation the knowledge of itself, and the realization that good and evil are now in the world. That knowledge of self resulted from man's disobedience to....DEMIURGUS..the god of the Jews. (unquote)

Watch for that name...will it surface? Here in the Old Big Book they tell us that it is probably the same as Jehovah. But that is H.P. Blavatsky of Rosicrucian fame talking, and he thinks that the serpent with its tail in its mouth means eternity. We have told you before that it means the end and the beginning of all things. For all things go our from YAHWEH in a circle thus He knows the beginning from the end. Blavatsky also says that the 7 headed snake represents the Supreme Deity manifesting thru His Elohim, or 7 spirits. He does not understand at all the serpent symbolism of the mystery schools for he was not given such understanding, and yet men like him have been called in to help interpret scripture. He shows his non-understanding by saying:...'If the serpent is not the symbol of the Universal Savior, then why did Moses raise a brazen serpent upon a cross in the wilderness so that all who looked upon it might be saved from the sting of the lesser snakes, and was not the brazen serpent a prophecy of the crucified man to come? If the serpent be only a thing of evil why did Christ instruct His disciples to be wise as serpents? (Unquote)

We have told you before why Moses raised the brazen serpent up for all to see. The people of Israel were to know who their enemy was, who was in their midst always tempting them to do wrong, not to follow YAHWEH..the God of Israel. This was a brazen serpent (Satan) who was head of this mixed multitude that came with them out of Egypt. In no way can the serpent or Satan be considered a symbol of The Messiah who was to come. This is of course Satanic teaching, and comes from the kingdom of darkness, and you are to recognize it as such. This is the reason 'The Christ' instructed His disciples to be wise as serpents, because He was sending them out to Lost Israel who were scattered among the serpents of the kingdom of darkness. The Turtle is a symbol of longevity to the Chinese, the American Indians used the ridge down the back of the turtle shell as the symbol of the great divide, between life and death. And it was a symbol of wisdom because it retires into itself, and is its own protection.

The Sphinx was the symbolic guard at the gate of the temple of the Mysteries and denied entrance to those who could not understand.

Be on watch for the name of the god of the Jews...if you find it any place then let me know. It is listed as such here in the Old Big Book...twice so far, and there is no connection at this time with Israel or the God of Israel, except by some interpretations.