ERM - Tape 061 - Oracles - Wonders Of Antiquity


TAPE 61  -  By Ella Rose Mast & Old Big Book


This is a study of the Antiquity of the Oracles of the Old Testament time, and explanations out of the old big book, and also from the tape ministry of Dr. Swift. This is a tremendous subject when understood for there is great spiritual power in the Oracles of God.

Actually the Oracles contain certain vital truths which the Most High has proclaimed to His Kingdom people here in earth. The Oracles were what YAHWEH told his people, including areas vital to the laws of the Kingdom, in the hands of his people. The Oracles were definitely a spiritual revelation, they were all the deep and spiritual truths, the areas of spiritual law, the areas of instruction for conquest over the enemy and so forth. Here in the old big book as they try to unravel these wonders of Antiquity there is some translation by H. Blavatsky, and the Jesuits were here in translation so you have to walk carefully. However even here it is admitted that originally 'the Oracles' were a part of the mysteries as established by Enoch. You still see the ancient symbolism even when the Oracles became somewhat corrupted. Greek Mythology displayed the teaching of the Oracles, and then Satanic powers tried to claim they possessed supernatural powers in their Oracles altho they used familiar spirits in their portrayals. The Children of Darkness then tried to claim that their Oracles were connected with 'The Ark of the Covenant' of the Hebrews.

One of these wonders of Antiquity mentioned here in the old big book was this practice of sealing 'Lighted Lamps' ---the symbol of ancient truths, in the sepulchers in some of the dead. Some of these lamps were enclosed in circular vessels for protection, and instances were recorded in which the original oil was found in them, in a perfect state of preservation after more than 2000 years. There is ample proof that many of these lamps were burning when the sepulchers were sealed, and were still burning when the vaults were opened hundreds of years later. The idea that a perfectly prepared fuel which renewed itself as rapidly as it was consumed has been of considerable controversy among the authors, but after all the facts were in they do agree that there was a possibility that the ancient Priests were chemists of the ancient Hebrews, and they perhaps did manufacture lamps that burned, if not indefinitely, at least for considerable lengths of time. This seemed to be a trademark of a certain people, as tho they were a 'light' to the world, even tho their physical bodies died. These ever burning lamps have been discovered not only in the Mediterranean Area, but in India, Tibet, and even in South America. In a tomb on the Appian way which was opened during the Papacy of Paul III--was found a lamp--still burning--in this hermetically sealed vault, for nearly 1600 years, according to this account, and in this tomb was the body of a young and beautiful girl with long golden Hair. Her body was found to be floating in an unknown transparent liquid, and as well preserved as tho death had occurred but a few hours before. In this vault were several lamps, and at least one of them was still alight, and it went out when the draft from the door being opened, touched it. Then they say that the light could not be relit.

St. Augustine described a lamp which was guarded in a temple in Egypt, which neither wind, or water could extinguish. Later it was declared that this was the work of the Devil, but we disagree. H.B. Blavatsky of Rosicrucian fame made the sweeping assertion that the devil used this miracle of the ever lighted lamp to lead souls to perdition. It was left to the so called learned Jesuit Athanasins Kircher to write:--(quote) Not a few of these ever burning lamps have been found to be the device of the Devil. I take it that all the lamps found in the tombs of the Gentiles, dedicated to the worship of a certain God were of this type. Not because they burned with a perpetual flame, but because probably the devil set them there maliciously intending to obtain a fresh credence for a false worship. (unquote) Then Kircher changed his mind and declared that the entire theory was impossible, and should be classed with the idea of the 'Philosophers stone'. Then showing his lack of understanding further he decided that ancient Priests had connected these lamps to secret oil ducts and equipped them with an asbestos wick. This Jesuit then published the fact that he did not understand the symbolism connected with the kingdom in earth. He did not understand that the 'Oracles of God' were symbolized by a 'lighted lamp'. That this symbol was given to a certain people who were establishing His kingdom in earth.

There was this mystery of the ever burning lamps long before the Christian era, then after the Christian era began they were still found. As we have told you before---when the tomb of CRC of the 'Rose Cross' was opened 120 years after his death that tomb was found to be lighted from a strange light in the ceiling.

In England a curious tomb was found that contained an automation which moved when certain stones were stepped upon in the floor by an intruder. At one time the 'Rose Cross' was at its height in England, and it was decided that this must have been the tomb of an initiate of that organization. As the man discovering the tomb walked, his weight depressed some of the floor stones, and at once a seated figure in heavy armor began to move, then rose mechanically to its feet, and struck the lamp with an iron baton. This completely destroyed the lamp, and prevented the discovery of the secret substance in the lamp which had maintained it. Then and now it is believed by some that the wicks of these lamps were made of braided or woven asbestos, called by the Alchemists--'Salamander's Wool', and the fuel a product of Alchemical substance.

Now; the Greek Mythology you find was based on the ancient Israel Doctrine found in the Great Mosaic, and carried down thru the generations by the race of the kingdom. Satan trying to compete, and take over the ancient mysteries then tried with familiar spirits to deceive the people. We then find that the Oracles gradually deteriorated into Satanic practices altho they still kept much of the symbolism of Antiquity so as to fool the people. That practice continues today, does it not. We also find that many of the Caves of the Oracles were sacred to the people long before the rise of the Greek Culture. These were places where those of the race established their headquarters, away from a world unfriendly to them. In symbolism 'the woman' was the symbol of their kingdom and their faith, which came from the ancient Star Bible, and the woman with golden hair was Israel, the kingdom in earth. In later years the woman became the symbol of the church, the spiritual center of the kingdom. Then as Lucifer and his kingdom tried to portray this same symbol ---in the writings of John we find this as 'The woman on the back of the red beast.'

In this picture with this subject we find in the old big book, the Delphi mystery. Here you see the ancient three legged tripod with the 10 steps up to the seat where the golden haired lady sits. Here you have the symbolism of spirit, soul and body, the 10 steps are numbers 1 thru 10 of the ancient Israel doctrine. It says here in the old big book that the three legs formed the symbol of the Past, Present, and Future, and space enclosed by the three legs represented the Pythagorean tetrahedron with the Priestess seated at the apex. In this ancient symbolism it was believed thus that the woman--Israel was influenced by YAHWEH to build his kingdom here in earth. But as the Oracles deteriorated in significance, both false and true was found here, and the tripod was pictured as sitting over a hole in the ground from which fumes were said to be coming out of the darkness below which influenced the Priestess. In this picture then, around the base of the tripod were 3 coiled serpents said to represent, the past, present and the future of the influence of Lucifer as Israel was led astray. In ancient symbolism the understanding was that the Priestess--Israel-- is held aloft over the abyss which holds the decaying body of Python, or Satan, and these were three golden threads of divine power, as they--Israel--destroy Satan here in earth, and build YAHWEH'S kingdom. Here at Delphi, in this oracle of Delphi it was thus understood that Israel was protected by these three golden chains, as she does her work, and the odor of the decaying Python shows her that she is doing the work in earth that she was established to do. The Greek Philosophers understood this symbolism. The Druids of Britain, and the Gauls of France were said to have understood this symbolism, and that the Delphi Oracle was considered a response of Deity to someone inquiring, or a place where Deity could be contacted, such as the Holy of Holy of ancient Israel when 'The Ark of the Covenant' was in place. Again we go backward in time to search for the truth carried down thru the generations.

Remember then, that the 'Ark of the Covenant' was not in Jerusalem after Jeremiah took it to Ireland, to the Isles of the Britains. This was a period of time when Israel was searching backward for their roots, and symbolism of the 'light' they carried. When the spirit left the physical body as YAHSHUA hung on the cross, then the curtain in front of the Holy of Holies was rent from top to bottom, showing there was no presence of YAHWEH in that temple. 'The Ark of the Covenant' had traveled westward with the kingdom people, and Jerusalem’s temple was thus shown as an empty place, it had been for some time altho some of Judah and Benjamin were still hanging on to it because it had once been the seat of their kingdom. And Israel still sent their tithe to this temple. But in 70 A.D. it was totally destroyed, no longer necessary for the kingdom people, since New Jerusalem had moved in their destiny to the west.

Now; we also find that many if not all the ancient wonders of the world were built by sculptors or architects who were initiates of the ancient Israel mysteries. These mysteries were a part of the Eleusian history, and it is said that the Eleusians were those who tried to bring together the ancient Israel Mysteries and the Early Christian church. Over the years then Master Builders had built great cities, monuments, temples and such, for they were masters of their crafts, had profound knowledge of mathematics, and astronomy which they embodied in ancient architecture, and the equal profound knowledge of anatomy is also revealed in Greek statuary. They proved they possessed master minds, and were deeply cultured in the secrets of the mysteries. As they built, they concealed in their work secret doctrines which the world order never could understand. Long after their bones had returned to dust, the world still realized that these first artisans were indeed truly initiated, and worthy to receive the wages of Master Masons. The Seven wonders of the world were said to have been built with their secret symbolism, in connection with the seven seals of Revelation, and the seven church ages. Here in the old big book these seven wonders of the world are listed as :---

NO.1---The Colossus of Rhodes. This was a gigantic brass statue requiring 12 years to build. It was a gigantic gilded figure with a crown of solar rays holding an upraised torch. It was said to have symbolized the glorious sun man of the mysteries, the Universal Savior. This great figure stood for 56 years, then in 224 A.D. was destroyed by an earthquake.

NO.2---Of the ancient wonders of the world was--The Temple of Diana in the city of Ephesus. It was originally designed as a miniature of the Universe dedicated to the moon which was the ancient symbol of the kingdom of Israel in earth. The temple was constructed of MARBLE, and the Roof supported by 127 columns, each 60 foot high and weighing 150 tons. This temple of symbolism was destroyed in 356 B.C. then later rebuilt, but the symbolism was lost, and it became in time---a place of worship of material things, and finally destroyed after deteriorating into sexual worship.

NO.3---of these ancient wonders was the Colossal statue of Zeus which the Greek sculptor created at Olympia. This was the chief, but unknown god of the Greeks. The body of this statue was overlaid with ivory, and the robes were of beaten gold. In one hand he is supporting a figure of a scepter surmounted by an Eagle. The head of the statue of Zeus was said to have been heavily bearded, and crowned with an olive wreath. The statue was seated upon an elaborately decorated throne. The globe was supporting a female figure (Israel) of symbolism said to be the goddess of victory. The monument was dedicated to the spirit of Jupiter. We see this symbolism today, but at the time of the Apostle Paul as he came to Greece the people seemed to have lost all meaning of that ancient symbolism. As the Apostle Paul stood talking to the people he was telling the Israelites that this Unknown God was actually YAHWEH, who had come as YAHSHUA--Messiah, Savior. And their symbolism told the story they had forgotten in their time scattered among the nations of the world. On the head of this statue thus was an Olive wreath, the globe in his hand supported the symbol of the Kingdom of Israel in earth, and in heaven. The Eagle was the symbol of the scepter of authority, rule by the kingdom being established in earth. Thus the battle between Jupiter (Yahshua) and Saturn (Satan) would end in victory for the kingdom.

NO.4---of the seven wonders of the world is listed as the Temple that Solomon built. 2 Chronicles tells of the building of this great temple. Chapter 5 tells us the work was finished and the Israelites began to place things in the house of YAHWEH. In chapter 6 the approximate date of 1004 B.C. Jerusalem was then chosen that YAHWEH'S name would be proclaimed. David had yearned to build a house for the name of YAHWEH--the God of Israel, and Solomon then was allowed to build it. We are told that the gold for the house was made thru an Alchemy process, thus the gold was not dug out of the ground. This great Temple was partly destroyed, then the Israelites tried to reestablish it, but were never completely successful. At the time of YAHSHUA the Temple in Jerusalem was not in any way the temple built by Solomon. There was no 'Ark of the Covenant' in it, and YAHSHUA declared it was a den of thieves, for the ones who maintained it still took the tithe of Israel as it came in, and then in the treasure room of the temple they tried to kill YAHSHUA.

NO.5---of these seven wonders of the world was the Mausoleum of Halicarnassua Mausolus. This building was 114 feet long and 92 feet wide. It was divided into five major sections, and surmounted by a pyramid which was 24 steps high, upon which at the apex was a chariot in which the statue of the King was seated. It is recorded that this great Mausoleum was built by an initiate of the secret mysteries, built for the enlightenment of the world. It was later destroyed by an earthquake.

NO.6---of these ancient wonders is listed as 'The Hanging Gardens of Babylon', located near the Euphrates river. These Gardens were built in a terrace, like a Pyramid. On top was a reservoir for the watering of the gardens. They were built around 600 B.C. and were said to have symbolized the planes of the Invisible world. We find that these Gardens were also built in symbolism, to comfort the golden haired lady who was homesick for her place of birth.

NO.7---of the ancient wonders of the world was the Great Pyramid of Giza, which still stands today after the others have gone. This great Pyramid stands as the Great Temple of the ancient mysteries, and we call it the Bible in stone. We say the architects were Enoch and Job working under the leadership of YAHWEH (God), so no wonder that it has stood the test of time, for it has a message for the world still today.

We noticed in the daily paper here in February 1987 that the Japanese archaeologists are searching in the Belly of the Great Pyramid of Giza for its ancient secrets. They say they have discovered what may be a concealed tunnel. The Japanese used high-tech equipment that beams electromagnetic waves into solids, to a depth of about 30 feet, producing an abstract computer assisted image on a video screen. The Japanese have thus confirmed unexplained cavities discovered in 1986 by French experts, near the passage way leading to the Queens chamber. They also discovered another cavity, partly by luck and part by theory. This cavity found from within the Queens chamber appeared to be about 3 feet square, leading either upward or downward, starting about 6 foot from the northern wall of the Queens chamber. The archaeologists were scanning the north wall of the Queens chamber when they saw a large crack unlike others in the room. Their electromagnetic probes showed the crack ran deep into the stone. The French tried to insert tubular viewing equipment into the cavities adjacent to the Queens chamber passageway but their drills would not penetrate what they thought was sand behind the stone wall. The director of the Egyptian antiquities organization said the sand produced by the French mission was of a very high quality, the kind used only for purposes connected with funeral rituals. This of course caused those not understanding symbolism to again think the Pyramid was the burial place of Cheops, the Egyptian ruler. But we have explained before who Cheops was and that this Pyramid was not a treasure chest of a burial place. The French are to resume their tests of the Pyramid, but they are not allowed by the Egyptians to drill in the stone. They are also looking for a sealed pit outside the Pyramid which they think contains the remains of a Cedar-wood boat similar to the one discovered more than 30 years ago. So the search continues for answers to the mysteries contained in the Great Pyramid. At the proper time we think they will be discovered, and will simply confirm what we have already learned and guessed at over the years, and a whole lot more.

Now; again to the Oracles, as Dr. Swift outlined this subject:---The Oracles of God were bestowed on the Israelites, no others. Turn to the book of Romans chapter 3 again we read:---'What advantage then hath an Israelite.' And Yes, I know that it is translated Jew, but in the days when the Oracles were first bestowed, the slang word Jew had not been coined, altho they did refer to the hill country people as Yehudin, or those who 'came in' to confuse the House of Israel. Thus--'What advantage then had an Israelite?'---Much, in every way, but chiefly because it was unto the Israelites that was committed--the Oracles of God.

These Oracles were mysteries, the areas of great spiritual wisdom that was and is bestowed upon the children of YAHWEH. These children--then Israelites, now children of His Spirit, only these children of His Spirit could understand the Oracles given. When YAHWEH as Yahshua spoke in Jerusalem as a mighty prophet, many could not understand, and YAHSHUA pointed this out by saying:---'Ye cannot understand what I say because you cannot hear my words'---Oh, literally they heard him, but when looking for the spiritual meaning of what he was saying, they not being spirit of his spirit could not understand.

These Oracles from YAHWEH were tremendous areas of Great Mystery. When in the book of Acts they were again mentioned, this was when Stephen was standing to speak to the house of Israel, to the chief Priests and all those who stood around him, before they stoned him, and he said:---(Acts 7:37)--'This is that which Moses said unto the children of Israel---a prophet shall the LORD your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me. Him shall ye hear. This is He that was in the wilderness with the Angel which spoke to him in the mountain, and with our fathers, who received 'The Living Oracles' to give unto us.

These Oracles are sometimes referred to as 'vibrating Oracles', in other words they vibrate with the spirit of the Living God. 'For this is what our Fathers received'---this was the Living, Vibrating Oracles.

John tells us that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is the light of the world. He is the 'light' which Lighteth every man who comes into the world. He is thus the 'light' of the world, and the darkness comprehends it not. Thus the Oracles have remained pretty much a mystery, and commentaries have been unable to give enlightenment on this subject, thus they barely speak of 'The Oracles', they have no explanation at all, as to their purpose and source. Dr. Swift when on this subject always called attention to the Breast Plate for the High Priest of Israel, which Moses tells us YAHWEH instructed him to create. This Breast Plate with 12 stones, four in a row, had one stone each for each tribe of Israel. (Exodus 28:17-21). This breastplate of 'judgement' shall be upon Aaron's heart as he goes into the Holy Place for a memorial before YAHWEH continually. And in this breastplate Moses was to put the Urim and the Thummim which is described in commentaries as 'vibrating Oracles'. The Urim and Thummim then are a vital factor in the identification of the Household of the MOST HIGH,--of this priest, and this brings you to the question why is it necessary?--- Well! after the fall of Adam and Eve in the beginning of the race, the light of Glory from the spirit of YAHWEH went off of these two. The basic pattern of their identity was this aura of Light, but now it was missing from Adam and Eve, and then on down thru the generations of the race. But YAHWEH was still to pour out his wisdom upon a prophet or leader, or high Priest of the race, thus he would speak to his children thru this method, called Oracles. He raised up Patriarchs, and prophets as he guided this house of His kingdom, and then at Sinai he would speak thru their High Priest, thru these very powerful, mysterious objects called the Urim and the Thummim, which were placed upon the breast plate of Israel’s High Priest. Urim means--Light--burning Light where as Thummim means perfection in understanding, thus two things came out of the Urim and Thummim as Mythical answers. The area of full cognition of what was on the mind of God would descend on the Priest and he would discover that it was confirmed in the Thummim.

Enoch talks about how YAHWEH would give a 'lively Oracle to his people.' This a 'vibrating Oracle' until such time when He would pour out his consciousness upon men until they had the oracle in their hearts.

In the book of 'the Bee', you discover mentioned of the great mysteries of the 'Living Oracles' of the MOST HIGH. What ever YAHWEH declared as a positive and effective work was referred to as an Oracle. After the fall --with the loss of spiritual awareness, then a mechanical way was provided for Israel to receive the guidance of their Heavenly Father. The High Priest would put his hand over the vibrating stones effected by the Light of the Presence of YAHWEH, and instantly into his human body would flow a wave of spiritual consciousness, and the Priest would know the exact thing the MOST HIGH wanted to tell the House of Israel. The Light of the Presence of YAHWEH shown on the Breastplate, and it vibrated the Urim and Thummim. When the answer was yes--the Priest had his answer. This was a clear pattern of spiritual wisdom, and then the understanding of the MIND OF YAHWEH came as tho it was by a transmitter, and a receiver was picking it up. As the High Priest laid his hand upon the stones, the vibrations were translated into thought and ideas in his mind.

Now; the Apostle Paul points out that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. In the book of Jeremiah it is recorded that YAHWEH would make a covenant with the House of Israel--all of it, and that he would give them a heart of flesh, so that He would be able to unveil his mind unto them. Thus he would be able to then bring the knowledge of all truth back to this race, bring back the thoughts out of His Spirit which the race once possessed. He then would bring all things back to your remembrance as He leads his children back to the knowledge of 'all truth'. This is an on going thing, this takes place in the time when you no longer need a High Priest as an intercessor for you. The Holy of Holies of the Physical body is deep within the heart-center of the spiritual consciousness. There today is where the Oracles of YAHWEH reside. There today is where you receive the answers you seek as He activates the process of the conscious you. And always remember that He gave the 'vibrating Oracles' to Israel---and only to Israel.

The Apostle Paul was taken into the heavens for an outline of his vision of the Oracles. He then returned, and told us of the basic pattern of these Oracles, how we had been with the Father before the world was framed. How we had dwelt in the spirit, been spiritually begotten in the spirit. Thus the basic patterns of the Oracles was:---To declare these basic truths to the children of YAHWEH here in the flesh. That altho we had been with HIM thru the Eternities of yesterdays, and were now in the flesh, still the Presence of His Spirit never forsakes His children. That he develops and brings them--with each outpouring of spirit, a new wave of restoration. More than this He has promised His children Eternal Life. In summary then, two of the most important Oracles are:--that the children of YAHWEH were with Him before this world was framed. They existed in His Abiding Presence and reached out to enter tomorrow with a pattern of 'Eternal Life.' These two Oracles were the Great Vibrating Oracles of the Old Testament--the new Covenant. This then is the mystery of the Urim and Thummim:----The Divine Light of the Presence of the MOST HIGH caused the Urim to vibrate, and the Thummim to unveil the mysteries or Oracles---that which YAHWEH was sending to His people. When in the New Testament HE stands at the door and knocks---this establishes that you are a children--a Christed (anointed) people, and it is then--'The Christ in you that is the Hope of Glory.' Your hope---is the Radiant Light and Glory which is to descend on your race. And this spiritual witness is found in the Household of THE MOST HIGH.

This is the background for the knowledge which the Apostle Paul possessed as he talks to Israel and said:---'Here at the time when ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach ye again, that ye understand the first principals of the Oracles of YAHWEH. Ye have become as tho ye need milk, not strong meat.' In otherwords---instead of moving into contact with the MOST HIGH, instead of accepting these Great Truths of old, meditating and moving on to the pattern of becoming receivers of the Oracles, Israelites needed to be taught all over again those ancient truths of the Doctrines of Israel.

Peter then said:---(1 Peter 4:11) 'If any man speaks, who is such a minister of God, then let him speak with accuracy and authority.' ---In other words let him speak as the High Priest of Israel spoke when he touched these vibrating Oracles.' Let this minister reach into his Holy of Holies and speak the very 'Living Words' of YAHWEH---as HIS Minister. These were the words of Peter:---if you are a man or woman of the Kingdom then speak the words of these Living Oracles. We thus stand today at a great area of revelation, for such a Minister, if he would apply himself, and reach into the Holy of Holies inside himself, and obtain guidance, instructions, and so forth, then they will move in the pattern which fills the spirit, and as children of the kingdom be working for the best interest of the kingdom, the pattern of law which outlines HIS WILL for the kingdom. These ministers then will be able to see, and to understand, if they apply themselves in the right direction. Every child is finally to know HIM as HE is--to know as HE knows. Your mind will work as HIS mind works, as the very Oracles of the MOST HIGH come back into the consciousness of Adam-man. Then Immortality will have descended upon this race, and death will have been swallowed up in victory, that is the promise.

Again---if the spirit of the Light of Life which raised up--the Christ--from the dead dwell in you, then that LIGHT will quicken your mortal body. The electrons of your body will begin to move faster and faster around the nucleus, and it will strengthen and stiffen the molecular masses of the body making them immune to sickness and disease, making them in otherwords--indestructible, thus giving back to you Immortality. This will make it impossible for the enemy ever again to wound the physical body of a single one of YAHWEH'S people. No longer will Adamites die for they will be filled with the wisdom of THE MOST HIGH, and when they speak that voice will be the voice of the MOST HIGH. --Tell me--- who will be able to stand against that? Then we will be able to explain these important subjects so that all Israel will understand. They will then understand this problem of integration, for what it is --simply the destruction of the kingdom. They will understand Mystery Babylon, and its Usuary system, and will be able to realize that with this knowledge there will no longer be a Cainanite in the house of YAHWEH. There will be no area of idolatry left, no Christ deniers left on the Supreme court of your land, who tell you to teach evolution instead of creation to your children.

YAHSHUA has said that HE will speak with his children, will lead His people, and at the time of HIS return--light and Glory will once more descend over this House of Israel, and His people will then know Him---from the least to the greatest, we will all know HIM. This my friends, is why you are told that the law goes out from Zion, which is the kingdom. This is the nation (kingdom) born in a day, born of Glory and Light and Truth. As we see these things come to pass we will know that Israel has become the vital and 'Living Oracles'. This temple of the Holy Spirit will then stand out for the world to see.

In the past as YAHWEH poured out His Spirit, the Urim and Thummim began to vibrate. In the early church, this receiver was in their hearts, and the apostles began to vibrate. Peter, the one who had because of fear, denied HIS Messiah, then became an eloquent orator. ******* (JP--I want to add to her message that the denying of Christ three times actually means, the 'church' denying Christ three times)****** Stephen stood to address the people with eloquence, and thousands listened and understood. Here in the period of the 'Latter Rain', this outpouring of YAHWEH'S Spirit is to come, and in the climax of this hour when we shall think as HE thinks, and know as HE knows, then we shall be reunited with our spiritual heritage as the eternal children of the Eternal Father. One of the important things all Israel will finally realize is that we have been with HIM thru the endless yesterdays, and will be with HIM thru the tomorrows. That the mind of YAHWEH.....The WILL of YAHWEH, and the Laws of YAHWEH have been delivered to HIS household. As these things come to pass then Arise and Shine, for the Glory of your Light has come, the Glory of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA has risen upon the children of the kingdom.

Now;---we can assure you of this---the key to survival is hidden in this Bible, in every pattern of it. That 'Peace' is found only in the spirit, for the physical world is made up of wars and rumors of wars, but you possess the key to 'Peace'---thru understanding.

until next time....May Yahweh Bless.