ERM - Tape 062 - The Life and Philosophy of Pythagoras


Tape 62 - by Ella Rose Mast



The Life and Philosophy of Pythagoras

March 1986


Who was this great Philosopher who was born sometime between 600 to 590 years B.C. and who lived for about 100 years? There is many translations and pronunciations of his name, but the one in use today is Pythagoras (Pi-thag-oras). There are accounts of his conception and birth which parallels those of Jesus The Christ. Pythagoras was born at Sidon, and Jesus later at Bethlehem. The parents of both Pythagoras and The Christ were not at home when the birth occurred, for Mary as well was in Bethlehem, not in Nazareth. It is reported that both births were announced by the Holy Spirit. It was however understood that even both were called 'The son of God'---with a different emphasis on the birth of The Christ. It was thus understood that even tho both were called the son of God' that Jesus was God in the flesh, by how this was written, where as Pythagoras was under the influence of Divine inspiration. This is the way the old big book explains this great philosopher:--------The teachings of Pythagoras indicate that he was thoroughly acquainted with the secret instructions of the Israelites as outlined by Enoch and Job in Egypt. He traveled among the Hebrews, and was instructed by their Priests concerning the secret traditions of Moses, who was called the lawgiver of Israel. We would say that Moses was the instrument between YAHWEH and the Israelites as the law was given to Israel at Mt. Sinai.

Pythagoras traveled widely studying with the Babylonians and Chaldean masters of the mysteries. He had acquired all that was possible for him to learn of the Greek philosophers, and then went into Egypt. There at Thebes he learned of the mysteries of Isis and Osiris. He had been into Phoenicia and Syria, and even crossed Euphrates to become versed in the secret lore of the Hebrew Chaldeans who still dwelt in the vicinity of Babylon. It is reported that he went thru Media, and Persia, and on back into Hindustan where he remained for several years with the learned Hebrews called Brahmins. Ancient records carry this information, ancient records say he was called at that time the Ionian taught--YAVANCHARYA. Some say he studied with Zoroaster and that later the Essenes conducted a school chiefly for the purpose of interpreting the Py-thag-orean symbols.

The world is indebted to this man Pythagoras for the word Philosopher, with its meaning---one who is attempting to find out. I hope you noticed how he traveled backward in time to learn the ancient secrets of this race, back even to Hindustan where the Aryans established themselves after leaving the Garden area of the Tarim basin and its mountains. After he returned from his wanderings, he established a school in his home area at Crotona, in Southern Italy. Here he gathered around him a small group of disciples and instructed them in the secret wisdom of Israel which he had learned. He taught music, mathematics, and astronomy which he considered to be the triangular foundation of the arts and sciences.

Now; what did this man Pythagoras look like, and from the symbols what did he teach? The picture with this article outlines this very well. Here we see a white man with reddish brown hair and beard. He is a tall man, dressed in white with a robe draped over his shoulder which has a border of blue. He holds in his right hand a pyramid, and with his left he points to a scroll on his desk, and to the design of a circle with 1/4 of the circle marked out. We say this is referring to the 1/4 of the Universe which Lucifer controlled, under Yahweh. This is the area where Lucifer rebelled, and there influenced 1/3 of the Angels of that area to rebel with him. On the desk also is a measuring compass, a square, and a bottle like the alchemist was always working with. There is also a globe of the world on the table. And hanging over the end of the table is the design of the three squares with their checkerboard design we so often see. There is one large square, a middle sized square, and then a smaller one, and one point of the two smaller squares touching a corner of the big square, and thus forming a type of triangle. Behind him is a window looking out on the city, but at the top of the window just above his head is an outline of a triangle, and the symbols there--is of the name of the Great God of Israel that I have diagramed before for you. On the floor beside him is a stringed musical instrument, a rolled up scroll, and a picture frame with the picture of a diagram of a tree, the main trunk with 9 branches, each tip marked with a dot----thus # 10 of the ancient Israel doctrines. In the top left corner of this picture frame is a circle with a dot in the center, and in the right top corner is a pyramid. In the lower right hand corner is a square with a triangle on top, and in the lower left hand corner is a small triangle. Beside the picture stands a two legged measuring instrument.

Now; when Pythagoras was about 60 years of age he married one of his disciples, and seven children were born to this union. His wife was

a remarkable woman, and not only inspired him during the years of his life, but after his assassination continued to put forth his doctrines. It is said that Pythagoras grew stronger as he grew older, that his physical powers increased rather then waned, and as he approached the century mark he was actually in the prime of his life. Then one came and asked for initiation into the mysteries, and on being denied admittance, then determined to destroy both the man and his philosophy. By means of false philosophy this disgruntled man turned the minds of the common people against this great philosopher and he was then assassinated. His surviving disciples sought to perpetuate his doctrines, but were persecuted on every hand, and once again we see the attempt to wipe out the ancient Israel Doctrines.

It is said that the disciples of Pythagoras never addressed him by his own name, but only as The Master, or That man. It was thought that the name Pythagoras consisted of a certain number of specially arranged letters with great sacred significance. It is said that he initiated his disciples by means of a certain formula concealed in the letters of his name.

After the death of Pythagoras his school gradually disintegrated, but some disciples carried forward his teachings, and those doctrines remained alive in the world. It is reported that one of his disciples later in life had fallen upon hard times, with sickness and poverty, and was taken in and treated kindly by an innkeeper. Before dying he traced a few mysterious signs on the door of the Inn, then told the Innkeeper not to be uneasy, for one of my brothers will pay my debt. A year later a stranger was passing that Inn, saw the sign and said to the Innkeeper:--"I am a Pythagorean--one of my brothers died here, what do I owe you on his account?" (unquote)

This we say is tied into the Biblical story of the good Samaritan, for the Samaritan is the Israel Kingdom. It was by the Grace of God that the kingdom was sent to earth, not to be a burden to the world, but a blessing. The Israel Kingdom pays her way even here in this World Order which works against her. The mysteries of the kingdom carried forward the belief in the Great God of Israel, and Pythagoras as well he should, also took a determined stand in defense of pure Monotheism, one of the entrance initiations into the mysteries brought out the fact of this belief, and if you did not believe totally in the ONE Great God of Israel you could not enter that organization called "The Mysteries". Other subjects required were geometry, music, and astronomy, which were considered essential to a rational understanding of God, man and nature. Each student applicant to the school run by Pythagoras was tested on these subjects, if found ignorant of at least their basics, they were dismissed as not ready to learn. Pythagoras taught moderation in all things, one of his favorite statements was:---We must avoid with our utmost endeavor, and amputate with fire and sword, and by other means from the body--sickness, from the soul-sickness, and from the belly-excesses. He believed that there was no crime equal to that of anarchy. He believed that all men know what they want, but few know what they need. He warned his disciples that when they prayed, they should not ask for things for themselves because no man knows what is good for him; thus why ask for things that may be undesirable if obtained, and would only prove to be injurious. We say the spirit knows what you need better than the physical consciousness, and the spirit is in communion with the Father.

Pythagoras describes God as the ONE who is everything, the supreme mind, the cause of all things, the intelligence of all things, and the power within all things. He declared the motion of God to be circular,

that the body of God was composed of the substance of Light, and the nature of God to be composed of the substance of Truth.

Pythagoras declared that the eating of meat clouded the reasoning faculties. He did not condemn its use, or totally abstain himself, but declared that Judges should refrain from eating meat before a trial, in order that those who appeared before them might receive hones and astute decisions.

When Pythagoras decided as he often did to retire into the Temple of God for an extended time to meditate and pray he took with him a specially prepared supply of food and drink. This food consisted of the seeds of Poppy, and sesame, the skin of the Sea Onion from which the juice had been throughly extracted, the flower of daffodil, the leaves of the Mallows, and a paste of barley and Peas. These he mixed together with wild honey. For a beverage he took the seeds of the cucumber, the flower of coriander, the seeds of the mallows, and scraped cheese, meal and cream mixed together with wild honey. He claimed this was the diet of Hercules as he wandered in the desert.

The favorite method of healing for the Pythagoreans was by the aid of poultice. They knew the magic property of vast numbers of plants, knew the esteemed medicinal properties of the Sea Onion, and it is said they left volumes on that subject written for those that followed them. Pythagoras discovered that music had great therapeutic power, and he prepared special harmonies for various diseases. Used the healing verses of 'The Odyssey, and the Iliad' of Homer, caused the reading of them to persons suffering with certain ailments. He was opposed to surgery in all its forms, and also objected to cauterizing. He would not permit the disfigurement of the Adamic-body, for such in his estimation was a sacrilege against the dwelling place of the Gods. He taught that friendship was the truest and nearest perfect of all relationships. That friendship must exist between a man and his wife, his children, and his servants. That all bonds without friendship were shackles, and there was no virtue in their maintenance. He believed that relationships were essentially mental rather than physical, that a stranger of sympathetic intellect was closer to him than a blood relative whose viewpoint was at variance with his own.

He defined knowledge as the fruitage of mental accumulation. That wisdom was the understanding of the source, the cause of all things, that this was secured by raising the intellect to a point where it recognized the invisible manifesting outward thru the visible, and thus becoming capable of bringing itself in rapport with the spirit of things rather than their forms. Thus the ultimate source of wisdom was the Monad, this mysterious permanent atom of the Pythagoreans. Pythagoras taught that Adam-man, and the universe were both made in the image of God, thus the understanding of one predicated the knowledge of the other.

The famous Pythagorean symbol we call "pie" signified the power of choice, and was used in the mysteries as the power of choice or the

forking of the way. This symbol is made like the symbol of Aries-the Ram only smaller.

Pythagoras taught that the branch to the right of this symbol was called--Divine Wisdom, where as the one to the left was called earthly wisdom. For there does come a time when the path divides, the path on

the right takes you thru integrity, industry, and the ultimate regaining of the union with the immortals in the superior sphere. You saw this same message in the Tarot cards---this forking of the way. We see this forked stick as a symbol of life among many nations, it was placed in the desert to indicate the presence of water, and water is the symbol of spirit-truth. This symbol is also seen at times as two female figures, representing two ways of thought in religious matters, for instance, one of these females is veiled with the white robe of the temple thus urging the student to enter those halls of learning. The other female is decked with jewels, symbolizing earthly treasures and false light which leads the individual into dissipation and error. We think here of the woman on the back of the Red Beast in the book of Revelation.

As to the transmigration of the soul, to those not believing in the Israel doctrine, or in Jesus the Savior, then they might become confused and turn to reincarnation thinking, but Pythagoras was teaching resurrection and regeneration, that the spiritual nature in Adam-man would be revealed in a new body. He also taught that each specie of creation, that each specie had what he called a seal given it of God, and that the physical form of each was the impression of the seal upon the wax of physical substance. Thus each body was stamped with the dignity of its divinely given pattern. He believed that ultimately Adam-man would reach a state where he would function once more in a body of spirit which would be juxta-position to his physical form at all times, this would be as he reached the 8th., sphere and was able to ascend into the realm of the immortals, where by Divine Birthright he belonged. (unquote)

We believe and Dr. Swift taught this same message, that YAHWEH the Great Creator begat a race for his kingdom. That Adam and Eve the earthly kingdom in their beginning lost their aura in the fall, and the light of their begotten spirit went off the physical body, at least a portion of it retreated to the inside of the body. As to the others of creation as they also fell under the spell of Lucifers rebellion, those with the created spirit lost their type of light as well. But the promise to Adam was that thru the resurrection and regeneration then the people of the kingdom would be restored to their divine birthright, where as those of the created spirits they also will be restored to their beginning perfection. And those that the Father (spirit) did not plant in earth will be dealt with as the Father has provided in this coming Era of regeneration and restoration. The Administration of the kingdom of YAHWEH in earth will start many wonderful events.

Pythagoras taught that everything in nature was divisible into three parts, that no one could become truly wise who did not view every problem as being diagrammatically triangular. He said:--"establish the triangle and the problem is 2/3 solved, for all things consist of 3's. He divided the world then into three parts, --supreme, the superior, and the inferior -- thus"---YAHWEH--the kingdom--and the world, or that which is both true and false.

Pythagoras in his explanation of the numbers considered the digits one and two as super mundane spheres, then #3 was the triangle and #4 is the square, and you then have number 10 the great number of all things, the archetype of the universe, or as the ancient Doctrines of Israel

proclaim, the completion of the kingdom. The Pythagoreans were to maintain that symmetrical solids were thus of great importance, and since a solid must have an equal number of faces meeting at each of its angles, these faces must be equal, regular polygons, or figures whose sides and angles are all equal, and there is only 5 such solids, the middle number of from 1 to 10 of the mysteries. Thus they taught that the material universe was composed of 4 elements which were fire, water, earth and air, then add the Deity of the Only One, and by these elements HE created the Universe. The earth particles were cubical since the cube possessed greater stability. The fire particles were the lightest solid thus tetrahedral. Water particles were listed as between the two and called octahedral. Then there were the mystical solids, the most difficult of all solids to construct, and the accurate drawing of the Pentagon necessitating a rather elaborate application of the Pythagoras great theorem. Plato put it this way----This the Deity employed in tracing the plan of the universe. (see your diagram).

Pythagoras was then a very illuminated man, he is said to have caused things to happen by the exercise of mental influence. He was gifted with second sight, being able to see things at a distance, and accurately describing incidents that had not yet come to pass.

Now; there are 39 symbolic sayings of Pythagoras and ten of them are listed here in the old big book. These are said to be with a hidden meaning which you are to search for. I will list them for you and give you a meaning as I see it, and then you see what you think.

#1---Declining from the public ways--walk in unfrequented paths.------we say that those who desire wisdom must seek it in ways not thought of by the world order.

#2---Govern your tongue before all things, follow the Gods-------We say:-sometimes your words instead of representing--do misrepresent you, so if in doubt as to what to say, be silent, and follow the teaching of those called Gods (Psalm:82) for the kingdom is to rule and reign.

#3---The wind blowing * adore the sound--------We say the fiat of God is heard in the voice of the elements. All things in nature manifest thru harmony, rhythm, and order, which are the attributes of Deity.

#4---Assist a man in raising a burden, but do not assist him in laying it down.-----We say assist anyone in their work for the kingdom in any way that you can, but do not assist them if they are backing away from the truth of the kingdom and its cross. Never assist anyone who is trying to evade their responsibilities.

#5---Speak not about Pythagoric concerns without light.-----We say that those of the world order should not attempt to interpret the mysteries of God for you, the secrets of science and such, for no one should without spiritual and intellectual illumination be able to do this.

#6---Having departed from your house, turn not back for the furies will be your attendants.-------We say anyone who begins a search for truth, and having attained part of the mystery then becomes discouraged, or attempts to return to his former ways of vice and ignorance will suffer exceedingly for it is better to know nothing about the mysteries of God, than to learn a little and turn from it. After all the warning of the end of this situation is that it will be with suddenness.

#7---Nourish the cock, but sacrifice it not; for it is sacred to the sun and the moon.-----We say that there is a two fold lesson here. Adam-man is sometimes pictured as a White Rooster. We will tell you this in a later tape. But the body of Adam-man is sacred to the sun (the symbol of YAHWEH), to the moon (the symbol of the earthly kingdom) and should be guarded, for this body is the temple of the Holy-Spirit. And that holy spirit is the most precious possession which Adam-man possesses.

#8---Receive not a swallow into your house-------We say that the seeker of truth should not allow drifting or small thoughts, after all it is the Eagle and the Phoenix which carries the message. Therefore surround yourself with inspired thinkers, and conscientious workers for the kingdom, or you will be seeking the easy way, and never reach for the heights in your thoughts and mind.

#9---Offer not your right hand easily to anyone-------We say that the right hand represents authority and truth, thus offer not truth to those who are incapable of receiving it, or understanding it. The right hand represents authority --YAHWEH who raise's those who have fallen into ignorance. Many of the unregenerate do not desire wisdom, and they will cut off the hand that is extended in kindness--to those--the completion or #10 alone can effect the redemption of the ignorant.

#10---When rising from the bed clothes roll them together and obliterate the impression of the body.------We say to those who have awakened from their sleep of ignorance, to then eliminate from their recollection all memory of their former spiritual darkness. This is so that those following in your footsteps will not stop at some point and use some error to keep someone in ignorance. Always stress the fact that there is much more to learn. After all there is this "WAY", and it is to the cross and the understanding as to why HE hung there. This "WAY" leads you backward to knowledge and forward to completion. You must come to this point in understanding. The CROSS is there--and you then realize that you cannot back away from this knowledge, for it is the only way which leads thru this Great Mosaic to HIM.

According to Pythagoras the study of astronomy was essential in understanding the mysteries. The knowledge he thus acquired enabled Him to make predictions requiring 2000 years to check, and tells us why

Plato and Aristotle so highly esteemed the knowledge of the ancient mysteries. Platonic astronomy taught that physical astronomy was the science of shadows, from behind it in Philosophical astronomy was the science of realities---thus thru the study of nature you learn to look beyond to the real meaning found -in the spirit.

Pythagorean Mathematics--the key to this seems to have been almost lost since the death of Pythagoras--to this science, however fragments found thru the years tell us that this knowledge does exist. The 47th. theorem is stated this way:---in a right angled triangle, the square described on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares described on the other two sides. The picture here is of three sizes of squares, their points touching so as to form a triangle. The Egyptians called the triangle the universal nature, and this triangle is of course 1/2 of a rectangle. The triangle is of course a figure of three angles, and three is the first number composed of both an even and an odd number or 1+2=3. Then 4 is the square whose side is equal to the even #2, but 5 being generated out of 3 and 2 is still more important. And out of the simplest lines the whole secret emerges. Here then is pictured a youth, a man and a girl. Here we see YAHWEH with Adam and Eve--the circle complete for the development of the kingdom. Everything moves out from YAHWEH in a circle, thus beginning and end is controlled. But the triangle was looked upon as the beginning of the generations, the development of the kingdom. And this is a right angled triangle of unequal sides, one right angled and two acute angles. The three squares that form the triangle are marked in the checker-board fashion, but the squares are all in blue instead of the black and white signifying this started in the heavens. The black and white squares signify the world as yet under both light and darkness, thus still the battle between the children of darkness and the child of light. This triangle has sides marked 3-4-5, add them and this is the mystery of numbers in symbolism or the divine #12.

The 47th., theorem was always marked in close connection with the "master builders" art and was referred to as the carpenter's theorem. It is believed that many of the complicated mathematical details of the Great Pyramid were based upon the now unknown applications of this theorem. This is also the key to the relationship of the three major parts of Adam-man which are spirit, soul and body. To the Alchemists this 47th., proposition sets forth the proper proportions of salt, sulphur and mercury necessary to the formation of the Philosopher's stone.

By the time of Albert Pike, many things of the mysteries had been lost. Albert Pike the great Masonic symbolist of Free Masonry admitted that he did not understand the symbolism of the cube, the square, the rectangle and the circle. He seemed to realize that different numbers were in themselves symbolic, but decided that Pythagoras concealed the meanings of his symbols with a veil that was impenetrable, without his oral explanations. We say that the reason he could not understand is because he expected those without the capacity to explain the scriptures, and these symbols.

Here in the old big book they have a chart, to use in trying to find the numerical power of words. #1 is the names of the Hebrew letters. #2 is the Samaritan letters, #3 is the Hebrew and Chaldean letters, and #4 the numerical equivalent of the letters. #5 is capital and small Greek letters, and #6 is the letters marked as those brought by Greece from Phoenicia by Cadmus. #7 is the names of the Greek letters, and #8 is the nearest English equivalents to the Hebrew, Greek and Samaritan letters. A note at the bottom says:--when used at the end of a word, the Hebrew TAU has the numerical value of 400. The Capital Greek letter for TAU of the Hebrew is the symbol of the Pythagoreans, and the same as the sign of Aries of the Zodiac, the Ram the Great shepherd of the sheep.

I noticed that the writers here in the old big book were having trouble with their translations. They say that they must go back into the most ancient tongues for their seeking for the numerical value of names, but then they try to come up with the Divine name of Jehovah which only adds up to #26---and that is not the divine name, and the Israel doctrine of the name adds up to #72. They also come up with the #9 as the basic number, where as the Pythagoreans of course used #10 in their calculations.

The Pythagoreans demonstrated that arithmetic was prior to astronomy, for the latter is dependent upon both geometry and music. The size, form and motion of the Celestial bodies is determined by the use of geometry, their harmony and rythm by the use of music. Therefore if astronomy be removed neither geometry or music be injured, but if geometry and music be eliminated then astronomy is destroyed. Thus arithmetic is prior to all, it is primary and fundamental. In numbers there is then both even and odd, for some are divided and some cannot be divided, for it always remains indivisible. It thus becomes the center of all things. Of the other odd numbers, if divided into two parts, then one will be an odd number and one an even number. The Pythagoreans called #1 evenly odd, and considered it both male and female. Audaum was thus considered as both female and male, and YAHWEH was also considered as ONE and masculine, but considered as comforter or holy spirit as having the compassion of the female. The Pythagoreans then called #1 the supreme Deity, and #2 was called audacity because it is the first number to separate itself from the ONE. They gave the symbol of the Sun to the Supreme ONE, and the symbol of the moon to #2 as did the ancient Egyptians. They considered #2 in its separation from #1 then as being both male and female, thus Adam and Eve, the seed for the kingdom in earth, and said that later #1 would be crucified in earth where the kingdom now resided. He would be crucified between two thieves because of the sins of Adam-man. #3 they called wisdom, it was the nature of 1+2, thus Adam-man under guidance of the ONE would organize the present, foresee the future, and benefit from the experience of the past. #3 is thus the cause of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, music, geometry, astronomy, the science of the Celestial and the terrestrial. The symbol of #3 is the triangle, Since #3 is made up of 1+2 then this symbolizes the fact that YAHWEH gave birth to His worlds out of Himself. He is termed 'The MONAD' having the nature of both male and female. #4 is termed the perfect number or symbolically it is the parent of progeny. YAHWEH then called the number of numbers--because 1+2+3+4=10. #4 then becomes the first geometric solid and symbolically they say of the soul of Adam-man, and consists of mind, science, opinion, and sense, all provided by #1 for the completion of the picture of number 10.

When considering the colors--then #3 represents the primary colors, and major planets. While #4 represents the secondary colors, the minor planets, and one compliments the other. Thus from the first triangle (YAHWEH) comes the seven spirits, symbolized by a triangle, and a square---these together formed the ancient Masonic apron.

#5 is thus 3+2--the symbol of light, the balancer, and between 1 and 10, only 5 and 6 when multiplied by themselves represent and retain their original number as the last figure in their products. #5 sometimes is referred to as the High Priest of the Mysteries, the basis of vitality and life. Thus the 5 pointed star was then the symbol of vitality and health.

The Philosophers used the symbol of the Dragon as the evil of earth, and as they went forth to slay the Dragon they were in symbolism declaring victory over the kingdom of darkness, the victory of the spiritual nature over the material nature of the world order.

The four elements of earth were thus fire, air, water, and ether, and were symbolized in early biblical writings as the four rivers which poured out of the garden of Eden, yet under the control of the Almighty spirit or #5 of the mysteries. And carried further, the body of Audaum was formed from the elements, which are now translated dust of the earth, and we then say:---"ashes to ashes, dust to dust" but there is so much more to that picture.

#6 represented the creation according to the prophets of the ancient mysteries. Those created and given a spirit--a created spirit---not a begotten one as was given to Adam and Eve. Number six then represents time--a time measure of duration, and in this time period, here in the world with both good and evil Adam-man would establish the kingdom, thus this number is a balancer, a number also that contains immortality---for when considering the different races established on this earth thru time and eternity---Adam is listed as #6 who is to reach the perfection of #7 in his work toward immortality--the kingdom in place.

#7 according to Pythagoreans was called -- "Worthy of veneration." It was held to be the number of Faith, or religion because Adam-man was said to be controlled by seven Celestial spirits, to whom it was proper for him to make offerings. We then remember this is the seven fold nature of God, not 7 different spirits which are symbolized by the Rainbow. Today they are using the rainbow as the symbol of the New Age of Lucifer's victory, thus this symbol has gone almost full circle, and now stands to be corrected as Lucifer's satanic nature is erased. #7 was called the number of life-- thus a baby born in its seventh month of embryonic life usually lives. We know #7 as Adam's number in completion, in the ancient mysteries. One author called #7 the motherless virgin, but out of the crown of the head of the Father--the Monad. The key words associated with #7 are fortune, occasion, custody, control, government, dreams, voices, sounds and that which leads all things to their end. We have now from the Pythagoreans given you more meanings for the numbers of 1 thru 10 of the ancient Israel doctrines. And they then explain further:---that among many ancient nations #7 was a sacred number. That the Elohim of the Hebrews was #7, that spirit, mind and soul descended into the world, then #4 --of the mystic nature of Adam-man consisting of the 3 fold spiritual body which became a four fold material form, symbolized by the cube, which has 6 surfaces with a mysterious point or connection within. Thus in the midst of Adam-man is the father of directions, the dimensions of the distances, the maker of

the law, with the sevenfold spirit. ---Here then in the old big book they do explain #7 without acknowledging that this represents Adam-man as we have understood the picture, but they do confirm what we have learned before from the mystery schools of Enoch and Jobs time.

#8 carries the same message as we have told you before, only under the guidance of the Pythagoreans they explain that this number was the first cube which had 8 corners, and was the only evenly-even number under 10. That it can be divided into 4's, into 2's and each 2 into 1's, therefore reestablishing the Monad. Among the key words associated with #8 was a mysterious number, associated with the Mysteries in Greece, and called the little Holy number.

#9 was the first square of an odd number (3x3). It was associated with failure, and short because it falls short of perfection which is #10. In other words #9 is not associated with #7--it means judgement, and is considered associated with #6, is in fact an inverted 6, a part of the world order, thus judgement on anything which hinders the kingdom.

#10 --according to the Pythagoreans is the greatest of numbers, not only because it is the 10 dots (the tetractys) but because it understands all arithmetic, and harmonic proportions. Pythagoras said that #10 is the nature of all numbers, because all nations must reckon with it, and when they arrive at it, they return to the Monad. #10 is called both heaven and the world because it is a perfect number, it is because the former includes the Latter. Because it is applied to those things relating to age, power, faith, necessity and the power of memory. It is called unwearied, and tireless, thus associated with the ONE God, and to a lesser degree with Atlas, for he carried the world ---or the numbers on his shoulders.

Now; after all we have learned from this article---I had to laugh at the last paragraph in this article. I thought of all the knowledge our ancestors possessed---way back there, and this paragraph reads (quote):--- We believe that the so called decimal system can probably be traced back to the time when it was customary to count on the fingers, this being the most primitive calculating device, and still in use today among many aboriginal people. (unquote)--- We then believe that the so called intellectuals of today are in for a surprise when they learn of the knowledge possessed by our ancient forefathers---clear back to Adam.

Now; lets see what the Pythagorean Theory of music and color has to reveal. As we have told you before NASA will be studying as to where the sounds are coming from--out in space. We are sure that the ancients knew more about this then we do today.

Music and color play their parts in life, and only when everything is in Harmony can things be beautiful. Here in the old big book the writers think the philosophers gained their knowledge of the philosophic and therapeutic aspects of music from Hermes, who we say was Enoch. Even Plato spoke of the songs and poetry of ancient Egypt, and said that only Gods, or Godlike men could have composed them. In the mysteries the "Lyre" was regarded as the secret symbol of the human constitution. The body of the instrument was said to represent the physical form, the strings the nerves, and the musician the spirit. Playing upon the nerves, the spirit thus created the harmonies of normal functioning which forever became discords if the nature of Adam-man is defiled. All the Adamites down thru the ages, to the Greeks, employed both vocal and instrumental music in their religious ceremonials to compliment their poetry and drama. The pagans also used music in their religious ceremonies, but the type of instrument and music that harmonizes with the type of nature of the individual can be altogether different.

Pythagoras is said to be the one who raised the art of music to its true dignity by discovering the scale. I would say that he had learned the Divine theory of music from the Priests of the mysteries, but he did develop it more and left a record which they were finding as they prepared this old big book. Pythagoras left a diagram showing in circles the distances between Earth, moon, Mercury, Venus, the sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and the sphere of the stars. The distances are whole or half tones, and they total 6 octaves.

The key to harmonic ratio's is hidden in the famous tetractys, or the triangle of dots of your diagram. The first four numbers 1 thru 4 reveal the intervals of the octaves. To the Pythagoreans, music was one of the dependencies of the Divine science of mathematics, and its harmonies were inflexibly controlled by mathematical proportions. That mathematics demonstrated the exact method by which God established and maintained the universe. Thus numbers therefore preceded harmony since it was the immutable law that governs all harmonic proportions. Pythagoras assigned a tone to the spheres, he assigned different colors and forms, thus his diagrams, and in all he followed the program and story of the ancient mysteries. In fact he brought back to the people the love of true music, which effects the senses, and emotions of different people. The type of music which influences the mind of Adam-man as well as his body is called musical medicine. Pythagoras maintained that the music of the stars was as from stringed instruments. In fact he used the Song of Solomon sung to the accompaniment of the Lyre as musical medicine. It is said that while observing the stars one night that he encountered a young man befuddled with strong drink, and mad with jealousy who was piling faggots around the door of his mistress, with the intention of burning her house. He noticed that a flutist was playing a short distance away, the music a strange and wild rhythm then being played so much in Greece. He induced the magician to change his music to a slow rhythmic type and the intoxicated youth immediately became composed, and gathering up his bundles of faggots quietly returned to his own home.

Pythagoras believed that the introduction of a new and presumably different scale would endanger the future of a whole nation, and that it was not possible to alter a key without shaking the very foundations of the state. He maintained that music which ennobled the mind was of a

far higher kind than that which merely appealed to the senses, he instructed that it was the paramount duty of the legislature to suppress all music that was not pure and dignified, that bold and stirring melodies were for men, and gentle soothing ones for women. The greatest care was also to be taken in the selection of instrumental music, because the absence of words rendered its significance doubtful, and it was difficult to foresee whether it would exercise upon the people a benign of baneful influence.

Even today martial music is used with telling effect in times of war, and religious music while no longer developed in accordance with the ancient history and theory, still profoundly influences the emotions of the laity. (unquote)

Now: then can you believe that types of music has been used against the kingdom in an effort to destroy young minds? Dr. Swift told us long ago of the program of the enemy to send to Africa and develop the jungle beat into American music which brought about what we witnessed in the 60's Do you now understand what happened to --for instance Elvis Presley? A young man was taken and schooled in the jungle beat, and body movements which appealed to the senses, and he became a rock and roll star. But in the process his body was destroyed from the constant pressure of foreign rhythm, and he was kept going with the aide of prescription drugs from his own doctor. But his body in a few short years was destroyed. But the music stayed and has been used thru the years, even tho it is out of harmony with the music of the spheres. Back thru the years before Pythagoras---and even before Adam---this music of the spheres was known. They believed that the heavenly bodies joined in a cosmic chant as they moved in stately manner across the sky. Job then describes a time---"When the stars of the morning sang together," and then in the play-----"The Merchant of Venice"--the author of this Shakespearian play states:--"There's not the smallest orb which thou beholdest but in his motion, like an Angel sings."

Today we have not only lost the Pythagorean system of Celestial music, but have no idea of the influence, or the effect of being in perfect rhythmic harmony, The Pythagoreans believed that there was a cord that stretched between heaven and earth, we would say this cord is spirit, but if you hang on to this cord you will not follow after the jungle beat of the pagans. When the music and harmony and rhythm which you inherited is maintained there is peace in your mind. Pythagoras maintained that the first division of this rhythm was from the sphere of fixed stars, the Zodiac, then thru the planets which are identical to the candlestick of the Hebrews. The sun is the center as the main stem and the three planets on each side is the symbolism of the candlesticks. All things in Divine order, utter their message, and anyone in the grasp of their music is thinking of heavenly things, and not stirred by the movement of the motion of the senses.

The Pythagoreans believed that all creatures were eternally singing the praises of the creation until Lucifer rebelled. Now man fails to hear the divine melodies because his soul is emersed in the illustration of material existence. When Adam-man liberates himself from the bondage of the lower world with its sense limitations, then once again the music of the spheres will be audible to him as it was in the golden age. Harmony recognizes harmony, and when Adam-man's soul regains its true estate, it will not only hear the Celestial choir but also join with it in an everlasting anthem or praise to that Eternal God controlling the infinite number of parts and conditions of the universe.

To those who believe in evolution and do not acknowledge God as the creator, then they declare that there is only good and evil--no God--things just evolve. But the ancient Israel Priests understood that even architecture was linked to music. They understood the vibrations of the Universe. In fact certain sound chambers were constructed in their temples so that the reverberations made the entire building sway. The wood and stone used in the erection of these sacred building swayed, after eventually becoming so thoroughly permeated with the sound vibrations of those religious ceremonies that when struck they would repeat the same tone repeatedly impressed in their substance by the rituals.

Now; when your soul is out of harmony with the Divine nature, then Satanic thoughts more easily enter in, for you have lost your protection, and don't even realize it. This is why we have had so much trouble with our young people, and even in families trying to resist, for this music has stayed and been used thru the years, and it is totally out of harmony with the music of the spheres. If the harmony of your begotten spirit is upset, the whole body will be in discord, and the Adamite does not then think straight. Isn't it strange that the enemy understands this so much better than we as a race do now?

Now; color also plays a great part in our life as well as music, thus there is a philosophy of color. Light reveals the Glories of the Eternal world. It gives beauty, is the analyzer, the truth teller, the exposer of shame, for it shows everything as they really are. Without the influence of color, and light, vegetables, animals, and human life must immediately perish from off the earth. Light is filled with its component colors, and the more deeply we penetrate into its inner laws, the more we realize what a marvelous storehouse this 'white light' really is, for it is a source of power to vitalize, to heal, refine, and delight mankind. Light really is a rate of vibration causing certain reactions upon the Optic nerve. Few realize how they are walled in by the limitations of the sense perceptions. Not only is there a great deal more to Light than anyone has ever seen, but there are also unknown forms of light which no optical equipment will ever register. There are unnumbered colors which cannot be seen as well as sound which cannot be heard, and odors which cannot be smelt, or substances which cannot be tasted, and substances which cannot be felt. We are thus surrounded by a super-sensible universe which we know nothing about, because the sense perception in ourselves has not been developed sufficiently to respond to the rates of vibration of which the Universe is composed. Even back on Atlantas the people realized that colors are vibrations off of substances. They realized the relationship of color to the nervous system, and yet today we seem to have lost this knowledge, while thinking that our ancestors, and even those before them were illiterate.

The picture with this article is of the ancient of days, he has a triple crown, and on the crown a green globe, and on the globe a white cross with a Red rose on the cross arms of the cross. This figure is from the waist up surrounded by a rainbow. The lower half of the picture is the same, as it is a reflection as tho he was looking into the sea. From his mouth comes a stream --in fact seven streams of the primary colors. In the caption He is termed the God of Light and Reflections. Here it is pictured that out of the great sea of Eternity rises the head and shoulders of the ancient Holy One. Thus the reflection of deity is ever visible in nature, but man often mistakes the shadow for the substance. As the Universe is the reflection of the Holy One of Israel, so the human body of Adam-man is the reflection or inverted image of His Spirit. The Holy ONE between his hands holds the interlocking triangles which portray to us the spirit and material elements which constitute the nature of Adam-man.

The seven streams of color from his mouth are said to be the 7 spirits before the throne in Revelation 3:1---but these are not seven different spirits as we have told you, for they symbolize the seven fold spirit of the Holy One of Israel. HE is the ONE who became the Rose upon the cross.

Incidentally while speaking about the Rose on the cross--Jeanette came up with some interesting facts about the Rose, in fact the Primrose. For prim means, first, of course, and there are today many varieties of the Rose, but she found that this Primrose looks exactly like the Rose of the "Rose Cross" organization, and the replica of King Arthur's table Rose. Then here is listed one variety of this primrose that is obvious, for this is the German strain of the Primrose called, Obconica, and the colors of this special garden Rose are: --Red, White and Blue. In the Strong's concordance the word Rose means---WORD/ thus does the Rose on the cross mean simply:---that we as a people stand upon HIS WORD? Since the Rose of Sharon depicts a special people, in fact--Elect, Servants, we think you here have a very direct and easy to understand explanation of the symbolism of the Rose in the center of the cross bars of the Cross. THE WORD symbolized as a Rose---on the cross making an atonement--paying the price for you and for me and the whole world. HE thus is the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT. And since He allowed Lucifer to rebel for a purpose, then to correct that situation HE became the ROSE of symbolism.

Now; in the Pythagorean mysteries --in symbolism then the seven primary colors from the mouth of the Ancient of Days, signify that the color spectrum was extracted from the "White Light" of the Supreme Deity. And all we have been telling you of this arrangement as to the setting forth of the mutual relationship of the planets, the colors, the musical notes, all this is simply to show you that the creation was perfect. That when you acknowledge that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA translated today as Jesus the Christ, is the Eternal God of Israel, you then begin to see the harmony of all things in the Great Mosaic, and to understand that if you are out of harmony with his purpose then your mind is more easily disturbed by humanism, evolution, Rosicrusianism, and other doctrines which cannot hold the answer, because they do not have --"THE WORD THIS GREAT WHITE LIGHT."