ERM - Tape 063 - The Tabernacle In The Wilderness


Tape No. 63 By Ella Rose Mast



Here in the old big book there is much argument as to who wrote the first 5 books of the Bible because many still believe that writing was not known in those earlier days, so of course Moses did not write them, they were just written later from tradition handed down. The main problem with the interpretations is that so many believe that everything in the old Testament is Jewish. No understanding of the symbolism and allegory of the book then to those people...'The Tabernacle in the Wilderness' was but a place to bring offerings, and in which to make sacrifices...even tho they have not quite figured out why. This was just something the Jews did so of course it was not important to the Christians. But to the wise this Tabernacle in the Wilderness was a Temple of learning sacred to the Universal spirit of Wisdom.

Moses therefore under divine guidance established a secret, symbolic school which to the ancients was known as the Tabernacle of Mysteries. And this 'Tabernacle in the Wilderness' was patterned after the Mystery schools established in Egypt by Enoch and Job. Every part of the Tabernacle and its enclosure which surrounded it was symbolic of some great natural, philosophic Israel truth. It was made portable so as to travel with the Israelites and meet their needs as they moved in their time track of destiny.

While a few realized that the Bible is a book of Allegories and Parables, most overlook the symbols and look no further. Most do not know that Moses was schooled at the Temple of ON, Egypt under the White Priesthood still there from the time of Enoch and Job. It was here that Moses learned the mysteries of Israel. Then at Mount Sinai Moses was taken up the mountain and the Presence of YAHWEH. Thus Moses had all this training before he was given the instructions for

the erection of 'The Tabernacle in the Wilderness.'

It is said by the ancients that Moses taught..a few.. the mysteries which were passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth. These instructions were in the form of philosophical keys, by means of which the allegories were made to reveal their hidden significance. These were finally written down and were called the Qabbalah of Israel.

Today the ancients of our race are considered pagans, and Christianity is supposed to have sprung from Judaism, so no wonder people trying to follow that path are confused.

However here in the old big book even tho they may doubt Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible they do tell us that much of the material found in those first 5 books of The Bible are derived from the ancient mysteries found in Egypt at the time of Enoch and Job. But those not understanding the mission of Israel in earth, or their background then say that during the Israelites stay in Egypt that they learned these things from the occult Priests... but they learned... the significance concerning Divinity, and the manner of worship.

In trying to deny this 'Israel of God' as starting in earth with Audaum, then Thomas Inman makes some rather startling statements. (Quote) is true that we have books which purport to be the books of Moses, so there are or have been books purported to be written by Homer, Orpheus, Enoch, Mormon and Junius; yet the existence of the writings, and the belief that they were written by those whose names they bear are no real evidence of the men, or the genius of the works called by their names. It is also true that Moses is spoken of occasionally in the time of the early kings of Jerusalem, but it is not clear that these passages were written by him, in fact just the opposite, it is clear that these passages were written by a late hand, and have been introduced into the places where they are found, with the definite intention of making it appear that the law-giver was known unto David and Solomon. (unquote)

This Thomas Inman is called a noted writer, but he doubted the historical existence of Moses. His doubt was based upon the etymological resemblance of the name.. Moses .. to an ancient name for the sun. As a result then Inman tries to prove that the Lawgiver of Israel was merely another form of the Omnipresent solar myth. Inman thus transposed two Hebrew letters to make the name of Moses become the equivalent of the Celestial Globe. Thus a man not understanding ancient mysteries seemed to overlook the fact that in the ancient mysteries of Israel that the initiates into the mysteries were often given names synonymous with the sun which was their symbol for YAHWEH. They did this to mark the fact that the redemption, the resurrection, the regeneration of Adam-man comes form ONE source.

When understood, the name Moses in its strict sense means one which has been admitted into the Mystery Schools of wisdom, and then goes forth in his pre-determined path to teach Israelites concerning the Will of YAHWEH.

Many here in the old big book struggle to trace the nationality of Moses while they completely ignore the facts presented by Archaeology. They still hold tot the idea that Moses was a Jew, and was adopted and educated by the Ruling house of Egypt even tho Archaeology has established that this Ruling House of Egypt was of the same race as was Moses....Adamites. A few writers even try to identify Moses as being identical to Hermes, since both those men were called 'founders of religious systems,' and received tablets from heaven supposedly written by the finger of God. Archaeologist have proved that these men of scripture were historical figures, have also proved that scripture is true, and yet it is a science little understood by many. This Thomas Inman perhaps believed in Evolution which closed his mind. He believed that the ancient Egyptians came from Atlantas, as we do, but he does not believe the Bible story therefore thinks the Israelites learned their religion from the Atlantians. He does not believe in or understand in the symbolism of the Kingdom of YAHWEH as established at Mt. Sinai, and of course cannot understand the Mystery of this 'Tabernacle in the Wilderness.'

Now; the ancient philosophers understood the mysteries and their writings show this knowledge, but those not knowing the story outlined in the Great Mosaic cannot understand the writings of these great men of the race. Socrates is said to have reminded his disciples that -- Death-- was in reality the Great Initiation. His last words were:--'Crito I owe a cock to Asclepins -will you remember to pay the debt.' This is also in symbolism for the white rooster was sacred to the ancient Adamic race, the sacrifice of this bird accompanied a candidates introduction into the mysteries. Socrates implied that he was about to take this great initiation back into the spirit from whence he came. And he may have owed a debt to someone thus he reminded those who follow that always Adamites pay their way here in the physical earth, so the World order may not lay a claim against them.

The mystery of LIFE cannot be explained by the evolutionists. Only those who pass successfully thru life, its tests, its trials, while interpreting them aright and extracting the essence of experience there from...only those achieve a true understanding of what we call LIFE.

Now; the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, and later the temple were built portraying the Adamic walk thru this World Order. The symbolism portraying their beginnings, their struggles here in earth, and how as that walk is finished, the departure is back to where they came from. This is the reason we say death is the back door to our beginnings, but we look forward to the front entrance.

However before you understand the symbolism of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness there are so many things you must consider, for not only is the Tabernacle patterned after the teaching of the ancient Mystery schools of Israel, but even the utensils used therein were of ancient and accepted form. The Ark of the covenant was patterned after the one which Enoch and Job carried with them. We have told you before of the different copies of this Ark of the covenant, from the tape ministry of Dr. Swift so will not repeat that in this article.

Now; before we go deeper into the symbolism of the Tabernacle there is a small picture here in the old big book..and it goes with an earlier tape, but I will tell you about it now. I have described for you before this picture of the Ancient of Days..The God of Israel, for we see him sitting on a golden throne with the Lion at his right side, the eagle behind his right shoulder, and the man standing behind his left shoulder, and the bull standing on his left side. He is pictured in symbolism, this is the kingdom and he sometimes has long white hair, still is pictured as very much alive with streams of spirit coming forth from HIM, thus you have this picture of the God of Israel.

Now; remember we told you the name of the god of the Jews...Demiurgus ..Plato and the Gnostics tell us that this was the god of the material world, thus one who teaches self-gratification, and material possessions and so forth. The name Demiurgus is a Greek word, and as you know by the Time the Apostle Paul came to Greece as the Apostle to the nations of Lost Israel that there were many gods in Greece, and they were even looking for an unknown god, and always as the Apostle Paul spoke to Lost Israel he was harassed. This picture here in the old big book of the Ancient of Days is quite different then than the picture we see as the God of Israel. This drawing just a sketch shows supposedly a person with arms outstretched, hair and mustache and a beard cover his face and hang down to his waist where the picture ends. And his hair also stretches out to cover his outstretched arms and then hangs on down to the waist where the picture ends. You see two black holes for his eyes, a trace of a nose before the mustache and beard take over. And on the back of his arms are small wings, the one on the right is the largest of the wings. This is said to be the image as seen by those of Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians of the Mystic Ancient of Days. There is no symbolism here, only a play on hair which was the symbol of maturity, but not in this way. The wings are symbolism of a heavenly beginning, but these are fastened to the arms not the shoulders as Angelic wings. There is no life to this picture, thus this is not the God of Israel, and besides YAHWEH is never pictured with wings. Lucifer did have a beginning as a heavenly creation, and so did Adam and you sometimes see wings on the feet of some Adamic persons signifying their swift passage back to where thy come from. But this god here called The Ancient of days shows no life, and there is actually none. This picture originated perhaps as a concept after the days of the early church when anyone was discouraged from recording a picture of YAHSHUA until every one was dead who had seen HIM in the flesh. This then is the god of the Jews...a materialistic...humanistic portrayal...which has no life for you.

As the Apostle Paul preached to these Greeks they listened intently for here was a man who had studied the teachings of Pythagoras, and he was stirring their consciousness, and they begin to reach back to their ancestors, to the Rock that begat them (Deut:32). As they did this their persecution..for HIS NAME..started in earnest. After all Satan's kingdom had almost destroyed such knowledge from the Adamic people here in earth. Therefore here in Greece they were busy trying to destroy such knowledge completely. The Greeks who had given such knowledge to the western world such as that they had learned in Ancient Egypt were having it destroyed in their minds. But of course that was just a part of the continuing struggle between the children of darkness and the children of light. The same on going struggle is with us today, and the enemy seems to sense victory and they try all that much harder. Not understanding the Resurrection they seemed to sense victory and moved in force to stop the knowledge being carried to Lost Israel that Yes..indeed YAHSHUA their Savior had come...IN THE FLESH...AND COMPLETED THE ATONEMENT.

Now; let us see what we can learn as the authors here in the old big book using the writings of Josephus describe the symbolism of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. The Bible references are taken from a 'Breeches' Bible famous for its rendering of the seventh verse of the third chapter of Genesis. (allegory and symbolism..they understood what they had done).

This bible was printed in London England in 1599, and I will use the quotations reproduced in their original spelling and punctuation. (Quote) talking about the Tabernacle...'Moses then appointed two architects to superintend the building of the Tabernacle. They were Besaleel, the son of Uri, of the tribe of Judah, and Aholiab the son of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan. Their popularity was so great that they were the unanimous choice of the people.' (unquote) Thus here we have the symbolism...Judah from whence came the King line, and YAHSHUA--THE SYMBOL IS THE LION...and of fire or the True light. The symbolism of the Tribe of Dan was here called.. The White Eagle...we see the symbol of Dan of the Eagle sitting on a staff, and a serpent trying to detract. The symbol of the Eagle is also of spiritual knowledge poured out and of course Dan was the way maker tribe.

Thus the Israelites built this Tabernacle in symbolism of the Adamic walk to build the kingdom in earth, and of course it contained the dwelling place for the Presence of YAHWEH among His people. This was necessary until the Atonement was completed, and He now lives in our hearts. Here we see in symbolism the Wilderness Tabernacle... and in this the fact that in Adam-man was HIS spirit, and now with the dwelling place of YAHWEH among His people, then around the Divine nature gathers a 12 fold material-physical encampment...these 12 tribes of Israel.

(Quote)..'The Tabernacle was really symbolic of an invisible spiritual truth (Hebrews:8)...'Who serve unto the patterns and shadows of heavenly things, as Moses was warned of God when he was about to finish the Tabernacle.' (unquote) Here we see this Tabernacle thus as a pattern or shadow of heavenly things, thus this earthly kingdom formed in the pattern of the Heavenly kingdom. Israel was following and serving her King as they built this earthly kingdom until it would be 'in earth as it is in heaven.' Here the material, physical place of the spiritual institution invisible but Omnipotent.

The 25th., chapter of Exodus describes the specifications of the Tabernacle and we will quote from that old bible:...'Then spoke the LORD to Moses saying, speak unto the children of Israel that they receive an offering for me; of every man whose heart giveth freely, ye shall take the offering for me. And this is the offering which ye shall take of, and silver, and brass, and blue silk, and purple, and scarlet, and fine linen, and goats hair, and rams skins colored red, and skins of badgers, and the wood shittim, oyle for the light, spice for anoynting oyle, and for the perfume of sweet flavor, onix stones and stones to be set in the Ephod, and in the Breastplate. Also they shall make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. According to all that I shew thee, even so shall ye make the forme of the Tabernacle, and the fashion of all the instruments thereof. (unquote) the spelling is from the old bible.

Calmet in his writings is of the opinion that the Hebrew word translated Badger really means a dark purple color. The Companion Bible also brings this out, that it is a color not an animal.

The Tabernacle according to Josephus was an enclosed area 50 cubits wide and 100 cubits long, circumscribed by a wall of linen curtains hung from pillars 5 cubits apart. (A cubit is approx. 18 inches) There were 20 pillars on the long side and 10 pillars on the shorter side. Each pillar had a base of brass and a cap of silver. The Tabernacle area was a rectangle as was the Tabernacle itself. The rooms of the Tabernacle were separated from each other by a veil upon which was embroidered many kinds of flowers, but no animals or human figures. Josephus hints that there was a third compartment formed by subdividing the holy place into two chambers. In fact even tho most writers overlook this..Josephus states emphatically that Moses..himself divided the inner Tent into three sections. We would say that the Holy place...symbolic of Israel, was divided into two parts for this symbolized the later division of the House of Israel into the two kingdoms. The northern kingdom or the House of Israel and the southern kingdom or the House of Judah.

During the Wilderness wanderings the scripture tells us that a pillar of fire hovered over the Tabernacle at night, while a column of smoke traveled with it by day. The Hebrews called this 'Shekinah' and it was symbolic of the Presence of YAHWEH always with His Kingdom as He had promised.

Now; when the Jewish Talmud was being compiled they of course had many of the ancient Israel books, but there was one early book rejected which had this description of the 'Shekinah' and perhaps it was the words in the description which caused its rejection (Quote)...'A Cloud covered the tent of the congregation and the Glory of YAHWEH filled the Tabernacle. And that was one of the clouds of Glory which served the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years. One on the right hand, one on the left, on before them, and one behind them, and a cloud dwelling in their midst, and the pillar of cloud which moved before them making low the high places, and killing serpents and scorpions, and burning thorns and briars, and guiding them in the Straight way.' (unquote).. This was said to be taken from the 'Book of the Tabernacle.'

Now; in symbolism how many clouds of Glory surrounded this kingdom in the wilderness? Six clouds of Shekinah surrounded this kingdom symbolizing that the kingdom is now established in earth, and yet under HIS protection as was to march forward in destiny. High Places were symbolic of pagan religions, and this killing of serpents and scorpions signified the enemy to be limited, as it will not destroy this kingdom as it is guided in the straight way, or the way laid out in pre-determined destiny.

Now; you have had the teachings of ancient Israel, and the Philosophers as to the significance of the triangle, the circle, the square, and rectangle in symbolism, so lets look at what the outer court of the Tabernacle contained. ...At the entrance of the outer court was the altar of burnt offerings which was 5 cubits long, and 5 cubits wide, thus a square. The grill on the upper surface was where the sacrifice was placed and underneath it was the space for the fire. Thus an Israelite when entering the confines of the Sanctuary must first offer upon this altar something symbolic of earthiness, something within their own nature which must be burned up... cleansed by HIS Holy Spirit. In otherwords this offering must come from within to be acceptable, and for the Israelites it was total obedience. Thus the difference in the sacrifice of Cain and Abel as they offered them, which we have explained before. This practice of sacrifice for Adam-man was a ritual, showing that he admitted his short comings in his walk thru physical earth and was looking forward to the coming of Messiah, and his redemption. You find this practice of sacrifice from Adam on down to Messiah.

Now; the Laver of Purification was to signify that the High Priest of Israel not only should cleanse his body, but also his mind of all impurities, for none who is not clean in both body and mind can enter into the Presence of Divinity and live.

The Tabernacle Area was in the midst of this camp of Israel, and it was in the shape of a rectangle, the short sides on the east and west, with the opening to the east as always in symbolism. The entrance of the Tabernacle proper was also facing the east. The first room of the Tabernacle was called the Holy Place. Its walls hung with magnificent drapes embroidered with the faces of Cherubs. Along the south side of the Holy Place stood the Great Candlestick which was of cast gold, weighing about 100 obs. From its center shaft branched out 6 arms, each ending in a cup-shaped depression each side and one on the central stem, signifying the numbers 6 and 7 of the Ancient Doctrines of Israel. Six is an earth number not only for the Enosh, but for Adam-man as well for now he is in physical earth, but seven is Adam's perfection number as he reaches his goal..Adamic race were the 6th., race placed on earth, thus as he builds YAHWEH'S Kingdom...and thru perfection Adam is 777 where as YAHSHUA is 888.

The candlestick was ornamented with 72 almonds, knops, and flowers. The number 72 as you know is YAHWEH in numerology. Here pointing out the relationship between the Adamic race and their Savior.

Against the northern wall was the table bearing the 12 loaves of shewbread in two rows, symbolic of the 12 tribes of Levi was no longer counted as a tribe, for from then on they were to be scattered thru all tribes, and the 13 tribes of destiny which were established as Joseph was given a double portion of leadership with both his sons counted in the Divine number of 12.

In the center of the room was the altar of Burnt Incense, made of wood overlaid with golden plates. Its width and length were each a cubit and its height 2 cubits. Josephus says that this altar was symbolic of the human words of Adam-man (now Israelites) mouth ascending as an acceptable offering unto YAHWEH. The Larynx occupies the position in the body between the Holy Place which is the trunk of the body, and the Holy of Holies which is the head containing the mind and its content.

Here in the Tabernacle then you have the division of this Holy Place as pointed out by the Candlestick on one wall, the table of Shew-bread on the other wall, and in the middle was the altar of Burnt Incense showing Adam-man's contact with the Messiah.

Into the Holy of Holies only the High Priest was allowed to pass, and only at certain times. In that room was the Ark of the Covenant which stood against the western wall, symbolizing the path the Ark would take in the Migrations of Israel. The dimensions of The Ark were... 2 1/2 cubits in length, 1 1/2 cubits in breadth, and 1 1/2 cubits in height. It was made of Shittim wood, gold plated within and without and contained the sacred tablets of the Law delivered to Moses on Mt. Sinai. This was the law for the administration of the earthly kingdom. The lid of the Ark was in the form of a golden plate upon which knelt two mysterious creatures called Cherubims, facing each other with their wings arched overhead. It was upon this mercy seat between the wings of these Celestial creations that the presence of YAHWEH communicated with his chosen..High priest of Israel. The Mercy Seat was symbolic of the Throne in heaven where created Angelic beings are found who are always in service to the MOST HIGH. These are pictured with wings, they do not increase as other Angelic hosts.

The furnishings of the Tabernacle were made conveniently portable. Each altar or implement of any size was supplied with staves which could be put thru rings, and by this means could be picked up and carried by 4 or more bearers. This was the job of the tribe of Levi. The staves were never removed even then from the Ark of the Covenant until it finally was placed in the Holy of Holies of Solomon's Temple. (I doubt they were far removed even then for the Ark would be moved from there before the destruction of that Temple).

Now; Josephus realized that the Tabernacle was a symbolic edifice. He was severely criticized because he interpreted the symbolism according to what was called the symbolism of Israel established in Egypt by Enoch and Job thru their Mystery schools. Josephus tells us that when Moses divided the Tabernacle into three parts that there was also other symbolism. Two parts allowed to the Priests were accessible and common, and were of general access to all, but he set apart the 3rd., division for YAHWEH because heaven is inaccessible to most, for only one who came down out of there goes back. When Moses ordered the 12 loaves of bread to be on the table he marked this distinction as the 12 tribes of Israel, and their connection to the heavens, the Zodiac, the months of the year and so forth. The Candlestick marked the divisions of the planets and their courses thru the heavens, but also each tribe was tied to the signs in the heavens, and that was understood at that time.

The Veil of the Tabernacle was composed of 4 things, signifying the 4 elements of the Universe, also the human body for Adam-man which was formed of the elements... today you say ashes to ashes, dust to dust, but the ancients understood the fact that Adam's body was made from the elements of the Universe. The plain linen was the symbol of earth for that is where the flax was grown, the purple signified Royalty...a king and his administration, the king and his kingdom. The Blue symbolized air..breath of spirit, and the scarlet was symbolic of fire, for Adam-man...the race was a gold tried in the fire. (Rev 3:18) He chose this program, this way and thus only YAHWEH-YAHSHUA could redeem.

The vestments of the High Priest was made of linen thus represented earth, the blue represented the sky, being like lightening in the pomegranates, and the noise of the bells was to resemble thunder. These vestments then called attention to the story being told, to this High Priest of His people.

In the Ephod was shown that YAHWEH made the universe of 4 elements, and the gold interwoven marked the splendor by which all things are enlightened. The Breastplate being placed in the middle of the Ephod represented Israel in earth to build the kingdom, in the very middle of the Universe. The girdle around the High Priest represents the water round about, and water is a form in which spirit is poured out as signified by Aquarius the Water man. Each of the jewels..the sardonyzes that were as buttons on each shoulder of the High Priest signified the sun and the moon, the symbols of YAHWEH and his kingdom. The 12 stones of the Breastplate marked each of the 12 tribes with their symbols showing their marching and camping orders around the tabernacle as well as the Zodiac in the heavens from whence they came.

The Miter was blue for the heavens, otherwise how could the name of YAHWEH be inscribed upon it, this was illustrated by the crown of gold which was upon it also.

Now; the Tabernacle was built in 7 months, and dedicated to YAHWEH at the time of the New Moon representing its small beginning. The gold used in the Tabernacle was symbolic of spirituality. The golden plates laid over the shittem wood were emblems of this spiritual nature which glorifies the Adamic nature symbolized by the wood. The mysteries taught that Adam-man's physical body was surrounded by a series of invisible colors of great splendor. The spiritual nature concealed in the material nature, but in a few who reached perfection, the spiritual nature came outside and surrounded that person with a great radiance such as Adam and Eve had in their beginning. This promise of restoration then is to all ISRAEL.

Silver used as the caplets of the pillars referred to the moon, the symbol of the kingdom and was sacred to the ancients because of what it portrayed. Silver was said to be gold with its sun-ray turned inward. Gold symbolized the spirit while silver was the purified and regenerated Adam-man. The Brass used in the outer altars was a composite substance consisting of an alloy of both precious and base metals. Thus represented the constitution of the individual Israelite who is a combination of both heaven and earth. When Josephus is talking about the three divisions of the Holy Place of Israel here in the Tabernacle this is said to carry back to the Great Pyramid and its 3 important well as Israel in division and their Messiah. Ancient Masonry from the Mystery schools established by Job contained the Blue Lodge and this consisted of the 'Light Carriers' and this symbolism is also seen in that area.

The robes and adornment of the Israelite Priests also had a secret significance concealed in the colors, forms and in their use as did the garments of the High Priest, all were considered sacred garments. The ordinary Priests wore the following described garments:.. short trousers as an under-garment, and over this they wore a finely woven linen robe which reached the ground. This robe had long sleeves tied to the arms of the wearer. A brightly colored sash twisted several times was worn just above the waist with one end hanging in front. They wore a close fitting linen cap.

The robes of the High Priest of Israel was often called 'The garments of Glory,' for they represented the reassembled, the regenerated and spiritualized nature of Adam-man, symbolized also by a vestment which all must weave from the threads of character and virtue before they can become High Priests after the order of Melchizedek. We have described the Breastplate of the High Priest before, and I find no difference here in the old big book altho the spelling of the names from the Hebrew of some of the tribes and stones is a bit different. The spelling of these was taken from Calmet's dictionary of the Holy Bible. The High Priests vestments were the same as the lesser Priests except those certain added garments. For over the specially woven white linen robe the High priest wore a sleeveless habit, sky blue in color, reaching nearly to his feet. This as we have said was ornamented with the fringe of alternated golden bells and pomegranates. In Ecclesiastics (one of the books not found in the modern bibles) it tells us that these golden bells had a special meaning:...(talking about the vestment of the High Priest) it says:...'He exalted Aaron, the brother of Moses, a holy man like him, of the tribe of Levi. He made an everlasting covenant with him, and gave him the priesthood of the people. He blessed him with splendid vestments, and put a glorious robe upon him. He clothed him with superb perfection, and strengthened him with the symbols of authority. The linen breeches, the long robe, and the Ephod. And he encircled him with pomegranates, and with very many golden bells around about to send forth a sound as he walked, to make their ringing heard in the temple as a reminder to the sons of His people; with a holy garment of gold and blue and purple, the work of an embroidered; with the oracle of judgment, the Urim and Thummim; with twisted scarlet, the work of a craftsman; with precious jewels, stones engraved like signets, in a setting of gold, the work of a jeweler, for a reminder.. in engraved letters.. according to the number of the tribes of Israel; with a gold crown upon his turban, inscribed like a signet with Holiness, a distinction to be prized, the work of an expert, the delight of the eyes, richly adorned. Before his time there never were such beautiful things, no outsider ever put them on, but only his sons and his descendants perpetually.' The same story of Israel is told in this ancient book as we have recorded before, and it makes interesting reading even tho it is not now included in your Bible.

The Meeir was bound in with a variegated finely woven girdle embroidered with gold wire inserted thru the embroidery. The Ephod, a short vestment described by Josephus was like a coat or jacket worn over the upper part of the Meeir..that second garment..thus the High Priest had three layers of garments. The Ephod was woven of the same colors as the curtains and the covering of the Tabernacle,, blue, purple, and white with fine gold wires woven into the fabric. The Ephod was fastened at the shoulders with those onyx buttons, and there were six names on each button thus again the marking of the 12 tribes of Israel. As the High Priest asked certain questions these buttons also emitted a Celestial radiance. When the Onyx button on the right shoulder was illuminated it signified that YAHWEH answered the question of the High Priest in the affirmative, and when the one on the left shoulder gleamed, it indicated a negative answer to the query.

In the middle of the front surface of the Ephod was a space to accommodate the essen...or Breastplate of Righteousness and prophecy which the name signified, as well as being an oracle of great power. The Essen or Breastplate was roughly square in shape, and was fastened to a frame of embroidered linen into which the 12 stones were set, each held a socket of gold. Because of the weight of its stones, each of immense value the Breastplate was held in position by special gold chains and ribbons. The 12 stones like the Onyx stones on the shoulders of the Ephod had the mysterious powers of lighting up with Divine Glory, and so serving as Oracles concerning the strange power of these flashing symbols of Israel. (unquote)

Now; the Rosicrucians would have you think that these gems were only symbolic of 12 great qualities and virtues such as:...1. illumination 2. Love 3. Wisdom 4. Truth 5. Justice 6. Peace 7. equilibrium 8. humility 9. faith 10. strength 11. joy 12. Victory. We think we have proved that they are much, much more.

On this subject of the 12 stones Josephus writes:...(Quote) 'Yet will I mention what is still more wonderful than this; for YAHWEH declared before hand by those 12 stones the High Priest bare upon his breast, and which were inserted in his Breastplate when they would be victorious in battle, for so great a splendor shone forth from them before the army began to march, that all the people were sensible of YAHWEH'S being present for their assistance, when it came to pass that those Greeks who had a veneration for our laws, because they could not possibly contradict this...called the Breastplate...the ORACLE'. Then Josephus adds that the stones had ceased to light up and gleam some 200 years before he wrote his history because the people had broken the laws, and the God of Israel was no longer pleased with his chosen people.' Josephus wrote sometime around 70 A.D. (I believe) so the light of the Breastplate had been gone from the east for sometime...gone west with His kingdom people.

The mysteries taught that the priests were capable of absorbing into themselves and then radiating forth again the Divine light of Deity. That each twisted linen thread used in weaving the Tabernacle curtains and ornamentation consisted of 24 separate strands reminding the discerning that the experience gained during the 24 hours of the day became the threads from which were rewoven into the garments of Glory.

On the reverse side of the Breastplate was the pocket for the mysterious objects...the Urim and Thummim. We have told you much about these objects before, and I do not find anything different in this fact not as much for they are not understood. However there were some writers here in the old big book who even believed that the Urim and Thummim were in the form of dice used in deciding events, and they were just tossed out upon the ground to obtain the answers. Remember we have told you before that you are only as big as your concept of YAHWEH (God), and we might add just as big as your concept of this Great Mosaic Story.

Now; the headdress of the High Priest of Israel compares it to this pointed cap worn by some Priests of today. Over the plain white cap of the ordinary priests of Israel the High Priest wore this outer cap of blue and a crown of gold consisting of three bands, one above the other like the triple miter of the Persian Magi. The crown symbolized the three divisions of the Tabernacle, and the three divisions of the Great Pyramid, as well as spirit, soul and body. At the top of the Headdress was a tiny cup of gold made in the form of a flower. This is said to have signified that the nature of the Priest was receptive., and that he had a vessel in his own soul which cup-like was capable of catching the Eternal Waters of Life pouring upon him from the heavens above. This flower over the crown of his head is a rose growing out of a skull..thus in symbolism the Rose is YAHSHUA (Christ) resurrecting from the death. The ancients believed that the spirit escaping from the body passes upward thru the crown of the head; therefore the flower like cup symbolized the spiritual consciousness. And on the front of this golden crown were inscribed in Hebrew...HOLINESS UNTO YAHWEH.

Now; the robes and ornaments were to bring respect and veneration of the Israelites for their High Priest, as their spiritual leader. But when the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies he removed this earthly finery and walked robed only in his own virtue and spiritually this symbolized his yearning to learn all YAHWEH PLANNED TO TEACH HIM.

We see this is as in other places as referring to an initiate entering into the mysteries where they are pictured as walking in naked, thus signifying that person was ready to discard everything they had learned up to now in their earthly walk, and to be taught nothing but the true picture as outlined of YAHWEH'S purpose in the Great Mosaic.

Josephus tells us that the Cherubims on the Ark of the Covenant were flying creatures, different than anything seen on earth; therefore impossible for him to describe. Moses is supposed to have seen these things kneeling at the footstool of YAHWEH when he was taken into His presence.

Now; after all the information we find in this article here in the old big book, and all the thoughts brought to mind then as they often do someone writes the last paragraph without any understanding of what has been said. Maybe the same person who thought that the Urim and Thummim were a pair of dice wrote this paragraph so will quote it to you so you can laugh with me. (Quote)....There is a legend to the effect that any who chanced to enter the Holy of Holies unclean were destroyed by a bolt of Divine fire, from the Mercy Seat. If the High Priest had one selfish thought he would be struck dead in the presence of Jehovah. The other priests could not enter the sanctuary; therefore when their leader was about to go in and received the commands of the Lord; they tied a chain around one of his feet so that if he were struck down while behind the veil, they could then drag the body out. (unquote)

Oh my, here we have the Presence of YAHWEH with his kingdom people, the lamps of the Tabernacle were there that were to burn with a perpetual light, but this does not register with those with no understanding, Light is a symbol of truth which has not touched the other races, thus we have a mixed up world order, and those of the world order are now establishing the truth as they see it, and much of the Christian world is following. You must then face the fact that you are way out here on this time track of struggle in the midst of the Universe. This struggle has been going on for ages, centuries, millenniums, and life has never been that easy altho the outcome has already been guaranteed. Everything which exists in the universe has to revolve around the concept of One Supreme Deity, that is the factor that you and I are faced with. Thus in this situation you are interested in your survival, and the key to this survival is found in the adjustment with your Father. The more you learn of the plan and purpose of HIS WILL the more secure you feel in this situation. He is going to establish righteousness once more thru out the Universe, thus this will permit the powers of evil to be defeated, and there is no victory ahead for them. The spirit from which all substances exist is without measure, but when it takes on form it is limited by its dimensions. The spirit then is limitless until it materializes, and then it has limits. Thus when the forces of evil became earthbound.. in fighting you they are limited. Where as the power behind you is limitless..stretching into the eternities of space as well as this spot where you and I survive. So don't be afraid...stop and think...who are you? And learn all you can, that is the key to survival for you, and the peace of mind you are seeking.

Now; when Moses was told to go to Israel and deliver them from Egypt, he asked:...who shall I say sent me? The translation is..... 'I AM' sent thee...but in studying the words here we find that YAHWEH reversed in its characters, and with only one small measure upon it is the same as the name Moses. Thus Moses said:....To the Israelites:.. 'The God of Spirit hath sent me who hath been made a god of flesh. YAHWEH said to Moses:...I have endowed you with the knowledge of the power of earth, and you me 'My Face'... when all you can now see is earth, you cannot at this time see Spirit. And following this we find that the numerical number of the Name above every name (Yahshua) is 543...where as Adam-man given divine law, and then perfected has the number of 345. Add them together and you get 888, the number of spirit and flesh together (YAHSHUA).

Now; you can have all the knowledge that you want, it is available but you cannot be God therefore can be gods here in the flesh, and there is so much to learn in that dimension, but do not follow this teaching of the fallen Archangel who said:...'Did God tell you that you surely would die if you partake of this Tree of good and evil..I tell you that you can be as God ....but he doesn't want you to be like him. That my friends is the lie which drew 1/3 of the stars of heaven as well. He had discovered certain things, and when YAHWEH told him different he rebelled, and was driven out of heaven. Lucifer thought because of the power he had obtained, he could de-throne the Father, but that was not the issue, he never had the power of Our Father. The reason Lucifer was cast out of the heavens was because he set forces of power in motion to try to take over the heavens with the Divine Throne. He was not the supreme authority for he did not have enough force. Just remember that 2/3 of the force and power of the Universe has always stood on the side of God there in outer space. Here on earth with the balance of numbers then Lucifer has about 4/5., of the world power and you have about 1/5 thus the tough battle ground is here in earth, for those forces cast to earth are now the majority today. If you do not believe there were such beings then read the book of Jude. However altho they so outnumber you they still come up short. The energy of spirit which holds the heavens and the earth together are not under their command. They try to control you with their patterns of wisdom they retained which is an attack against the senses in a realm that is entirely material. And there they attempt to launch their program to destroy God's kingdom. They have to work out of the senses, and this is why Plato told us that their god is the god of materialism, and I have already given you his name. It is in that orbit that they have no capacity to create, they may duplicate but not create, this is something that our people must relearn. One of the greatest battles ever lost was in the heavens when Lucifer was driven out and confined to earth. This was before you as a race were ever in flesh in earth.

Enoch talks about this...How after YAHWEH by the power of spirit assembled the first man out of the elements of earth that soon Lucifer tried to control thru the elementals these masses of people. And how God set up this process where in those who possessed His spirit would be able to carry out a basic metabolism of the development of life out of the substance of earth, and the residue of spirit. Enoch understood this, but that is why the books of Enoch are not in your Bible. For most of the things Enoch talked about were things which happened before 4004 B.C. when supposedly Adam came along and people do not want to think about anything else.

But facts do remain, and as people talk about the Bible, you just stop and think...who are you? Here you are in a body, take a look at this body for it is made of the elements of the earth. But where did it come from? What is it a part of? If we told you that your body was a part of the flaming sun, a part of the moon, the stars, dust and of the drift of comets, a part of the debris of the past, and that is not evolution by any means, would you believe it? To alter its course matter was changed by force,..and in all this time matter shifted and moved like the sand and the wind. But spirit can gather matter, and take it out of its inorganic state and make it pulse full of life...that is a mystery, and the reason this body has life and pulse is because there is HIS spirit inside, basically making a chemical change thru the Great Mystery called LIFE.

The Apostle John understood this LIGHT of LIFE which Adam-man carried...for the mystery is that even in an orbit controlled by forces in rebellion, that Divine sons could continue thru the process of spiritual seed to gather for themselves a body, and still have residence in it with the pattern of divine inspiration. You are a two fold being...a spiritual being occupying a finite world because Our Father decreed you are to occupy it.

You are here for a definite purpose, and He is occupying a finite world thru and with you. You may talk about spiritual things, but you cannot do a single thing in the plane of spirit except to translate the energies of spirit into action in a physical world. Altho you are a part of a spiritual plane the only place you can work is where there are limits...where you can put it into form. That is where we are today, and we must work in that frame work of time.




Here again is the same story....according to this old big book there is every reason to believe that all the secret schools of the ancient world were branches from one philosophic tree, which with its roots in heaven, and its branches in earth, is like the spirit of Adam-man, an invisible but ever present cause of the objective vehicle, that gives expression. The Mysteries were thus the channels thru which this one-philosophic light was disseminated. The people of these secret societies were filled with intelligence and spiritual understanding, and were the perfect fruitage of the Divine tree, bearing witness before the material world of the source of all Light and Truth. Greek mythology was based on the mysteries and their sacred keys. This you are to keep in mind as you read those stories of Greek mythology. Later not understanding the meaning of the symbols of their mysteries, most believed these rites of the mysteries referred solely to the succession of the seasons. In mythology the soul of Adam-man is a spiritual thing. Its true home is in the higher worlds, where free from the bondage of material form and material concepts, it is said to be truly alive and self expressive. The human or physical nature of Adam-man according to this doctrine is said to be a tomb, the source of all sorrow and suffering. The spiritual soul unable to express itself because of the limitations and illusions of the human environment.

Dante's inferno was symbolic of those people who never free their spiritual nature from the bonds of the physical, under the teachings of his church he then said that those souls who sleep thru their physical lives, when passing into hades at death lay in rows and sleep thru eternity like they slept thru physical life. His church believed in purgatory and the practice of paying for prayer to move a relative, or friend into heaven, and this effected his thinking.

Longfellow was to say:....'The soul is dead that slumbers'...but this is different for he meant that if you only accept this physical person you see in the mirror, then you never unfold your immortal, invisible self. In other words your spirit is what you never see. Transmigration and restoration were taught by the Mysteries, and those who did not understand restoration then believed in Reincarnation which is not in the Adamic story.

In the picture with this article we see a great chasm between two rock mountains. On one side sits the king of Hades (darkness) with his symbols of death and decay such as the vultures and sculls, the owls, and then out in front of them is the 3 headed dog, the symbol of past, present and future. This picture also has the golden haired lady of Mythology, the stolen bride for the king of darkness. On the other side of the Chasm stood an instructor of the mysteries, and a naked person facing this chasm filled with those and asleep. Over the chasm then flies a golden haired lady dressed in white holding a lighted lamp in each hand symbolizing light and truth. The naked figure is the symbol of the initiate who has not been instructed as yet in the mysteries.

Here you have the woman (Israel)...but also the symbol of the is held in darkness at least part of the year according to mythology...thus is both false and true...and the woman with the lamp in her hands the true church flying above all those asleep in darkness...while they wait for the introduction into the Mysteries as the instructor and initiate stand by the great chasm.

Now; the Eleusinian mysteries were also based in Greece, and were famous for their philosophic concepts, and the high standard of morality which they practiced in their daily lives. These Eleusinian Mysteries were named for the community in Attica, the city of Eleusis. The golden haired lady of this mystery school is Persephone, and was said to be the daughter of their mythology. This was because this mystery school was an offshoot later of the one in Egypt which was started with the teachings of Enoch and Isis. This Mystery of Eleusinism was founded about 1400 years before the birth of 'The Christ Child'. Thru the Olatonic system of philosophy their principals have been preserved even in modern times. As time went on after the Christ visited earth, then the knowledge of the ancient mysteries deteriorated into rituals that were satanic, as Free Masonry adopted many of the rituals, and not able to understand their allegoric meanings, they were changed into Satanic rites.

In the mysteries many were the myths then as to the woman called the mother of Persephone, sometimes called Ceres, or Isis. She is represented as riding in a chariot drawn by winged serpents. We see this mother as the symbol of the heavenly kingdom, and Persephone or Eve the mother of the Earthly kingdom. Those who did not understand called the profane, and uninitiated had their own opinions of the truths of the Greek allegories, still the great truths remained safely concealed by their Priests, who alone recognized the sublimity of these great philosophic and religious parables.

The doctrines of the greater mysteries were said to be obscured by mystic and splendid visions, the happiness of the soul both here and hereafter when purified from the defilement of the material nature, were constantly elevated to the spiritual visions. The lesser visions or mysteries were those doctrines pertaining to the coming into earth to assume terrestrial form. These were taught to all the initiates.

It is thought that this mystery school came down thru the generations from even back in the days of the Brahman mysteries found in northern India, and ten from the ancient Egyptian ceremonies, because these also closed with the Sanskrit words:...'Konx Om Pax'.

To the initiates of this religion then the story of Persephone in Greek mythology was symbolism, and Persephone was the symbol of the soul. This meant that this time Persephone must spend in Hades as the bride of the King of Darkness was that time Adamites would spend in the darkness of earth in physical life, until they had mastered the Light of Understanding found in the mysteries. After being freed from the concept of earth knowledge they were considered liberated not only for the period of time they must stay in earthly occupation, but forever, even after death in the so called Heaven world. In contrast to the idea of Hades, that state of darkness below, the gods were said to inhabit the tops of the mountains, a well known example being mount Olympus.

Now; both women and children were also admitted to the Eleusinian mysteries. At one time there were thousands of members. But that which was termed the Higher Mysteries was known only to limited numbers of their people who showed superior mentality, and had a comprehensive grasp of their philosophical concepts. It is reported that Socrates refused to become a member of the Elusinian mysteries because he knew the principals and realized that being a member would seal his tongue.

These mysteries of Eleusis were based then upon great and eternal truths which were held by the great minds of the ancient world, such as Plato, Cicero, Pindar and others who spoke of them with admiration. The Garments which people wore when taken into the mysteries were preserved for many years, and were believed to possess almost sacred properties. Just as the soul can have no covering save wisdom and virtue so the candidate being as yet without true knowledge were thus presented to the mysteries in symbolism as unclothed, or as given skins of animals, then later a consecrated robe to symbolize the philosophical teachings received by the initiate.

Curing the course of the initiation into the mysteries the candidates passes thru two gates, the first one led downward as into this world of flesh, the second led upward to a room brilliantly lighted, as tho by means of unseen lamps, symbolizing the abode of light and truth.

There was a great temple in Eleusis, and it was built to hold between 20 to 30 thousand people. Thus there were many people who had some idea at least as to where they came from at that time. The symbol of YAHWEH in this religion was explained in this manner:...God being a luminous principle resides in the midst of the fire, remaining invisible to the eyes of those who do elevate themselves above material life. Thus transparent things such as Crystal, Parian marble and Ivory symbolized the idea of Divine Light. To express supreme wisdom, the divinity was represented as a source of beauty, and in Audaum, both sexes were pictured, thus a virgin and a young man, or a husband and his bride. Everything luminous was attributed to the gods; the spheres, the universe, the sun and the moon. The circle was the symbol of Eternity, the sections of the circle to the phases of the moon, and the Pyramid. The Obelisks were symbolic of the principals of truth, and thru them to the gods of the heavens. A cone was said to express the sun, a cylinder the earth, the phallus and triangle were symbolic of generations.

These Eleusinian mysteries survived all others, and did not cease to exist as an institution until nearly 400 years after The Christ. They were finally suppressed after much had been absorbed into the true Christian church. And after the Christian church had been infiltrated then most were suppressed if they realized where they came from. Of this greatest of all philosophic institutions Cicero said that it taught men how to live and how to die.

There was another ancient mystery school called the 'Orphic Mysteries.' The founder of this one was a Thracian bard, a great imitator of the Greeks living several centuries before the Christian Era. There are legends which say he was a Hindu from Hindustan, and that he had been initiated into the Egyptian mysteries. (We have explained before about the Aryan rule in ancient Hindustan) Here in these legends in this mythology of these mysteries again is found the story of the Star Bible, and this in allegory is of a woman seeking to escape from a serpent who sought to seduce her. This woman’s name was Eurydice and after she is gone then Orpheus wanders the earth looking for her, as he did not want to live without her. The different accounts of his death symbolize the various means used to destroy these ancient teachings, for wisdom can be destroyed in many ways at the same time. The allegory of Orpheus incarnating into a white swan was signifying that the spiritual truths he put forth will continue, and be taught in the future ages. The Swan is the symbol of the initiates of the mysteries, it is also the symbol of Divine power; and the progenitor of the worlds.

Now; there are two more ancient mystery organizations mentioned here;...The Bacchus mysteries, and the Dionysian rites. These two seemed to have deteriorated fast, and trying to find their origin and original beliefs was hard to do. The latter is said to have been an organization of builders, said to have been bound together by their secret knowledge of the relationship between the earthly and divine science of architecture. They supposedly had been employed by King Solomon in the building of the temple. It is written here that these men were not Jews, and they did not worship the god of the Jews. It is known that these Dionysian architects had erected many of the great monuments of antiquity. They possessed a secret language, and a system of marking stones. They had annual convocations and sacred feasts.

We would say these men were from the Master Builders organization, thus they did have great knowledge of architecture, for they and the 'Rose Cross' organization worked together. Then after all this information given in this article we find that this organization was incorporated into the society of the Freemasons...thus its downfall. And here they say that Hiram Abiff was probably of this organization, so they were still trying to claim every thing for the enemy, altho they had just told you that the Master Builders were not Jews. Always we find this confusion, but that is why you must go back into the ancient symbolism to get facts straightened out. When you once realize who these people are of the ancient symbolism then you can trace them on thru the New Testament and to today, but our people do not know who they are. They say we are gentiles, but don’t know where the gentiles came from. We still think it is fascination to learn altho today we cannot pass it on to well, but still there is a purpose in learning as we have just seen, for that is where the LIGHT is.