ERM - Tape 064 - The Elementals; The Secrets Of Great Mystery Babylon Today


TAPE NO. 64  -  by Ella Rose Mast


We have told you many things throughout this tape series, some of them would be.....out of this many people, but there is much, much more to learn. We have come no where near to he point of fulfilling our cup of knowledge. We have however hesitated to go deeper into this subject of the Elementals since it is rather 'far out' to anyone who believes that all people came from Adam about 4004 B.C.

We have told you much about the makeup of the dimensions and the creation, and of course about the kingdom in earth. We have told you about the Great Archangel, and why his rebellion was allowed. And altho even Jesus said HE saw a star fall from heaven, still may have been taught and believed that the Devil is just an evil nature in you which you will defeat as you learn to 'love everybody'. This is something that has been sown into the Christian religion to help in the process of destroying your belief in YAHSHUA, as to who HE is, why HE came, and to whom HE came.

The scripture tells you that Lucifer was once a great illuminator as he proclaimed the 'truths' of YAHSHUA-YAHWEH...and was called;... The sun of the Morning...a bright and shinning Star who served before the MOST HIGH, and was controller in fact of most of the area of the 'Milky Way' system of the Universe. Remember that YAHWEH has a great Archangel invested in this rebellion and this was allowed for a great purpose. There came a time when this Archangel was allowed to feel jealous, and wonder who was to have more power in this glorious created universe. YAHWEH had children of his spirit, and they were to become greater in power than Lucifer himself, and Lucifer then decided he would not reflect this 'truth' in the area of the universe which he controlled. And now that this question of Power was raised then of course it must be handled once and for all times, must be settled by Divine authority, once and for all. YAHWEH would now establish this question, then settle it once and for all, and it will never rise again. Lucifer in rebellion was no longer able to proclaim 'truth' and he thus became a devil, or Satan. Right away in space Satan began mutating every law he could remember, and out of these violations came mutations. After being driven into our solar system and confined, with these angelic hosts who rebelled with him, he set about upsetting the balance of earth, just as he had done out in space. He took over the ancient Torog civilization and produced thru violations of law and mutations many different species.

Today it is hard to phantom the greatness of this catastrophe, or the years it took to produce that catastrophe just here in our own solar system. During the Vietnam War there was found in the jungles of Cambodia an ancient temple to a pagan god which this rebellion produced, and right away some people wanted to raise money to restore this great temple with its symbols of serpents and dragons.

Now; Lucifer knew to a degree all the laws of the Universe, but in rebellion started crossing bacteria and protozoa, and made viruses and germs. When you mutate bacteria of which there is no anti-body in your physical body to combat them, then you have sickness and disease. Enoch told us that they put together grasses and substances and then let them ferment, and they then poured the ferments together and crossed the visible things with those that move and creep, and out of this crossing came the scope of death. Disease germs then came by this process not by Divine Will. This tells us that everything is a sin if you do not do it right. Pain, catastrophe, war, all these Lucifer caused, and his offspring carry on his purpose and program. Just remember there is a Divine purpose in all this, and even tho a bit of your nature would like to see Lucifer squirm, even just a little bit, still remember that YAHWEH has an Archangel invested in this area of instruction, and HE plans on getting back His Archangel, and then he will rebel no more. This you can count on for this whole Universe is held together by the LAW OF HIS OWN WILL, and by the entity of HIS OWN INTELLIGENCE. At this point it is very significant for you to understand that this battle for control of the earth is a very natural thing for Lucifer and for his children, where as the overthrow of this kingdom of darkness is the purpose of THE MOST HIGH, and there is no doubt that HIS WILL...BE DONE.

Now; therefore people little know of the impact of the thinking of masses of people who direct their patterns of thought for its impact upon you in the events which occur in your area of earth. They do not realize how much they bring upon themselves, this shaking of the earth by catalyzing of the mass pattern of their own thoughts. No wonder the enemy works so hard to change the thinking of the people of the kingdom. This is why it is so important for you to know who you are, and why you are here. In our walk thru physical earth, here we are gaining an experience not learned any other way, for use in our tomorrows. Oh, you do not need to experience how to live in Celestial planes for you came out of there; but moving out thru the Universe and its dimensions, then yes, this experience will come in handy for us. You my friends, are watching YAHWEH defeat Lucifer as Satan, then he will bring Lucifer back after totally defeating him as Satan, then will restore him to the administration, but under the power of our Father and his kingdom. You will then appreciate this experience gained in earth as you move into the 'eons' of tomorrow because 'eye hath not seen, nor ear heard things in tomorrows cycles, and beyond.' When Lucifer returns...totally defeated, he will never try this again for his Satanic nature will be gone, however the record of the fact that 'error' destroy' cannot build, and the whole Universe has had this example held up before them, and saw it thoroughly played out. Perhaps you are not aware that once you came to the knowledge of that violated law...what that violated law produced, once you discover what the catastrophe is, at that point of realization you never do that again. Oh, you say People transgress (sin) all the time, then they repent and are sorry. But actually they have not as yet attained the full intent of realization, but when they do they will not repeat the violation. This even applies to Lucifer, but after this trip thru the Shekinah Light, even tho there may be an agonizing thought transition, still it is a purification factor as well. The fact is that.... think wrong and you act wrong... thus Lucifers program has always been... capture the mind by any method, and you can hold the earth.

Now; as we use the word spiritual sometimes it is ambiguous, but it is mainly to allot anything which is not in the physical or temporal domain. Remember that throughout the entire universe, the crated species were in physical domain if they were visible. They had created spirits with soul consciousness, but were not begotten offspring or issue. There were also created Angelic hosts in many different categories. And as many followed the Luciferian rebellion, they also came into this solar system with him. For a while Lucifer controlled the planet Mars, but was never allowed to take the planet Jupiter, thus in symbolism of earth those two planets marked the battle between the children of darkness and the children of Light with their leaders. In this instance...there was not only this division between the children of darkness and the children of Light but there were also The Elementals and their divisions for some of them also followed Lucifer and served him.

Dr. Swift had an old book called 'The Court of the Nations' or The court of the Gentiles' and it was put together from the ancient scrolls saved from the Alexandrian library in Alexandria Egypt. Dr. Swift tells us that in the discussions of Satanic orders they were talking about the positive and the negative orders, known as Elementals. That these Elementals were the basic formation in earth in which consciousness existed in forms and beings. We are told that the thinking of the ancients lists 4 primary elements known as Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, and that all are inhabited by Life, and the name of this life was Elementals, and the word was also connected to the Luciferian fall.

We find in the old big book that Paraclesus the so called Prince of the Alchemists, and a Hermetic philosopher, and true possessor of the Royal secrets which were the Philosophers stone, and the elixir of Life, taught that these four primary elements were known as the four corners of the world. But all sources list these Elementals as the good and the bad of each of the 4 elements. Thus the elements of earth contained as the good Elementals such as those known as the elves, and the bad ones were the Gnomes, or dwarfs. Of the fire, the good ones were the Seraphim, and the bad were the Salama were the Raphaem. And of the air or sky the good ones were known as Fairies, and the bad ones Demons. Just as visible nature is inhabited by an infinite number of creatures so is invisible nature. And then after the fall of Lucifer there became a spiritual counter part to those who now followed Lucifer. The Elementals under Lucifer were thus the negative forces, and those who worked to counteract the evil all became called nature spirit. If this should seem far fetched remember there are so many things our people do not know, they do not remember for our ancestors had a better understanding of these things than we do today.

In tradition you find the story of the elementals, you find it woven into literature such as the Iliad, the Odyssey. Then Paraclesus long before Christ taught that these elementals were living entities, many resembling human shape, and that they inhabited a world of their own unknown to man because of his undeveloped senses which were incapable of functioning beyond the limitations of the grosser elements. Our people of today cannot even fathom many of the things the ancients remembered. Cannot realize that even in the Elemental world those under the fall of Lucifer were changed in their appearance, and nature for they also violated divine law.

The ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, and India believed in the Elementals, believed that there were good 'nature spirits' to counteract the negative forces who served Lucifer. If this were not true the physical kingdom would have been under much more pressure than it always has been. We find that therefore some of the greatest intellectuals of the world believed that Elementals were a fact; and left many writings to bear this out, and to fill the pages of history so as to verify this fact. Thus in folklore, mythology, Plato's writings, as well as Socrates, and Paraclesus.... were they all wrong? Or does modern man not possess the intelligence of his ancestors?

Now; the enemy tries to tell you that you are just to love everybody, then everything will be alright. The anger and resistance is hard on you, then it sends a toxic poison thru your body, so don't resist anything. But this is not true, only when Christians start to hate other Christians will the negation of forces create a toxic factor. But if Christians are in opposition to the enemy they become more immune to the forces of disintegration. And the catalyzing of spiritual power with all the strategy to defeat the enemy where he stands for evil, gives strength to that individual, gives him immunity.

Now; there are Elementals, and the occult group know them well, especially the negative forces in the realms around us. Men tried to contact and use them in the old days but mostly they ended by being entrapped themselves. Paraclesus said that man is composed of spirit, soul, and mind and body, combined in one unit, where as the Elementals have one principle, the ether out of which it is composed, and in which it lives. And by Ether we mean the spiritual essence of one of the four elements. Adam-man is sensitive to all four elements where as the Elementals are isolated in their own ether or dimension. But Adam-man and even the Luciferians have in their nature the center of consciousness subject to all four dimensions..with-in limits. Thus it is possible for the elementals to communicate with man. The occult forces are very aware of this and use the fallen Elementals in their Black Magic.

Now; the question is....whether there are any of the Elementals around today, but since the fallen ones are used by the Occult forces which are all around us then there must be some of their counter parts also around for our protection. Shakespeare suggested in his 'Midsummer nights dream' that the Elementals all gather at certain times of the year in great conclaves to rejoice in the beauty and harmony of nature, and the prospects for an excellent harvest.

Paraclesus tells us that Adam-man lives in the exterior elements, and the Elementals live in the interior elements. That they have dwellings, clothes languages, government and their own king, sort of like the bees have their queens. Thus there are different beings in the world today, and you have those who are referred to also as first and second estate. The fallen Angelic hosts intermingling with even those of our race who dwelt on earth, and these are called Devils by Jesus, but they walk around, they wear clothes, they run all sorts of financial institutions, but Jesus knew them by their Faith, by their history, and he identifies them as devils. They are not a race as such, they are a mutated specie, thus devils. Then there were those of the posterity of devils, and they were Demons. In the old testament as well as the new, we read of these Demon powers, how they strive to influence the souls and minds of men. And then as those bodies of Demon power were destroyed they became disembodied spirits. And they try to inhabit a living body so that at its death they would have a way of return to the cycle of the Nethermost, or the Hades or hell of scripture. We have had Judas of Iscariot held up as an example for you to understand this, by none other than YAHSHUA himself. Judas of Iscariot was a devil, the most evil of all those dwelling on earth at that time. His mother was a sorceress, and Lucifer was his sire, as Jesus identified him, proving there are other forces in the world, and in the sky besides the kingdom of YAHWEH. There is so much more to this subject than people have any idea of, as you stop to think of the great catastrophe stemming from Lucifers fall, and the time element of all these events is mind boggling. As the ancient Lemurians fell under the influence of Lucifers fall, as did the Atlantians the Elementals of Darkness served those races, but curbing their evil were the Elementals of the right. Thus you are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. And these spiritual forces on 'the right' battle constantly these negative forces, lest they influence those of earth, and create whole areas of mental distress, by vibrations accompanied by evil and temptation. It is then the responsibility of guardian forces to counteract them, and they battle in every plane and dimension constantly doing this for you, altho they are mostly invisible, still they work as Guardian angels of the Kingdom.

Now; lets look at some of the evidence that such things we have been telling you are true. In Ephesians the Apostle Paul assures you that we battle not only against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities and rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places.

We have told you about Lowell Thomas and his friend as they tricked their way into a session with the Shamans in Tibet, and how they watched as the Devil materialized. Then the Devil pointed out that there were two white men in the crowd, and how they got out of that tent as fast as they could. Here then is two witnesses recording that this Demon spirit came forth materialized when called out by the shaman.

There are also demon spirits who come out of the Netherworld and obsess men. Jesus, himself pointed this out for you. He cast out those demon spirits which were causing that man so much trouble (Matt: 8) and as they came out they signified that they recognized YAHSHUA, and they asked to be allowed to go into the swine. As the swine then ran off the cliff and drowned, these un-embodied spirits would go back to the place for fallen spirits where they could dwell undisturbed for a time.

Under the Nephalistic law (Nephilin were a type of Angelic hosts who had not kept their first estate), under this negative law, these demon spirits have a return cycle of 612 years, this is reincarnation for them, just as Judas of Iscariot would have, for he was Satans own son, thru the process of Incubi. Judas of Iscariot thus wanted to go back to his own place which was in the Netherworld.

Now; remember the Witch of Endor in scripture, she would contact familiar spirits, and those familiar spirits had an old skilled adage which they had used for centuries. This was explained to Enoch, and you also find this in the Zohar, that when these familiar spirits did appear they would simulate the form and appearance of some loved one being sought.

Remember that everything exists in a pattern of law which moves out of the Essence of YAHWEH'S Will, out of the multiple energies of His being. This law holds the Universe together, and keeps it functioning together. And yet Lucifer in all his movements was on the negation side, and he sought to take over the Universe with his negative power. If you can understand that then why be surprised to find that in all the realms around us there are beings, some positive and some negative.

And yes, there are even Witches today, the scope of Witchcraft is quite extensive and Devil worship goes on all the time. That is another story, but some witches don't act like Witches, but go around like an Angel of Light. They get a lot of people out on cloud nine, but never produce anything constructive, and that my friends is Witchcraft. So remember that every spiritual truth, every great vital truth is usable, understandable, workable, and if you find that something does not reach that standard then it is phoney. The enemy of the kingdom thus reaches for witches, spirits that chirp and mutter, while we in Celestial patterns go back to seek the 'Living Spirit' which is the mind of our Father, which existed also in our ancestors, even back into those dimensions of Light. Thus spirit, soul and body is three dimensions, and this physical body we dwell in, this tabernacle for the spirit is solid only because of the Sovereignty of HIS WILL by which all things are made, and held together. If the powers of darkness were by any process able to destroy the entity of God's being, the whole Universe would fall apart, and there would not be anything tangible left. In otherwords HE is the LAW, and if the crucifixion had been successful as far as Lucifer was concerned there would not have been an earth for him to stand on. Thus there is a limit beyond which the powers of darkness cannot go. But after the Luciferian rebellion their perception to perceive was mutated until Lucifer was ready to take a chance even with the crucifixion.

Whether our people understand it or not, we do battle here in the physical world with our Faith, our prayer, and our cognition, we battle forces in high places of our government, and even in hierarchies of our Faith. There are Luciferian offspring in the physical world as YAHSHUA pointed out for us, and after he had identified one of his disciples chosen for an example for us, then he had to walk in Galilee for the Yehudin sought to kill HIM.

Now; your question:....Luciferian or Lemurians living around mount Shasta in California. At one time you heard many reports of strange men being seen in that area. There is ancient land along that coast line which was at one time part of Mu, or Lemuria which some of it sank. Dr. Swift explained the make-up of the California coastline which contains some of that old land. Just east of the High Sierra mountains in California is what is known as the Alabama range of mountains. It was there before the High Sierra Mountains went up as Lemuria sank. So study your those little rounded hills, called the Alabama range start at Lone Pine, run up to Mansanard then south and are what is known as the oldest land in the U.S. In the white mountains up what is known as Wyman canyon, about 1/2 way up the canyon turn to the left and you find Permian pegmatite, or the oldest mountains in this type of formation in the U.S.

Thus the two oldest areas of material which can be found geologically are found in the Owens valley area. Then in the areas of the remaining Permian material...out by see standing out of the ocean those strange rocks, they stand tall out of the ocean. From Trinidad down to Arcadia and even to Eureka along the coast, by the big lagoon, and other places you see these massive rocks, similar in formation to what is in the Alabama range. This continental shelf of California is a part of what was once the continent of Mu. This shelf extends out over vast depths of ocean, for at San Juan Capitola, under Watsonville, and most of the area from there south to Monterey the ocean is two miles deep under that shelf. From seaside to Watsonville, and north to Capitola this side of Santa Cruz the ocean goes all the way back in under the land. At San Juan Batiste avenues of the ocean go all the way back in under the land, deep underneath even to the mountains called the second coastel range, goes almost to Visalia, and the Sierra range, showing that even parts of that land is super imposed. Thus the area from Capitola all the way south to Monterey is undermined. Then from there it is solid formation south to San Simeon with a small island inundation going under the mountains in the area of Morrow Rock and bay. Then there is solid formation again until you come close to Malibu, and there is an undercutting under part of Santa Barbara, and from there south the ocean goes deep under the land. After you pass Malibu the ocean goes deep under that land formation. A mountain chain swings off at Santa Barbara, rounds the other side of Vincent and forms the Sierra Madre range which extends over to San Bernadino. This is the first major formation of the shelf. Everything the other side of the Sierra Madres out to the ocean is a part of the old Lemurian land. In the great shaking and catastrophe which the Bible refers to, in that final stage of the great sinking of that continent, which took place in the days of Peleg, during the Adamic time period, at that time the Bering Straits were created as the last of those land bridges disappeared. In other words at that time the last of the breaking off of this land shelf occurred. Hundreds of miles out in the Pacific Ocean land was sinking, and at Monterey Bay the portion of that shelf which sank went down two miles into the Ocean. Under areas of Pacific Palisades there are areas of high ridge like ribs of land, and now and then from there to Dana point, to Seal Beach to Long Beach, and all the way up to Malibu you will find the ocean deep underneath that great shelf. And there are places where the shelf is 2 or 4 thousand feet deep, and yet under it is a mile to 1 1/2 miles of surging ocean. There are places there where there is only a matter of a few hundred feet of land, and then again there you find the surging ocean.

Thus even in the time period of the Adamites, then part of Lemuria...a final sinking occurred about 400 years after Adam's exodus out of the garden. There was a great astronomical impact caused by Venus in one of her occasional passes at earth, before she became fixed in our solar system, that caused this tremendous upheaval, and the shaking and sinking of the last of the Lemurian shelf then broke off and went down. The Bering Straits were then established and even Gibraltar a part of Atlantas remained above the sea, and some land north of Hegoland in Europe also went down at that time.

Now; some Lemurians no doubt lived on that land that went down, and we are told tradition...then some of them went into the Trinity Alps. Traditions also tell us that at 4 spots there were entrances into the inner earth cavern systems, and they were being used in the days of Lemuria. Then later from the Inca and Indian legends, and certain areas of theological precepts, we learn these same things. We are told that watchers were placed over the entrances to bottle up the fallen demons who were once Angelic hosts. In the book of Jude we are told that these Demon forces were kept in chains of darkness, in the inner earth. But there were areas of the Netherworld, or Inner earth where some of the people who followed Lucifer could come and go from these Cavern entrances.

Now; the Lemurians had always dwelt on the outside of the earth, the Incas also, but finally the Incas disappeared into the Cavern systems, from their land in South America. We have been told that at Mount Shasta, somewhere in its forest is one of the openings into the inner earth cavern system. Another was in the Gobi desert, another in the Andes Mountains, and one in the Carpathean Mountains of Europe. Tradition tells us that there are layers of caves, and subterranean spots within the earths surface. And that the Lemurians who were left after the great catastrophe as their land sank, when they heard that the Adamic people were on earth, and that they carried a great light, as this word spread, these people who followed Lucifer went underground at the approach of any white man. That they had been living in caves underground ever since the white occupation of North America began. There is much information available as well as tradition as to what happened to these Lemurians, but of course today if you cannot see it, touch it, then it does not exist, but still the information is there. As to those people seen around Mt. Shasta, well there are two cities near, they are the cities of Weeds and Dunsmur, and into those two cities have come, now and then over the past 100 years, white bearded men that are somewhat ruddy of complexion, who wore togas and garments much like the roman age. They would always trade or exchange nuggets of gold or silver or gems for groceries. They spoke fluent English, but when talking to each other they spoke a language you could not understand. Dr. Swift talked to the storekeepers of those towns and learned many things. Many people tried to follow these men but they were unsuccessful as they left the stores. The question is were these people descendants of ancient Lemuria? one knows.

Now; in the book of Revelation we learn that the seal of at least one of these holes in the earth was taken off, and a lot of Demonic forces came out in great a cloud of locust (REV: 9). They had flying crafts and were armed, and they came against the kingdom. They have the power to hurt the earth, but there is a hindrance on them, to protect the children of the kingdom. Thus do you have the seal of his kingdom? If you are determined body and soul that you will serve the kingdom, if you work to bring it in, if you correlate in your vision this mighty purpose for your race and HIS kingdom, then you have the total seal of His spirit in your forehead (mind). The work of your hands like the seal of the spirit marks you as of the kingdom, of the Household of THE MOST HIGH. Great areas of Satanic power behind the Soviets, and the forces which was against the kingdom, against Christianity could well have come out of the inner earth for this last final drive to try to totally engulf the Christian nations largely from within. We are even told that as the symbol of the Christ...the Great fleets of the MOST HIGH come in then the enemy turns their weapons on HIM, so the battle is still on until he finishes it in victory.

There were areas in different places in the earth that had civilizations even before Lucifer fell, and were under him after he fell, and they used to come on the face of the earth then go back in, they knew the cavern systems, the routes in and out where to avoid the areas of heat. There are many things to be learned, and the Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford were well aware of these mysteries of the ancient past. They had whole volumes dealing with witchcraft, and beings, and things which happened in the past. They found these things woven thru out all literature thru out history, and they found these things woven thru out all religions of the world, and they recorded what they found.

If you go into the proper level of this story you find that the Luciferian forces were assigned into the inner earth, except the seed begotten into the world, and they go thru their cycles of return. But other races also went under the bondage of Lucifer and fell from their status as well. All then bide their time, and the cycles until the great day when THE RESTITUTION of all things is a reality. We have told you about the Dolphins, why they are so friendly to people, so will not repeat it here. But there are other ancient manuscripts and even the Zohar that spoke of what happened to ancient races, and beings in the great catastrophe of Lucifers fall.

Now; there are Raphaim cities and dwellers on the ocean floor, but they were not mortals when their cities sank, and catastrophe had overtaken that race as they mongrelized with every evil set up by Lucifer and his hosts, and when their land sank those beings were water bound. The Mermaids were a mutation between the Rephaim and the fish. There is no doubt some of them existed, but as far as them being beautiful women with fish tails that is just a fantasy. The picture in the old Big Book of a mermaid is far from beautiful even tho the story of the siren song of the mermaids which lured sailors into trouble is widely known. Dr. Swift was shown one of these creatures at one time. It had a head somewhat like a human, the arms and chest were there but the rest was like a fish. The picture in the old big book had flippers sort of like a tadpole. Dr. Swift tells us that these creatures were gathered at a great depth in the South Pacific by a research expedition. This strange creature that Dr. Swift saw died soon after being brought to the surface. The scientists at the Smithsonian said these are what is called Mermaids. But going into the scriptures we find these dwellers of the deep were called Rephaim...Angels who did not keep their first estate were involved in the sinking of the great land masses as you go into this subject, and these Raphaim belong to the Nephalistic order. Go back into the records 4500 years ago and you find them discussing these part fish, part man creatures. Thus those dwellers of the deep are of the Demonic order. Dr. Swift had old plates and reports of ancient lore which went back into antiquity, that discussed these creatures known as the Rephaim.

Now; in his many trips to Washington D.C., Dr. Swift heard many times the strange story of what happened to our ambassador. It seems that our ambassador sat on the shore of the Black Sea in the days of Stalin and one night had quite an experience. It was known that Stalin reached out to embrace pagan religions, and false gods, and strange areas of Witchcraft, that he was dependent upon the guidance and influence of Satanic spirits and pagan religions. This night our Ambassador could not sleep and he went for a walk on the beach. He was startled to see a strange group of beings come up out of the Sea and then walk right into Stalin's summer palace. Our Ambassador awakened some of his staff and they followed the path of these beings into the outer court of Stalin's summer palace, but they were not allowed in the council chamber. These men then waited patiently and saw these strange creatures come out of the Palace, walk into the sea and disappear under the waves. This was in the days before W.W.II and before they had diving suits and flippers used today, but those would bring such thought to this situation. The next morning the Ambassador and some of his staff went to the summer palace and noticed the slime marks still on the floor of the council chamber. Our Ambassador and his staff on returning to the U.S. said there was no doubt that there was link between Stalin and these monsters of the deep. But many questioned the sanity of the Ambassador for remember this man....Joseph Stalin became our ally, but Dr. Swift and his companions heard this story many times when they were in Washington even years later.

Another monstrosity which resulted from the Luciferian fall was the Satyr. Remember that Esau married outside of his race and went with his wife to the 'hill of the Satyr' and here they worshiped this monstrosity. This Satyr was as Ya-pan...who was half man, half goat, the result of the Bestiality practice installed by Lucifer and his fallen angels. This story comes down thru tradition as an old pattern of violation of Law called....Minitar. There is much about this practice of the mixing of humans with beasts in the old records. And the Hill of the Satyr is one of the greatest abominations of pagan religions.

We find in the old Big Book that during the reign of Constantine, according to St. Jerome, that a Satyr was captured alive and exhibited to the people. It was a human form with horns and feet of a goat. After it died it was preserved in salt, and taken tot the Emperor so that he might testify as to its reality. The violation of Divine Law in the areas of Hindustan, and in the High Steppes of Asia, in Buddhism, is still the same things. Dr. Swift had little ivory characters, symbols of the offspring of such union of Beast with men. Among the Asiatics this practice of bestiality was at one time quite definitely practiced. In the laws handed down by Moses for Israel, if an individual was found alive who was a result of such a violation of law, such as half man, half goat, this being was termed a 'Satyr hill' and that beast was to be put to death, then the people were to search for and put to death the parents of such an offspring for this was one of the greatest of abominations.

All pagan religions have violated this law to different degrees. In the Temples high in Tibet and over in India, and in some of the Islands such monstrosities were given a high reverence. In ancient Ya-Pan the god Pan was 'Minitar'; half man-half bull in their images, but actually was half man-half goat. In the Armenian language this was called 'The Satyr'. The same word was found thru out the east, and up into the English language. Go to a dictionary and you find a Satyr is listed as a man with a goats body and legs. And the Pipes of Pan is the same story for this monstrosity piped the children down the street... to destruction. In the scripture then Esau married into the pagan tribes, and went with his wife to the 'Hill of the Satyr'; and they went to worship one of these monstrosities. The Philistines worshiped a monstrosity they called...Dragoon, and even more base mixture, a fish god, and they had a vestal altar service for this symbol of 'the Satyr'.

You say:...but this is all pagan mythology. My answer to you is.... Would you question YAHWEH'S condemnation of such worship of Bestiality? Remember that the kingdom of YAHWEH was now in earth, and YAHWEH was condemning and warning of this practice, and its results. Scripture calls attention to what has happened to other races as they followed the depravity caused by Lucifers fall. YAHWEH by foreknowledge knew how Lucifer would act, and He said:... children not yet born, neither having done good nor evil, it being my purpose.... One I have accepted the other I have not chosen. (Assued).

Now; the Occult, the Rosicrucians understand these things very well. They tell you that the Salamanders are the most powerful of the elementals, and those they call on the most, and they tell you that they come in different forms. Remember the Elemental with the bat wings, the one who supposedly held King Solomon in his hands. Freemasonry carried that story. They said since Christ was in their rite then of course Lucifer should also be there. What they do not tell the Christians and what they seem to fail to notice is that YAHSHUA even the aspect of HIM as a great teacher was being squeezed out. The Christian church then developed the hierarchy and they gathered the entities (Elementals) and labeled them all demons, made no distinction between good and evil. Everything they no longer understood they labeled evil.

Now; you have asked about the Weegie Board. I think we have answered this before but again (from the Swift tape Ministry)... Weegie was one of the fallen angels, so if you are appealing to Weegie then who are you appealing to but a familiar spirit? Voodoos was also a fallen angel who has kept the colored race in bondage as much as can be. We could tell you much about this religion called Voodooism which you see some mention of on T.V., but it is used to keep the people from turning to the right God. But when you mention this today, then people think you are a racist... and they say we respect all religions.

We ask you to stop for a moment and think back over the events which have taken place since the rebellion of Lucifer in the heavens. We have touched on the highlights of this situation just a bit thru out this series of tapes. There would not be time or tapes to cover all that has happened to former races. But now we are in the time of the building of YAHWEH'S kingdom in earth, and we have seen how these evil practices have slowed down this process, but not completely stopped it. As you understand this then you begin to see how this race has been blessed, and has blessed the world by its presence as it carried their faith with them thru their migrations, and now in their established places. You ask.....can an Adamite be inhabited by an evil spirit? Well we tell you that such spirits can influence you only if you make room for them in your mind. This is why rock music and so many things have been have been thrown out so as to influence the youth. Drugs can dull the mind, just as alcohol does, and if these spirits are allowed to enter, they excite the passions, produce bad thoughts which act injuriously upon the brain. They blot out the thoughts you should be having, and bring out the animal nature so that which is illuminated with truth no longer comes thru. But a pure Adamite cannot be obsessed by Demon spirits unless you make room for them in your mind. A healthy mind is likened to a castle which cannot be invaded without the WILL of the Master.

Now; how has the enemy been able to influence the thinking of the Christians...the Christian church especially so as to turn it from its path until it stands as prophecy predicted... 'neither hot nor cold'. We are thinking of a young minister, a Methodist minister whose name was E. Stanley Jones. This young man had a great desire to set up the understanding of theology, and was very concerned with missionary work. He felt a call for work in India. The enemy however was already developing a 'Social Gospel' for the world, and this young Methodist minister filled the bill in their drive and develop and set this 'social' gospel in place. Thru the hierarchy of Christendom they made it possible for E. Stanley Jones to go to India, and there they threw him into contact with Gandhi. These men leading on this young minister said:.... We like the teachings of Jesus, but we don't like western Christianity, it is to selfish, all America cares about is itself. This was an old con game, but this young minister fell for it, and he set out to prove them wrong, as they said that America's form of Christianity which of course believes in the Deity of YAHSHUA... was selfish. So E. Stanley Jones went to India and spent some time there, then after coming home he wrote the book;... 'Christ on the Indian Rode,' it was quite a book, and he told of how while in India they listened to the teachings of Jesus, but they would not accept HIS Deity. This they said was what made America so selfish, but if America would divide her bounty, our wheat and the products of our industry then with India, they would be a little more warm toward American Christianity.

Perhaps E. Stanley Jones did not realize that Gandhi was one of the brilliant minds of the Socialistic revolution. His pacifism was a misnomer for behind the scenes he activated all sorts of violence while crying pacifism. You have seen this happen in our day as well, and the press was used to building up the idea of Gandhi, the great pacifist, but actually he was not.

Then E. Stanley Jones went back to India and this time he stayed 2 1/2 years, then this time when he came home he wrote the book:... 'Christ of the Round Table'. Now he was saying that it would be wise for Christians to discover some of the great teachings of the Eastern Wisemen. He had found ancient writings which were by Aryan patriarchs such as in the Vedic and they were mentioned, he said, in the Bahi-Vegeta. But E. Stanley Jones by this time in his drive to embrace the world could not perceive the ancient message of the Aryans. He talked about Christ taking his place at the round-table with Gandhi, and he quoted Confucius as well. This book also was circulated thru out the Methodist church. He supported the program of sending billions of bushels of wheat to India, and the subsidizing of India's industry not even noticing that in fact India is one of the wealthiest nations in the world if you could count all the gold, silver, and precious gems in her pagan temples.

Now; E. Stanley Jones believed he was being led by the Holy Spirit, as he wrote the book... 'Christ on every Road.' And in this book he told of how he had found Christ in Buddhism, in Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, these pagan Indian gods, found Christ even in the Kali doctrines as well. He said all he had to do was make a slight modification and recognize that each had his own approach to come to the same truth. But remember that so called truth even in the beginning, never believed in the Deity of YAHSHUA.

Finally E. Stanley Jones and a Japanese man, a Socialist from Japan went on a world wide preaching mission. The man from Japan wrote books teaching the social responsibility of the Christians of the west, how a great curse would rest upon the west if they did not share with the people of India and Japan the blessings of God poured out on the west. These books were sent out thru the Christian world saying:.. don't tell us of your faith, show us how much you are willing to give; how much you love others. Right away socialists were saying; now we can join the Christian church, and they did, moving also into positions of teaching theology for now the church was believed ripe for this great social gospel.

E. Stanley Jones held great meetings, he spoke supposedly as the Holy Spirit was moving him and the people came to those meetings and went away thinking they had received something, however they did not quite know what, and it did not seem to have been lasting. The emphasis in the 1960's however was on the Holy spirit altho people did not quite understand what it was.

Finally E. Stanley Jones could not stand any longer the selfishness of America and he moved to India permanently. He went into the Himalaya mountains and built a small sanctuary like a Buddhist Monk and others of all faiths were doing. For a while people went there to talk to him saying he was like a holy wiseman of these other religions, who were meditating. Then after a while we heard no more about this minister who started out when he was young with such a great desire to preach 'The Christ' to the world.

We have told you this story so you may see how a young evangelist was allowed to be pushed onto to a wrong path, to bring about this structural Cathedral from which this Social Gospel can function. Prophecy lays this out as one of the goals of Mystery Babylon, showing how the enemy never retreats, just steps two steps forward, and then one back if necessary as a compromise for a while, but never gives an inch in their goal of crowding 'The Christ' from the minds of the Christians as they set the Social Gospel in place.

In the 1960's this situation developed until you saw in some large Christian churches the ministers deny the Deity of The Christ, and even going so far as to declare the 'God was dead'. Then men not having an understanding of the Great Mosaic, the purpose and play of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA came forth with a strange concept concerning the Immaculate Conception. They go so far as to say that it represents the union of a human with an Elemental. Among the offspring they list Hercules, Achilles, Aeneas, Thesus, Melchizedek, Plato Apollonius of Tyana, and Merlin the Magician. In this they designate this human as an Adamite altho they may not realize it, but they also think they have disposed of the Deity of YAHSHUA, removed him... our savior from the Social Gospel. This should not be surprising if you are studying prophecy, it should just point out the age we are living in, so lift up your head for your help comes from above.

Yes, today people are very shocked when they find this minister or that one denying the Deity of YAHSHUA, but again this is but a sign of the times, for we are under a constant attack...against our faith, and will be until people realize where this attack is coming from. These same forces of darkness we have been pointing out to you in a small way, are still around, and will be until the time when the Great Flagship of the Almighty comes into view. And then they turn their weapons on HIM, but as for now they work on any that carry HIS name, trying to remove that name from your lips. Just remember that there is a far greater power on our side, and we have been promised a great victory.

Now; along with the subject of the elementals there is an article in the Old Big Book called Ceremonial Magic and Sorcery. In antiquity the word was White Magic, which referred to the knowledge the Adamic people possessed. This was the supposition that this race possessed all knowledge under the guidance of their father. Then schools of magic were formed by the kingdom of darkness, and what they produced was termed sorcery, thus occult teaching.

In antiquity it was maintained that there were ways and powers vested in certain words, and symbols where in familiar spirits could be called out, and we gave you an example of this Black Magic with the story of Lowell Thomas and his friend, in their experience in Tibet. The powers of darkness were said to have gained certain knowledge then became enmeshed in demonism and witchcraft. In the Old Big Book we are told that the most dangerous form of Black Magic is the scientific perversion of occult powers for the gratification of personal desires. Thus we would say that the occult forces are appealing to the bases of the senses for control of people. But selfishness is the fundamental cause of all worldly evil. We are told in the Old Big Book that evil spirits serve only those who live to pervert and destroy. Thus it is alright for you to know of such things, but also to realize that it is not for our race.

In occult practices these Elementals which they are able to call forth are the ones who are under the Luciferian fall, and the most evil one was the Dwarf, or the Gnome. The picture here in the Old Big Book shows one materializing. To describe it you would say maybe a dark bear like creature with clothes on, walking upright but small in stature. This is supposed to have been copied from an ancient picture. We are also told here that Transcendentalism and all forms of phenomenalistic magic are but blind alleys, and those who forsake the straight path of philosophy to wander therein almost always fall victim to their imprudence.

The demonism of the middle ages seems to have disappeared, but there is abundant evidence that in many forms of modern 'thought' especially the so called prosperity, psychology, will-power building, metaphysics, and certain systems of 'high pressure' salesmanship-that Black Magic has changed its name but its nature remains the same. Now; Dr. Johannes Faust---known as Dr. Faust was a well known magician of the middle ages. It was recorded that he was able to do many strange things. Such as when passing a cart with eggs in it he would wave his cape and there would be baby chicks in the cart, things like that. Altho Goethe's Dr. Faust was regarded as a fictional character, still this old magician actually lived during the 16th century. He wrote a book describing his experience with different spirits he was able to call out. He tells of how he obtained this knowledge of how to call the Elementals, but those who came were all of the Demonic spirits. Here in the old big book it tells us that Black magic is not a fundamental art, it is a misuse of an ancient art. Therefore it has no symbols of its own. As I have told you before they take the emblematic symbols of ancient white magic (knowledge) and by inverting and reversing the symbols signify that they are a left handed art. The Pentagram, the five pointed star is an example. This star may be broken at one point, by not permitting the converging lines to touch; it may be inverted by having one point down and two up; or it may be distorted by having the points of varying length. When the two points are upward this is called 'The Goat of Mendes'. This monstrosity is a female figure with a goats head, and a third horn in the middle like a candle, as tho it has light (knowledge), and it has wings and feet like a goat.

When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom it signifies the fall of the Morning Star (Lucifer) thus telling you what this is all about, and its connection with the rebellion of the Luciferian forces. But in symbolism always as inverted figure portrays an inverted power.

I am not going to give you the diagrams of these inverted symbols for the planets and Angelic hosts, and so forth, of this occult factor for they are of no use for our race. Paraclesus warned that the study of these things should not be, unless you have the total protection of our Father for your mind. Thus it is alright to know these things do exist, but not to concentrate on them, lest they become a fixation. Dr. Faust after playing with Black magic for years was found one morning with a knife in his back, and it was commonly believed that his familiar spirit who served him for a price had finally murdered him.

There are then many strange things most people have never heard of. They have no idea of the make up of the Tares who dwell among them, who are a part of Mystery Babylon. They have never really read Psalm 18 or Psalm 42:7, which speaks of the dwellers of the deep:... 'When the water spouts of God passed by'....because they remembered the catastrophe which brought them down. Enoch recorded:... 'Behold He has bound them in the deep, they would like to speak, but must wait the salvation of the Sons of God.' This is speaking of fallen spirits, of the mutations, the mongrelization, the bestiality of the fallen spirits.... fallen Angels which effected the races even before Adam. The water spouts of God, are fallen races who are waiting for their restoration. The Apostle Paul speaks of this time as well....'For we know that the whole creation vibrates and traveleth in pain together until now. And now only they but ourselves as well, which have the firstfruits of the spirit, the redemption of our body.'

Thus we tell you that there are still many things to be learned,.. to be understood...but we close on this point..until next time when we see how this all leads to Great Mystery Babylon......

May YAHWEH Bless......E.M.