ERM - Tape 065 - Mystery Babylon The Great


Tape No. 65  -  by Ella Rose Mast




In the book of Revelation chapter 17-18 we read of this Great Mystery portrayed as 'A woman on the back of a Red Beast.' We realize this mystery power is at war with the kingdom of YAHWEH... all the nations of the Christian West, and our Faith. We are to understand that this is symbolic.... is the same battle which from its beginning is between the children of Light and the children of Darkness. (Genesis 3:15). We are also to understand that this is symbolism...this Beast.. is not a man, it is a system of power over political, economic, religions, social programs and so forth. It is in fact the program of Anti-Christ, it is a way of life, a way of thinking, it is the structure of an Anti-Christ society.

In this beast system we include Communism, Socialism, the United Nations, in fact all situations which would join together light and darkness, error and truth. The Beast system is a part of Mystery Babylon the Great. It is the program of the World Order under Luciferian control, it is filled with everything which contaminates morality, and the structure and concepts of our way of life, it is all the program of destruction which Lucifer rules as he tries to hang on to his control of the world.

Now; is there a difference between Mystery Babylon the Great, and the Beast system? Well Mystery Babylon the Great is the whole satanic order. It is the carrying forward of political, social, economic and religious and social programs. It is in fact the program of Anti-Christ, it is a way of life, a way of thinking, it is the structure of an Anti-Christ society. To carry on then Mystery Babylon the Great, must set up some symbols, patterns, some sham in order to move in, and confuse the children of the Kingdom. To do this they claim the symbols of the kingdom, but in producing those symbols they change them some- what because of their lack of understanding of those symbols. Therefore those changes can be discerned by the children of the kingdom. Mystery Babylon the Great is described as the Great Harlot, the mother of Harlots. She is thus the false religious systems, and the people under the Beast system are the people of the World order still under Luciferian bondage. The offspring of Lucifer thus are the head of this Beast system of Anti-Christ. This number 666 is the number of the Anti-Christ, and Mystery Babylon the Great, thus involves the super plans for World government, and its entrapment for the kingdom, using economic upheavals. As long as all false religions are under the Beast system, then the false prophet symbolizes the leadership of all false religions, which stem from this Satanic family of Mystery Babylon. And all evil in the world is propagated by Lucifer and his kingdom people.

Now; this mark of the Beast is the identification of this World order under Luciferian control as described in Revelation 13. In symbolism then John says:....'I stood upon the shore, and I saw a beast (a system of power) rise out of the sea (people), and I saw that it has 7 heads, 10 horns, and upon his horns 10 crowns, and upon his head was the name of Blaspheme.'

Let us look then at the meaning of all these things which are portrayed in this symbolism. This Beast system, a part of Mystery Babylon the Great...... under control of the Luciferian kingdom was to take over 7 kingdoms in their drive to set up a One World government with which to rule the world for ever and ever. And the power for this Beast system comes from the Dragon, the devil,...the serpent, which represents Lucifer and his kingdom of darkness, and they make war constantly on the Saints (the children of YAHWEH'S KINGDOM). All those who dwell on the earth are to worship him (Lucifer)... all those that is but the ones whose names are written in the Lamb's book of Life before the foundations of this earth were laid. Thus this tells you that all those of the World Order are to worship Lucifer, and they carry this mark (identification) of the Beast system. But this mark is not put upon your forehead or hands with a stamp. It is simply telling you in symbolism not to put your hands or head to do the work of this World Order, don't help the kingdom of Lucifer, instead you work for the kingdom of YAHWEH which is your inheritance.

Lets look at a few of this things which are a part of this story:.... In the church age of Thyatira (Revelation: 2) they still have some of the same strange doctrines remaining in that age, which are a hold over from Baalism, this was the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. You found this doctrine established at old Babylon by the Beast System, under the power of the Luciferian kingdom. Here the reference is to false religious practices, carried forward and in practice in the New Testament era.

Now; the children of the Beast system have always stolen the secrets of the Western Christian world. In our day they have stolen the secrets of the atom bomb, and they have been using the scare tactics of nuclear war to try to make the Western Christian nations bow to their political philosophy of Communism. Joel mentions the pillars of fire, and the umbrella of smoke which we find today in the Nuclear age, as a sign of the times. Peter also talks about Elements that dissolve in fervent heat. After watching the results of atomic bombs we can better understand these passages.

We are told that Lucifer will do great wonders and deceive those who dwell on earth, that he will use strange powers, and even give life to the 'IMAGE' of the Beast (world order) and you will hear this Beast speak. In our time we have seen the take over of the T.V. and you both see and hear the World Order each day. In fact you see a mixture of the World order, and the children of the Kingdom playing together at life, as the children of the kingdom are caught in their traps. But always remember there is to be a great deliverance for the children of YAHWEH, therefore what manner of people ought we to be when HE delivers us with this kind of deliverance. We are sure there will be those thoughts as we see these things transpire. For Peace (understanding) in these trying times we must study to see what is the meaning of these events we see coming to pass; but also don't forget to look forward to the promises.

Now; the abomination of the Desolator standing in the Holy Place is also a part of this great Satanic plot. Here we find Lucifer trying to stand in the place of YAHSHUA, and his children claiming your inheritance. Here also is the hoard of the enemy symbolized as the flood out of the Dragon's mouth....(Revelation: 12) for this Beast system is controlled by the Dragon, this Devil, the serpent which describes Lucifer in symbolism. The work of the Beast system is thus done by the children of Lucifer's kingdom of darkness, and they hold in bondage...this World Order. They make war always on you, these same people of the kingdom of YAHWEH.

Now; the United Nations, in our time is an Anti-Christ organization. It was started without a prayer because of the wish not to offend the Communist nation (The Soviet Union) which was so active in its formation. When the Christian nations joined this organization they were joining Light with Darkness which we have been warned not to do. Only two Christian Ministers in the whole U.S. showed up to protest this joining when this Anti-Christ organization was started, most rejoiced because of what they thought was a promise of Peace.

Back in those days when the U.N. was still being toasted as a great Peace organization, they were however actually pushing the program of World Integration and people were buying it. Remember back in 1968 when 'the L.A. Times said there was a great Black leader in Africa who they would like to see come to America to help the Negroes in the U.S. win their freedom. This man was Kenyata, and Dr. Swift told us that this man had been to Britain, was schooled at Oxford University, and while there wrote a book on African Witchcraft. He told of who had set up the great Temple and Schools of Witchcraft. He told of many things in Africa, and then he went back to Kenya colony and established the organization known as Mau Mau.....who were known Christ haters. He then ordered the death of over 1000 white Women of the British Colony....they were disemboweled by the Mau Mau, and even their servants who were loyal to the ladies they worked for....had them killed also. Britain was enraged, but backed off when the United Nations said....'don't kill this man for his is a leader of his people. And Kenya Colony was turned over to Kenyata, yet the L.A. Times wanted him to come to America....I wonder why?

Now; the Bible has warned of this for it tells you that Mystery Babylon is the habitation of all evil spirits. Then in the United Nations drive pushing for world integration they set up this great meeting in India which was supposed to blend the east and the west. The promise of those attending this meeting was that they would see the 'materialization' of a great god of the east. A ring was built sort of like a ring at a sports event like a prize fight. There was then a great flash of powder like when taking photos in olden days, and as the smoke settled down the people could then see, and there in the middle of the ring was this so called god 'Abdula Bahi.' He spoke of this great era when the spirit of the 'Living God' was now extended to all areas of religion, even Christianity as it stripped itself of the idea that there was only ONE GOD, and now joined with the religion for all people. Of course he did not say that this religion for all people had one god, and this one was Lucifer. But after this great meeting in India the idea began to come into the U.S. and books began to flow telling of the lives of these MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST. But these works were the same as the Rosicrucian organization which kept promising great spiritual experiences, but never delivered. We have never found one area of Oriental Religion, one area of their so called Mystery Schools even those patterned after the original ancient schools with any real secrets which have anything for the Adamic race. We have not found outside these original 'Light Carriers'... or the true 'Druids', or the early Masters of 'The Rose Cross'.... have not found any mysteries of wisdom beyond that which we find in the scriptures and sacred records of our race. Now; under the delusion of Witchdoctors and Satanic powers there are areas of natural law which can be diverted by Demon powers to hold people in mental bondage. But their so called supernatural revelations do not match the revelations out of the Spirit which comes to our race.

Remember how Lucifer and then some of his family tempted YAHSHUA, how they tried to have him 'make bread out of stones', or to 'jump off buildings'.... just to show off, but what value it that? Look it over and you find that there is nothing the Devil has to offer that has any value for you. Oh, in the areas of spiritualism he is most effective, for people are always reaching for something. We do know that the satanic kingdom knows how to, and has recorded electronic records of every individual who ever lived in earth, because Satan was until the crucifixion....Master of death, and still has a certain control over the earth, but that part of control of the spirit of the children of YAHWEH is all over, it is behind us, and we are almost 2000 years further along in our drive to build the kingdom here in earth.

Now; the Bahi movement in the 60's run for a while in this country and some of true Israel got involved. But in those meetings you usually found a man who wrapped a Turban around his head, and said he came from India, even tho he might have been born in the Bronx. People not realizing that the Bahi movement was for a type of entrapment flocked to those meetings, seeking of they thought a spiritual experience. This man with the Turban on his head would talk about the Spirit of God, how it was flowing in his meetings, and some people really thought they were having some kind of a spiritual experience, so they would then flock around the speaker and even kiss his hand. But whether they realized it or not this was just a part of Lucifer's program to sell false religion which came out of the far east. Some of the children of the kingdom did fall for this trap, and their brain was turned in the wrong direction.

Now; someone always asks about Yogism, and Dr. Swift tells us that Yogism can be found deep in Hinduism, in Brahmanism, Vishnu, Siva and even the Kali doctrines of India. It is a part of all pagan religions which are demon operated, and Demons are thus more realistic than most people realize. So if you are going to Meditate then this is one avenue they use to reach out, to turn the children of the kingdom, so be careful which avenue you walk down if you practice meditation.

In the symbolism of this Great Mystery Babylon, the Empire of Rome was the sixth great power which fell under the control of the Luciferian forces. It was the power at the time of Jesus, and it deteriorated into a part of this great false system, as the Christians were killed in the drive to stop the followers of YAHSHUA. In those early times as the Apostles and followers of YAHSHUA moved out to Lost Israel then many of them were put to death. Later when this did not stop the movement of the Kingdom, then this same power gathered the hoards of Asia, and under the command of Genghis Khan the great Mongol leader, with them providing the way, and the money, this Mongol hoard was thrown at the Christian west. Thus the Seventh power, the Asiatic hoards....under Genghis Khan came against the Christians of Europe, and they kept coming until the death of Genghis Khan, and then for a time even after that, but the death of Genghis Khan was the turning point of that great power.

Now; you are told that the seventh power gives rise to the eighth, which would come out of the same area of the world, and again aided by the financial empire which would be now located at least partly in the U.S.A. The ten powers now controlled by this Great Beast system with their political philosophy of communism, which is now in the open controls ten Israel nations which fell behind the Iron Curtain, these are those nations on the east in the kingdom set up, and even half of Germany is now behind the Iron Curtain. They if given a chance would destroy their captors, but when they had an uprising in Hungary remember what happened, for they were betrayed by this same control which is over and behind our U.S. State department.

Have you ever wondered how our great nation, guarded by a Constitution such as ours, as well as having a long heritage of ideals, could be brought down to the level of this control we find today? After the so called Great War---W.W. II., how could we have been brought so quickly into a far eastern war in Korea, as part of the United Nations program unless a president in complete defiance of the constitution, and under some kind of concept...a misguided control, and without the consent of Congress.....unless somewhere along the line, by some obscure process there had been created in the minds of American people a collection of assumptions, and attitudes that had broken down completely the normal resistance our people would naturally have raised against so strange and daring an enterprise. Before this was possible something, over a course of years had to be done to the mind of the American people. It is thus difficult for Americans to realize that the ideals, the prejudices, the convictions they may hold today have been deliberately, altho slyly planted in the American minds, by men who have a settled purpose in performing a certain program, who possess the instruments of thought control, and understand how to operate them. We are thinking of the science of this modern Revolutionary Propaganda. Never has there been so large and so generally sophisticated a population, so defenseless against such an enterprise as the people of these United States. Generous in their attitudes, disturbed by a long siege of wars, exposed to the most powerful engines of Propaganda the world has ever known.... we were thus an easy mark for the experts trained in their use of this Propaganda.

Here you may recall the parable of the 'The One' who sowed good seed in his field. As the wheat came up there was found Tares among the wheat, and HE said:....'an enemy hath done this'.....and here in the U.S. while we slept...the enemy was busy. And when we ended W.W. II. we found among the prizes of victory, a disaster we had not bargained for, since while we slept the enemy had gathered forces out of Asia and one more time, financed and threw them, against the Christian west in a great invasion and this time they cried out to the Christian world...Here are Gods chosen....welcome them. Thus this was a part of a continuing struggle between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light.

The Apostle Paul tells us who is the leader of this great struggle against the Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth. It is the son of Perdition, this being...Satan or an issue, an incarnate demon who leads the world order, thus a man of sin, a progeny of evil. And there has been multitudes of these sons of Satan over the years, and they will be a final one, or Satan himself embodied, who is as of now not discerned. In this final drive of this Great Propaganda battle to take us over, the enemy would have us think that all these things we have been going thru are commonplace, have us think that all areas of evil are humorous, and if we laugh at it, and think it is not important then they have already accomplished an area of invasion in the realm of thought, for this slows down the development of the kingdom of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

Now; since the children of the Kingdom have the spirit which brings them Eternal life, and thus have this incorruptible seed, then that spirit is totally indestructible, and the Satanic powers then can only attack thru the senses. And if the Luciferian kingdom becomes aware they are not selling the children of Light on their way of life, they try then to induce an area of fear. They go to work upon the Christians to show their sheer weight of their power, and they try to sell you on your defeat. They threaten to pull the supports from under your economic structure if you do not walk their path as a nation, but actually the greatest danger to you is the depression of the mind. If the Devil and his forces can by areas of superstition, by different processes of the World Order, if they can block you from doing important things for the kingdom then the Devil has won a victory. If you can be neutralized by fear, until you go along with the World Order, and hide your talents in the ground because you are afraid, then you will lose what you have, and they will have won a victory. This my friends is psychological warfare. Since Lucifer is the Prince of the World Order, then in this time span he seeks to influence all material things, and then waves them before the people and says:... better become inactive and save what you have. In this fashion, behind the head of gold of Old Babylon, then men under control of the economic power are moved up thru this financial structure until they serve Babylon, and are blinded as to what is going on.

Now; here in America, in this last great nation of the Kingdom, the enemy had a great need to tear down this Aryan society built around the structure of the family, and after the blueprint of the program of YAHWEH. This society, which was built around the creative ability of the family, the honoring of father and mother, the culture this system has brought the world, for the betterment of society of the whole world, they needed to stop this movement, this development of the sciences for the betterment of not only this nation, but of the whole world. Since the multiple design of these evil forces has to function thru areas of the senses, then this is where they wage their war, by activating, motivating those of their own to utilize all the sense options for an example, to influence the children of the kingdom of YAHWEH. They use the method of multiple repetition over the T.V. thru Radio, newspapers, word of mouth, until it becomes an accepted fact. You are seeing this process used today in this Iran-gate affair, trying to have the children of the Kingdom bring down their own nation until it can be merged into a ONE World Anti-Christ government. They have attacked the structure of morality by everything which is lewd and obscene. They attack the structure of accepted thinking--of the young, and have pushed divorce, the break up of the family. They say...let the state take care of your children while you work, and take care of your parents, have a good time, think of yourself, and all the time they have you working for the World Order, and pay taxes to support this World Order, under Mystery Babylon the Great. But the moment you relieve people of their responsibilities notice how fast the society deteriorates. Men and women with responsibilities, grow into Giants, and the 'Tree of Life' gets stronger and more powerful, has more strength to resist the wiles of Lucifer and his kingdom. Knowing this then no wonder there is such an attack on our society and its values.

Now; we want to add this:......Since Lucifer and his hosts know who they are, and what they are battling to retain control of which is the world where the kingdom of YAHWEH resides, and whereas the children of the kingdom are still in darkness...blindness...'in part' as to who they are, then the battle has been a great learning experience, but also is controlled by HE who holds the whole world in His hands, this has to be his doing, and we rest in HIS promises.

You are told to 'fear not' for there is nothing covered which will not be revealed. Thus you rejoice as you see all these evil things revealed for this is a sign of the times, and we have been promised victory. But also because they did all things to HIM as HE walked here in earth, in the flesh, they will also do them to you because you carry HIS name before the World. But if they can keep you in a constant mental uproar then they can limit your ability. They are always trying to sell you a bill of goods, but you being Children of Light are able to discern if you try, then you are to act accordingly.

Old Babylon is recorded as an example for you. This was a One World Society set up in those days by the same Luciferian forces. Here they established their image, and doctrines. Back in those days when a man died, if he wanted to enter the pleasures of Baal which was described as a place of perpetual revelry then if he did not leave the funds necessary to purchase this right, his family had to pay. And if they could not pay enough the Priesthood would consign him to the torture area, until family members might feel compelled to raise enough money to extract their loved one from that torture area. If this was done then a temporary statue was made of this man, saying he could remain in this state of pleasure for a certain period of time. This was how Baal worship worked in old Babylon, which was called....'A continuing city of darkness.' And yes, Old Babylon was destroyed, but as she fell the forces which took over this Aryan city, and caused her fall simply moved on to a new location, namely the Isle of Pergamos, thus fulfilling the prophecy of being that.... a continuing city of darkness.

There were six great Powers...developed by Aryans of Egypt, Assyria, Medo Persia, Babylon, Greece and Rome which deteriorated under the pressure of the Luciferian influence, and their power of the purse. Finally they became ruled under and by the Beast system...or the World Order. The Book of Revelations thus outlines this great Climatic struggle, this war against the kingdom of YAHWEH. John was taken backward and then forward in time, so as to understand the work of this great mysterious force which has always battled the children of Light, and what they stand for. Thus John tells us that behind the scene of all events is Lucifer and his own seed line, his family, his kingdom just as behind the kingdom of Light is YAHWEH and his seed line... his family, his administration. John tells us that it is the merchants.. those men who buy and sell all things, who never produce anything themselves, who have come into the Christian West to destroy, that they are those who are also the Prophet killers, and the same force that waged war on YAHSHUA as he walked here in the flesh. They are the strategy makers behind the idea of a One World Government, behind the philosophy of Communism, behind this last great force... the eighth which is thrown at the Aryan Race kingdom to destroy their faith. Again Zionism has brought the Asiatic hoards from the Steppes of Asia, the same area from which they hired Genghis Khan to throw his Mongols against the Christian West. After the Israelite migrations were complete, in that ancient year termed by the Chinese, as the year of the pig, those Mongol hoards had poured thru the passes into the west and Protestant and Catholics stopped fighting each other to turn and keep Western Europe from being over run. Here in 1987 we are once more in the year of the Pig according to Chinese measures. And we find that those who came out of the Kazzar Kingdom of Asia before and during W.W.II are now being told that they are 'The chosen people', and the unseen power behind them is moving to convince the Christian West that this is true. The same Satanic power, the same process of Propaganda and repetition is being used once more, and we find they have been successful to a great extent.

Now; Dr. Swift thought that the prophecies of Daniel have been mostly fulfilled except for bits and pieces, flickers of events which are yet to come in this climatic time of this continuing battle. However Daniel also ends his prophecy as does the other prophets by talking of nations, and people being spiritually empowered by YAHWEH. In otherwords Daniel's prophecies were more specific, where as John's prophecies dealt with the Latter days...of wars, and battles of every sort, and yet Armageddon in its climax brings victory. John thus talks of these seven church ages, and how they are effected by this constant battle against the kingdom. How binding the power of Satan follows the battle...or rather is the climax of Armageddon. You are thus to understand that certain things will come to pass.

There has then been many tactics used over the centuries to slow down the emergence of the Kingdom of YAHWEH into its glorious rule. There has been many so called meanings of prophecies which did not take place, thus they were not the true meaning of the prophecies.. the understanding was not there. You have also heard many meanings for the word 'Blaspheme', but to us this meaning is denial, the refusal to believe in the program of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, HIS PLAN FOR THE REINSTATING OF RIGHTEOUSNESS throughout all areas corrupted by the fall of Lucifer. But extreme Blaspheme is the total inability to perceive or accept the Deity of YAHSHUA (the Christ). This position that ..'The Christ'... is just a good man, is an unpardonable sin, outside the reach of Grace. But since we....the children of the Kingdom of YAHWEH are not those who can draw away into perdition, then Blaspheme belongs to Lucifer's kingdom people. And any Israelite who says he does not believe in the Deity of 'The Christ' is a totally mixed up individual who become that was in this walk here in the flesh, somewhere along the way his mind took a wrong path. The devil is pretty good at binding the sons of YAHWEH with error.

Now; back thru history we find that after each tribe of Israel was established in their own place in the West, that eventually they each drove out the Yehudin from their countries. Oh, in time they were allowed back in, and they moved to pick up where they had left off, living as Parasites on an Israel kingdom. But each tribe of Israel has had that experience as history reveals except Manasseh...The U.S. of A.. This is then our testing time, our time of education if you will. We have bowed as a nation, to this same yoke of control as did the other Israel nations. We have not seen some of those events of history at least...out in the open in our land, and the enemy is not to drive us out of this land as they did in old Palestine, for New Jerusalem in Revelations is symbolic, a great congregation eventually the entire posterity of the kingdom, so here at the end of this time period as Great Babylon fills her cup of iniquity, then the enemy of course works night and day to stifle truth, to push us back from the great 'Truths' of the Kingdom. All these things are in this symbolism as to what was, and is to occur, but also for you to understand so that you will be better able to understand and to resist.

Now; again..time after time someone always asks:.....but why did God allow that rebellion, why didn't he stop Satan and make him behave, and we wouldn't have to be going thru this experience??? One more time we will try to explain so you will find a deeper meaning. We believe that the only way for something to be right is for it not to be wrong. There is no in between. Thus if you have an Archangel serving YAHWEH with righteousness, then there is also the possibility of deviation, or turning away to serve against the law. You never cope with something which is against the law, which is against 'the right' until it appears, then when it runs its course of development you can destroy it utterly. You weigh that which is negative when it appears, but you cannot destroy that which is negative until it appears, without destroying the positive role from which came this negation into existence.

The law of opposites was handled by YAHWEH-YAHSHUA with Omniscience, and with total knowledge. He even permitted the measure of timing, probably set the chemical reaction which ended with Lucifers reaction, and in the fullness of time he handles this situation for the Universe, for this great Matavara (battle), maybe in every area of creation, in the vastness of the Universe. For there has to come a point of realization on the area of all things, which points out the correct...the perfect.

Now; everything YAHWEH made was good, but it is impossible to polarize anything without the capacity of opposition, or the ultimate philosophy, of this knowledge of the negative. As long as you have Light and Truth, you also have the opposite which is total and utter darkness. In plain words:....both good and evil. Your experience here in the flesh is to learn completely the difference between true and false. This was why Adam and Eve were blocked from the 'Tree of Life' after their fall, so they would not live forever in this world of both good and evil. This is the reason why YAHSHUA did not take the Crown in old Jerusalem, for he did not come to rule over His people still in bondage. He came to redeem them from this fallen state, so that in time HE will rule over them as children of His Spirit, redeemed, restored to their heritage.

Now; if new creations are made in ages to come....apart from these creations being a final spiritual perfection because of what has happened, still that creation may have to discover.....'The Right way' which polarizes the creation, but by that time we will be experts, back ruling with and under His guidance. In pointing this out, here in this Universe then you will never have to go thru this experience ever again. We then ask you...would you have appreciated perfection if you had not experienced evil?.....We believe that a person is more able to appreciate righteousness, and Grace against a backdrop of evil.

When this question of turning away came up in the heavens it had to be dealt with once and for all, and this was the way YAHWEH chose to deal with this situation. Your Bible is about the prophecy concerning the earth, concerning HIS nations, HIS kingdom, HIS people. The work of the heavens then is to bring the kingdoms of the world into subordination to YAHSHUA, and place the kingdom of Israel in totalitarian power, and to make the name of YAHWEH.... as YAHSHUA known to the captives under Luciferian control, this will set them free.

Here in the Bible we find this outlined as the evil force of fallen Angelic hosts intermingled with the people of earth, and established a seed line in all races. They then intermingled with women of the Adamic race...those born before Seth, there in the high Tarim basin and they produced Giants...monsters, using this Aryan race as well as they had earlier with the other races. This was a great violation of Divine Law, and this time a great flood in that area destroyed this abomination. But remember that Cain had already moved out from that area before the great destruction wiped out all but those on the Ark. Therefore the contaminated seed line continued out of the Adamic race, and Mystery Babylon had her near white seed line thru Cain. You can then trace this story thru the scriptures as the race of Adam moves out to establish YAHWEH'S kingdom in earth to bring about with their heavenly Father the total destruction of Mystery Babylon the Great.

Now; there comes a time when...'Alas, Alas...this Great city...which has made them all rich, in one hour it is gone. Mystery Babylon the Great which was named after the control over ancient Babylon, this Satanic power which set up the 'Vestal Virgins'...the pagan religions, this economic bondage...Babylon the bride of Lucifer is now gone. Thus here as you find again the two kingdoms, then Lucifer's kingdom is finally defeated totally. Here you see the 'Tares' which were growing with the wheat until the end of their all is gone. Thus the kingdom in the midst of the earth, in the midst of this World Order, where Mystery Babylon controls everything, where everything connected with Mystery Babylon is evil, now this Satanic kingdom is no more. And you hear the cry:...'Rejoice over her.' Here you holy Apostles, and all Israel for Babylon is fallen. YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (God) has avenged you (Israel)...Babylon is fallen...How?.... A mighty Angel (Heavenly power) took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea (people) saying:...with Violence (a furious rush) shall the Great city (Lucifers kingdom) be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.' This sea which Babylon is cast into is masses of people, the World Order where in YAHWEH'S Kingdom dwells, and the people turn on Babylon as they realize what has them in bondage. Thus not only Israel but the people of the World order, will be involved in this mighty destruction of the Great Power called Mystery Babylon the Great, and when the destruction is completed she will be as a 'Burnt mountain' (a power) totally in ashes. These evil spirits belong back in the realms they come out of, and their offspring in earth will also be taken care of according to the Father's WILL. The sordid pattern of moral depravity as symbolized as the 'delicacies' by which Babylon ensnares politicians, by which she gained control over rulers and kings of the earth will be gone.

Now; chapter 18 of Revelation opens with a description of Mystery Babylon, a demonstration of her moral degenerate depravity, and her design for economic, political and social control. It outlines within this structure the manipulations used to gain control of unions (working men and women), of crafts, of all areas of commerce, and is referred to as master of all evil upon the face of the earth. Then the people who rule within Mystery Babylon are the generations (race line) of the Serpent, the viper, in otherwords Lucifer's kingdom people, thus have the outline of the times in the scripture. Mystery Babylon is thus the mother of all immorality, and corruption in earth, all pagan religions, and is seeking to even engulf the kingdom of YAHWEH. Now wonder then the warning:...'Come out of her O My People, be not partakers of her sins, lest ye receive her plagues.'

No wonder as a nation we have chastisement coming to us. Look thru the history of the 60's, and you are shocked at what transpired and still no news media yelling about this, then on thru the seventies, and then more so in the 80's where you find the press now baying about morality of Candidates, then the Iran-gate managed hearings. But we are thinking about 1964 when Mr. Sukarno of Indonesia came to visit, and even tho the U.S. was subsidizing this communist dictator he still made demands on the President of the U.S. and the State department, and they rolled out the Red carpet for this man, and even met his demands for three call girls to travel with him over the U.S. One was to be an Aryan blond, one a redhead, and one a brunette. The U.S. government committed a total felony by transporting these girls across state lines for immoral practices. Our government became...procurer-pimp is you will, and violated the 'Mann act', and we thus became a nation, in business, in the fulfillment of Mystery Babylon, mother of Harlots, with whom the rulers of earth commit fornication. Our government did this to win favor from a communist Prince? We are pointing this out to you that there was no great uproar from the press about that violation of law. But starting in 1972...we saw a switch as a Republican President was to be brought down, and now today even with Gary Hart, and the T.V. Evangelists...this seems to be a different story, for now everything covered up is to be exposed, thus this helps bring down this Great Satanic Kingdom called Mystery Babylon the Great. Are we seeing today....'A sign of the times?'... We surely hope so. With exposure the Luciferian money system will work itself into its final trap. The destroying wind of Jeremiah 51:1 is against old Babylon, but also against this final Mystery Babylon the Great, and when this Satanic system finally falls then communism is also finished. Those of Israel who are today behind the Iron Curtain, cannot buy or sell, or even trade in the market without a certain card...will finally be free.

As we see these things come to pass we remember Psalms 121:....'I Will lift up my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. For my help cometh from YAHWEH who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved. He that keepeth thee shalt not slumber...HE that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.' The actual text is:... 'I will lift up my eyes to the Apex (capstone) from whence cometh My help. Because my help cometh from YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who made heaven and earth. He is the one who keepeth Israel (the kingdom).' As we have told you before...this was also in the book of Horus, as these ancient Atlantians saw all the evil taking place in their society when Lucifer and his hosts pushed their program of mongrelization and Bestiality, for they said:...'Lift up your eyes unto the apex of the Temple (where the sons of YAHWEH resided as they taught these people) from whence cometh your help. For you help cometh from YAHWEH-Putah (Savior... by obedience to HIS laws). His scepter rests with his people.'

Then remember Psalms: 118:22....'The stone which the builders refused (because Adam-man could not build this perfection) is become the corner stone or headstone of the Corner'... the headstone of the kingdom. And at that time then Great Mystery Babylon will be defeated totally, this is a foregone conclusion. And the warning to HIS people, is 'Come out of her O my people,' this means in every way.....for Mystery Babylon is going down, never to rise no more.

ARMAGEDDON....(the hill or city of Megiddo) This word Armageddon is only found one time in the Bible. (Revelation 16:16) 'And HE gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue...'Armageddon'. The scene is of a great struggle of good and evil suggestive of a great battle field. The plain of Esdraelon saw two great victories for Israel...the one with Barak over the Cainanites and that of Gideon over the Midianites. It was also the place where two great disasters for Israel occurred, for this place saw the death of Saul after he failed to follow YAHWEH, and the death of Josiah. Thus it was a place of great slaughter, but also the scene of a terrible retribution upon the wicked as well. The revised version of the King James Bible gives the name as Har-Magdom...thus the hill (ar) as the city of Megeddo.

Now; Dr. Swift told us that Armageddon is a continuous battle between the kingdom of YAHWEH and the kingdom of Satan. This has been going on since Adam and Eve were put in earth. However all battles come to an end, thus we are trying to determine just where we are today in this continuous battle, and what are the events which are to occur to bring the climax of this battle as MYSTERY Babylon the Great goes down never to rise again. We have that promise and also the promise of Revelation 3:7-13....'to the church of Philadelphia... the true church which is co-existing with the Laodicean church in this time span. 'To the church of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA... brothers loving each other..These are the things he said:...'Behold I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it, for thou hast little strength, but have kept my word, and not denied my name.' Then verse 9 tells of the judgment on those who say they are Israel and are not.

This brings to mind the problems of the PTL ministry...just who then is bringing down this ministry, and is it not a sign of the times? I have not mentioned this before but have conformation now that Jim Bakker himself, said some time ago over the T.V. that his grandmother was Jewish. We say that his fall is a sign of the times, and other T.V. ministries are also in trouble, but why not..they moved out to embrace the World Order, and have not kept HIS WORD...they are thus neither hot nor cold. In fact they work more for Mystery Babylon the Great than they do for the kingdom of YAHWEH. Even Falwell who took over PTL lives in a mansion...12 rooms, gets $100,00.00 for salary per year, and has an Israeli-made Jet at his disposal, so he does not live like an ordinary minister does he? Even the Vatican when its wealth is counted in art work and so forth is this Christianity today? The so called Judeo-Christian Right such as the T.V. Ministries have been working hard, pushing the President toward war in the mid-east on the side of Israeli. They that Christ can return, but of course they expect to be raptured out before there is to much trouble. They have been pushing Presidents since 1948 when Israeli took Israel, but no old Jerusalem. But of course then they wanted the old wall of Herod's temple, now called the Wailing wall...thus the Israeli in 1967...with the United Nations holding back the Arabs with a promised negotiated settlement..made a preempt strike from the air and destroyed the warplanes of Egypt, Syria and Jordan...on their runways, and of course the Israeli troops could not be stopped. For those who are interested then the June 6, 1987..'U.S. News, and World Report'.. tells of that history of the old land and when you already know other details it is a good outline of that history. Now; another sign of the times:...Remember the T.V. show...'Amerika'? As I told you the Iceland Summit Gorbachev gave President Reagan an ultimatum and the President said no, and walked out. Now....we think that a magazine article must be written and prepared sometime before publication, but just one week after the showing of 'Amerika' the 'Parade' Magazine carried an article telling of this offer of surrender, asking the U.S. of A. to surrender to the Soviet Union, to stop Bloodshed. This makes us think that the Soviets had completed their program and the T.V. show was to show you that resistance, while noble would not be successful. A very high official in the Intelligence community last year confirmed this story. But why and by whom was the Soviets led to believe that this President would surrender this nation??

Here in 1987 the politicians in Washington D.C. are acting like kids at a circus, paying no heed to the world outside. Donna Rice and Fawn Hall occupy more attention than the 180 Billion dollar deficit. They speculate as to whether Ronald Reagan acted above the law, and violated the 'Boland Amendment' (He did not), but the bum rap he is getting keeps the focus off the stagnation in the U.S. of wages and productivity, and above all the other major scandals which have already taken place, but are still under lock and key. In the remaining months of the Reagan Presidency, congress is still trying to push him further until he will accept this One World Government idea held out by the International bankers. But we see this as the sign of the times in this continuing battle to turn Light to darkness, as the power of the holy people is further destroyed. This circus being Televised from Washington D.C. in their blindness and greed really intend? They are turning over every available part of our remaining power to the world order, turning light to darkness as fast as they can, and never even seem to notice. We then wonder just how far this situation will be allowed to go before Great Babylon goes down? Everything goes a full cycle and then it falls. Remember that even Humanism the beginning looking backward to discover our ancestors and what they knew, but today secular Humanism means living as tho there is no God.

Now; if we are in the time of Gog and Magog as some people suggest then Gog is symbolic of all that is powerful, gigantic and proud, and we would think of the control from behind the scenes. Magog is symbolic of lands and people, and we have told you of the lands from whence they came, those people who have been brought out and hurled against the Christian west. The Chief Prince is of course the leaders who comes against Israel over the years, but also there is 'Hooks in their Jaws,' thus control of this situation still lays in the hands of YAHWEH. The outcome of this struggle brings victory for Israel, but how much longer is what we are asking always?

Dr. Swift always said they will never completely control the U.S. of A. that there will be only one total World government, this will be the one with YAHSHUA at the head. This is the one we are looking forward to and which we will have to be prepared for. With this in mind then with the political world such as it is. Just who brought down PTL? Surely it was not the question of fidelity which brought down Gary Hart? Was it then because he led the March into Forsythe County, Georgia with Hosea Williams? Did this lead to his downfall, if as we hope...the kingdom is rising. Are we being told that this final strike against the so called 'White Supremists' of the kingdom will not completely succeed. Will those holding dual citizenship be allowed to win this time. We think not, and time will tell if we are right. In fact the man who loves other countries as much as his own stands on a level with the man who loves other women as much as his own wife. This is not the plan of the kingdom.

In January of 1982....The Humanist Magazine told us what was planned for this final drive for control of America. (Quote)... 'The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and the new, between the rotting corpse of Christianity together with its adjacent evils and misery, and the New Faith of Humanism resplendent in its promise of a world in which the never realized ideal of 'Love thy neighbor' will finally be achieved. (Unquote)...Well the classrooms became the battle ground did it not, and in this final arena of conflict are the parents winning or the Humanist manipulators? Now; in looking for signs as to tell if Great Babylon is falling, we used to hear that our money system has to fall, that there will be a world money system, and the U.S. dollar will be no more. But does this hold true that the U.S. money system fell sometime ago, and since we now know this to be true...then he also said that individually the children of the kingdom would not be hurt much more financially than we already have been for there has been one depression after another, and each generation has to face this problem. How then did the enemy do this without the so called financial experts realizing it was being done? Well, today we have seen how America has been surrendering her sovereignty, thru such devices as liberating immigration laws, and unconstitutional treaties, and the teaching of the T.V. Evangelists and so forth. But when you surrender your national interests as a people to the global interests of Bankers and multinational corporations then my friends, a World currency is no longer necessary. Each nation can have their own currency systems, but all are controlled by the top International financiers. Isn't this what we have today? Study this course say from 1933 onward until today, and you can reach no other conclusion than that this must have been the results of very carefully laid plans, the ultimate aim being an all powerful central state with an electorate that is easily controlled by a huge bureaucracy, and beyond this that our nation is to be merged with a World government controlled by International financiers using the World Revenue service of the U.S. and the U.S. congress as well as the U.S. courts to accomplish their purpose. Most people have not even wondered why the U.S. is the only nation on earth that does not, or cannot control their illegal immigration. But the U.S. government manipulators do not wish it controlled. These planners worked to increase the number of people who are dependent on the Federal government so they will be easier to manipulate, and will vote to perpetuate the bureaucracy in office. These non-Aryans of course in time would strengthen the massive power of the federal government. We have seen this happen, we have seen the Federal Reserve system created, implemented, and over the years strengthened until it is now a world system, all this was done to create an autocracy of International Financiers, and a central monetary system with private power so as to try to destroy the great family oriented middle class of America. The 16th., amendment which was not correctly ratified was not primarily to collect revenue, but to CONTROL, with the favored becoming richer, and the hard working members of the middle class destroyed. If the Federal government wished, it could balance the budget any time, but when you understand this situation then you realize this budget deficit is no accident. Congress at the behest of its financial masters has orders, they are to think first of the Interest being paid to the financiers.

The de-industrialization of the U.S. if for the same reason, altho to me they are killing 'the goose which laid the golden egg. But the enemy does not think like we think, thus they move only to destroy the Children of Light thinking not of the consequences. Today we can also relate to what the apostle Paul recorded (Philemon: 8-9) 'Therefore I have abundant boldness in YAHSHUA to charge you to do what is required, and your duty, yet for Love's sake I prefer to appeal to you for what I a prisoner for HIS sake also.' Today we are caught in this same web of the spider of darkness, and must hang on to our Faith until this program is played out. There are bright spots if we only look for them, and life is easier if we understand events, and the signs of the times, and not be to impatient. After all are we ready for the kingdom administration and all its Glory? Ever think of that?

QUESTION:....The Black Eagle, what does it represent?

ANSWER:....The Eagle is the symbol of power, the U.S. Eagle has outstretched wings, and is in natural color, but the black.. altho using the symbols of the Shield and the cross just shows how the kingdom of Darkness has stolen your symbols, and turned truth to darkness.

Now; the 'Imperial Order of the Black Eagle' was and is this Anti-Christ movement which held the trials at Nuremberg in 1946, always they try to indite the leaders of every white resistance movement. They try to destroy all white resistance which is against this total One World control of all the machinery of our society.

On the other side of the world, in the Mid-east as well as in the Soviet-Union a farce has been produced with the help of the U.S. department of Justice (under pressure). These trials are as again at Nuremberg...only today it is...'Purim' 1987. This is a part of the International Marxist program for world domination. A One world of slaves in all areas is planned and they use the Federal Reserve system, Women's lib, nuclear threat, inflation, abortion, media programming, affirmative action, racial integration, non-white immigration, foreign investment, Marxist colleges, third world debt, alcoholism and drugs, Gay liberation, Human rights, the Holocaust, law enforcement control, Wall Street, commodities control, minorities, racism, communications, Police network, military. World court (Judiciary) Education-Marxist style, population control, Aids, and on and on. Thus when you see the Eagle in Black, the shield black instead of blue, and then even tho it carries the emblem of our Savior (the Cross) still on a black background this shows our symbols used by the kingdom of Darkness.

There is a Euro-American alliance group and they have the Eagle in a circle of white but the outer rim of the white circle is black. They understand that the descending Eagle in Black and the outer rim of the circle in black, represents the kingdom caught in the web of the Black Spider. Stop and think, this is your nation, your symbols...'For as surely as the earth brings forth its shoots and as a garden causes that which is sown to spring forth, so surely YAHWEH will cause righteousness, justice and praise to spring forth before all nations, thru the Self fulfilling power of 'His Word.'

So don't toss in the towel and sell your birthright for a type of flesh satisfying experience. We are living in the web of a false one World government of darkness, using our symbols which will be destroyed to make way for the true One World Government of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

Now; Ezekiel tells us that since Israel will not free herself then things will become so rough that YAHWEH says:..'I will yet be inquired of by the house of Israel to do it for them.' Thus we will ask His guidance to help us come out of this trap. Many of Israel are already asking and whether that will be enough to bring this about remains to be seen. But we do know that when HE name then all Israel will come to HIM.