ERM - Tape 066 - Hermetic Pharmacology; Therapeutics; World News


TAPE NO. 66  -  by Ella Rose Mast





Here in our day we find that the American Medical Profession uses drugs to hopefully kill the pain while the body heals itself. Not much notice is given to the side effects of those drugs altho they are many.

Looking backward we find that the art of healing was originally one of the secret sciences of the Priests of Israel. all higher forms of knowledge were originally in the possession of these men of wisdom. The mystery of their source of wisdom is obscured by the Genesis of religious belief. In the days of Enoch, he was High Priest of his time, they possessed Divine knowledge, and dispensed that knowledge thru the Priesthood. As the Adamic race spread out over the earth it was the Priests of the Race, under Divine guidance who made the laws and enforced them. It was the Priests under this Divine guidance who appointed the rulers, controlled them, ministered to the 'Living' and guided the destinies of this race. All branches of learning were monopolized by the Priesthood who admitted into their ranks only those qualified to carry on their ancient secrets.

Plato wrote:---'In Egypt the king is not allowed to reign unless he has Priestly Powers, and if he should be one of another class, and have obtained the throne by violence, he must be controlled by the Priesthood. (unquote)'

In those ancient days anyone aspiring to membership in the religious order of Adam-man had to go thru severe tests to prove their worthiness. Those tests were called initiations, and those who passed successfully were welcomed as brothers by the Priests, and then instructed in the ancient teachings of Israel. Among those ancient subjects were Philosophy, Science, and Religion, and they were never considered as separate units, each was regarded as a part of the whole knowledge. Philosophy was scientific and religious, while Science was philosophy and religious, and Religion was philosophic and scientific. Perfect wisdom was considered unattainable save as the results of harmonizing all three of these expressions of mental and moral activity.

The books listed as being from the pen of Hermes (Enoch) contained:----1. the science of medicine. 2. The Emerald tablet which in reality was a chemical formula of a high and secret order. There were in all 6 general classifications of those books of wisdom by Enoch.

Now; the modern physicians accredit Hippocrates with being the founder or father of medicine, where as the ancients credit Hermes (Enoch) with being the founder of the art of Healing. Hippocrates was the famous physician, a Greek I believe who during the fifth century before THE CHRIST--was so popular, but he is the one who disarranged the healing art from the other sciences of the Temple. He is the one who established a precedent of separateness which was to bring down the practice of healing. One of the results of this is the widespread crass(?) scientific materialism.

The ancients thus recognized the interdependence of the scientists, the moderns do not. The result is an incomplete system of learning in an attempt to maintain isolated individualism. The obstacles which confront present day scientific research is largely the result of prejudicial limitations imposed by those who are unwilling to accept that which reaches beyond the perception of the five primary human senses. With this in mind we then see the long path leading to ignorance as to our beginning, which has been trod over the centuries, in an attempt to establish Adam-man's control over the earth. YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in translation became God and Lord, thus 'the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom'---where as the beginning of wisdom to the ancients was the acquiring of the knowledge of the nature of YAHWEH. This they searched for as they tried to understand the nature of Adam-man's inner nature.

There is with this article a picture, of an old gentleman with white hair and beard wearing a monk's habit. He is seated in a library with many volumes of large books. He has his hand on an open book, like one of our large bibles. He is gazing at a bottle and inside that bottle we see the figures of a maid and a young man. Between them is a large diamond, and her right hand and his left are joined behind the diamond. We say this portrays the joining of Adam and Eve in marriage. When Robert Fludd in the 17th., century confirmed by quotation from holy writ his alchemical speculations concerning the Universal stone, he brought down upon his head the anger of an irate Clergy. When Fludd declared the scripture to be a book of Chemical formulae the pious clergy of the 17th., century turned on him. When he declared the universe to be a vast chemical laboratory, and the various manifestations of life existing therein to be the results of certain alchemical processes which developed over the ages, then some of the Clergy could restrain themselves no more. One by the name of Gassendi in 1630 published a book in which he attempted to prove that the Bible contained nothing reasonable, logical or philosophical, but to be the writings--rather to be the direct inspiration of God.

Now; think of that a moment, this had to be the writings of a man who had no understanding. Thus Fludd then moved to pity, that anyone would think that YAHWEH formed the Universe out of nothing, altho by Divine prerogative, then prepared a tract laying out the deeper principals of the 'Rose Cross' Alchemy. Robert Fludd wrote:--'YAHSHUA is the true cornerstone of the Alchemical temple, the mysterious power of projection which transmutes ever base substance that it contacts. The unfolding of 'The Christ' in you is the Magnum Ophus which when accomplished elevates the philosopher to the exalted position of a Knight of the Golden Stone.' (unquote)

In the picture with this article we then understand that Adam and Eve in the bottle with the great stone were the human elements of the Alchemical art with their part being portrayed in the Great Mosaic of the Israel story. Later the Patriarch Jacob with his head upon a symbolic stone then beheld the ladder of the steps of alchemy which ascends and descends from the throne of YAHWEH. He realized that nature is a summary of YAHWEH'S work, and man a summary of nature. Thus Adam-man with a begotten spirit was nature, and in the study of Adam-man then you discover the laws governing life and death, and thus make your contribution toward the regeneration of the world.

Yes, we know that the Rosicrucians claim Robert Fludd was a great Rosicrucian but he denies this with his writings, for they are from a man with a 'Rose Cross' background. By these facts we see how the enemy over the years has tried to bury the knowledge of the kingdom, then how this knowledge comes forth again and again, time after time. During the middle ages the long ignored axioms and formulas of Enoch's wisdom were assembled once more and attempts were made to test their accuracy. We have told you much about these matters of the 'Rose Cross', and their teaching of so much wisdom.

To the man who called himself Paraclecius, the world is indebted for much of the knowledge it now possesses of the ancient systems of medicine. He devoted his life to the putting forth of the ancient philosophy of Enoch, or what is called in the old big book as Hermetic philosophy. Every notion or theory he brought forth was opposed then, just as the members of the medical profession today belittle his memory. Yet some day he will be recognized as the greatest physician of his time. He traveled extensively which led to his being called a vagabond by his enemies. However he was one of the few minds who sought intelligently to reconcile the art of healing with the philosophic and religious systems of old. Today all this is called Paganism, by Christianity which has no understanding of what he was trying to do which was to join the ancient wisdom of Israel with Christianity. He traveled over Europe, from one end to the other, then many eastern lands and always he searched for lost doctrines. He felt that healing the sick was of far greater importance than maintaining an orthodox medical standing. He sacrificed what might have otherwise been a dignified medical career, and lifelong persecution bitterly was faced as he attacked the therapeutic system of his day. Thus this great Philosopher-Physician was held in contempt by the narrow system of medicine in vogue in his lifetime. He wrote further disturbing the medical world by these words:---(quote) 'the number of diseases that originate from some unknown cause is far greater than those that come from mechanical causes, and for such diseases our physicians know no cure because not knowing the cause they cannot remove them. All they can do is to observe the patient, and make their guesses as his condition. The patient may rest satisfied if the medicines administered to him do him no serious harm, and do not prevent his recovery. The best of our popular physicians are the ones that do the least harm, but unfortunately some poison their patients with mercury, other purge them, or bleed them to death. There are some who have learned so much that their learning has driven out all common sense, and there are others who care a great deal more for their own profits than for the health of their patients. A physician should understand the cause of the disease, should be a servant of nature not her enemy, he should be able to guide nature in her struggle for life, and not throw, by his interference, fresh obstacles in the way of recovery.' (unquote)

The ancient Hermetic philosophy thus portrayed all diseases to have their origin in the invisible nature, or in the development of Adam-man from the invisible spiritual principles into the physical world. There as we now know -- a fallen Archangel ruled, and as Satan he had mixed cultures in his drive to stand in the place of YAHWEH, and diseases thus came into being. We ask you---how many physicians of today would agree with that, and yet if you know not the source how would you cure the disease?

According to the ancient Hermetic philosophers the first cause of disease was 'evil spirits'. Today this would be laughed at but the ancients believed that evil spirits caused a de-arrangement of the spiritual nature and the material nature, these two as they failed to coordinate produced abnormal mental attitudes.

Now; today when you struggle back to health you have to overcome the side effects of medication (drugs), and sometimes these medications do have an effect on the mind.

The fourth cause of disease according to the ancients was called Karma---this was the law of compensation. This was Eternal Justice where as you pay in full for indiscretions and delinquencies, or in otherwise break the laws of God and then individuals, nations and races suffer for it. As Adam-man fell as did the races before him then the Adamic race came under the curse of broken law, and they would then suffer physically as the races before them. They would suffer also a misuse of the parts of the body such as from over straining, or overtaxing different parts of the body. Then there were foreign substances, impurities, or obstructions to health which they would encounter.

Back in the days of Enoch diet was very much a concern, Evil spirits could be controlled by a physician ordering the evil spirits which caused the disease to depart. There is a biblical account of a man possessed with devils whom Jesus healed by commanding these 'evil spirits' to leave the man, and they entered a herd of swine. There is many instances and findings as to evil spirits entering a person, and that person would become entirely changed from his normal self. This is one method Satan approved in his drive to stop the kingdom development.

Now; a great faith will stop this from happening, and when a person faces surgery today, they should call on their heavenly father to protect them during the time they are under the anesthesia. As the world pulled away from ancient medical procedures when men not of the kingdom entered the practice, then we find that the standard procedure developed of bleeding and purging, and many died at age 25 to 50 years as the result of having the blood drained from their body. What a change from the practice of using herbs of the field which those in the days of Enoch considered sacred for they came from YAHWEH. The ancients believed that when properly prepared and applied, each root and shrub could be used for the alleviation of suffering, or for the development of spiritual, mental, oral or physical powers.

In the book 'The Mistletoe', by Davidson, --in its philosophy he pays this beautiful tribute to plants:---(quote) 'Books have been written on the language of flowers and herbs. To poets from earliest ages, they have conversed with them, kings are even glad to obtain their essence second hand, to perfume themselves. But to the true Physician---natures High Priest, they speak in a far higher and more exalted strain. There is not a plant or mineral which has disclosed the last of its properties to the scientists. How can they feel confident that for every one of the discovered properties there may not be many powers concealed in the inner nature of the plant? Well---have flowers been called, 'The stars of the earth', and why should they not be beautiful? Have they not from the time of their birth smiled in the splendor of the sun by day, and slumbered under the brightness of the stars by night? Have they not come from another more spiritual world to our earth? Seeing that God made every plant of the field before it was in earth, and every herb of the field before it grew, thus that is where they came from.' (unquote)

Many of the ancients--now called primitive or pagan people, still used herbal remedies with remarkable cures. The so-called Asiatics, and Egyptians and even some of the American Indians cured with herbs some diseases while modern science knows no remedy.

Dr. Nicholas Culpepper whose physical life ended in 1654 was probably the most famous of the Herbalists. Finding that the medical systems of this day were unsatisfactory in the extreme he turned his attention to plants of the field, and discovered a medium of healing which gained him national renown. He left a book entitled 'The Complete Herbal' telling of his way of controlling diseases by using herbs and astronomy.

Mediaeval European Herbalists however only discovered part of the ancient Hermetic secrets of Egypt which were then taken to Greece. They understood however that the effectiveness of these methods of healing were among the secrets imparted to the initiates of the ancient mystery schools. This use of Hermetic medicine was corrupted by the use of poisons which some men added. The infamous Borgias family of Italy used this method of poisoning to quietly and efficiently dispose of many brilliant men and women so as to preserve this knowledge for their family. As the standards of the ancients of the Adamic race became corrupted a division took place in the ancient mysteries. The truly enlightened ones separated themselves from the rest, and preserved most of their important knowledge. They then vanished without leaving a trace. The rest slowly drifted like a rudderless ship, on the rocks of degeneracy and disintegration. Some of the less important of the secret formulae fell into the hands of those who perverted, as in the case of Bacchanalia where they mixed drugs with wine. This became the real cause of the orgies of those days. The sect of the Assassins, or the Yezidees of India demonstrated this drug problem. Many different cults sprang up, and the leaders used drugs to see that their followers followed and obeyed them.

Now; the philosophers of all ages have taught that the visible Universe was but a fractional part of the whole, and that the physical body of Adam-man is in reality the least important part of his composite constitution. Most of the medical systems of today of course ignore the super physical Adam-man, and pay but scant attention to causes and concentrate on effects. Paraclesus noted in his day this same concentration and he remarked:---(quote) 'There is a great difference between the power that removes the invisible cause of disease, that which is magic, and that which causes merely external effects to disappear, and that which is called Physic, sorcery and Quackery. Disease is unnatural, it shows a maladjustment within and between organs and tissues. Harmony must be restored for perfect health to be regained. The outstanding virtue of Hermetic medicine was its recognition of spiritual and psychophysical derangements as being largely responsible for the condition which is called 'physical disease.' (unquote)

What they are telling us then is that Adam and Eve stepped out of harmony with God's laws thus disease then could attack their physical bodies and this condition then came on down thru the race. Then until we reach the time of being once more in tune with our Father, as a race, this sickness continues.

We tell you that so called new discoveries of modern science are often only rediscoveries of secrets---well known secrets---ancient times secrets. In fact they are even called paganism today by those who do not understand. Because of this loss of understanding, because of this, the world has suffered a loss of records and formulae which had they been preserved would have solved many of the greatest problems of this civilization. We have seen races obliterate the record of their predecessors and then inevitably meet with an untimely fate, for need of the very wisdom they have destroyed. This is so true of the Adamic race which brought so much knowledge into this world.




QUESTION:---There came to Jesus---scribes and Pharisees out of Jerusalem, and they said:---'Why do the disciples transgress the traditions of the elders, for they do not wash their hands when they eat bread?' ANSWER:---Jesus then told his disciples to take heed and beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees? (Matt:16) Then in the gospel of Mark 8:15; this is interpreted as Herod instead of the Sadducees. In Luke 12:1---it is translated as:--'Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy.' In the Ferrah Fenton Bible it is translated as Play acting instead of hypocrisy. Then in chapter 16 of Matthews Gospel in the Ferrah Fenton Bible the stress is to beware of the teaching of these called 'Pretenders.'

Now; outlined for us in the make up of the population in Jerusalem at that time are those who 'pretended' that they believed as did the Pharisees, until they were seated in the Sanhedrin then they voted their convictions, and with the [Sadducees---and they then took control of the Israel Sanhedrin, and it from that time on rested in the hands of non-Israelites. Thus Jesus was warning the disciples that the bread-- or teaching of these people was untrue, and of course they moved always to discredit YAHSHUA while they acted at claiming they were Israel, and set the rules to be followed. At that time the Israelites in Palestine, and especially in Judea were caught in this Spider web of false teaching and rituals. Today in this great nation of ours we see this same spiders web, and we see the Cockatrice eggs in the net which consist of many things which should not be tolerated in a Christian nation, but which crept into America as our people were asleep.

The first Cockatrice egg was the attack on our Faith. Back thru history this has always been part of the Battle. Then in the 1800's we see that the Unitarian belief came forth to challenge the Divinity of YAHSHUA---challenged his Virgin Birth as well as the atonement and the Resurrection. From Unitarian belief came Atheistic Humanism the step from one to the other being short. Thus the idea of God as Father, a loving guide to his children has been taken away, as well as the belief in the power of prayer, and the theory that Jesus is Savior---alone---for there is no other.

Thus the Sunday School system in America had to be transformed, so between 1908 to 1914 a battle Royal was on in the Sunday school world. The outcome was the International Graded lessons, and the organization of the Sunday School council of Evangelical Denominations in 1910, then later the name was changed quietly to 'The International council of Religious Education,' and the publishing of Sunday School material was changed. It was believed that is the story was told properly that you did not have to teach that the Bible story is a myth, it will just stand out as such, and you will not need to explain.

Since they had no use for the Christian Faith then why did the Unitarians drive so hard to get into the YMCA, the YWCA, the Federal Council of Churches, and other organizations of American Christianity? The answer was given by a Unitarian Editor who explains:---(quote) 'Our doctrines are especially good for budding and grafting on older stock. Our truths do not appeal to the masses, but when a strong flavor of it appears in an old stock it is often welcomed with enthusiasm, when it appears under the enticing name of Liberalism the Unitarians then become busy grafting new thought, purpose and methods on the older churches, and there was not great protests or a landslide from the old ranks, but it is one thing to tear down a structure with tremendous noise and dust, and quite another to transform it into the spirit of age. Let this false truth slip into the back door of the mind unawares, and when the front entrance has been barricaded, then you have won the battle.

Here in this last Great nation of YAHWEH'S kingdom we have seen how the Congress, the Federal courts, the Presidency has been corrupted by the work of a small group of men. In 1913 they managed to install the Federal Reserve system to control the economy of our nation. And they also---using Karl Marx and his theory of communism, set in place the policy of political communism with the goal of eventually ruling the world.

Now; this political theory of 'Communism' will not work in a nation with a strong middle class, thus communism was exported to Russia and the Soviet Union came into being. The basic idea behind Communism is that the masses of people are all members of a classless society, where as the super rich political men are the dominate ruling class, or the Elite of that society. But here in these United States we became the greatest nation in modern history because of the strong, independent middle class with their belief in their God, and their love of family life. A strong middle class producing wealth in a free enterprise economy was a threat to a super rich Elite. Competition is one thing which the Super Rich fears very much.

It was this small group of the super rich of his day that financed Karl Marx and his conspirators and then financed the Bolsheviks when they stole the Russian revolution. Call it communism or Socialism in the U.S. but it was financed by these same super rich men as they established it in our nations as well as in the Soviet Union. Communism in the Soviet Union would have been ancient history long ago if the American tax payers had not been used for these past seventy years to feed and finance the enemy.

The Income Tax---the IRS---one of Karl Marx's ideas of a progressive tax was one of the Cockatrice eggs which would be used to destroy one class in America at a time. The upper middle class allowed itself to be used as a tax collector, and in return they received exemptions, deductions, capital gains, depreciation, shelters and many other loopholes. Then in the tax bill of 1986 this tax reform now targets another group of people, the last---of the Middle class. But Karl Marx did not do this to us, for we allowed his idea to be used, and the employers destroyed their employee, and now the political clout of the destroyed wage earner is now to be used against the former employer, while those dependent upon the government will allow themselves to be used by the government. The Super Rich---this Elite has bought and paid for those who control the congress, and the presidency and the courts.

As we have told you before, we have been deceived into thinking that the Soviet military is our biggest threat, and while we worried about this we have been conquered from within. Today even much of our sophisticated military hardware is made in Israeli and other countries as well. Prophecy seems to have been fulfilled in the areas of economic control thru taxation, and de-industrialization of our nation.

In the field of religion July 4, 1987--an article in brief from 'the Wichita Eagle Beacons'--states:...CHURCH...notes Jewish status..New York:...from our news service (quote) The United Church of Christ became the first major Protestant denomination if the U.S. to declare that Judaism has not been superseded by Christianity, and that God has not rejected the Jewish people.' This declaration with only scattered opposition at a meeting in Cleveland of the 1.7 million member church, and they did not try to grapple with the theological validity of the Jewish claim to the land of Israel. We now have a remarkable mandate for change in American Christianity which we warmly welcome said Rabbi A. James Rudin, director of interreligious affairs at the American Jewish committee. The convention which ended this week, also put off for two years a decision as to whether to move its denominational headquarters out of New York. (unquote)

Now; in the drive to destroy our Faith some of the Cockatrice eggs (Isa: 59:5) were:---The National Council of Churches, and the World Council of Churches. For these organizations were staffed by people who were oriented in their thinking to communism and socialism. Then the attack against the belief in YAHSHUA began. But behind all this is the hands of the sons of lucifer. The U.N. was one of their designs to help bring about a One World Government, a one world mongrelized society which has brought down every great civilization of the past. Yes, we are in the same Spiders web, and there is no justice left in our land for anyone who tries to stand and fight this entrapment. Thus here we stand in 1987, the last great nation of YAHWEH'S kingdom, yet most people do not see that we are entangled in the spiders web, tied and almost handicapped. Even the Christian churches whether they know it or not are endorsing communism and the drug traffic in their effort to just get along, have Peace in the world--love everybody.

Now; the time is coming when YAHWEH calls a halt to Israel’s backsliding and blindness. Mystery Babylon the Great, this Satanic plot is finished and behind the standard of the Cross--now raised--everything in the western world of His kingdom will be destroyed that is in any way evil.

Read Isaiah 59--'And the Redeemer shall come into Zion (the kingdom), and unto them that turn from transgression (breaking of the law) in Jacob (Israel),' and as for me (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) 'This is my covenant with them (Israel)---My spirit that is within thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of the mouth of thy seed (children), nor out of the mouth of thy Seed's (children) mouths and their seed from hence forth and forever.'

Alright:--as we have said before---Lucifer and his sons of darkness are not going to win. The coming forth of the kingdom out of all this final climactic battle is outlined by Isaiah.

In Revelation 16:17--the seventh seal of wrath is poured out and then the announcement comes saying:--'It is done.' This last vial poured out is into the air, into the spiritual kingdom of Satan which is dissolved, and then the kingdom of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA will rise with all its Glory. Are you ready for this event? Turn to YAHSHUA in your heart and mind and he will prepare you.


The tares of the bird family------I thought this rather suggestive so here it is---THE CUCKOO BIRD.

Some species of the Cuckoo have raised borrowing and mooching to a high art form. When it comes time to lay her eggs, the Cuckoo finds a nest filled with another birds eggs. Here she lays one of her own eggs in it, after carefully dispatching one of the original eggs, so that the count stays the same, then she casually flies off, leaving the foster parents, smaller songbirds such as the wrens or sparrows to raise her chick for her. She will do this with each of her eggs, a separate nest mooched for each one. Not only this but the Cuckoo chick usually hatches first, and immediately sets out to push the other eggs, or chicks out of the nest altogether, and usually succeeds. Barring that, it is such an insistent feeder, physically larger than any chick supposed to be in the nest, and it gets all the food the foster parents bring back and calls for more.

Scientists call the Cuckoo's behavior---'Social Parasitism' for when it comes to getting a free ride, the Cuckoos are a bit too much. Mrs. Cuckoo herself, meanwhile shows no conscience about it, she is back on her perch, probably reading a good book--borrowed of course.



Pastor George Udvary came as a young man out of Hungary after it fell under communist rule with the help of the International conspirators, some of whom were even in the U.S. State Department. After reaching Austria he thought that Austria must be heaven. Then after reaching America 30 years ago he realized that Austria was not heaven, but America under our constitution--- surely this was at least a bit of heaven. During these last 30 years however he has watched the Liberal Establishment attack everything we hold dear in our America. He has watched them literally turn this nation inside out.

Clinton Rossiter, the editor of the Federalist papers put it this way:-- 'There is no happiness without Liberty, and no Liberty without self government, no self government without Constitutionality, and no Constitutionality without morality, and none of these great goods without stability and order.

Pastor John Lewis says:---'America today....which was the land of the free, and the home of the brave has become the land of the Criminal, and the home of the scared. Where else in the world but in America are Politicians being paid for treason, Preachers being paid for not believing, Doctor's paid for killing babies, Judges paid for destroying the Justice system, and Lawyers paid for lying, Farmers paid for not farming, and Mothers paid for not marrying? Where will this nation end up when top elected officials act like vultures, seek to trap with misleading questions the nations top military defense officials who acted in the best interest of a free America. Since when is it a crime to fight a godless enemy on our Southern doorstep? We have in this nation today a large number of 'Takers' who never built anything, never contributed to our society, and yet are always first to 'demand' then threaten violence if their demands are not met. The only thing more evil than the 'noise' of these people is the 'silence' of the good people of America whose main concern is to stay awake, with a full stomach, and to enjoy themselves without getting


Now:--how long will people follow the T.V. Evangelist (James 3:15) but not YAHWEH our YAHSHUA (Savior), How long will they sing:---'Oh, how I love Jesus,' yet never see the infiltration of our Faith? These people who rule over us may know how to deal with a Christian Patriot, or a few fed up tax rebels, but they have no idea of the 'Wrath' of YAHWEH. In the end of this age as the new is budding, as we are caught here in the 'Spiders web,' then knowledge is the most important weapon we have for YAHWEH will keep his promises (Jeremiah 30: 11-24). So be prepared for a dynamic and spectacular intervention of the part of YAHWEH toward America when our period of chastisement is over.

Now; I wanted to bring you this report on Central America and the Reagan Doctrine for I feel that it is a good outline of events both past and present. This is from Lewis A. Tambs, a veteran of W.W.II and Korea, he served on the NSC from 1982-1983 when he became the Ambassador to Columbia, and then after threats from the Drug connection he became Ambassador to Costa Rica from 1983-1985---and he then returned to the History department of Arizona State University. This is what he has to say about Central America:---(quote) 'The Reagan Doctrine has given us a vision of Victory for freedom and self-determination over dictatorship, oppression, and Soviet imposed Satellite states. The President asks only that the west led by the U.S. supply and support freedom fighters striving for their liberties. When he discusses the East-West context he cites the following five countries. 1. Nicaragua, 2. Angola 3. Abyssinia 4. Cambodia and 5. Afghanistan. He could also mention Mozambique, Guinea-Bissan and South Yemen for in all these 8 nations there are indigenous forces fighting in the field against Soviet backed Regimes which are shielded in many cases by Cuban Mercenaries. These freedom fighters are seeking to liberate their own native lands from totalitarian Marxist-Leninist governments. Thus the Reagan Doctrine gives the West a vision of Victory without the danger of Nuclear War. In these conflicts the possibility of victory is immediate and real. Moreover the soviets are over-extended militarily, their economy is in ruins, and their Cuban Sepoys which sustain these regimes are in many cases mutinous. In general the post war period can be divided into four distinct phases:---The Cold War from 1945-1965...Detente 1965-1976....then a near final phase ...the Findlandization of the world 1976-1980. But then came a resurgence of U.S. power and determination to accept its global responsibility, and defend the west which began in 1980. (Unquote)---(We say this corresponds with prophecy which is that help comes from the west...Isa: 59:19)

Now; back to the report: (quote)....During these 4 phases of events which we have just named the Soviet Union guided and financed by the International Bankers developed and deployed a three point strategy for destroying the Western Christian nations. Their plan was to surround geographically the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), second deny the western Industrial nations access to petroleum and strategic minerals from the middle east and Africa, and third isolate the U.S. from its friends and Allies in Latin America. So what happened.....Chairman Mao of China was a committed communist, but he was a Chinese Nationalist first, and he said to General Haig when President Nixon sent him to China:.....'Don't lose in Indo China'....but of course that was not the police of the unseen government in the State Department, and now today the Soviet Union borders China on the North, and on the S.W. with allied India and Vietnam. The U.S. defeat in South East Asia closed the semicircle, and the Soviet Union has now a warm port on the Pacific and also in the Indian Ocean.

In the drive to deny the Western Industrial nations as well as Japan and Latin America the petroleum and strategic minerals, there is today a Soviet satellite in South Yemen which controls the mouth of the Red sea, in Ethiopia, and Syria which threatens both Israeli and Egypt. In Africa.... Zaire holds strategic minerals vital to the west and Japan, and here are cobalt, molybdenum, and Chrome, but the Soviets now control Mozambique, Angola, and Guinea-Bissau, and they are reaching for South Africa.

The Soviet plan for Central America was to slice the Americas (north and south) Apart thru the Caribbean area. Central America and the closed sea of the Caribbean and a supportive South America had been the U.S. power perch. The U.S. had not had to divert men, money or materials southward, and thus could project power eastward, and to the middle east then westward also across the Pacific. But with the Soviet penetration of the Western Hemisphere with the Satellization of Cuba in 1959, and then the Grenada and Nicaragua strikes they had threatened by 1979 to slice the Americas in twain, and bring the closed sea which binds the North and South Americas together under the potential control of communist tactical air and naval forces. The possible triad of air and naval bases on Grenada, Cuba and Nicaragua was to be the wedge running east to west thru the American Mediterranean, then westward across the Pacific. But with the so called Reagan Doctrine there came the move in October of 1983 of liberating Grenada, and this broke the ring of the Soviet strategy to encircle the Caribbean with tactical air and naval power.

The give away of the Panama Canal was a tragic mistake, but the Grenada strike helped to slow the Soviet-International planners. The Reagan Doctrine for Central America has five goals; defense, democracy, development, demilitarization, and departure of foreign forces. Development by private capitalism is the desire for freedom, while state capitalism means government ownership and control of the economy, even tho both have been tried and failed.

Marxist-Leninist Nicaragua constantly preaches---'Revolution without frontiers,' and the Nicaraguan people are leaving when they can. There are about 150,000 refugees in Costa Rica alone, and they are moving into other areas as well, such as Mexico and then into the U.S. There is a total of over 100 million people in Central America, thus the infiltration into the U.S. will continue. Any effort to close the 2000 mile land frontiers with Mexico would be difficult. American troops would have to be brought home from Europe, South Korea and so forth. And if these troops are brought home then the NATO nations, and South Korea would probably be Finlandized. If the RDF (rapid deployment force) is used along the border to the south then the U.S. would not be able to respond, in the Middle East, Africa or Korea or even in Europe. Hence the Soviets under this scenario, sometimes called 'operation checkmate', would have won the world without even facing the full military might of the U.S. Nicaragua is thus a Soviet Pawn in this battle and only the Reagan Doctrine offers any hope to the oppressed people of Central America. (unquote)

Now; do we see any hopes of the end of this process of destroying the West?---We refer you to the report by Ivor Benson...(quote)...SOCIALISM is dead in Britain with the victory of Mrs. Thatcher at the polls. She has at lest started the process of setting in reverse that 'leftist' revolution which ever since the end of World War II has been dragging Britain toward a total surrender of everything for which Britain ever stood, as a free and independent nation. She has had to go along with the betrayal of kith and kin in Rhodesia, but she has dared to attempt, and has largely succeeded in doing some things which has held the Socialist revolution in check. This she has done even with a government loaded with liberals and soft conservatives, even at cabinet level who continually work against her. These next 5 years will give her a chance to dismantle Socialism in Britain, as a faith, as a religious substitute for the educated, both in the Socialist and the so called free world, it has been abandoned beyond any hope of ever being revived. It is now the side of 'BIG MONEY' that lacks a coherent ideology and faith capable of sustaining themselves, and of being communicated to Britain's voting masses. If this can happen in Britain it can happen anywhere, and for the same reason. Can this be the first signs of a turning of the tide against a 'BIG MONEY' revolution that has given the world a century of conflict without precedent in recorded history. From now on, can we expect to find the 'LEFT' with its money, its politicians, and its mighty Media, being increasingly drained of credibility. (unquote)



Now; one last item:------

Rudolph Hess.....93 years of age died August 16, 1987 in Spandau, prison in Berlin. He had been confined there since 1947. Four countries, France, Britain, the U.S. and the Soviet Union have guarded this lone prisoner all these years. The question is...Why was this man, one of Hitler’s associates sentenced to life in prison instead of killed for his role in the so called German aggression....why did these allied judges at this trial of the German military leader and others....after the war... why did they not kill him as well? Over the years the U.S., Britain and France and even West Germany made appeals to free Hess on humanitarian grounds, but the Soviets always blocked those appeals....why? We would make the guess that those who rule the Soviet Union knew that Hess flew to Scotland to try to arrange Peace between Germany and Britain, two Aryan Countries, and if this would have worked the Soviet Union would have been the target for destruction instead of Germany.

Some British and American psychiatrists claimed that Hess was insane, that he told a story connected to astronomy as he came to Scotland. At Nuremberg, Hess is said to have remarked that he did not realize as he flew to Scotland that Churchill no longer had the power to act freely or to check the avalanche sliding down on the west. We believe that Hess knew some of the story as outlined in the star Bible but the west was already in the time of Jacob's trouble, and prophecy was to be played out. But now this era is ended or is fast coming to an end. And now that Hess is no longer there this old Prison is to be torn down. Why?....So that the building will not become a Nazi Shrine...Really what are those in power afraid of still today when he is dead???? All this is only a part of the greatest propaganda play of all is just a part of the story.

There is a little bity word....THE...and it has a specific meaning and semantic function of its own. Anytime you use the you have established a belief in the reality of the noun which follows. When you say:..'The Holocaust' almost universally this is said to refer to various aspects of the situation in which Jews found themselves under National Socialism from 1933...1945 in Germany and occupied territory. The English word-Holocaust, is borrowed from the Latin--Holocaustum, meaning = a burnt offering, which was also borrowed in turn from the Greek- Holocauston...something fully burnt. In addition to those meanings, it has acquired in English the further sense of complete destruction by fire...complete destruction of a large number of persons, a great slaughter, a massacre. It is in this last sense that it has come to be used in the phrase...The Holocaust...and now has even undergone a further extinction to include presumed mass execution of Jews in Gas chambers and other installations, in fact to denoting the entire experience of all jews in Germany and in territories occupied by German troops from the accession of the national socialist party to power in 1933..until the end of the war in 1945.

Now; remember the Jews were coming into the West out of Russian territory.. the Kazzar kingdom, they had not lived in the type of civilization found in the Aryan lands. They were bringing with them the body lice and Typhus..that dread scourge. They had a tendency to flock together, and soon their dwelling areas became ghettoes because of their way of life. So lets examine one area where the Jewish question had to be settled and see just how it was done.

The example...The Republic of Poland which was established after W.W.I, then was partitioned in the fall of 1939. The Northwest part where many Germans lived was incorporated into Germany. The Eastern Part where many non-Poles and Jews lived became part of the Soviet Union. The central part was made semi-independent. When the communist took over Romania and the Baltic states then ethnic Germans left and resettled in Poland.

Now; Warsaw Poland had a large Jewish population, and because of diseases coming from the Jewish District that area was surrounded by a wall in the summer of 1940. This was to protect both Jews and non-Jews. This became a model for establishing Jewish districts in Poland.

Here in 1987 they are finally releasing books written about those times, which admit that Typhus was the number one killer in Eastern Europe, where as the medical books and journals of that time leave no doubt of this. We have to thank the Institute of Historical Review for digging up these forgotten, or buried facts. The disease of Typhus was associated with overcrowding and filth, and many books were published in the early 1940's that explained this disease, and many say that between 1914-1940 that more people died of the louse-born scourge than in actual fighting. It was not until 1943...that DDT was in sufficient supply to protect troops or people coming home from the east. Thus Germans had earlier built a wall around the Jewish Ghetto to try to stop Typhus carried by rats and fleas and lice.

Now; the Propaganda mills would have you believe the Germans were simply Gassing the Jewish residents of the Ghetto, but the picture of that district show the disarray, filth and dirt of the back streets and yards, and the danger of the spread of this disease if then better understood.

Finally in desperation, the Germans and Polish representatives put the Jews in charge of their areas. And it was found that only 10% of the Typhus cases occurred outside this area. This was the situation at that time after the Kazzar Jews came into the West. This brought on the programs to control disease, and that fatal disease...Typhus. And since W.W.I. set up the situation of W.W.II then that same situation continued, and today we now have the propaganda of 'The Holocaust' still trying to blame the western Christian world for the plight of the eastern Jews as they flooded into the Western world. The history of this era needs to be understood before you can understand the imprisonment of Rudolph Hess or the Nuremberg trials after World War II. History has been re-written but the facts are still there if you are searching.

(end of message.)