ERM - Tape 067 - Planned Ultimate World Order, Ezekiel 38 & 39


TAPE # 67  -  by Ella Rose Masr





In watching the 700 Club as to see just what they were thinking, I found them discussing the surrogate mothers, the altering of genes, and they were wondering if someone would try to build a super race by that method.?? Then in September when the Jews met with the Catholic Pope, I thought of a book we have had in our library for some years. The title...'The Ultimate world Utopia'.... and I realized that not only has some thought of that, but the process has been laid out for many years and has been progressing right on schedule.

Way back in the 1930's or 40's a German-Jewish poet and communist youth leader, spoke of communism as temporary. We have told you that communism is the political arm of those who are planning a One World Government.

Now; the communist plan for rubbing out all national, religious, cultural, and racial lines and submerging the world into formless, characterless chaos, for easy domination is grandiose enough, but to say there is still another more grandiose plan beyond that which the communist machine has set up is indeed to challenge the credulity of most of us, especially of us Anglo-Saxons who are busy with our humdrum routines to pull the propaganda curtain aside and see the giant hiding there. We have been quoting from this book...'The Ultimate World Order' by Robert H. Williams.

Before we go into this subject it is necessary for us to remember some things:...namely that Zionism and communism are two movements from the same philosophical root. And that Zionism came out of the area of eastern Europe, but before that it came from Asia and Russia especially, then came into the U.S. for a base, and was taken back to the Soviet Union in 1917...from the United States.

We know that W.W.II was fought not only to destroy the German people but also destroy the British Empire as leaders of the world. We also know today that Zionism has a mastery of Black magic over money creation, and a complex thinking they have a right to be the rulers of the world. That the dilution of Christianity with what is termed the Judaeo-Christian ethic, has produced a situation where as tens of millions of Christians have been conditioned to believe that Zionist Israeli is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and that to oppose Israeli, irrespective of what it does is anti-God. Thus millions of American Christians, most who would describe themselves as conservatives in the political field are just a Zionist fifth column in the U.S. influencing American foreign policy along a disaster course. This goes on while Falwell's fellow Christians are suffering in Palestine and are ignored when using his Israeli donated private jet, and he travels to Israeli to preside over conducted tours of American Christians, for then he never visits these Christians in Palestine.

South African Christians are also encouraged to make tours of Israeli. This is all a part of the program to persuade South Africans that their future lies with 'chosen' Israeli, even if it means the acceptance of a multi-racial political system, the catastrophic end results will be inevitable if it does take place.

Now; we also remember the U.N. has a UNESCO...Brown their blueprint for Peace. This is the blending of all races of mankind into one composite race less, nationless, homeless, characterless, faceless, brown slob, utterly lost from all heritage and completely subject to the will of the Zionist 'master race' which while causing all others to blend, still produce the 'master race' of tall, white, good looking people. This blueprint remember is taken from the U.N.'s blueprint for Peace.

Now; the author...Mr. Williams:...He was a native of west Texas, a son of a Baptist minister, a lecturer, news analyst and authority on subversive movements. He was a contributor to Encyclopedia Britannica's...'Ten Eventful Years', as well as author of several booklets on Zionism, Communism and Americanism. He was a former (1942) S-2 head of the Intelligence staff section, for the Army Forces Counter Intelligence staff section for basic Army Air Forces Counter Intelligence staff in the AAF. Later he was head of the Intelligence and Public relations section, headquartered in Miami Beach schools with the title of Intelligence officer. In 1943-44, he was combat Intelligence officer in the second air force, helping to train bombardment crews. He served with the bomber wing on B-29's on the Island of Guam, under the command of Brig. General Powers. After the war he was transferred to military Intelligence Reserve, from which he was honorably discharged in December of 1950.

Now; President Truman was persuaded and he designated Mrs. Anna M. Rosenberg as assistant Secretary of Defense in charge of personnel, giving her absolute power to fill key positions with revolutionaries. Mr. Williams had of course published a factual documented expose of Mrs. Rosenberg's Red record, thus on December 21, 1950 after the Senate confirmed Mrs. Rosenberg’s appointment then Mr. Williams was given an honorable discharge, for she could do no less. This was the first official act for Mrs. Rosenberg, and for two or three years thereafter the charge kept appearing in the ADL and communist publications that Mr. Williams was never a major in Military Intelligence.

Then one day Mr. Williams found the book...'The Jewish Utopia' written in plain English, in the library of the University of Texas. This book was not marked secret, but it was largely couched in secret or confidential tones which all Jewish revolutionaries have used thru out known history, this language is found in their Torah, which Jewish writers imparted to communist literature. But their use of words which you and I take to mean one thing, to their followers means something else, a system which our people little suspect, and which also guarantees the security of the document. A friend of Mr. Williams then found a copy of this little book in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., supposedly a copy which was filed for application for copyright in 1932. It was a book of 118 pages plus preface, notes and bibliography. It was written by Michael Higger, a University Professor and published by the Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore MD. 1932..... and copyrighted that same year by the author.

Now; you understand, this is not a new blueprint for a World Order but a thought out and established one fifty some years ago. And Mr. Williams in his small book has outlined this plan for us as he studied that book of the plan of the Zionists, in their own words, for World Domination, and it is all written out in the book by Mr. Higger, and it was given to the University of Texas by the Kallah of Texas rabbis in 1939. Actually it was given to the Abraham I Schecter collection of Judaic literature, thus the book altho in plain English was not in the University library, but in the Abraham I Schecter collection, to which one may have access only by special permission, and it was not then listed in the library catalogue.

Mr. Williams stated at the outset that we would dismiss the entire book as a daydream by an unbalanced mind, but for the facts of history, including current history in which the Socialistic man-trap has caught this country and others, and is steadily sucking their blood. The Zionist machine has men in the most powerful positions, protected by the cowardice of leaders who fear to be called...Anti-Semitic'. We therefore of this Adamic race are like children afraid of the dark, we are paralyzed by that atom powered little scare word. Even a good many of the Jews are also fearful for they have found this land of promise, and they like to live here in tolerant, benevolent America. They would like to have things remain the way they are but Mr. Higger in his book says:....'Those Jews who do not knuckle under, and who are not tall and handsome will be weeded out.' We will develop this last statement as we go thru Mr. Williams book report because it clarifies the strange enigma of blond, blue-eyed children from dark haired, short Jewish parents.

And Now; if you have been following the reports of the egg fertilization and so forth in our world today then you know it is now possible to take an egg from a blond, blue-eyed lady and fertilize the egg with the sperm of a blond blue-eyed man... in a test tube, and then implant that fertilized egg into a woman's womb and she will bring forth a blond blue-eyed child. A Texas couple used this method so they could have their own child, but think of the possibilities as we go thru this program for the Ultimate World super race for this Jewish Utopia. But for this Jewish Utopia the men in reconstruct an ideal social life on earth, have been using the prophets of the old testament for their ideas, and by claiming to be the descendants of the people of the old testament, and by this method they keep not only the Jews in line, but also the Christians with their translation of what the prophets had to say. In the Zionist view...Christianity is but an ism which is to fade away, and in the end an earthly regime is to be set in place here on earth, which will be a one World state, conforming to a single ideology which they have determined to be the ultimate goal. This is the Talmudic interpretation of a major goal for the domination of the earth. In their Utopia there is to be only two classes of people, those they term the righteous and the unrighteous, with their own definition of righteous. And to the Zionist righteous will belong all that God's wonderful world has to offer. To the other class, nothing. They pick up their idea from Isaiah 65:13...and they quote this often. 'Behold' therefore thus saith the Lord God, behold my servants shall eat, but ye shall be hungry; behold my servants shall drink, but ye shall be thirsty; behold, my servants shall rejoice, but ye shall be ashamed'. They also quote Malachi when he said:...'Then shall ye again discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God, and him that serveth Him not.' Thus using the faith of the Adamic race which they carried forward from their beginning, and now claiming this faith to be Jewish, then they use the Adamic faith and quote as they use it against us for this Jewish Utopia they hope to build. The Talmudic interpretations inspire the Jewish flock to believe that the prophets were addressing their appeals to their own people. But they are trying to whip them into unity, and consecrated devotion to building this Jewish One World Order. The Babylonian Talmud tells the Jewish flocks that Moses was their militant conquering hero, and that the Mosaic law was to the Jews only, and that the Jewish people are not bound by any moral requirement in dealing with so called gentiles. The Talmud as you know is a many volume compilation of Jewish history and traditions, and the teaching of the ancient rabbis. It carries their interpretations of the law of Moses by rabbis over a period of centuries in legal decisions after legal decisions.

Not only Zionism but communism which they spawned acquired much of their hatred of Christians from the spirit of hatred kept alive by rabbis in the ghettos of Europe and Russian, and the constant repetition of 'mine enemies' from the old testament. They quote:... Deuteronomy 26:19 and 28:9 for in their 'master race' concept and their zeal for conquest and self-determination as to their ultimate world order.

Mr. Higger leaves no doubt of his meaning in using the word..righteous. He points out that the righteous are those nations and individuals who work with and for the Zionist program. He says:.. (quote) At the outset it should be pointed out that the term redemption and salvation, have a radically different connotation from that which they have in Christian theology. Jewish redemption stands for the physical liberation and freedom of the state of Israeli. The people of Israeli will attain the heights of their spiritual functions and potentials only thru their attainment of material freedom and liberty. Redemption for the Zionist has nothing to do with redemption from sin, nothing to do with a mans personal relationship with God, and the hereafter. It refers to a political, military and geographical accomplishment; such as the setting up of the state of Israeli, and the so called liberation and freedom of the Jews. Liberalism and freedom are two words consistently misinterpreted by so called gentiles as is the term persecution. The Jewish term persecution, is almost universally used to mean prosecution, for even the Jewish writer use this almost universally to mean prosecution as they tell of Jewish revolutionary and seditious activities against the governments of their host country, and brand any punishment of the guilty Jews by courts of the land as persecution. They also brag of the subversive, violent movements launched by the Jews, and then brand the punishment as persecution. In their plan for Armageddon, it is Israeli and associated nations that help build the new social order which is to dominate the world; the others must perish. Those who are spared in this final holocaust must worship the Torah, and the Jewish God in old Jerusalem. Idolatry means any other religious faith, and Higger and his fellow Zionists are planning oceans of human blood. The head Zionists are not above using some of their fellow Jews and getting them punished, so as to intensify their cry of persecution.

Now; in this program of 'The Ultimate Utopia'..the old testament is used so as to deceive, for there is to be a king, an all powerful one descended from the house of David, they say, so as to deceive. This will be a man that all the world must worship, and no reference to a future world is considered. This man is one who comes from the east where the sun rises. There will be a radical economic system, quite socialistic where all inheritance will be wiped out with a 100% inheritance tax. The U.S. flag will disappear, there will be only one flag for the whole world, and this will be the symbol of knowledge, peace, tranquility, and all nations will center around that one emblem. (We would say this will be the spider web). The whole earth will be for all the human race, but by the time of their complete control, the human race will be the UNESCO brown man, a race less, nationless, homeless, characterless, faceless brown slob, utterly lost from all heritage and completely subject to the 'will' of the Zionist...'master race'.

Now; what of this 'master race', what type of individuals are they to be? ...If the plans of the Zionist for conquest of property and people seems fantastic you haven't heard anything yet. The plan is to up-breed and out-breed their race into one quite different from the present Jewish strain. here in their race into one quite different from the present Jewish strain. Here in their laid out program it calls for a sturdy race of strong, healthy, tall, youthful, handsome people who will be raised, and their complexion...that of the Aryan race. In this instance they go back once more to the old testament for their description of this people (Isa: 65:23) and they claim that they are this people, and that they will build again this people which God has blessed.

Thus to set out to make the descendants of the present day jews into these tall, handsome people they claim from the old testament, then any livestock breeder knows that to attain this goal you have to weed out and kill off the ugly and unhealthy individuals and breed up only a carefully selected strain. Thus they will have to liquidate untold millions of their own people to stop the breeding of defective individuals.

Now; hundreds of writers, speakers and scientists of our time have deplored the progressive degeneracy of the American stock of today, after all the wars which destroyed the best of the stock. In the days of Augustus Caesar he tried an experiment to up grade his people a few years before Christ walked the earth, by organizing colonies or settlements of selected families. Adolph Hitler to a certain extent tried it as he tried to stop the deteriation of the German race; but the Zionist political and banking machinery went into high gear at that time and induced Nordic Christians...anti-communists of America and Britain to destroy Nordic Christian anti-communist of Germany. Thus the best blood of the Anglo-Saxons was sacrificed to destroy the best blood of our cousins, the Germans. The western world thus was committing suicide for the benefit of the communist-Zionist monster. The one thing above all else that could not be allowed was the up-breeding of the Adamic race, which now ever much diluted and cowardly has never the less stood between them and World Domination for thousands of years. If you will notice, this race now called gentile idealizes the best types of their race, where as the Zionist plan to build a new race out by cross breeding with other racial elements.

Over the years the Sephardic Jews have taken in some blood of the Spaniards and Italians, and trace their culture to the time preceding Isabella's reign in Spain. And at one time the Sephardic Jews considered themselves as superior to the Ashkenazim Jews, and then over the past two centuries the Ashkenazim have taken in much German and Western European blood which helped to offset the absorbed blood of the Kazzars and other dark and course mongol elements. There is in fact two types now of those Jews as well as two or more types of the Sephardic Jews, altho all speak Yiddish, which is a composite of German, Polish, Russian and Hebrew, and they use Hebrew characters for their language.

The Mediterranean Jews take in some of the African and eastern Mediterranean characteristics with the dark skin, thick lips, nose curled downward, and this is the darker Negroid type of hair. The others have interbred with southern and western European stock and they look quite differently. Then there are those in smaller numbers such as the Chinese Jews, the Japanese Jews and so on. But the so called German Jews are those who rose to leadership during the last century in finance, science, commerce and political influence. But towering above these is the fanaticism, cold-blooded brutality, cunning, political organizing Russian-Polish Jews, and Anna Rosenberg at her time was one of those. She had some of the features and characteristics of both the Ethiopian and Russian, Polish Jews with heavy skin, coarse black hair, hooked nose, dark eyes, oriental conscience. The Generals who suffered humiliation under this small strumpets tongue lashing say she was as foul mouthed as any sailor.

Barnard (Barney) Baruch might be cited as an example of a German Jew, for he was 6 ft., 4" tall and obviously had a great deal of European blood in his veins but he had the Jewish nose and mouth. But compared to others he may well have been considered handsome in his younger days, but strange to say, his Nordic blood had not eliminated the Jewish temperament entirely, for his life had been steeped in secrecy, cunning and intrigue. It was he who maneuvered Harry Truman to appoint Anna Rosenberg as assistant Sec. of the Navy. It was he who with communist friend Dean Atchison drew up the plan to give our atomic defenses over to the United Nations world police force.

During the past two centuries thousands of Jews have inter-married into the British Aristocracy. For the most part they retain the names of the once great Anglo-Saxon families, and they hold the estates, they speak English with a British accent. They had developed a great deal of loyalty to Britain and almost forgot they were Jews until W.W.II brought them face to face and subjugated them for Zionism. Many were 3/4 or more Anglo-Saxon, they were tall and mostly very handsome, and some of their women were like the English and Germans and were very attractive. This was the experiment with up-breeding and you see that only thru such inter-breeding with other racial elements, in fact with tall, handsome people can the Zionist raise up a breed of tall and handsome Jews for Israeli. For 'like begats like' you do not breed a line of race horses from plow horses or mules. The genes of your ancestors determine whether or not you are tall and handsome.

Mr. Higgins in His Jewish Utopia tends to confirm the theory that the reason the Jewish propagandists hate and ridicule the Aryan-Anglo Saxons, and other northern Europeans is that they are jealous of the fair complexion and refined features of this Adamic race.

Now; in case you still might think this experiment to produce a super race of Nordic type, physical bodies with Jewish minds and temperaments has not already been tried, then we give you these facts. In the London Evening Standard of November 6, 1956...Anne Sharpley writes:...'A Jewish couple in Israeli, both parents are dark haired, but by the strange alchemy which effects all Israeli born children, their baby son is fair haired. Israeli born 'Sabras' can be immediately spotted all over that country. They are bewildering big and blond, and if you saw them in White Chapel, you would swear they were Swedes. But where...from where comes the blond blood?... In the California Jewish voice of June 1957.. and article was carried from Tel Aviv saying:.. (quote)..many children and teenagers brought to Israeli recently have developed deep personal problems as a result of the sudden awareness that they are Jews. Moshe Kol head of the youth Aliyah movement reported that those youngsters who did not know they were Jews until they were brought to Israeli in the Child rescue movement suffered psychological shock. For those who can not cope with this shock then individual attention is provided in the Youth Aliyah Centers. (unquote)

But who were these children? Could they have been German and Scandinavian children, perhaps British War Orphans, taken over during and immediately after W.W.II? Could some of them have been 'rescued' from Dresden while we were bombing the women and children of that open center of Culture during W.W.II?? The only way parents of dark hair and eyes, after centuries of those type genes could produce blond-blue eyed children is by adoption or by artificial insemination. Since the male sperm and the female egg can be fertilized outside a body and then placed successfully in a womb, even a Negro or Jewish woman could give birth to a blond, blue-eyed pure Aryan child which would not be related to her, and not have a drop of her blood in its veins. Today (1987) this is not then a new process of birth, it is just that we are finally hearing about it, and yet it is something which has been used for a long time, and only now brought out into the open here in America.

Now; Mr. Higger says that eventually all inhabitants of Israel (Israeli) will be selected, but to start with and for years then any Jew may enter, but for the 'NEW AGE' they will be carefully selected. If that be the plan then millions of Jews already in Israeli do not measure up to this 'Master Race' requirement. And they are beginning in more and more of the same from the Soviet Union for instance, so why?? According to the program they are to be slaughtered, used as cannon fodder so that the stupid Anglo-Saxons will fight the Arabs and clear all that land for the Zionist cause and conquest.

In this program you will notice that it is..Unrighteous and wicked and anti-Semitic to oppose the state of Israeli, but the 'Jewish Utopiat plan' calls for opposition to nations, a plot to subjugate them or wipe them out. Also it is wicked for other nations to have money for them to oppress the people, but it's ideal for 'The Jewish Utopia' to take over all the wealth of the world. (unquote)

Now; how has this program worked over these many years? They have preached brotherhood, racial integration for the white race, Socialism, UNESCO, The Genocide Pact, the so called Covenant of human rights, the glorification of the U.N. the constant undermining and ridiculing, and belittling of patriotic nationalism among the non-Jews, the swift and violent attacks on any who express pride in their race, the laws set in place forcing the white man to employ persons of various races in his community, tho white men may go jobless; the cry of Anti-Semitism, the world give away of our money to uplift all the other races at the expense of our children, and grandchildren who are thus saddled with fantastic debts. All these propaganda and organizational drives identify themselves as part of the program of Zionism, moving us toward the goal of 'The Jewish Utopia'?

Mr. Williams goes on to say that by the Utopian definition, religion is no longer the worship of YAHWEH is the political, economic, social, racial gospel of communist fronters and fellow is Humanism which is simply man trying to be his own God. Religion is to be the 'Love' of mankind, nations as well as local organizations will have to all establish 'Brotherhoods'. Today in our public schools mental exertion and intelligence has been, or is being largely subordinated to 'Brotherhood', and social adjustment, meaning largely racial adjustment. The master strategists must know what they are doing to the white race. For never in history has the white and dark races mixed socially that they did not interbreed, and this has resulted in chaos, and general degeneracy, utter moral abandon, and with crime rampant.

The Shinto-like character of the of the Zionist religion contrasted with the true faith brought into earth by the Aryan race is inescapable. The Zionist have attempted and largely succeeded to make the Aryan race believe that the Zionists are descended from God, that the rule they will provide will be a 'holy one' and all the world must worship this Jewish king they will set in place as God. And he is to come out of the east. But I would remind you that Satan's early kingdom at the time of Adam and Eve was in the east, far east of old Jerusalem.

Now; there is only partial answers in the book as to when this Jewish Utopia is to begin. However there are many milestones along the way. And one of them was to be the setting up of the state of Israeli which was done in 1948, without God..but with the help of Harry Truman, and the Soviet Union under control of the Bolsheviki. The east-west division of the world is nearly complete. And Israeli must they say.. since they want all the Old ottoman Empire, but this can come only at the expense of the Arab people and their lands. Then the strategists had to cry of official Soviet anti-Semitism, and this has been going on for some time. This was to bring the Jews out of Russia and into Israeli for cannon fodder.

Today in 1987 the Zionists are maneuvering in the Middle East to start a give their propaganda machine in the U.S. a chance to go into hysterics over persecution of their people. Only Almighty God can stop this war for the build up is going on. But over the years we have also seen some 'unseen' force hold back their plans. We saw an example of that in 1956, for they miscalculated Eisenhower who had positively crawled before Jewish bankers and political organizational leaders since the time when he was a Lieutenant Col. under Mc Arthur in the Philippines where he began courting the Jewish political machine by going to the 'B’nai B’rith' club in Manila, and playing cards with its members. Now suddenly he stood still, but what was holding him back? Something did...and the U.S. did not enter the war against Egypt, the Soviets did not then come in, and Israeli and even France and Britain which had bowed were left out on a limb and the invasion was called off. (some unseen force was there)

If the Zionist cannot get some of the Jew, in fact many of them slaughtered in this war they are planning, and cannot maneuver to have Israeli perhaps sacked and burned, they will lose their trump card which has drawn so many crocodile tears from us stupid Anglo-Saxons, and gotten so many of our sons killed on mapped battlefields. Israeli will have to fight on the side of the west, or rather fighting beside the western nations who are duped and used, in this grandiose scheme.

Mr. Higgers says that Israeli is to participate and that America and Britain, and no doubt the rest of the western nations are to be among the righteous. But don't celebrate as of yet for there is no victory in this for the west, they are just to be used for the Zionist plan to conquer all. A black book-list is carried to list any American who dares to defend his country and its traditions. No doubt the last Wesley A. Swift was high on that list, and today there are many, many more. All you have to do is defend our race, traditions, religion and freedom, and you are in the black book. This Mr. Higger made perfectly clear. This also is not anything new, it has been going on for a long time.

Now; how do they stop you from standing up for Your Christ, and your country? One way already in place is 'The Federal civil defense administration. The only way to have an efficient civil defense in a war emergency is to have the responsibility where it rests under the American form of government, and is controlled by the local city government and the people, not by a Zionist head in Washington D.C. It should be only controlled by the local city governments, the authority must remain at home, so that county law officials can save not only their own lives, but that of their families as well. Such a program was set up in the fall of 1948 under a patriotic Secretary of Defense by the name of James Forrestal. The Secretary of Defense was trying to keep President Truman from building up the little state of Israeli in the strategic oil laden middle east. But the propaganda machine headed by the smear agent Walter Winchell, and the ADL mouthpiece...Drew Pearson went into action against James Forrestal and he was driven out of office, and hounded nearly to the brink of insanity and he either jumped or was thrown out of the window of the Naval Hospital, where he had been held virtually incommunicado, denied even the right to see his Priest. This is one of the reasons why local officials must handle the civil defense of our nation and our people.

Now; those who planned this One World have done their work well. Since the beginning of the 'New Deal' our people have been conditioned to take orders from Washington D.C. They can shut down the schools, churches, libraries and courts, because their whole aim was to destroy local and state governments. They have already made great strides in this program and they at one time tried sending a new political figure head into each local community, and he was to get his orders as to who to have liquidated from the secret agents of the ADL. Back in the 1950's they claimed to have agents in 2,000 American cities. Those citizens who would try to fight back were to disappear, and some did. We ask you.. Who would you call if they controlled the mail, the telegraph and the telephone? There has been at least 12 dry runs with their program in as many American cities using the military forces of the United Nations. In 1951...these units seized 9 cities in California, seized the Mayor and police chiefs and posted proclamations of absolute dictatorship over the populace, in the name of the U.N. Forces military government. Where do you think they got some of the ideas and pictures for their T.V. show 'Amerika'?

Now; we have reached a milestone on the road to the Zionist Utopia with our place today on the road of racial and spiritual degeneracy. But still they have not reached their goal. Time after time their plans have backfired. They expected to capture all of Europe thru communism after W.W.I. and then quickly the rest of the world. They expected to annihilate the German people after W.W.II. They planned to take over this nation after that war by the abysmal of financial depression. They expected something big to happen as a result of their invasion of Egypt in 1956, but were forced to back off. The ADL at that time claimed that 75% of the Christian press had turned anti-Semitic. ---Something holds them back---some unforseen force until they never quite reach their goal.

Now; all Americans who are interested should read the story of Spain, as Mr. William suggests, and he is talking about the story of Spain under the little red-headed, green-eyed Queen Isabella, who came to the throne at the age of 20. Spain had suffered much complete degradation under seven centuries of Jewish manipulation and Moorish invasion, that she had to run, time after time for her life. Everywhere there was chaos, racial and moral and spiritual disintegration. And those 'new Christians'... hundreds of thousands of Jews had gone into the catholic church two or three generations earlier. In a political and commercial maneuver, and for protection against reprisals, had practically captured the church in that country, and were subverting from within. Isabella had a New England type conscience and a patriotic zeal, and she fought back and she succeeded, and in 1492 she began to expel most of the Moors and jews from Spain.

Our author says it is up to us to rescue our nation just as Isabella rescued Spain. To do this we need for white citizens to study racial history, to inspire pride in our race, and do this for the Negro as well, for when both races realize how they have been used in this Great Brotherhood deception they will destroy the enemy.

Let us be warned by the Insane outburst of Mr. Higger when he said:.. 'The motto will be...Righteous unite... better destruction of the world if the Zionists cannot make us all conform to their requirements.'

Bacteriological warfare laboratories have been prepared so that they may spread strange diseases among us while they quietly vaccinate their own people. There is a quiet suspicion that they are, and have already used this method of getting rid of anyone not walking their path. Out author closed with this comment:...'sooner or later every Aryan man will have to answer to his children and to his country, but first of all to our God, as to how you have walked in your day, but first of all to our God...thus how will you answer?

Now; you ask: will the Zionist win while we walk in blindness?? We think not, for the answer to why I think this you must look to the writings of Ezekiel the prophet of YAHWEH. This is just the last program of the kingdom of darkness and YAHWEH believe me, is in total control, and for a purpose he has let them go this far.

Then here in September of 1987 we see the Catholic Pope and the Jews coming together once more, and no one is remembering the experience of Spain and their trouble as they took them in as 'new Christians'. This time the program calls for the re-writing of Biblical history until Judaism is first in the religious world. This also will not work but they have to try for they have been allowed to think they can win.

QUESTION:...Ezekiel 39:2...And I will turn thee back and leave but the sixth part of thee, and I will cause thee to come upon the mountains of Israel.' Many teach that this meant the Soviets come against the state of Israel; what do you say??

ANSWER:...This is a question hard to answer except by a complete sermon covering much more of the book of Ezekiel. As we look at Events shaping up today it is easier to see the symbolism in this book. From the Swift Ministry and my understanding will try to shed some light on the writings of Ezekiel so as to give you more to go on as you read and study.

Now; the first thing...chapters 40-48 of Ezekiel carry that message that Ezekiel is given to deliver to Israel. This is the story told in the beginning for here Ezekiel is given restored vision of Israel back in Judea as they came into the land after the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, then of the coming of the remnant of Israel, back from Babylon to establish a base, and make ready for the birth of YAHSHUA, then on. Probably these chapters should have been first in this book but when put into chapter and verse they are listed in this order therefore it is necessary to put them into perspective.

Next:...chapter 37 of Ezekiel is the story of 'The dry bones' and we did this for you in a tape some time back so will not repeat, but this is the awakening of Israel in the latter days. And in verse 25... 'This Land' is not geographic, this is the kingdom in earth, and David is symbolic of the administration of the kingdom under the leadership of YAHSHUA OUR KING OF KINGS.

Now; chapter 38 of Ezekiel...God is Satan...the land is the place where the kingdom of Satan had its headquarters, thus Magog is Satan's kingdom of darkness, and this area was in the beginning in Asia, and has the symbolism of the Bear. The chief Prince of Meshek and Thubal.. the Chief Prince can be none other than one of Satan's children or one of the world order who is controlled by Satan, and who rules over that part of Asia today in this physical world. There has been many of these chief Princes over the years, one at a time.

We feel that chapters 38 and 39 are telling in symbolism of the final battle between the children of Light and the children of Darkness as YAHWEH-YAHSHUA sets his kingdom in place of administration of the earth.

Here today (1987) the chief Prince of the Soviet Union is of course Gorbachev...but he is also controlled by a rich man from Canada... Armand Hammer and others such as he who plans Global 2000 and other things of a ONE WORLD Government. But notice that YAHSHUA is still in charge of this situation, still in control of even this last battle for He turns them back (vs:4) and then puts hooks in their jaws...meaning controls them and then leads them out for HIS purpose.

In the 'Latter years' meaning later in the years after the crucifixion and resurrection and atonement, this great company of Satan's kingdom and those of the World Order who they control come against the children of Light, those of YAHWEH'S Kingdom. And they have many horsemen and horses (Meaning many men and much power) and all kinds of armor (covering-shielding) such as false Peace organizations, controlled media, much wealth, propaganda and so forth.

Gomar and Togarmah (vs:6) were the names of two Asian leaders who led their Asiatic mongol hoards along either side of Genghis Khan when they came as the 7th., power thrown against the Christian west of Europe. Thus the hoards of Asia under the leadership of Genghis Khan as the seventh power against the kingdom helps in verse 6 to identify again the 8th power, this final power, as those coming out of the same area of this world order to be thrown at the Christian west. This is the area also where Cain the son of Eve and Satan (I John 3:12) established his kingdom after Eve was seduced and Adam also fell.

We have outlined for you last month a bit of what has happened in this time of Jacob's trouble and more is in this months Newsletters, such as WARS I and II and then Korea, Vietnam, and now today in central America and the Persian Gulf. This is also a part of this prophetic vision as to what would happen to Israel in the 'Latter Years'. As once more the kingdom of darkness comes against the mountains (nations) of Israel who are now dwelling in safety (secure so they think), but now these forces come like a cloud to try once more to smother the Faith of the Kingdom of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

They come (vs:10) 'Thinking an evil thought' means devising a mischievous device so as to attain their goal. Today we think of many ideas used for this purpose, and the results can be seen today, such as claiming to be the people of the BOOK. (vs:13) is referring to the race, for the young lions of the Tribes of Israel is identity, and the spoils they took always before as they came against Israel was not only material things, no...they also took young Israel women, and by them produced offspring looking more like the Adamic race, but of course without a begotten spirit. However they were more able to mingle with Israel, and not stand out so in their appearance. This is an old method is it not for up-breeding?

You ask:...'why was all this necessary, all these wars and trouble for Jacob's people? Your answer then comes in verse 16..'So that the heathen (those of the world order) may know that YAHSHUA the embodiment of YAHWEH...when he is 'sanctified'...when he reveals himself to Israel before the eyes of the world, before God (Satan's and his people). Thus Satan...Lucifer the rebellious Archangel is the one YAHWEH spoke of thru the prophet's of Israel, saying that in many, many years hence that HE (YAHWEH) would bring Satan and his kingdom people against Israel, in the lands where they are now settled, for this final battle...a final and climatic battle. And in this same time period (vs: 18... when this final battle is joined, the fury of YAHWEH will come forth, and there will be a great shaking (trembling) in the land (kingdom) of Israel, for they will realize that something is happening that they maybe dreamed about, but have almost forgotten. (vs:20) His presence (not necessarily manifestation to the world) brings the sinking down of all of the governments run by those of Satan's kingdom. The steep places (road blocks to understanding) shall fall. (vs:21).. 'Every mans sword shall be against his brother'...This symbolism is strictly male, and means that the enemy turns on itself, or the world order turns on Satan and his children after they realize how they have been used and degraded. And the Great Power of YAHWEH is then turned loose in this battle as symbolized as 'hailstones from heaven'.... thus a heavenly force. vs:23)...This battle is to be fought to a climax so that Satan and all his kingdom people finally know that the one in total control is YAHWEH who came in the flesh as YAHSHUA...Savior..Redeemer.

Chapter of Ezekiel has seen Ezekiel prophesying against Satan and his kingdom people, and (vs:2) it is YAHWEH who 'turned thee (Satan) back, and then led Satan and his children to think they could come against his kingdom and think they could win here in earth. This leaving 1/6th., of them, does not mean 6 as to the number destroyed, but it is talking about the world order, men without begotten spirits who have followed the Great Satan and his kingdom. YAHWEH thus led Satan and his children against the nations of Israel to show that the kingdom of darkness once and for all times is still controlled and He is the supreme ruler of the Universe and Israel is his earthly kingdom.

Out of the North Parts in symbolism is always referring to the coming to earth of Lucifer in rebellion, for the North Parts then in the Star Bible is reserved...cleansed for the increase of the kingdom. Always we see that Satan as he comes against the kingdom of YAHWEH uses the World Order, these created people who fell before the Adamic race were put in earth. YAHWEH is thus to totally disarm all these who come against Israel. He removes all the devices they have used to deceive Israel and the World Order as well. Finally Israel people see who the enemy really is for 'The arrows out of their right hand' ..tells us this... and as their weapon of authority, and all the cover for their deceiving, is revealed, then their rule of earth is finished. As these weapons disappear they will no longer fight us. As the administration of the Kingdom of Israel rises to power the enemy will fade away.

Now; they fall 'upon the open field'...and the field being the world then they fall upon a world that is now open, after the world order and true Israel understand who the real enemy is.

This fire which YAHWEH sends is the Holy Spirit...Truth...this fire comes against Magog, the land (kingdom) of Gog (Satan) and those who dwell carelessly in the Israel, meaning those of the Maritime lands, those who have traveled to new places..(those who have always traveled with Israel) and now they are to know that HE...who is in total control is none other than YAHWEH..Our YAHSHUA..Savior Redeemer. It is by this the midst of His people Israel that He makes HIS name known, and no longer will HE permit them (Israel) to pollute HIS name. They will no longer call him a Jew, for they will know that He is the Holy ONE of Israel. 'For even the heathen, (the world order) shall now know that He is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA the Holy one of Israel.

Vs:8...It is now all finished, it is done, all those things promised and prophesied for this is finished.

Vs:9...And now Israel destroys by this fire..this truth..all the things which the kingdom of Darkness has used against you. The seven years mentioned here are symbolic as is the number 6, for this no. 7 is symbolic of the Adamic race, now awake, and all error has passed out of the administration of the kingdom of YAHWEH...and this kingdom of Darkness..Gog (Satan) and his kingdom people are given graves..where.. in Israel all this error is exposed, so as to remind Israel how she was led astray.

Now; the word translated as passengers, and in the Ferrah Fenton Bible as passage has a meaning as of something, someone who obstructs, and passengers are those who travel..and the vale or valley is a low road, nor a high one. Thus those passengers who travel the low road then help the kingdom of darkness which obstructs the kingdom of YAHWEH as they help put out all that error. In the Ferrah Fenton Bible it says:.. 'On that day I will give Gog (Satan) a place of burial in Israel, the vale of passage alongside the sea (people), but it will make the travelers (of that low road) stop their noses, and they will bury Gog there with his multitudes and call this spot...Gog's defeat. It will take the people of Israel seven months to bury them. Why? This seven again is the number of Adamites...and it will take some time to bury all those as to purify the country (kingdom). And all people of Israel will be burying them...burying these errors cause by the tactics used against you, and it will be amongst them a day to celebrate.. What?.. MY NAME...says the Might Lord (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA).

In all the versions of the Bible, all this error of the kingdom of darkness is buried in Israel for this is where it is revealed, where it is exposed to the view of the world, and here this valley is Hamongog.. is just the place where the multitude of Gog (Satan), and the errors of his kingdom is buried.

Literally the seven months may also be a time period for Israel to erase the error taught by the kingdom of darkness, then as men of Israel travel ..after the administration of Israel is established, and our kingdom cleansed of all error, then as men of the administration of the kingdom travel, if they find any error still being taught they will mark the spot, and send someone with total understanding to correct that error, and bury it with all the errors of these multitude of Gog.

Every feathered fowl and every Beast of the field (symbolic of people) are to gather and realize at last that they have been deceived by this ruler of the kingdom of darkness, and his family and his followers. They will now learn that YAHSHUA has even sacrificed for the World Order, for they will see these mighty men of power, those who have brought all this destruction and misery even to the World Order, they are now revealed and dealt with and the Glory of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA now shines even before the world order. These people who have tried to worship the right God and tried to love the LORD Jesus will now know just who Satan and his children really are, and how they have deceived them also.

From this day and forward (vs:22) the Whole House of Israel shall know that YAHWEH is YAHSHUA our Savior, and those of the World order will now also know that the house of Israel as did they...went into captivity, because they violated the law, and YAHWEH gave Israel into the hands of the enemy, this kingdom of darkness for a purpose. But (vs:25) now YAHWEH gathers all Israel into their own kingdom, and will not hide HIS Face from them anymore. 'He has now poured out his spirit upon the House of Israel. This must surely be the 'Latter Rain' in all its Glory and fulfillment.

Now; you say:...but what is literally happening while this symbolism is all being fulfilled?....Actually just what is going on is this world...this physical world. We battle the enemy all the time in one way or another, and the prophecy just keeps on being fulfilled. We do this even if people do not know that it is going on, even if they do not know what is happening. But more things are revealed each day as well, and most realize this world is sadly out of kilter, out of touch with the laws of God. However YAHWEH is in control of the situations that are allowed, so as to develop to the point which he wants brought forth. So we watch and we wait for the kingdom of Darkness and all its error...this Great Babylon of Revelation TO BE BROUGHT DOWN.