ERM - Tape 068 - Qabbalistic Cosmogony; Gospel Of Thomas; Zodiac


TAPE 68  -  by Ella Rose Mast







Fundamentals of QABBALISTIC Cosmogony is from the old big book....The symbol of creation is that which is formed and which returns from whence it comes. This is the symbol of the unconditional state of all things. The most ancient of all ancients...the symbol then of the nature of creation is a circle, and the circle is also an emblem of Eternity. The dot in the center of the circle is also an emblem.. is the unconditioned state of all things, or translated as THE MOST ANCIENT OF ALL THE ANCIENTS. Space is thus hypothetically enclosed with in a great crystal like Globe, outside of which there is nothing, not even a vacuum. Within this circle creation and dissolution takes place. This is the Cosmic egg which we have spoken of before. And we are told here that this Cosmic egg is not to be broken until the 'End of the cycle of necessity' when all things return to their ultimate cause. We would say when 'all things are put under HIS feet'. And this would surely be after the millennium, after the final rebellion of the 15 years by Lucifer and his kingdom.

Now; in the process of creation the Eternal Divine Essence (YAHWEH) retired to the center of this circle and established a central point, and now this presence of YAHWEH shines upon space, and we call this the throne area since he is King of Kings. Everything thus moves out from the center then back thru...until the end is the same as the beginning.

The Hebrews showed a three pronged triad, and in misunderstanding of symbols this became 'the trinity', and in this triad we have given it before, and it is like a capital 'W' with the center prong slightly higher than those on the outside. We thus have the Hebrew triangle or pyramid type and this contained the Divine name. The circle then represents creation and everything moves out from the center of the triangle enclosed in a circle. The middle of the Triad, the highest point portrays spirit with the two shorter prongs of the Triad as soul and body. There is also a very small circle above each of the three prongs calling for more emphasis to this message of the Triad ...... which is spirit, soul and body...for Adam-man also possesses the three. The Ancient teachers then taught that in the beginning the Supreme ONE created the circle and He alone was there, thus as everything moves out from HIM in a circle He knows the beginning and also the end. The Ancients tell us that in the beginning these rings of the circle (creation) shown today had not yet come into manifestation. But as the creation began the Dot in the center of the circle was established which was the symbol of the Universal Essence today called God. Concerning this the Zohar says:....'When the concealed of the concealed wished to be revealed He first made a single point:....the infinite was entirely unknown, and diffused, no light before this luminous point broke thru into vision'. This light was called....'I Am' by the Hebrews for it controls and governs all the other emanations. He is called 'the first crown' because it occupies the Highest position. The Dot thus is called 'the aged' because it occupies the Highest position, and was the first emanation. This dot is also called many names because of the control it portrays and governs.

Now; ...from 'The I Am' came the 'Tree of Life' and this tree was designated as having 10 roots and these were arranged in the form of a great human figure called Adam Cadman. It was into the elemental world of substance that Adam-Cadman descended as he sinned, and was forced out of the Garden of Eden. In this sphere of substance, it was necessary that Adam and Eve assume 'coats of skin'...or physical bodies.

In the secret culture of the ancient Qabbalistic schools Adam-man was then taught how to climb the rings of his consciousness until at last he returns to Ain Soph...or 'I Am'. The way this was accomplished was called 'the 50 gates of Light' (intelligence). Thus those 50 gates of Light take you back thru the rings of your consciousness until you have finally returned to your beginning, with a full understanding of the program of the Father, for the education of the Universe and the correction of all things. Takes you back to the end of the cycle of Necessity, when the whole Universe is back in complete unity with the Father. (spirit)

The picture with this article in the old big book shows the giant figure of a man...with grey hair and beard which symbolizes age. His head and chest area are pictured as in the blue of the heavens, and about chest high is an orange circle with many circles within that circle showing the signs of the Zodiac. Around his lower trunk is also a large circle with the path of the planets of our solar system in their orbit. This circle is in a light green color and a lighter shade of the same is around the throne. Within this area of circles there is also pictured the sun, and you remember that the sun to the ancients was the symbol of YAHWEH. The man's feet are planted, one on land, and one on the sea symbolizing control of both. This figure is said to be the Grand Old Man of the Zohar...Adam-Cadman. It is then written:....'Let us make man'....and then Adam Cadman was made, a shadow of a shadow, and yet he is the image of Divine purpose. He can stretch forth his hand from east to west for to him the Father (spirit) gave the earth for a dominion.

Such then was Adam Cadman, the primordial Adam of the Kabalists. He is thus depicted as a giant, and this was the man who the ancients were trying to understand and explain, for from the Grand Old Man of the Zohar was to come the children for the 'Tree of Life'.

It is said that Swedenborg, an early writer, was haunted in his dreams by reminiscences of the ancient Kabalah, and he thought of the entire creation as a titanic man, and that we were made in the image of the Universe. I do not understand Swedenborg to well, but I think he was reaching backward in his thinking to ancient teachings and he did not quite understand what he was remembering. For he knew there was many rings of creation and that Adam-man was connected to one of them.

This article takes you once more thru the ancient mysteries of Israel, some will say but this is just nature and creation, but we tell you there is much, much more here if you will look at the symbolism in which it is written.

Now; Adam Cadman...Audaum was both male and female when he was given dominion, but for the purpose of building a physical kingdom then Eve was brought forth. This was a perfect marriage, a man and a maid both of the same race, both with begotten spirits. This was the marriage which Satan planned to ruin for he believed this would stop the kingdom of YAHWEH in the earth.

Oh, there had been...before Adam and Eve came into physical earth, much marriage, and divorce, and marriage had almost sunk to the Beast (World Order) level where as it was mainly sexual satisfaction rather than being family oriented.

What Satan did not expect was that YAHWEH would stand by his first couple of the kingdom after they fell. Satan would not be expected to understand this, nor would he understand why Adam and Eve were so dejected when they realized what had happened to them as the Light of Spirit went off them. But this was the beginning of YAHWEH'S kingdom, and he reminded Adam that he had been warned what would happen, and destiny would be served, for the descendants of Adam and Eve were to be a blessing to the world. All through the ancient mysteries Adam's descendants were always trying to better understand the nature of that inner man of the Zohar.

This picture then of this Giant man is symbolic of the kingdom both in heaven and in earth, for the grey hair and beard signify age, and starting the heavens. This is also the 'Tree of Life' for this man is also symbolic of both male and female, or the kingdom in earth for the production of offspring for the earthly kingdom. Here in the physical is where YAHWEH signified that he would correct Lucifer, and totally defeat him. Here then was the perfect marriage, the perfect family, the oriented marriage of the kingdom, Adam and Eve, of the same race, the same faith, with the male as the designated protector of the family. Later YAHWEH would announce that He was married to Israel...His issue...or family...this kingdom in earth. Thus He would be the protector of Israel as head of the kingdom. Then in the New Testament (Rev: 19:7) is the marriage of the Lamb for His wife (Israel) has made herself ready. In symbolism the same message...YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, is thus married to His Kingdom (Israel), thus He is her protector. Thus we have three types of marriage, we have the perfect marriage in the physical of Adam and Eve, they of the same faith and for the purpose of raising children for the kingdom here in physical earth. Then there is also the type of marriage for the Beast (World Order) system which is of the physical senses, and no thought is given to 'like begats like', or family protection first. Always remember that it was raw sex that brought down nation after nation, that destroyed race after race, for this was Satan's main weapon of destruction. And yet here in 1987 we now hear the Beast (World Order) speak as they worry about AIDS. But what is their solution? ...Is it abstinence, or go back to love and marriage and family oriented relationships? Oh, no, now they suggest teaching fourth grade students how to have what they call 'safe sex'.

This is the path of destruction for the kingdom, for our race, and for our faith. Therefore think about the results of this teaching, and don't let others set your standards. Think of your inheritance, your destiny and that of your children.

Marriage for physical passion alone is only of earth, a ceaseless pressure, while the marriage of YAHSHUA to Israel is forever. The bridegroom of that first marriage passes away, but YAHSHUA is forever.




Now; the Gospel of Thomas from the Old book that Jeanette found:...There is a Gospel of Thomas as well as the four Gospel's of the Bible. In fact there is more than one, and in my 'Gospel of Thomas' it tells of the sayings of Jesus. But from the old records found by Jeanette, there is a 'Gospel of Thomas' called 'The Acts of the Apostle Judas Thomas'. In this book we have an outline of the work of Thomas after the resurrection. He was sent to the land of India to reach those Adamites with the knowledge of the atonement and resurrection. If it seems strange that he went to India then remember that YAHSHUA in those so called 'lost' 18 years also went to India, and yes even into China where there was pockets yet of the race. But Thomas thus was instructed that his work for YAHSHUA was to be in India, and he did not necessarily want to go there, but like Jonah he was induced to go whether he wanted to or not, and then he went as a devoted, dedicated Israelite of the faith.

Before we go into the Acts of the Apostle Thomas we need an explanation of some of the words used so as to understand the message that Thomas brought to those people, and how YAHSHUA used this Apostle to make the message understood by these of the race long out of touch with the westward moving Israelites.

Now; to enter into the state of wedlock. In ancient thinking this was the fact that you were entering into a covenant with your spouse just as Israel would do at Mt. Sinai..with YAHWEH...and of course as you did in the heavens in the spirit kingdom. Therefore don't assume that you understand meanings when the dictionary can reveal much more than your memory sometimes can. In ancient times then marriage.... wedlock..meant protection, providing for, respect and love and honor. For a lady of Israel who deemed it her duty and love to raise children for the kingdom. In the Adamic household the father was Priest of His household. He was to provide for that Household, to provide the guidance of the knowledge of the kingdom, of the Great King of the kingdom. The mother taught the children as well as managed the servants who kept the household running smoothly. The servants were mostly others of the race, some were younger daughters and sons who were not as yet old enough to establish households. The daughters never worked outside the family in any job as is done today. They were thus protected from many temptations such as are faced today in situations like this.

Now; the word Intercourse has many meanings, it pertains to your thought patterns, it means communication between individuals, and nations, a mutual exchange, familiarity and so forth as well as sexual connection. From the Kabalists the instructions were to keep themselves pure and clean and holy before YAHWEH always, and not defile themselves on the 'bed' of iniquity which meant especially have no sexual connection with anyone not of the race for this destroyed the seed for the kingdom.

The first Hymn of Thomas is dealing with marriage, and this we feel is the holy, perfect union which is based on HIM. (Please read from your Thomas writing the Hymn of the marriage).

Now; notice the symbolism as you read:...the myrtle tree branches, the numbers 7....12....32....the bride and the bridegroom, for this in symbolism we think is the marriage supper of the Lamb (YAHSHUA) after the wife (Israel) has made herself ready to be the bride. This we think shall be when the kingdom is perfected, and in control with the King of Kings.

Now; in the seventh Act of Thomas in symbolism there is another wedding. This one is a different type of wedding, for an Adamite is trying to get along in the World Order...has a friend...who presumably not of the race who is getting married. And this Adamite family are invited to the wedding. But the father is not going altho he is sending his wife and daughter so as not to offend his friend. The wife and daughter did not want to go but the husband insisted. And on the way to the wedding the wife and daughter noticed two black men watching them, one an older man and one quite a bit younger. They are described as two black men, with teeth like milk, but their lips like soot. Then after the wedding as the wife and daughter are going home these two men showed up and drove off the ladies servants, and from the story I presume they were raped. Well, the servants ran home and told the husband and he took more servants and rushed to his wife and daughter and found them lying in the market place, and they were carried home and revived. This husband is captain of the guard of the King, and he tells the Apostle Thomas about this tragedy and says that his wife and daughter had not come out of their rooms for three years. Thomas instructs the Captain to pray to YAHSHUA for he believes that YAHSHUA will heal them. And he tells this captain that it is 'with the eyes of the mind' that YAHSHUA is found.

In this story in symbolism then Israel is trying to get along in the World Order, and of course gets in trouble, and even the spiritual center of the kingdom has difficulties, but always we go back to the fact that by YAHSHUA all is forgiven, and Israel can still make herself ready to be the bride of the Lamb. That altho He (the Apostle) will be leaving soon, just as YAHSHUA left, still they must not forget YAHSHUA as others have done before this, because now the promised redemption has been carried out.

Then there was also an interesting conversation in this a Demon talks back to Thomas telling him that he (this demon) does the work of his father who sent him.

Another interesting thing I noticed was that after the Apostle was martyred in India...his body was taken to the west. That confirms what we have said before that all the bodies of the Apostle's, but John, were in time taken to Glastonbury and there they were entombed.

Now; there is also another story in symbolism here in 'The Acts of Thomas', and this one is called a Psalm, and it goes like this:..... (Please read your Thomas writing for the story of the 'Pearl')

This is the beginning of this Psalm and it is quite long, over one hundred, one liners. This Psalm in symbolism we believe is talking of Israel in the heavenly kingdom, then being sent into Earth (Egypt) from the east (symbol of heavenly places). The purpose of the coming into earth is to find a pearl in the midst of the sea (people of earth). This Pearl is the kingdom,..the people of spirit...celestial spirit, soul and body...the real you. The Pearl is also truth of the right God, the program of the kingdom...This administration of the kingdom which when built will be used to solve many problems. The robe is Righteousness or Eternal Life, and as the Psalm progresses you find that you (the kingdom) then returns with the Pearl...and the robe to appear before the Great King.

In this Psalm when the young man gets into Egypt ( he descends to the womb and is birthed into a dark world which was not of his nature he begins to forget who he is and what he is here for. He puts on the clothing earth so the serpent will not be expecting him to steal the Pearl, and then he begins to get along with the world order, and almost forgets what he should be doing. And then a letter is sent to him from an Eagle...the Greatest of birds, and this letter was sealed. The son (kingdom) here in earth was asleep, so remember the dry bones. When this letter was sent...saying...'arise and awake and hearken to the words of our letter...' Well the Great Eagle (YAHWEH (spirit) sent his embodiment...the Word...and sealed this covenant with His blood and redeemed His earthly sons and daughters of the kingdom. Then he tells them to awake and listen 'Thou art a son of kings, look at the slavery of him you are now serving. Remember the Pearl, remember your splendid robe (Eternal Life)'....The son then awakes and using the name of the Word..YAHSHUA...The son then took off his dirty and unclean garments of earth and left the land of Egypt. And he found that the letter...his awakener was going before him showing the way with HIS great Light. And as he left this land where the serpent was allowed to rule for a time he remembers that it was by trial and error he perceived right and wrong, good and evil, and when he reached that point he was on the road to becoming...LIGHT...once more. The robe of Immortality is symbolic of your light (spirit) body you left as you came down into the flesh. Then the flesh will also be transformed into that same image. These things are all symbolic of who you are, and what you become, as you walk in our Savior's LIGHT and TRUTH, in this earthly kingdom so that you may return to the home you left.

As we browse thru these old books we find much conformation of what we have learned before.

There is also many books that outline this great conspiracy...which we call this battle between the kingdom of Light, and the kingdom of Darkness...and one of those we found most interesting for it outlines what happened to England..and we see the same force at work in these United States. In this one which follows....we find the trail of the downfall of the British Isles as Israel sleeps........

As we trace this Great Conspiracy against the west, and against the Christian faith we find in book after book this same trail. In the book 'The Secrets of the Zodiac', we find they are talking about the British of the nations of the kingdom, and you find the same facts; True Israel is almost fast asleep, and the enemy is quietly taking over. Oh, there were a few people after W.W.II who were afraid in fact one retired Col. in the north was so alarmed that he was moving his whole family to an island in the South Pacific. Then one lady said that there was nothing to worry about, for we are the lost ten tribes, so we are bound to come out on top in the end. Those in politics were more interested in their social life, and long vacations, no one was even aware of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Even those who came into parliament hoping to fight for country and faith... soon they hardly would fight a mouse, let alone the enemy. They did not recognize that the labor party was financed by the Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union. But if Bolshevism was really at war against capitalism then why did not capitalism defend itself? Who then financed the Bolsheviks, where did their vast amounts of credit come from since they financed propaganda all over the world, financed newspapers, organizations, cinemas, societies in every country. The cost of it must be something gigantic, how then is it possible...when the Soviet Union's economy is such a mess? People wondered but no one bothered to look deeper.

Two young men from England came home after the war, and began to ask all those questions, and it led them on a quest for answers. When they found no answers from the politicians or the older folks at home, in fact they found that no one even seemed to want to find the answers that would help unravel the hidden causes of the world's events they were themselves the more curious.

Of course Masonry in Britain had been taken over, the Aristocracy had married outside their race and the first born of those unions were now in places of power. Therefore the Anglo-Saxons had forgotten that the past is the 'key' not only to the past, but to the future. What can we know of what is happening in the world today unless we inquire into causes that have their roots not only in the past, but in the remote past.

One of these young men had always wanted to find out the cause of these events that seem to be incomprehensible, to discover the secret springs which move men to action, or the forces that bind them to inaction. He wanted to find the reason for the crises that periodically arise in the world political, economic, and social world, which seemed to occur without specific cause. He wanted to know who were the real rulers of the world, who was pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Then he met a fellow Britain who was now a portrait painted, and he had also been asking questions, but as yet had not found any answers, except he knew that communism was only a front to cover the real thing which was behind it.

These two Britains then started reading and collecting material as they visited all the great libraries of Europe, and they talked to everyone they met and picked up much information this way.

These two discover that there are actually 12 men who controlled the destiny of the whole world thru economics, and politics, and that they used religion to pit people against people. They learned that Bolshevism was used as a boogy-man, but it was not a war of the 'Have-not's against the Have's as you have been let to believe'. They found that in government in their country there was something behind the labor party which the rank and file did not see, but this was also true of the other parties as well. Communist were backing labor, but they found that most politicians were not interested in checking their own parties. They were told that if you were in politics you are expected to be loyal to the party no matter what...that a little socialism is good, and they must understand the Soviet Union,... we must march with the times.

Now as we have told you before---the Illuminati took the symbols of the Aryan race and used them for their organization, only in some cases altering them a bit. Thus the phraseology of communism is that of the Illuminati.

These two Britains thus found that this organization works along different lines, some are out to destroy the political institutions, some to do away with conventional morality, others work to reverse our accepted cannons of literature, and art, others to undermine patriotism, and the national traditions of which our civilization is built, and all---whether in the political or occult side of the movements are out to do away with Christianity. They use the Zodiac, the no. 12 to deceive, as well as the circle with the dot in the center, but their motive is World Power. At one time they were a European secret, then became world wide. Bolshevism is only one phase, and they control vast wealth. But actually you can make a profit out of anything if you know before hand what is going to happen.

But as long as there are national traditions, private property, religion, Kings , Presidents, cabinets, they cannot be complete masters of the earth, thus the devil who must work through human agents -- has to destroy those things. These 12 men who are from different parts of the world are named after the signs of the Zodiac, but they are controlled by no. 13 -- who uses the symbol of the sun. These 12 are his ministers ready for love of power and wealth to carry out his purpose. What will destroy them is minds capable of knowledge, and how to use that knowledge.

Our two British friends found that college youths were recruited into this occult order, and were branded with a circle with a dot in the center, the design done in red. They were taught to love what they once hated, and to hate what they once loved. They were put through initiation ceremony something like the Catholic mass, except their evocation were addressed to Satan, the prince of darkness. The congregation then cursed God, and the Christ, and the holy virgin Mary. The youths were told they must choose between the powers of light, and the powers of darkness, and the youth finally realized that they were being taught that the powers of Light was this Satanic organization, where as the Black Lodge was the Christian church; and then the leader would ask:----Do you ask for God or Lucifer?

Two of the college kids Peter and his girl friend Rosamund were to stand for God and they left that temple of darkness and were successful in getting away. But Peter finally lost his mind and was in an institution. Rosamund...a daughter of a conservative politician was a beautiful young lady but had a sad countenance when Kavanagh and Brandon the two Britains met her. She became their secretary and she told them many things as to what the two kids did to try to alert Britain as to what was working against them. She reported that she and her friend Peter had gone to several clergy to enlist their help in exposing this evil of darkness. But either the clergy didn't care or didn't dare to stand with them, so they finally went to Rome, and did receive encouragement, but altho many people came to hear them speak... out of curiosity and they murmured 'isn't it to dreadful'... still they went away and forgot all about it. They came back to Britain and went to the police, but they were to busy with little things to bother about secret societies. They knew that Black Masses did take place in London, but members of secret societies were to be found in government departments and even holding responsible posts in churches. Of course they tried then to stop Peter's revelations. When that did not work they started a whisper campaign saying that Peter was mad, that there was insanity in his family, and in a few weeks all the parrots of the London and Oxford drawing rooms were repeating that lie.

Now; Rosamund informed the two Britains that the teacher who had recruited both Peter and herself had boasted that they could make people ill, and even die by means of what they called 'punitive currents' set in motion by 'thought'. The heart and brain are their special points of attack.

Now; the oath taken at the initiation is the greatest weapon of all secret societies, for it is an oath of secrecy and blind obedience under pain of terrible penalties is what gives the Secret Societies the power they excise over their numbers. Rosamund tells the two friends that Peter ended up in an asylum, his mind failed, and for 5 years she has gone to see him and most of the time he does not know who she is. Thus this is not a political battle my friends, it is a war between the powers of good and the powers of evil.

As the two friends researched all these things, they remember some of the mysterious deaths or illnesses that at least were too opportune. They decided that Black Magic is a sort of hypnotism working on the mind which is weakened by fear. The object of the occult then is to enslave the mind, and the cure is to set that mind free, by thinking for yourself. They also realized that Moscow is only a part of this strategy. You can't make the 'working classes'...see long as they believe in the hereafter. But convince them that this life is all...and they are ready to turn and pillage everything. But peaceful undermining of all religious belief is far more effectual than the ravings of the Bolshevik. These two British friends...Brandon the painter, and Kavanagh the man who wanted to be a politician are thus joined in their research by Rosamund who will act as Secretary for them. Kavanagh thus goes to some of the meetings in the political field, and he finds that all of these so called 'new leaders' have a certain resemblance...actually it is Asiatic. Put them in Asiatic style of dress and they would be picturesque, but in western garb they look sort of out of place. And in discussions..when all National and international affairs are settled then it is thought that the world would automatically enter the Millennium, but in the meantime...why bother, it is going to happen anyway. Those eastern leaders of the different cults which tempt the Britains always talk of health thru the use of the mind...a perfect world from perfect thoughts, and people were flocking to hear them, for this was something different. Love of country must of course give way to love of Humanity. Patriotism must cease to be regarded as a virtue. It is.. they said...for us to hasten the dawn of this New Era when Love will become the law of human life.

Finally our two friends with their secretary and her mother follow one of these..the Bavaria and using disguises they learn the names of many of those 12 hidden Chief's, and from their notes taken over the years they notice that these least most of them...are listed as illegitimate sons of ...yes...Aryans..thus the Adamites bred their own fifth column all the time.

The friends discover that the symbol of their temple was a phoenix rising from the flames on one side of their insignia where as on the other a Serpent is twined around a large red rose of colored stones.

Now; remember that the Phoenix is an ancient Adamic symbol and here also they use the serpent twined around the red rose, and you remember that the rose is a symbol of YAHSHUA so they have great expectations, but the serpent will not win. They also used the Tau (cross) as a sign of admittance to this occult temple. And the dim lights, the smell of incense, and the chanting seemed to Brandon very unreal, surely white men would not go for this sort of thing. But as they watched they saw Britains being initiated into this secret order. They would be used then by the secret Chiefs to tear down their own nation. The friends finally put together the names of the 12 hidden Chief's, and they learned their Zodiac names and the countries they control. Thus they returned to Britain to reveal the British contact, for surely the government will now be interested in stopping the sell out of the British government, and the Empire. But they find that the publishing against Bolshevism is only a cover for the enemy already controls the press. Their agents were in every newspaper office, in every government department, in the Home Office, and in Scotland Yard. And when the friends try to expose Isidore Franklin and his father...they laugh saying;...Go ahead, to the Home Office, to Scotland Yard, to the head of the Secret Service, even the Prime Minister, and to the Press. Tell them that we intend to overthrow the Monarchy and the government of this country and take the British Empire, and to sweep away the last remnants of Christianity that we hate, all of this is true, but no one will believe you. Then young Franklin came close and spat in Kavanagh's face and as a reflex Kavanagh hit him with an open hand. Quickly the countenance of young Franklin changed, a look of fear spread over his face, as he had forgotten that Kavanagh was not a politician to be intimidated, and he hurriedly left the room...after all...if an Aryan fights back the enemy will retreat.

The two friends then tried to publish the list of the 12 unseen rulers of the world, under Satan, especially Lord Farbenstein of Britain and Fuschsbein of the U.S., and Geldbentel of Bavaria, Germany and then expose Oscar Franklins influence in England, England was not interested. They went to the Prime Minister and who do you think he consulted before he answered them. After all who do you think gave large sums to the conservative Party of Britain as well as to the Labor Party. To any they tried to talk to the standard reply was:...'We cannot touch this story. Oh! well they think they are doing this for the good of the world. We don't agree with them but they are entitled to their opinion.'

Now; it seems that these unseen rulers wanted destruction of the British Empire but they wanted to call the shots as to how it was done. They wanted to kill the Aryan society, but they could not live on the corpse therefore they wanted to move slowly. They dared not touch the Royal Family or the Monarchy and altho they were able to destroy the British Empire as such, still when white men began to think they found it, they could not attain their goals. The white men always work out their salvation...and we believe that the British Empire had its place and then as the Air Age came then the Eagle takes to the sky and out testing began. We have also gone thru the same type of testing as did Britain, which is beginning their climb out of Socialism.

Yes, America has been tested...the 60's brought a great testing... and who was the Presidents advisors as they set up a communist nation 90 miles off our coast? Were they like the advisors of the Prime Minister of Britain? Who really set up Cuba intact as a communist nation, and then promised that America would not invade????

There were verified rumors at that time that a Summit conference of Appeasement occurred. That President Kennedy went to Rome and to Milan, Italy, and that a large plane from the Soviet Union set down at the Milan airport. This was a great secret but when papers are released after 50 years, will it show that President Kennedy and the Soviet Union signed such an agreement...which guaranteed that Cuba would be a Communist Satellite??? We need to come together here in America and bring forth an ELIJAH MINISTRY! E.M.