ERM - Tape 069 - Martyrdom Of Peter; Gospel Of The Kingdom-W.Swift








We of course know that Peter was one of the Apostles, and that he worked in Jerusalem for some time after the crucifixion. We find him working in several places in the old records, and then he was led to go to Rome for the magician Simon was there deceiving many Israelites of that city.

In Rome Peter finds many of our people with all kinds of diseases and he cures them thru the name of YASHUA. His ministry drew many of Lost Israel to the savior, but the power of Simon the Magician was to be faced for Simon declared that he would show the people of Rome the wondrous power of his father, for he was going to fly. The next day a crowd gathered and Peter came also to expose this pretender. And Simon said to Peter:..'If your God whom the Jews destroyed, as they also stoned some of you who were chosen of HIM...if HE has the power, let HIM show that faith in HIM is also in God. Let it be shown at this time whether it be worthy of God. For I am now ascending and will show to this crowd what manner of being I am.

Well! low and behold Simon was carried into the air and everyone in Rome saw him as he passed over the city with its temples and hills, using the power of his father. Then the faithful looked toward Peter to see how he would explain all of this. Peter cried out to YAHSHUA for help, for he knew these Lost Israelites were beginning to wonder about all he had done for them in the name of YAHSHUA. Surely HE would not want these his children to be deceived by Simon. So Peter cried out, and he did not ask for the death of Simon, just bring him down and let him maybe break his leg in three places so he would be crippled after that stunt...that would do. So sure enough Simon fell, and he broke his leg in three places, and his followers carried him outside the city, so he would not be stoned.

Then Peter did many more wonderful things as he preached YAHSHUA... a risen savior, to these Lost Israelites here in Rome. He cast out many demons, and cured many diseases but there was also still much opposition, for the enemy was getting stronger, and they were influencing the rulers by the power of their purse, and soon they were calling for the crucifixion of Peter. Many of the brethren were beginning to urge Peter to leave Rome quietly so he could go somewhere else and preach YAHSHUA. Peter did not think he should do this, but finally decided it would be o.k. if he left quietly. But as Peter was going out the gate of Rome he met YAHSHUA coming in...and YAHSHUA said he was coming to be crucified once more, this time for Peter who was not doing what he was destined to do. Peter realizes that altho the Brethren will be dismayed he is to be crucified here in Rome for a definite purpose, and it will happen even tho the brethren will protest, for this is the 'Will' of YAHSHUA. There was to be a great message for Lost Israel, for this crucifixion is to be different from that of the other Apostles. Remember Peter was to 'Feed the Sheep'...He...Peter was the little rock of the kingdom who was to 'Feed the Sheep'.

Finally the day comes for the crucifixion, and as Peter is taken to his cross he spoke to the Israelites who accompanied him:...'Ye men who are soldiers of the Christ, remember the signs, and wonders which you saw thru me, remember the compassion of YAHSHUA, how many healings he has performed for you. Wait for HIM to come, and reward everyone according to his deeds. Do not be angry with this ruler who has ordered the crucifixion for he is the servant of his father's influence; this was to happen anyway; for YAHSHUA hath shown what is to come.

Then Peter came to the cross and he again spoke:...'O Cross...O name of the cross, mystery that is concealed! O Grace ineffable that is spoken in the name of the Cross! O nature of Adam-man that cannot be parted from YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh; O love unspeakable and inseparable that cannot disclose thru unclean lips....I seize thee now, being come to the time of my release from here. I declare Thee and what thou art, I will not conceal. The mystery of the cross has long been enclosed and hidden from my soul. But for you who hope in The Christ, for you the Cross is now visible. And since you now hear (understand) then hear it once more from me who am at the closing hour of my life in earth. Give ear, and withdraw your souls from every outward sense, and from everything that appears which is not truly real; close your eyes, close your ears, withdraw your soul from actions that only outwardly are seen, and you shall know the facts about YAHSHUA, the whole secret of your salvation. Let so much be said to you who now understand, as tho it were unspoken. But it is time for me to surrender my (Physical) body to those who are taking it. I request them therefore to crucify me...hanging head downward, and once this way and no other. And the reason I will tell to those who hear (understand). Peter then was fastened to the Cross...head downward, and then once more began to (Israelites) whose duty it is to hear (understand), pay attention to what I now tell you. For you must know the mystery of all nature, the beginning of all things, how it all came about. Then Peter describes how Lucifer was allowed to rebel, how this was not like anything that had been done before, this was as death...there was no movement of truth in this rebellion. But HE (YAHWEH) who cast his first beginning (His physical body) to earth as YAHSHUA...This ONE also established the whole cosmic system, and yet HE also hung on a cross as a symbol of all power. He did this to show that HE controls all things, and will correct all things which Lucifer had changed such as making good-bad, and evil seem good.

Thus YAHSHUA said:...thru this mystery of the Cross..unless you make what is on the right hand as what is on the left, and what is on the left as what is on the right, and what is below and what is behind as is that which is before....YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE KINGDOM. In otherwords unless you correct all things which Lucifer has corrupted you will not be able to see the program of the kingdom.

Then Peter continues speaking:...'This form in which you see me hanging head downward is a representation of that ONE YAHSHUA who came into birth (into the flesh) like I thru the process of physical birth, and then identified himself. And you here who understand me now, and those who will understand in time, must leave your former error, and turn back again; for you also must come up to 'THE CROSS OF CHRIST'... HE who is the 'WORD'.. stretched out, the only one of whom the spirit says:...'For what else is the Christ but THE WORD...the Voice of YAHWEH (God). The word then is this upright tree on which I am crucified. The sound (voice) is the cross piece, the nature of (Adam) man; and the nail which holds the cross piece to the upright in the middle is the conversion (or turning point), and the repentance of (Adam) man. Since thou hath revealed these things to me... 'O WORD OF LIFE'..whose name I have given to the tree...I give thanks. Not with these lips which are nailed fast, nor with the tongue from which both truth and falsehood have issued forth, as I am in this physical nature, but I give thanks O KING with that voice which is known in silence, and is not heard aloud, which does not come forth thru bodily organs, which does not enter the ears of the flesh, that is not heard by corruptible substance, that is not in the World Order, or uttered upon earth, nor is written in books, nor belongs to one and not another. But with this voice (of Spirit) O YAHSHUA I thank thee, With this voice within me which loves thee, and speaks to thee and sees thee, and makes intercession; for thou art known to the spirit only. Thou art all, and all is in thee, there is nothing that is, except thou. With HIM then brethren take refuge, and learning that in HIM alone is your real being you shall obtain all those things which are promised for...what eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of all there.

We ask then for that which has been promised, for that which thou has promised to give us O YAHSHUA undefiled, we praise thee, we give thanks to thee, and confess thee, and being yet without strength we glorify thee; for thou art God alone, and no other, of whom be Glory both now and for all Eternity, and with this Peter gave up his spirit to YAHSHUA.

Now; why then did Peter hang head downward? Remember that Lucifer fell head downward to earth at the last, and here his Satanic nature is to be totally defeated, its end is here in earth, nothing left of that Satanic nature which was error from the beginning. Then YAHSHUA came into earth thru the process of Divine birth, out of our race, brought his physical body down thru this process of birth...the route that Peter also had come. Then by HIS Cross and its atonement and redemption his kingdom family then went back into spirit as they depart this physical world. Peter was a part of this earthly kingdom, and hanging head downward he portrays this, but as his spirit departs then it goes upward as did YAHSHUA. Thus Peter was a son of both the heavenly kingdom and the earthly kingdom, and he was going home now that his work was done here in earth.

We feel that the problems we face in the world today are more easily faced if you have the 'key' which is this:....'Gospel of the Kingdom' which Jesus preached. (Matt.4:23). We also find that YAHSHUA taught his disciples that a sign for the end of the age was this witnessing unto the nations of Israel as to this:...Gospel of the Kingdom. (Matt.24:14) We also believe that those who came from this same race as did the disciples were to be his witnesses, and the prophet Isaiah (43:10) tells us this.

If you will turn to your Strong's Concordance you will find much about this Gospel of the Kingdom. You will find that YAHSHUA said very little about salvation, for HE was the salvation of HIS people, and thru them of the whole world. Rather He was teaching of the establishment of His kingdom in earth, and all that related to this.

Now;...this kingdom of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is not a Democracy, it is a sovereignty. It is the ONE absolute power that shall rule and reign in his kingdom. His words are law, His government is law, and even tho we may embrace the concept of a Republic until He whose right it is to reign does come, we shall then join with HIM in a vast Republic for all the earth under the administration of THE MOST HIGH. Our Bible contains the teaching of the coming of HIS kingdom from heaven to earth, and the rising of the kingdom to power, to rule the earth. We were thus taught to Pray:... 'Thy kingdom come thy will be done.....IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.'

Now; this Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preached...what more did it consist of? We find that in this Gospel is a positive plan, the program of Almighty YAHWEH to bring this part of His Universe back into its rightful place in the Universe, and remove from it the results of this rebellion which began in the heavens. (Isa:14) This Gospel has with in it the plan, and the part His family is to play. This Bible carries the same story all the way thru Revelation 12:1-3...and Luke 3:31. This story:...a twice born people who had their beginning in spirit, and came into earth for a definite purpose, which is the building of HIS kingdom. This Gospel tells of salvation...a free gift, from our redeemer who bought the field (the world) to take out of it a treasure (His kingdom people) (Matt. 13:44) because 'The field is the world, and the good seed are the children of the kingdom. (Matt. 13:38) You the children of the kingdom are to understand this because of your spiritual connection with your father. (Matt. 13:11) And the Atonement, and the Redemption came the 'grafting back' of the wild olive branches on to their own olive tree, thus this is the positioning once more as sons and daughters. (Romans chapter 8 and chapter 11) This is the difference you are to understand between the restoration for Israel and the salvation of Israel and all the world.

In this story of the Gospel of the kingdom is the story of the 'former rain,' and the promise of the 'latter rain'. There is also the story of HIS true church, and the power of this kingdom. There is some mention of the kingdom 48 times in the Gospel of Matthew, 13 times in the book of Mark, and 34 times in the book of Luke. Then we find YAHSHUA began his ministry and ended his work on earth with this kingdom in mind.

Now; there is something else you are to understand...This Gospel of the Kingdom, and the content of the Bible was not a story of the process of getting all races and nations into heaven, that is not the design of this book. This is not the plan to get all people into heaven where they would be as strangers. Those who's spirit never came out of heaven (spirit) are not being prepared at least at this time to be taken into that plane of spirit. This is not the salvation waiting for them. Also it is not the major objective of YAHSHUA to preach a Gospel advocating the getting back into heaven...HIS own children. If the major objective of YAHWEH in sending his household into this world order to accomplish his great purpose, was just to get them back again, then it would not have been necessary to send them out in the first place.

Since the spirit of the children of YAHWEH were with HIM before the world was framed, and since they were blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places before the world was framed then there was no design on the part of your heavenly father to gamble with the possibility of sending you out into strange and far out environments, and just maybe...get you back again. In that case he would have had to devote his attention and time to redeeming His own, and bringing them back into his presence. We think you should understand that there is nothing in the program of HIS kingdom which is left to chance. We are dealing with a definite, and positive plan, and program and it is outlined for you here in the scriptures.

Now; the Bible does contain within it a continued source of guidance, advice, direction and assistance from the complete Omniscient mind of our Father. This is the most important thing that you can possess. Establishing this kingdom of YAHWEH in earth requires constant communication with our Father, and we see here that it was for this reason that His purposes required the sending of his household who had this spiritual connection, this source of communication with the mind of the Father. This is the most important thing you can possess, and which you are to understand.

Establishing this kingdom of YAHWEH in earth therefore required constant communication with Him, and we see this all thru the old testament and the new. We see here that it was for this reason that His purposes required the sending of His household who had this spiritual connection, so that they could transfer these thought of the operation of His purpose to a physical world. When the Adamic people were started in earth there was not at that time any people on the face of the earth who had this vision, this capacity. And now you say:...surely this cannot be true? But for the ministry of YAHSHUA-MESSIAH when God incarnate in human form stood in Jerusalem and spoke...there were many who understood what he said, but also there were many who heard him speak yet never understood HIM, and they hated everything He stood for. Oh, they heard his words but they drew nothing from them. And they hated as he said:...'He that is of God heareth God's hear them not because ye are not of God.' (John 8:47)

As we have said before...there was an original violation of Divine Law, and that violation muted a portion of the perception of his people, and because of this it became necessary for the Father to act on the children's behalf, to make this communication again a part of their lives. We call this the fall of the Adamic race, and it is one of the reasons why restoration and redemption are a part of this...Gospel of the Kingdom. This is a restoration of the things you once possessed, and that something which is restored is the renewing of your mind, and the rejoining of the consciousness with the spirit. Unless you possessed this in the beginning there would be nothing to restore. Therefore YAHWEH'S purpose is clear and in the Old Testament, and on thru the New HE did not preach another Gospel. He merely introduced the impact of YAHWEH (God) dwelling in a Human form and declaring there...thru human lips with all divine power of his existence, HIS purposes in earth, and He did not in any way deviate or change his original declaration of His purpose. Therefore when we turn thru the history of the old testament and come down thru the new, we find YAHWEH (God) himself declaring and proclaiming His own Gospel, and we call this 'The Gospel of the Kingdom.' Then since the whole purpose of the ministry of YAHSHUA was to bring the earth back under the administration of His own kingdom, then this 'Gospel of the Kingdom' political, it is social, and it is spiritual with its impact, but also it is fundamental for the administration of the earth.

The whole theme which starts in Genesis and runs thru the book of Revelations is this 'Gospel that Jesus preached', and I will show you the significance of this if you will turn to Revelation 11:15...'The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ.' This passage is where the Angels sound is a great victory call. Our LORD is YAHWEH who came as the flesh...and he is called Jesus in translation. Isaiah said:...'He is the one who is the Everlasting Father, and who is going to set on the throne of David forever. 'The Word Christ' comes out of the Greek, means in one sense...embodiment, and YAHSHUA was embodied YAHWEH or the embodiment of YAHWEH'S spirit in earth, in human form to accomplish the Messianic purposes. And you of this kingdom race...then it is the embodied spirit in you (translated..the Christ in you)... in human form that is going to develop, and bring in the purposes of YAHWEH in His kingdom. This he has ordained.

There is also within the scope of this 'Gospel of the Kingdom' which Jesus preached...the plans, the arms of his kingdom which are to march, for the forces of evil are to be defeated, and the world delivered. The salvation of the world comes about as the people of the world are delivered and no more will they follow Lucifer. Then will come the rule of earth as outlined in the book of Revelation in chapter 11:15.

Now; according to the scripture the kingdom belongs to a Royal

household, and we identify this household as we read Chapter 12:1-3 of Revelation, as we find the signs and symbols of this family there in the heavens. The word in Hebrew is Bara...meaning to bring forth issue, and we find that YAHWEH (God) had begotten His Celestial children in spirit.. in Celestial planes before they ever entered earth into a physical world. To dig deeper into this mystery we must find how this physical body for the kingdom race was made so as to accommodate the coming out the program of transferring this kingdom of the fulness of time.

Since YAHSHUA was the salvation of His people and thru them the people of the world, then as he walked the earth it was not necessary for him to speak much about salvation, instead then he preached this Gospel of the kingdom with all its deep significance. This is what Nicodemus was reaching for, as he sensed that this visible kingdom of Israel was not all there was to be attained. He knew that the kingdom administration had been taken from the Israelites here in Judea. He felt however that there was much, much more to the teachings of Jesus than just the restoration of this visible kingdom. Thus as a teacher of theology, Nicodemus was searching for truth by which to grow.

Now; with these things in mind then let us look at facts:...there are 3 dimensions of consciousness, one is spirit, one is mind, and one is the physical entity of the senses recorded in the brain. There is thus the Celestial, the mental, and the areas out of the senses to consider. There are also different planes, and the Celestial and spiritual planes are synthesized out of light and light particles. Soul consciousness is a compact pattern of organized energies which we call electronic memories

because they all have been based on recorded experiences, or remembered facts of it. When we deal with the physical creation around about we deal with electrical or electronic forms. In the days when YAHWEH spoke to Enoch he told him that the world was made out of light, out of thought and out of lightening.

Now; the Universe was put together by the master creator, and he has been doing this forever. There has never been a beginning for him, but there may have been a beginning of this planet or some solar system as such but the energies, and materials from which they came have always been there, catalyzed from one form to another. Thus YAHWEH has always been creating, changing, making His universe, and we are now able to learn a bit about the makeup of His Universe, and our place and purpose in His Universe. Within this pattern we then talk about the fact that the physical things that we touch, and everything which is tangible to you in your consciousness as you inhabit this physical body, all of these are made of composite particles of electricity, and all of which we now have a chemical analysis for. Today we have the process by which we break down chemicals and minerals, and we know that all the basic elements are organized groupings of electricity. We know that the hydrogen atom is one electron, and one proton, or little units of electricity going around the sum of the nucleus. Thus we have a neutron, a proton, an electron, and a mentoid, and then a hydrogen atom which is not as stable as the electrons moving around it, but all of these are just units of electricity.

After his trip out into Celestial planes the Apostle Paul wrote in HIS epistles:....'Things are not made from what they do appear.' (Hebrew.11:3) For the visible things of this world are made from invisible forces or things. The Spiritual plane is the plane of Light and Life. And the Apostle Paul (II Col.) said:...'I know that if this physical body..this tabernacle that I dwell in..which is made out of of invisible things.. but if this body be dissolved then I have another dwelling place not made by hands. Where? in the heavens, or plane of spirit. And this one begotten..thus if not made by hands then that explains the mystery does it not? Thus YAHWEH begat His children, spirit of His Spirit, their consciousness or thought patterns dwelt in the spiritual realm before they were born the second time into physical the earth. (Romans 8:16-17 and Galatians 3:3)

In studying this subject of a 'twice born' people we want you to realize that no Asiatic, was born in the heavens, and then transplanted into earth into a physical body..they started here in earth. When YAHWEH made this sidereal system these people we know as the Asiatics were his creation in the earth. They have a spirit which he gave them when he breathed life into them.. but there is a difference in this creation and the Adamic man who was transplanted from heaven to earth. This Adamic race.. these are the Elohim, for YAHWEH said:..(82nd Psalm)..'Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH.' The plural of deity is Elohim, thus ye are the offspring, plural deity, a multiple seed like the sands of the seashore, and the stars of the heavens.

Now; there are people more than the Asiatics on the earth, and they were there at the coming of the Adamic race into earth. But they were also a part of the story of the breaking of the Divine law in the rebellion of Lucifer. There were 5 Race Trees in Earth before the Adamic race which came in as the sixth and will develop into the Seventh when they are perfected. Only the Adamic race however carried the holy seed with which to populate the earth with the sons and daughters of YAHWEH enveloped with light and with Divine destiny, to carry forward his purposes, and as these purposes are fulfilled the other race (trees) will find their way back to their beginnings also.

Now; in the the Garden of Eden...these Two 'twice born' people knew they were different. Adam had been warned not to intermingle

with this Race tree that already knew both good and evil..Eve was told this by Adam for that Race Tree had already violated the divine law, and Lucifer had carried forward the violation of mixing the race, and this had caused the created race streams over the thousands of years to fall to the levels they had finally reached. When Adam and Eve violated this same divine law they lost their light or Aura. The loss of their Light decreased the speed of the electrons, and the Adamic race became subject to disintegration, sickness and death, in other words they sunk almost to the earthly level of the other races. Prior to their fall the velocity of those electrons were much higher and the wave length of light protected them until you could not destroy them, because their light gave them immunity. With the loss of that immunity came death of the physical body, and that process then passed on to our entire race. However it did not disallow us the fact that we are still the children of YAHWEH (spirit), the offspring of God. For this Adamic race was synthesized first in the Celestial realm and existed thru out the ages of that realm, thus born of incorruptible seed...cannot be corrupted. But then YAHWEH came into the Garden and reestablished his race for the kingdom.

When men in areas of Priestcraft tried to create an area of a possible permanent torture for the spirit into which it would be subject all thru the ages, this was consigning that spirit of the children of YAHWEH to a dimension into which they could not move. The reason is because the spirit is not the area of violation, for the violation had been in the soul consciousness, and in this physical body. Yes, this body dies, but you cannot torture it after it is dead, thus 'The wages of sin is death'... (Romans 6:23). We also know that Priestcraft was not talking about torturing physical bodies after death..but soul consciousness in the areas of its recollection and its stored memories could be activated by experiences to see the areas of its error, and be filled wit remorse in its imprisonment, and this was true of the sons of Adam from the time of their fall and death, until the time when YAHSHUA was crucified, for the HE went down into the Netherworld and preached to the souls of these Adamites there in prison, and then brought them back from captivity to Glory. He raised his body from the tomb then moved his children of the kingdom into Glory, for He was YAHSHUA...Messiah, and...'It became Him for who all things, and by HIM in all things, in bringing many sons unto Glory, to be made the captain of their Salvation...perfect thru suffering.'(Heb.2:10). Thus 'By His stripes (suffering) we are healed.'

Later Nicodemus would understand the things Jesus was telling him, and then he would write the Gospel of Nicodemus which at this time is not included in your Bible, but in which he explains more fully the bringing out of the Netherworld, this imprisoned Adamic race. Thus again we repeat that the fall of Adam and Eve was not in spirit, but in the flesh, and this fall blotted out much of their remembrance of where they came from. Then as each generation moved forward from the fall, they lost a bit more of their remembrance, and by the time of Nicodemus as he was talking to Jesus he did not understand anymore this mystery of the 'Twice born' people, and he asked Jesus what an Israelite had to do to be able to participate in this total kingdom which Jesus was preaching about. He then had to re-learn that he was a spiritual child of the Almighty, and that he would never die, that absent from this body was to be present with YAHWEH...YAHSHUA from whence He came.

Since this spirit that the Adamic race possesses is an Eternal spirit, then we are thankful for the Grace of God that made a satisfactory atonement, and consummated the restoration of the right of His Celestial children to enter into the spiritual world from whence they came. But here in the physical world we are strangers and pilgrims in the earth. (I Peter 2:11)

Now; ..'I (YAHWEH-spirit) have laid in you (the Adamic race) a foundation stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation, and he who sees it will not need to fear or make haste to please the enemy.' (Isaiah 28:16) That chief cornerstone was YAHWEH (spirit) as Messiah..YAHSHUA.. being joined to His family in earth, thus sealing the kingdom with this chief corner stone which is the headstone of the kingdom, and the entire structure of His kingdom is thus sealed with its symbolic significance.

Yes, others people are born in earth by the natural process of the breaking of the water, as well as are the animals as they all welcome their young into the world, but the created people of earth do have a different spirit and you cannot become an heir of the kingdom, or inherit its purpose to rule the earth, or rise and help overcome the Luciferian forces, or resume the responsibilities of a son or daughter of YAHWEH unless you are, and have always been a son or daughter. You can only participate in the administration of the kingdom, if you are of this race (tree) of people who are to rule and reign with Messiah. (Rev. 5)

The other race (trees) of earth can live under this administration in a world made perfect. This the Apostle Paul learned in his heavenly journey. He also realized that the other race (trees) were not a part of this administration of the kingdom as he said:...'We are not of they who can draw back to perdition, for we are the children of THE MOST HIGH.' We are those who's spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of YAHWEH, we are thus heirs of the kingdom.' YAHSHUA then went further when he said:...'Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom (of heaven and earth), unto them (of the world order) it is not given.' Then in the 14th., chapter of John he speaks of sending the Paraclete, the intelligence of his own mind, the spirit of truth that the world cannot receive.

To understand this great mystery you must forever divide the World order from the kingdom. All races of people make up the world order, outside this Adamic race, and they follow Lucifer unless they have been converted from areas of error, but they have always since their fall been classed as being a part of the World Order. They may be taken out of the World Order, and classified as being under the Administration of the kingdom, but they cannot receive by direct perception that which you of this Adamic race are able to perceive just because you are spirit of his spirit, even tho you may not be aware of it.

In the book of Corinthians the Apostle Paul reminds us that...'we did not receive (as we came into this physical body) the spirit that the world of natural men received, but we received the spirit that searches out these things of God, and makes them known unto us. We are not natural men and women then in natural bodies only. Once we understand this we lose a lot of this hocus pocus that is being sold to us, and we realize that we live in a physical world at this time, but we battle against the incarnate sons of darkness. We battle people who sometimes have their minds in captivity, because we are occupying the earth in this dominion. But remember this:.. what might we have to do in this dominion does not possess the permanency of what spirit is capable of doing, or of the patterns of their nature. Thus YAHWEH'S program...'All Israel shall be saved...and all flesh is going to be saved...'as in the fullness of time He puts all things in order. In the fullness of time does not does not mean 1000 years, it is much fuller and deeper than a concept that if you accept the Christ as your Savior you are going to heaven when you die, and that is all there is to it. In its fullness this time reaches out into the endless ages of tomorrow, for you are children of Eternity, the children of an endless life. The promise is to you...'Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world.' (I John 4:4)

Also in the course of Divine purpose YAHWEH opened up the great vistas of HIS abiding ministry and in the days of Peter as he and the disciples were listening unto YAHSHUA turning to Peter and he said:..'Who am I Peter...whom do you say that I am?' Peter replied:...'Thou art YAHSHUA the Messiah, the very embodiment of the Living YAHWEH (God)'...then YAHSHUA looked at Peter and said:...'Flesh and blood did not reveal this unto you.' No, this knowledge could only have come from the plane spirit. Then YAHSHUA looked at Peter and said:...'your name means the little rock (or stone), but upon this rock of your confession, that I am the embodiment of YAHWEH, I will build my church (the spiritual center of the kingdom) and the gates of perdition and evil shall not prevail against it.' This declaration of YAHWEH then is the promise that the indestructible church is more than is visible to the eye, and called church today. There is then within this Gospel of the kingdom a true church which is a living church, without error, and the visible church of today is the only part of that foundation of His kingdom that can be attacked and corrupted. There was to be, and has been an anti-Christ invasion of the visible church, this Great 'falling away' from the Faith is a part of that prophecy, and has been going on for some time. But within this also is the living church, the spiritual center of his kingdom. Invisible perhaps at this time, but it holds the key, and it is found in the household of the kingdom. (Rev. 3:7)

When we the Christian civilization going to realize that there is only one way for Peace in this world? That way is for this world to become...'The kingdom of OUR LORD and his Christ. (as it is translated) 'Like lightening cometh out of the east (heavenly places) and shineth toward the west will be the appearance of the Glory of this kingdom of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.' (Matt.24:24) Then come ye blessed of the father (spirit), inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. (Matt. 25:34). We believe that when this time comes, this is a final program of the kingdom. He then gathers his elect from one end of the heavens to the other. This is to be a great battle as the kings of the earth gather with their armies to fight Him who comes as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.' (Rev. 19:16) This is HIS battle, this brings great spiritual power for a manifested victory in earth.

This program of the Gospel of the Kingdom is a final program of the MOST HIGH. And from the Old Testament Psalmists we remember their declaration that HE has the power, and that His dominion is from Everlasting to Everlasting. THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS brings the victory as the Great Prince of Peace...there is no other Peace for this world.

Now; the symbols and measures of this program do not change, and there are certain keys for identity as well in this Gospel of the Kingdom. Remember Jesus said:..'I am the vine' and he was talking about a living vine which would bring forth his kingdom. (John 15) 'And the spirit which is father of all life and vitality is the husbandman, and every branch in me which does not bear fruit shall be taken out of the way.' Then he makes this statement:...'Abide in me, and I in you, for a branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine...I am the vine and ye are the branches.'

Sometime Israel is referred to as the Olive Tree, and sometimes as the Cedar tree, when talking about its kingdom. When trees are referred to you are talking about the nations of the world. Great trees are mighty Empires, and small shrubs were smaller kingdoms. And what makes these kingdoms strong and great are their racial streams. Thus it is that racial streams are referred to in the scriptures as being of various sizes, according to their members and their tributaries, and the tributaries are their offspring who move out of these various racial streams. When they build nations or kingdoms then those kingdoms are watered by the strength of the

racial streams from whence they came. If the streams are strong, and large, or mighty then their Empires are mighty. In the 31 chapter of Ezekiel God said that the waters (racial streams) that produced the Assyrian Empire were so great that they ran out like great rivers and their tributaries were everywhere, thus their tree..(racial stream) became a mighty Empire and covered the whole earth. He said the Egyptians were also mighty because their race streams and tributaries made a strong tree, but they were small besides the Assyrian Empire. When YAHWEH talks of his own household, he refers to it as a green tree, a dry tree, or a cedar tree, and always we discover that the tree is used to symbolize the life of the kingdom, and coming out of that life is the spiritual stream of the LIFE SEED.

Now; Revelation 22:...'He showed me a pure river of the water of the midst of it and on either side of this river was the tree, and this tree had 12 manners of fruit.' This is the tree (racial stream) of the family of YAHWEH which is to produce the kingdom of YAHWEH in the earth. The leaves of this tree, are for the healing of the nations. Thus Israel brings help for the other nation in the purpose and program of THE MOST HIGH.

There is then a big difference in the Vine of Christ and Lucifer's vine. Each are well marked in the 32 chapter of Deuteronomy. And we would call attention here to Lucifer's vine, which is the vine of Sodom, and their field is the field of Gomorrah, and their grapes like the grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter, their poison is like the poison of the Dragon, and the bite of the Asp'. Incidentally in this instance as you study the Dragon and the Serpent symbolism then remember that the Dragon is Lucifer and the serpent is the symbol of theology for the Dragon's kingdom.

In the 5th., chapter of Ezekiel, this is not the vine of Israel altho it is located in a place which belongs to Israel. This was a vine..a tree.. a parasite vine, and is it any good? Thus YAHWEH said...'What is a parasite vine to a tree?' You know that when a parasite vine grows over the tree it takes the life from the tree. You can't make anything useful from a parasite vine. And the YAHWEH said...'As the parasite vine among the trees (racial streams) of the forest...which I have given to the fire, for fuel so will I give the inhabitants of Jerusalem.' And today in Jerusalem this same parasite vine is there, and its life does not come from production, it comes from its parasite growth.

YAHSHUA said:...'I am the vine, and you (of the kingdom) are the branches, you are filled with fruit, and with life and vitality'... whereas this parasite vine does not produce fruit. And he went further to say to this parasite vine:...'Ye are of your father the devil'...and that parasite vine lives like a parasite on your race tree. Thus this parasite vine, and its racial stream does not have creative power, or constructive power, it is a fraud and an illusion. It does not create, it only steals, and destroys. It does not have the power to produce life, it can only mutate life. While the Kingdom of YAHWEH OUR YAHSHUA illuminates the nations.

Now; such organizations as the United Nations is in this program of the parasite tree and its vine, for they wrap around the kingdom of YAHWEH and seek to seduce the children of the kingdom just as Lucifer sought the seduction of Eve. As Parasites they draw out your vitality, your strength, and the power of your economy. If you are a student of history you saw the results of the Parasite vine control of the United Nations, as they drove civilization out of Africa and put their own puppets in control. That plan destroyed the white civilization of that land, but did not create anything, for it can only destroy.

We in this nation have never had an era when the truth of the kingdom of YAHWEH has been more obscured. We have never had an era when the Gospel of the kingdom which Jesus preached was more hidden, as the Christian churches have spiritualized it away, covered it up, or joined it to the world order. Never in this nation has there been a time like the one in which we are living. Armageddon surrounds us, the enemy plans to destroy us, where as on the other hand YAHWEH plans to destroy Lucifer's kingdom...using you the little rocks of his kingdom. Make no mistake about it, this parasite vine will be burned up...consumed from off the earth, this control of economic, political, and religious structures of the world is to be finished.

How then could you insult YAHWEH our YAHSHUA-Savior more than to take the children of this parasite vine, and try to transfer them, into this family of YAHWEH'S kingdom???

Now; turning to the science of Archaeology you find the difference in these two physical kingdoms here in earth. From the Archaeology magazine Nov-Dec for 1987....They believe they have found the founder of Buddhism, the ancient Sakyamini, found his remains in china. At least they say they have found some of his finger bones in the Famen Temple. This place is to become a Holy land of Buddhism, and a tourist resort. But remember the God we worship left us an empty tomb.

Then from this same Archaeology magazine:...'Traces of the Celtic race have been found at Hochdorf, Germany. This is in the south west part of Germany, in the Burgundian region, and northern and central Switzerland. In 1978 they found a burial mound which was not tampered with by grave robbers. Here a major chieftain was buried. They found a reclining throne where this chieftain rested, and the throne was embossed with rich scenes front and back. And holding aloft this throne was 8 female figures on uni-cycles. Nothing like this has been found before.

Well, here in symbolism is this same message we have been bringing. The throne was transported westward by women..the symbol of Israel..moving under the guidance of YAHWEH, and with the Faith of Israel whether they realized it or not. This physical kingdom cannot be spiritualized away. Grave robbers have taken away a lot of history but some is always left for the discovery of this message:....'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.. in earth as it is in heaven.'




Taken from the writings of Peter, from the New Testament Apocrypha.


94. But before He was arrested by the lawless Jews, whose lawgiver is the lawless serpent, he assembled us all and said, 'Before I am delivered to them, let us sing a Hymn to the Father, and so go to meet what lies before (us).' So He told us to form a circle, holding one another's hands, and Himself stood in the middle and said, 'Answer Amen to me.' So He began to sing the Hymn and to say,


'Glory be to thee, Father.'

And we circled round him and answered him, 'Amen'.

'Glory be to thee, Logos:

Glory be to thee, Grace.'---'Amen'.


'Glory be to thee, Spirit:

Glory be to thee, Holy One:

Glory be to thy Glory.'---'Amen'.


'We praise thee, Father:

We thank thee, Light:

In whom darkness dwelleth not.'---'Amen'.


95. 'And why we give thanks, I tell you:

'I will be saved,

And I will save.'---'Amen'


'I will be loosed,

and I will loose.'----'Amen'


'I will be wounded,

and I will wound.'----'Amen'


'I will be born,

and I will bear.'----'Amen'


'I will eat,

and I will be eaten.'----'Amen'


'I will hear,

and I will be heard.'----'Amen'


'I will be thought,

being wholly thought.'----'Amen'


'I will be washed,

and I will wash.'----'Amen'




'I will pipe,

dance, all of you.'----'Amen'


'I will mourn,

beat you all your breasts.'----'Amen'


'(The) one Ogdoad

sings praises with us.'----'Amen'


'The twelfth number

dances on high.'----'Amen'


'To the Universe

belongs the dancer.'----'Amen'


'He who does not dance

does not know what happens.'----'Amen'


'I will flee,

and I will remain.'----'Amen'


'I will adorn,

and I will be adorned.'----'Amen'


'I will be united,

and I will unite.'----'Amen'


'I have no house,

and I have houses.'----'Amen'


'I have no place,

and I have places.'----'Amen'


'I have no temple,

and I have temples.'----'Amen'


'I am a lamp to you (sing.)

who see me.'----'Amen'


'I am a mirror to you

who know me.'----'Amen'


'I am a door to you

who know me.'----'Amen'


'I am a way to you

<who> knock on me.'----'Amen'


'I am a way to you

<the> traveler.'----'Amen'


96. 'Now if you follow my dance.

see yourself in Me who am speaking,

and when you have seen what I do,

keep silence about my mysteries.


You who dance, consider

what I do, for yours is

This passion of Man

which I am to suffer.


For you could by no means

have understood what you suffer

unless to you as Logos

I had been sent by the Father.


You who saw what I suffer

saw <me> as suffering (yourself),

and seeing it you did not stay

but were wholly moved.


Being moved towards wisdom

you have me as a support (lit. couch);

rest in me.


Who I am, you shall know

when I go forth.


What I now am seen to be,

that I am not;

<what I am> you shall see

when you come yourself.


If you knew how to suffer

you would be able not to suffer.


Learn how to suffer

and you shall be able not to suffer.


What you do not know

I myself will teach you.


I am your God,

not (the God) of the traitor.


I will that there be prepared

holy souls for me.


Understand the word

of wisdom!


As for me,

if you would understand what I was:

By the word (?Word) I mocked at all things

and I was not mocked at all,

I exulted: (lit. leaped)

but do you understand the whole,

and when you have understood it, say,

Glory be to thee, Father.


Say again with me,


Glory be to thee, Father,

Glory be to thee, Word.

Glory be to thee, [holy] Spirit.'----'Amen'