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TAPE NO. 70  -  By Ella Rose Mast





As this old year of 1987 runs out we think of the years, and what they have revealed to us and wonder as to what is in store for these United States of America, both in the plans of the enemy, as well as in the plans of YAHWEH. Some people have even looked behind the scenes, and saw the monster hand that pulls the strings, but most of our people do not seem to understand that there are men in this nation, and this world who have altogether different ideas as to how this nation, and this world should be perceived, and as how this nation should fit in their scheme of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

When I saw this commemorative medal ...joining the U.S. and the Soviet Union....along with the date of December 7 being picked for the Summit meeting between the U.S. and the Soviet leaders, then I recalled these things I have been learning, and yet we hear no cry from our people, crying for help from above. Thus I wondered once rough does life here in these United States have to become before our people as a nation cry for help from our Heavenly Father?

There is a book here in our library, written in is called...'The Journal of David Q. Little'...It is a novel supposedly written in the year 2223 in Australia, and is based on this Journal found so they say by a task force of human behavior scientists; during a visit to an obscure Christian Mission secluded on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

Now; to better understand this journal or Diary kept by David Q. Little, you must remember all that has happened especially since WWI...which we say was the beginning of Jacob's troubles. And then that brings you up to early 1970's when this Journal supposedly began, when the Nuclear war threat between the Soviet Union and the U.S. was ended by a treaty of friendship, such as we now see this commemorative coin suggesting.

I am hoping, and I really do not believe that things will become that rough in this nation, but I thought it most interesting as you will see how certain things were planned, and we see them just partly successful, and yet we have gone along this road to surrender to communism without hardly realizing it.

Now; according to this diary the signing of this 'Treaty' drew a sign of relief from almost all the whole world, from everyone that is but a tiny little group of so called 'anti-communist' thinkers. As you read this Journal you see that it reveals a steady erosion of American power after the signing of the 'Friendship Treaty.' (Then we think of 'Detente' and the 'arms control agreements' which are in our day). In this Journal those who were looking behind the scene were seeing in their future a country which twice in the 20th., century had fought two great wars to supposedly save the world, and now this country is being reduced to virtually colonial status. For the general population of the United States...this 'Friendship treaty' meant ultimately...slavery, a garbage can standard of living, an insecure life. (Since 'Detente', or even before we saw Cuba established on our southern border by surrender to appeasement, and since then up until 1980 we saw the give away of more and more of our power. Since 1980 we have seen a little turning back, to rearming the U.S. and taking a stand for liberty, as in Grenada, but today we are back at the bargaining table and now a treaty will be signed, which we wonder if it will be kept any better than the ones before. However we also remember that the Soviet Union in this time is also controlled and used by our Father, and it is for our good in the long run, so how will all this turn out???

But this is how things progressed in the United States, in this story of the Diary kept by David Q. Little, therefore watch for events that are similar to what we have already gone thru, and then see how the enemy does not always achieve its goals, but things get rougher never the less.

As he begins his Journal...David Q. Little is a successful Salesman, but with the stepping up of Socialism, and its controls then the need for Salesmen dropped sharply and soon he is out of a job. He was married and of course had payments on a home, and those payments could no longer be met. He has a boy and a girl who are soon to be teenagers, and a little daughter not quite five years of age. His children are soon taught in school about this wonderful 'Treaty Friendship' that has been signed where in they could now be friends with the people of the world, and no longer be selfish like their parents have been.

This Journal then measures the draining away of freedom, the decent living that this family and their friends have enjoyed, as they sink more and more into Barbarism they will just fight to survive. A few hold out in the underground movement as they seek to keep the spirit of America alive. But they are hunted out by the United Nations Police force and silenced when found. It seems that the Treaty of Friendship committed the U.S. to contribute a 'fair' share of new and peaceful production, to aid further the under developed nations of the world, and to eliminate poverty resulting so they said from Imperialism, (Now:...did you notice how we have already been thru some of these situations, and they did not work, but this also brought to mind the 'new frontier' and the 'War on Poverty' of the Kennedy and Johnson years.)

This clause of the Treaty was interpreted in such a way as to cause the shipment of most of this nations wealth to the Soviet Union there to be distributed they said to the world. But it was also to pauperize most of the American tax payers by way of the crushing taxes, and then the low wages instigated. The middle class of Americans were taking a terrible beating under this system. The Treaty also bound the United States, to surrender its sovereignty to the 'World Order of Nations'. Which was also controlled by the Soviet Union. Finally it was agreed that 'treaties' were the Supreme law of the land, and that every consideration...national, state and local, and even ...home grown... Soviet Agents, and collaborators in government would see that even personal things were subordinate to the letter and spirit of the treaty. These collaborators in unions, industry, schools helped ease the American people into this National suicide.

(Now; look...we have been in the United Nations organization for years, and at last the Genocide treaty has been passed in the U.S. altho as of yet is not implemented, but the schools have deteriorated, farming is almost a dirty word, and Homosexuals are clamoring for their life style to be enhanced and embraced by all, and so on and so on. Since the wan wrote this in 1967 he was seeing the great conspiracy was he not? Even tho the characters in this Journal are fictitious, the story is allegorical, and the similarities in our lives is still there, altho we have not as yet been reduced to the level of the Aryans of this story.)

Now; ...on with the story:...The American people of North America have caught the hearts of the worlds people. The western world has in fact been a wonder to the rest of the world. But the western world has also allowed itself to be overrun by Barbarians. The first time this happened in western history was when the most advanced civilization...Rome...was destroyed, and it took nearly 1000 years for the west to recover. Here then we see America in the same decline and for the same reasons, thus as Rome goes the U.S. in the program of the enemy, but what I ask will take the place of our great nation, if we allow this to happen here?

Under this great 'Friendship Treaty'....everyone is assured that now we can relax, Peace is here at last. A Great Peace monument is built, and it shows the Great Golden Eagle of the United States imprisoned within the Red Star of the Soviet Union. This was a bit hard for the people to accept, especially the older people who have helped build this nation.

It seems that what brought about the surrender of the U.S. into this Peace Treaty was the fact that even under different disarmament treaties of the past, that as the U.S. disarmed and destroyed their nuclear weapons, the Soviets had secretly...under the very noses of the clear violation of the treaty they had signed, had developed a civilian nuclear bomb shelter program, and had deployed anti-ballistic missiles to protect her military, and industrial centers, and then developed their own nuclear space weapons, a vast array of fully deployed earth to earth nuclear missiles that were either mobile, underseas, or other types, and also orbital space vehicles which on signal from earth were capable of firing clusters of nuclear bombs at different targets.

Newspapers had warned that the USSR was capable of exploding nuclear devices over 24 major U.S. cities, since the U.S. had reduced her capability for nuclear...rapid delivery...and now the USSR had a nuclear superiority of 90 to 1 ratio over the west. At first after signing the Peace Treaty of Friendship the churches had offerings of thanks going out for a Permanent Peace. Food was plentiful, but still people had a strange feeling that things did not seem quite right even tho meetings were being held all over the U.S. explaining the purpose and functions of this 'Treaty of Friendship', and the American people were assured in the Press, that the constitution was not to be changed in any way. People always sang:...'God bless American' at the end of the meetings, and then went quietly to their homes.

The people were told that it was 'off with the old life; and on with the NEW', where man's selfishness must be controlled with new ideas, if we are to bring freedom to all people. Cars were to be given up...walking was good for you, and the people who cooperated fully with those pushing these reforms were even becoming wealthy, while other Americans were losing their homes, and jobs, and even their families, for couples were splitting up because of the weakening of the U.S. dollar, which brought down capital investment and finally a recessed economic condition. But all things would be corrected so that America could finally take her place in the ONE WORLD OF NATIONS. After all Patriotism was fine in the horse and buggy days, but much to narrow for todays world, and unless the patriots are watched they would bring on a Nuclear war, and there would be no winner.

Well! after the signing of the Friendship treaty it was not many months until food rationing was started, but after all the other nations were hungry and America had been selfish long enough. The discomforts and adjustments in time would be met and made in the true American tradition of courage and sacrifice. Thus soon everyone is rushing to stand in line to receive their new cards which everyone must now have before they could buy or sell. The government is now very decisive and orders are given, and people rush to stand in line to receive their new cards which are mandatory. The cry is...'Total Peace' and all the T.V. Networks carry the plan for 'Total Peace'....hour after hour, and this is called 'a war against war', for we must bring the underdeveloped nations up to our standards to promote this 'world peace'. America has promised that America's resources must now be used to vindicate our total commitment to 'world peace'. Our defense budget can now be rapidly cut back giving us the funds to be channeled into 'foreign aid'....and to the United Nations for our share of the expense for the Peace Army. And school homework now carried the theme for the students as 'The negative theme of the effects of Nationalism in a Free World'. Americans were no longer citizens of the United States as before, now they were just 'subjects' of THE WORLD ORDER OF NATIONS, AND THE SOVIET UNION IS NOW THIS WORLD ORDER OF NATIONS, AND THE WHOLE WORLD IS NOW THE SOVIET UNION.

Oh, you could still speak out here in the United States, but it will do no good, for then you are branded as an extremist, but is you cooperate there is a place for you in this WORLD ORDER. The Liberal thinking has always been....cooperate...but remember that the Soviet Union needs us, and will not bite the hand that feeds them.

(In November of this year of 1987 I saw Ted Koppel on the Phil Donahue Show and he said that he was a great admirer of Henry Kissinger, and had followed him all over the world and watched him work. And Ted thinks that within ten years the U.S. and the Soviet Union will join forces against China the really big threat to 'Peace'...thus the thinking and planning goes on.)

Now; under this 'Friendship Treaty' the older people were eased out of their jobs at age 65, after all the younger ones were more easier indoctrinated. The trick is to control without them being aware of the control. It was thought that the older people in the U.S. are more proud, they do not bow as easily, thus reduce their living standards until they are more interested in just surviving, and they will be easier to handle, after all it is disgraceful for these older people to live quite comfortably off their savings while the rest of the world starves, it is time to end this selfishness here in the United States.

In the schools in America the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the U.S. is no more recited. Instead the children now stand to recite:...'I pledge my loyalty and allegiance, to the WORLD ORDER OF NATIONS, and to my country as a cooperating member; I pledge my loyalty to Peace, and my contributions to the progress of all the people of the world.'

To begin with the American people were subjected to an intense education campaign assuring them that there was no danger of a Soviet takeover, for the Soviets realized the U.S. intentions to protect her national interests. The real danger was of course Nuclear war, and with this eliminated and America at Peace that danger is gone, and the oldest dream of both Peace and Prosperity is now here. However with the Golden Eagle now trapped in the Red Star, then things did not seem to be working out that way. The communist party in the U.S. Political field was gaining ground, but after all how could the U.S. be hostile toward a philosophy of government practiced by the very nation we signed a Peace Treaty with.

(Now...once again...stop and think back for a moment to the 1960's, and to how the young educated men in the JFK group were so Liberal in their thinking...they had been schooled to this philosophy. McNamara believed in total disarmament for the U.S. and set out to accomplish that goal. So we had Cuba, South Korea, and the Viet Nam war which didn't bring Peace, altho they were undeclared wars. The nationalization of the U.S. had been going on for some time, but Socialism and Nationalization are the same thing, and more and more freedoms disappeared from the U.S. all the time as we were striving for Peace for the world. In the Space exploration there were space spots of course to keep the Peace, and there is ample documentation that either carelessness or sabotage was responsible for more than a dozen major failures in that area even before the 1980's).

Under the 'Friendship Treaty' the young of America are finally discovering what the older people have always known that you cannot buy Peace with Freedom. They are learning that THE WORLD ORDER OF NATIONS is in debt, but yet there is plenty of money, at least for some. They were told that our economic difficulties in the past were the direct results of the selfishness of the people of the United States. The government did not spend to much, rather the people with savings accounts are depriving the world of desperately needed financial resources. The cry from the press is:...'Be confident, be positive, confidence wins jobs, cures inflation, and brings prosperity. But behind the scene we hear the murmur that the U.S. is being slowly destroyed, sickeningly, and slowly, but never the less destroyed. People are disappearing, those who did not bow and partake of this great utopia are gone, and now whole families are disappearing. Rumors out of the underground is that if you have any money left you can make your way, by the underground to the west, to Wyoming where people have never given up their weapons. It is said that a whole self sustaining community is out there.

David Q. Little's family has come full circle..his teenagers are lost in the system, and then the authorities of the system came and took his little daughter because they said he could not provide for her. He had lost his wife to a fire at their rooming house, and he was out of a job, so now he decided to join a group planning to try to escape to the west. The unemployment lines are long, and the Press now says that they know that there is just to many people in the world, some might have to be liquidated by the rulers under the guise of liquidating those they call the Dourgoise, and it turns out those are the people who have worked hard all their lives and saved for their old age, we call them the middle class people. They are the ones that have kept America going all thru the years. Private homes are now declared a part of the selfishness of the American people, integration of neighbor hoods had been accomplished before this, and now selfishness of the white minority now could ruin this 'Treaty of Friendship'. Those who had joined the communist party seeking jobs and a better life now are also feeling the heat, for after all....things must change, the world is now 5/6 non-white.

Finally the Christians are beginning to realize that this supposedly...'Christian way' of turning the other cheek also has not worked, so what went wrong? How did it happen? The realization is slowly dawning that actually we became as spoiled children, we kicked back at our parents, we scoffed at history, at our past, at our traditions, and our heritage; forgetting that we are kicking the things that begat us, taught us, nurtured us. We poked fun at the past, and in so doing tried to dishonor it, but succeeded only in dishonoring ourselves. We blamed the system for all our ills; forgetting that any worthwhile system is only as good as the people who run it. We chose to try to reform our injustices by seeking to destroy the Republic set in place by our forefathers, rather than using our heritage to improve our way of life. We turned and created our own Tyranny by turning Christian thought to accommodate a Pagan world.

(In other words my friends, America has struggled to merge light with Darkness and in that process we bring on our own downfall as a nation. I thought this journal hit on many of the things that have been used against us, some things have only been partially accomplished, but the effort has been made. We thus wonder how far down this nation has to go before YAHWEH brings a halt by waking his people, and declares the time is now for the Administration of the kingdom?

We hope and do not believe that events in this nation will sink to the level as laid out in this Journal by David Q. Little, for in this journal those people who could make it to the mountain stronghold in Wyoming found a base of operation from which to grow. They were people who believe; who care; who try to carry on, who are neither bought nor sold with Usuary, those willing to try to preserve what their forefathers struggled to leave us. Here was found the people who always stagger to their feet to stand yet again as their Creator meant for them to stand, to pick up the thread of life, here in the U.S. of America long after the Pharaohs of Rome and the Mongrel hoards have perished and are dust. Every civilization has its Carthage with its great masses of uncaring who became agony and ashes. But that spark remains, and in spite of all the enemy had done to kill it... hope goes on as life goes on. Every white man lives to sift thru the ashes with the simple logic and reason that has been his since the beginning. There is a spark, we call it 'spirit' that remains, has been there since our beginning, and so it shall be until HE and no other writes OMEGA.


Now; as we have said before...we do not believe that this great nation of the United States of America is to be destroyed, for instance as this journal suggests...with only a little Christian conclave left in the Wyoming wilderness. We like the information better...from Eldon Purvis..about the setting in Canada as the Queen's representative...her son Prince Andrew, for his wife remember is called Sarah. This is to be done possibly by 1989. Remember Dr. Swift always said that all things necessary to mark the kingdom administration will be found in Canada, which is part of the Kingdom. As I read that report I had to smile because it is Prince Charles and Di that the Press is attacking, so is YAHWEH planning something else that they do not see?.....makes sense does it not? Ha....they are barking up the wrong tree perhaps, since the enemy does know that the Throne chair and all it represents is in Britain. We then wait and watch for events that are coming up, and see what YAHWEH does allow. If we did not know that HE is in control we would be worried.


Now some information from the material that Jeanette has been sending....

From this material we have the conformation once again of the fact that the Apostle Paul was in Rome for sometime. He was given permission to go any place he chose, for the Prison officials in charge of Paul's whereabouts also believed in YAHSHUA.

We are told here that Paul had a vision and YAHSHUA told him it was time for Paul to go to Spain. The Israelites here in Rome do not want him to leave for they cannot seem to contend with the Jewish teachers who now hated them also, for Paul had told those teachers that it was YAHWEH...himself who came as YAHSHUA-Savior that the Jews had laid hands have him crucified. Why? Because YAHSHUA HAD ABOLISHED THEIR DOCTRINES SAYING THEY WERE OF MEN AND TRADITIONS THAT THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND. After this the persecution of the Israelites seemed to intensify, but the Apostle Paul for a time had seemed able to hold them at bay, and the People wanted him to stay with them in Rome. But his call was for Paul to go to Spain, and the Apostle to Lost Israel would have to leave. Yes, he would come back for Paul...this servant of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA was chosen to be perfected here in Rome. Here he would be martyred among his own people, but this would come at a latter day. Thus the people helped Paul prepare to leave on his journey, and since a storm delayed his sailing, then a few more days were spent in teaching and praying as Paul tells them to continue work for the kingdom, and that YAHSHUA will forgive their past sins. The Apostle Paul tells of how he was once a persecutor, and how he denied the Faith, but now he trusts YAHSHUA...trusts in his promise, in His mercy, and he believes that he has received forgiveness for his former sins and misdeeds while he was in ignorance. Therefore he tells these Israelites to put their trust in HIM, and no one will be able to uproot you from your Faith. To always believe in HIS promises for they will come to pass. Paul then leaves on his journey, to search out more of Lost Israelites, so that he may gather them into their destiny, for they are holy vessels to YAHSHUA.


Now; in the 'Gospel of Truth' from this same is pointed out that the works of error is designed to take captive and to lead astray. The Gospel of Truth comes from the Father, is unalterable, unshakable, and of a beauty which cannot be improved upon. What comes from the Father is knowledge, which is manifested in order that oblivion might be done away and that Adam-man might know the Father.

In a section of this book it speaks of a teaching received by the 'living' who are inscribed in the book of 'the living', and teaching which relates to themselves, their own true nature and origin. The Father retained in Himself the perfection of all. Therefore if anyone possesses knowledge, he receives it back to himself. For he who is ignorant is deficient, and it is a great thing which he lacks, since he lacks what will make him perfect. Since the perfection of ALL is in the Father, it is necessary that ALL ascend unto HIM, and that each one receive that which is his own. These are things which He has written down beforehand. Having prepared them to be given to those who come forth from HIM. Those whose names He knew beforehand are the end, so that HE who knows is he whose name is the one the Father pronounced, for he whose name has not been pronounced is ignorant. Indeed how should anyone hear if his name has not been called? For he who remains ignorant to the end is a creature of oblivion, and will be destroyed with it.

In contrast, if anyone possesses knowledge, he is a being from on high. If he is called, he hears, replies, and turns toward HIM who called him in order to ascend to HIM, and he knows in what way he is called. Since he knows, he performs the WILL OF HIM WHO CALLED HIM. He desires to please him and receive his rest.


And now the is the Father from whom the beginning came forth, and to whom shall return all those who came forth from HIM. But they were manifested for the Flory and the Joy of HIS Name. And the name of the Father is also the Son...He it is who is the beginning, and gave a name to HIM who came from Him...who was himself, and whom he engendered as a Son. He gave him His name which belonged to Him, since He it is....even the Father to whom belonged all things. Yes, he is also the SON, and it was possible for them to see HIM. But the name....on the contrary is invisible since it alone is the mystery of the Invisible, which comes to ears which are all filled with it. For indeed one does not pronounce the name of the Father, but He is revealed in the SON.

What then is the name for it is the true name, it is the name which came from the Father (spirit), for it is HE who is LORD OF THE NAME. And now HE YAHSHUA received the name, not by way of loan, like others, according to the manner in which everyone is equipped, but HE is LORD OF THE NAME, THERE IS NOT OTHER TO WHOM HE HAS GIVEN IT. But it is unnameable, and ineffable until the moment when He alone who is perfect pronounced it, and He it is who has power to pronounce His name and see it. It pleased Him (the Father or spirit) that His son (embodiment) should be HIS NAME. He spoke of His secrets, knowing that the Father (spirit) is absolute goodness. For that reason He (spirit) brought HIM forth, that He might speak of that place, about His place of rest from which he had come, and that He might glorify the spirit, the greatness of His name, and the gentleness of the Father (spirit).

And when He speaks of the destiny of the Blessed:...He speaks of the place from which each one has come, and to which each will hasten to return once more to the region from which derived his true condition, and to be delivered from that place wherein he has been, since he tastes of that place and receives nourishment and growth therein. And his own place of rest is his spirit, the place to which they direct their thoughts, that place is their roots, which lifts them up through all the heights to the Father. They are in the Father and the Father is in them. This is the place of the blessed; this is their place. As for the rest, let them consider in their places that it is not befitting for me, after I have been in the place of rest, to speak of anything else. For therein shall I be, and devote myself at all times to the Father of ALL, and to the true brethren upon whom the love of the Father is poured out, and in whose midst nothing in Him is lacking. These are they who manifest in truth, since they are in that true and Eternal life, and speak of the light that is perfect, and filled with the seed of the Father, and which is in HIS heart, and in the spirit, while his spirit rejoices in Him and glorifies Him in whom it was, for He is good. And his children are perfect and worthy of HIS NAME, for it is children of this king that He the Father loves.


The Chemical Marriage......(This is from the old big book)

There was an old manuscript..out of Germany in the 1500's perhaps. Probably no other volume in the history of literature created such a profound disturbance as the interpretation of this little book. It was attacked, and defended by various contending elements. But when all the debates were settled down, the mysteries surrounding this book remained unsolved. However they did admit that the author was a man of exceptional learning. And some suggested the 'The Alchemical Wedding' might prove to be the key to the riddle of the ancient 'Rose Cross'.

I have been studying this article for sometime and then I finally realized that the seven days of this marriage feast as described by CRC..the brethren of the Rose Cross, is the description of the Adamic race, this 6th., race established in earth as Israel..the they move forward on their drive for perfection to become no. 7..their ultimate goal. This is the description of Israel's preparation for the 'Wedding Feast of the Lamb' of Revelation 19. No wonder then that this little book was attacked by the enemy, for this was something that true Israel should not know or they would not follow the wrong leader.

In this little book...on this 7th., day when Israel is now made ready (perfected)...the wedding guests are told that they are now Knights of the Golden Stone. In otherwords they are told...they are as gold... having been tried in the fire.

Now; the wedding guests as they return to the King's Palace ride on 12 ships, and the signs on the 12 ships are the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Thus this is easy to recognize in symbolism. Then to...the carriage which carries them after the ship docks...bears a snow white Ensign, and on the Ensign is a red cross.

Here in the Chemical or Hermetic marriage...we are told that Divine and Human consciousness are now united in Holy Wedlock...thus the mystical process being...Israel now the bride of the Lamb.

In the order of the 'Rose Cross' there was a secret process where in a candidate climbed the seven steps of wisdom they attained the wisdom that Adam lost by the fall.

After you master those seven steps of Wisdom you are then back...united with the Father...the source of all things. And Adam-man is thus back to his beginning, and ready for a perfect kingdom rule in earth...his goal is now accomplished.


Sir Francis Bacon...Shakespear...and the Rose Cross...(again from the old big book).

As you read in school the old classics, little did you realize that there was ancient mysteries involved in the text. An article from the old big book was interesting and I wondered if you had thought of this?

Actually who was Shakespear, and did he write all those things attributed to him? It is stated that during his lifetime that he never attempted to control any money from the plays bearing his name. No mention was in his will as to any such legacy. Was this signature then of Shakespear really the signature of Sir Francis Bacon the legitimate son of Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Leicester?

The Bacon-Shakespear controversy involves the aspects of science, religion, ethics, and only one with understanding could have written into the Shakespearean plays the secret teachings of 'The Rose Cross' and 'True Masonry'. Those of the Rosicrucian organization and the Freemasons of course could not understand the symbolism of such works as 'The Tempest'... 'Macbeth'... 'Hamlet'... 'The tragedy of Cymbeline', or 'A Midsummer night's Dream'. Only a Platonist, an ancient Israelite Quabbalist, or a Pythagorean could have written those listed above. It is reported here in the old big book that King James turned over to Sir Francis Bacon the translated manuscripts of what is now known as the King James Bible, for the presumed purpose of checking and editing and revising. The documents remained in his hands for nearly a year, but no information is to be had concerning what had occurred in that time. It is said that the first edition of the King James Bible contained a cryptic (hidden-secret) Baconian headpiece. Thus did Bacon cryptographically conceal in the Bible that which he dared not literally reveal in the text...such as things of the Secret Rose mystic and Masonic Christianity? If it be true then the Jews who helped with the translation could not understand what was concealed.

Now; Sir Francis Bacon possessed that intimate knowledge of parliamentary law, the etiquette of the Royal court revealed in the Shakespearian plays, which could scarcely been acquired by a humble station of the Stratford actor...Shakespear. The Magnificent library attained by Sir Francis Bacon contained the very volumes necessary to support the quotations, and anecdotes incorporated into the Shakespearian plays. Many of the plays in fact were taken from plots in earlier writings of which there was no English translation at that time. It is thus suggested that Sir Francis Bacon could have read the original, but it is most unlikely that William SHAKEPEAR could have done so.

Sir Francis Bacon's cipher number was 33, and in the first part of the works of 'King Henry the 4th.,', the word Francis appears 33 times upon one page. Thru out the Shakespearian 'Folios and Quartos' occur scores of acrostic signatures. The most similar form of the acrostic is that whereby a this instance..Bacon's...was hidden in the first few letters of the lines: 'In the Tempest' for instance in act one scene two appears a striking example of the Baconian acrostic:....

'Begun to tell me what I am, but stopt,

And left me to a bootelesse question,

Concluding...stay...not yet!.'

The first letter of the first and second lines of the three lines form the word...B A CON....similar acrostics appear frequently in Bacon's acknowledged writings.

Consider Sir Francis Bacon's..'New Atlantis' father time is depicted as bringing a female figure (we say Israel) out of the darkness of the cave. Around this picture in a Latin inscription are the words:..'In time the secret truth shall be revealed.'

Actually there are no authentic portraits of SHAKEPEAR in existence thus the mystery of Bacon and SHAKEPEAR are buried, but the Rosicrucians moved to take over the true Masonic secrets and they kept the same symbols in their move to replace truth. But the secret books live on, and there are these that thru discerning are able with a certain key to discern the order of events, and find the wisdom by which Adam-man may be raised to an illuminated life. Sir Francis Bacon was but a link in the great chain of minds which preserved the secret doctrines of antiquity from its beginning.

Now; we are told that Free Masonry cannot trace its parentage because that origin is obscured, they say by a veil of superphysical and mystical. but we tell you that Freemasonry is a parasite vine which fastened itself on to 'The Tree of Life' of Ancient Masonry.

We know that the ancient mysteries moved into the early church, and were accepted as elements of that faith, but this brought down upon the early Christian church a great persecution on the part of the kingdom of darkness as they moved to stop the expansion of knowledge for the kingdom.

According to material available, the supreme council of the Fraternity of the 'Rose Cross' was composed of individuals who had died what is known as a 'philosophic death'. When the time came for one of these brethren to enter upon his labors for this 'order'...he conveniently 'died' under some what mysterious circumstances. In reality he changed his residence and a box of rocks, or a convenient body was buried in his stead. Where as the Brethren....these servants of the Mysteries, then renounced all personal credit, and permitted others to be considered as the authors of the documents which he wrote and inspired. This was the method used by the servants of the 'Mysteries' to help preserve their work of enlightened the children of YAHWEH'S Kingdom.

Apparently more time will yet pass before an understanding world will appreciate the genius of that mysterious man who wrote:...Novum Organum'... who sailed his little ship far out into the unexplored sea of learning, and whose ideals for a new civilization are magnificently expressed in the Utopian Dream of....'The New Atlantis.'

Alfred Freund attempts to explain Baconian symbolism in 'The Philostrates:' Bacon..he reveals as the Philosophical Hercules...who time will the true 'Spear-Shaker'......(Shakespeare)

Yes, ancient writers hid in their works the so called 'Lost Mysteries' of Israel, which is also the knowledge of the scriptures, and you are to search for it as you understand who you are, and why you are here, for many of those who went before us did understand.

Another writer of the 16th., century was Sir Walter Raleigh...His history of the world's caused...a great stir in Britain as did the writings of Shakespear. Sir Walter Raleigh was quite a figure in the Queen Elizabeth Court, always there were those seeking to find the keys to the great controversy, but why was this mysterious knowledge which Sir Walter Raleigh possessed so dangerous that he was executed even when the charges against him could not be proved??? Was he one of those feared and hated of that secret society called 'The Rose Cross' which almost overthrew the political and religious Europe during the 16th., and 17th., centuries?

Sir Walter Raleigh had always been considered one of Britains most brilliant sons. He was a soldier, courtier, Statesman, Writer, Poet, Philosopher and Explorer. Yet after the death of Queen Elizabeth, his enemies were able to play upon the weakness of the King, and did not cease in their relentless persecution until Sir Walter Raleigh had been hanged, and his head decapitated, quartered and disemboweled body lay at their feet. What knowledge did Sir Walter Raleigh posses that his enemies were not satisfied until his body was destroyed, just as were the bodies of the Apostles?

Yes, I know the old Classics are hard to read, but if in re-reading them then look for the symbolism and the allegory....of this identity and purpose of a people now in earth, who even in blindness scares the enemy.