ERM - Tape 071 - Ancient & Qabbalistic Keys To Adam-Man; No. 33


TAPE NO. 71.....By Ella Rose Mast





The word Audaum (Adam) signifies a specie...a race, and it is only with proper understanding that Adam be considered as an individual. Adam was the great procreator of the Race, and YAHWEH gave the command that the body of Adam-man be kept above ground till the fullness of time when it would be placed in the middle of the earth by a Priest of the MOST HIGH GOD. The body of Adam was embalmed and transferred from father to son and was finally placed in the hands of was on the ark. Dr. Swift then traced the body of Adam to Shem and then by him was placed in the Great Pyramid, in the center of the earth. In the Greek the numerical number of the name of Adam...its value is 46, and the Temple of Solomon took 46 years to build, thus Adam was considered a type of the temple, the house (kingdom of YAHWEH) since scripture traces the lineage thru the male line we are not told what was done with the body of Eve, but no doubt it was carefully cared for as was Mary....for Eve was the mother of the race.

The picture in symbolism with this article shows a young man...his hands are resting on the handle of the great sword in front of him. There is a great Emerald in the handle of the Sword. There is wings from his shoulders reaching to his feet symbolizing this is a heavenly body as well. Behind his head we see a Lion, a Bull and an Eagle, one behind each shoulder and each of these have a great set of wings as well. There is then a great 'Sunburst' behind them. You know these are the 4 symbols of the tribes of Israel in their marching orders around the Tabernacle of Israel. Here we are told that these 4 figures occupied the mysterious chariot of Ezekiel. Here in the old big book men were called to interpret symbols who did not believe in Jesus Christ and they determined that Ezekiel’s vision was to be irrefutable proof of lunacy. They also tell us that Moses compiled several books other than those generally attributed to him. The 6th and 7th books of Moses they say are in reality....'Black Magic', brought out in the middle ages, these however are the Jewish mysteries of Adonai. They also tell us that the Hebrew letters IHVH in numerology equal 26 where as we have shown you that it is 72. They also tell us that the books of the New Testament particularly those by St. John to be those wherein you discover the meaning of words by analyzing the size and arrangement of the strokes employed in the various letters, and that the Gospel of St. John was discovered in a cavern under the Temple at Jerusalem, where it had been secreted, long before the Christian Era. That this work was written originally without any reference to the man called Jesus by the Christians. That the writings of the Epistles of the Apocalypse are enshrouded by a similar veil of mystery.

There you see the difference in interpretations of those who deny Jesus the Christ. After all this should be expected should it not? As I studied this article I allowed for this because I do not believe that Hebrew, Jew and Israel are synonymous. However by the time of the 'Higher Criticism' many a philosopher having lost the vision of YAHSHUA and the Cross endorsed strange doctrines such as evolution thus were ready to start allowing the Gospel to be picked apart.

In the works of H.P. Blavatsky of the Rosicrucians, he says that the scriptures originally were the book of God, but after it was edited and launched on the world by Hilkiah, this copy disappeared, and Ezra had to make a new Bible which Judas Maccabees finished. (unquote)

Now; that would be before the birth of YAHSHUA would it not? Then Blavatsky goes on to say that when that Bible was copied from the horned letter to the square letters it was corrupted beyond recognition. Thus they disposed of the Bible.

Then Troy of Harvard...Professor Crawford Howell Troy....notes that... manuscripts were copied and recopied by scribes who did not only sometimes make errors in letters and words, but permitted themselves to introduce new material into the texts, as well as writings from different men, such as that found in Micah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Zachariah. Judaism maintains this to be true. That never has the Christian world been in possession of those hidden scrolls which contains the secret doctrines of the jews, and if Quabbalists were correct in their assumption that the lost books of the Mosaic mysteries have been woven into the fabric of the Torah, then the Rabbinical circles are of the opinion that Christendom never had understood the Old Testament and probably never will. In fact the feeling exists that the Old Testament is the exclusive possession of the Jews, takes unwarranted liberties when it includes strictly Jewish writings in its sacred canon. But as noted by one Rabbi, if Christians must use Jewish scriptures it should at least strive to do so with some degree of intelligence. Ha.... In blindness then today we see that Christianity has largely accepted this Jewish philosophy altho they have not been able to give up this love of Jesus which lives in the Christian hearts. Even with all the misinterpretations and strange translation still they cannot quite cover up the Great Mosaic.

In talking about the word Elohim...the Jewish interpreters say that the word Elohim in Genesis One was changed to the word God, and this is a death blow to the idea that God is a masculine potency. For when the Elohim ordered the people of Genesis One to be fruitful and replenish the earth, then that signifies that the earth was to go back to an original or former state or position. This then signifies a restoration of earth, and humanity existed prior to the creation of the man called Adam.......How about that? Even the enemy tells you that there were people on this earth before Adam...and yet the Christian church hasn't picked up on that fact.

Here in the old big book in this article by other than Christians they tell us that the hard to explain by the so called...Biblical scholars, both Christian and Jew, and modern philosophy schools both Christian and Jew have offered explanations and puzzled over the identity of Adam...however they do him as a two-fold man. They also say that the word Adam is from the four corners of the world. That Adam is the first 4 letters of the four corners of the world, the Greek words for these four corners are:..... 1. Anatole. 2. Dysis. 3. Arktos. 4. Mesembria. In their theological thinking they suggest that Adam is a prototype of Christ, for Adam sleeps that Eve may be formed from his side. Christ dies that the church may be formed, for his side was smitten with a spear, and there flowed sacraments to form the church. (incidentally I would like to help them in that explanation).

The Zohar is said to hold the concept of two Adam's, one a divine being who stepping forth became the earthly Adam in his own image. This is the Rabbi's explanation, then they say that the Zohar is Jewish and this is of course a myth.

Here in the old big book they tell us that the followers of Mohammed sensed that before the fall of Adam, his dwelling place was not in a physical garden in any particular part of the earth, but rather in a higher sphere. They also tell us that Adam's body was brought to Jerusalem for burial. We believe it was then taken on to the Great Pyramid by Shem as we have told you before. Remember that it was an Arab who succeeded in breaking into the Great Pyramid. We are told that he thought there was gold treasures inside the Pyramid but maybe he was also looking for conformation of a long held secret. We have told you before that the least some of them....believe that Allah and Christ are ONE. The one leader told F.D.R. many things along this line, then when F.D.R. came home he reported these things to Congress and after that he did not live very long.

Now; the enemy has admitted that the word Adam signifies a specie, or race. That there were people on this earth before Adam was created, and then they say that Demiurgus (their god) did not possess immortality therefore he could not bestow it upon Adam after the fall. Jewish Mysticism portrays Adam as a type of Shiva..the god of India. They also think that Noah prayed daily before the body of Adam...especially before the phallus...because Adam was the great procreator of the human race. Always they stress the physical having no concept of the kingdom story.

After the attack on the early church when the mysteries were added to the church, they tried to crowd those ancient secrets out of the church, and they fed in the concept that Adam was the procreator of the whole human race, and much of Christendom has gone along with that story.

The Egyptian Friars claimed that Adam represents Adam-man exiled from the sphere of truth, thru ignorance he fell, and with wisdom he redeems himself.

The Jews say that the books of Enoch are not to be considered truth, but Enoch said that 'The Garden of Eden' represented the House (kingdom) of mysteries in the midst of which grew both the 'Tree of Life' and the 'Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil'. Thus Adam as he climbs back to his beginning, while wandering here in darkness, will discover that YAHWEH hath decreed Adam's Salvation because he sent out of the Most Hidden Mystery His only begotten who did not take upon himself the world fashioned by Demiurgus...the god of darkness. Rather HE was crucified, and from HIM poured out the blood of Adam's Salvation. Since HE hath now entered into his creation...Adam-man and quickened it, the road is now established that leads back to HIMSELF. Adam was to learn that immortality was inherit in the dust from which he was composed before the world was fabricated, and even before Demiurgus became the regent of nature and darkness. The sign then of Eternal Life is...THE CROSS.

In this article Adam finally meets the serpent..Satan..his adversary, the one who led him into temptation, and Adam realizes he has in ignorance listened to the words of Satan, and he struggled to realize dreams held before him he has reaped only pain. Following false prophets, and false reasoning while searching for truth, thus Adam decides he is tired of this world of illusions, no longer will he labor in the vineyard of iniquity. So he says:...'Get behind me, tempter with thy hosts of temptations.' There was no happiness, no peace, no future in the doctrines of self gratification, hate and passion preached by this kingdom of darkness...Therefore I renounce..cast aside, I renounce the rule of Satan forever. As Adam finished speaking this way the serpent disappeared, he was swallowed up in a blinding burst of sunlight and YAHSHUA now stood before Adam saying:...'You have come thru this great period of trial and error, and I have now turned thee from this illusion of worldliness. I have awakened thy soul to immortality of which I myself partake...Follow me...O Adam (race)FOR I AM THE WAY, THE LIFE AND THE TRUTH.


TAPE NO. 71........THE NUMBER 33?

QUESTION:....This number 33, does it belong to Freemasonry, or did it originate way back in ancient history?

ANSWER:.....We have told you much about this in the tape series. About true Masonry, how it was taken over and how like most things today became just opposite its beginning.

In the old big book we have traced how this was accomplished over the years....and how Freemasonry then brought out their version of Symbolism...WHICH IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. We see how Albert Pike, Freemasonry's enamored spokesman even reveals whether he knew it or not that Chriam the god of Freemasonry is really Demirgus the god of Darkness. And we know today that many Adamites do not realize that the Masonic lodge they belong to no longer recognizes Jesus the Christ as King of Kings.

Freemasonry of today now claims they have the 'Wisdom of Solomon', and all the symbols handed down with that ancient wisdom. We see this as just another instance of good being declared evil and evil being declared as good.

We have seen this development in architecture also, as those who are not Master Builders entered that field in the 19th century. The Master Builders of the race constructed buildings which created distinct impressions, constant with the purpose for which the structure itself was designed. It was thought that the 'Ark of the Covenant' was so constructed, that it was oracular in character because of special prepared chambers in its interior. These by their shape, and arrangements were so attuned to the vibrations of the invisible world (we would say to the spirit of YAHWEH) that they caught and amplified the voices of the ages, imprinted upon and externally existent in the substance of the Glorious Light of Heaven.

Today modern architects often create architectural absurdities which would cause their creators to blush with shame did they actually comprehend their actual symbolic import. Today we see 'phallic' emblems strewn in profusion among the adornment of banks, office buildings and department stores. Christian Churches are even in some cases being surmounted with pagan domes or designed to be a style suitable for a Jewish Synagogue. This may seem trivial to you, but tot the trained psychologist the purpose for which a building was erected is frustrated in large measure by the presence of such architectural discordance. (unquote)

Think of that for a moment:...the ancient Master Builders of our race hid the ancient secrets in the construction of their Abbey's and Cathedrals and different monuments. They marked the stones with certain symbols, sometimes putting into the hands of the Saints a cluster of builders tools marking their work and the Saints as being of this Master Builder race.

In the old world of Europe and even on back thru history there was always ornate carvings upon the fronts of their great churches, and different buildings such as the :...compass, square, rule, mallet or clusters of such tools.

We are told here in the old big book that a great Mystery was contained in the portals of the Cathedral of Notre Dame which was destroyed in the French Revolution. This is according to the records preserved by Alchemists who studied their 'bas-reliefs', the secret process for metallic transmutation were set forth in those significant figures. The checkerboard floor which now Freemasonry claims in their lodges dates way back in the architectural knowledge of the ancients. The Rosicrucians of today as well as the Free Masonic lodge claim their roots are spread thru so many soils that they consider Masonry has passed thru Egyptian, Jewish and Christian ideas as well as Indian. Actually not understanding the symbolism of identity and purpose they really don't know just where their symbols came from, but since they claim to be the people with the knowledge then they take the ancient symbols as their own. The Seal of Solomon was two triangles set together one pointing up the other down as was the symbol of David. And yet today this is considered only as a Jewish symbol not a part of the ancient symbols marking the Mystery of the Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth, as it is in heaven.

Now; The Temple built by Solomon was....'The House of Everlasting Light'. This temple built on Mt. Moriah was the earthly symbol of this 'House of Light'. In the ancient Mysteries this Temple was a resting place for YAHWEH'S people, and Illuminated house to show forth the Glory of the God of Israel.

The ancient Rabbi not being of Israel described the Temple in this way: 'Solomon was an initiate of the Mystery Schools, and the Temple which he built was actually a house of initiation containing a mass of pagan philosophies and phallic emblems. The pomegranates, the palm-headed columns, and the pillars before the door, Babylonian Cherubim, and the arrangements of the chambers, the draperies, all indicate the Temple to have been patterned after the sanctuaries of Egypt and Atlantic. Not understanding the Symbolism altho they claim it originated with them, they say that Solomon engraved on the walls of his temple the likeness of male and female principals and figures of cherubim which was not in obedience to the words of the Torah. They are however symbolic of the spiritual (upper)...the male, and the lower the passive (female) or negative. (unquote).

Now; according to legend Solomon understood the ancient Israel Mysteries. He was an alchemist, but the Rabbi would have you believe that he secured his knowledge from the demons he is said to have been able to control and other inhabitants of an invisible world.

Josephus...the Judean Historian wrote:...'The sagacity of wisdom which God bestowed on Solomon was so great that he was in no way inferior to the Egyptians (of Enoch's day) who are said to have been beyond all men in understanding. God also enabled Solomon to learn that skill which expelled Demons..which was useful to him and was a science. (unquote).

The Mediaeval alchemists were convinced that King Solomon understood the secret processes that Enoch wrote of by means of which it was possible to multiply metals. We have read where the gold for the Temple was made by means of Alchemy, not taken from the ground of earth.

Albert Pike, a student of 'modern philosophy' not understanding Symbolism began to pick up certain knowledge, but he was so enamored with Freemasonry and its so called 'World Brotherhood', that he decided that Freemasonry had inherited all the priceless heritage of the ancient mystery schools. Even tho he saw where freemasonry took these ancient symbols and tried to make them fit this 'World Brotherhood' and the god of Darkness, still he said he saw the true greatness of and the Majesty of Freemasonry because of its proprietorship of these and other symbols. Dr. Swift thought that this misguided man...Albert Pike, did more than any other man to remove Masonry from the 'truth' of the past, and turn it into a One World Philosophy. Thus we have seen over the centuries how 'truth' has been turned to error.

Now; going back into history we see that King Phillip of Macedon, in his time was ambitious to obtain the teacher who would be most capable of imparting the higher branches of learning to his 14 year old son Alexander, and wishing the Prince to have for his mentor the most famous and learned of the great philosophers...decided to communicate with Aristotle. He sent him a letterer saying:....'Health'...Know that I have a son, I render the gods many thanks, not so much for his birth, as that he was born in your time. For I hope that being educated and instructed by you he will become worthy of us both and the kingdom which he shall inherit.'

Accepting this invitation, Aristotle journeyed to Macedon and remained for 8 years as the tutor of young Alexander. The young Prince developed a great affection for his teacher as great as that he felt for his father. He said that his father had given him being but that Aristotle had given him.....well being.

The basic principles of the ancient wisdom were imparted to Alexander the Great by Aristotle, and at the Philosophers feet the Macedonian youth came to realize the transcendency of the message, and how Greek learning was personified in Plato's immortal disciple. At the feet of this great teacher young Alexander beheld the world of the sages, the purpose and plan of the creator, thus he learned of # 33 and its significance for his race.

Aristotle in his leisure hours edited 'The Iliad' of Homer, and presented the finished work to Alexander. This book the young conqueror so highly prized that he carried it with him, on all his campaigns. At the time of his triumph over Darius the Persian, he discovered among the spoils a magnificent gem studded casket of unguents, and he dumped its contents upon the ground saying he at last had found a case worthy of Aristotle's edition of 'The Iliad'.

While on his Asiatic campaign, Alexander learned that Aristotle had published one of his most prized discourses, and occurrence which deeply grieved the young king for he felt that this was mysteries not to be lightly handed out to the public. So to Aristotle....conqueror of the unknown...Alexander the Conqueror of the known, sent this reproachful and pathetic admission of the inefficiency of world pomp and power: (quote)...'Alexander to Aristotle. 'Health'..You were wrong in publishing those branches of science hitherto not to be acquired except from oral instruction. In what shall I excel others, if the more profound knowledge I gained from you is communicated to all? For my part I had rather surpass the majority of mankind in the sublimed branches of learning, than in extent of power and dominion. Farewell'. (unquote)

The receipt of this letter caused not a ripple in the life of Aristotle who replied; that altho the discourse had been communicated to the multitude, none who had heard him deliver the lecture, who lacked spiritual consciousness could understand its true import. In a few short years Alexander the Great would be gone from the scene, into the greater world where he would more fully understand all that he had learned. He had found here in earth that he was not allowed to gather all Adamites. For Destiny decreed they would be scattered to the four winds thru out the world order, and yes, for a purpose. After all at the time of Alexander the Great, it would be a few hundred years yet before the coming of Messiah for the redemption, in that great program of YAHWEH established so long before in the heavens.

Now; since Freemasonry had developed using the ancient Masonic symbols, they also incorporated into their organization what is called... the 33 degrees. And in the early days of the Christian era these who resented the program of YAHWEH for the earth put out stories which showed the Christ child represented as an imp, cursing and destroying those who annoyed him; and people in the middle ages were fed the idea that Mediaeval Christianity was a cruel, persecuting religion, led by this persecuting spirit. Thus the 'Miracles' of Christianity became its greatest liabilities, and only achieved the alienation of the so called 'Intelligent'. This led to even writings saying Jesus was just a man, and that he lived to a ripe old age, that the word, immaculate, meant clean rather than supernatural. That Jesus was reared and educated by the Essenes, then later initiated into their mysteries. His fate by some was considered unknown.

Here we see the undermining of our faith, and the turning of ancient mysteries which taught the coming of YAHWEH as Savior of his people, into myths and what higher critics called...Mystic Christianity. No wonder that Freemasonry altho claiming the old symbols turns Masonry into a corrupt version of 'truth', where in Jesus the Christ is a forgotten memory. And wherein man is so much smarter than his maker. In order for these organizations to 'lift' themselves up they then have to lower Christ's position. Yet even tho called mystic Christianity, they did acknowledge Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. But the Holy Grail they term a myth and said that Merlin the High Priest of King Arthur's Court was a child of a devil, and he had the characteristics of his human mother and demon father. In 'Mystic Christianity' they lump all the ancient stories of our race and our faith, and made all into myths while thru the centuries the enemy took over ancient institutions.

Now; here in the old big book in the article entitled:...'The conclusion' they have quite a picture. Here we see a Double-Headed Eagle with a crown resting on both heads. A St. Andrews Cross is on the top of the crown, and above that is a white triangle trimmed in gold. Against a sky blue background light radiates outward in streaks. Inside this white triangle is the number 33 in gold letters. The claws of the two feet of this Double-Headed Eagle holds the famous 'Sword of Truth'. Just below the Eagle is the letters INRI made up by using 31-five pointed stars. And below that in the clouds is a globe, a world with the symbols of the ancient Master Builders, here you see the Square, Trowel, Compass, Rule and so forth. Now in symbolism is this just the symbol of Freemasonry and their 33 degrees??? We think not. Since Symbolism is the Universal Language then here in the footnotes to this picture we find truths and some error. We are told that this picture is the symbol of the Supreme Master of the Double Holy Empire. We would say the symbol of the administration of the Kingdom of YAHWEH... in heaven and to be established wearing a single crown showing a state of perfection and equal Dignity, thus YAHWEH...who is YAHSHUA...Saviour in the flesh. Here in the old big book this double-headed eagle is said to be reserved as the emblem of completion, that it signifies the Philosophers Stone (which is possessed knowledge), the ancient knowledge possessed by those who brought such knowledge to earth.

In modern philosophic thought the so called Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is said to represent the innermost sanctuary of Masonic mysticism. But we find that #33 in the ancient mysteries as the years of physical life of the coming Saviour. We find it portrayed in the 33 steps down to the Temple under the Sphinx where YAHSHUA (Jesus) was taken for protection when as a babe, when the Jews sought to kill him. The Temple of Solomon in all its splendor stood for 33 years, and King David ruled for 33 years in Jerusalem. There are 33 segments even in the human spinal column and Jesus began to teach the Gospel of the Kingdom in the 31 years of his life and was crucified in the 33rd year of his physical life.

Actually this 33 degrees of Freemasonry has turned truth to error, for here man is his own god, and self gratification is all there is.

Now; if this Double-Headed Eagle, this symbol of the Supreme God were to speak, what would it say? quote:..'Only he may wear this symbol in whom there is no guile; in whom all passion has been transmitted into compassion; all natural ignorance into Divine Wisdom; all selfishness into selflessness. I am ancient, a sacred emblem of all greatness, all perfection....of all truth. I represent a spiritual condition, a mental attitude, a physical state attained only by...the Elect...of earth. I am also the symbol of the Illuminated and transfigured soul which has been twice born and has approached the throne of Divinity. I am the symbol of the Gate-keeper, with my strong pinions of intuition and reason (Adam) man ascends to a position betwixt heaven and earth. He in whom I spread my wings is more than a man yet less than a God..therefore a God-man or God's man. I clutch between my talons the Sword of Truth, with which the miracle of my existance was wrought. And in Greek Mythology I am the initiator who thru the ages has carried Ganymedes in to the presence of the Gods. (unquote). With the Christians it is that this is a symbol of the Initiator who carries Adam's race as in Deut: 32:11.

Now; we know that because of ignorance, because of blindness as to who he is, and where he came from, Adam-man, even tho possessing within himself the answer to it all, he is still sacrificing the beautiful and the true, the good within and without upon the bloodstained altar of Worldly ambition. The world of philosophy that beautiful garden of 'thought' wherein the sages dwell in the bond of fraternity fades from view. In its place rises and Empire of Stone, Steel, Smoke and Hate, a world of millions of creatures potentially human who scurry to and fro in a desperate effort to exist, at the same time trying to maintain a vast institution which they have errected, and which like a mighty juggernaut is rumbling inevitably toward an unknown end. In this visible, physical empire which the World Order erects in a vain belief it can out shine the kingdom of the Celestials, everything is changed to rubble. Fascinated by the glitter of gain, these rulers of the World Order gaze at the face of greed and stand petrified. Even religion has become materialistic, the beauty and dignity of Faith is measured by huge piles of Masonry or tracts of real estate or by a balance sheet.

Philosophy which once connected heaven and earth like a mighty ladder up the rungs of which, he the illuminated, have climbed thru the ages into the presence of Almighty God, yet now philosophy has become a mass of conflicting notions. Its beauty, its dignity, its transcendency are no more. It also has been made materialistic-practical so they tell you. In the ranks of the so called 'Intellectuals' there arose a new order of thinkers...termed the school of Worldly wise men. After proclaiming themselves the Intellectual Salt of the earth, these gentlemen of letters appointed themselves the final judges of all knowledge, both human and divine. This group then affirmed that all the ancient mystics must have been epileptic, or most of the Saints neurotic. They declared God to be a fabrication of primitive superstition, and the Universe to be intended for no particular purpose, and immortality to be a figment of the imagination. They said that Pythagoras must have suffered from a 'bean' complex; that Socrates was a notorious drinker; the apostle Paul...this great apostle to Lost Israel, was subject to fits, and Paracelsus was an infamous quack. Thus they disposed of the great wisdom of the ancients.

We tell you that modern philosophy in the hands of the World Order has failed. The great house of cards is coming down for it concentrates on 'self-will'...'self-gratification' and regards searching for 'truth' simply an intellectual process. Materialistic vision my friends is a hopeless farce, just as this One World Government which they plan. Ancient philosophy however was primarily the living of a life, secondarily an intellectual method. For what man lives he comes to know. When an Adamite had demonstrated his peculiar mental and spiritual fitness was accepted into the body of the Learned, then to him was revealed that priceless heritage of secret lore preserved from generation to generation. This was the matchless treasure of all ages.

During this time of Jacob's trouble we have seen the civilization of Adam-man hurl half themselves at the other half in World Wars. In a frenzy of 'promoted' hate we saw men destroy something more precious than even human life. We are speaking of the obliteration of those records of inheritance which life without cannot be intelligently directed. Priceless documents, invaluable records of achievement, knowledge founded on ages of patient observance, and experimentation by the 'Elect' of earth were destroyed with scarcely a qualm of regret. A great enemy was at work in the civilization of the western world but scarcely anyone was aware of it for they were now following this Pied Piper of 'Self gratification and Greed'. Today too many worship their own accomplishments and disregard the immensities of time and space. The 20th century makes a fetish of this type of civilization, and is overwhelmed by its own fabrication, its gods are of its own fashioning. Humanity under the doctrine of Humanism has forgotten how ignorant it actually is. Modern Philosophy is seemingly founded upon the premise that this planet earth is all there is, that the only thing of interest in the Universe is the events taking place upon this planet now in chaos. Here in this era of so called 'Practical' things men ridicule even the very existance of God.

My friends, this is not the Pathway to greatness. The disciple of old called their people into a life controlled by the mind and spirit. This door is still open and it leads to the docile of the spirit. The gates which lead from mortality to immortality are still ajar, the soul of Adam-man has not been deprived of its wings, they are merely folded under garments of flesh.

The criers of the ancient mysteries speak again, welcoming you to, the 'House of Light'. This great house or institution of materialism has failed, the false civilization built by men of no understanding has turned, and like the monster Frankenstein will destroy its creator. Religion wanders aimlessly in a maze of theological speculation. Only the ancient mysteries point the pathway to the stars. Only a person with such knowledge can carry the understanding upward to 'the light'. This pathway the philosophers of old have invited you to follow. (unquote).

Oh, the enemy had thought all this was destroyed, but no, much is still out there to be rediscovered. Therefore into this band of 'the elect' those who have chosen the life of knowledge, of virtue, and of hope, the philosophers of the ages invites you. Promising you a walk along a pathway stretching forth to 'The Light' at the end of the tunnel. When you are reaching for this Light you will see less of the crud of the earth.


And now that there is some room on the end of this tape, thought I would include this little poem... The Farmer's Plight. By Harvey Bish.









































On the whole then, in that vein of thought then we feel fortunate to live where we do, and have the freedom to say....'May Yahweh bless and keep you.'

(Please excuse the mistakes in typing I have made. This is a busy time, the Internal Revenue does not make it any easier, and since I have still been helping people then I find that I still make mistakes when I hurry with this work....However here it is for this month.) E.R.M.