ERM - Tape 072 - Cryptogram As A Factor In Symbolic Philosophy

TAPE NO. 72.....By Ella Rose Mast




QUESTION:...Why all the secrecy of the ancient wisdom??

ANSWER:...It was necessary to protect it. No story dealing with Symbolism would be complete without a section devoted to the consideration of Cryptograms. The use of the Cipher has long been recognized as indispensable in the military and diplomatic circles, but the modern world has overlooked the important role played by the cryptogram in literature and philosophy. If the art of deciphering cryptograms could be made popular it would result in the discovery of much hitherto unsuspected wisdom possessed by both ancient and mediaeval philosophy. It would prove that many apparently verbose and rambling authors were...wordy...for the sake of concealing Words.

Ciphers are hidden in the most subtle manner; they may be concealed in the 'Watermark' of the paper upon which a book is printed; they may be bound into the covers of ancient books; they may be hidden under imperfect pagination, they may be extracted from the first letters of words, or the first words of sentences; they may be artfully concealed in mathematical equations, or in apparently unintelligible characters; they may be extracted from the jargon of clowns or revealed by heat...having been written in sympathetic ink; They may be word ciphers, letter ciphers, or apparently ambiguous statements whose meaning could be understood only by repeated careful reading. They may be discovered in the elaborate illuminated initial letters of early books, or they may be revealed by a process of counting words or letters. If those interested in research would give serious consideration to this subject they might find in book and manuscripts of the 16th and 17th., centuries the information to bridge the gap which now exists between the knowledge of masonry of the ancient world and todays freemasonry which has always searched for...but never quite found.

The secrets of the ancient mysteries were never revealed to those termed 'profane' except thru the media of symbols. Thus Symbolism fulfilled the dual office of concealing the sacred truths from the uninitiated, and revealing them to those qualified to understand the symbols.

Now; forms are the symbols of formless Divine principals; Symbolism is the language of secrets and with reverence the Wise pierce the veil and with clearer vision contemplate reality; but the ignorant, unable to distinguish between false and true merely behold a Universe of symbols. It may well be said that nature traces strange characters upon the surface of things, but to only her wisest sons as reward for their faith and devotion does she reveal the Cryptic alphabet which is the key to these symbolic tracings.

QUESTION...why all the secrecy of these ancient mysteries? ANSWER:...The Adamic race came into earth with a Faith in the ONE HIGH GOD...a written language, the knowledge of Agriculture as well as the promise of a later redemption. Yes...Adam and Eve fell but look back into the history of that time and you find there was still a wondrous golden age as this race for almost 2000 years or maybe more brought their knowledge to a fallen world order now under a kingdom of Darkness. Then later the Kingdom of YAHWEH...thru this Race was set in place at Mt. Sinai revealing to the world the identification of the race thru which would come Messiah to fulfill that ancient promise. The Adamic secrets were however mostly hidden from the World's understanding so they not completely destroy the knowledge which was for the betterment of this fallen world as well.

Oh! the rulers and followers of the kingdom of darkness sensed the great knowledge possessed by this race, and always they tried to penetrate the Light (truth), but only to change it for they hated what they did not understand.

Under King Solomon the kingdom administration was established once more. An administration over a small kingdom which in those 33 years produced another golden age revealed to the World Order that this God of Israel blessed his people. Then in the time of Messiah...YAHSHUA walked this earth and proclaimed who HE was, and that HE came identifying with His kingdom people. His announced save them from their transgression. He bought the whole field (world) to take out of it a treasure which was His kingdom, and the enemy knew they had to kill him before He gathered all of Lost Israel, and once more established His kingdom which had such great knowledge, and they would lose their control over the World Order.

Here in the old big book with this article...there is a 12th., century symbolic picture called:...'The Heraldic Arms of Our Lord Jesus Christ'. This picture shows a figure standing on a green mound, with the top part of a Cross above the head which is turned as tho looking backward. His cross shows the symbolic 3 nails, one in the foot area and one in each side of the cross arms. In the left hand of the figure is a staff with a flag, and on the blue flag rimmed with gold is a white lamb with one foot on a pedestal and there is a halo behind its head. On the head of the figure at the cross is a Cat-o-nine tails, and an Olive tree, and above the cross bars a red banner with white bars, and on this banner the initials INRI. There is another small flag the end of its staff rests on the pedestal..or cup...its flag is just over the back of The Lamb, and on this white flag is a red cross then 3 small crosses are on top of the staff. In the right hand this symbolic figure holds a blue banner rimmed in gold. A white cloth is pinned to the blue, and on this is a head with spikes sprouting olive leaves in each ear and out of the top of the head. This picture was found in the British Museum, the date on it about 1180. In the Museum catalogue it is described as an 'old Heraldrical' book in small folio, done in time of King Henry VI. This is listed as 'The Army of our LORD JESUS CHRIST AFTER THE FORM OF THE PASSION'...which is then described as follows;...(Quote) On a mount, a standing figure three quarters to the left, clad in the seamless 'cote of silver' with a golden chalice, the pennon charged with a red cross. The left hand holds a blue shield with a silver Vernycle (we see a white handkerchief bearing a head) transfixed with 3 spikes, resembling a cross flory. On a golden helmet with rosette mantling, a golden cross pierced by 3 nails, and at the top a scroll inscribed INRI, all between on the dexter...a birch (tree) and on the sinister a scourge. (Unquote)

Here in the old big book they tell is that Heraldry is believed to have started with the marching banners of the Tribes of Israel. Heraldic symbolism is a complete and fascinating subject in itself.

Now; a sacred science had to be couched in a sacred language, secret alphabets were invented, and when ever the secrets of the Ancients was committed to writing...characters meaningless to the uninformed were employed. Such form of writing were called sacred or Hermetic alphabets.. such as the famous 'Angelic writing' which were in ancient Masonry.

Always the keys to these writings were searched for by those of the kingdom of darkness until a more subtle method for concealing Divine truths was employed. This resulted in the Cryptic systems of writings designed to conceal the presence of both the message and the cryptogram. Thus mediaeval philosophers thru out Europe without evoking suspicion put out volumes containing these cryptograms which concealed a hidden message which was even under close scrutiny...did not reveal the presence of these hidden messages.

Literature of the 16., and 17., century is full of these ciphers and few have ever been decoded. Back in those days they dared not reveal this knowledge (we would say...reveal the knowledge of the Gospel of the kingdom) they hid it hoping a future generation would discover and appreciate their knowledge.

Look back even to the time of the Apostles...when they revealed to Lost Israel that this YAHSHUA of Nazareth was YAHWEH in the flesh, and that he had come to redeem HIS people...look what happened to them. At that time the Light was almost extinguished as people went thru what was known as the 'Dark Ages'. Then the Light began to come back, and the Rose Cross brethren with their truth almost overthrew the Darkness with their reclaimed knowledge. But we then entered the time when the scourge of Religion saw Christians burned at the stake when they failed to agree with the teaching of the now established church.

Today we know that a cipher of Roger Bacon has been unraveled revealing the fact that this early scientist was well versed in the ancient secret Mysteries. He used many different ways to disguise his message to future generations. In fact Bacon originated a system while a young man that became known as 'The Biblical cipher', and it requires the use of two types of ordinary face and the other especially cut. The difference between the two are in many cases so minute that it requires a powerful magnifying glass to detect them. Lord Bacon is believed to have had two Roman alphabets specially prepared in which the differences were so trivial that it is almost impossible for even experts to distinguish them. A careful inspection of the first 4 Shakespear folios disclose the use thru out the volume of several types of type differing in minute but distinguishable detail. It is possible that all the Shakespear folios contains ciphers running thru the test. (a folio is a sheet of paper folded once..or a pape...or just printed matter). These ciphers may have been added to the original plays, which are much longer in the printed matter than the original, full scenes having been added in some instances.

The Biliteral cipher appeared in many books published during Lord Bacon's lifetime, and for nearly a century after his birth.

The cipher is difficult to use today because of the standardization of the type, and the fact that so few books are not hand set.

The pictorial cipher can be seen when the picture or drawing carries other than its obvious meaning. Pictorial ciphers were frequently found in Egyptian symbolism, and early religious art. The diagrams of Alchemist and Hermetic philosophers are invariably pictorial ciphers. Sometimes words or letters were concealed by the number of stones in a wall, by the spread of birds wings in flight, by ripples on the surface of water, or by the length and order of lines used in shading. Some cryptograms are not obvious, and must be decoded with the aid of an arbitrary measuring scale, the length of the lines determining the letter or word concealed. The shape and proportions of a building, the height of a tower, the number of bars at a window, the folds of a mans garment, even the proportions or attitude of the human body were all used to conceal definite figures and characters which could be exchanged for letters or words by a person acquainted with the code. Initial letters of names were secreted in architectural arches and spans. A notable example of this practice is found on the title page of Montaigne's 'Essay', third edition, where an initial B is formed by two arches and an F by a broken arch.

Pictorial Cryptograms are sometimes accompanied by the key necessary to decipher. A figure may point toward the starting point of the cipher or carry in its hand some implement disclosing the system of measurement used.

The much discussed 5th., finger of the Pope's hand in Raphael's...'Sistine Madonna'...and the sixth toe on Joseph's foot in the work of the same artist in...'Marriage of the Virgin'...both are carefully concealed Cryptograms. ...Have you figured out the messages portrayed???

The Achromatic cipher (this teaching or doctrine communicated orally) is found in religious and philosophic writings, and it is parables and allegories. The old and new Testament, the writings of Plato, Aristotle, Homer's 'Odyssey and the Iliad'...Aesop’s fables are outstanding examples of Achromatic cryptography in which is concealed the deepest and most sublime truths of ancient mystical philosophy. This cipher is the most subtle of all, for the parables or allegories are susceptible of several interpretations. Bible students have for centuries been confronted by this difficulty. They are satisfied with the moral interpretation of the parables and forget that each parable and allegory is capable of 7 interpretations of which the 7th.,- the highest is complete and all inclusive whereas the other 6 or lesser interpretation are fragmentary, revealing only part of the Mystery.

Now; there is also the Numerical cipher, and many cryptograms have been produced in which numbers in various instances have been substituted for letters, words or complete thoughts. Only with specially arranged tables of correspondence can those cryptograms be read. A great part of the Pythagorean mystery was concealed in a secret method of substituting letters for numbers, or by reversing the alphabet where as Z becomes 1-Y=2 and so on. The simple numerical cipher...the sum of 138 is equal to the words:...'note carefully'. Thus in a book using this message method then line 138 or page 138, or paragraph 138 may contain the concealed message.

Sir Francis Bacon frequently used the cryptic 33...which was the numerical equivalent of his name. In Baconian cryptograms, all page numbers ending in 89 seemed to have a special significance. The 89th., page of 'The Comedies' in the 1623 folio of Shakespear shows an error of type in a pagination and 9 being from a considerable smaller font than 8..and the 189th., page is entirely missing, but there are two pages numbered 187, and page 188 shows the second..8.. scarcely more than half the size of the first one. Page 289 is correctly numbered and has no unusual features, but page 89 of 'The Histories' is also missing. Are these just errors? We think not. They just remind us that we have only scratched the surface of what is yet to be learned as we climb the 7 steps of wisdom back to our place before the fall.

There is a 5th., type of Cipher, and this is the musical cipher. Here two people understanding the code could converse with each other merely by playing certain notes upon a piano or other instrument. Several musical compositions by Sir Francis Bacon are still in existence. An examination of them might reveal musical cryptograms, for it is quite certain that Sir Francis Bacon was well acquainted with the manner of their construction.

Number 6 of the ciphers is called the Arbitrary Cipher. This was the system of exchanging letters of the alphabet for hieroglyphic figures... This was easily decoded thus not to popular. This was the cipher the enemy was able to penetrate, and knowing there was secrets hidden, their hatred drove them to great lengths trying to destroy even the bodies of those men who they could not break to reveal their secret knowledge.

Edgar Allen Poe was a great cryptogramist. He said the most common letter of the English language is E...and by counting the number of times each character appears in a message, the law of recurrence discloses the English letter for which the arbitrary character stands. If the Cryptogram be split up into words there are only 3 single letters which may form words and these are:...A..I..and O. Thus any single character set off from the rest of the test must be one of these three letters. For details of this system see....'The Gold Bug' Edgar Allen Poe.

No. 7 of the ciphers is the code cipher. This is the most familiar and is the Morse code for use in the telegraphic and wireless communications. You can complicate this system some by embodying dots and dashes. In a document in which periods and colons are dots...while comas and semicolons are dashes this is easily done.

Now; ...the Mystics of the middle ages borrowing the terminology of the various arts and sciences, evolved a system of cryptography which concealed the secrets of the Adamic soul under terms generally applied to Chemistry, biology, astronomy, botany and physiology. Ciphers of this nature can be decoded by individuals versed in the deep philosophic principles upon which these mediaeval mystics based their theories of Life. Much information relating to the invisible nature of Adam-Man is concealed under what seems to be chemical experiments or scientific speculation. Every student of symbolism and philosophy therefore should be reasonably well acquainted with the principals of Cryptography; in addition serving them well in their researches, this art furnished a fascinating method of developing the acuteness of the mental faculties.

Discrimination and observation are indispensable to the seeker of knowledge, and no study is equal to cryptography as a means of stimulating these powers.

Now; friends....this is but one of the articles in the old big book which leads us to understand why Freemasonry adopted certain symbols and even created their 33 degrees in their Satanic organization. They were reaching for something they did not have and cannot find. The ancients must have been aware of this period of time before them when the last great push would be made to take over completely this ancient mystery of the inner working (spirit) of Adam-Man and they did a good job of hiding this ancient secret did they not? By now it should also be plain why you cannot just read your Scripture and take only a literal meaning yet still discover the great hidden mysteries of our Book.





QUESTION:...Who are the Arabs? Why all this tension in the mid-east?

ANSWER:...We have expressed out thoughts on this subject at times but will today go back to Genesis 16 in the scripture. As you know Sara still had not had this promised son, and she is growing old, and like so many of us she grew impatient waiting for the promise of YAHWEH to be fulfilled. She therefore gave her Abraham for a wife thinking a baby in the household would be a joy for her also. Human nature being what it is this did not work out so well. But the baby was named Ishmael and altho Hagar was not of the Israelite line thru Jacob, still we find she was probably a pure seed, and Ishmael therefore was a child looking as tho he could have come from Abraham and Sara. When Hagar took the baby and tried to run away then YAHWEH interfered, and told her to take the child and return to Abraham's home for this child was to have a great future. (Genesis 16:11) The Angel told Hagar that this child was to be called Ishmael meaning, he shall hear God, and that this man and his descendants shall dwell in the presence of his brethren. Then we read Genesis 17:20, as for Ishmael...'Behold I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; 12 Princes shall he begat, and I will make him a great nation.'

Now; from the Identity message of today we believe the Anglo Saxon and related people are the Israel of the old testament so who are the Arabs but the children from Ishmael who built their civilization in the middle-east, and for a time this civilization spread out thru the Mediterranean area as well. It was not until 1948 when the United Nations carved Israeli out of that area that more strife came into being for the Jews then began pouring into the old so called Holy Land in much greater numbers, and they pushed the Arabs now called Palestinians out into the desert to die. They took bulldozers and knocked down the homes and cities then asked for help to rebuild them as a homeland for the Jews.

I noticed that some of the old books say that the children of Keturah and Abraham are the Arabs, and this may be true to some extent but the promise was made to Ishmael and those people we believe were the first Arabs, they are our 1/2 brothers and they have the right to live in that area of the mid-east. From old records the children of Keturah were sent to the east some even to northern India where they replenished the Adamic seed for that part of this walk thru earth.

Now; lets look at the Faith of these people called Arabs...and now Palestinians in some cases. What did they believe for in the 1600's we find that Christendom was very vindictive against the Faith of Islam. The accusations of Blaspheme is emphasized against Mohammed because he is supposed to have said that God being unmarried was incapable of having a son. But at that time Christendom was trying to establish a godhead of three parts, where as in the Koran it is:...'Allah (God) HE loveth the east and the west; therefore whithersoever we turn to pray there is the face of Allah; for Allah is Omnipresent, and Omniscient. They (Christian hierarchy) say Allah hath begotten children; Allah forbid. To Him belongeth whatever is in heaven and in earth...when he decreeth a thing; he only saith unto it...BE...and it is. In other words the God of Islam has but to desire and the object of that desire at once comes into being, where as the God of the Christian hierarchy must proceed in accord with the laws and desires of physical men.

Mohammed the Prophet of Islam...called the desired of all nations...was born about 570 A.D. and he died about 632 A.D. As a youth he traveled with the trading caravans from Mecca to Syria. He was brought up by his Grandfather after the death of his mother when he was but a child.

Washington Irving describes the signs and wonders which accompanied the birth of this prophet...(quote)...His mother suffered none of the pangs of travail. At the moment of his coming into the world, a Celestial Light illuminated the surrounding country side, and the new born child raised his eyes to heaven and exclaimed:...'God is Great! There is no god but Allah, and I am his Prophet.'

Heaven and Earth we are assured were agitated at the advent of this prophet. Lake Sawa we are told shrank back to its secret springs, leaving its borders dry; while the Tigris, bursting its bounds, overflowed the neighboring lands. The Palace of the King of Persia shook on its foundations and several of its towers were toppled to the earth. In the same eventful night the sacred fire of Zoroaster which was guarded by the Magi...which had burned without interruption for upward of a thousand years was suddenly extinguished. And all the idols of the world fell down. (unquote)

Here in the old big book we are told that when Mohammed was but a child the Angel Gabriel came to him cleansed his heart of the original sin of Adam. In his youth Mohammed learned as he traveled with the caravans. On one occasion he acted as Armor-Bearer for his uncle. He spent considerable time with the Bedouins from whom he learned many of the religious and philosophic traditions of ancient Arabia. While traveling with his uncle... Abu Taleb.... Mohammed came in contact with the Nestorian Christians as he encamped near one of their monasteries. Here the young Prophet secured much of his information concerning the origin and doctrines of the Christian Faith. (Did you notice where he learned this Christian Faith? The Nestorian Christians were Adamites left behind in the migrations out of the Tarim Basin. They were scattered thru out the mountain sections especially. We believe that these Adamites were contacted by Prestor (Priest) John the beloved disciple, and he told them of the crucifixion and resurrection, for then they knew Messiah had come as promised and redeemed them.

With the passing of the years Mohammed attained much success in business, and when about 26 years of age he married one of his employees, a wealthy widow. He became known as the 'True and the Faithful', as his conduct was so perfect even tho he moved from comparative poverty to wealth and power. But Mohammed was searching for something more true than what he knew, and one night when meditating on Mount Hira (today called Jebel Nur) Mohammed heard the voice of Allah (God). Following this then year after year he climbed this 'mount of Light', and cried out to his God to (quote)...reveal anew the pure religion of Adam...that spiritual doctrine lost to mankind thru the dissensions of religious factions. (unquote)

Now; this was also in the time when the enemy was attempting to blot out the message brought to lost Israelites that YAHWEH as YAHSHUA..Messiah had come...identified with HIS kingdom family and redeemed those here in earth who were under the condemnation of the fall of Adam. Since the Arabs were believers in this same God then their Faith had also been attacked.

On the night of his 40th., birthday as Mohammed lay on the floor of the Cavern where he always went to meditate it is said that a great burst of light came upon him. Over come with a sense of the Perfect Peace and Understanding in the Celestial Presence, Mohammed lost consciousness. As he awoke the Angel Gabriel stood before him carrying a silken shawl on which mysterious characters were traced. From those letters Mohammed gained the basic doctrines later embodied in the Koran. And the Angel Gabriel proclaimed to him that he...Mohammed was a prophet of Allah (God). Mohammed was instructed to return home, and wait for the revelations needed by his people, He was assured they would be given to him as necessity arose. (Remember that the Koran...which I have a copy of preaches the ONENESS of God, and emphasizes divine mercy and forgiveness. The most important duties of the Muslin (Arabs) are Faith in Allah and his apostle, prayer, almsgiving, fasting, and if possible pilgrimage to the sacred House at Mecca, built by Abraham for the worship of the ONE God.

Mohammed would become restless as we all do waiting for the words to come to him, but when they came and he spoke those words they were written down by his trusted friend. In this way the Koran of the Arabs came into being.

Among the first to accept the Faith of Islam was Abu Bekr who became a powerful man in the Arab world. Other factions of Islam tried to destroy the prophet Mohammed, and this of course was to be expected and even today there are many factions of that religion, just as there is denominations in the Christian world.

Finally Mohammed and his followers who had grown in number became a powerful force to be reckoned with and he then entered Mecca and established it as the spiritual center of his Faith. He rode into this city and then circled the sacred 'Caaba' built by Abraham and still maintained unto that time, he circled it seven times as did the Israelites at Jericho, and the 360 images which had been installed over the years were thrown down. He then entered the 'Caaba' and cleansed it of any idolatry and rededicated it to Allah, this Monotheistic God of Adam and Islam. This was the Prayer:.......

Praise be to Allah, LORD of the Creation,

The Compassionate, the Merciful,

King of Judgment Day!

You alone we worship, and to you alone

We pray for help.

Guide us to the Straight path

The Path to those whom you have favored,

Not of those who have incurred your wrath,

Nor of those who have gone astray.


Now; the Koran is written as the words came to Mohammed. Thus they are not his words, but the words of ALLAH (YAHWEH), for those people...the descendants of Ishmael who was the son of Abraham and is buried there at Mecca as is Abraham and others of Abrahams race. Under the protection of Mohammed then Mecca increased in power and glory and became the focal point of a great annual pilgrimage, which even to this day winds across the desert in months of pilgrimage, and the numbers over three score thousands come by the way of train. These people come searching for their roots, for their true God. My friends the Koran is also the Bible story. Here is a quote from the Koran:

'Had it been Allah's will He could have made them all of one Faith. But Allah brings whom he will into his mercy. He has ordained for men the Faith HE brings has revealed to you, and formerly enjoined on Adam and Abraham, and on Moses...observe this faith and be united in it.' ..... 'WE (Elohim) gave Moses our guidance, and the Israelites the Book to inherit; a guide and an admonition to men of understanding.'

As Mohammed led the Pilgrimage for the last time as he rode at the head of the faithful along the sacred way leading to Mecca and the black stone, the premonition of death, rode with him and he sought to engrave his doctrines deeply in the minds and hearts of his followers. Soon he would be departing but he was leaving behind this Faith he had revealed to him.

Washington Irving tells us that one day as Mohammed was preaching and teaching, the very heavens opened, the voice of God spoke saying:...' This day I have perfected your Faith and accomplished MY Grace in you.' As these words were uttered the multitude fell down in adoration and even Mohammed's Camel knelt.

Many were the attempts made on the life of Mohammed. Dr. Swift told us that as the Jews who had filtered back into old Jerusalem heard of Mohammed and they realized that this Faith he preached was at least similar to the one which they hated and had hoped to destroy with the crucifixion of Christ....they invited Mohammed to Jerusalem to explain this Faith to them. They invited Mohammed to a Great Feast or banquet they had prepared for him with wine and lots of food, and they bowed to Mohammed as he and his men came. Then at the Banquet table they insisted that Mohammed drink first of the wine because after all he was a great prophet. But being suspicious Mohammed insisted some of them drink first and then enforced his demand and when they finally were forced to drink, then each who partook of the wine soon fell dead.

The unbelievers say:...(quote) (from the Koran)...We will never believe in this Koran, nor in the scriptures which came before it....Then in another place:...'The Apostles we sent before you were no more than mortals whom we inspired with revelations and with writings. Ask the people of the book, if you doubt this. To you we have revealed the Koran, so that you may proclaim to men what has been revealed for them, and that they may give thought.'.....'Who but a foolish man would renounce the faith of Abraham.'

David Irving was reported as saying that he would like to set the record straight as he wrote of Mohammed. He tells us that Tradition describes Mohammed as being above middle height, fair of skin, a handsome and commanding appearance, and that he had hair of auburn color. That is how he is pictured in the picture with this article in the old big book.

In the Koran it is written that on a certain night Mohammed was transported from Mecca to Jerusalem, and from there, on Mount Moriah he ascended to heaven. It is said that a golden ladder descended from heaven, and as he passed thru the seven spheres, accompanied by Gabriel that at each heaven he was met by one of the Adam, then John, James, Joseph, Enoch and last Abraham. In another version it is said that YAHSHUA stood at the first gate, thus who was this Mohammed...was he just an Arab or was he a prophet sent to the descendants of Abraham thru Ishmael.?????

The old big book carries a picture of the 'Ca aba' at Mecca. It is a cube shaped building surrounded by a courtyard. The caption says that Abraham and Ishmael rebuilt this holy place which originally is thought to have been a ring of stone such as was at Stonehenge, built they say by Master Builders of Adam's race. The sacred books enclosed there are thus protected as is the 13 lamps. The courtyard around the 'Ca aba' contains a number of holy objects, and is surrounded by a Colonnade which originally consisted of 360 pillars. Opening into the courtyard are 19 gates, the number of stones in the Inner circle of Stonehenge. Seven great Minaret towers are around the courtyard, and one of the sacred ceremonials in connection with the building includes seven times circles about the central 'Ca aba'.

There is evidence that Mohammed had a least a part of the ancient secret doctrines of Israel which constituted the core of the great philosophy and religious views of ancient Israel. It is said that Mohammed may have gained his knowledge thru direct contact with the great schools of the ancient world, thru the Nestorian Christian Monks, thru the mysterious Holy men who appeared and disappeared at frequent intervals during the period in which the ....Words...of the Koran were revealed or thru a school already existent in Arabia which was said to have finally lapsed into Idolatry. We believe that thru it all YAHWEH kept his promise to Abraham, about his child....Ishmael. Today this faith is widely split, and some of the Arab people have mixed with other races, just as the Aryans, and that is also a part of the problem in the middle east.

You see mention of this famous stone at Mecca but not much explanation as to what it is, but according to the writings of the writer Jennings.. the famous stone kissed by the faithful at Mecca is a Talisman.

Sir William Jones says that the true Arabs were a sort of heterodox Christian, for they believe in the immaculate conception, divine character, and miracles of Messiah, but deny the character of Jesus as just a literal son of god, and declare that our copies of the scripture have been corrupted by both the Christians and the Jews. We believe that the Christians have lost the true meaning of the phrase..'Son of God' for the phrase in the old testament had markings showing you were talking about YAHWEH...our YAHSHUA...Savior...this God of Israel.

Today we know that the Grandfather of one of the ruling Arabs...I think it was the grandfather of the late Shah of Iran...came to the little Christian church in Jerusalem and declared that Allah and YAHSHUA are ONE. After revealing this he was soon mercered, but yes he understood who he was. He and the other older leaders of the Arabs knew who they were and who the people of the Sheep of Israel. They knew they were 1/2 brothers to our race, and they believed that there is a place in paradise prepared for them. How much they retain of that knowledge today we do not know. We do know that in the days of F.D.R. that they told him that in the world today the people of America and Britain and their kindred people are the Israel of the Bible. When F.D.R. came home from the Mid-east, he reported this to the congress of the U.S. and within a week he was dead. Wonder who was so afraid of this knowledge that there was a connection between the Arabs and the Christian west.?????

The story of the Phoenix is a mystery knowledge which dies, and then is always reborn from its own ashes. Thus the Arabian world as it adopted the ancient philosophy reached its greatest height during the dark ages that it was not correct. We tell you that the story of the Sphinx never dies, it is still there if you look for it under all the published words of our day.

The pure language of symbolism is there even tho the World Order has tried to turn it full circle, as you read prophecy you find this was to happen so turn back to the ancient mystery and know once again, that this knowledge came in with Adam and the Arabs were granted a blessing for Ishmael was the son of Abraham the great Patriarch. Oh, this did not make him an Israelite, he was not of the promise thru Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but the Arabs received their blessing and they produced quite a civilization and it has helped to keep this knowledge alive.

( E.M.)