ERM - Tape 073 - Cave Of The Treasures - Budge Translation






We have seen mention of this book before as being connected with the history of our race, as well as the book of 'The Bee'. Surprisingly this book was found in the library of the Wichita State University at Wichita Ks. and Jeanette and her daughter brought the book to me so that I could let the rest of you know as to what it contained. The material in this book, some is quite old, but it is also a continuing compilation. One work of translation of the "Cave of the Treasures" is from all the known manuscripts in the British Museum. One source of this translation is from a Priest in a little town about 20 miles north of Nieveh about A.D. 1709. Dr. Budge...our author...had read this manuscript in 1885 as he was preparing his edition of the "Book of the Bee". He was convinced that this scribe was a very learned man. He compared all ancient Syriac manuscripts and decided that the manuscripts in the British Museum were very accurate. The book contained a mass of historical information which could only have been derived from pre-Christian...Hebrew works, or post Christian chronologies, and histories written in Greek. Of the general historical character of the "Cave of the Treasures" there is no doubt, and it is this fact which gives it such importance for the history of the Hebrew Patriarchs, and for early Christian history, and the Christian faith.

This a history of the Patriarchs, their kings, their successors from the creation to the crucifixion of their Messiah...The Christ, thus is a continuous story.

An interesting monument unearthed by Archaeologists and pictured in this old book is very interesting. It was found at Ur of the Chaldees, and this is also in the British Museum. This shows a lion headed Eagle....grasping two stags by their tails, and holding fast the House of Israel, and the House of Judah...holding them fast in one hand.

Tradition says that some of this book was written in the 4th Century. And the writing of the Priest...Ephraim at that time is quite quaint, and sometimes forceful, and it shows his hatred for the Jews. This book however had to put together documents of a great period of time...for it starts in the heavens, and ends after the resurrection.

Dr. Budge tells us that no member of the Religious tract Society or even himself endorses all the work of this book for there are called idle stories, and vain fables, as well as garbled history facts, and some errors in reckoning time. However the committee did have to admit that the "Cave of the Treasures" possesses an apocryphal character. That the support which its contents give to the Christian faith, and the Light which the historical portions of it throws on early Christian History entitles it to a very high place among the Apocryphal books of the old and new Testament. These facts have induced the committee of the Religious Tract Society to order the publication of this....THE FIRST ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE "CAVE OF THE TREASURES".

In the Preface of the book the only mention of Jew is as to how the writer, Ephraim the Priest, in the fourth century hated them. But as you go into the Introduction you see for just a few lines that this English Translation has Hebrew and Jew as maybe one and the same. Perhaps this was necessary to get the book published, perhaps just to hide knowledge for a time, because actually this is very much an Identity book...of the Adamic Race.

Our author tells us that the Hebrew and Aramean originals of some of these manuscripts used to put this book together were lost, but the complete works is to be found in Ethiopia and that translation was made into Greek. Remember...the book of Enoch also found in Ethiopia translation and that was the most correct. Today the Jews say that the book of Enoch is not true, but then the Christian church does not carry it either. However the early Christians were so thirsty for information about Our Lord, his works, Life and His disciples they were willing to read the legends and traditions which authors borrowed from earlier works. When these ancient manuscripts were found the Priests began to read them, and made commentaries on them for the people, and instructed their congregations orally on every possible occasion. There was much the unlettered Christian fold did not understand. On one hand these people heard the Jews denouncing Christ and his followers, but their teachers had taught them that Christ was a descendent of King David and of Abraham, and that the great essential truth and mysteries of the Christian religion were foreshadowed by events which had taken place in the lives of their great Patriarchs. Some of the Fathers of the church in the Church in the 5th., and 6th., centuries wrote sermons and dissertations on the birth of Our Lord, and HIS Baptism, temptation, passion and death, and resurrection, and proved by quotation from the Prophets that the SON of the Virgin Mary was indeed the Messiah, and the Savior of the world. But copies of these manuscripts were not multiplied for the use of their congregations, most of the members of which were unlettered folks. The Great Monasteries possessed copies of the old and new Testaments written in Greek and in Syrian, but these were not available for study by the laity in general. Thus Fathers of the church, some of the learned scribes, compiled comprehensive works on the history of God's dealing with (Adam) man as described in the old testament, and thus shows the true relationship of the Christian religion to the religion of the Hebrew Patriarchs, and the kings of the House of Israel, and the house of Judah. Many such works were borrowed thus from the writings of their predecessors, and early Christian writings were also thus borrowed from the Hebrew, such as the book of Enoch, and the Book of 'Jubilee', as well as the histories and chronicles written in Greek. Some men had access to information derived from Babylonian and Assyrian histories written in cuneiform, and in most cases can be checked and verified.

The oldest of the Christian works as to the history of God's dealing with Adam-man...from Adam to Christ is probably the book of 'Adam and Eve' whose author is unknown. This book is from the Ethiopian text and is found in the British Museum. The Arabic version of the book of 'Adam and Eve' contains the history of creation, the vision of Gregory concerning the Fall of Satan, a description of the four heavens, the creation of Adam-man, the temptation of Eve, the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, and their arrival in the "Cave of Treasures" the command of YAHWEH (God). The book of 'Adam and Eve' shows how Adam fell, and the second part of the book tells how God fulfilled the promise which he made to Adam and Eve. They were taught how to care for their now physical bodies, what to eat, and to drink, and how to adapt to life in earth for their duties here in building the kingdom. An interesting Coptic legend is in the notes as to the origin of the ...Wheat...which I thought was very interesting:...(quote)..John in his trip into the heavens asked as to the history of this ..wheat-plant, which of course you know is the symbol also of the Kingdom Race. An Angel explained to John this way:....(quote)..When Adam and Eve were trying to adapt or adjust to life in the physical they could not eat the food the country side produced. At length they cried out to YAHWEH, and "THE WORD" took a piece of the flesh of HIS own side...rubbed it down into a small piece and made it a grain of wheat. He sealed the the middle with the seal which he used to seal the worlds of Light, and sent the grain of wheat to Adam, by Michael who was to teach Adam to Sow and to reap the wheat. After Adam received this wheat he ceased to cry out, and became strong, and his descendants have lived on wheat ever since. John was also told that Wheat...water and the throne of God are the equal of the SON OF GOD. (unquote) Here remembering your symbols this makes a most interesting legend does it not?

From the book of "Adam and Eve" as quoted here...we are told that Adam fell off a precipice and wounded himself and his blood flowed from his body on to the ground. God raised him up and Adam took stones and built an altar, then wiped up his blood with leaves and collected the dust saturated with blood, and offered both the leaves and the dust as an offering unto YAHWEH who accepted them. This was the first blood offering of the Adamic race...symbolizing that the WORD would later do he same thing in a physical body. And since Adam was terrified of the darkness of night then Michael brought tablets of gold to lighten the darkness. Gabriel brought Incense, and Raphael brought Myrrh, and these symbolic substances were placed in the "Cave of the Treasures" where Adam and Eve were now to live. For Adam's next offering he was to use this...Wheat...presumably a loaf of bread from the Wheat...and YAHWEH accepted that Immediately.

From the book of "Adam and Eve" quoted here, we learn that God sent an Angel to tell Adam to take Eve for a wife, and to give the gold plates to Eve for a betrothal gift. But here we now have Adam and Eve established in the physical and we remember that Eve fell as did Adam in the time period of transition from spirit to physical flesh, and Eve was thus already pregnant when Adam was given this command to take Eve for a wife. In due course then Eve bore twins...a boy and a girl and they named them Cain and Luwa. Then about two years later Eve would again bear twins, and this was Abel and his twin sister, and these were the children of Adam. The rest of the book of 'Adam and Eve' tell the story of how Abel when 15 1/2 years of age was killed by Cain who was 17 1/2 years of age, and how the earth rejected the body of Abel as Cain tried to hide it in the earth.

But what of the story before Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden..or the center of the Earth? From all the ancient writings, stories and tradition there had to be more information available. The Syrian writings are one of the oldest of the northern Semitic (Israelite) dialects that has been brought to light by the Cappadocian tablets acquired by the British Museum, and they date them about 2400 B.C. That the Syrian 'Cave of the Treasures' was known in early times is proved by the book of 'The Bee' was a history of the Christian dispensation according to the Nestorian Christians as they tried to tie the story together from beginning to end. And we find that these three..the 'Cave of the Treasures'...the book of 'The Bee', and the book of 'Adam and Eve' were all tied together, one quoting from the other as they were put together down thru the generations.

It was not until this English translation of the book of the 'Cave of the Treasures' was translated into English that we learned more about this special Adam (Audaum?) here in the book of the 'Cave of the Treasures' we are told of the rebellion of Satan in the heavens because he was jealous of the great majesty which had been given to Adam in the heavens. Lucifer would not acknowledge that the Almighty father had placed some one higher than he, thus Lucifer rebelled, and the struggle in the heavens is then described. At last Lucifer, now Satan and his followers are driven out of the heavens, and now it is necessary for Adam....a symbol of the kingdom to be placed in earth. Thus Audaum is described as being fashioned from the four materials of the Universe so that every thing would be SUBJECT to him (the kingdom). The Celestial Hosts were YAHWEH'S helpers and HE fashioned with his own hands, this body for Adam of spirit to live in, fashioned it after his own image. The Angels saw Audaum and his glorious appearance, and were greatly moved by his Glory. His face burned with the splendor like the orb of the sun, and the Light of his eyes were like the Light of the sun, and his body was like unto sparkling crystal. And when he rose to full height and stood upright in the center of the earth we are told here... in symbolism ...that Adam (Audaum) planted his two feet on that spot whereon was set the cross of HIS REDEEMER. For Adam was formed a King, Priest, prophet and was to have dominion over all the creatures of the earth. He then named all the wild beasts, all the cattle, all the feathered fowl... all were gathered and they passed before Adam, and he assigned names to them, and they bowed their heads before him and submitted themselves unto him. As the voice of YAHWEH God announced that Adam had been made governor over everything which had been made and created; and that all shall be in subjection unto the Angels heard this they all bowed the knee and worshiped YAHWEH for they realized that HIS great plan of restoration was now to be put in motion.

In the Coptic translation it tells us that as the body of Audaum (Adam) lay 40 days and 40 nights without breath...that in this time span was the promise made by YAHWEH to later come...himself...into the world as Kinsman Redeemer. Then he breathed into Adam's nostrils the breath of life...three times he breathed...Live' Live' Live'...and altho some try to tell us this is the beginning of Trinity we believe this is spirit, soul and body. And then Audaum (Adam) arose and worshiped the Father saying:-"MY LORD (Savior) AND MY GOD (YAHWEH).

Here in the book the 'Cave of the Treasures' we are told that this battle in the heavens between the forces of Satan and his company took place in the 6th., era (day) and the second hour of that day, and that the Archangel became Satan because he turned away from the 'Right Way'. After Satan was cast into earth, then Adam was raised up and amid cries of joy and praise...Adam entered into Paradise, and there he was commanded not to eat (partake) of a certain race tree.

Now; I ask you, is this not the same story of Identity which Dr. Swift and others have told us? This started in the heavens when Lucifer would not acknowledge YAHWEH'S plan and purpose. Then the same situation is found in earth, in Paradise which was in Inner the Garden of Eden (Beginning) is explained?

The Fathers of the Ethiopian churches treated the fall of Satan in great detail. They tell of how Satan declared war on the hosts of the Almighty God. How Lucifer and his hosts seemed to be winning until God gave the Angels the "Cross of Light", and how after this the heavenly hosts begin to win, and Satan and his hosts were hurled down to earth. The prototype of the great flight in heaven between the powers of LIGHT and the powers of DARKNESS is found in ancient religious texts in more than one form.

In the Egyptian text in the oldest form...the hieroglyphics...the story carried is the same. When this was Christianized we read:...As Satan saw Adam (the kingdom children) seated on a great throne with a crown of Glory on his head and a scepter in his hand, and all the Angels bowing to him, then Satan was filled with anger. When God said to him...'Come and thou also bow down to MY IMAGE-MY LIKENESS'. Satan refused to do so, and assuming an arrogant and insolent manner he said:...'Is it not right that Adam should worship me for I existed long before he came into being? When the Great Father saw Satans overbearing attitude, he knew that Satans wickedness and rebellion had reached its highest pitch. He ordered this Great Angel the made commander of the Celestial Hosts to be stripped of the names of all the Angels under his command, and when he saw Angels hesitate to do as he commanded they were then cast out with Satan.

Thus thru legends and traditions as well as the scriptures we trace the story, and some of the traditions are more exact than others, but all tell the story of the beginning of Adam...who is the symbol of the kingdom... tell of his beginning, in the heavens, and then of Satan's rebellion, then Adam in earth, and his fall while in Paradise. In some translations as you come down thru the history of this race you find that the hatred of the Jews was not so much for their religion as it was, because they had brought forth false genealogy for Joseph and the Virgin Mary. Dr. Swift said this was done to change the time table so they could say that YAHSHUA was not the Messiah.

Translation of the Ethiopia text of the book of 'Adam and Eve' appeared in Munich in 1880. The forms of several of the Biblical names indicate that the Ethiopia translation was made in Arabia, and then the translation of the whole book was made in English. But the Arabs remember were as deeply interested as the Christians, for they were descendants from Abraham, and the genealogy of Abraham, and the genealogy of Hagar and Ishmael were of the greatest of importance in their sight. To this interest we owe the Arabic translation of the book of the 'Cave of Treasures', and the same was true for the Ethiopians, both helped thus to preserve this ancient writing. The title of 'Cave of the Treasures' was chosen for this book for it was termed the storehouse of Literary treasures, and its beginning was the Cave where Adam and Eve were first sent to live after coming out of the Garden of Eden. It was also understood that the book of 'Adam and Eve' would help fill in the story.

Now; as to the making of Eve:...Audaum was put to sleep and when he awoke, there in Paradise...clothed with Glory and Shining Light. This Paradise is described as situated on a high range of hills, and it was thirty spans, according to the measurement of the spirit, higher than all the high mountains. (could this be where we get the picture of a 'lighted city on a hill?) We find here from notes that God did not make Eve of earth, so that she would not be considered something alien to Adam's nature. God took Eve from Adam's side..the left side, for the side is the place which unites and joins both front and back, thus Adam and Eve were considered equal. And they did not become naked...or without their great light, just because they desired and partook of the fruit of the fig tree.. but because they transgressed the LAW.

Satan saw that Adam and Eve were happy and joyful in Paradise and that Rebel was smitten sorely with jealousy, and he became filled with wrath, and he watched and waited for an opportunity, and when he saw Eve by herself, he called her by her name. When she turned around toward him she saw her own form reflected in him, and she talked to him, and Satan led her astray with lying words because as we are told here, the nature of women is soft...or yielding. Eve thus followed Satan's lead and disobeyed, and Adam followed Eve not wishing to lose her, and they were both stripped of their great radiance.

They were both transgressors of the Law, but Adam knew better from his beginning. At mid-day they received their tunics of skin as YAHWEH once more set them on their part of destiny, this time in physical bodies after stripping off the fig leaf emblems from them. This was His kingdom people in earth, he was in control, and by foreknowledge knew that this was to happen. Many have asked how long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they fell? Notes in the many translations say 3 hours, but how long was an hour in that timetable? Was it 15 years or three times fifteen years of earths timetable? We do not know but these old translations do tell us that YAHWEH told Adam and Eve not to be sorrowful for he still loved them, and in time he would come to redeem them. He would come by way of a virgin, putting on a body of flesh like they now had. He told Adam to command his sons to embalm his body after his physical death, to use the myrrh, cassia, and slakte. To have his sons place his body in the Cave where they were now to dwell. And those who followed Adam were then to carry Adam's body with them as a special sign until they deposited it in the center of the earth where YAHWEH would show them, for in that place shall redemption be effected for Adam and all his generations.

Now; we know that Adam lived almost 1000 years thus this cave of the 'Treasures' was surely allegory as well, but the things from the cave would move with the race as they went into their migrations. But this was the place where Adam and Eve learned to live in the physical world, and here was the gold, frankincense and myrrh delivered to them, and Adam finally was able to consecrate this cave as a House of Prayer for Himself and his family.

As we have told you before, Eve was pregnant when they went to the Cave to live, and in due time Cain and perhaps a sister was born. Then later about two years later Abel and a sister was born. But Abel and his sister were the children of Adam and Eve and there was always a rivalry between Cain and Abel, for Cain was of his father (I John 3:12), where as Abel was of Adam (I John 3:9-10). Abel was 15 1/2 years of age when Cain who was 17 1/2 years of age killed him. And after the body of Abel was carried to the Cave and buried there then Adam sent Cain away from this area of the Cave where Adam and Eve now lived. After seven gestations of the womb then Eve would find that her womb was now cleansed, and now she could bear a child for the kingdom. Eve conceived and Seth was born, and he was a beautiful child, and became the father of mighty men who lived before the flood of Noah's time. Scripture says that Adam lived 130 years before Seth was born, and in all Adam lived 930 years here in physical life, and then following orders already given his body was embalmed and taken to the Cave and placed there as ordered. Later this body of Adam would go with the Adamites in migration until it was placed in their resting spot which YAHWEH had decreed.

This book tells us that the departure of Adam from this physical world took place on the 14th day of the moon, on the 6th., day of the month of Nisan (April) at the 9th., hour, on the day of the eve of the Sabbath. The same hour when the 'Son Of Man' would also deliver up his soul on the Cross. WE are told that Seth became the governor of the children of his people, and that he ruled them with perfect justice. That he was 105 years of age when his son was born, this according to scripture. That in those days of Seth the knowledge of...books...went forth in the earth. He composed the books by laying out the course of the stars of the heavens and the signs of the Zodiac. This book then describes each of the Patriarchs of the race for the first 1000 years of life of the race.

The second thousand years would bring the story of the flood. The book of 'Adam and Eve' will tell you more of the story of life at that time in our history, and how the children of Cain behaved, and the conditions which finally brought about the flood of Noah's time. Tells how the Angels who came to earth with Lucifer, took bodies, and then they began to take the women of earth, and begat children who were so large that they had to be taken at birth. It tells us that these children had to be removed from the mothers umbilicus..we would say surgery. That these children grew up to be 3000 cubits in height, or giants, and they devoured all the food of their neighbors, and then they began to fight against men and then to eat them, and to drink their blood. In fact they became cannibals did they not? In the book of Enoch going tells us that these Giants were produced from spirit and flesh, and are thus evil spirits now on earth where their habitation now was. The evil of these people became so great that YAHWEH brought forth judgement.

As these old books talk about how the sons of Seth and their generations were told not to go down from the Holy Mountain we find that the meaning of this expression was that they were to remember as they moved thru their migrations that they were not to embrace the sins of the World Order. But were to keep the Race of Adam on the path laid out by their Heavenly Father. Here in this book...when Enoch had completed his mission in earth, it is explained this way:...God removed Enoch to the land of that country which is beyond the reach of Death.

Now; Noah had married the daughter of Enoch and to him had been revealed that a flood was to occur over that part of the earth in the high country of the beginning. Noah was instructed to go there and to build an Ark. I have read that Noah was living in Northern India when instructed to go into the high area and build his ark. He was to take his sons and to go there and build an Ark, and also to preach to the people telling them to repent for a great flood was coming. He was instructed how to build this ark, and the provisions to put on it, and to keep preaching to the people altho they would not listen, but never the less they would be warned. Finally the time came for the flood, and Noah, Shem, Ham and Japhet and their wives, now the only Adamites left in that area were told to go into the Ark. Noah at this time was also in charge of the Body of Adam. And we are told in this old book that the body of Eve was also taken with the gold, myrrh and frankincense from the 'Cave of the Treasures' where they were cared for, and we are also told that when Noah and his sons were taking the body of Adam from the Cave that the bodies of the other Patriarchs buried there cried out, and they asked the body of Adam if they were also to leave that place. Adam replied that he knew that YAHWEH would bring their bodies back together again, on another occasion, and bade them wait patiently. Adam asked YAHWEH to allow a lighted lamp to remain with the bodies in the Cave until the resurrection. This YAHWEH did, and He closed the Cave until the day of Resurrection. Noah and his sons marveled when they heard the bodies of the Patriarchs talking together in the Cave. After they had carried away the bodies of Adam and Eve, the gold, myrrh, and frankincense they returned later to the area of the Cave, but they could not find it altho they searched diligently, and then knew that YAHWEH had sealed the Cave, and hid it from the world.

We are told here that the time came for the filling of the Ark, and the beasts, the cattle came and went into the lower story of the Ark. The reptiles into the middle area and Noah and his sons went into the east side of the 3rd., story, and the wives went into the west side of the 3rd., story, and the Body of Adam was deposited in the middle of the Ark along with all the mysteries of the Race. The door of the Ark was closed and the rains started. An Angel stood over one side of the Ark to act as a pilot. The water rose and the Ark drifted until it reached the skirts of the mountain, and as it moved north to south, east to west (in this great basin) it's path made the sign of the Cross. At the appropriate time YAHWEH gave a sign...(the rainbow) and the Celestial waters were taken up, and the earth water returned to its place. Noah then sent out the Raven, and it did not return. (We would say that there was plenty of food available for the raven.) Then Noah sent out a Dove, and it returned to him. After a time he sent out the second Dove and this Dove returned bringing back an olive leaf which is of course the symbol of Israel. But we are told here that the Two Doves symbolized the two covenants. The first the prophets..did not find a place of rest among a rebellious people, but the second rested on the people thru the waters of Baptism.

Both the book of 'Adam and Eve' and the book of 'The Bee' carry substantially the same description of the flood. As Noah offered his offering then YAHWEH established the Everlasting Covenant with him, and vowed to never use a flood in judgement ever again. He stripped the arrow of wrath from the bow in the clouds and no more is this arrow seen in the heavens.

Much later as Noah was ready to depart this physical earth he instructed Shem once more as to the care of the body of Adam. He instructed the children of Shem as to where they were to dwell...from Jerusalem eastward to India, southward as far as the mountains which divided Egypt from the land of the Philistines. This territory included Mt. Sinai, Mt. Zion, and stretched east and north to the area outside of the Garden of Eden. We are also told that Melchizedek went with Shem as he carried the body of Adam to its resting place in the center of the earth. We believe this to be the Pyramid. There had to be a certain sign connected with the carrying of this body of Adam all those years by the migrating Adamic Race. There had to be a great purpose connected with these instructions given from the beginning of the race.

By the time of the 4th., thousand years as it is listed here in this book, we find that the children of Adam are scattered over the face of the earth, and they had neither lawgiver or teacher, and they begin to fall into error. We are told here as to how Nimrod became wicked, but was still King in Babylon when Terah at age 75 begat Abraham. And now we find that Adamic men were busy making images of wood and stone, and worshiping them. Since there was not to be another flood then Abraham who had been schooled in the home of Noah and Shem was commanded to leave this land, and go where YAHWEH would lead him. As you know..Abraham took his wife Sara, his wealth, household, flocks, his great library, and his father and left Ur. We read of a great battle on the plains, which was in progress as Abraham and his party came out on to those plains. Then it was at the end of this battle when Melchizedek came to Abraham and served him 'the bread and the wine'... communion. Terah remember had two wives, and thus Abraham could say that Sara was his sister, the daughter of his father, but not the daughter of his mother.

Sarah and Abraham were promised a child, but as time seemed to be running out for this physical possibility then Abraham has a child by Hagar, and this child was named Ishmael, and as we have told you before, this was the beginning of the Arabs. But Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was finally born, and yet when asked to sacrifice this son, he did not hesitate for he trusted YAHWEH completely and also obeyed him.

This old book follows the development thru the scriptures and then gives more detail. Isaac was 60 years of age when Rebekah became with child...and Esau and Jacob were born. Jacob then was 40 years of age when he saw the ladder reaching from heaven to earth. He saw people coming and going from heaven to earth, and back again. We feel that this vision by Jacob is like that of John when he saw the New Jerusalem coming down...saw this kingdom from heaven to earth.

This old book follows the development thru the scriptures very well and then gives more details which makes it interesting. The Patriarchs are listed, the genealogies of the tribes of Israel are given along with those listings of the Patriarch's so as to keep in mind that this is a race with a mission. We are told of the birth of Moses, who his wife is, and that the rod or staff which he carried was taken off the 'Tree of good and evil'. That this staff passed down to Abraham who used it to smash his fathers room full of idols. Jacob is supposed to have used the rod as a Shepherds Crook. Judah received this same staff and gave it to Tamar. Later Jethro found it in the cave where Tamar had hidden it, and Jethro gave it to Moses. This was the staff or rod which became the serpent that swallowed up the rod of the sorceress. The rod was taken into the promised land by Joshua. Phinehas had it in the dust of the gate at Jerusalem where it remained until Christ showed it to Joseph who took it into Egypt, and then brought it back to Nazareth. Next we find James with this same staff or rod, but it was then stolen by Judas of Iscariot, who gave it to the Jews who were crucifying our LORD, to them it became a judgment and a fall. (unquote) This is taken from the book of 'The Bee'.

In the fifth thousand years according to the time table of this book... using the 5500 years as the time for the coming of Messiah to redeem Adam and his race, we find that by this time that Israel had different Priests over them, and then they cried for a king like the other people of earth, and finally Saul was named king of Israel, altho he did not remain a good king. Remember how Goliath was beheaded by David, and then David became king over Israel. After David came king Solomon, a son of David, and YAHWEH gave him more knowledge than all the rest, until another golden era came once more out of Israel. The Queen of Sheba came to see Solomon, and you know the story of that romance between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Since I have told you that story once before will not repeat it now. But as Solomon grew older he began to sin. An Angel of YAHWEH came down to him telling him:..(quote)...from being a wise man you have turned yourself into a fool, instead of a king you are now nothing but a transgressor. Do you think you are wiser than your maker? (unquote) The Angel also tells him that actually the foolishness of YAHWEH is wiser than the wisdom of men. Then the Angel goes on talking to Solomon and telling him that YAHWEH said:...(quote) I gave thee three sons, one was carried off into and alien land, and made the habitation of YAHWEH to be in Ethiopia. (This would be the son of the Queen of Sheba and Solomon). One son is lame of foot, and he shall sit upon thy throne for the people of Israel. This one is of the house of Judah. The third son is from a handmaiden, who shall destroy Rehoboam, and the land shall be his because he believeth in HIM that shall come as Savior. (unquote) Solomon in his old age turned and built altars to devils to please foreign women, and thus ended his life. Rehoboam the son of Solomon reigned after Solomon, and he polluted Jerusalem, and the kingdom of Israel was then rent in twain. Very few good men ruled in Jerusalem after that as the Judah kingdom deteriorated. Hezekiah however was a good king, his mother was the daughter of Zechariah, but the deteriation could not be stopped. The Northern kingdom of Israel went into captivity at that time. Then finally Zedekiah was taken captive and his sons killed. The story then had to continue with his daughters (the tender twigs), and this became a very hidden story, and we have outlined this part of the Mosaic for you earlier. When Zedekiah was taken captive the high Priest of Israel was Simeon, and he knew the commander of the Chaldean army, he made entreaty with him, and the commander gave all the books of scriptures to Simeon and he put them into a dry well. When Jerusalem was laid waste.. Jeremiah raised his lamentations over the fall of Jerusalem. Always up to now the Hebrew, Greek, and Syrian writers were able to produce the registers of the genealogies of the Tribes of Israel, they knew who they were and what they were supposed to be here in earth to accomplish, altho they did not always follow the path laid out for them.

When the Judah kingdom people were in captivity, it was the wife of Cyrus the Persian who entreated that Cyrus let the Hebrews return to Jerusalem. This was granted and the plans were made for the return of the children of Israel to return from captivity and complete the story of that time. Cyrus remember was an Aryan and since he had married an Israelite thus God said: (quote...Isaiah 44:28)...'Thus saith of Cyrus..He is my Shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure even saying to Jerusalem.. Thou shalt be built...and to the Temple..Thy foundation shall be laid.' Then (Isaiah 54:1) 'Sing O Barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child; for more are the children of the desolate (northern kingdom) than of the married wife, saith the LORD'.

Cyrus was called...'My Shepherd'...his seed was received into the seed of David thru his wife and Zerubbabel (her brother) became over Israel as they went back to Jerusalem to rebuild. Joshua a descendent of Aaron was their High Priest.

According to this old book the 5000th., year came to an end as the children of Israel went back to Jerusalem in the second year of Cyrus. This according to the time table of the 5500 years to redemption. There is a story here that is interesting, perhaps in allegory, for it tells us that after the children of Israel of the Babylonian captivity came back to Jerusalem they had no books of the prophets. Ezra their scribe is said to have gone down into the pit where Simeon had cast the books, and he found a censer full of fire, and the perfume of the incense which arose up from it. Three times he took some of the dust of those books, and cast them into his mouth, and straightway YAHWEH made to abide in him the spirit of prophecy and he renewed all the books of the Prophets and the law. (In the books of Esdras we learned that Esdras (Ezra) wrote 70 books and some he was instructed to give to Israel at that time.

As these Israelites worked in Jerusalem they kept another Passover, in fact we are told here that there were three Passover’s kept by in the days of Moses, in Egypt. The second kept in the reign of Josiah; and the third was now, when they went up from the land of Babylon. And then an end was made to the Passover for them. The seventy years of prophecy of Jeremiah were now over, the children of Israel began the rebuilding of the Temple in the days of Zerubbabel, their king, Joshua their Priest, and Ezra their scribe. After some days the genealogies of the tribes was finally established and then the race was purified as the strangers were sent away. We now are in the timetable of that 500 years which would end with the coming of Messiah. The generations (63) reaching from Adam to the birth of Christ...and then we remember that Daniel said that after 62 weeks the Messiah would be slain. Those 62 weeks make up the 500 years. Daniel did not say that the Christ shall come at the end of 7 weeks, but after 7 weeks, and He shall be put to death. The 7 weeks are 490 years for a great week contains 70 years.

Now as to this Great Star:...Two years before the Christ was born that star appeared to the Magi. It was of great brilliance, brighter than any other star. And within it was a maiden carrying a child, and a crown was set on his head. This star did not move as did other stars, east to west, this star made its course from north to south. This star was not only seen at night, but in the daytime, even when the sun was particularly strong.

From the book of 'The Bee' the great star of the Zodiac was the water bearer (Aquarius), and the next was the star and the band of fishes, but this Great Star was much different. As the Magi saw this Great Star they understood they were to go to the birthplace of their King. They understood that they were to take the Gold for a king, the Myrrh for a great Physician, and the Frankincense for a Priest. The Magi knew who they were going to see, they had this information in their possession, and had it there since they were young. As they saw the Star they begin to move, they were going to the Birthplace of the King of Israel. According to the book of 'Adam and Eve' there were 12 Magi, four of them brought Gold, 4 brought Myrrh, and 4 brought the offering of Incense. As the Magi came to 'the Child' after seeing the soldiers of Herod's court and Herod himself, they realized the danger, for there was no preparation for a Royal feast at this court. They were very disturbed, and as they presented their gifts, they warned Joseph and Mary and returned to their homes without returning to Herod's court.

A note at the bottom of this page is interesting (quote)...Besides the gold, frankincense, and myrrh the Magi brought to the Christ Child...30 pieces of silver. These 30 pieces of silver had been made by Terah, given to Abraham, who gave them to Isaac. With this money then Isaac bought a village. The man who received the 30 pieces of silver sent them to Pharaoh, and Pharaoh sent them to David as a contribution toward the building of the Temple. Solomon placed them around the door of the altar. Nebuchadnezzar carried them away to Babylon, and gave them to a certain royal Persian Hostage, who took them to Persia, and gave them to his parents. When the Magi set out for Jerusalem they bought from certain shepherds at Edessa, the garment without a seam which an Angel had given them. The king of Edessa took the 30 pieces from the Shepherds and the garment 'without a seam' and gave them to the Christ Child...who sent the 30 pieces to the Jewish treasury in the Temple. The Priests of the temple then gave the 30 pieces of silver to Judas of Iscariot for betraying OUR LORD. When Judas repented he returned the 30 pieces back to the Priests who purchased burial ground for strangers, with those same 30 pieces of silver. (unquote)

Here in this old book we are told that the Christ Child was 8 days old when the Magi found we have said at the home of Elizabeth and her husband. It was there that they presented their gifts to him, and then gave their warning to Joseph as to the danger to THE CHILD. There has been much discussion as to the practice of circumcision, as was it necessary for the practice to continue. And the question has been...was the Christ Child circumcised? Here in this old book we read this story (quote)...Joseph only went thru the motions, this act of cutting, for no 'flesh' whatsoever was cut off HIM. For as a rod if iron passes thru the fire, and cuteth the rays thereof, without any part of it being cut off from it, so in like manner was the Christ circumcised without anything taken from him. (unquote)

Here we also find again the story of the Christ Child being taken to the Temple of the LORD (in Bethlehem-no doubt), and how the ancient Priest Simeon now past 500 years of age was able to hold the Christ Child in his arms as he had been promised. Then Simeon was thru with his mission here in earth.

In Jerusalem...when the registration for taxation was finished Herod inquired of the Magi, and when told they had returned to their own country without coming back to him he was wroth, and then the order was given for the killing of the Babes in Bethlehem, and the villages round about. When Zacharias would not tell the Jews where the child was, or where his son and wife were then he was killed between the horns of the altar. The slaughter was great in Bethlehem and the villages round about at this time but the Christ Child was safe in Egypt in the Temple between the paws of the Sphinx, and John the Baptist was with the Essene company in their Cavern headquarters which stretched from Jerusalem to Damascus.

Now; we have told you that the locust that John the Baptist was supposed to have eaten was a fruit off a tree, and here we find that the wild honey which it says he ate is the root of a plant in the desert, sort of like a carrot. For more on the time of the Christ Child in his life in Palestine then check tapes 14 and 15, but here in this old book we are told that when the Jews crucified the Messiah, they divided his garments among themselves at the foot of the Cross. His tunic remember was purple; which is the raiment of Royalty, for Pilate would not permit the Jews to array him in ordinary apparel, but only in this raiment of Royalty, either purple or scarlet. By this it was known that HE was a KING. (Mark 15:17) 'And they clothed him with purple, and plaited a crown of thorns, and put it about his head.' (John 19:5) 'And then came forth Jesus wearing the crown of thorns, and the purple robe, and Pilate saith: BEHOLD THE MAN!...Then in Matthew 27:28...'And they stripped HIM and put upon him the purple robe.' The scarlet robe indicateth to us blood, and the purple garment...water. The scarlet garment proclaimeth the joyful and immortal nature of THE MAN.. scarlet proclaimeth life thru HIS blood. This was the understanding of those who were aware of what was going on. And the Jews wove a crown of thorns and set it upon his head, and not knowing what they did, they left the Royal garment...the sign that HE was a KING upon him, and then they mocked HIM.

Here in the old book it says:...'But remember ye children that even in death he did not lack the sign of Royalty. At the Cross the Jews of the temple and the soldiers of Herod's court struggled to divide that 'seamless tunic' because of its great beauty. The Centurion of the Roman Army said to them:...'Verily this MAN is who was to come as Son... from God...' ..and from orders given to him...he was not to permit the rending of the apparel of Royalty, but the Jews cast lots. This Tunic of our LORD was woven without seams...woven one piece. The Jews were squabbling among themselves and the Roman Centurion took the tunic and carried it away to Pilate.

We are told that YAHSHUA did not drink of the drugged wine, the prophecy of Moses had to be fulfilled, for Moses said:...'Your grapes are grapes of gall, your clusters are bitter, your poison is the poison of the serpent, and their head is that of a malignant viper. These are the things ye render unto THE LORD.' (Deuteronomy 32:32-33). This congregation of the crucifixion was a decayed vine, its daughters were bitter grapes, and its sons were clusters of gall. Their head was Caiaphas the Malignant viper, and they were all evil serpents; and all of them were filled with the venom of Satan, who is the Evil spirit. Remember how in the wilderness when they thirsted HE gave his people and this mixed multitude...gave them water from the ROCK to drink? But here at the crucifixion this group gave him not a CUP to drink from but a sponge, which showed they were rejecting this Royalty, Priesthood, and Prophecy as well as the Faith of YAHSHUA. Here on the Cross, the Law and the Prophets had been fulfilled. Adam had been sent, and living water had then been poured out for his redemption. When the spear smote the side of YAHSHUA...Messiah..blood came out first, giving life unto Adam's race, and then after Life and resurrection, then water for his Baptism. The blood was to show that HE also was mortal, and a bearer of sufferings. Adam thus was redeemed and put on his garment of Glory.

When the end came there on that Cross...Joseph (of Arimathea) and Nicodemus went to Pilate and asked for the body of our Redeemer, and Pilate commanded that it be given them immediately, and they took his body and laid it in the tomb of Joseph and hurriedly prepared it, and the stone was placed over the opening of the tomb. We are told that not only was the great stone put over the opening of the tomb, but also placed at the tomb was the stone (Jacob's stone) which the Israelites had carried with them always in that wandering. And we are also told here in this book, that Pilate sent men to secure the tomb, and also that STONE. (We wonder...did those who came from the British Isles at that time, and were there for the Crucifixion...did they bring that STONE....BACK TO OLD PALESTINE for this occasion? It is very possible is it not?)

The descent into Sheol by YAHSHUA was not in vain; for it was the cause of manifold benefits to our race, for there HE disposed death for His dominion. HE preached the Resurrection to those lying in the dust. He pardoned those who had sinned against the Law. He laid waste to Sheol and slew sin. HE put Satan to shame, and made the devils sad, he made sacrifice and offerings, and an apology for Adam-man, and abolished the festivals of the Jews. Having risen from the grave on the third day after being crucified on Friday, HE appeared to his disciples, and 40 days after His resurrection he bestowed upon the Apostles the 'Laying on of hands of the Priesthood'.

Here in the book 'Cave of the Treasures' as they talk about 'speaking in tongues' it is as I have earlier described it...different languages given to Apostles so each might go to the nation speaking the tongue (language) given to them, so there message would be understood, and they might never be strife among them. We are then told that this ends the book of the order of the succession of families from Adam to Christ...which is called the 'Cave of the Treasures.' In other words...the symbolism of the cave... is pointing to the hidden Identity of our race, we are the people of the kingdom, the people of THE BOOK.

As you think about this book then you should also review tapes 54-59 for symbols of the Mosaic. Here in this book is another conformation of the age old message...about the families or generations of Adam (Genesis 5:1) We have been told that Moses understanding the plan and purpose of YAHWEH then hid this message in the first five books, then how can you understand that the rest of the Bible. Today the organizations now called church, have declared this message a Jewish heritage, and you are just gentiles waiting and hoping for redemption.

From ancient records there was no doubt a great golden age as the Kingdom of YAHWEH was established in earth even after the fall, and the world order for a time was drawn to its Light. But because of the work of the Kingdom of Darkness a veil became drawn over this great knowledge. Then again this mystery of YAHWEH'S KINGDOM IN EARTH came to Light again at Mt. Sinai, and once more this Kingdom was identified and his people knew they were right in the midst of a world order dominated by this fallen Archangel.

With the end of this short golden age in the time of King Solomon then once more the darkness reigned, and at the time of the crucifixion Satan really thought he had won.

With the persecution of the followers of YAHSHUA the Kingdom of Darkness once more almost put out the Light of the 'Gospel of the Kingdom.' This however was not to be and the Brethren of the 'Rose Cross' brought that knowledge forth once again, and it is said that they almost overthrew the darkness in Europe at that time. But the Kingdom of Darkness had not as yet run their course, thus rather than have the enemy learn the secrets of the ancients..the 'Rose Cross' brethren again turned to secrecy to preserve those truths. Also tho some of the race were given the privilege of maintaining these ancient truths, for the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' was to be preached again later. This ancient truth was not lost, it was only hidden for a while but remember that a time table was established long ago which leads to the restitution of ALL THINGS.

When we come down to our time, we run into the 'Great Apostasy' where in the Kingdom of Darkness planned to use the people of the Kingdom of YAHWEH to destroy their own Faith which they had carried forward from the days of Adam. The thing standing in their way was this 'Spirit of his Spirit' which those of the Kingdom of Darkness do not understand. Today even tho they have been able to persuade our people to give away their inheritance and they even call Jesus a Jew still the darkness has never been able to remove the LOVE for Jesus from the hearts of our people. This has been a great stumbling block for the Kingdom of Darkness. The enlightened of our Race have always known that this Stone...the Headstone of the Stone Kingdom, would not be acknowledged by the kingdom of darkness and they have sealed their own doom.