ERM - Tape 074 - American Symbolism From The Indians (Old Big Book)


TAPE NO. 74.......By Ella Rose Mast




In this article in the old big book we found both true and false symbolism...and we also see how and when the symbolism was turned and then claimed by the enemy. In this picture with this article we see the so called...Camozotz...or 'The Lord of the bats' emerging from his cave to strike with his great and crooked sword at the Light of the Spiritual'.

We are told here that those who live only in the sphere of the SENSES... who permit themselves to become hopelessly involved with Worldliness... are either intentionally or unintentionally doers of evil. The earthly existence of Adam-man thus found him in a world of Materialism which is ruled by fear, hate, greed and lust. In it wanders the ghosts of human beings who listlessly float upon the sea of Sensationalism. Only when the soul comes into a realism of the spiritual verities of life does it escape from this underworld...the house of demons. The Sun of Truth rises in man and illuminates his world when he lifts his mind from the darkness of selfishness and ignorance into the Light of Selfless and wisdom.

As you turn to consider the North American Indian symbolism then you need a background knowledge of symbolism to see where it came from and the true and the false of the symbols used. Back thru the history of the Adamic race you find the message of the symbols, thru Europe...Scandinavia and the Mideast, as well as in Egypt where you must go looking for the answers for how come the North American Indians have some of the same ideas as to the makeup of the earth as an intermediate plane, bounded above by a heavenly sphere. Why did they believe that the Great Spirit dwelt above while below there was a dark and terrifying subterranean world which was the abode of Sub-mundane powers? The Greeks referred to the underworld as the initiates of the Lesser mysteries, and we find in some of the American Indian tribes a belief that there were some beings capable of functioning in two or more elements, or as messengers between spirits of various planes.

Now; many are the explanations of the abode of the dead. Some said that it was in a distant the heavens the earth some distant corner of the world; or across wide seas. Sometimes a river flowed between the world of the living and the world of the dead. This goes back to Egyptian and Greek, and even Christian theology where this was termed the 'River Styx'..the division between the Living spirits of Adamites and the rest of the dead in the Netherworld before the coming of The Christ.

Among the Indians was found the belief in no. 4..that it had a peculiar sanctity, presumably because they saw a connection between this no. 4 and the Great Spirit as he created His Universe. This idea reaches back to the Tetrad by Pythagoreans who held it to be a fitting symbol of the Creator. We have told you before of the great civilization built in South America back in the Golden Age from the time of Enoch on for about 2000 years. Then long before the coming of Our Savior then some of the tribe of Manasseh came across the great sea on the ships of Dan. They came into Central America and re-established their belief in the ONE God, and his Promise to come into the flesh to redeem his people.

In the old big book, not understanding where the white Indians came from, some of the writers suggest that there were Mystery Cults among North American Indians. However they do realize that these Mysteries that were established here in America were philosophic equivalents of the experience of (Adam) man in earth passing thru the ritual or experience of death into another world. They are reaching for an explanation of life after death but did not quite know how to explain it since they also believed in evolution. This led some to say that the consummation of the ritual of the initiative of the Mysteries actually gained the ability to pass in or out of the physical body at will. This is the foundation for the allegories of adventures in the Indian...'Shadow land or world of Ghosts'. This lack of understanding even led some of Israel to try to dabble in the occult. But they were by this practice stepping out of their designated realms, and the result was disaster in a short time. In some of the Navaho tribes in the S.W. United States you find the symbol of the Swastika, the worship of ONE called the white God, and he was pictured as having light reddish hair and grey eyes. He is said to have ascended into the heavens. But the descendants of these people also believed that he was the ONE who was to come and walk in earth. Some of the Navaho tribes were Oriental in their thinking, and this should tell you that there were two different types of people all lumped together as...THE AMERICAN RED MAN. But some of the Navaho...the Pueblo and other so called Indian tribes did have the sacred Swastika in their symbolism. You find this symbolism as a religious symbol back thru the ages, it was the 'whirling cross', but here in the Indian tribes it was thought that the Swastika represented the so called '4 corners of the world'.

In the Navaho religious art the male divinities were shown with circular heads, the female divinities with square heads...thus the symbolism of the circle and the square...ancient Israel symbols here in earth. Remember that Israel is portrayed as a woman..and from this symbolism they are from the four corners of the world. Here in the Indian symbolism we find that they believed that the Whirlwind portrayed the force of the spirit. They believed that storms, clouds, fire were symbols of the Glory of the Great Spirit...the ONE God. These so called Indians did not worship the sun... rather they regarded it as an appropriate symbol of the Great and Good Spirit who radiates life to His children. This belief thus came from way back in Adam's walk thru physical life.

The symbolism of the Serpent was found in North America, and thru Central and South America. This confirms other evidence pointing to knowledge of the ancient Israel mysteries..on the American continents. You find the symbolism here as well of the seven headed snake, and men not understanding or believing in symbolism thought this was a symbol of the seven Atlantean Islands, or the seven cities of Chibola, or the great prehistoric schools of Philosophy. However the snake...a symbol of Satan would of course be found in all those places, but to the Adamic race he is the tempter, the one who Adam-man struggles toward 7 in his walk thru material earth. The symbol of the Serpent thus represented the theology of Satan whereas the Dragon symbolized his kingdom. Yes, some Indian tribes did worship the Serpent, and some believed in reincarnation, but the white tribes believed in transmigration, and always they looked forward to going home...and this tied into a connection to the Pleiades. The Serpent mounds found in Adam's County Ohio are sometimes misunderstood, for they were portraying the huge Serpent as gorging on the Orphic egg...the egg of existence or creation. And those who built the serpent mounds believed they were moving thru a material world controlled by this Serpent. By their symbolism they knew the difference between a ghost and the actual soul of a dead person. This knowledge had been handed down from the ancient Mystery schools. In common with the Platonists they understood the principals of a sphere wherein exists the patterns of all form manifesting in the earth plane. The belief of the white Indians in guardian spirits would have warmed the heart of Paraclesus. When the Guardian spirits became its-(of entire tribes or clans) they were called... totems....and from this the 'Totem Pole' was born.

Hiawatha, an outstanding hero of North American Indian 'folklore' was the one who succeeded in uniting five great nations of white Iroquois into a League of nations so as to better stand against adversity. Always the heart of (Adam) Man tries to join with his brethren to be able to resist the work of the Serpent and the Dragon and his kingdom. In Longfellow's 'Song of Hiawatha', the poet has cast this so called Indian statesman in a charming setting of Magic and enchantment, yet thru the maze of symbols and ever..faintly visible the figure of Hiawatha, the initiate of the Ancient Mysteries...the very personification of his people and their philosophy. So who was Hiawatha? Indian? Who had the knowledge of the Ancient Israel Mysteries??? In Arizona beneath trash piles at Casa Grande was found fragments of so called 'Indian pottery'...and these fragments bear striking resemblance to the Ancient Masonic and philosophic interest, and once more we give you a glimpse as to where these (white) Indians received their knowledge. There is an ancient book called 'Popol Vuh'..and this book establishes the Philosophic excellence of some of these 'so called' Indians. Here in the old big book, James Morgan Pryse tries to interpret this ancient writing but he lumps all Indians as one and the same and say that these Red children of the sun adored the Plumed Serpent, who is the messenger of the Sun. He was the god-Quetzalcoatl in Mexico...Gucumatz in Quiche land, and in Peru was called...Amaru...and this word literally translated of the Plumed Serpent. This translator goes on to say that this Serpent god once ruled both Americas. That Quetzal was the bird of Paradise, and Coatl..the serpent. This translator did not seem to understand that at one time Coatl...the serpent was Lucifer the Archangel, and ruled over certain areas of the Universe before coming into earth. Quetzal was the name for the Great Spirit and in rebellion then Satan took the name of Quetzal-Coatal as he tried to proclaim that he was the ONE...Great God.

In the second book of the 'Popol Vuh' we find it largely devoted to the rituals of the Quiche or Quich people. Remember these were the Manasseh people who came into Central America years before the birth of The Christ Child. In this interpretation of the old big book there is much ancient symbolism, as well as what is termed...'mystical philosophy'. Here in the old big book the translators believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that there existed ancient and divinely instituted Mystery schools on the American continent..altho they do not understand their beginning. In the old big book, 'In Quest of the White God', there is traces of much knowledge, and this is found all thru the Central parts and in South America, and this knowledge started sometime around the Golden Age as instituted by Enoch. In searching for a description of the 'Popol Vuh' we see that they believe that the correct title of this ancient book should be...'The collection of written leaves.' Dr. Guthrie interprets the words of 'Popol Vuh' to mean....'The Seante Book or perhaps...'The book of the Holy Assembly.'

Here in the old big book they tell us that ancient record from those they termed 'Christianized Indian'...that they compiled their material..and referred to is as 'The tale of (HU) man existence, in the land of Shadows and how (Adam) man saw Light and Life.'

Now; we find here also in the old big book that all this ancient knowledge was turned full circle by those not understanding. We are then told here that from later available native records that there is abundant evidence that the later civilizations of Central and South America were hopelessly dominated by the Black Arts of their Priesthood. In otherwords those evil Priests brought forth the practice of 'Human Sacrifice'. They taught that they must sacrifice human beings, take out their bleeding hearts and offer them on their altars of sacrifice to their god. These priests believed they were led by the Demons out of the underworld, thus truth was turned full circle.

There is said to be an ancient mystery...and you find it recounted in the book...'Popol Vuh'. This is a story of a young girl who goes to a certain tree. After coming home her father discovers she is to become a mother. When questioned she tells her story of going to visit a certain bright and shinning 'tree'. When the people refused to believe her they demanded that she be killed and her heart be put in an Urn, and as she is led away she pleaded for her life, and the executioner agreed to substitute for her heart the fruit of a certain 'tree' whose sap was red and of the consistence of blood. When the executioners placed this substitutionary heart upon the coals of the altar there arose a perfume, and the Pagan Priests did not realize they were burning the fruit of a fragrant plant. The girl whose life was spared then gave birth to twins...Wonder where they found that story???? In this old book 'Popol Vuh' there is quite a contest staged for two young men. The first test was one of identification, and this took place in 'The House of Shadows'. Here live Pagan Priests stood in line with statutes of Pagan Priests, and the two young men were forced to identify the live Pagan Priests but not to touch them. These two young men were inspiration to identify those Priests.

The second allegory...finds these two young men given a pine torch, and a cigar with the injunction to keep them alight thru out the night. These two young men burnt 'aras' feathers in place of the pine torch and they put fireflies on the tips of the cigars. In the morning they returned the pine torch and the cigar unconsumed, and the Pagan Priests were amazed. Never before had this been done, and there was no human hearts for their sacrifice. Test no. 3 came in the house of Spears. Here these two young men were to fight against skilled warriors. The second part of their test was the producing of 4 vases of the rarest flowers, altho they were not allowed to leave the Temple arena after the battle with the skilled warriors. However during the night as the young men rested after the battle with the warriors...Lo and behold...Ants..had crawled into the Temple gardens and brought back the blossoms of rare flowers, and the next morning the young men presented these to the Pagan Priests.

Since the third trial had not destroyed these two young men, the Pagan Priests prepared the fourth trial. This would take place in the 'House of Cold', and the two young men were to stay there all night. This place was called...the abode of the frozen winds. The young men were cast into this place and immediately they built fires of Pine Cones, and this caused the spirit of cold to leave the Cavern. In the morning out walked these two young men none the worst for their experience. In the Hieroglyphics shown here there are different paths to follow thru life. It is interesting that they show...a straight path...down the middle which they call 'the straight and narrow'. On either side of this straight path is what I would call detours, some of them even go backward. This diagram is described as the seven steps of their mysteries, and these seven steps are testing situations for these two sons as they move thru the initiations.

The fifth test would take place in the 'Den of Tigers'. The two young men were placed in a Den of Tigers and all night the young men fed the bones of those who had been there before, to the tigers, and the tigers ate the bones. In the dawn the two young men emerged from the 'House of Tigers', and the Pagan Priests cried:....'What manner of men are these..of what Race are these two? They could not understand how any man could escape the Tigers fury.

For the sixth initiation the Pagan Priests prepared the 'Ordeal of Fire'. The two young men entered a large apartment arranged like a furnace. On every side the flames arose, and the air was stifling. But at Sunrise the doors of the furnace was opened, and out walked these two brothers to everyone's amazement.

For the seventh and final trial the young men were placed in the 'House of Bats', here strange and odious creatures of destruction lurked. Here an Elemental was king, and he was said to have the body of a man with wings of a bat. (Remember the story of Freemasonry of Hiram..and king Solomon?)

Here in the 'House of Bats' the young men were buffeted on all sides and one of the brothers is killed, but by magic of the other brother he is restored to Life. This did not stop the Pagan Priests, for they bound the two brothers and put them on a funeral pyre, and they cast their ashes into the river. But back came these two brothers to dance before the Pagan Priests. Then they cut one of the brothers in pieces, and the other brother by a single word resurrected his brother. After seeing all these miracles the head Pagan Priest asked the two brothers to slay all these Pagan Priests, and then return them to life. These two brothers slew the Pagan Priests but did not restore them to life. Then the two brothers ascended to the heavens after passing their tests and there became 'Celestial Lights'.

We are told here in the old big book that the keys to the Mysteries is found in the writing of Henoch (Enoch). That they were also found in the Eleusinian mysteries and later from those sources were these things copied. They also tell us to remember ancient writings of 'The Brothers' in India, and even several passages in the book of Daniel. There is also a book entitled:...Sacred Mysteries among the Maya, and the Quiches which would tie these stories together. (Wish we could find that book) Dr. Guthrie in his introduction of the before named book presents a number of important parallel is, between this sacred book of the Quiches, and the sacred writings of other great civilizations. (We suggest that you go back and listen to the tape...Manasseh people into Central America if this is not clear to you.) In the tests thru which these two brothers were forced to pass you also find the ties to the Zodiac as employed by the Chaldeans, the Egyptians, and Greeks. The symbol of Aris was considered as the crossing of the 'River of mud', which the brothers did at the beginning of their journey. Then Taurus was the symbol of the crossing of the 'River of blood'. Gemini ties into the two dummy Priests, or the identification test. The symbol of Cancer ties into the house of Darkness while the 'House of Spears' ties in with the sign of Leo. The 'House of Cold' they see as the sign of Virgo, and the 'House of the Tigers', ties to the sign of Libra. The House of Fire, is tied to the symbol of Scorpio. The 'House of Bats' ties into the symbol of Sagittarius. And Capricorn is the symbol of the burning on the scaffold, this also seen as the symbol of the Phoenix. Aquarius is seen as the sprinkling of the ashes being scattered in the river, and Pisces is the symbol of these ashes being turned into manfishes...later into human form.

Here we believe is one more conformation of how this Faith has been scattered over the earth by this family of the kingdom, started by Adam and Eve. Of course men reaching for understanding but believing in evolution come up with many different meanings to this old story of the ages. Mr. Pryse even relates the various figures found here to the Occult centers of consciousness in the human body.

The fourth book of the 'Popol Vuh' tells of the erection of a Majestic Temple, all in shinning White where was preserved a secret black divining stone, cubical in shape. Some of the interpreters liken this to Solomon's Temple, but this temple was named Caababa...and that name is astonishingly similar to that of the Caaba which contains the sacred black stone of Islam. We told you of this place in a tape not to far back. This takes us back to Abraham, does it not?

Of course some interpreters wonder if the experience of these two young men took place before the actual creation of the human race so must be only considered as spiritual mysteries. This blindness however comes from the fact that the identity of the Adamic race is not recognized as a fact... being different from the other races. These same translators then tell you that the Quiche's who we believe to be of the tribe of Manasseh, possessed the keys to the mystery of regeneration. This is said to be evident from an analysis of the symbols upon the images of the priests and God. (Quote)... Allegory and fable is the mantle with which the secret doctrine is ever enveloped. Such a magic cape of concealment is this ancient doctrine called the 'Popol Vuh', and deep within its folds sets the God of the Quiche philosophy. The massive Pyramids, temples, and Monoliths of Central America may be likened to the feet of the Gods, whose upper parts are enshrouded in magic mantles of invisibility (Unquote).

Now; if we did not know something about the ancient mysteries and the Mayas and the Quiche we would not understand any of this mystery would we. Always back thru history as TRUTH became a strong force in the world then the pressure against it is stepped up. This has always been true and it is also to be expected. Here in America as men like George Washington and Ben Franklin were let to set the last great nation of God's kingdom in place using the ancient symbols as identification of a people then the enemy was also at work. And we find that in 1776 Adam Weishaup was transferring his 'Illuminati to these shores and he was using the ancient symbols for his occult conspiracy so as to confuse and betray our people.

We have told you before about the symbolism of 'The all seeing used by Enoch and Job. This was the symbol meaning the Truth of YAHWEH... the Light which blinds the darkness of the World Order. This symbol would then be taken for the Illuminati however it was shown just a bit different, and an understanding of Symbolism soon shows you the difference.

With the F.D.R. years of power, the planners then moved to bring to pass in these United States a One World Government, and they had many plans while doing some good for the people, which kept them blinded. Their program called for the establishment of the United Nations, the prayer room of the U.S. capital and they also planned a 'Temple of Understanding' to be built in Washington D.C. . These were long range plans, and the United Nations was established in 1948 with its Meditation Room and the mural there is said to be centered around what they describe as the 'All seeing Eye'.

Here in the far wall is the modernistic One World symbol of The all seeing Eye. We find that the people pushing these programs were not of our race. We find that Eleanor Roosevelt in her day was a great power in this program of World Government, and no doubt with her background the idea would make sense. Having no idea of the meaning of the ancient symbols, then she would accept these half moons and lines and so forth of this One World symbol in the United Nations Meditation Room.

The congress of the U.S. hired Col C.A.L. Totten to research the symbols to be used in the seal of these United States. He is the only authority cited by Gaillard Hunt, author of the State Department pamphlet...'The history of the seal of the U.S.....published in 1909. Oh yes, many got into the act, with their ideas as to what this seal should portray but his work was to be the basis of our seal. Col. Totten attributed a spiritual meaning to the use of no. 13 in the seal, in the 13 stripes of the shield, 13 stars in the Crest, 13 letters in E. Pluribus Unum, 13 arrows, 13 olive leaves, 13 olive berries, and on the reverse 13 stones in the Pyramid and 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis. researching the work of Col. Totten find that he went back in time to the middle east, and traced the Children of Israel westward, in their migration and destiny. He attributed this no. 13 to the Tribe of Manasseh, and the U.S. He was the first historian to photograph and publicize the painting of the Arms and Crest in St. Paul's Chapel where they engaged in Divine Service. Upon reorganizing the Congress, the U.S. ordered that a duly blazoned and framed painting of 'The Arms of the Crest' of the U.S. should be prepared, and suspended over the President's Pew in St. Paul's Chapel. This least a few years back was still hanging in its appropriate place, and is of immense value as a link in the history of our national Heraldry. It speaks with the highest authority upon some of the now disputed points. The stars in that picture are 5 pointed stars arranged irregularly over the field, and not circumscribed or confined in a circle. The clouds which surround the group roll back and break away in a marked circular form, thus the emblem of Eternity, but the circle does not in any way limit this group. In every way this arrangement implies the future growth of a new constellation, as rolling forth and further back, the clouds shall let in other 'Stars' until a form results whose stellar distribution we cannot even dimly discern.

The St. Paul's Chapel was erected in 1766 on Manhattan Island. Here George Washington worshiped for two years seated directly under the beautiful and inspired painting of our National Coat of Arms hanging on the wall behind his pew. The religious heritage of our nation could hardly have been expressed in a more clear fashion than it was in the symbolism of this painting. The Glory of Golden Light is by far the most prominent feature of the picture. It indicates in the strongest terms the 'Presence' of YAHWEH (God), The Heavenly Rays of Light extend from the outer Perimeter of the circle of clouds out behind the entire upper portion of the Eagle's body, and even beyond the tip of its wings. The head of the Eagle with its fierce curved beak is within the circle of the clouds. The shield on its breast is curved; its sides meet in a point at the base of the tail. The curved shield in heraldry is correct, and has a far greater appeal than the square shield on the official 'Coat of Arms'. On the wall beneath the painting is a brass Plaque bearing the text of George Washington's Prayer for the United States of America. (Quote) 'ALMIGHTY GOD, WE MAKE OUR EARNEST PRAYER THAT THOU WILT KEEP THE U.S. IN THY HOLY PROTECTION, THAT THOU WILT INCLINE THE HEARTS OF THE CITIZENS TO CULTIVATE A SPIRIT OF SUBORDINATION AND OBEDIENCE TO GOVERNMENT; AND ENTERTAIN BROTHERLY AFFECTION AND LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER, AND FOR THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS OF THE U.S. AT LARGE, AND FINALLY THAT THOU WILT MOST GRACIOUSLY BE PLEASED TO DISPOSE US ALL TO DO JUSTICE, TO LOVE MERCY, AND TO DEMEAN OURSELVES WITH THAT CHARITY, HUMILITY AND PACIFIC TEMPER OF MIND WHICH WERE CHARACTERISTIC OF THE DIVINE AUTHOR OF OUR BELOVED RELIGION, AND WITHOUT A HUMBLE INITIATION OF WHOSE EXAMPLE IN THESE THINGS WE CAN NEVER HOPE TO BE A HAPPY SUPPLICATION; WE BESEECH THEE...THRU JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. AMEN (Unquote) Mr. Totten incorporated the constellation of the Southern Cross in his study, and he did not seem to recognize that the 6 pointed star called... Solomon's Seal was actually in symbolism, the two in heaven and one in earth, that this is the complete kingdom with the one in white over the one in blue. This is thus not a Jewish symbol as people were even then beginning to think.

Now; the symbolism of the 'All Seeing Eye' has been used many times in many occult practices. And at the time of the Vietnam War there existed a real cult called 'Cao Dai' in Vietnam. It was a blend of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, and what was called Catholic Christianism and Animism as well. There was a temple 55 miles north east of Saigon and there they deliberately adopted the use of Catholic terms to mock Catholicism. If you remember the President of South Viet Nam was Ngo Dink Diem and he was a Catholic Christian. He crushed this pagan cult in 1955-56, and for 8 years South Viet Nam was free of this cult of 'Cao Dai'. Then remember with a Catholic President here in the White House, the President of South Viet Nam and his brother were assassinated in a CIA supported murder plot headed by Buddhist traitors in the Vietnam government, and the U.S. of A. was drawn into this Asiatic war where those now in power worshiped the serpent.

This war was just the result of long range planning and we find that even before F.D.R. that the Rockefeller family was very much in the picture as the decision was made to have true Israel destroy herself by changing her religion. F.D.R. then embraced Communism and not seeming to know what they were embracing in 1948, church men all over America raced to embrace the United Nations, and the joining of the U.S. to the Beast System of the world.

Now; the Meditation room of the U.N. with the 'all seeing eye' has colors of grey, black, pale yellow, white and blue. It has a great stone sent from Sweden for the Altar. As the 'Brotherhood' movement of friends of this Meditation room at the U.N. came into being they established a headquarters for their movement in New York city, and the men who were the chief sponsors had communist front records. These men then tried to tell us that in Ancient Egypt, the serpent was their god, and he had great knowledge, and was known as Osiris, and the Ka of Ra. Thus they turned the ancient symbolism full circle. They also tried to tell us that the Brazen Serpent Moses lifted up was a Talsman (Talisman?) in the form of a serpent coiled around the mystic Tau or T Cross, that originally this was the Egyptian sun god and is now known to his people as Jehovah, but actually this was a symbol of the Phallic, or Sex Worship.

The 'All Seeing Eye' of the Meditation room of the U.N. building then was intended, say these experts:...under occult domination then art, music, and politics tend to the same end which is confusion, a calculated and inducted confusion for minds that are confused will obey and bow to the hidden masters.

No wonder the enemy must get rid of the Christian Faith our ancestors had carried for centuries. With the establishment of the United Nations their goal must have seemed a great step forward. Yet they did not stop there, for I remember that Dr. Swift was so opposed to the United Nation, and the Prayer room of 'All Faith' in the Capital building, and the on going plans for the building of the 'Temple of Understanding' in Washington D.C.

This Temple would...they proposed...also include and 'All Seeing Eye' patterned after the one in the Meditation room of the U.N. Thus this Temple was to produce a Social Gospel...a Spiritual U.N. which would be the seat of a New World Religion, a church which J.D. Rockefeller Jr. declared was for All People, and it would be dedicated to the creation of a Universal One World state. Plans were drawn up to build Regional World Universities whose objectives would include instructions in all religions, but not to make religion its aim, rather to build a world outlook and 'teach' the physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of 'SEX'. One of the courses of study was to contain the teaching of Madame Blavatsky who is reported to have said as she explained the influence of 'Black Magic' on history:...(Quote) What is one to do? In order to rule men it is necessary to deceive them. The more silly, the more simple, the more gross the phenomena the more likely it is to succeed.' (unquote)

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt suggested a trip around the world in order to awaken the interest, and to enlist the support of religious leaders, and heads of state. She said:...(Quote) 'Let the people of the world create this building.' (Unquote) What building? ...The 'Temple of Understanding'. For then it will belong to the world, and it will be a spiritual United Nations. In 1963 the sponsors of this Temple listed 385 foreign endorsers, and 1,375 Americans. The names of the American sponsors would surprise most people. Yet they only accomplished as much as YAHWEH allowed. Symbolism being the Universal language always tells the true story when understood.

Here in almost the end of the 1980's the U.S. is still a sovereign nation. There is lots wrong in the nation and the world, and you are to fight that which is against Our Father, and our Faith, but enjoy the blessings that are there. After all this is our Father's world, and the tares are to be weeded out.

To hide your identity and inheritance leads to great harm. Why would Satan and his children be concerned and try to prevent the understanding of our national and racial history, unless he also understands somewhat the great task God has given us, to bring Light to the World. The best way to resist Satan is to learn the truth, for knowledge always kills the lie. The evidence, the knowledge is still there, all that is required is that we open our eyes to the truth.

Until next time, May Yahweh bless. E.M.