ERM - Tape 075 - Mysteries & Their Emissaries; Martyrdom Of Hypatia


TAPE NO. 75....By Ella Rose Mast






Once again we tell you the story of another martyr of our race... because of the teachings of the Martyrs. And from the old Big Book we read: ...(Quote)...Did that Divine Knowledge which constituted the Supreme possession of the ancient called pagan..survive the destruction of these Martyrs, and their Temples? Is it yet accessible to mankind or does it lie buried beneath the rubbish of the Ages, entombed within the very sanctuaries that were once illuminated by its splendor??

In Egypt writes Origen, the philosophers have a sublime and secret knowledge respecting the nature of God. What did Julian imply when he spoke of the secret initiations into the sacred mysteries of the 7 Rayed God who lifted souls to Salvation thru his own nature? Who were these blessed theurgists who understood these profound thoughts of which Julian wrote? If this inner Doctrine was concealed from the Masses, for whom a more simple code had been devised, is it not highly possible that even the exponents of every aspect of modern civilization...philosophic, ethical, religious and scientific are ignorant of the true meaning of the very theories and tenets of which their beliefs are founded? Do the Arts and Sciences that THE RACE has inherited from older nations conceal beneath their fair exterior a mystery so great that only the illuminated intellect grasps its import? Such is undoubtedly the case. (Unquote)

We ask this not what we have been learning all along? The ancient knowledge of Adam's race has been handed down and called Mysteries.

This knowledge was not for the masses of the World Order which could not understand and would only try to destroy. This knowledge was not even passed on to those of the Adamic race as a whole, only to those who did seek. Only a knowledge of Symbolism and what is in their hearts and minds would lead them further. Here in the old Big Book we are told that Albert Pike gathered ample evidence of the excellence of the doctrines of the ancient Israel mysteries. He then quoted from the writings of Clements of Alexandria, Egypt, and of Plato, Proclus, Cicero and others who held the teaching of the Ancient Mystery schools in high esteem. The Albert Pike became so enamored with Freemasonry and tried to help tie those ancient symbols and their knowledge to this more modern organization.

Many men recognized that these ancient philosophers possessed the correct solution to those great cultural, intellectual, moral, and social problems, which in an unsolved state confront the people in our century. By this we mean that thru the knowledge of the Mysteries the mind was trained in the fundamental verities of life until the individual was able to cope intelligently with any emergency which might arise, for where reason reigns supreme, inconsistency cannot exist, wisdom lifts an individual to a closer...'WALK WITH HIM.'

The Mysteries have demonstrated the Superiority of the Culture of THE RACE by giving to the world minds in such overwhelming greatness, lives of such outstanding impeccability that even after the lapse of ages...the teachings of these great Martyred Individuals, constitutes the present spiritual, intellectual, and ethical standards of THE RACE. The initiates of the various Mystery Schools of past ages form a veritable golden chain of Supreme and Super women connecting heaven and earth. They are the links in that Golden chain which Enoch was to establish as a Divine Institution in this world wherein the Adamic race was to walk.

Now; why all the persecutions of these learned individuals of this Adamic Race? This is a question which we have been asked so many times. Why?...if they have so much to give to the World Order where they are Martyred...why then this persecution and Martyrdom?

The Answer:...Those who represent an ideal beyond the comprehension of the Masses must face the persecution of the unthinking multitude who are without that Divine idealism which inspires progress, and those rational faculties which separate unerring truth from falsehood. The lot o the ancient Initiates..teachers was therefore almost always an unhappy one. Pythagoras remember was crucified, his University burned; Hypatia was torn from her chariot, and rendered limb for limb; Galileo was forced to recant upon bended knee; Roger Bacon, compelled to carry on his experiments in the secrecy of his cell, and leave his knowledge hidden under the cipher; Dante died in exile; and there were so many more down thru out the they worked here in the World Order.

Of all the long lists of these immortal men and women who presented their understanding of the ancient Wisdom to the World we now add another name to this long list of Martyrs, one of the most eminent women philosophers of all ages...her name HYPATIA. Here in the old big book is a picture of this lady. It shows here as a beautiful young white woman in a chariot drawn by two white horses. A mob of men of all races have surrounded her chariot...they carry knives and clubs and some are pulling this defenseless lady from her chariot. The building behind them carries

the symbolism of Enoch around the top of the structure. The caption under the picture is entitled...'The Martyrdom of Hypatia.'

Who then was this young white woman who had stirred up such hatred in the mob, or who did stir up this hatred and fury against this woman??? Here in the old big book it tells us that this young woman philosopher was the brightest star in the whole constellation of Neo-Platonism, and the most touching figure in the Alexandrian epoch of philosophers. Eliphas Lewis writes of Hypatia that her virtues would have taken her to the baptismal font, but she died a martyr for liberty of conscience when they attempted to drag her there. It is said that she had a Divine mind, and her clarity of perception wrought her undoing for she lived in a generation which had no concept of the SIMPLICITY of truth.

Remember that the rulers of the World Order and those who follow those rulers fear a mind which thinks more rapidly, and more accurately than its own; such an intellect it destroys in self-protection; Hence to...think... is to be persecuted by the rulers of the World Order and even those of our Race who in blindness follow that downhill path. To have a vision is to be hated by the visionless; to be wise is to be reviled by fools. Such things as Ecclesiastical titles, dress, ritualistic ceremonies which are imposing to the eye of natural man are but bubbles and bobbles to one who has a glimpse of the Spiritual truth, but they also blind those who are following the teachings of the World Order.

For thousands of years men of the World Order and those who follow..blinded to their heritage have labored under the delusion that 'truth' could be destroyed by murdering those who sought to give that 'truth' to the world. But the message of this ancient philosophy are beyond the reach of mortality, and in every age are reborn in the heroes who rise up to carry forward these great messages of truth. The Neo-Platonic school has disappeared as an institution; never the less it continues to live as a spirit, and now dominates the very forces which sought to destroy it. The surest method of perpetuating an idea is to make a Martyr of its first former; because in the heart of (Adam) man there is something which recognizes and respects the courage and conviction of those who die for a principle.

Only the most meager information is now available regarding her life and teachings still Hypatia stands out upon the pages of history as having endured one of the most cruel and revolting deaths to which a martyr was ever subjected (unquote)

Hypatia sat in the chair previously occupied by her father who was considered a great mathematician. Hypatia was for many years the central figure in the Alexandrian school of Neo-Platonism. She was famous for the depth of her learning, as well as the charm of her personality, and dearly beloved by the citizens of Alexandria, Egypt, even frequently consulted by the magistrates of the city. She stood out from the crowd and down thru history has been remembered, altho today she is termed a pagan martyr. She was a personal disciple of Plutarch, and versed well in the teachings of the Platonic school. She was able to eclipse in argument every exponent of religious doctrine in Northern Egypt. Her writings are said to have perished at the time of the burning of the Library at Alexandria, but we would think some of these writings may be available, perhaps even in the British Museum.

Recognizing the height of her intellect, the learned of many nations flocked to the Academy where she lectured. Many who were converted to the Christ became her disciples as they realized she was bringing together her teaching of ancient things and the atonement of The Christ.

Here in the old big book we find men who were at work trying to unravel the ancient mysteries, yet having no understanding of the origin of the Christian faith think the ancient mysteries were pagan. And even those who were helping to establish so called 'Church Doctrine' at that time in history thought they had the only 'truth'...thus Cyril who was the Bishop of Alexandria in Egypt at that time and who would later be renowned as the founder of 'The Doctrine of Christian Trinity', and even canonized for his zeal, saw Hypatia as a menace to the advancement of the Christian Faith because she taught that the Faith came in with Adam and Eve and now embraces The Christ...the promised Redeemer, and this was different than the teaching of the developing Church Doctrine which was establishing a trinity and was replacing the simple Faith delivered by the Apostles. Under the influence of those who were helping the development of the new Christian doctrine..then Cyril for one considered Hypatia to be a sorceress in league with the devil. And altho he did not help with the murder of this lady of his race still he fed the flames of the mob who did the job.

Charles Kinsley in his works tells of the fine character of Hypatia in his book by that name. The Historical references to this virgin Philosopher attests to her virtue, integrity, and absolute devotion to the principles of Truth and Right.

Today we are sorry to say we see the same description applied to anyone who does not completely accept...established Church Doctrine. The same situation still exists and has all down thru the ages. This fact that the Bible is the story of a Race and their purpose in earth, must be suppressed, and the enemy uses those of the Race to do the job for them.

Here in the old big book we read:..'Back in the days of Hypatia a

Jealousy arose as to her popularity. A group of monks from the Nitrian Desert, led by one called Peter the Reader...a savage and illiterate man.. no doubt encouraged by Cyril led the mob that attacked Hypatia on the open street as she was passing from the Academy to her home. They dragged the defenseless woman from her chariot, and took her to the Caesarean Church. There they tore away her garments and pounded her to death with clubs, after which they scraped the flesh from her bones with Oyster shells then carried the mutilated remains to a place called Cindron where they burned them to ashes.

In this manner in A.D. 415, the greatest woman initiate of the ancient mysteries perished, and with her death this Neo-Platonic school of Alexandria Egypt also fell...never to rise again. someone so hated the philosophy that she put forth that they did those evil things even to her dead body just as they had done to others of the Race who were Martyred.

Another martyr mentioned here in the old big book is a man by the name of Comte Di Cagliostro. He is said to have been educated in Arabia..where he learned the ancient Israel philosophy called 'The secrets of the Ancients'. He is remembered in History not so much for anything that he did, as for what was done to him. He was arrested and then later proven not guilty of trying to steal the Queen's Jewels. It seems that by foresight he tried to warn that this crime was about to occur.

The trial of Cagliostro has been called the prologue of the French Revolution. The smoldering animosity against Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI engendered by this trial burst forth as the holocaust of 'The Reign of Terror.' Sincere investigators of the facts surrounding the Life and Death of Cagliostro are of the opinion that the stories against him may be traced to the machinations of the 'Inquisition', and in this manner sought to justify his persecution. The basic charge against him was that he tried to found a true Masonic Lodge in Rome...nothing more.

For some unknown reason the Pope commuted Cagliostro's sentence of death to perpetual imprisonment. This act in itself showed the fear perhaps in which Cagliostro was held even by his enemies, for his is believed to have died in the dungeon in the castle of San Leo. We believe that Cagliostro was a 'Rose Cross' initiate and he had declared that women had been admitted to the ancient Israel Mysteries..therefore there was no reason they should be excluded from the modern church orders. This infuriated the Roman Catholic Hierarchy of that time. Princess De Lamballe however accepted with dignity of being..the role of Mistress of Honor in this secret society, and on the evening of her initiation the most important members of the French Court were present. On May 10, 1785 Cagliostro attended a conference called for the purpose of clearing up a number of important questions concerning Masonic Philosophy. Remember here that the Illuminati was formed in 1776, and its founders set out to try to destroy the last bit of the ancient Masonic and Israel philosophy as they turned it into freemasonry which we have described for you before.

Here at this Conference Cagliostro declared that the 'Rose Cross' was the ancient and true symbol of the Mysteries. After a brief description of its original symbolism he branched out into a description of the symbolic meaning of letters, predicting to the assembly the future of France in a graphic manner that left no room to doubt that the speaker was a man of insight, and supernatural power. With a curious arrangement of letters of the alphabet, he foretold the detail, the horrors of the coming Revolution, and the fall of the Monarchy. He described in minute details the fate of various members of the Royal Family. He also prophesied the advent of Napoleon, and the rise of the first Empire. All this he did to demonstrate that which can be accomplished by a superior knowledge. Later when arrested and sent to the Bastille he wrote a cryptic message on the wall of his cell. Later this was interpreted to mean:...'In 1789 the Besieged Bastille will on July 14 be pulled down by you from top to bottom.'

It is said that Cagliostro was a mysterious agent of the Rose Cross whose knowledge is attested to by all the ancient writers. His friends think he escaped and lived forever, while his enemies claimed he was the Devil Incarnate. His power of prophecy however could not be disputed, and the World Order he sought to enlighten received him not, altho down thru the ages and centuries they persecuted even his memory. It is said here in the old big book that Cagliostro was of medium height, fair complexion, and his hands and feet were small signifying Noble birth. He is said to have given freely of an inexhaustible purse and received the title..'Father of the Poor.' He traveled thru all parts of the world, and in the ruins of Ancient Babylon and Nineveh was said to have discovered Wisemen who understood all the secrets of Hu-man life. But as he tried to let the World Order receive the Light, we find he brought on his persecution.

Another man is mentioned here in this article on Martyrs, altho we find no trace of his Martyrdom, or even of any persecution of this man. His name is Comte De St. Germain. But with the research by Dr. Swift and from my library..we find that there were two men both called St. Germain. The elder a wealthy German Prince with great knowledge, and his 1/2 breed son who after being raised and educated as a Prince...killed his father and took over the estate and moved into political circles as Comte De St. Germain. This would be in the same time frame as the French Revolution and great unrest in Europe.

Comte De St. Germain was described as being of medium height with a somewhat swarthy complexion and his dark hair was often powdered. He dressed usually in black, and had a flair for diamonds. He wore them not only as rings, but on his watch and chains, his snuff box and even upon his buckles. He is pictured as a man in middle life, but entirely devoid of wrinkles. He ate no meat, nor drank wine, in fact he seldom if ever dined in the presence of anyone else. He was recognized as quite a scholar, versed in chemistry, and history, poetry and music. He was also an artist and gained much fame for his painting. He spoke many languages, and was said to have visited many lands where each claimed him as a native. As a historian, Comte De St. Germain possessed uncanny knowledge of every occurrence of the preceding 2,000 years, and described how he had played a role in each occurrence. He was able to remove flaws from diamonds, and other precious stones, a feat he actually performed at the request of Louis XV in 1757. He claimed he possessed the fabled 'Elixir of Life' of the Rose Cross, and Madame De Pompadour declared that he had presented a lady of the court with a certain priceless liquid which had the effect of preserving her youthful vivacity and beauty for over 25 years beyond the normal term.

To Marie Antoinette he predicted the fall of the French Monarchy and the unhappy fate of the Royal Family before the revolution occurred. He was employed by a number of European governments, including the French as a secret agent, and at all times bore credentials which gave him entree to the most exclusive circles.

Mrs. Cooper Oakley in her monograph...'The Comte De St. Germain, the secret of Kings'...lists the number of different names under which this man masqueraded between the years of 1710 to 1822. Some people looked upon him as a Charlatan and an imposter, but most thought otherwise, or were just puzzled by his peculiar powers. He was said to have been in Russia during the reign of Peter II, and between the years of 1737 to 1742 in the court of the Shah of Persia. Others tell of meeting him in Calcutta, Rome, London, and Paris. Some even claim to have met him 5 years after his death was published. He appeared as a Jacobite agent in London, a conspirator in Petersburg, and Alchemist in Paris, or as a Russian General in Naples, Italy. He was reported to be an early figure in the activities of Freemasonry circles. He was very versed in the Oriental secrets, practiced the eastern meditation such as in the posture of a Hindu Buddha. He had a retreat in the heart of the Himalayas to which he retired to at times so he said:...'Retired from the world'.

At various times he declared he was obeying the orders of a higher power, greater than himself. He did not say that this knowledge he possessed came from ancient Israel mystery schools as did the Aryan philosophers, yet later writers would try to put him in the class with Sir Francis Bacon and others.

Some writers claim he was a 'Will-O-The-Wisp' who lived for centuries, but I hope you noticed that not once was it recorded that St. Germain was persecuted for what he professed to know, and yet they try to list him with the philosophers who became Martyrs. It was only thru research and Dr. Swift that we learned that there was a true St. Germain..a Prince of Transylvania, and that he did father a son of mixed breeding, and the son took the family name and position and used them in his life and work. But we learn that this Comte De St. Germain was the Devil Incarnate who was out to destroy the true knowledge handed down by the great philosophers of the 'Rose Cross' organization, and the others who taught the great Mystery Truths of Lost Israel.

Since this man never met with any persecution from those of the rulers of the World Order as did the 'Light Carriers' of our race, gives us to know there was something about this man that did not ring true. St. Germain was held in reverence by such as Madam Blavatsky and others of her time as they praised his so called great knowledge...they said he had come back from the Reincarnation..time after time..always as a great man. But once again..this man was not in a class with the Aryan Philosophers who were Martyred. The persecution was always against the 'Light Carriers' of our race, and even here today we find this strange bias against any who do not bow to established 'Church Doctrine' altho the Bible talks about the Laodicean church age, how the church is neither hot nor cold. This is not surprising, is it because even as the Apostles moved out to reach Lost Israel...the enemy was moving to crush their message. Church doctrines were established and twisted and used as the arms of persecution and Europe went thru a blood bath because of that twisting, and yet the faith survived.

As you can see the persecution against the people..the race carrying the ancient knowledge of Israel..God's kingdom in earth is an on going thing. You cannot read history without finding out this is a fact. If you would then know your enemies tactics this might help you so that you are not so easily blinded by their propaganda. Their method is to stress and repeat and repeat facts they want you to accept while carefully ignoring facts that prove them wrong. Unless you are a student of history it is difficult to sort out truth. The problem here is that most of our people have been told and really believe that the enemy is in their own hearts, thus they do not understand his tactics. Some of our fact a great number of our people actually believe that our ancient forefathers could not read or write yet, Dr. Kinnaman found upon investigation that about 100 years before Abraham was born, in about 2170 B.C., that the first outline of World History was written by Nur Ninsubur, this work was found in 1922 at Larsa, by the Weld Blundell Expedition in their archaeology work. This expedition found that this work produced at the end of the Isin Dynasty lists Kings from the beginning of the Race...with Adam to his time.

Sir Leonard Wooley, in his book 'Sumerians' writes that about 2,000 B.C. after the 3rd., dynasty at Ur, that the Sumrian scribes took it in hand to record the glories of the great days which had passed away. They must have had at their disposal a mass of documentary evidence, and from this they compiled, on one hand the political history, and on the other hand the religious traditions of the land. This we would say was a recalling of the Golden Age which started with Enoch which we outlined somewhat in the book report...'In search of the White God.'

Sir Charles Marston in his book..'The Bible comes Alive' states that an example of writing on Papyrus was found at Sakhare in 1893. It contained accounts dated in the reign of the last king of the V Dynasty (about 3360 B.C.)

In the last century a movement was started called, 'The Vedanta Movement', this was started by an Indian and takes its name from the 'Vedic secret book'..which is now in the hands of the Hindu. Its creed:...I accept all religions that were in the past and worship with them. As we have told you before the Vedic writings were from the Aryans. And the Vedas of today started about 1500 to 1000 B.C. Then Buddhism came from a vision which Buddha claimed to have had in his 29th., year. With the exception of Hinduism whose creators are not now known, the other religions were started by men in middle life, thus they are still a relatively late religion, and have been twisted and turned even to accommodate later thinking.

But consider the faith of the Aryans..later Christians..we find that Jesus was prophesied by the Psalmist..David 1000 years before The Christ. And Adam and Eve carried out of the Garden the belief in the later redemption by their Father and Savior. The Old Testament is full of HIS coming...of HIS promises. Thus prophecy is the hallmark of Divinity, the proof of a true religion.

In the 'Gospel of Bartholomew' (from the writings of the old book which Jeanette sent) we find that after Jesus came to his Apostles after the Resurrection that Bartholomew said to HIM:..'When I went with you to be hanged on the cross...I followed at a distance because of fear of events, but I saw how the Angels came from heaven to worship you. Then as darkness came I looked and you had vanished from the cross, but I heard your voice from the Netherworld. Tell me..YAHSHUA..when you left the cross where did you go? YAHSHUA answered:...I went to the Netherworld in order to bring out Adam and all the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob..all of them of the Race who were in captivity because of sin. When I descended with my Angels to the Netherworld, the ruler of Hades said to the devil..I presume that YAHWEH has come down upon the earth. The Angels your gates you Princes of the Netherworld, for the king of Glory has come down to this Netherworld. The rulers of Hades asked:...'Who is this King of Glory who has come down here?' But as I (YAHSHUA) descended 500 steps the rulers of Hades began to tremble and said:..'Yes, we believe that YAHWEH as YAHSHUA has come for HIS strong breath goes before Him...we cannot bear it. But Lucifer (the devil) said to them:..Be strong, do not submit, this is not YAHWEH who has come down here. Then YAHSHUA GOES ON WITH HIS STORY:.. After I descended 500 more steps again the Angels cried:..'open the doors'..swing wide the Gates for the King of Glory has come not you feel his breath?' Beelzebub replied:..'Surely this is not YAHWEH himself, this must be a prophet who made himself like YAHWEH. We will take him and bring HIM to those who think to ascend into heaven.'...The rulers of Hades thought that surely this must be Enoch the scribe of righteousness, it could not be YAHWEH. However the tension increased and Beelzebub said:..'Where shall we hide ourselves from this Great King..' YAHSHUA replied:..'Do not resist.. I was before you were created..and my Angels will dash the gates of iron to pieces..and as this happened then the King of Glory went into the Netherworld to the area where the Adamic souls were kept, and he then brought out all the Patriarchs and their generations, and they came to the their savior.

Then Bartholomew said...'I saw you again hanging on the cross and all the dead arising and worshiping you. Tell me YAHSHUA who was that exceedingly large man whom the Angels carried in their arms? What did you say to him that made him groan so deeply. YAHSHUA replied:...'That was Adam for whose sake I came down to earth. As I told him I was hanged on the cross for his sake and the sake of his children then is when you heard Adam groan.'....Bartholomew said:...YAHSHUA, I saw one of the Angels who would not ascend with the others, but when you commanded him, I saw a flame issue from his hand, and after he had rent the veil of the temple...from top to bottom...the veil divided into two parts as a testimony to the children of Israel, for HIS Passion..because the enemy had crucified ME.' YAHSHUA turned to the other Apostles and said for them to wait for him in this place for today a sacrifice is offered in Paradise. The souls of the righteous when they leave the body now go to Paradise and I must be there so they may enter. Bartholomew then asked:...'How many souls are born in the world every day?' YAHSHUA ANSWERED:..'Only One over and above those who leave, and he then blessed the Apostles and left their sight.

Bartholomew still had questions, and he asked:...How then could Mary have conceived the incomprehensible, or how could she have carried HIM who cannot be carried, or how...could she have bore so much greatness? We are only told that YAHSHUA answered him, and then Bartholomew asked HIM if he was to reveal these mysteries to every man. YAHSHUA told him to entrust them to all who are faithful, and can keep them for themselves. There are some who are worthy of them; but there are others to whom they ought not to be delivered. Those who are idolaters, seducers, teachers of falsehood, and doers of all the works of the devil, are not worthy that they should be entrusted to them. These secrets are to be kept from those who cannot contain them. For all who understand them shall have a share in them. As regards this...I have spoken to you, for you are blessed, and all who are kin to you in having this message entrusted them, for all who contain it shall receive all they wish in the time of my judgment.

Then Bartholomew asked:..'YAHSHUA which sin is more grievous than all other sins? YAHSHUA replied:...'hypocrisy and slander are most grievous. For because of them the prophet said in (Psalm 1:5)..'The ungodly shall not stand in Judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous, nor the godless in the judgment of the Father'...Truly, Truly I say unto you that every sin shall be forgiven every Adam-man, but the sin against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven.' (Matthew 2:31)

Bartholomew then asked:...What is the sin against the Holy Spirit? YAHSHUA answered:...Everyone who decrees against any man who serves my Father (spirit) has blasphemed against the Holy Spirit. For every man who serves God with reverence is worthy of the Holy Spirit...and he who speaks any evil against him shall not be forgiven. Woe to him who swears by the head of God, even if he does not commit perjury, but speaks the truth, for God has 12 heads. He is the Truth and in Him is no lie and perjury. Go therefore and preach to the whole world the word of truth, and preach this (secret) word to everyone who wishes it, and all who believe in it shall Eternal Life. I now depart from you and I give you the Holy Spirit.

We are told that there is varied writings that are more complete works of these old manuscripts and scrolls in France, England and Egypt bound up and not released to the public. Some would wonder why? But we would think that it is not yet the timing of the Father. They will thus not be released at this time, and not become corrupted. But someday we will have these true texts..will we not?

Until next time may YAHWEH bless. E.R.M.