ERM - Tape 076 - Old And New Jerusalem

TAPE NO. 76.....By Ella Rose Mast




QUESTION:...Why the Nostalgia for old Jerusalem that controversial city?

ANSWER:...(from the Swift ministry and my understanding)...We must go back in history one more time and look at the beginning of this old city, and its effect on our race and see why this feeling, and see how the situation has developed as of today.

Since you now know that the Adamic race...God's Kingdom has been established in earth...starting with Adam and Eve. We then trace those people as they came out of the high Tarim Basin in Asia under the leadership of the sons of Seth...the son of Adam and Eve, as they moved in their patterns of migration. From the old records we find they were called Manu...meaning tall white ones...Aryans from the 'spiritual mountains'. We find that these people believed in, and worshiped the ONE GOD...YAHWEH (Genesis 4:26). They told the world as they migrated that their God would in time come to earth to redeem them. They spoke of the fall of their parents under the influence of the Dragon (Satan) Kingdom. (Genesis 3:15) Always as they paused to worship they set up an altar and were thus reminding their people of that promise of Redemption, when the Savior... that Perfect Lamb..would be the final sacrifice.

As these children of the Kingdom moved in their migrations they colonized, they established their language, their culture, and their faith. The old books tell us that these Adamites in their generations were 'The Treasure'..out of the cave where in Adam and Eve dwelt after coming out of the Garden of Eden. They were a Peace loving people willing to help the World Order into which they had come to live however they also learned that at times they would have to fight to survive as they moved in their paths of Destiny. Where ever they paused they introduced the process of agriculture, but that was one of the blessings they brought into the world. (Genesis 2:25) Prior to this there had not been 'a man to till the ground.'

In the High Tarim Basin where they established themselves after Adam and Eve were put out of the Garden, the seed of the Dragon began immediately to infiltrate their society in their drive to destroy this race of 'The Light Carriers'. YAHWEH would later intervene there in that place to correct the situation in the time of Noah, but after the migrations of the family, that was to occur, for this family of Adam in their generations were to move out over the earth...for a Divine purpose.

We find as the generations migrated that some of these Adamic people had come into the area later to be known as Palestine, and there they had built a city called Orusalem, or Salem...the Great City of Peace? Why that Name? These people knew who they were, why they were in earth, and who their KING was, in fact some of them were so perfect here in the physical life that they were said to have walked with God. This was the environment wherein two Adamic sons were raised who became the Two Pillars of Wisdom of ancient Israel. We are speaking of Enoch and Job, raised in this Pastoral City, where the children received a total education, not only that which is necessary for life here in the physical but also the teaching of the plan of YAHWEH for the restoration of earth, and their part in this plan.

The younger men of this great city took their turns roaming with their great herds on the pasture lands outside of their city, but all received the proper schooling for the Golden Age was developing. The ancient books stress that never had there been such a people on this earth, and we find that here at Orusalem the Pagan Hill people left them pretty much alone for a time as they watched their development altho they did not understand much of what they did or taught.

We hope you caught this picture...Old Jerusalem (Orusalem) was built by the people of New Jerusalem. (Revelation 21:2)..for New Jerusalem is a continuing process of the coming into physical earth of YAHWEH'S Spirit children...His Israel..coming to build His Kingdom which would oppose the Dragon's Kingdom with its Serpent theology.

Here then in Old Orusalem lived one of these Pillars of Israel...the man Enoch and his family..and now it is time for further schooling for this man to prepare him for the major work he is to do in earth. One day a cloud settled down outside of his home, and two men walked out of that effulgent cloud and knocked on his door, and they informed Enoch that YAHWEH wished to see him, to instruct him further, and these two men were to take Enoch to see His Heavenly Father. Enoch did not hesitate, he just closed the shutters on his home, said good-by to his children and left with these two messengers in that great space craft of the MOST HIGH. Since we have told you earlier in these tapes of Enoch's trip into the heavens and what he learned there which he was to bring back to earth, and to teach his kinsmen here in earth we will not repeat it here. Just want you to know that this happened in Old Orusalem...that ancient city built by Our Race.

After Enoch returned to earth then the planning for the buildings of the great observatories began for that long watch of the heavens..for the signs of the coming of the Savior...This King of Israel...this Prince of Peace. The knowledge of this message written in the heavens was now perfected and recorded and the organizations of the organization known as 'The Magi' was formed. This man Enoch is listed in scripture as the seventh from Adam of the leaders of THE RACE, and we find that He reached perfection for 'he walked with God'. We find that as time progressed that Enoch and Job with 144,000 savants who were craftsmen and scientists, left this old city of Peace to go into Egypt for the buildings of those monuments of measure, as an identification and education for those of the race who will follow them. As this great company left old Orusalem they understood the constellations, the formations, and the symbolism of both..there in those ancient days, and as they came into Egypt they came face to face with the Pagan army of Egypt, but using their great discs with 'The Eye of YAHWEH' in the center they vanquished those who came against them as they moved on in their destiny. This 'Eye of YAHWEH'...was simply the polished center of their great round discs, or shields which were shaped so that by turning them into the sun, the reflecting light of the sun went back as a blinding light into the eyes of the enemy. The people of Egypt..and this their under the Pagan Priests fell back before this advancing company from the old city of Orusalem. They then watched as these Master Builders..12,000 strong for each month of the year...then built this city of ON in the form of a circle with a great temple in the center or hub of that circle. They established a Priesthood in that temple for the worship of the God of the heavens. And as these Pagan Priests watched the erection of the Sphinx and the Pyramid with their symbolism and measures they realized that this Great God of the Heavens was surely helping these people, so their opposition began. Here in Egypt they already hated the word...sheep...for they understood some of this symbolism of the heavens. They knew that when Lucifer fell that the Sheep had come into Prominence in that symbolism and they hated the idea of a Great Shepherd and His Sheep as the pictures in the heavens seemed to portray.

Here in Egypt at the city of ON (Heliopolis) the two Wisdom schools of Israel were established. The school of the 'Rose Cross' with its spiritual wisdom was established by Job. Here also Enoch became the 'Dragon Killer' of His race, in his time before he finished his work here in earth and was taken into the heavens without seeing death.

But what was happening in Old Orusalem (Jerusalem) that great city of Peace and wisdom after the 144,000 savants and their families with Enoch and Job had gone into Egypt for their great work?.. For some time life went on as usual for the very young and the very elderly of this old city, and then the ancient hill people...Cainanites realized that this city was actually almost defenseless. These Hill country Pagans then attacked and they took this ancient city of Wisdom, and they murdered the Aryans left in that city, and destroyed this great center of knowledge or what it could do for them. These destroying people were descendants from the mixing of the Household of Cain with the Asiatics, and always you find them on the outskirts of ancient Israel trying to destroy. From the old records we find that these people built cities but they never matched that knowledge of Architecture seen as the Master Builders moved in their destiny. However they did build 5 cities in that old land which stood until the Israelites many years later came back from Egyptian Captivity to reclaim their old land.

According to your Biblical history as to that old land, the next outstanding Patriarch was Abraham, and the latter part of his history will be played out in that old land of Palestine as his march toward destiny progressed. But it was not until the Israelites came back from that Captivity in Egypt, and after they had been perfected into a great army thru the work of Moses that YAHWEH...USING THE LEADERSHIP OF JOSHUA.. reclaimed that old land, and then later the Israelites would build again this city of Jerusalem. Here the same race was once more at work rebuilding that city. In his covenant with Abraham and his seed thru Isaac and Jacob this old land is their inheritance forever. Israel developed the land and then at this time the Israel Kingdom which had been set in place at Mount Sinai was now established here at Jerusalem, and for a short time it seemed that another 'golden age' would be realized, but the opposition is even stronger than before, and after the building of the Temple in Solomon's time then the infiltration of the kingdom of YAHWEH increased and finally under the guidance of YAHWEH the Kingdom was split in two, and then began to crumble here in that old land. With the captivity of the Judah Kingdom..this temple of knowledge fell for the second time. Unbeknown unto the World Order, and even most of Israel, YAHWEH was moving his people westward to the land selected for them, from which they were to move no more. Oh! Yes, they still retain the right of ownership to that old land but they weren't able to hold it against such a formidable enemy when they were so out numbered, but YAHWEH by foreknowledge had prepared this new land where they would live and from which they would 'move no more'. However he was not thru with old Jerusalem as a city as yet, for He had promised to return and to redeem his people, and prophecy said that HE would be born in that old land, and this prophecy still had to be fulfilled.

Now; yes, I know that Jimmy Swaggert said on T.V. in one of his most famous sermons that the idea that Christ died for the Elect is blasphemous. That man can be saved if he wants to be saved, and lost if he wants to be lost! But we tell you that YAHWEH knew exactly why He was to come into earth, born as a babe out of His Race. He by foreknowledge set the great star in orbit and sent it on its way thousands of years before it would enter the sign of Aquila where the Magi of this race expected to see it. We tell you that today some of the Evangelists may be preaching a One World Gospel, but YAHWEH still was bringing to pass each step of this plan of Redemption and restoration.

Then YAHWEH would bring some of his people back from the Babylonian captivity so that they would be in this area where he would be born as the body of a tiny babe, the most helpless of all creatures.. thus he would be The Almighty God, but also the son of David..and those ancient people knew what was meant by that expression...'The SON of God', and the fulfilling of Isaiah 9:6...would come to pass.

As those of the Judah Kingdom came back to Judea they found others not of their race were living in the land. Also with them as they returned was a mixed multitude, for those Israelites of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi had violated Divine Law and taken in marriage those not of their race. Ezra and Nehemiah their leaders of this time then cleansed this people by sending away the strangers and their children. They were even able to rebuild this old city of Jerusalem and their Temple, but not completely, and never did the temple or the city reach the heights and the glory that it had attained before. The descendants of the tribe of Benjamin went on into Galilee to live as there was more room for them, and also less pagan opposition than in Judea in the years preceding the birth of the Christ child the Israelites once more lost control of their nation and their temple. From Babylon as it fell had come the Pagan Priests and the Money Changers and they established their headquarters in Pergamos as Jesus was to tell us. With the control of finances they manipulated the Romans who now held this land, and they bought their way into the Political life of the nation, and yes then Herod was made King of the Jews who now ruled in old Judea. Then Herod built the Golden Temple in place of the Israelite Temple, and he added on to the plans of Solomon's Temple, and this was the Temple decorated with the serpents and symbols of the Dragon Kingdom when YAHSHUA came in his ministry to Palestine. Thus three different times in our history our race lost control of that old land and their Temple knowledge. Oh! the Israelites still went to the Temple there in Jerusalem with all its rituals, but there was no Holy of Holies in this temple anymore for the Ark of the Covenant had vanished years before. This old city and its Temple was still the seat of the Judah Kingdom altho they had lost control, but it would remain this way until the Christ completed the atonement.

If you compare that situation in old Palestine at the time of YAHSHUA'S Ministry, and the situation in the western Christian world and especially here in the United States of today, you see a similar pattern in many ways especially in the matter of theology of our Faith. We have not lost completely the control of our nation to that extent which the Israelites faced in old Judea, but look at how we have lost control of theology.

(From the Christian News...Quote) 'Nearly 250 years ago a minister by the name of his sermon quoted Matthew 23:13...'Woe unto you scribes, (false) Pharisees, Hypocrites for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against (hu) men, for ye neither go in yourselves, nor suffer those that are entering to go in. For the blind leads the blind...will they all fall in the ditch?'

The Christian news calls attention to the failing T.V. Ministries because of this doctrine preached of 'A man exalting theory'. They simply singled out Jimmy Swaggert as an example since he was last in the news, and they saw that he is Armenian to the core, for that 'man exalting doctrine' is unbiblical. Mr. Swaggert says that when YAHSHUA....ON THE CROSS said:.. 'It is finished', this meant that there was nothing more to be done, the plan of salvation was Eternally finished. It was no longer up to God, now it is up to man.

We tell you that the Bible teaches that no one come to the Father (Spirit) except the spirit draws him...if you believe in Predestination as we do then Faith is YAHWEH'S gift to Adam-man, not man's gift to YAHWEH. Mr. Swaggert says that to believe that man does not help save himself is absurd and unbiblical, yet Job tells us:...(Job 14:5)..'Seeing his days are determined, and the number of his months are with thee, thou has appointed his bounds that he cannot pass'. Then we read in John 3:3...'Verily, verily except a man be born...twice born, or as the reference tells us..born from above...he cannot see (understand) the kingdom.' Then, I Corinthian 2:14-15, 'But the natural man receiveth not the things of the spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned.' When talking of spiritual man, this is the children of the kingdom, those who are spirit of His Spirit, and He that is spiritual judgeth all things; yet he himself is judged of no man..then we read in verse 16..'We have the mind of Christ.'

Mr. Swaggert also denies Ephesians 1:4-5, 'Having Predestinated us unto the adoption (the placing) of children by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the pleasure of HIS WILL'.....Mr. Swaggert also says:..'How could any Preacher ask an individual to give their heart to Jesus if he knew that Jesus did not die for all the world (order)?' Yet John 17:6-10 tells us that 'I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou (spirit) gave me out of the world; thine (spirit) they were, and thou (spirit) gavest them Me (his embodiment) and they have kept thy word. Now they have known that all things whatsoever thou hast given me are of thee. For I have given the words that thou (spirit) gavest Me, and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee (spirit), and they have believed that thou (spirit) did send Me. I pray for them; I pray not for the world (order), but for them which thou (spirit) hast given Me; for they are thine.'

Here we find YAHSHUA reflecting on the spirit and he said:..The children of heaven, and these now embodied as I am embodied, all are the children of spirit, and none will be lost, but the son of Perdition (verse 12) so that the scripture might be fulfilled.

Yet...Jimmy Swaggert says:...'When a person is saved he does not lose his free will, yet we read in Romans 8:35-39...'Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or distress, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or the sword? As it is written:..for thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter, Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor Angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our LORD?' Then in prayer Jimmy Swaggert said:...'I must be frank with you for I haven't been fed, I am hungry...I want some MEAT of the WORD.'

My friends, lets hope he finds some 'MEAT OF THE WORD', for he influences a lot of people. It must be quite a struggle to try to preach when you do not have the truth of the word to preach. We now understand why the humanists are so afraid of the followers of YAHSHUA...we understand why they go all out to discredit us for they know that if the true followers of The Christ ever get their act together, it will mean curtains for the Humanist system which is now in fashion in America. We feel that there are some things that must be made clear before a proper understanding of the situation we face today can be understood. Until the people who constitute the people and nation's of God's kingdom know who they are it is impossible for them to understand prophecy, or the covenants that YAHWEH made, and who those covenants were directed to, and what they do contain. You cannot reach such an understanding of all these problems of the World Order unless you look at the Blue-Print YAHWEH set down which has been fulfilled thru the ages especially as it relates to his kingdom and the children of that kingdom. There is one attribute that does not belong to just any individual, it is only granted to special individuals who are destined for a special purpose, guided by the mind of YAHWEH...for He alone knows what will come to pass over the course of time which still lies ahead.

Oh! some will say..bit it is all it is all up to man himself, but we believe that the time will surely come when our people will realize that prophecy has been fulfilled down thru the generations. What YAHWEH has planned has come to pass, and statements which YAHSHUA made to his disciples...some were fulfilled in hours, some in weeks or years have come to pass, in the places which were specified that these events would take place. Even the forces of evil have influenced according to their abilities, and the magnitude of energies, but there is not one thing they have been able to do which has not already been measured by the hand of YAHWEH (God) including that portion they would have the ability to apply.

In the consciousness of (Adam) man HE formed the ability to counteract the forces of evil altho even led blindly. This belongs alone to the ones for which it applies, and one who will not recognize it will also not recognize work. The individual who refuses to accept 'The Light' sent by YAHWEH is only opposing out of the deranged factor which has no authority to oppose. In other words there is no denying that YAHWEH (God) does exist, so why not recognize HIM and His plan and purpose. Since He is Sovereign in His Universe then it is an excellent idea if we are to understand His Blue-Print which is the Ultimate plan.

Now;...One thing that YAHWEH has done is to establish His kingdom in earth. He is building this kingdom of people and nations. He alone is going to be the Supreme Master among men, and He is going to translate all the energy of spiritual law into a material revelation in a physical world. More than this He has created a race in His own image, and altho the race by violation of Divine Law sacrificed some of its spiritual heritage still this race will perform the task for which it was created and formed, because YAHWEH being God says HE WILL see that this is done. Not only is this assured by atonement, by redemption, by covenant, but YAHWEH also assured the the very moments of that fall that He put his own breath, own life in it, and had promised them a Savior...A Great finish the task. He had foreseen the enmity between the serpent seed and the household of His kingdom...down thru the generations until He had climaxed His victory in the heart of his kingdom people, and this will come to pass, of this you may be sure. Every one of the Kingdom race possesses something he put in them...this being His spirit, a portion of his own consciousness, that they might think His thoughts, and be guided by the influence of His mind.

He has also allowed the seed of the serpent to run their course, but HE is able to send cycles of energy upon his people in waves of inspiration and power...send a portion of His own consciousness and this is referred to as Spirit. This in the proper time span will lead them to all truth, and bring them the remembrance of all things.

As we look at all the controversy swirling around old Jerusalem today we are to understand these things, and remember the power of Our Father in relation to His kingdom, and then remember that HE controls the Universe and all in it. One of these days our people will understand that this old city called Jerusalem which is located in both old and new, for it has been built and destroyed several times, and it no longer is the worship center of New Jerusalem, hasn't been since the last of true Israel left that old land which was even before the final destruction of that Temple which Herod...king of the Jews built. This destruction we find from history took place in 70 A.D., and Jesus predicted this final destruction of that place of worship. The Apostle John (4:21) tells us of the instruction of Jesus to the woman of Israelite as he said:..'Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain (in Samaria) nor yet at Jerusalem worship the father (YAHWEH-Spirit).' Here Jesus was telling her that the children of the kingdom had been moving to the West, and this old temple in Jerusalem which at one time was the seat of their religion...was to be destroyed. After all the Holy of Holies had been empty for many years when he was relaying these facts to the woman of Samaria.

Yes, Old Jerusalem was once a great city of Peace and Wisdom, and people there walked with God. That old area was given to Israel the second time by the use of earthquakes, and astronomical factors. We have the Biblical record as a witness, then if you want more you may go into the British Museum and confirm how the army of Cainanites which would have wiped out the Israelites as they came back from Egyptian captivity were destroyed by a meteorite shower from Venus as that planet settled into earth orbit. In the Assyrian Room of the British Museum it says that 'The God of Israel threw stones out of the heavens, and the stones killed more Cainanites then the Israelites did.' At that time then old Jerusalem became the great citadel of the ancient world for the people of New Jerusalem once more built that city and governed it. From the days of Saul to David and Solomon, and the erection of the Temple in the days of Solomon, this was one of the greatest of monuments ever erected to the Eternal YAHWEH, the father and God of our race. This Temple contained the wisdom schools established by Enoch and Job, and when YAHWEH had joined the other existing strong and pure race line with the house of Joseph in Joseph and Asneth were married...this was the joining of the Shemite and the Enoch line of the race and yes without a doubt this was Racism as it is preached today, but who says God Almighty can't do as he wishes?

Yes, Palestine belongs to our race, always has, and there is no doubt of this, and the third time after the Israelites rebuilt the city and the Temple then as it finally fell still there is no doubt of the ownership for in the days of Jeremiah a title deed was obtained and this also was taken to the west, and will be presented again one of these days as this farce over who owns old Palestine is finally over.

In the days when the Savior walked that land, the enemy ruled there for even YAHSHUA was held for a brief time in the coils of the Serpent, for a great purpose. Today the serpent and Dragon seed occupies the land once more, altho they have not built a temple since the one Herod built which was destroyed in 70 A.D. They talk about it but they want the Christians to build it for them after they tear down the Mosque of Omar and so far at least this has not been allowed. That old land was to small to hold all of Israel in the days when the tribes came back from Egyptian captivity, and it will not hold even a fair representation of all 12 tribes today, but our people still yearn for that old land because our Savior was born there and conducted his ministry in that land. The Serpent seed wants that old land because they work to take your inheritance. But New Jerusalem...these children of YAHWEH'S Kingdom...this city is without walls, a Great Kingdom, a New World Order of the ages, the people of the Living God are the rulers of that city, where the spirit of the Living God reigns supreme. That city...this New Jerusalem with its 12 gates, and the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel over those gates is an identification point of the present city of old Jerusalem which once again has fallen to the seed of the Dragon Kingdom with its Serpent theology. It is described as a 'city of trembling' thus it would always be considered as under siege until this judgment is over. The British regained the old city right on schedule according to prophecy, but again they failed to hold it altho they still claim that right. Thus what is the situation that we face in that old land today but mistaken identity of a people and this the result we would say of the philosophy of Zionism.

For a better understanding of the situation we now face in the Middle East we should again go back in history to the setting up of that land by the United Nations in 1948 as a homeland for the Jews, that organization would then partition that old land between the Jews and the Arabs who lived there but that of course was not going to work. We have given you the thoughts of Dr. Swift about the United Nations for he was so opposed to that organization in its beginning, and will not repeat his views here but would like to have you see some other thoughts about this idea of a Jewish homeland in the land which belongs to Israel. One such author and historian was Alfred M. Lilienthal, a man said to be of Jewish parents but who was not a Zionist...and he wrote several books stating his position and describing the situation if Israeli at the time when this was partitioned and a Jewish state was then proclaimed by the Zionists. Mr. Lilienthal was very much against this setting up of a Jewish state, and since he and his parents lived in the United States, and they enjoyed living here they were afraid that this Jewish state would effect their status in this nation where they now lived. They believed that the Jews should respect the nation in which they lived ans were until then welcome. Mr. Lilienthal traveled thru out the Mid-east many times and met with men high in the political world as they struggled to settle this question of Jew and Arab and where each would live. His book...'What price Israel' shocked the nation with his story of the behind the scene creation of the state of little Israeli. He wrote this book in 1957 and then he also wrote the book 'There goes the Middle-East.' In that period of time also explaining some more the situation that Zionism was creating in that part of the world. Later on he would also write:...'The Zionist Connection' as his part in explaining to the Christian west what was being done in the Mid-East that would cause so much trouble then and continually.

Mr. Lilienthal details the manner in which President Truman for political purposes, help created the state of Israeli, but before we go into that you should look at what happened as the British mandate of overseeing Palestine fell, and the Zionist gained the upper hand and established this idea of a Jewish homeland. A place in Africa was offered them so that the wandering Jew would have a homeland for themselves and they could go there and develop their own country, but this was not a welcomed idea for the world Zionist planners who wanted Palestine, and would accept nothing else. They wanted old Palestine...for a purpose and they did not compromise even one inch and they got what they wanted. After all the Middle-East is the crossroads of the world. It is the winter air route, and besides that is your inheritance and they had planned for so long in taking it from you. If you are not acquainted with the history of that period of time we suggest you also read:..'Zionist Rape of the Holy Land'...the original title was:...'Conquest through immigration', and this will outline for you how Zionism turned Palestine into a Jewish state thru immigration, and this book will also tell you some of the terror for the Arabs as the Jews moved in and threw the Arabs out of their homes and their lands. This book that I have is revised edition and was published in 1976.. the editor..George Robnett. He had the help of Doctor Millar Burrows who served as visiting professor at the world famed American University in Beirut (Lebanon). This Institution had long been a great friendship-cementing influence for the United States in the Middle-East. He was also twice director of the important American School of Oriental research in Jerusalem. Included in his long educational career, is a listing in 'Who's Who in America'...and he was also Professor of Biblical Theology at Yale University Divinity School (1934-58) and among his several books are.. 'What means these stones'...and two volumes on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The serious study of this book...'The Rape of the Holy Land', was begun in 1963, then after all the study and meeting with the conditions of the refugees of the land this book was finally written and the first one was suppressed altho under the original title it is felt that it understated the Intensity of Zionism in that unfortunate land. Today this book under the new title is still a message more timely than ever for it is a revelation of the past and a prophecy of Terror.

Now; need to remember that there were few Jews in the old land of Palestine from 135 A.D. until about the 1920's, and that W.W.I. opened the gateway for Zionism with the plot to get the United States into that war, and then to have Britain take over the mandate of Palestine, for they would then use this entrance with the Balfour Declaration to start their drive for a Jewish homeland there in the crossroad of the world. As the British tried to stop the growing conflict between the Jews and the Arabs then the 'Underground' crusade to drive Britain from Palestine, and out of their way was started.

This little state was called 'Israel'...for a purpose not understood by most people. Zionism is an 'ism' latched on to the word Zion, and today the word Zionism is now hybrid terminology, used by political Zionists to capture the world, and they capitalized the ancient word..Zion..with its reverent attachment to ancient Israel, and King David. The word Zionism seems to have been coined by Nathan Birnbaum (Mathias aCher) in 1886, who used the term in his early writings which emphasized 'Jewish Nationalism' some ten years before Theodore Herzl published his book 'Der Judenstaat'.. or the Jewish State. Today it is surprising how little the average non-Jewish American knows about the movement called Zionism...particularly when it has played so large a hidden role in United States politics and Government action.

From these different authors, the Swift ministry and my understanding I am trying to bring you a better understanding of the tactics used to propagandize the western world into giving the Zionist organization total control of the world, even using the little state of Israeli as a tool for conquest.

Dr. Swift told us in the 1950's about the writer David Lilienthal’s books protesting Zionism and its grab for a Jewish state in the Mid-East, and how the Jews were not Israel of the Old testament...never have been...for they are a mixture of all the ancient non-Israel people of that old land. Mr. Lilienthal has also outlined how...not one of the provisions for the protection of Palestine Arabs has ever been implemented. It was also the intent of the Balfour Declaration to establish a National home, not a political state for the Jews, but the United Nations altered this idea in recommending the establishing of a small refugee state. But the World Zionist movement then drastically altered the United Nations concept of Israel as a refugee state to an expanding headquarters for all Jews. No wonder that the Egyptians regarded Israeli as a foreign Colonial power whose leadership and funds came from Europe and the United States. It is this Israeli desire for expansion that has caused so much concern on the part of the Arabs, for from the beginning Prime Minister Ben Gurion writing in the official year book of 1951-53 asserted that the state of Israeli has been established IN ONLY A PART OF THE ANCIENT LAND OF ISRAEL. In 1955 the year book again confirmed Israeli's expansionist policy in these words:.. (quote) 'The state was established in part of the former British mandated territory of Palestine, and it occupies most of the Historical Western Palestine BUT THAT IS ALL. The State of Israel is the fulfillment of 'The Jewish State' and is called the 'state of Israel' because it is part of the land of Israel, nor merely a Jewish state. The creation of this new state by no means derogates from the scope of historical...Eretz (that land) of Israel. (unquote)

Modern Arabs have always maintained that the essential ingredient for Peace in the Middle-East is an Israeli change of leadership and heart. That the present day Israeli Leadership must demonstrate a willingness to become a part of the Middle-eastern nations, and cease to regard Israeli as the Headquarters of a New World State, seeking aggrandizement and expansion. Were the Israeli's satisfied to integrate into the area, and become a normal, national de-Zionized state demonstration that the place, and the good of the area as well as rising above their own sectarian interest, then much of the apprehension regarding their presence would vanish. But this has never been their program from the beginning, thus the mid-east is in turmoil. As the Jews came into Palestine driving the Arabs out of their land and homes, the atrocities performed shocked those in 'the know' even more than some of the stories they relate as to what the Germans did to the Jews in W.W. II. But most of the people here in the United States at least have not payed any attention to such reports and seem to care less.

Now; there were Jewish people in this country such as Mr. Lilienthal and his family who were very opposed to Zionism and its program, and they have always maintained that this building of a Jewish state could not succeed if the whole surrounding world be your enemy. Time has shown that the results would only be chaos in that part of the world in spite of the money and the United Nations Troops thrown in to keep the Peace. A friendly and fruitful co-existence with the Arabs has always been and still remains the prime necessity of the State of Israel, for American arms and American money are no substitute for Peace, but the Christians have been fed a guilt feeling for the treatment of Jews, and Zionism has been able to instill this feeling and has molded support for Israeli which knows no bounds.

Howard K. Smith..(remember him) when reporting from Amman, Jordan on CBS radio back in 1956 commented:...'Our conscience was awakened by Hitler's (so called) treatment of the Jews. We felt clearly the need to see the creation of a home where persecuted Jews could live in Peace. The fact we overlooked is that we chose some one else' home to give them. However we thought that anti-Semitism did not exist in Arab countries for the Arabs are Semites, so to pay our debt to conscience we let the Arabs, who had done no harm...foot the bill. (unquote)

Today some of us realize that the Christians in their blindness as to who the people of the BOOK really are...have tried to establish in that old home land a people who do not love YAHSHUA..who do not even love Peace. We have tried to establish a people who do not want to get along with their neighbors. Here in this land of Palestine, this 'bridge on the road that leads to Megiddo we have tried in this land where the armies of different nations of antiquity have marched back and forth..tried to establish a peaceful state. This land thru the many thousands of years of its history has never for any substantial length of time maintained itself as an independent country in the true sense of the word, but has been continually subjected to change of ownership. But it was here that the Zionists demanded a homeland for the Jews of the world, but actually as we have told you before as outlined in the book 'Exodus II'..actually the Zionist plan a blood bath in that land using the Jews they are gathering for that purpose.

In his book:...'What Price Israel'..Mr. Lilienthal calls attention and then asked the question:...Does the loss of the whole Middle East, the advent of World War III all add up to the price the west will pay for that little state of Israeli. Mr. Lilienthal then called attention to the shifting policies of the Eisenhower Administration as they hesitated to move when the Suez Canal incident occurred and traffic was stopped thru the canal and Europe starved for Oil. But remember that the United Nations then passed resolution after resolution to restrain Israeli..that the government of Israeli simply ignored the resolutions and moved ahead. It was only when the United States finally froze the funds here in the U.S., that the Israeli's stopped their advance, but it was a far harder job to get them to withdraw from territory that they had seized as they jumped after the U.N. had withheld the Arab nations as they waited for a clearance of plans. The U.S. under the Eisenhower Doctrine was able to hold to a minimum the penetration of the Soviet Union into that area as they persuaded the English and the French to pull back, and then froze the assets of the Jews here in the U.S. but the Israeli's ignored the United Nations resolutions time after time and then jumped as the U.N. held the Arabs back and thus war broke out in the Middle-East at that time.

Vice President Richard Nixon on his return to the U.S. from his African tour noted that the failure to alleviate the plight of the Arab refugees lies at the core of all Middle-East trouble. He was right in that assessment but the American politicians informed him they do not have an Arab vote to contend with here in the U.S. but they are very aware of the Jewish vote led by the Articulate Zionist Lobby.

President Roosevelt after his visit in an earlier time had said that he thought the Jewish state could be maintained in Palestine only by military force, but here at home he also had thousands to contend with who were anxious for the success of Zionism, and he felt he must please them. Thus under the same kind of pressure then President Truman had recognized the little state of Israeli and the middle-east was once more in open conflict, and remains so to this date.

Palestine is the juncture of Europe, Asia, and Africa and here also lived 42 million Arabs, and in occupying the Beersheba area down to the gulf of Aqaba then the Israeli's had severed the land passage joining Asia to Africa, and cut off the Gaza strip from Arab Palestine, and Jordan. There was then no way of going from Jordan, Syria, or Lebanon to Gaza and Egypt except by air. Was this any way to live in Peace with their Neighbors? Israeli's policy of ..'eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth', has only increased Arab hatred for these people called Yehudi (Jew) who have infiltrated their land, and claimed it for their own.

Here in America the Press refuses to report the new impartially for always it is Jewish-Christian relations rather than the best interest of the United States that is maintained, and this has always molded American opinion on the matter of the state of Israeli. Even when the Israeli's jumped and attacked the Gaza territory, the Press in America refused to report the true situation to the United States population. Never did the Press point out that the Israeli's did not send volunteers to fight communism in the Korean war, nor would Israeli permit any Western Military or air bases on their soil, the way Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and even Libya had done. In fact Israeli stated that they would not cooperate with the U.S. foreign policy where that policy seemed to run counter to the interest of the state of Israeli. But any suggestion that the United States be guided by her own National Interest invariably ran into anguished howl's and all in the same vein:...'How can America desert the defenseless little state of Israeli?'

Any time the U.S. tries for even play with the Arabs then an Election Day looms and the politicians are reminded that all Jewish communities should themselves be satellites of Israeli, and politicians thus are allowed to forget who their heaviest contributors really are. The Western nations despite their diversified cultural, financial and military interest in the Mid-east area always swallow their tongues when they come to this little abortive state called Israel.

When Golda Meir and great activist...came to power in Israeli, then the pressure on the west only increased. When president Eisenhower for a moment had stood firm, after being a devoted friend for years, the Zionist machine moved to defeat him. President Eisenhower had moved to stop the Israeli invasion of Egyptian territory, and he pointed out that this Israeli attack was merely Zionist Expansionism, and for this the Zionists turned to attack him.

It was not secret that Ben Gurion from the first had called for the bringing in of 8,000 more Jews into Israeli, and everyone knew that unless the Jews had more territory there would be no place for them, but still the western world under their propaganda drive did not call attention to this fact. The disease of 'labelitis' has proved to be Zionism's strongest ally. By wrapping the labels...'Humanitarian'...liberal and religious around its political programs Zionism has carried the day.

There is one thing that you should remember, that in bringing about the partitioning of Palestine and securing the most favored-nation treatment for Israeli that all Jews are not Zionists and all Zionists are not Jews, for indispensable assistance was rendered by American Christians in creating this mess. The idea that the establishment of Israeli is a part of Biblical prophecy, and a necessary procedure for the second coming of Jesus leads the Zealousness of Christian Zionist to even out strip the Jewish Zionists in their efforts.

What little the average Christian knows about the Middle-east is tempered by their addiction to the National craze for T.V. Americans have a tendency to want to be liked, and to support the underdog, and if all the facts had been known and informed American with this underdog bias would never have stood for the raping of nuns, the killing of babies, and other barbaric tactics the Jews going into the middle-east used, and are still using for very few of the incidents we see on T.V. are real, they are staged so as to give an excuse for more killings, and injustices inflicted upon the Arab refugees. But when most Americans think of the Arabs, if they ever do,...they see Pyramids, camels, dancing girls, and perhaps oil wells, and propaganda fed misinformation, as well as Israeli being built up as a Biblical Paradise once more. It isn't peoples ignorance that does the harm as much as it is their knowing so much that...AIN'T SO!'

Another ploy of Zionism is to use a 'well known' name...Einstein lent his name to the whole Zionist platform altho he did not believe in any of it except one plank. But always a well known name has been used to enhance the prestige of Zionists, and fill their political purse, as well as to confound the American Press. Well known authors have been charged with Anti-Semitism and forced to re-write their books when some reference to Israeli raised the wrath of the Zionists. Professor Arnold Toynbee was one such author when he referred to Israeli as a 'relic of a vanquished civilization'. Even the killing of the United Nations Mediator...count Folke Bernadotte...a friend of the Arabs was handled by Kid gloves by the Press in the Western World. Thus the Zionist establishment stays 'righteous' in the eyes of the world while reaping the benefits of the 'underground operations' and shares no blame.

Until the Christian understands Zionism they will not understand what is happening to their world. In a 38 page booklet published by the A.J.C. in 1951, the eagerness of the American Jewish committee to give council to the Christians was outlined. (quote)...'We supply Christian religious publications with prepared material, articles and stories depicting Jewish Life. Thru the newly created divisions of the Christian Education of the National council of churches, the American Jewish committee and the Anti-Defamation League will jointly have an unprecedented opportunity to aid in the preparation of lesson material, study guides, audio-visual aids and so forth for use in the Educational activities sponsored by the Protestant churches and organizations. (unquote)

That my friends was way back in 1951...and still the Christians seem not to realize that they are being used, and that communism entered Palestine on the heels of Zionism, yet American tax payers are bled to support a communist regime in their old land while they have been fighting communism in all the rest of the world.

This blindness of True Israel has led America down strange paths, we have been tricked into two world wars, we stood spellbound as our Presidents over the years as well as our politicians have been controlled and pressured to bow. We have closed our eyes to the slaughter of the innocents in old Jerusalem, to the murder of any one who stands up for good, such as the murder of the warden of the Holy Garden Tomb of Jesus, to the Sneak attack on our ship the USS the Israeli's, and yet most Americans have never even dreamed that the Zionist control of the U.S. Congress is immense,. They have not even wondered who the Jews really are altho some of the Jewish authors have told us time after time. If our people are interested there are plenty of facts available, but their attention span is short, and T.V. and Sports and such are much more interesting.

However all such situations have always run their course, and this idea that the little abortive state of Israeli is the Israel of the Bible will surely be revealed when YAHWEH is ready...revealed to be just what it is .. a propaganda ploy used against a blinded people. Since we believe that all things happen as YAHWEH allows, we also believe that our people will awake as to who they are, and their purpose here in earth. That their destiny will be fulfilled and all prophecy will come to pass. When the TIME of 'the tares' is finished the great awakening will come and altho Satan has been allowed to throw all his arsenal at a blinded people of the kingdom still he is going to lose thus fulfilling prophecy.

We the children of the Kingdom need to realize that the Bible is no lazy man's book, for much of its treasure is found only by diligent seekers. The Christian world has been content to be followers of some man who has chosen the ministry as his profession and livelihood, they do not attempt to help him in searching for truth, they are content to follow, and this we feel has helped the enemy being able to establish a rule over us as much as they have been allowed to do. When everything is going smoothly with the Christians and the enemy ceases to harass them then is the time generally speaking when the Christian needs to suspect something is wrong with his testimony.

You will find that the World Order will tolerate religion as long as its carnal repose is not disturbed, for religion is a garb to hide the shame of the World Order and what it approves of, but let someone come out and claim there is more to the story...let them insist that YAHWEH as YAHSHUA claims first place in our affections, thought and lives, and that message is at once distasteful to the World Order in which we live. The World Order will applaud the Christian who attends church on Sunday as long as there is nothing which disturbs his hold on your lives, and if you underpay your servants, and overcharge your customers in the business world, that is commended for broad-mindedness and shrewdness, where as the real Christian who lives in fear and love of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA all the day long, who conducts himself as a stranger and pilgrim in this world of today is condemned as a bigot and puritan, thus you cannot please your enemy, so no use trying. We remember that a lost sheep has a tendency to stray, and to wander further and further away...thus the Shepherd must do the seeking...and HE did just that...HE calls His sheep by name..HE sought out Moses and Abraham...thus true Faith looks to a promising God and expects HIM to be a performing God as well...'Faithful is He who calleth you, who also will do it.' (I Thessalonians 5:24) Faith is to be followed up by fact, and the end of the Christian age is war and Israel is the battle axe prepared against its closing days of wrath. It is then a mistaken policy for a Christian nation to join in the cry of Peace, Peace when there is no Peace promised for the end of this age or even the beginning of the next, which we feel we have entered. But we are still HIS battleaxe and weapons of war, and with HIS help we shall conquer, just as David did when he met Goliath. Remember that Goliath had a helmet of brass upon his head...but David's stone did not enter the visor of that helmet...which was open so that he could see. No.. the stone entered his DIVINE POWER...thus the stone that David used went thru the helmet of brass and entered the forehead of Goliath, and he was dead.

This is symbolic as well and tells us that Truth as a great Sword will enter the brain of the enemy and will slay the darkness there in. Then the Light of the Kingdom will shine forth upon this earth and prophecy will come True as Jesus taught us to pray:...'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heaven.'