ERM - Tape 077 - Sibylline Oracles & Swift Sermon "Stream Of Life" 1961


TAPE NO. 77......By Ella Rose Mast




We have told you before about the Delphia Oracle, and would like to fill in the story a bit more from the material found in the Pseudopigraphia volumes loaned to me by Jeanette.

The name Sibyl seems to be a Latin word meaning, Seer. At one time all the writings of the Sibylline Oracles were in the library at Rome. The word Sibyl refers to a single individual, and the name of perhaps the first Prophetess of the Adamic Race was Sambethe. This is the one who says she was of Noah's household.

Ovid, in his writings tells us that the Sibyl or Prophetess was granted by Apollo..that she might live as many years as there were grains of sand on the sea shore. Col. Totten quoted from the Sibylline Books:...'Far beyond the ocean, there will extend, after many ages, a large and fertile land, and in it will arise a brave and wise man, who shall by His counsel and by his arms, liberate his oppressed country from servitude.' Then Cicero quoted:...'And shall found under happy auspices a Republic most like to ours both in its origin, and its history, much and deservedly to be preferred, ye good gods to Brutus and Camillus.' Thus the Sibylline Oracles were past, present, and future, and so was the prophecy of the expansion of Israel. The Sibyl's then were women of the Adamic Race who prophesied, and those prophecies reached through thousand of years, and even after their death for being a part of the Race, their message reached beyond to the coming rule of the kingdom. Their prophecies were also much in allegory and hidden from much of the world as is even the Bible. And the first recorded one is by the lady saying she is from the house of Noah, either a daughter, or daughter-in-law, thus this traces them back in history but still of this Adamic Race.

There is a listing of 10 of the Sibyl's..There was a Persian one, and one from Libya, Delphic one which we have spoken of before from the old big book. A Cimmerian, Erythrean, Samean, Cumean, Hellespontican, Phrygian, and Tuburlin Sibyl. And there was then also a Hebrew or Chaldean Sibyl, and an Egyptian Sibyl making 12 in all. Their writings seem to have been copied and preserved from the 2nd., Century B.C., up until the seventh Century A.D., and then lost from view.

The Sibyls prophesied of political as well as religious upheavals. They spoke of different coming rulers such as Alexander the Great, and his effect upon the known world. They spoke of a 'Golden Age' such as that which occurred in the days of King Solomon who was termed an ideal Monarch. They spoke of progeny, of portenders, and political crisis all related to the WILL OF ONE GREAT GOD. They proclaimed that all life and salvation resided in the worship of this ONE GREAT GOD OF THE HEBREWS.

The early church Fathers spoke of the writings of the Sibylline Oracles, and prized them as guides for Israel..the new church. The first published edition of the Sibylline Oracles came forth in Basel, Switzerland in 1545. Then again in 1853..a complete set was published with the first book dating back to the second century B.C. Different books of the set were known to Clement of Alexandria, Egypt especially three thru five were quoted by him. Some of these books were traced to Egypt, to Syria, also to Asia Minor, or to an undetermined area of the near east such as no. 8. These books or Oracles are dominated by eschatology, which is the doctrine of finality, judgment, and a future state. Thus they were concerned with the glorious Kingdom they foretold at the end of a certain age, and the transformation of the earth. (We would say the Kingdom rule over earth) However only in the Oracles after the birth of YAHSHUA (The Christ) do we find a more extensive interest in the fate of the individual after death. But the Paradise of the Resurrected Saints is described and looked for and then is understood to be an earthly one depicted in terms of a transformation of earth. This is why we say this is the coming Kingdom Age.

In the Sibylline Oracles the practice of Idolatry, and sexual offences is condemned, while Monotheism...the worship of ONE God is insisted on. Special reproach is poured out on Homosexuality. Greed is condemned and virginity is commended as a virtue.

The Oracles were deemed important enough to find a place in Emperor Constantine’s speech to the Saints. All the writings of the Sibyls were at one time deposited in the Library of Ancient Rome. Those of the Cumean Sibyl were concealed, not revealed to many since they expressed what would happen to Italy and especially precise as to the city of Rome.

The Oracles speak of 10 generations, this makes us think of the Sepheroth Tree, and they stress that after 7 generations then the Savior comes, and after that we move on to the climatic events of what they call the 10th., generation..we would say completion. Yes, here in the Pseudopigraphic the translators try to depict Jew and Hebrew as one and the same altho at times this makes different events in conflict. This you run into with most books, but knowing something about Identity of people helps sort out facts.

In the first book of the Oracles we are told of the Creation and the forming of Adam and Eve and then their fall. We are then told of how the Race multiplied in what they term the first generation. In this book they speak of building houses, cities, walls, and wells, and how this race understood how to do these things. It was said that these people did not die as tho worn out by their troubles, but as if just overcome by sleep. With the death of Adam then they move into the stories of the Next generation. In the second generation of this Race they tell of how the most righteous men tilled the soil, became Master Builders, Astronomers and Physicians. (This would be the sons of Seth moving out in their destiny..would it not?)

The Sibyls describe the Adamic Race in the third generation as being men mighty in spirit, moving out over the earth where they encountered others performing many evil deeds.

In the fourth generation the Sibyls tell us that the Adamic people encountered a worsening situation as men became more evil. Then Noah was bidden to prepare an Ark (in the upper Tarim Basin as we know) but he was also to preach repentance for 120 years. Then at the correct time Noah and family entered the Ark and the flood came. Later the Ark rested in the high mountains of Phyrgia (that area), and the 5th., generation came to an end.

In the sixth generation, Noah and his sons and their wives moved out in their migrations, and a New 'era' for the Race began, as Abraham then came into the picture.

In the time span of what they term the seventh generation YAHWEH came as YAHSHUA-Savior, to fulfill the Law..not to destroy it. Magi (Priests) came to the place of his birth bringing him Gold, Myrrh, and Incense. In Greek mythology he came to the children of Heaven and Earth, which would be the children of the Kingdom.

The Sibyl then tells us that 'A Beautiful Stone' (we would interpret this as the capstone of the Pyramid) came from the land of Egypt, and those of Israel (now called gentile) gathered under his leadership. Yes, again the interpreters try to say that the Jews, Israel and Hebrews are one and the same, then tell you that the Jews hated the Christ, but some didn't. The Sibyl however carries on the story of the coming of The Christ to Lost Israel, the crucifixion and Resurrection. After this they tell of the wise leaders (Apostles) with their message to Lost Israel, and then after the Hebrews are driven from their land in Palestine that there is a cessation of Prophets for Israel.

In Book 2 of The Sibylline Oracles again there is a review of history thru these ten generations. Then comes the fall of Rome, and what we would say she is describing as the Renaissance, and finally the contest to gain entry into what is called..'The Heavenly City, (New Jerusalem) by those who do not belong there. The Sibyl warns that the love of money is the mother of all evil. (We have always believed that you should put away for your old age, then anything else will be taken from you.) Thus do not try to gain wealth unjustly for anyone who does it unjustly will leave it behind as they go to the grave.

Here there are signs given of what will mark the end of things as we know them. Some of these listed by this Sibyl are:...children born with grey temples at birth. (Does this mean with all afflictions that brings an early death?) There will be afflictions of men; famines, pestilence, wars, changes of TIME, lamentations, many tears. Alas! how many people's children will feed (live off) their parents, and yet complain all the time. They will place their flesh in Cloaks and bury them (in the ground?) (Perhaps no longer be able to pay for funerals?) Mothers of the people defiled with blood and dust, (or perhaps mothers of Israel raped and killed by evil doers)..those who do not understand that when the species of females do not give birth..the harvest of articulate men has come. (Perhaps this also refers to abortions.)

The gathering together (of Israel) is near when some deceivers (false) in place of Prophets approach. Beliar (Satan and his kingdom family) will do many signs for men, and there will be confusion of Holy and Chosen, and faithful men, and there will be a plundering of the Hebrews. (the kingdom). Then a terrible wrath will come upon earth (the world order) when a people from the east (the past) seek the people who the Assyrians thought they had destroyed of this Hebrew race. (Will this be a seeking of Identity).

It is envisioned that when all is said and done..the faithful, chosen, Hebrews (we would say the Adamic Race) will rule over exceedingly mighty men who have held them subjected in olden times...BECAUSE THE POWER BEHIND THIS RACE (THE KINGDOM PEOPLE) shall never fail. The MOST HIGH who oversees ALL LIVING will come to His Blessed Servants, and as many as the Master when HE comes..finds awake..who have stayed awake looking expectantly for His coming..those will SEE HIM. HE will however come, and the signs from the starry heavens will be:...'When all the stars appear in Midday to all, with two luminaries (the sun and moon).

But first will be the coming of Elijah: 'Then the Thiesbite driving a Heavenly Chariot at full speed from Heaven and earth, and displaying 3 signs.'

1. The sign of Truth..spread out in the heavens. (We would say the Sword of Truth).

2. The sign of the sound of the Trumpet.

3. The Resurrection of the Dead..(The Biblical references:..Mal. 4:5, Matt. 11:14, Matt. 16:14, and Matt. 17:10, these are references to the coming of Elijah. (We believe that the spirit of Elijah would be like a ministry of truth, proclaiming it and fulfilling the part of a prophet. Some have suggested Dr. Swift was the bearer of an Elijah ministry.)

The Sibyls always give many warnings of things to come and these are called 'Woes'. Here in this Sibyls writings are more predictions for the end of the age:..'Alas, for as many as are found bearing in the womb, on that day, for as many as suckle infant children for as many as will see that day. For a dark mist will cover the boundless world..east, west, north and south,' (Read also Matt.24:19, Mark 13:17, and Luke 21:23)

This destruction is a cleansing by fire, which is Shekinah glory followed by the resurrection of the dead as now Christ is come in Glory, and with Him will be Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua, Daniel, Habakkuk, Elijah, Johan, and those whom the Jews (translated Hebrews) killed. (This is strictly Identity is it not). The Sibyl continues:..He will have destroyed the tares, then all the righteous (kingdom) will be saved, and all the impious will be destroyed, those who abandoned the Great immortal God. Those who are the most wicked, the very arrogant, or are Usurers who gather interest upon interest off of homes, widows, and orphans, they will be punished, they will pay 3 fold for the evil deeds that they have committed. They will then be cleansed by fire. (which we believe is Shekinah Light).

In the notes at the bottom of the page we are told that the idea of a fiery hell seems to be a Jewish development. Ha)

According to this Sibyl...the earth belongs to the righteous, and under rule of the kingdom and its king there will be no poor man or rich man, no tyrant, no slave, no tomorrows, no yesterday, no death for HE (YAHSHUA) will pick them (the tares) out from among the kingdom people and send them to another place because of the Eternal Life promised to His Kingdom people.

Book 3 of the Sibylline Oracles looks forward to a great Eternal Kingdom, a world Kingship which promises strife from the beginning. This book written about 163 to 145 B.C., in Egypt from among the Hebrews dwelling there under the rule of Ptolemaic Kings. The temple referred to is the Jerusalem temple built by the Israelites when they returned from Babylonian captivity. The book ends with the promise of the coming King from the sun who will bring the message of Peace on earth. In this book we read of Praises of God and denunciation of all Idolatry. We read of the destruction later of Rome as a World Power. The advent of Belair when he will lead many of the faithful and chosen of the Hebrew's astray. This Sibyl follows the theme of the other Sibyls as in symbolism she tells of a world ruled by a woman (Israel). There is much praise of the Hebrews, the story of how there came a race of people from the land of the Chaldeans, and how they fulfill the WORD OF THE GREAT GOD. She tells of the coming of this people out of Egypt, with Moses as their leader. How they came to Mt. Sinai, then on into the land of old Palestine. She tells of the leaving of the Hyksos (white shepherds) from Egypt, back thru old before the coming of the savior King to Judea where he declared a judgment upon a people and a land who resisted HIM. She speaks of the doctrine of the finality of this Great program, and then she also gives signs for the end time when the kingdom is to be established:.....

'I will tell you a very sign, so that you will know when the end of all things comes to pass on earth; when Swords are seen at night in the starry heavens, toward evening and toward dawn, and again dust is brought forth from heaven upon the earth, and all the light of the sun is eclipsed in the middle of the heavens, and the rays of the moon appear and return to earth. There will be a sign from the Rocks...with blood and drops of gore. You will see a battle of infantry and cavalry in the clouds, like a hunt of wild beasts, like a mist. This is the end of war, which God who inhabits heavens is accomplishing, for all those who sacrifice to the Great King.'

(How would you interpret this?)

This Sibyl then says in conclusion:...'I am a prophetess of the Great God. What happened first he did not reveal to me. These things my father told me. God put the future in my mind, so I prophecy both as to future and former things, and tell them to mortals. When the flood came, I was this man's (Noah) daughter-in-law and I am of his blood. (Race)

In all of the rest of the books the Sibylline Oracles are about the things which these women prophesied which would affect Israel. In book 5 after a review of History the Sibyl records a short prayer for Judea. (quote)

'Be gracious, begetter of ALL, to the fertile, luxurious great land of Judea, sot hat we may behold your plans. For you knew this land with favor so that she seems to be a special gift to all, and especially to Israel as God enjoined.' (unquote)

In book 7, the Sibyl talks about the coming of the Christ, then of how the false Prophets who put on shaggy hides of sheep (we would say those who pretend they are sheep or Hebrews and are not). These false shepherds then bring on the 'Woes' to the true sheep. However they will not be able to change the minds of the righteous sheep of the kingdom who keep their heart and minds faithfully on their God. This book ends with another description of the end of the world order, and the restoration of the righteous, or kingdom rule, the setting in place of this race as it was in the beginning (thus in heaven).

There are 14 books of the Sibylline Oracles and then many fragments from different ones and you don't quite know where they fit.

All the Oracles carry the affirmation of Monotheism...or the worship of the ONE Great God, as well as the Praises of the Hebrew Race when they follow the path outlined by their Savior.


THE STREAM OF LIFE....from the Swift tape ministry...2-5-61

The Sibyl Oracles confirm what Dr. Swift was talking about in this sermon. The Biblical text he used is Revelation 22:1-2...'And He showed me (John) a pure river of water of Life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God, and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river was the 'Tree of Life' which bare 12 manners of fruit, and yielded her fruit every month, and the leaves of the Tree were for the healing of the nations'.

We realize there is a very vital sense of knowledge and understanding concerning the life which proceeds from God, its purposes in the earth, the vastness of grace, and most important for each one of us to perceive. Probably there has never been a time of more uncertainty or when it is more important to His 'Stream of Life' he is talking about the kingdom. The Tree with the 12 manners of fruit, each one a symbol of the 12 tribes of Israel, each tribe a fruit of the Tree, a symbol of God's healing of the nations, for the fruit of this Tree bore the symbol of Destiny. The Life of this Tree then came from the 'Stream of Life' which flows as a mighty river from the throne of God.

We need so very much to understand the impact, this 'Stream of Life', is to have upon the world in which we live, as well as our relationship to the Law of Life. In the book of Romans we read:..'The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free of the law of sin and death.' First a river of Life from the throne of God, then the law of Spirit of Life which set you free. It is thus essential we understand this Law of the Spirit of Life, and our relationship to this Stream of Life.

Now; the book we call the Bible was definitely written for our race, thus it is easily understood by those of our race who seek to understand it, as the Spirit of YAHWEH (God) makes it known unto us. We must understand that God and His Spirit is the very essence of our being. It is the very motion, the very action out of HIS own mind, His Intelligence and we His children are able to receive. It was out of the energy of the mind form pattern of His own Spirit that He made the Universe.

We believe that the more we know about the Spirit of God, the more we became aware of the functioning process for us, the more we will release the power of the Spirit which is resident in us, that God sent into earth, by the method the Bible describes. As we talk of this Stream of Life we are talking about the Graciousness of God, far reaching beyond the most perception of men. The Grace of God, the Love of God, and the Life of God are three of the most important things that you can understand, in relationship to HIM.

The Apostle Paul declares that the whole Universe to the furthermost extent was created by HIM, and for HIM. The first verse in the book of Genesis also tells us that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Beginnings are only points of origin for the individual creations. There is one pattern that is more than philosophy, and this is the proof of existence, that there has never been a beginning for God, that He was before all things, that by HIM all things consist. But He has always been creating, always existing, for the Life and the Spirit, and the energy which is God has always had a form, always had existence.

If we could travel to the perimeter of our visible Universe which our greatest telescopes have discovered, if we could stand upon such a threshold we would see before and beyond it an ever increasing expanse of creation. From the tiniest orbit of the atoms to the largest orbit of the Solar System, and then to the great Island Universes moving thru the vastness of space...YAHWEH-God made it all and then He said:...'it was good'.

Thru out the vastness of that picture we can catch just a small glimpse of the 'Grace of God'. When we consider that here in the midst of all this, exists our earth, hurtling thru space inhabited by creatures, or beings. Some are his creation, some are of mutations, but most of all that God would look down on this 'tiny grain of sand' which we call earth then start this chain of events such as to put those of His own Spirit, His Household, His Own Children...HIS RACE with His own breath of Life..put them in earth, as an act of Grace. He therefore put them here to build His Kingdom, to provide a 'Stream of Life' from HIS own throne, to a world now under all the vibrations of destruction, calamity, and catastrophe, as it was at that time, that the Adamic Race was placed in earth. But YAHWEH put this Race here for a functioning purpose, and to provide experiences for those who came. When we understand this then think of the Panorama which this Book contains concerning these things which happened before Our time as of today, in fact happened before the coming of our Race. When we realize that the environment we came into still exists, has existed thru all these thousands of years, then we begin to feel a permanency concerning 'The Spirit of Life' which dwells in you and me.

Remember that this Adamic Race had breathed within it, the very LIFE of God, and when He planted a Holy Seed inside these bodies that Adamic men dwell in, the resulting impact was going to be that they would increase and multiply upon this earth until the Kingdom of YAHWEH (God) far reaching was installing men with the 'Law of Life', and the 'Truth' of the Laws of God were then to go out from one end of the earth to the other. This was divine purpose, and eventually the whole earth would be back in orbit under the MOST HIGH GOD.

We have read many times and it is a knowledge open to all who study the phases of theology, that are available unto them, that all the troubles we have today thru out the Universe came from a rebellious Spirit who tried to set up the thinking of his mind, and the functioning of his purposes against the Creator of all things. At no time was he (Satan) as Great as God, now was it within his capacity to be as Great, or to produce creations like YAHWEH did, but the ego then could only make one turn, since he could not create, then he would destroy. His Universe has only been one of destruction, and his creation one of disintegration. Thus it was that this rebellious Archangel...Lucifer gathered together hosts of even Angelic beings, and creatures from the planets of the Universe, and in the antiquities of yesterday sought to overthrow the Throne of God. Then defeated by the Hosts of Heaven, the Mighty Hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD. And still not inhibited, not exterminated, not destroyed, not tortured except by the utter evil of error..then earth became Satan's prison chamber. Here surrounded altho held back from expanding thru out the Universe, Satan has only been able to mutate. He sought to change to distort. And those who rebelled with him also did not 'keep their first estate' and intermingled with the ancient creation, and sowed out of the hosts who came with people from other areas of the Universe, as the people of this earth were to know its great catastrophic error. All these ages before the Adamic Race was to arrive in Earth. This is why you find that Divine verse...'God created the Heavens and the Earth.' no time element thus necessary to put a restriction on how long it was to take. The purpose of the Bible was not to give you a chronology of the Universe, only a history of Our Race in earth.

The second verse (Genesis 1) 'and the earth was without form and was void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep'..starts a narrative with its symbolism, its allegories, and its vital message of ...'Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven...unto them it is not given.' YAHWEH then said:..'I send my Spirit upon you, the spirit which the world cannot receive, so that you can understand things which shall be. For my spirit shall guide you into the knowledge of all truth, and bring all things to your remembrance! Significantly therefore the Children of Spirit can receive all things of the spirit because their inner consciousness vibrates at the same wave length as YAHWEH who begat them.

Jeremiah the prophet (chapter 4) was given a vision of this interval between the first and second verse of Genesis 1. He beheld the earth as it became without form and voided; he sees catastrophe sweeping over the earth, he sees cities disappear, and jungles arising where once civilization stood. He saw that marching feet were stilled, he saw mountains uplifted and land in different areas of earth as they sank. He saw the catastrophe caused by ancient violations of Law. This is evil, for it no longer functions in the synchronization of the 'LAW OF LIFE' AND 'LAW OF FORM'. In otherwords Lucifer could not create so he set out to destroy.

We can confirm that ancient races waged struggles for power which rocked this earth, long before the Adamic Race arrived. You can still find traces of these power struggles here on earth on the shores of western Africa, and on Easter Island in the Pacific as well as along both shores of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. We see long volcanic scars running..stretching out proving that this land was once above the surface of the water, that vibrations of error, in antiquity all translated into this type of action. However what so ever exists in God's Universe, the mind of God perceives, the mind of God knows, the mind of God put it into form and that form was filled with all the essence of HIS purpose, HIS Being. And He looked upon all of it and sees it as accomplishing good.

We then turn to see the mutation of all that was good, for when Lucifer became Satan he was filled with some of this knowledge. There is no question of this. he knew how to make the atom, he knew how to take it apart. However he could not in rebellion make the atom, he could only take it apart. Thus tragedy struck the earth, and those species were mutated, mongrelization became the LAW of the times. What is termed 'Sin' today is simply violation of Divine Law, thus mongrelization of the people of earth, resulted in the catastrophe of this evil concept which existed from then on.

Let us try to capture just a little bit of the nature of God. One would think that out of the vastness of His Universe, and with all these things which were His creation, that one rebellious Archangel and forces of the hosts of heaven having come to earth could not have created all the catastrophes that enveloped this little globe which is spinning thru space. One would perhaps think that God does not reach that far out. But we want you to know that the theology of God is so much more far reaching than the theology of most men, for most men are not willing to go that far.

The day is coming when the forces set in motion by the mind of God, in this very 'Stream of Life' is going to establish His kingdom forever in the earth. The day is coming when Lucifer, defeated, will get behind, as Jesus told him to do, and he is going to once more follow, and to bow the knee. The day is coming when Lucifer (as the Devil) will be no more, and this Archangel will once more serve before the throne of God, and before your family, and its family tree and victory will come thru out the Universe.

Now; when the Adamic Race was placed in earth they knew what was to transpire. In fact before the foundation of this earth YAHWEH had discussed the necessity of HIS GRACE. The first seduction of this race of the kingdom was for the purpose of mongrelizing it, and this catastrophe lost for this race one of the elements of their own nature, which would have accompanied their residence in earth, giving them unlimited power and unlimited spiritual force, which was simply..The Shekinah Glory of their Father. The reason this ceased was because the Shekinah Glory of the Father could not cohabit with the darkness, could not be a part of that violation of Divine Law, the original principal expressed in the scripture. This was not the multiplication of Grace, this was an intermingling of this race with the 'Tree of the knowledge of good and of evil'..this was the fallen household of Lucifer, and the catastrophe was a shaken earth.

If you were to go into the structure of God's covenants you would discover very quickly that form the beginning Adam was told that out of him and this 'Stream of Life' of which he was a part..would come this promised kingdom. Oh yes, there would be enmity between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent, the theological symbol of Lucifer. As we read down thru the Bible we see that there is nothing more important than the preservation of this 'Life Stream'. From the days of Adam thru Seth, this acceptable child...the unpolluted seed of Adam and Eve was then established to carry forward. Thus Seth was a Patriarch of our race, and from the days of Seth down to Noah we see outlined this 'Stream of Life'. Great Patriarchs arise in this time...such men as Enoch and who walked with God, men who listened to God as he spoke, who have been given instructions above many of those around about.

Enoch thus stands out above all others as one who had stood in the presence of YAHWEH even making a trip to the 'Crystal Palace' of the MOST HIGH GOD. Enoch was a son of Adam in this 'Stream of Life'..a son of God sent to earth for a great purpose. When Enoch returned to Earth he wrote his books such as the 'Powers of Enoch'..'The Secrets of Enoch' and these were ancient mysteries referred to in the Zohar and other ancient manuscripts. This is all a part of the panorama of this 'Stream of Life'...out of a Race.

The Racial stream then out of Seth came on down to Noah and scripture tells us that violence and evil were always trying to destroy the Kingdom of God now in earth. The word Nephilin referred in a unique way to this unassimilatable offspring of a diabolical union. The translation in the King James Version is in error for these Nephilin were not sons of God, they were Angels who did not keep their first estate. Besides the Angels were not at anytime called 'Sons of God'. At no time did YAHWEH say to the Angels:..'Thou art my Sons'...These Nephilin were thus mutations.

In the ancient book of Job we listen as God speaks to Job saying:..'when the morning stars sang together, and all the Sons of God shouted for Joy'.. The Archangels were 'morning stars' but they were not 'Sons of God'. How was it that in the antiquities of yesterday there were Sons of God in the heavens? YAHWEH said to Job:..'You were there, and thou were full of years' ...and that goes for you of this race, because the 'Life' which resides in you is the LIFE ISSUE OF YAHWEH. You are Spirit, with the Father from the beginning, before even this world was framed. You have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places with the Eternal, before you ever abode in earth. As seed of your own seed, life out of your own life, within this physical body, so are you the children of God's own Spirit. While you were children of Adam after the flesh, you are thus children of God after the spirit, and the spirit preceded the flesh, it did not come was first.

We want you to realize that as it relates to this kingdom of the Eternal, that the house of Noah was faced with a great problem. Unassimilatable forces were seeking to absorb, to seize and to marry, to carry off those of this 'Stream of Life'. It was the design of Lucifer and his people to neutralize by mongrelization this Race of the kingdom. YAHSHUA spoke of this as it pertains to our day:...'As it is in the days of Noah..there was eating, drinking and giving in marriage.' There is nothing wrong with any of these things perhaps if not abused, and giving in marriage is a custom which has been in the background of Divine Blessing up to our time, which has the sanction of the church as well. But this eating, drinking and giving in marriage in the days of Noah was something altogether different. The Nephilin were trying to absorb this Adamic Race from which the 'Stream of Life' was coming. They wanted to mongrelize it, thus destroy it and stop the 'Stream of Life' from Divine Destiny. Most of those swallowed up in the flood at that time were not basically people of any distinct race, they were mutations from the fallen powers of Angels who did not keep their first estate. The Hebrew did not say these were said Nephilin. When the Hebrew talked about men it was speaking of Adam-men or Enosh-men, but Nephilin were a mongrelized society.

Now; do not let anyone tell you that all the races of mankind, or even all the 'Stream of Life' came out of Noah and his three sons and their wives. Also nothing was on that Ark which was not acceptable to the MOST HIGH GOD. The waters of that flood did not cover the whole earth, only that place as the Hebrew word...errat...proclaims.

But yes, there was that 'Stream of Life' carrying forward a destiny. God poured out LIFE; and there was a purpose, for inside this Race was a 'seed' of Life. The mystery of this was that it was a Holy seed. It carried with it the nucleus of Divine Glory, and had within it the wavelength to think Divine thoughts. It was the very Life Energy of God Himself. It was... God himself...concerned in all this, for He did not want this 'Stream of Life' mongrelized. It was thus definitely a violation of Divine Law to mutate this Adamic Race.

With the coming of Abraham again we find that YAHWEH WAS VERY MUCH INVOLVED, for He did not want anything to disturb this fulfilling of destiny. Abraham was finally called to get out of his own land where mongrelization was now being practiced. And when we say:..'Stream of Life', we mean life pulsing, vibrating Life,...the Life of God, the Life which God can activate, Life that nothing can upset.

When Abraham was an old man still a genealogy emerged from him, he became 'the father of nations' for...'The Stream of Life' came on thru Isaac and then Jacob. And we would call your attention to an error of translation in the writings of the Apostle Paul (Galatians 3:16)...'now to Abraham, and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, and to seeds as many, but as ONE'. And actually this one seed is that which came out of Isaac...for YAHSHUA came later out of Judah and David. God gave this promise to Abraham by promise. And inheritance is by seed..fatherhood. This covenant was made thru the embodiment of His Spiritual Seed. He was not going to permit it to be set aside. 'I shall establish my covenant between ME and thee, and after thee with thy seed thru all generations.' And then Sarah had a son in spite of her advanced age. Then..'In Isaac shall thy seed be called.' And from Isaac, thru Jacob this 'Stream of Life' continued. Esau remember married outside the Race therefore he could not carry forward the 'Stream of Divine Life' for the betterment of the earth.

In the climactic chapters of Genesis the blessing was being passed down upon the sons of Jacob. And do not for a minute believe that Joseph married an Egyptian lady outside of the race. The wife of Joseph was from the household of the Priesthood of the Temple of On, established by Enoch and Job. Thus Joseph married Asenath and produced two sons...Ephraim and Manasseh, and they were of the pure seed line because they were acceptable to the Spirit of YAHWEH as the name 'Israel' was bestowed upon the two lads.

This 'Stream of Life' was continuing on down thru the generations..while there were also people who hardly ever called themselves Israelites were moving in to claim your inheritance. These people are not descendants from any of the tribes of Israel in spite of being called such by blinded people trapped in Judeo-Christian philosophy. A great number of those called Jews today are Khazars who became converts to those who dominated the Temple in Cainanites, Hittites, Amalakites and so forth who were so mixed in race it is hard to sort them out.

A new covenant was finally made with the House of Judah and the House of Israel. Upon reading this New Covenant you realize that God was going to put His Spirit again into the hearts of those of this 'Stream of Life'. This was so that they would function, and bring into their consciousness again the concept of HIS Kingdom, to bring it into reality. Even tho he had given them the law upon Mt. Sinai, he was now going to give them the Spiritual impulse to carry out this law. To carry it out by desire and inner Will as the spirit of God moved upon them. The New Covenant was to envelope the Great Work of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA-Messiah, and the New Covenant would be Identified with HIM completely:...'I am YAHSHUA..I AM thy Savior...I AM thy Redeemer,...besides me there is no God.' Isaiah told us this... and then HE said:...'When I bring my people from the east, the west, the north, and the south, they will have my name on them. They will know as embodied..from YAHWEH (God)' Therefore the Spirit of Law of Life in Christ Jesus makes us free from the Law of Sin and Death..then He kept his covenant to restore this 'Racial Stream of Life' to its full spiritual vitality. That is why the necessity of Calvary. That is where He fulfilled the work He came to do.

And now...The Kingdom:..This 'Stream of Life'..sent into the world to begin with was an act of Grace. YAHWEH did not put it here to gamble on getting it back, he put it here to bring 'Life' back into earth, to put spiritual vision here. There is no greater knowledge that you can have today than your relationship to this truth that within you of this Race is...THE VERY LIFE OF GOD HIMSELF...You are his children, He is your Father. There is one thing to be achieved which is the Mighty Triumph of your Faith...which will bring the envelopment to the entirety of the race, for the greatest age the world has ever known.

We sometimes find that people do not understand just how free they can be with this 'Spirit of the Law of Life in Christ Jesus'. John the Apostle tells us that this was..'THE WORD'..this was the ONE by whom all things were made, this is the Light which is the Life of Adam-man. The Apostle Paul also reiterates the mystery in all this as he records:..'It is the Christ in You which is the hope of Glory'. That the mind in you is the mind of This Christ. And he says that if you are aware of the Mind of Christ in you, and aware of the Holy Seed which the Prophet Ezra was so zealous in preserving as he realized its responsibility, then you would also be aware that Christ is speaking unto you as he said:..'You who receive this spirit, that the world cannot receive.' The reason they cannot receive it is because they cannot understand it. But to you he said:..'I sent unto you the Comforter...the Paraclete..or Holy Spirit..this Spirit which the world cannot receive.' Most people read PAST the Word of God and try to give to the ends of the world something they cannot receive. What you can give to the ends of the earth, and what they can receive is what you are going to what you at this time cannot do either..not until Christ in you finishes the work which you must become aware of.

Everyone of you in the the flesh..volunteered to come. As we looked down upon that existing chaos, that great catastrophe Lucifer brought about, the Father said:..we are going to put this in order, and we said:...'I will go'. The great program was to put the family down here with Light and Truth, and with the wave length of spirit, creativity and ability, and we will change all this chaos and put everything back in order. Everyone of you said:...'I will go' and that is why you are here.

Oh! You don't remember..that is right for the Apostle Paul said:..'if you had remembered you would have gone right back as soon as you arrived here. After you grew up and adapted to the world you lost the remembrance of where you came from. You are however still dwelling in a physical world but you are still the Sons of God..the children of Heaven, and we want you to think of yourself as a part of this 'Stream of Life'..which came out of the Throne of God. You are thus God's own spiritual children transferred from heaven to earth. We are here in physical bodies coming up to the edge of Armageddon. This is a struggle the enemy launched and which is now coming up to a climax, and it is all against you, and prophecy tells us that this is true.

We want to tell you that there must remain in your minds and hearts this objective approach. That you have to defeat evil in order for evil to be put down, and people set free. But even in defeat of that evil we defeat it because we must, we resist anything that is evil because we must. But we do not resist it with fear, and we do not resist it with a concept that we are going to be defeated because we are not. The Destiny of prophecy has already ordained that we shall have victory. We do not move out with hate, we just hate the evil.

The day is coming when every living creature will recognize Our Father and bow the knee, and recognize His Gracious Love. And He will say:...Thou art my children'..say it to you, and the world will acknowledge that truth.

One of the greatest ministries of Destiny is just ahead, when you will be set free from all fears and mental complexes which do not belong to you, as Children of God out of this 'Stream of Life'. As you become free, to let the Light and Power of God as it operates in concepts of vision come thru.. as it relates to adapting yourself to earth, so also you will set the earth free, in Heavens Law.

(end of message.) E.R.M.