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TAPE NO. 78.....By Ella Rose Mast





(Mrs. Swift sent us this old book, so lets compare the teaching of that era with the teaching of the Swift Ministry.)


Many writers not understanding the principals of the Egyptian religion or its symbolism would not see the existence of the all embracing beliefs in the power of the Great Ancestral Spirit, and the Resurrection of Adam-man in general, or their immortality which was the chief characteristics of the so called ancient Egyptian religion. Writers without such understanding would not be able to separate the Pagan from the true faith of these so called ancient Egyptians. The writers of today have no idea of the true meaning of the worship of Osiris, for this story like that even of the Scriptures is not only in Hieroglyphics, but is also in allegory and mystery thus not for the understanding of the World Order in general.

Dr. Budge going thru the old records found that as far back as 3400 B.C., or further back, that the Egyptians possessed a knowledge of a great truth, justice and righteousness. They believed in a Life Everlasting, in the heavens, in the Kingdom of Osiris which could only be obtained by those who had lived righteous lives on earth, and who had been declared to be speakers of the truth in the Judgment Hall of Osiris.

Now; let us go back to the tape ministry of Dr. tape dated 1-21-62...'Great Spiritual treasures of our race', and the one entitled:..

As it was in the days of Noah'...9-30-62...which we find outlined for us the message found in the book 'Osiris' and also 'The Egyptian book of the Dead'. As you know Dr. Swifts main theme was the coming of the Spirit children thru the Adamic Race...these believing offspring of the MOST HIGH, not only to be a Light to the world but to build the Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth where eventually it would be...'In earth as it is in heaven'.

In our Bible in the 31st., chapter of Ezekiel, we discover that Egypt existed before Eden and that their ruler was a Pharaoh which was simply a title. In fact the original title for this ruler was Khufu, and this word comes from ancient Atlantian thinking, and is tied into other places of earth as well. But here in Egypt the word Khufu was one of the oldest words for ruler and the name Horus was associated with their High Priest.

We are now interested in this title of Horus for it came out of the Ancient Temples of Karnac, and it was quoted by Herodotus as he wrote about Egyptian history. We feel that if we want to understand the beginning, then to learn the facts we must go back to the ancient writers, and contrary to much of the thinking of today those people did record and they left their records. We thus find that these ancient Egyptian people waited for the arrival of someone they had been looking for who had promised them they would one day come...and here they came into ancient Egypt several thousand years before the Birth of The Christ. For total understanding we must go backward in time with those ancient Egyptians and find out why they waited---and what brought them into the ancient land of the Nile as they waited.

In the writings of their Priests and other Egyptians we then learn the story of how a great and mighty Archangel rebelled...long the heavens, and how after a great struggle was thrown out of the heavens and finally confined to earth. We learn that this Lucifer brought to earth with him the dark and curly headed warriors and then scattered them over various continents placing them under the rule of various fallen Angels whom they worshiped. In their discussions of these things they tell of great catastrophes which occurred, and we find that the people of earth began to mix sexually with these strangers, and this integration led to bestiality, corruption, and immorality of the worst order, leading to mighty battles here in earth.

At one time the people of earth had served the Great God of the Heavens under the leadership of this Archangel and everything stayed in balance, and life was good. But now everyone was pushed to join this great move into integration, and their life began to fall apart. We then learn that these ancient Egyptians came from the land which went down beneath the Atlantic Ocean. That they migrated from that land where judgment came from YAHWEH-Putah because of the great sin of many of the people. We learn that at one time there were great Temples unto YAHWEH-Putah, that ministering spirits of His Celestial sons were serving in those Temples, and that YAHWEH withdrew his sons from the earth in the hour of these great catastrophes. The ancient writings tell us that these sons called 'gods' instructed the Priests in these ancient Temples where they worshiped the Great God of the Heavens. They tell of how the ones called 'gods' could be heard, and at times seen faintly as they taught from high above the altar, then the Great God took his Celestial sons and daughters home after the catastrophes began to fall because the Divine Laws were broken. They tell us that the earth rocked and rolled and split open and water rushed into the inner fires and whole continents split and eventually plunged into the ocean.

In the Swift Library was a copy of the ancient writings of Horus which had been found in a hidden room in the Temple of Karnac, and these records told of things which these ancient people thought would happen. Then as they migrated from that sinking land of Atlantis, crossing North Africa which was a green and verdant land at that time, they carried with them this promise that day..YAHWEH-Putah would again send to earth His Celestial sons and daughters. They would not come this time as Spiritual Beings as they had come into the Temples of Yesterday, but would come... physical bodies, and would spread and multiply upon the earth to build His Kingdom, and spread His Laws upon the earth. These sons and daughters as they came in Physical bodies were to be observed and recognized as the children of YAHWEH-Putah. This then is the reason why these ancient Egyptians were anticipating the coming of these special people. As the Aryans then came in the days of Enoch and Job into this land we call Egypt, those people recorded that the children of Osiris the Ka of Ra came into their land.

The significant thing here is that the Pharaoh's under the guidance of Horus...their Priest, welcomed the coming of the Adamic Race. Those who wanted to worship Satan called the Adamic people an 'ignoble people'. Menthos wrote that (quote)...The Pharaohs of our land were captured by these Ignoble people who were white of countenance...these called children of Osiris the Ka of Ra. They captured our Pharaoh without the use of weapons. They captured him in his mind for he accepted that these people had come for a special mission. (unquote)

Remember that always the World Order looks upon the children of YAHWEH as an 'Ignoble' people. But remember also that the children of YAHWEH have something greater than those of the World Order, something they cannot combat. This ancient Pharaoh with expectancy of fulfillment of prophecy received, then permitted and accepted the development of Destiny which was the building of the city of ON with its great Temple, the erection of the Pyramid of Giza, and the Sphinx, then lent all the assistance which he could lend to the bringers of these 'Great Truths' into their land.

The fact remains that with this background of understanding, this history, the leaders of the ancient Egyptians, these people from lost Atlantis recognized something tremendous as they said:...Here are the 'gods'...these children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra. They were saying that this Adamic Race were the children of the MOST HIGH who had promised to come embodied into earth...the very Ka (Spirit-soul) of the Great God of Light of the Heavens. Dr. Budge finds that the word Ka meant...soul, or consciousness and that Ra was who they referred to as the God of Light. These ancient people also called the sun...Ra, but they were not actually worshiping the sun, it was just that in their theology it was just that the sun was marked as a symbol of the Great God whose Universe was ruled by His Light, and His Righteous Personality.

Now; in Africa at that time and even in some places in Egypt, people worshiped gods of darkness for Lucifers pagan doctrines had been in Africa ever since Lucifer was confined to earth, and before these ancient Egyptians came into our land. This is why it is significant that these ancient people testified that this Adamic Race were the children of the Lord of Life and Resurrection. This is what the Title Osiris means:...'LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION'. And these children of the Ka or soul consciousness of Ra...came from the Great God of the heavens. No wonder these ancient people called the Adamites...'gods'...this was the origin of the term in Greek Mythology. These ancient people thought that a ladder seemed to stretch from heaven to earth where as Osiris...the Ka of Ra descended and ascended, for HE is the Chief of the LIVING ONES...'the gods'. HE is the ONE who can raise Himself from the Dead.

Now; this was long before the coming of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA but actually this was looking forward to what today we call atonement, crucifixion, and resurrection. They also believed that one of the 'gods' would put his sandal on the head of the Dragon long before the Great God came to step on the head of the Serpent. We find from the book 'Osiris' that as these 'Ignoble' people came into Egypt and took over the administration of that land for the building of the great Identity measures that new views of a future life entered the country. These ancient Egyptians as they watched these 'gods' at work thought of them sort as of a Holy Family and later the Greeks would come to write about them in their mythology.

In Egypt the people dramatized this story of their Faith, and Osiris was killed by the serpent, and then rose from the dead. The throne of Osiris was said to have 9 sub-thrones with ONE on the throne at the top, thus completion as depicted by the ancient Israel Doctrines which the Aryans carried with them almost 5000 years before the Birth of The Christ. Always the picture included a serpent...head upraised but this was not found in the older papyri. This story in symbolism follows the story in the 'Egyptian book of the Dead'. Thru out both books it is the symbols which tell the story of the expectance of the coming of YAHSHUA at a stated time, and then speaks of his death and resurrection. Isis who we believe to be the daughter of Enoch is also built into this symbolism of the story because of...the Great Truths that she taught.

There in Egypt the Aryans taught the people to respect the physical body saying that the earth is where the 'blessed dead' are to placed. This conflicted with the African custom of Cannibalism where in even the bodies of the dead were eaten. In symbolism then as Osiris crushed the Serpent then he became a Ka (soul) at Peace. When Osiris was made to live again a kingdom was given to him with the 'gods'. The work of Horus (the High Priest)...a symbol of YAHSHUA gave back to the father (spirit) the life taken by the Serpent.

In the book...'Osiris' the 'Pyramid Texts' are quoted and they place the rule of Osiris in the heavens as King and judge of the dead. In the time span of the fourth Dynasty of the Adamic rule of Egypt it is recorded that the Great God kept a written account of words and deeds of every man (Adam man) as a register of the years of his life. It is very clear that the kingdom of Osiris was governed according to Divine Laws, and that justice, and righteousness were observed by the Great God in dealing with his subjects.

From the records of the 6th., Dynasty the story thru symbolism of the murder and Resurrection of Osiris can be reconstructed. For this record we can see what manner of heaven it was into which Osiris passed in his risen form, and what kind of life...'The Blessed'...lived there under his rule, and what powers they possessed and enjoyed. From the Pyramid Texts these early Adamic people here in Egypt believed that their beginning was in the heavens, and their home far in the future would also be there. In the teaching of Isis we read:..'The Blessed One appears from heaven...FROM BETWEEN THE THIGHS OF THE GODS'. We ask, is not this the prediction of the coming of the 'Son of David'...a great mystery even to many of our people still today??? Isis taught that as YAHSHUA comes knowing all that has gone before, He will be wearing a tunic, and a scepter will be in His hand and with HIM sit the four first born spirits...namely the Lion, the Eagle, the Man, and the Bull. She taught the story of the ship of the returning Pilgrims which we found in the Star Bible as well as a story of the joining of two lands. We wonder if this is not the joining of the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel back together that she suggests...the wife (Israel) makes herself ready to be the wife of the Great God.

In the writings from the 6th., Dynasty we find the belief that heaven was reserved for those who when on earth performed their duty to man, and to the Divine Power. In other words there was more than one type of Salvation which fitted into the program of the Great God...One Salvation for the 'brethren', those called 'gods' or the 'Living Ones', those we would say who were spirit of His Spirit, and another type of Salvation for those of the Creation.

Back in the time frame of about 4000 B.C., when modern writers think that actually these people could not even read nor write, we find that they were looking forward to the coming of YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA-Savior, and they recorded:...(quote) 'Where as the envoy of YAH comes, the 'gods' will shout for joy, the heavens will cry out and earth will quake before HE who comes from the East side of Heaven. HE is the WORD OF POWER. HE makes the Star Sah (Orion) to shine. HE sets the 'gods' on their thrones. HE makes the boat to come to its mooring'. (Unquote) Again this is the story found in the Star Bible is it not?

Here in these ancient records out of Egypt we learn that Isis found out how to make bread from wheat and barley which had hitherto grown wild with other herbs of the field. Thus the ancient Egyptians and the Africans if they cared learned the art of agriculture, and adopted the use of this new food source and were enabled to cease from the habit of killing and eating each other which they had learned from the ancient people of Africa. These Aryans taught that you should bury the body, to respect the body of their dead. The Great Kings were buried with elaborate ceremonies, and the people watched these ceremonies, however the common people of the area...their bodies were just thrown out into the bush to rot or be eaten by wild beasts. In some places in Africa especially in the Sudan, the custom among the population was to kill systematically the old, infirm, slaves, prisoners of war, and all strangers, and 'eat them'. This was the practice that the Aryans tried to change as the worship of Osiris came into practice.

The drinking of the blood was a great African custom. They mixed blood with the milk of the cattle, and drank it with their dinner. They sometimes killed and smoked the flesh of humans, and then carried this with them for food as they roamed their areas. Dr. Livingston who spent much time in Africa said it was not the lack of food that caused cannibalism, it was just a depraved appetite, an extra ordinary craving for food which they call 'high'. They sometimes buried the body for two days then would dig it up and eat it for this 'high'.

The works of Bentley, George Grenfell of Congo fame, and Sir Henry Johnston prove beyond all doubt that Cannibalism was still common over a large region of Africa in 1907. But the Negroes of the Nile River region were almost free from this practice of Cannibalism die to the coming of those termed the 'ignoble' people into that area several thousands of years before the birth of The Christ. There is much in the book of 'Osiris' about the practice of Cannibalism among the Africa Black population. This did not seem to be cruel to them for even with their cattle they sometimes just cut out a piece of meat out of a critter, sewed up the wound, plastered it over with cow dung, and then moved on driving the cow. Doing this until the animal finally bleeds to death, and then they finally finish eating it.

In the book 'Osiris' we are told that this practice of Cannibalism did not stop entirely after the coming of the Aryans but Manetho...the Egyptian in his 'Treatise on antiquity and Piety', records that the practice of human sacrifice was abolished in Heliopolis (ON). In place of this practice they placed the symbol of the Great sacrifice of Osiris. Not understanding this great story...those in paganism developed figures of stone, alabaster, wood and so forth, and sacrificed those idols, then buried them. Since Hieroglyphics are a type of picture form then in reading you must know the symbols to understand the message. One writer who lived under the fifth Dynasty said:...(Quote) 'I never did an act of oppression to any man because God loveth the things that are right'. (Unquote) He was simply stating his Faith for he felt that The Great God of the Heavens was a God of Right and fair dealing, and it is impossible not to believe that this Great God acted Righteously to men. The facts set forth prove clearly that the Ethical conception of the so called Egyptians were not those of a half savage, barbarous African people. However those not understanding symbolism picture them thus.

The Pyramid Texts were written under the 5th., or 6th., Dynasties, but the oldest records however yield evidence of the great antiquity of the so called...'cult' of Osiris. The belief that Osiris was the impartial judge of men's deeds, and words, who rewarded the righteous, punished the wicked, and ruled over heaven, that He possessed the power to do these things because he would live on earth, suffer death and raise from the dead, is as old as the Dynastic civilization in Egypt. The enactment of this story was a natural portrayal of the belief of these 'ignoble' people who the ancient Egyptians called:...Children of the Great God. This belief in a coming Savior grew and developed and spread with ever increasing power until it became the dominating religious influence thru out the country. Osiris was the symbol of the conception of resurrection and immortality, and from first to last it was purely Egyptian...not African. These people believed in One God, who was self-existent, immortal, invisible, Eternal, Omniscient, Almighty, and inscrutable. He was the maker of heaven and earth, the other worlds, the creator of men, women, animals, and the incorporeal beings were the messengers that fulfilled HIS wish and WORD. (Unquote) When our author made that statement in 1898 it was help up to ridicule, but since that time many valuable texts have been discovered and published with translations in various languages, and the results of a study of these have convinced our author that his earlier statement quoted above is true.

In spite of the numerous 'gods' of the people of Egypt with whom these texts make us acquainted, and the mixture of magic both black and white in the religious world, and the savage crude ideas, the relics of a barbarious period in Egyptian history, still two beliefs stand out clearly...namely the belief in ONE Great God, the creator of the world, and all in it, and the belief in a Resurrection leading to Immortality.

Now; the student who views the Egyptian religion from the lofty standpoint of Spiritual Christianity only may say that it was gross Polytheism or Pantheism...that Egyptian rites were cruel, blood thirsty, and savage. That the legend of 'the gods' is childish, and are from a debased mind, and imagination, that the enactment of the story of Resurrection of Osiris is nonsense in which absurd, magical ceremonies play an impossible part, that the heaven of these Egyptians was only the imagination of a people who always remained half savage. However under the rites and legends lay the wonderful religious and moral conception, the unchanging, persistent belief in the Resurrection of the Righteous and also in Immortality.

Even before 3000 B.C., these following extracts were written:...(Quote)

1. The things which God doeth are unknown.

2. Thou shalt not terrify men, it is contrary to God's wish.

3. Bread is to be eaten according tot the providence of God.

4. Art thou a farmer? Then cultivate the field which God hath given thee.

5. If thou wouldst be perfect make thy son pleasing to God.

6. Satisfy thy dependents; it is the duty of those favored of God.

7. Obedience God loveth; disobedience God hateth.

8. Behold! a well-doing son is the gift of God.



Now; under the Aryan Dynasties the Egyptians enjoyed the blessing of a settled government for a long period of time. Under the ancient Empire the cities of Memphis and Heliopolis (ON) flourished, and the Pyramids of Medum and the Great one of Giza were built to say nothing of the temples and tombs. The cultured and leisure classes had time to think about their religion, and to observe its precepts, to bury their dead with elaborate festivals. Under the Middle Empire the city of Thebes became the capital and men who were also mighty warriors but devotedly religious ruled with justice. Then under the 18th., Dynasty the kings became successful conquerors, and a religious decline set in the kings of Egypt delighted in being called...'Bulls' or mighty Bulls, and this was calling attention to the strength, usefulness and purpose of these people who came into Egypt as a blessing to that area. They were also calling attention to the Great Bull of the heavens in the Star Bible who carries the Pleiades in its shoulder. In the time frame of the Second Dynasty this Bull was a large Bull with a white blaze in the shape of a triangle in his forehead, and on his back... an Eagle..on his tail double hairs, and on his tongue a beetle. 'This Bull of symbolism then became 'Apis' the pagans worshiped.

Not being able to understand Symbolism the African Dinka people held the bulls in reverence. Their dung was burned to ashes and used for beds, and for smearing themselves with, and the urine was used for washing, and as a substitute for salt. Even in India of today we find this same practice.

Now; in Egypt before the coming of the Aryans there was a belief by some in an existence after death, and the persistent reference to something they called Eternal or Everlasting Life. Then under the Dynasty periods the belief came forward that only the body died, the spirit lived forever. These people believed that when a body was born then as it came into existence there came an abstract individuality, or a spiritual being which was wholly independent, and distinct from this physical body. But that its abode was this physical body whose actions it was supposed to direct and guide, and to keep watch over, and this spirit lived in that body until the body died. In fact this spirit being was like a double, and was known as we have told you as the Ka of Ra. In Hieroglyphics the drawing was of a human with both arms extended at right angles to the breast as if ready to embrace someone. Then as the body died the Ka or Spirit, or soul continued to exist. From this belief came many ideas used in Paganism and we will not describe the African burial rituals for they are to gruesome. Thus our Adamic forbearers believed that when a person of this Race was born he possessed a physical body, and an immaterial double which lived inside the physical body, and was closely associated with the heart and soul, and that this spirit was unchangeable, incorruptible and immortal. The Aryan Egyptians believed in the transmigration of souls always heading toward a heavenly place. The African Negro in contrast, even many, still in modern times believed that the souls of men make periodic migrations into Hyenas in order to attack or injure, or kill those who have done their bodies harm. This is where the Witch Doctors come into the picture to help in these endeavors.

There are two passages in the Egyptian book of the Dead, which also shows that these ancient Egyptians we now believe to the Aryans...wherein it shows the possibility of what was termed a second birth. In chapter LXIV the deceased identifies himself with the God of the 'Hidden soul'...the creator of the 'gods' (Adamites), and refers to their second birth. The next reference to the 'second birth' is in chapter CLXXXII...Osiris is addressed as He who giveth birth to men and women (Adamites) a second time. The context of this case suggests that the new birth here referred to did not take place in this world order, but in the kingdom of Osiris.

Now; can this rebirth be the source also of the belief in Reincarnation as the word is understood at the present time? The belief in Reincarnation among modern African Blacks is very strong in the Niger Delta Tribe. In other tribes the belief is that their dead live again in the form of a red bush pig, and in the Pygmy tribes, and in the western Mubagi basin tribes this is also their belief. We have however told you that there is no Reincarnation for our Race.

Now; these ancient Egyptian (Aryan) theologians believed that there was a time of 'no death' but that was before the Great God created and formed the 'gods' (Adamites). To these Theologians the present world was merely a temporary abode, like a tomb was an Eternal house. They counseled their people to enjoy life, to cherish their women as beloved, to sing, to dance, put away trouble and sorrow until the day they came into port in the land that loveth silence. They taught that we live only a few days here, but we live after death. We do not know just where or in what condition, or with which companions, for the dead do not return to tell us these things. Sometimes they do return to us in dreams, but they do not speak or tell us where they have gone, or how they fare.

Now; it is clear that these forbearers believed they had an Eternal House, and when death claimed their physical bodies then they were free from this material body, and would arise in the spirit body and depart to this place of deepest mystery.

The Pagans who caught only a glimpse of this mystery...their god was called the Devourer, and he who carries away the soul and eateth the hearts. Thus Human sacrifice was practiced, and this guardian of darkness had a name....which was Seti..or Smam-ar....the earth soul.

In the 'Pyramid Texts'...the Priest of Horus and he and Isis were regarded as deified members of a family. In their mythology there is always the Serpent or some such figure which is always pursuing this family. Then always the story of a child born, then killed, yet raised from the dead, when appeals were made to heaven for assistance. The sun is said to have stood still int the heavens, and the boat of a million years stopped as Thoth descended to earth to help as Isis restored her son to life. We find that each year what we would call a 'Passion Play' was performed at Mendes and other centers. Always the same story was portrayed. Horus the child grew up and fought a duel with the serpent which lasted for three days and three night. Toward the close of the story Horus became the victor. As to Isis we have told you about her from the old Big Book, then here the 'Ios' text has this to say about her. (Quote) 'I am Isis the mistress of every land. I was taught by Hermes (Enoch) and by the aid of Hermes I found the difference between the demotic letters and the true, thus all things should not be written with the same letters. (Unquote)

Now; this so called 'cult' of Osiris and the teaching of Isis moved to other countries, especially Greece and then to Italy. The first Ptolemy (Greek ruler) in Egypt is said to have taken counsel with Manetho a famous priest in Egypt and with Timotheus (a Greek) who was skilled in the knowledge of the Eleusenian Mysteries. As to these many things being taught, in the first place Egypt and then to the people of Greece and the other Mediterranean countries was a land of Mystery and this so called 'cult' gave people the hope of resurrection and the second birth, a new or pure existence in heaven, a passport to which was by the forsaking of sin, purity in word and deed, and the revered worship of the Great God, and the understanding of who those termed 'gods' really were.

Now; as we learned from the old Big Book, these so called mysteries were incorporated into early Christianity. The western world has tended to think that such a religion as this came late into the world. That this religion of a Son of Man...bringing Salvation..whose birth was immaculate, and who is linked with his Father (spirit) in the cosmic drama of death and resurrection came into the world with THE CHRIST..yet Dr. Budge has proved to us that this religion of 'Osiris' is very ancient, and yet Osiris was both father and son...who was slain, yet the son is a living and victorious savior. This ancient religion was actually then more advanced in understanding than it is in the Laodicean church age of today when even the Deity of the Christ is now questioned.

In our Scriptures (Malachi) the Prophet talks of 'The sun of Righteousness' that rises with healing in his wings, and we find that these ancient Adamites carried this symbol known as 'The winged Orb'..where as its meaning seems to have been forgotten today altho the symbol is still seen in different places. This ancient symbol was on the staff of different Patriarchs of the Race. It was one of the emblems on Joseph's personal seal. This symbol marked the ancient Wisdom Schools, and their ancient Temples, along with this symbol of 'The Winged Orb' then we also find the symbol of the 'Swastika'...or the whirling cross which turned with the sun. My friends always as they moved, the Adamic Race proclaimed who they were, and the promise of redemption they believed in. Thus in Ancient Egypt as they came in and took over the rulership of that land they carried their symbols, their message, and constantly proclaimed it with their traditions, legends and lore. The Swastika along with the 'Winged Orb' was found among the people of central Germany, and along the Rhine River as well as other places this race moved. The swastika was recognized as the symbol of the Eternal rotation of the Light of Life. You will find 'The Winged Orb' in Washington D.C., on the face of the several buildings as well as the symbol of the vine and the olive branch. These are symbols of the children of the Eternal God who are embarked upon a pre-destined Destiny of absolute victory over evil.

Now; we would mention have more or less the same physical characteristics, but look at the cans on a shelf, they may have the general shape, but there is a world of difference in the contents. There is also a label...if you will..on the races of the world, for there are black, yellow, brown and white and so forth, but inside the true Aryan is also this ghost as the ancients termed them...a spiritual child born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. A living seed which cannot be destroyed, cannot be corrupted. And whether you realize it or not those ancient people of our race knew this and proclaimed it by their symbols as they came into the land along the Nile River. see misbehavior upon the part of white men and women. Yes...but every misbehavior ever made has been made in the process of temptation, thru the senses in the physical body. However the spirit within had not violated Divine Law. That spirit which was born if incorruptible seed is of the very Life of YAHWEH (God). Eventually it will be the work of God which will bring the conformation of Destiny which HE has ordained for you.

In the writings of the Apostle Paul, in the Book of Romans you are told that...'Those HE did foreknow HE did predestinate to conform to the very image of a son'. That each of you here in earth shall dwell to the full conformation, the full configuration of the Glory of THE CHRIST HIMSELF. That as God lived so shall you live, triumphantly, bringing in the fullness of your destiny, and the Majesty of God's Kingdom. Oh! you say:..How do we know? There has been thousands of our Race who have died, and passed on, they never accomplished any of these things, so how do we know?...We tell you that the Scripture tells us that every last one of the sons and daughters of our Race are going to be raised up...they will stand upon their feet, be enveloped in Divine Glory to finish the task they were sent here to do.

Now; someone mean I will live again??? We tell you that you do not stop living. A lot of people have the idea that death is all that is going to happen to these children of God. That their lost consciousness is the emblem of death. But we also tell you that there will never be a period of time when you will dead! The only thing we see is the bodies of many of God's children who are sound asleep...they are almost dead from inactivity, they are sound asleep, instead of where they should positions of great leadership.

When we refer to what YAHWEH has purposed, he not only has predestined you to conform to His own image, but He said you have been predestinated in His plan of that Great Mosaic, for you were named...before the foundation of the world. He not only wrote your names in the Family Book before you came into this world, but He also recorded the Destiny by which you shall conform to the image of the son (YAHSHUA). We want you to know that the words of Jesus were not in any way out of measure, for inside of you something exists which is in no other race on the face of the earth.

My Friends:...our enemies know these facts, but when we discuss these facts so that our people are brought to awareness, and accept their responsibilities then the enemy stands back and shouts:...Master Race. no, no this is Anti-Semitic.

The enemy fears something that it cannot compete with, and they do react very quickly. But do not let them foul up your semantics, and bring you to the position of bowing your head, and trying to disallow your inheritance. The enemy has worked to remove the name of YAHSHUA-Jesus from your schools, and your Nation because their father does not like that name. He does not want to admit that YAHSHUA-Jesus the Christ is the Eternal YAHWEH (God) before whom the devil is going to bow and have his devil nature all burned up, but every knee is going to bow and every tongue proclaim this very fact that YAHSHUA...this one you call Jesus the Christ is THE ETERNAL YAHWEH (God) forever.

The devil nature is going to have to admit that 'the Christ' in you is worthy of respect, and when he does that then Lucifer will no longer be a devil. He will admit that inside these bodies of the children of the   Kingdom of YAHWEH is the Living Spirit of Eternal YAHWEH. This in rebellion Lucifer in the beginning refused to admit.

This message then from the Swift tape ministry that we have just now been giving you is more in detail than that carried into Egypt by our ancient forbearers as they fulfilled prophecy for the ancient Atlantians who were living there in that time span, but to them this was 'the gods' coming in physical flesh.

We can still find traces of those ancient incalculable Pyramid Temples scattered over the face of the earth before the coming of the Adamic Race. We know of one built in Egypt, one in Asia, and one in South America, and that at one time there was one on the land that sank in the area of the Atlantic Ocean, and we know that at one time they were under control of Eternal YAHWEH and therein men worshiped and served in them before the rebellion of Lucifer and his coming into earth as the devil. The administration was a spiritual administration by the Kinsmen of THE MOST HIGH. This day will come again for the Celestial mind inside of you is the same wave length as the mind of YAHWEH (God)..that spirit is the essence of His own Spirit. You are the Light of HIS Life, Spirit of HIS Spirit, and the Apostle Paul even tells us that we have the mind of the Christ.

Yes, we know most people do not use it, and many people don't like it when we say this but inside our celestial consciousness, inside our waking consciousness of Divine Presence is the very thoughts of God, the patterns of tomorrow are already formed. We were put here in earth to stay for a certain period of time, and the more we know of the power permitted us the longer we will be willing to stay and the less our minds and nervous systems will be sold out by fear, and defeated by the powers of darkness. The Serenity of Spirit will give you more longevity than any other possible substance that could be placed in it, and all the doctors in the world can't keep you alive if your spirit is defeated, or is ready to go.

Now; no where does it say that YAHWEH said for you to be just like anyone else. He did not tell you to mix with the world order until there was just one type of man. He said that you were the LIGHT of the World, so don't cover or destroy this LIGHT. This is a built in radar system in you, and it is a witness to your spirit that this is true.

Someone will say:...I would like to believe all these things you have been telling us are true, but I don't find them all written out in black and white in the Scriptures. If I do back into these ancient books written by the Patriarchs then how do I know they are true?? As Dr. Swift would say:...let the inner person speak, for all Scriptures are born of the Spirit. The Books of Enoch are true or the Scriptures that we do have would not be quoting Enoch. Do not let your theology be bound by the Council of Nicaea where in Rome a group of Clergy had 30 days to decide what would be bound up as Scriptures. Every doctrine then which did not fit the doctrine of that individual church was discarded. Out went the Gospel of Nicodemus because it contained the power of Resurrection, but no hells, or perdition with which to prick men's souls. They kicked out the books of Enoch so as to place some blame in it. They re-wrote the book by the Apostle Paul to include some hells, but still we think that the Holy Spirit protected us pretty well for many passages, never fell into their hands. But men of the Race had access to these records and they were preserved. We can find if we search the records to confirm every piece of this Great Mosaic we have tried to outline for you. We feel that there is nothing more important than for you to know these great Identity truths, that is the job and the purpose of the servant, to get this message out, as we carry forward the work of YAHWEH'S Kingdom in earth.

There is another question I hear from time to time if I step out of an identity group to speak of anything I have mentioned to you. Always they say ...'We have such a perfect way of salvation..believe in Jesus the Christ and you go to heaven when you die' why worry about all these other things? What good will it do if you learn all these things and it separates you from your church? ...As to the old books...we believe that they help us fill in the Great Mosaic, as outlined in the Bible pertaining to this Kingdom of YAHWEH to be established in earth 'As it is in heaven'. This is the reason I have been trying to bring the knowledge from these old books to you which I have heard mentioned in the Swift ministry and other ministries as well. We now know that there was a book of 'THE BEE', as well as the one about 'ADAM AND EVE', and quoted from both of them were in the book 'THE CAVE OF THE TREASURE'. There has been Ethiopian texts of these as well as Arabic and others and the British Museum and these books contain the facts to back up the story of what is called 'Identity'. There is 'THE TESTIMONY OF ADAM' from an Ethiopian text, and an Arabic version that was published in 1906. In this book Adam tells of how each hour of the day and night that prayers, thanks, and praises from different parts of creation go to our Father, but it is the 12th., hour both night and day when YAHWEH says that HIS children of the Kingdom stand and pay homage to HIM, for at this hour there resteth a great silence on all heavenly things.

In this 'TESTIMONY OF ADAM' it also foretells the coming of YAHSHUA as Messiah. (Quote) 'Now..therefore know thou all this, and hearken unto my word and understand that THE WORD of the MOST HIGH shall come down upon the earth. This HE told me as HE thrust me out of the Garden (Paradise). He told me that in a later day HE would become as (ADAM) man from a virgin whose name was Mary. That HE (Spirit) would hide in her and put on flesh, and be born like Adam-man but with Great Power, and operative skill, and knowledge. HE said: He should go about with people on earth and grow in days and years, and would perform signs and wonders openly, and should walk upon the sea as upon dry land, and should rebuke the sea and the winds openly, and they should be subject to HIM, that He would cry out to the Sea, and they would answer Him speedily. That He would make the blind to see, the lepers to be cleansed, and the deaf to hear, the dumb to talk, and raise up the paralytics, and make the lame to walk, would turn many from error, and drive out the devils from Among (Adam) men. Be not sorrowful O Adam, for thou didst disobey my command, but Behold! I will establish thee, not at the present time, but after many days. I will bend thy back, and make thy knees to totter in the old age and make thy flesh food for the worms, yet after 5 1/2 days (5500 years) I will show thee mercy. I will come into thy house, and I will dwell in flesh like yours, for thy sake. I will come into thy house, and I will dwell in flesh like yours, for thy sake. I will be pleased to be born like an ordinary child'. (Unquote)... This was just one more testimony as to the message the Adamic Race carried, thus we feel it is an important part of the Great Mosaic and proves The Bible message is true.

In the Book 'THE CAVE OF THE TREASURE' there is also quotes from the 'BOOK OF SETH', and Dr. Swift told us that the Book of Seth was a beautiful testimony as to this Bible story of Identity, Resurrection, and Restoration. In this book also is the report:..(Quote) 'Further know O my son Seth, know that a flood shall come and was the earth (errats-that land), know that a flood shall come because of the children of Kayal(Cain) the murderer who slew his brother. And after the flood, after many days the latter days will come, and everything will be completed, and his (Satan's) time shall come, and FIRE shall cleanse everything found before YAHWEH, and the earth shall be satisfied, and the LORD OF LORD'S shall walk upon it. Seth wrote down these words, and sealed them with his seal, and with the seal of his father Adam which he took with him from the Garden, and with the seal of Eve his mother. (Unquote)

The book of 'THE BEE' was said to have been written by a Nestorian. The Bishop of Al the name of Solomon. In his writings the Bishop quoted from several of the old books we have mentioned and his portion of the book of 'THE BEE' is about the early Patriarchs. There seemed to me to be more corruption of this book especially in the latter part of it in the translation, but perhaps that was to distract from the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was YAHWEH-God in the flesh.

Always we like to stress that Dr. Swift was not trying, as we are not trying, to destroy the Faith of our Race. Rather we only try to enhance it by bringing out the things that have been buried over the years. If we learn anything at all surely you can see that someone has been trying to bury our Faith over the years, thus why not renew it?