ERM - Tape 079 - Nostradamus; Why The Nations Can't Disarm Dr. Swift

TAPE NO. 79.........By Ella Rose Mast





As we have been studying the old records we have also read several translations of the prophecies of Nostradamus the 16th., Century Seer. Some have tried to portray him as a Devil saying that only the occult is able to translate his work correctly. Jeanette ran across a translation of 'Nostradamus, Count Down to Apocalypse', volume 2, by Jean Charles de Foutbrune. It is the best I have read so thought we would compare these prophecies to the teachings of DR. Swift and it is amazing how they work together.

The father of our Author worked for 44 years on these prophecies by Nostradamus, and being French could better understand the ancient French in which the prophecies were written. He was thus able to connect the prophecies to world and especially European events.

Here in Volume 2, our Author tried to decipher the prophecies for the last of the 20th., Century, after a short review of volume 1. Then on into the 21st., Century. Altho he does not know Israel Identity still we learn many interesting things about this man Nostradamus as well as his prophecies.

We now believe that Nostradamus must have been an Adamite because of the things he wrote and the way he thought. He quoted from the Sybils, and like them he predicted there would again come a great 'Golden Age' more glorious than the last one, as the end of the World Order comes in this predicted 'Day of Wrath'. We learn from him that the symbolism of the Sibyl's sitting on a tripod over a hole in the ground simply meant that you look to your ancestors who have gone or died before you for the great truths carried by this race.

To better understand who Nostradamus really was we turn to what he has to say about himself. (Quote)..'As many people attribute to me what credit is mine as what is not, only the Eternal YAHWEH (God) who alone knows the works of men, is the judge whose defense I solicit against the attacks of the wicked who would furthermore inquire of your ancestors as to how the Great Kings of France and people of other nations healed THE BITES OF SERPENTS, or yet others had divinatory powers, and many other cases which would take to long to count, and despite the malignity of the spirit of evil which will manifest itself in the course of time, after my death my writings will be better known than during my lifetime, and if I be mistaken in my calculations and epochs none could do anything about that. (Unquote)

Nostradamus warned his son..'Caesar', that his prophecies would encounter hostilities, and derision in the years to come, and this in itself was prophetic enough. He said:..he could have if he had wished, put a date to each quatrain; but his would not have been to everyone’s liking, and his interpretations would have pleased them no better.

We find that Nostradamus left coded messages in these prophecies which his critics seemed to have missed because they could not understand what he was writing. Actually these prophecies were not for the World Order any more than the writings of others of our race over the years.

I was interested in learning that what disturbed the Christians in France as Socialism came to power was the use of the rose for a symbol. Many Royal Houses used this symbol and we know that the Rose is also the symbol of the Christ, thus it was alright for the Royal Houses to use the symbol spelling it with a small r. But Nostradamus had predicted that the French Socialist would come to power and would use that symbol and that would disturb the Christians, but this is not surprising for always the enemy simply uses the Israel symbols to deceive.

In the 16th., Century the words...Astrology and Astronomy had quite different meanings than they do today. Our Author found that today the Astrologers in France attacked him and claimed that only the occult could interpret the 4 line stanzas which Nostradamus left. However some in other countries were very interested such as Britain, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and the French Canadians who we would say are Israelites whether they know it or not. The Occult forces are preparing the World Opinion for the belief that the only way to solve the world recession, and reduce unemployment is by way of World War II, but Nostradamus never in his prophecies promoted such views. He describes famines, great pestilence, assassinations, and especially a great falling away from the Faith on the part of the Organized Church.

Nostradamus stressed the Divine source of his writings. He attributed this to a small flame which comes out of solitude, and brings things to pass which should not be thought vain. Our Author thinks he was referring to the Holy Spirit, for remember this was symbolized as 'tongues of fire', as the Holy Spirit was re-enacted by symbolic actions such as dropping lighted 'tows' from the eves and galleries of churches and houses.

Those critics who tried to insist that Nostradamus must have used occult means, that he drew his prophecies solely from planetary configurations are contradicting the numerous times when Nostradamus affirms his Divine Inspiration. In his letter to his son he wrote:..(Quote) Understanding created by intelligence cannot be acquired in occult fashion. (Unquote) Therefore the language of Nostradamus is one of Faith.

Another instance in tracing the lineage of Nostradamus who we say was an Aryan..and Adamite came in a symposium where these prophecies were being discussed. A Dr. Isidore authority on the history of the Jews in Provence, lectured on the subject of the Marranos. (These were Jews who were compelled to convert to Christianity but who never the less continued secretly to observe various Jewish rituals and traditions.) Dr. Simeon correctly stressed that Nostradamus was not a Marrano, never descended from one, that his great-great grandfather willingly became a Catholic convert. Dr. Simeon stressed that in a 16th., Century town the Jewish community had its own quarters; contact between Catholics and Jews were extremely rare. Thus under those circumstances it is surely inappropriate for so many occultist to claim that Jewish Initiates could have conveyed their secrets to a devout Catholic, moreover one received at the French Royal Court. (Unquote)

Nostradamus believed that the predicting of disaster for man should be taken as a warning as to the dangers inherent in the world in which he or she lives. That especially to those in power who are motivated bycorruptive power alone. The second stage of a prophecy is evident when and if it does occur. And when there is a strong defense made for the existence of God..the Supreme Being then even with catastrophes that civilization fares better. It is a known fact that Civilizations decline when they abandon their God. This type of thinking leads to materialism where by man seeks to satisfy only physical needs which have been artificially created.

Now; Nostradamus was not looking for World War III, or even an attack by little Green Men from out of space, but for the Climactic year which our Author using typical Biblical numbers sets as 1999.

Nostradamus in his attack in the 7th., month of such a climatic year was referring to the advances in aviation. For today thousands of troops can be moved very swiftly and they are moved thru the heavens. Also 'Apocalypse', remember, means revelation not catastrophe or destruction as thought today. Nostradamus stated that his purpose in publishing the prophecies called 'The Centuries' was to bring (Adam) man a message of hope because the 'Apocalypse' is going to bring an era of extraordinary prosperity... 'A Golden Age'. In his letter to his son he states....(Quote) After 20 years of Republican power..until the seventh millennium...when this rulership will be terminated, my prophecies accomplished and terminated...when the seventh millennium is reached after a veritable hecatomb (large slaughter) then those who have entered the tomb will emerge from it. (Unquote) Our Author believes this is talking about the resurrection (we say of Israel) thus these prophecies are said to bring hope thru the long years of tribulation.

Our Author points out in his interpretations of the prophecies where Nostradamus predicted the Russian Invasion of Afghanistan. He tells of how the Afghans had built an underground hospital, how an INTERNATIONAL medical organization had helped but never stocked it with even the most rudimentary antiseptics. Therefore the wounded never had much of a chance of surviving. Inhabitants of some Afghan Villages relate how prisoners, teachers, intellectuals all thought to be hostile, even women and children were being buried alive. Yet Nostradamus back in 1555 wrote:...'The Resisters will be covered by earth, and yet the resistance in the Afghan Invasion will continue. (Unquote) The Iraq-Iran conflict was predicted as was the assassination attempt on the Pope...the work of the 'Peace Movement' and even the plan to bring down South Africa, as well as the assassination of Sadat.

Our Author pointed out something interesting about the 'Camp David Agreement' seems that at this meeting, Sadat and Begin declared themselves...'blood brothers', with Begin a descendent of Isaac, and Sadat of Ishmael. We tell you that Begin could only trace his lineage thru Esau ..which does not make him an Israelite, and even Sadat was not a pure Arab. I also thought it interesting that Nostradamus called Heliopolis...that ancient city of ON...the Solar City. You know why don't you? The city of ON was built in the form of a circle, 12 streets leading to the hub or center where the Great Temple was located. And on the dome of that Temple was laid out a picture of the heavens as we see it here from earth. The Zodiac was there with the design of the Sphinx to mark the starting point as to where to start reading...'The Gospel of the Stars'...thus it was placed between Virgo and Leo.

Nostradamus also confesses that all his gifts come from God, that to HIM (quote) I render honor and immortal Praise. I have not used divinatory methods derived from fate, but thanks to my God and to my natural intuition, the whole in accord with the movement of heavenly bodies. I saw as tho in a mirror as tho by obscure vision, these great, sad, and prodigious incidents and calamities. First to be effected would be God's Church, then purely material forces will enter the picture but in due course of time the future will be known. (Unquote) In his letter to his son he stresses that 'these things' WILL be Universally understood upon earth.

Now; our Author in his interpretation of one quatrain says that the Anti-Christ was to be born in Mongolia, that the Holy Spirit would be chased from the 48 parallel. Paris is on the 48 parallel but so is Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. We would interpret this a bit differently than our Author for we believe the Anti-Christ movement is led by Satan, and his earthly kingdom was headquartered in Mongolia when Adam came into the Physical. And since then Anti-Christ and his offspring have chased Adamites from that area all the way thru their migrations, and have spread debauchery and lust as Nostradamus tells us and committed a thousand crimes.

Yes, Nostradamus described the 60's this way....(quote) as enormities, and abominations which shall come to the fore and be manifest in the shadows darkening the spirit. The heads of the church will show themselves remiss when it comes to the love of God, and some among them shall abandon the true Faith. Of the three factions...left, center, will see that the center will be somewhat in decline. The left shall win all of Europe and most of Africa thru destruction of the right, and with the aid of the poor in spirit who thanks to demented people shall establish corruption and debauchery. The people shall rise up to resist and attack those who would pass new laws, and the countries weakened by the Orientals may be victims of Satan in order to bring to birth Great God and Magog, who shall wreck so much destruction upon the churches, but the Reds (communists) and the whites (Moslems) shall thus lose their power. At this junction such a great pestilence (germ warfare- or aids?) shall begin and more than 2/3 of mankind shall perish. So much so that no one will any longer know the owners of field, and houses, and grass shall grow above the knee high in the streets of the towns. (Unquote) (Take a look at what happened in Africa after the United Nations drove the white Colonial rule out of Africa.) (Quote) and the Clergy shall endure a total desolation, and the war makers shall use events at Cairo in order to go from Malta as far as the coast of France, and the Great Fleets shall pass thru the Straits of the Bosphorus as the Reds make their final move. But the fleet shall be weakened by the westerners, and that country shall know great destruction, desolation, her cities depopulated, and those who enter therein shall serve the vengeance of the Wrath of God. (Unquote)

We think this goes along with the Bible Prophecy does it not? Dr. Swift thought the 2/3 figure of people to be destroyed was talking about non-Israel pointing out that Israel is only a small portion of the worlds population.

Another prophecy we thought of interest:..(quote) When the sun is in the sign of Taurus (the kingdom) the earth shall shake so badly that Rome will be destroyed. The air, sky and earth will be darkened (possibly by and eclipse) and effected by revolution, and then the Moslem will invoke God and the Saints. (Unquote)

Actually the prophecies of the climactic events show that the Western powers are the winners in this final battle of Armageddon, and that the liberties taken away from the people of earth will be restored by the ancestors of the ancient (Christian) Kings. Here is the quote:...The powers and the law which had been taken away by subversion before the Golden Age (kingdom rule) is established with its Empire over the world will be restored by the Bourbons (ancestors of the ancient kings) for the worst will endure until that time because of the inhabitants of Toulouse (referring to a Jewish settlement). When the forces of the Eagle (U.S.A.) and the Cock (France) come together then comes the retreat of the enemy, and finally the great Golden Age. (Unquote)

In four other Stanza prophecies, you can see the outline of the Russian revolution, the end of the western era (remember at one time about 1000 years ago white rule extended over most of the earth), then quarrels among the theologians...the end of communism in Russia, then the USSR besieged by the eastern 'Yellow Peril' (China, Japan) this also to happen before the Great Golden Age.

The Author in his interpretations of Nostradamus sees in this time period disastrous harvests, appalling climactic conditions, the world in an uproar, the Vatican ravaged by the Asiatic states. Scotland then England is attacked after the fall of Western Europe, and then the fall of the Asiatic Empire which ends all wars and brings the first resurrection and total Peace.

Here is an interesting Prophecy:..(Quote) A great leader of the West shall judge the present and the past, and he will abandon the World (order) towards its end, at a time when the theologians are showing their disloyalty. (Unquote)......Keep that one in mind.

Then here is another:...(Quote) During the winter the great October (Red) Revolution will be driven out of power because it will have been led by fools who will disagree. The state of Asia will threaten the USSR with chemical warfare, and the latter will be besieged, and will be driven out of Moscow. Then happiness will return as communism is in ruins. (Unquote) We say those ran out of power in Moscow will be the World Zionist... International Bankers, for we are reading more and more about the problems in the Soviet Union, the uprising against the secret rulers, by the old line Russians. Dr. Coleman is studying this situation and has many reports, then remember Dr. Beter and his predictions.

We believe that as Nostradamus says the Golden Age comes from the East was just calling attention to the Adamic Race, for the Golden Age in the time of Enoch came from these Aryans out of the East. I cannot find anything special in our Authors figures which set the year of 1999, as the climax of this World Order. But the prophecies do end with the establishment of The Kingdom Administration, and the Resurrection.

From these prophecies we find no direct military attack on the U.S., altho the U.S. is in the fray all over the world. It seems that as the Soviets in a desperate final attack on the they come out then the Chinese and Japan will enter the fray and the Soviet Union will be no more. We have always wondered if the International Zionists will help bring about the downfall of the Soviet Union when they see this puppet cannot deliver the world for them? Gog and Magog is situated in Mongolia, and this is the area where once World Jewry brought Genghis Khan and his mongrel hoards and threw them at the Christian West. But the final rise of this power will be short and the fall comes almost immediately.

Now; as I studied these prophecies I remembered a Swift tape entitled... 'Why the nations of the world cannot disarm', and I realized that this is so true for we are in a fight for our existence...AND WILL BE UNTIL THE COMING OF THE KINGDOM ADMINISTRATION...This is prophetic is it not?

And now you no longer wonder why our people of today do not know any more than they seem to...why they will bow to Anti-Christ just to get along. Prophecy will be fulfilled and we are in a blinded condition as to who we and why we are here, and until those scales are lifted from their eyes we go along this road to destruction, but remember Anti-Christ is not going to win, it just seems like it at this junction.

Dr. Swift tells us that God calls ministers and unveils his purposes. He continues to call, and to show those that he has called the things he wants people to know. But men also flock to the ministry who do not have a calling in this time of materialism. If a minister of a church is not inspired with vision, if they do not have the key, they are not able to guide the people in proper relationship to the events taking place, and the people walk blindly because they have not been told. 'How can they know unless someone tells them? How can they be told without a preacher?' 'How shall they call upon HIM in whom they have not believed? How shall they believe in HIM they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?' Romans 10:14.

One of the problems we have today is that the ministers have in their hands both the Bible, and then hundreds of volumes of literature contemporary with the period of its writing, the story, the history of a race of people...but not recognized by the ministers. However there is a race most important to YAHWEH-God because it is his own Household transplanted from heaven to earth. A race placed in the midst of an ancient civilization far longer existent, but running into adverse areas of Satanic influence, never the less a Race outstanding since their arrival. A Race whose impact is found upon all the people of the world, and whose migrations, and history has made its mark upon all of the world.

Dr. Swift tells us that in his Library he could put his hands upon the sacred writings, the historical writings, the archaeological record of every branch and race of people upon the face of the earth. He had one book ...the latest volume in this field which carefully set aside a sum total of the finest artifacts, the most beautiful photography of every 'find'. This book contained the greatest coverage by every important archaeologist, each in his own field, whether in India, Africa, or Asia, and the values, the plates are the most outstanding pieces of book making of our time. Thus as one looks over this publication you find 600,000 years of unbroken tracing of history, of people, nations, and cities, all there laid out in our hands. He did not find one discrepancy in the panorama of this record, and their mention of the point of contact made when the Adamic race appeared upon the scene. You might say:..but what has this to do with us? We tell you that you cannot understand the panorama of the content of the Bible, or what is happening in your world today until you know who you are, and how you fit into this picture of prophecy. We want you to realize that the Western Christian Civilization was established out of God's own household, out of his own embodiment, and that their history from Adam on down comes thru the highest selection of the most brilliant portions of the race which did not mutate their Race by mongrelization. They were the most spiritually alert, and guided for they were the ones selected for a task YAHWEH wanted done.

The prophets always called for a Holy Seed, and God himself called Abram out of the land of Chaldees when the practice of mongrelization started there in that white civilization. Nimrod was a white man of the Hamite line, he was listed as a 'Great Hunter', for he had conquered Babel and Arak and established Ur of the Chaldees. Shem was a brother of Ham, and the Shemites marched with the Hamites as they came into the plain of Shinar. Terah, the father of Abraham, was a descendant of Shem and he was the Prime Minister of the city of Ur when God called Abram out of the city. And because the Cainanites had destroyed the Adamic ancestors of Nimrod then he being this 'Mighty Hunter' desired to wipe out this hoard led by Babel, Arrak, and Tidal, King of the Nations. They were only avenging the people of their own race who had been wiped out earlier. God however was always protecting and moving forward some of the race for a purpose then called Abram out of the city of Ur, and then from him would come the seed line to finish the Destiny of the Kingdom. We tell you that we can trace the history from that time thru the lineage of Jacob and his sons, thru their history in their relationship to those of the race before them as well as after. From the entrance of Joseph into Egypt until his marriage into the great household and lineage of the children of Enoch and Job to be found in that ancient city of Heliopolis; (ON). Genesis 41:45. We have then seen the Israelites led out of Egypt, their wilderness journey as they fulfilled prophecy and destiny. And you may think that the judgments of God may grind slowly, yet they grind like wheels of a great and mighty plan. All this is a matter of history which could be understood by every Sunday School pupil. We can trace the history of Jacob and his sons, their relationship to those who came after them, as well as before them. We can trace the tribe of Dan as they left the mid-east area 1600 years before the birth of The Christ. We can identify in Greece many of the Danites who stayed to join themselves with the Aryans already there, the Adamites from the High Tarim basin who had come into that land many years before them. The Dani made up a large part of early Greece...then they started a migration from there northward and they marked the rivers as they passed, as the Danube, the Denister, and then on to Dan's land...Denmark. We can trace also the Goutii who were of the House of Judah who went into captivity with the ten tribes of Israel. Some of the tribe of Judah fulfilled their destiny in Judea before the days when they in their migration then came into Europe known as the Goths.

Today we can trace the migrations of these nations, we can show you volumes of support, and by scientific authority, and by background, by chains of events, by symbols, by high marks and by mysterious wisdom carried by these societies, such as the secret Masonry of our Race. For some reason all these facts are not found unless you search for them and today the organized church and their ministers are blind to this trail of evidence. One of the reasons being that Masonry like the church has been infiltrated. Jewry has always used the philosophy of the brotherhood of our race to soften, to brainwash as it talks about liberty and equality, but his does not belong to the pagans, this only belongs to the household of the Adamic race. Today it would be hard to find in Masonry any of the ancient wisdom of the race which made it wise and strong. However we tell you that thru the Israel wanderings then Masonry carried the knowledge of wisdom taught in the great city of ON, then later in Solomon's Temple. Don't ever get the idea that Masonry is forever gone, destroyed. Yes, the enemy joined the organization, but they also joined the church, the government, and most every facet of your society. But one of these days there will not be a single Jew anywhere in the U.S. or in any other Christian nation, in the church or any place of responsibility. They only join to destroy within so as to gain power over you. Their desire is not wisdom, nor truth, and until the awakening of Israel comes they will try to destroy you.

We tell you that blindness must pass from our Race for you are in the image of the Father. When God walked the earth, he walked in the body of a white man, the same as you. He disputed the same people that I am talking about, who hated him, and sought his destruction in his day. Today you cannot follow the Christ unless your opposition is as firm against his enemies, your enemies as his opposition was. There is no room for weakness in the Christian character, no room for weakness in a Christian nation or they will try to destroy you. Today they try to make you think you must love everyone on earth or there is hate in your makeup. But my friends there is a big distinction between hate and intelligence. We as a nation have not learned how to protect ourselves against this design to throw Christian nation against Christian nation and have the white race to fight one another. We seem to be blind to the fact that some one has picked up the spoils, coined the money, and became masters of the day of ....Money and War. Those who became the rich men in the days of war and trouble, exploit the Christian for a purpose. These International Bankers, Merchants have built a super world government that Jesus called Babylon. Jesus identified these people in control of the Temple and the Market place in his lifetime as the descendants of Lucifer and Cain's household. Jesus also spoke, and Revelations reveals this mystery order of evil, the attempted World Order, which will be dominated by their political strength, and their massed pagan armies which seek to wage war against God's Kingdom.

My friends this is the reason why the nations of the Christian West cannot disarm. In the days when prophecy is finally all fulfilled...when you have finally defeated this evil and cast it down..then you can disarm. When every patriot in every white nation of the face of the earth discovers that these fellows who are 'Thy Merchants'...those who control and build this false economy and false political power, these enemies of Christ and His Kingdom..when that happens then you can disarm. They are the same enemies who have created catastrophe over this earth. They war against Christ...did it not only when He walked the earth, but before He came and they continue warring against your civilization, and they still today are building their last Master plot and bringing their creation against you for your destruction therefore you cannot disarm.

In 1962..Dr. Swift was telling us that the day will come when communism will be swept from this earth, that the United Nations will be utterly destroyed, and not one plot or conspiracy of the International monetary system will ever again be carried out. We thus have been fighting a continuing war, but this time there will be a change for this time the white man is not going to be fighting white enrich the Jew, or to build his Babylonian supremacy. This time it will not be as twice before in two World Wars...stirred by manipulations, economic design, assassination and conspiracy, it will not be the House of Judah fighting the House of Joseph for the Jew profit.

The Great Assyrian Empire which we fought before was the Turanians...out of the Steppes and the branches of the Assyrian Empire making up Gog and Magog. This is not the land of Assyria today which is having trouble with the little state of Israeli. That Assyria is a part of the House of Ishmael ...and in those earlier days they were known as Ishmaelites. The People and the Prince's of Germany and other nations of Israel fought as the hoards of Genghis Khan came were Assyrians, out of the Steppes of Asia. They had fought their way thru the passes and down to the areas of Mesopotamia, and all the way into Palestine. They sent their armies into Europe and there were driven back. They were those who lived in the Steppes of Asia, the areas of Mongolia...thus Gog and Magog. These are the names found in the book of Ezekiel for the Russians, and the Prince of Russia...eastern Russia. However this did not apply at one time since then the Czar of Russia was a Judahite, the King of England and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany were cousins. Thus the Czar was ruling over Gog but he was not Gog, he was David ruling over Gog and Magog.

We want you to understand that the people who make up the Germanic states are the House of Judah, and Israel his companions. That the states which make up the Western front which involves the Anglo Saxon, Scandinavian nations along the coasts of the earth, and reach down into white Spain, white Italy, and into white portions of France...then reaches out into Iceland, Australia and the U.S. this is also the House of Joseph. This is another instance when the whole House of Israel is no longer divided except into two groups for the climactic events of these latter days.

In the 37th., chapter of Ezekiel we read these words:...'Therefore prophecy Ezekiel and say....I am going to bring Israel up out of their graves, and they will stand as mighty powers in earth. I AM going to put my spirit on you, and you shall live'...Thus...Thou son of man take thee one stick and write upon it for Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions. Then take another stick and write upon it for Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the House of Israel his companions. Then join them one to another, and I WILL weld them together as one great and mighty striking power against the enemies of My people of my kingdom.'

We tell you that here in 1988 we have already seen much of this done, for the American president went to Germany, defied the enemy, and stood with the Germans. We know this was part of the prophecy by the way the enemy then turned on him, and tried to bring down his administration, and especially to remove him from the White House...even by a coup.

Now; remember, that the House of Judah and the House of Israel were prophesied by Jeremiah as to being Christian people. They were to have a new Covenant put in their hearts, and be identified as 'My People'...putting My Spirit...My name upon them...both of these branches of the House of Israel were to stand out as Christians. In fact the Spirit of God moved out as the Apostle Paul went into Britain and then into Europe, for he said:... 'The Spirit expressly forbade me to go to Asia.' Apostle Paul then wrote to our Race the descendants of the Book of Hebrews. And if that Covenant that YAHWEH made with the House of Judah and the House of Joseph was really made then these two great blocks of nations that are Christian are speedily identified with this prophecy and they are located in Europe and in the rest of the Christian West.

We realize a lot of people want to keep on fighting the Germans just because we fought them twice in the past, under Jewish manipulations. We hope you realize that you should not fight a war with any Christian nation just to please an enemy who has been nothing but an exploiter of your race ever since Adam.

Dr. Swift tells us that under the Grace of God, almost everything that you can see which has been a benefit to the Western Christian culture was preserved for you at one time by the Goutii...the Herrenvolk..and you will understand this in time. But it was the Princes of Germany that laid down a defense and held the line against the world powers of pagan forces led by International Jewry's deception in the days when the forces of Genghis Khan came into Europe. Did you know that World Jewry from the Isle of Pergamos, and from Vienna brought in, betrayed and guided the hoards of Asia so as to attack Christian civilization, to divide the spoils, and to establish their power over Western Europe. At that time God raised up the Goutii...the House of Judah and his companions, and they helped stop these forces, for a 'Warlike Power' was to be Judah. They knew their Destiny, and from earliest days the Goutii remembered things from their earliest history, things which thru their mystery schools of Masonry they had been taught. They knew that the white race of which they were a part was the Herrenvolk...the Master Race of Bismark, or Kaiser Wilhelm. The word was a part of the cry of Martin Luther when he called for the Herrenvolk of God to turn back the hoards of the Asiatics who were trying to crush Christian civilization from off the earth. We tell you that the flags...the Union Jack and Old Glory along with the flag of Germany stand for guidance and strength for Gods Kingdom. There is to be no Peace according to prophecy until the Almighty's time table comes to fulfillment. Until then your enemy, the troublemakers of the world will continue as a fifth column in all western nations. We tell you this...never again will you go to war against Germany..never again ...we have passed that point and both nations have survived. We also tell you that you cannot end this situation without a victory, you can't set men free without a victory.

Dr. Swift talked to a minister who said he would rather stand and die in his tracks than take one human life. Dr. Swift had this reply:..(quote) You and I have a different Lord, because MY LORD is going to come back with the biggest army you ever saw and finish this fight. (unquote) The minister said that de did not believe in the Book of Revelation and things like that, so Dr. Swift asked him if he ever had read the 38th., and 39th., chapters of Ezekiel where God tells how the aircraft and missiles of the enemy will come to attack the cities of the Great Christian Nations, where the people live without walls? How then God is going to raise a mighty army of our people and we will finish this fight for all times, and it will take seven months to bury the dead. Now you cannot start a revival with that knowledge but you can sure get enthused. We tell you that in the Book of Ezekiel it tells us that this hoard gathered out of the areas of Gog and Magog, this driving back the sons of Judah, and the driving back of the white man out of Russia, has only set the stage. The murder of the white Czar, the killing of the white Russians, the bringing in of the Mongolian hoards, the rising of the Khazars, this Jewish Mongolian force, the creation of the Bolshevik revolution was only a repetition of these upset principals, from the day of Rabbi's Marx's boy on down to their present financial fifth column in your nation.

We tell you that the hand of my Father is as delicate as a surgeons, and He can and will cut out, and remove everything which will obstruct, hurt and destroy the people of His Kingdom. Therefore the reason we can not disarm is that all this talk of disarmament is only a trick to get you to surrender everything which protects you in order to gain...Peace. This will never happen because YAHSHUA knew there was enough people He could wake up to stop this, therefore when His disciples asked:..'Master, tell us what will be the sign of the end of the age? He said:...there will be wars and rumors of wars, and kingdoms will rise against kingdoms and nations.' You don't do this with lollipops, or across a so called Peace Table. The Prophet Joel relayed the message about the hour in which you live. He said: 'Wake up my people and call upon the LORD thy God'...this is your heritage, and He will deliver everyone of you who's name is written in the Book... since the beginning of time. If the Almighty says you are going to have a war to fight then don't bet on settling it at a Peace Table. YAHSHUA-YAHWEH in the flesh has said:...Come all you pagans move into this new battle of Jehoshaphat. Come on down against my people into the 'Valley of Decision'. We will see what is more powerful on the face of the earth... you of the northern (Satanic) hoards or my people with Spirit, vision and technology....IN MY HANDS!

You close are we to this happening? We see this will see this great explosive spark as the enemy moves in the mid-east, and into Europe. There has been trouble in the mid-east ever since the Jews took over Palestine and Russia became the Soviet Union and Palestine became Israeli. Palestine belongs to all of the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian and Germanic people, and all their Israel brethren, and by DEED, for Jeremiah paid them cash, received the deed, then carried that deed to Ireland, from there it went to Scotland and to Wales and then into the British treasury.

We have told you much of this before and we only remind you that no where in the world was greater barbarity perpetuated than that wrought by the Jews against the Christians and Arabs in Palestine, then at the setting up of this abortive state of Israeli. In all their imagination of gas chambers, there was nothing more evil than the Jews as they went into Palestine and turned loose the Stern gang. The weapons for this powerful gang invasion were bought and paid for by powerful Jews, with money they extracted from American and European tax payers and the Soviets then supplied the weapons. Remember the day when the United Nations said:..'in the name of Peace...we will divide the land of Palestine into different areas of Jewish, Christian and Arab people'...yet God said:..'Woe to anyone who divides my land.'

Dr. Swift brought back from Washington D.C. documents outlining all that he has told us about the situation in the unhappy land of Old Palestine, confirming that the Jews are the outlaws of the world..they are now in the Old Land which belongs to Israel thus they are the abominations of the Desolator who is Satan himself. One of the great plots going on in the world today (and still here in 1988) is the Soviet design in conjunction with Israeli of producing the spark for a holocaust in the Mid-east, and then to force the U.S. to go in and protect the Jew, and in that process lose the best wishes of the whole world. But I tell you this:..America is not going to fight the Arabs to enrich the Jews..never again. But there will be constant trouble and the United States is in this trouble all over the world, but this also is just fulfilling prophecy of any Adamite who has ever prophesied, as well as the words of Jesus as He walked the earth.

We tell you that you are standing on the threshold of a great and final struggle, a climactic struggle and you cannot change its development. The Prophet Daniel also pointed this out as he prophesied that the hoards of Asia under this power of darkness, this man with his thunderings, and dark countenance who was destroying a world with his cry of Peace...would eventually emerge in a war with you the Holy People of the Most High God. I then turn to Revelation 12, and it tells me that the armies of the Dragon, who is the Serpent, the Devil-Satan, he who has deceived the whole world, whose people were cast into the earth with him..this is the same whom Jesus identified as being with him...they are his children, and they are the ones who make war on Christian civilizations and your race. If you will turn to the 12th., chapter of Revelation then here I am told that these hoards of the Dragon come out of Asia, and that the whole world (order) makes war with your civilization...with the remnants of this true Israel civilization, these people who have 'The Commandments of God, and the Testimony of Jesus Christ'. This is the story of is either you or the enemy, this is why the nations of Christendom cannot disarm, for the rest of the world will not. Always the enemy plans your destruction for this is the battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness, this is a continual battle. The thought of the enemy is that with their great numbers of manpower they will eventually sweep all lands, then turn and take the Western hemisphere and destroy America which actually is the geo-political heart center of resistance to communism. They plan to take your property as loot, and your women as slaves. In the 1960's they were talking over nighttime radio about the time being now for the campfires of Genghis Khan to burn again. But we read in the 38th., chapter of Ezekiel that as this storm gathers then God says:...'ENOUGH' just occupy your portion of the earth and watch God deliver.'

In the second Book of Esdras in the 15th., chapter we read:...'Speak in the ears of my people the words of prophecy which I will put in your mouth, and cause them to be written on paper for they are trust worthy and true. Do not fear the plots against you, and do not be troubled by the unbelief. Behold! saith YAHWEH:..I bring plagues upon the world (order) and a sword, and famine, and death, and destruction.' (unquote) Why does he do this? (quote) 'Because they have polluted the whole world, and then moved out trying to destroy my people. Their iniquity has spread thru out every land, and their harmful deeds have reached their limit. Therefore saith the LORD:...I will be silent no longer concerning their wicked deeds which they impiously commit. Behold! innocent and righteous blood cries out to me, and the souls of the dust cry out continually. I will surely avenge them saith YAHWEH..and will receive to myself all the innocent blood from among them.' Then in verse 34:...'I will repay them with the things they have done to my people..with like as they still do to my chosen, so will I with judgment and recompense pour out on them.' (unquote)

YAHWEH'S people have been hindered, persecuted and slain because of their identification with our God. Then we read on in II Esdras:...'Behold! the nations of the Dragon shall come with their many chariots, a multitude of them, and they shall be carried as a wind upon the earth, and all that see them and hear them shall tremble, for out of the lands of the Dragon they shall come by the thousands. Then the LORD said:...When the powers of the Dragon come they will waste a portion of the land of the Assyrians if necessary.'

The modern day Assyrian is from the Steppes of Asia..the old homeland of Genghis Khan, the land of God and Magog. Then here in the II Book of Esdras (Ezra) we are told that there are other stars in the heavens, and these are man controlled, they are stars carrying weapons. (Remember the Dr. Beter tapes...but the Soviets have had these since the 60's and so far have not used them except for propaganda purposes to try to disarm America). Then going further the Omniscience of God told you 2600 plus years ago that ... as the winds arrive you are involved because you (Israel) are 'My battle ax and weapons of war.' But from your land then new stars are to go out to pour out the consequences on those of the world order. (No wonder the enemy works so hard to get rid of SDI..'Star Wars'!!)

But...You His battle Ax and weapons of war 'Shall go on steadily to Babylon and destroy her'. You shall come to her and surround her, and pour out the tempest of wrath to destroy her, then the dust and smoke shall go up to the heavens, and all about her shall wail over her, but those who survive shall serve those who destroy her. This my friends is what is meant when you read:..'I shall take you to Great Babylon, and then you shall be delivered.' Micah 4:10...'Thou Asia who share in the glamour of Babylon (this International Monetary control) and the glory of her person, Woe to you miserable wretch. Oh! you cities of Asia and elsewhere who ruled one hour with the Anti-Christ (communism, socialism, world Jewry) now therefore your judgment shall be poured out upon thee.' (unquote)

Remember then that when they send those man made stars (missiles) against you that....'NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER' Thus they will be ineffective. In this climactic battle between the Children of Darkness that now rages, with the Children of the Kingdom, then now the forces of Christ led by Michael the Great Archangel joins with the Children of God in earth. This means the judgment falls on the World Order led by the Anti-Christ... and now the Children of God's Kingdom shall be delivered...II Esdras 16:74.

We are thus caught in this web of God's program which calls for the Children of the Kingdom to assume their responsibility, to rule the earth with righteousness, with the Laws of God, and you cannot do this rule thru the United Nations, or at a Peace Table which the enemy controls.

However I cannot leave it there for again:...John in Revelation then lifts his head and looks into space and he saw the heavens filled with a great and mighty company of the MOST HIGH. John saw a great ship with its standard...KING OF THE UNIVERSE..KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD'S..and John tells us that the armies of the Universe followed after HIM. There is then coming a time when space will be filled, and the armies from space will be led by YAHSHUA...THE KING OF KINGS. Do you think that all the political leaders of the World Order, all those who made war on God's Kingdom people will not gather their armies, their space crafts, their nuclear weapons, and everything they possess and set them all over the do what? Yes, to try to make war with HE who comes from the heavens as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD'S.

In that instance then don't try to tell me that these forces will disarm before Jesus comes, because we are told that they will even try to use their arms on our reinforcements as HE comes in!!! This won't take very long and even tho we here in earth haven't developed our technology of war as far as the dissolving power of the light bulbs which precedes from the weapons of your reinforcements, still the 'Light', the disintegrating power, the forces which shall move will be more than the armies of darkness can stand. We are told that all the armies of the Best system will be broken, smashed, that they will not win the battle with God's Kingdom. This will be a triumphant hour, and when it is over every weapon shall be broken, every sword laid down, and there shall be only one army...a Christian army which shall rule the world with a police force of Righteousness until people have learned to make war no more. I believe in Peace ..which the Kingdom only can enforce. Our plan is not to enslave men, our plan is to set them free, but you will fight the forces in the four corners of the earth in your resistance, which all the Prophets, the Seers throughout the Adamic history, and yes the Scriptures all the way back thru the Book predict...but also all the way forward they looked toward the Greatest Golden Age this world has ever known. That my friends is why your nation cannot disarm, why every Christian nation cannot disarm. It is not in the program of the Great Mosaic for Peace on Earth...until the Great Prince of Peace becomes the decisive force here in earth.