ERM - Tape 080 - Gospel Of John; Jacob's Ladder; Rosetta Stone and More




From the Tape Ministry of Dr. Swift and my understanding.

Questions and answers.



QUESTION:...Is there missing parts of the Gospel of John?

ANSWER:...It is thought that there may be some parts of the Gospel of John that are missing, but we believe that YAHWEH protected us well with the Gospels that we so have. If the children of the Kingdom would understand the Gospel of John that we do have then knowledge would be increased 100 fold. In the New Testament Pseudepigrapha there is a story about John restoring Cleopatra to good health. It seems that Cleopatra had been lying as tho dead for 7 days when John arrived in Ephesus and then John with the power of YAHSHUA restored Cleopatra to good health which amazed these people of Ephesus. John then restored her husband and that gentleman falls at John's feet, but John tells him that he should only fall at the feet of YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh for HE was the ONE whose power raised both he and his wife. Lycomedes then decided that he will have a portrait painted of John, and when the portrait was finished he put it in John's bedroom. This was a portrait of an elderly man crowned with garlands, and a lamp and an altar were before him. John had never seen his own portrait and he asked who this portrait represented? When learning this was a portrait of himself he took a mirror brought to him and studied his face for a long time. Then he said:...'It is like me and yet it is not. It is like my image in the flesh, but if the painter who copied my face here wanted to put ME in the portrait then he would need all the colors that were given your race, and the shape of the figure, the age, the youth, and all such visible things. But the type of picture YAHSHUA writes paints the type of our souls. These are the colors which I tell you to paint with:...Faith in YAHWEH who is also YAHSHUA...knowledge, reverence, kindness, fellowship, mildness, goodness, brotherly love and a whole band of color which portrays your soul. In fact when a full set and mixture of such colors have come together into your soul it will present to YAHSHUA...the real you... undismayed and undaunted and rounded in form. What you have done here is childish, and imperfect, in fact you have drawn a dead likeness of what is dead.' (Unquote) In other words the physical body dies as the spiritual body..the real you..takes over. We would say that this writing of what John said and did was probably recorded later, but the Gospel of John is about Jesus The Christ, who HE was, why HE came and His ministry while here in the flesh, not about the work of John using the power of Spirit which the Apostles received at Pentecost.

We are told here in these old writings that John, while in Ephesus, called the people together and healed their disease using the power from YAHSHUA and that he taught the people those things they were capable of receiving. But as you noticed John did not teach these Israelites any more than they were capable of digesting. However he did tell them how YAHSHUA picked His Apostles then took them to the mountain, at least some of them and they saw HIM in HIS Shekinah Glory. John tells these people that at times as he touched YAHSHUA he encountered a solid body..material..then at other times HIS substance was not material but as tho it did not exist at all. John told these people that when they would go somewhere to eat after being invited that Jesus would take his loaf and divide it with His disciples and they were always satisfied with a little portion, and the one who invited them were amazed. John also told some of these people that at times as he walked with YAHSHUA that he never saw a footprint, that His miracles and wonderful works could not be told for the moment because they were so unexplainable, and perhaps could not be described correctly or even understood.

John then describes the Revelation of the Mystery of the Cross. John tells of how YAHSHUA instructed him as to what a disciple should learn from his teacher. He is shown the Cross and told its meaning for the Race, and for the world. This is described as a Cross of Light, and around the Cross is gathered a great crowd which had no single form, and in that crowd at the Cross was 'ONE FORM', and of the same likeness as the crowd around HIM. Then John realizes that this 'LIGHT' is YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA and altho having no definite physical shape still has a voice that the Apostles recognized and this voice said to John: 'This Cross of Light (Spirit) is something called LOGOS by me, for your sake..(sometimes today is called Jesus The Christ, or The Door...The Way..Seed..Resurrection..Son..Father or Grace)..But it is all these things for (Adam) man's sake. (Unquote) But what really is it? John says that it is the distinction of all things, and the strong uplifting of what is firmly fixed out of what is unstable and also it is the harmony of wisdom.

On the opposite side there are powers, principalities, demons, devils, Satan..the inferior root from which nature of transient things proceed. But this CROSS is what has united all things by THE WORD, and separates all that is inferior, and compacts all things into ONE.

John is told:...'This is not a wooden Cross which He will see as He goes down from the mountain, nor am I (Spirit) that will be on that Cross. I was taken to be what I am not, and many things said of me are to be mean and unworthy but the place of 'MY REST' is neither to be seen or told. The multitude you saw around that Lighted Cross and in the Cross that have no form are those who have come down of the Race and not as yet been gathered. (Remember this was before the Resurrection) But when human nature is taken up then this Race comes to me and hears my voice and shall be united with those seen here of the Race, and no longer will be what she or he is, but shall be above as I am now. As long as you do not call yourself mine, then I AM is waiting, but if you hear me you shall be as I AM and I shall be what I was as I AM..Myself..for from me you are what I AM. Therefore ignore the many and despise those who are outside the mystery, for you must know that I AM wholly with the Father (Spirit), and the Father (Spirit) with me. This is the mystery the world (order) cannot understand for yes (quote) I SUFFERED, AND YET I (SPIRIT) DID NOT SUFFER. (Unquote) In otherwords what was done to the physical body of YAHSHUA was physical and the physical suffered yet the Spirit did not suffer.

We are told here in this record that John held all these things in his mind knowing that YAHWEH as YAHSHUA did all these things as a symbol for the Salvation of (Adam) Man. Here we also remember that he came only to the Lost Sheep of Israel. Matthew 15:24.

John then instructed his brethren here in Ephesia to worship this ONE... who is Our Father..this one who made (Adam) Man apart from all the others ...this ONE who is higher than all authority, all power, all Angels. Hold fast to HIM and you possess your soul indestructible.

The people of Greece were always looking for something which pertained to God, and they heard rumors that great things were being done in Smyrna, and some wanted to go see the miracles. But first there was to be a great festival and dedication of the Idol temple of Artemis and the people must attend this festival. The people dressed in white for this great event, but John dressed in Black and this angered the people, and they turned on him and tried to kill him. John said:..'Surely you are mad to try to kill me... a man who serves the one true God. Then John mounted a high platform and began to speak so as to reach the (Adamic) People. (Adam) men of Ephesus you have remained unchanged to this day in your attitude toward the true faith, you are being corrupted by your ancient rituals. How many miracles, and cures have you seen performed thru me and yet you have this Goddess Artemis...does she still have this power over you when you pray to her? Then John prays to YAHSHUA to remove the demon from this Temple which is leading Israelites astray. While John is praying this great Temple began to tremble and then it came tumbling down, and the false priests of this temple were killed. The Israelites then began to pray for mercy to the Great God that John worshiped'. John promised not to leave his people until he had taught them the facts of their faith. John put it this way...he would not leave until he had weaned them like children from their nurse's milk, and set them upon solid Rock. The people brought a dead body of one of the priests out of the temple and this priest was an Israelite altho working in a pagan temple, and yet since this was a Lost Israelite then he was also a 'Lost Sheep' and John raised him from the dead. As John said:.. 'Now believe, and you shall live for all Eternity. This Lost Sheep was restored to life and from that time on he kept company with John for now he also believed in YAHSHUA the Savior.

In this article from the old big book we are told in one place that John died and gave up his spirit, but then in Codex R and V we are told that the Apostle could not be found, for he had been removed from that area thru the power of YAHSHUA. As we have told you before there is much evidence that John did not die.

QUESTION:...How do you explain this vision Jacob had of a ladder reaching from heaven to earth?

ANSWER:...This is found in Genesis the Old Testament Pseudo-pigraphic this story continues from Genesis 28:12...until Jacob comes back home with his household after his name is changed to Israel (Genesis 32:28). Jacob thus is told by his father Isaac not to take a wife of the Cainanites as Esau had done, but rather to go to his uncle's home to secure his wife..a girl of his own race. As Jacob went toward Haran night came upon him and he prepared to spend the dark hours. He took stones of this area to place them for his pillow and during the night he had a vision. He saw a ladder reaching as tho from earth to the heavens. And he saw people coming down and going up on this ladder. In the old records it says that Jacob saw a face as tho of a man yet it was carved out of fire....who was at the top of the ladder. And there were 12 steps to this ladder and on each step there were two human faces...on the right and on the left, actually 24 figures from the chest up. And as Jacob watched he saw that the face at the top was higher than all, but still there were people coming and going on this ladder.

The King James version of Scripture says these were Angels of God who were coming and going, but when looking closer to the references we remember that Angels are created beings and Hebrews 1:13-14., and Genesis 28:12., of the Ferrah Fenton version of the Scriptures should also be read for these people coming and going on this ladder of Life are the ministering spirits..or the otherwords the children of the Kingdom coming and going from heaven to earth and then back again.

YAHWEH then calls to Jacob and we see that the covenant now moves forward to Jacob and this land Jacob was sleeping on is now given to his seed (race)..after him. YAHWEH said:...'I will multiply your seed (race) as the stars of heaven, and the sand of the seashore. And thru your seed (race) all the earth, and those living on the last time of the years completion shall be blessed. My blessing with which I have blessed you shall flow from you unto the last generation, for the east and the west all shall be full of your tribe (race).'

Jacob was shook by what he had witnessed and he declared:...'This is the House (household) of YAHWEH'....and he took the stone which he had rested against and poured Olive Oil on top of it and called the name of this place 'The House of YAHWEH' or Bethel.

Here in allegory and Symbolism we see the covenant carried forward with Jacob, and as the story continues Jacob acquires his wives and his 12 sons who are to be established as the 12 tribes of Israel to build the kingdom of YAHWEH NOW OUT IN OPEN VIEW OF THE WORLD (ORDER). As we have told you before the two handmaidens who produced a part of the 12 tribes of Israel were also girls of this household...girls of the race, for at that time the girls did not go outside of the home to work, rather they worked for their elders until they were of marrying age.

Now; Jacob's name was changed to Israel and from then on the kingdom development will come from these 12 sons of Jacob-Israel. The rest of the Adamic race...will either die out or be absorbed by the Israelites as their work in earth is done. But remember that YAHWEH also called Adam and Eve...then Seth..'My Israel' and the children of spirit had been coming down into flesh bodies of the Adamites for centuries before this. Jacob had seen this in his vision just as Abraham did and then later John would also record the coming of this race...called New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation. Thus the Kingdom development now moves forward with the sons of Jacob and they will be protected for this purpose. The wife of Joseph at a later date was from the Seth-Enoch line of the Race and also the wife of Moses was not of the Israelite line thru Jacob but very acceptable to YAHWEH...for when this selection was questioned remember what happened to the lade who questioned the lineage of the wife of Moses, for these ladies were of the Race and therefore acceptable in the program of YAHWEH.

Jacob also in his vision saw the troubles this little kingdom of YAHWEH would go thru, and how they would finally be a prisoner in a strange land, but one of the purposes of bringing the Kingdom into World view was so that the children of the Kingdom would tell of the coming of the Messiah, only now the time would be much closer than when they began talking about Messiah and calling themselves sons of YAH back in the time of Seth.

Here in the old notes there were signs given for this coming of Messiah such as:..'a babe in the womb of his mother will speak of HIS way'. (Remember when Mary came to see Elizabeth?) 'a child 3 months old will speak with understanding' (Remember John the Baptist?) 'Then the expected ONE will come whose path will not be noticed by anyone' (The World Order in Judea did not expect HIM) But (Quote) 'What was from above would now be below, and from the Seed of Jacob now would come a root of Kings, and it will overthrow the power of evil. Thus HE will be the savior for every land, and rest for those who toil. If HE does not come the lower things cannot be joined with the upper. At HIS coming the idols of brass, stone and carvings will give voice for 3 days. Then will Wisemen let people on earth know what is to be on earth. By a STAR..those who wish to see on earth will find their way to HIM. The Almighty now in a body and embraced by Corporeal Arms will restore (hu) man, and he will receive Eve who died by the fruit of that tree (knowing good and evil). In time the deceit of the impious (Satan and his kingdom) will be exposed, and all idols will fall face down. Will be put to shame, and will rule no more, and prophecy no more. They will be relieved of their power, and false Glory. For he who comes will take power and give to Abraham and his seed, the mighty truth he previously told him. Everything sharp He will make dull, and the rough will become smooth. He will cast these iniquitors into the depth of the Sea. He will work wonders of heaven, on earth. HE will be wounded in the midst of His beloved House (Israel). But when HE is wounded SALVATION IS READY. For those who wounded Him will themselves receive a wound which will not be cured. And all creation will know HIM who was wounded, and many will trust HIM. He will become known everywhere in all lands, and those who acknowledge HIS name will not be ashamed, HIS dominion will be unending forever. (Unquote)

We believe this is a two fold prophecy like many others, for the end of that age when YAHWEH CAME as YAHSHUA, as the Salvation of the House of Israel, and it is also for the beginning of the New Age which will eventually bring the administration of the kingdom over America and then over the whole earth. Some things thus portray events at the time of HIS walk in earth as Messiah, where he portrayed the fact that YAHWEH was YAHSHUA in the flesh, Savior...the ONE...The same Father (Spirit).

Jacob-Israel was warned when his name was changed that he would have trouble with the Cainanites and of course with the Edomites who were produced by Esau stepping out of his race. But now YAHWEH would also be with this group who would carry the banner of the Covenant, and at this time HE turned the heart of Esau so this little band of the kingdom would not be destroyed.

QUESTION:...What is this Rosetta Stone, and where was it found?

ANSWER:...(from the book by Dr. Budge..1929) The famous slab of black Basalt which stands at the southern end of the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery in the British Museum, and which has for more than a century been known as the Rosetta Stone was found in July of 1799, at a spot of the Nile River, in Egypt which flows thru the western delta area to the Sea, not far from the town called by the Europeans...Rosetta.

The French officer who found the stone and his companion observed it bore inscriptions in three different scripts and rightly supposed that they represented three versions of the same text. Since the last of the inscriptions was in Greek and could be read they realized the possible importance of the Stone for the decipherment of the Hieroglyphics in the first inscription.

The Stone was taken to Cairo and learned men soon exhibited great curiosity in respect to the content of the inscription cut upon it. The inscription placed between the hieroglyphics and the Greek version was soon identified as a cursive (flowing) form of hieroglyphics, and impressions of the Stone were taken and sent to scholars of great repute in many parts of Europe.

In 1801 the Rosetta Stone and several other important antiquities were surrendered to General Hutchinson, and he sent some to England, then eventually the Stone was taken to the British Museum where it was mounted and exhibited to the public.

The Rosetta Stone in its present state is an irregularly shaped slab of compact black Basalt measuring 3' 9" in length, 2' 41/2" in width and 11" in thickness. The top right and left hand corners, and the right hand bottom corner is missing. It is believed that when complete the Stone was at least 12" longer than it now is. The upper end of the Stone was probably rounded, and the front was sculptured with a figure of the Winged Disk (Orb) of the priest called Horus (Enoch). Below the Winged Orb there may have been a relief, in which a series of gods, similar to the king was seen standing with the Queen, in the presence of a series of gods. If you consider the Sculptured decorations then the Stone in its first state was probably 5' or even 6'., tall and when mounted on a suitable resting place, set up near the statue of the king in whose honor it was engraved it formed a prominent monument in the Temple in which it was set.

The Hieroglyphics on the Stone were from the earliest dynasties, for nearly all state and ceremonial documents that were intended to be seen by the public were in this Egyptian Hieroglyphic writing. Then there was the conventional and modified form of the Hieroglyphic writings which were in use in the period of the Ptolemaic rule.

One Scholar who worked on deciphering the Stone found that the use of the ancient Coptic writings was the key to this system of writing. And we remember that Christian descendants of the ancient Egyptian people were called Copts...a name which is only a corruption of the Greek word for Egyptian. The translation of Holy Scriptures and other sacred writings of the Copts helped him to realize that the writings on the Rosetta Stone in the center was a mixture of Egyptian and Greek. The knowledge of Coptic literature has never been lost, always has been available in manuscripts for study by scholars. Champollion using his knowledge of Coptic was able to identify many of the Egyptian words which he could read in their Coptic equivalent. He was thus able to deduce the phonetic values of many syllabic signs, and to assign correct readings to the many pictorial characters the meanings of which were made known to him by the Greek text of the Stone.

The inscription on the Rosetta Stone is a copy of the Decree passed by the General Council of Egyptian Priests assembled at Memphis to celebrate the commemoration of the coronation of Ptolemy...king of all Egypt, he had been crowned in the 8th., year of his reign which would place this in the Spring of 196 B.C.

Remember that Ptolemy..the king..was an Aryan, a Greek, and here we find one more time that Aryans were leaving a trail of Identity for their race, and of course men of the race would thus be able to decipher the writings on the Stone so you could go backward in time as you were tracing the race.

When reading the Decree you notice that anytime someone is called a god that the word is written with a small g, and when called an Ever-Living god this was referring to the fact that there in ancient Egypt the people in their thinking knew they were sons and daughters of YAHWEH (God) therefore gods in their own right. Psalms 82:6.

QUESTION:...What is this secret weapon of God which you speak of?

ANSWER:...As we have told you before, this Adamic race is supplied with the essence of God's Spirit. Having been begotten of the spirit you are thus born from above, then here in the generations of the Adamic race you are born into the flesh..thus twice born. No wonder the powers of Darkness desire the conquest of the Christian nations, and the ruling of the earth. But this is not something new because Scriptures foretold this would come to pass. The Prophets..our kinsmen..told us these things as they were energized by the spirit of the Eternal YAHWEH who had begotten those spirits.

To understand the mysteries of the prophecies you have to understand the fact that you belong to this twice born race of people. Without such spiritual birth there would be nothing to reactivate by spirit. The whole worth of the message of Christianity as a great and vital religion, as a great and vital spiritual force is in the story of the RESTORATION OF SPIRITUAL VISION, AND SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING brought about by the Quickening of your consciousness of those things known by The Father before the world was framed. You are thus a three-fold being....spirit, soul, and body, and the Most High..Your Heavenly Father intends to see that every portion of your nature is established in the righteousness of his pattern, thru out all the ages to come. You have and Eternal spirit and you are thus children of an Eternal Spirit. From the hour you were begotten in HIS image your spiritual existence was one of individual entity, and you were thus with the Father before the creation of this cosmic portion of our solar system and the Milky Way which our Solar system is also a part of. Think of were there when the Milky Way was formed. Therefore you are not the children of are the children of an Eternal Yesterday, and an Endless Tomorrow.

Now; if this sounds like Dr. Swift...I am quoting from his sermon... 'God's secret weapons'. This was his continuous message as to who you are and why you are here, and the Scripture bears this out, for the spirit in you is the incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever.

When Jesus said that He came 'Only to the Lost Sheep of Israel' He knew where His sheep were, it was their MINDS that were lost, they had been brain washed, and people had been taken over in the seat of their soul consciousness..where they think. Adam fell and the Race became subject to physical death, but YAHWEH PROMISED TO RESTORE Immortality to our Race, to adjust the soul consciousness of every individual until His Eternal Ego assumes the spiritual dimension of Light, Knowledge, and Understanding, that Individual had with the Father before the world was framed. This is why Scripture tells us:...(James 5:20) 'He who converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death and shall hide (prevent) a multitude of sins'. As you adjust an individual where he thinks, you adjust him in the way he acts and lives. There are a lot of people who are disturbed because they think that evil is going to triumph, but we tell you that evil will never triumph because that which is 'good' holds together everything by the law of its existence. Nothing that is destructive or is disintegrating can ever defeat the power of creation. The children of God's Kingdom with their spiritual power, with the spiritual force in them can be brought into tune with your Father until you are able to carry the vision that allows you to see, to understand and to know what is going on. As you turn to the Gospel of James...'We who are His children know that everything that is good, everything which is perfect comes down from the Father of all Light, of all vibrations with who there is no variableness, because the laws in their forms are ordained'. We are the first 'Begotten' in HIS Universe. There are many things formed but you are the first begotten. If you understand who you are and why you are here then none of these ideas being fed you today of a common level, common destiny of all people, all religions, everything joined together into a world government, world society and under the direction of the children of darkness will not satisfy you. Integration, mongrelization will fail because there is this 'Living' Spiritual seed deep down in the inner heart of His children, and He will awaken in His Race a feeling that will wipe out this attempt to destroy this race of His Kingdom. Oh! we will suffer many casualties but eventually this also will be stopped. And as you turn on your T.V. set you listen mostly to the World Order speak, but you are to learn not to follow. Remember that T.V. set was created with the technology of your race, but has been to a large extent taken over...thus the World Order speaks from the set. We tell you however, that one of these days those T.V. sets are going to speak with another voice as YAHSHUA comes to take command of His Kingdom. Just imagine every T.V. screen locked into that one wave length of Light on that Day. Some have said that surely you don't believe this? You can't be ready for such a day because you do not have the righteousness of The Christ which makes you ready. Dr. Swift answered:....'I remember that he imputed that right to me and to you. I accept HIS covenants, and if any claims are laid against me I am going to say:..This is what HE says.

We want you to know that in this world struggle called Armageddon...named after a site on the plains around Old Jerusalem, with these hoards coming out of Asia and Africa, and the Mid-east and coming against the nations of God's kingdom we are ready for this battle because we believe there is sufficient power to deliver us. This power coming out of the heavens and the earth when YAHSHUA stimulates the spirit in His children will bring the climactic victory in this hour. YAHSHUA HAS THIS SECRET WEAPON which He can use at any time to bring this struggle to a climax.

Here in America today we have people in high places who deny that Jesus is THE CHRIST. Then we have people who carry the standard of Jesus and yet they succumb to the thinking of the World Order and betray their Faith, and their nation. However to offset this situation there is this secret weapon of Cosmic Energy of Spiritual power which charges the very vibratory power of God's own Spirit which is present in each child of the Kingdom. This 'Power of Spirit' is going to move just like a mist...a cloud across the nations of the Kingdom, and every spirit begotten of HIM will start to vibrate and the children of the kingdom are going to awaken, to respond until a great wave will go out from them against everything which is evil in our midst. This will not be like a John Birch Society, a Patriotic meeting or an Israel Identity meeting. This time a whole nation is going to respond, to rise and call for leadership denouncing the enemy and repudiating the things evil and what they stand for. There is not one spirit of this Kingdom Race that does not think right even tho the person in which it resides is sound asleep. The spirit is immortal, it is just the mind which is asleep. Some of our people aren't using enough spiritual energy to make their brain function in the seat of their intellect. They are using only a small part of their brains...only a small part is functioning, but they have a far greater capacity than that. Fortunately the spirit prays while we are asleep, and that spirit can activate the mental attitude of our people until we think as He thinks, at the time God moves to win this battle of Armageddon once and for all times.

Before you ask what happens to the people of Asia and Africa, as many people do, it is just what has always been in the program of God's Grace for what happens to them comes thru a righteous government, and truth in the world. We of the Kingdom believe that you set people free by moving them under the protection of YAHWEH'S kingdom Administration.

The Great Nations of God's Kingdom have been fighting a psychological warfare and have fallen prey to the very phrases which are endeared by them such as LIBERTY, FREEDOM, THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. They have tried to make us think that Democracy is the wave of the future not a Republic under the administration of God's Kingdom. The troubles of our times, the pressures, the conditions that effect our liberty have been born of the philosophy and politics put forward by the enemy, the Anti-Christ who has transferred his thoughts to the minds of dupes who permit the World Order to do their thinking. They then expound with soulish error instead of letting the power of Spirit guide and influence them along the great foundation steps of the PRECEPTED STREET.

We would have you know that the values of God's Kingdom have been well established, and as you created wealth, then know that this wealth belongs to the creator of that wealth. And upon the creator of this wealth is bestowed all the spiritual guidance which is his to draw on, but what he bestows on the less fortunate is what he wishes to give not what is taken from him. No where is it written that you must divide everything which exists with everyone in the world whether they put out any effort to produce it or not. There is no place where it states that if you don't have it then you just take from someone else and bestow it on those who have not...because that is what is necessary for the good of the World Order.

We tell you that the thing necessary for prosperity and progress in the world is intelligence, initiative and work. Divine Blessing will do the rest unless that area of the earth is out of adjustment with God's plan for them. In violating that pattern of law by their willful disobedience, and by their opposition they set up a contradictory wave of vibratory power that upsets the balance of what is good for them. The sun shines on the just and the unjust all over the world but his does not mean that all sections of the earth are going to produce the same even tho they possess the same type of soil and weather conditions. This has been proven to be the case. But there is a law that determines the germination of plants and the pollination of each and every one of the factors of God's creative Life. Thus a vibratory field out of the very heavens above can, because of the maladjustment of people and their hands, can stop the pollination of crops and bring a crop failure. We want you to know that the essence of the thinking which when catalyzed today can form the anti-force which causes the friction and tension in your society. Walk the streets today and feel the tension, talk to people and they feel that things are building to a climax, but this is just the built-in receiver set which is your affinity with your Father which tells you that you are moving into this climactic clash with the powers of Darkness. You feel this and are tense as your conscious nature, your spiritual sensitivity vibrates to that, and this is referred to as DISCERNMENT.

Today we realize that if we had followed the precepts discerned by Benjamin Franklin we would not have permitted the enemy to enter this nation. Since we did not forbid we are in a battle to retain possession of our nation. If we had not allowed people who hate our God, our civilization and our society to come in with the exact purpose of enslaving you we would not be in trouble as we are today. However they will never fall for any kind of promise put forth by the World Order. This Secret Weapon of Our Father, this wave-length of Spiritual vibratory impact that sits up a proper vision in the minds of the children of God, starting first with those who are in adjustment, and those sons who are waiting for power which then spreads like a catalysts thru your society out on them. This is one of the promises of deliverance in the Book of Joel..2:8. He is going to restore all things these earthly parasites stole from you.

We make this prophecy which you will see come true. If these people who hate our God and everything Christian Americans stand for who plan to mongrelize us and end our nation, if these people do not leave our nation before this mighty Fire of Spiritual Energy and Vision explodes they will be consumed in the hour of their judgment for they cannot stand the Light. There will be no wrath like the wrath kindles by the sons of God when they wake up and discover the tremendous evil which moves out from the enemies of our God as they try to enslave every race, and bring them continuous wars and depressions for all times. There is nothing as evil in the earth today than that which continues to spawn misery in the earth. The great difference between the World Order with its political policy of communism and the Kingdom of God which is going to rule the world is that as we rule we set men free, and when they rule they enslave with Tyranny. We rule under the laws of our Eternal Father they rule under the strategy of Satan.

After centuries in this nation when our founding fathers sought to free us from economic oppression, here we are caught in this web of Old Mystery Babylon the Great. Here we stand at a great strategic hour in our history when the climax of this program of the enemy proposes to destroy completely the Christian make-up of our nation while they develop their blue-print from the devils workshop. The thing our enemy does not understand as he works with his system of usury, bondage, wars and depressions is that this is nothing new, it has been going on...and been done over and over again. One thing this group at the top of the rule of Mystery Babylon cannot understand as that a spiritual force can suddenly shake a people and they will arise and overflow the whole force that is oppressing them, and under this spiritual awakening they move without fear, submission and appeasement.

Back on July 4, 1776., the Almighty from the heavens pulled such a cord and suddenly in our nation there came a wave of spiritual impact, and Paul Revere took his famous ride. They lit the lamp in a church tower...never forget that! This was not hatred for our kinsmen, this was hatred of tyranny, and oppression. This was a determination that this unseen enemy who was unseen to most in that day also, and even today who stood behind the scene trying to control these nations of Joseph and his people of the Anglo-Saxon race would no longer be tolerated. Do you know that many of the British Historians will say that this was one of the greatest days in the history of the British Empire...when our nation was born? They say this because with the power the U.S. had produced it has been a great saving force for the rest of the nations of Christendom. No wonder that Revelation 12....tells us that this nation with the symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle was raised as a great protective symbol-Nation, before the eyes of the world.

This ability to awaken the consciousness of HIS people is a great weapon, for God can call down into that deep cavity of sleep in his sons and daughters and they came out of that sleep catching the vision. One of these days HE is going to call to the sleep walkers just like he did to Lazarus and whoever He calls will say:...'Yes Father what do you want me to do?' This awakening as He calls will lead you to all truth, and bring a remembrance of things he once told you, for this is the same wave length of power, the same element of energy which holds the Universe together, and keep things in their own order.

In the Book of Romans we are told He is going to quicken the velocity of the particles of every element, and chemical of your body, and that body will put forth a wave length of Light and Energy which will step up the balance of the body and give you the immortality promised until you will be immune to every sickness and disease that ever comes upon mankind. When the Father of this Light steps into World Affairs there will come a transition which will take place in your body until you will think like HE thinks.

Whether you realize this or not, the catalyst of the energies of darkness working together toward this common goal of overthrowing the kingdom of God in earth will meet this steady impact of Spiritual force for this hour, and it will not be broken. Their earth will sake, their cities fall, their mountains will split and great catastrophes will occur and the Satanic World Order will fall. Some people say, but that is Old Testament superstition. friends, there is not anything old in this Book. You have only been here about 74000 years, but looking back into Antiquity that is not such a long time altho it may seem like it to you since you are walking around in this body without the Light that belongs to it. The reason we hear people saying they are tired of living is because they are carrying around a lot of error which is not capable with their Celestial nature.

In the Scriptures it tells us HIS hour...while the nations are angry that Our Father is moving into the world picture stimulating his sons and daughters to revolt against evil. That the great reward is going to come to His servants...His prophets, and all His breathing offspring. Revelation 11:8-12. Remember this is speaking of all the breathing offspring (Saints) of God, who love HIS name. This includes the great and the small, from the farmer to the statesman, from the fireman to the laborer in the mill..the cry will be...Destroy those who corrupt the earth. Then out of the very Temple of God, everyone of the 'Living Stones' in earth will come thunderings, voices of Truth which shall shake the earth. Today we hear mostly the voices of the World Order speaking out against the Kingdom of God, but the time is coming when this power of Mystery Babylon is going to be broken in all places. We read that there will be a great shaking of the heavens (the kingdom) and behold the opening of the heavens, and there is the Incarnate revelation of The Christ, the ETERNAL WORD, and all the armies of heaven are following after him. Revelation 19. When you behold these things then hear The Word say:..'Behold a new heaven and a new earth, the New Order of the Ages....a New World Order of the Ages....'I am going to make everything new'. This is the message we have to offer to the world...everything is made NEW. Lucifer and his World Order offers only slavery, tyranny, error, work for them and in the end they try to kill you. There is a great difference in those two messages...but remember that Liberty and Freedom come when you set people Truth.

Remember also that there is not one word, one plan...every move is known and all will be made known to you and the leaders of your nation. In the hour this information is already known by the Ministers of God who have the wave length of spiritual guidance, and they can declare unto you things which are to happen months before your newspaper tells you what has happened. We also tell you that just as in the days of Gideon and his men, and all the spiritual forces round about that influenced the minds of the enemy. We tell you that at the point of your deliverance you will experience one of the greatest psychological warfare of all times. Suddenly a great fear will come over the enemy. This does not mean they will stop doing what they are doing, but the great fear will work on your behalf. Speaking of this time when the great fear comes and men's hearts fail be- cause they know not what is to happen, the children of the Kingdom who trust in their Father won't have a heart attack. They will remember that 'no weapon formed against you will prosper'. Suppose we tell you that there is a secret science known unto our Father, to the military leaders of the forces of heaven who are at the disposal of the Angels, and yes the sons and daughters of God also...those who are members of your family in heaven which because of vibratory laws of reflection and light can so cover their vehicles, and their weapons so they are invisible as they pass over. Suppose we tell you that invisible Divine Fleets of heavenly forces are moving around these white Christian nations right now. They have been seen in Europe, a few weeks ago...marching on hillsides, then they were invisible.

One of our Fathers great secret weapons is that dimension of spirit and elements that can move in a solid plane from the spirit, but remain invisible until the hour of their revelation. We know that as men from our nation go into the sky and push buttons to release the things they carry even in that hour the power of our Father and the forces with him dwarf these things of our development into almost insignificance.

Today as you say you are a realist then remember that mountains have moved, both up and down, and civilizations have gone beneath the ocean floor, and you still have to admit that your race started from one man's family, and in spite of millions of enemies today you are now 1/6 of the world's population. If that isn't evidence of the keeping power of our Father then what do you want for a miracle? Think it over...Asia tried to destroy you, Africa tried to eat you, the powers of Darkness have tried to absorb you. They have hated your God, hated the spiritual impact and the vision that you possess, and yet you are still here. We hope you realize that inside of you is a dynamic power that is greater than all the enemy can put together. Whether you realize it or not, the energy, the power of one son or daughter of God is greater than all the enemies of God put together....IF YOU WILL ONLY RELEASE IT UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF YOUR FATHER.

Many say:..'If Jesus were here he could take command, he could shake the earth and destroy the enemy.' Yet Jesus said:..'Greater things than these I will do'. We tell you that the most powerful force in the world is a 'Living Spirit in tune with His Father'...agreeing on a purpose under heaven, and it shall be done. There is going to be a mighty outpouring of 'know how' and understanding.

We believe that the best way to destroy the power of your enemy here in the United States would be to cut off their money supply. If the Congress of the United States would set up a U.S. Bank and cut off their money supply thru the Federal Reserve System the whole Babylonian economy would fall, and the enemy would flee from this nation like they did out of Germany and every other place where they could no longer live as parasites. What you can do is bind the darkness with Truth. If they become to uncomfortable they leave because the Darkness cannot stand Light.

Faith in the victory of our Father is the greatest weapon which the enemy has no control over, and they cannot take this from you unless you let them. They cannot steal this Faith and take it to the Soviet Union and there use it against you. The only reason the devil can influence people is because the mighty catalystic spiritual power you possess has not been thrown up as an opposition.

There is an old song called:...'Free in the Blood'..this is referring to the atonement which set everyone of us free from the power and work of the Devil. If you let your self consciousness shiver and shake and be influenced by the devil this is your fault.

If you will turn loose this spiritual power of truth and know you are free, and call for this wall of Divine protection with the Assistance of the Hosts of Heaven you can bind with a sheer command as a son or a daughter of have that authority to do just that.

In this final Climactic Hour some of you will have to take up the rifle, some will fly Jet planes for we are his 'Battle Axe and weapons of war', but all should be calling for the power of HIS Kingdom to rest on His children. Irrespective of what you are called upon to do there is not one of the sons and daughters to young, to old, to weak, or to strong to turn loose the Spiritual power of Sonship which belongs to you. We tell you that you can destroy the plans of your enemy with Spiritual Weapons. With this power you can pull down the stronghold of the enemy.

If you turn this spiritual power against the enemy, you will be charged with greater vitality than you ever had because that power which passes thru you, goes out from you and in this process it does something to you as it passes thru. In this Hour...this is your Day...your Power...make the most of it.

QUESTION:...Why didn't God stop Lucifer from rebelling and why didn't He stop Adam from sinning then we would not have to go thru all this?

ANSWER:...I have been asked that question many times, and I have answered it before but will do so again, only this time from a different approach. In the Apocalypse of Sedrach (from the Old Testament Pseudo-pigrapha..volume 1) Sedrach asks this question altho is somewhat different words:...Sedrach said to YAHWEH...'It was by your will that Adam was deceived. You commanded your Angels to worship Adam, but the first one among them disobeyed your order, and you banished him. If you loved Adam-man why did you not kill the devil...the artificer of all iniquity?' Who is able to fight against an invisible spirit? He enters the hearts of men like a smoke, and teaches them all kinds of sin. He even fights against you...the Immortal God, so what can weak men do against him?

YAHWEH then said to Sedrach:....'Everything which I commanded Adam to do was within his reach. I made him wise, and the heir of heaven and earth. I put every living thing under him. Then having received my gifts he became an alien, an adulterer..a sinner. Tell me what sort of a father would give an inheritance to his son, having received the money the son goes away leaving his father and becomes an alien and in the service of aliens?'

Sedrach then says:....'But YAHWEH, I am of this race also, and since you created and begat this race then why do you not send Angels to watch over Adam-man and when he makes a move toward sin, then hold his foot, and he will not go where he wants to go?'

YAHWEH said:....'But if I hold his foot he will say:...You have given me no Grace in the world, so I left him to his own desires, but in spite of what you think, I love him, and I send my Angels to watch him night and day.'

Sedrach said:...'I know that among all your creatures master, you loved Adam first...among the 4 footed creatures you love the sheep...among the tares the olive tree, among the rivers...the Jordan, and among the cities...Jerusalem. But Adam-man also loves all these things Master.

YAHWEH said to Sedrach:...'I will ask you one thing, and if you can answer me then you have challenged me altho you have tempted your creator. Since I created everything how many people have been born, how many have died, and how many more shall die, and how many hairs do they have? Tell me Sedrach since the Heaven and earth have been created, how many trees have been made in the world, and how many shall fall, and how many shall be made, and how many leaves do they have? Since I made the sea, how many waves have billowed, and how many have rolled slightly, and how many will arise, and how many winds blow near the shore of the sea? Tell me Sedrach since creation of the world of the ages, when the air is full of rain, how many drops have fallen upon the world, and how many more shall fall?

Sedrach replied:...'You alone know all these things YAHWEH...You alone are acquainted with all of these things. I only beg you to make (Adam) man free from punishment, for otherwise I myself am going to go into punishment for I am also of this race.

YAHWEH instructed the soul of Sedrach to be put in Paradise.

But Sedrach still wanted to question and he asked:..'From where will you take my soul?'

YAHWEH replied:...'The spirit was deposited in your body in your mothers womb and this has been your dwelling place since you were born. Do you know that your soul has been placed in the middle of your body so that it spreads out to all members. It is thus removed thru the same place as it came into the body thru the larynx, the mouth where ever it goes out from the body as it came in, even from the fingernails and from all members there is a great strain being separated from the body and detached from the heart.'

Sedrach asked for a little time so that he could cry for he had heard that tears can become a sufficient cure for the body. He is given time for this and he cries and laments over all the parts of the body, and this goes on and on until YAHWEH stops him saying:...'Stop Sedrach, how long will you shed tears and groan? Paradise has been opened to you and after dying... YOU WILL LIVE.

But Sedrach then has still another question as to when YAHWEH forgives? After much more discourse YAHWEH then tells Sedrach to stop worrying about the Adamic sinners and their forgiveness. 'I did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. Do you not know that after changing his mind the thief on the cross was saved in one instance? Sinners weren't saved, but those whose hearts can be changed are saved in an instant. I made (Adam) man in three stages....when he is young I overlook his mistakes because of his youth. When he is a man I watch over his mind, when he grows old I preserve him so that he may repent.

Finally Sedrach is convinced as YAHWEH said:...'I promise to have compassion, and whoever remembers MY name will not see the place of punishment but he will be with the just ones in a place of refreshment and rest, and their sins will not be recorded forever and ever.'

Sedrach's final plea was:...'Rescue Adam-man from all evil, and then he asked: Now Master take my soul...and YAHWEH took him and put him in Paradise with all the Saints (believing offspring).

QUESTION:...Why are not all these old books available to everyone if they are so valuable for our education?

ANSWER:...We will tell you why even all the books written by the Apostles were not handed out as soon as they were written, and we believe this should answer your question. Peter in talking with Jesus says:... 'Peace be with you...always from the father (spirit) thru Jesus Christ'. (Remember that Peace means understanding) 'Knowing well that you my brethren eagerly take pains as to what is of mutual benefit to all, I earnestly beseech you not to pass on to any of the nations the Books of my preaching (teaching), not even to any of our own tribe (race). Do not do this before you are sure that they thoroughly understand. If you have examined some one and they are worthy then hand them on as did Moses when he handed over his office of teacher to the Seventy. Wherefore the fruit of his caution is found yet today. For those who belong to his teaching preserve everywhere the same rule in their belief in ONE GOD, and in their line of conduct. If someone does not know the traditions, then they are perplexed by utterances of the Prophets. On no account let no one teach until he has first learned how the Scripture is to be used. For this belief in One Law, One Hope, and One God must be retained among our people. In order that this take place among our people then hand the Books of my teaching in the same mysterious way to seventy of our brethren that they may prepare those who are candidates for positions of teachers. If we do not proceed in this word of TRUTH will be split into many opinions. This I do not know as a prophet, but I see this beginning of evil before me. Some even among the nations (of Israel) have rejected my teaching and prefer this lawless and absurd doctrine of one who is my enemy. Therefore I have tried to disguise my words by interpretations of many sorts, as if I taught the dissolution of the law altho I was not of that opinion, but I did not express myself openly. To do that would be acting contrary to the law of God made known by Moses and confirmed by YAHSHUA in its everlasting continuance. Remember not one jot or title shall pass away from THE LAW....Everything shall come to pass. These people who say they are at home in my thoughts, who say they express better my thoughts than I myself can, to those they instruct they say:...This is what Peter says, yet I never even thought of such a thing. If they do this when I am alive, how much more will they do after I am gone? Therefore in order that this does not happen then do not pass on the Books of my teaching which I send to you to anyone even of our tribe (race) until that person has been examined and found to have the understanding as those seventy to whom Moses handed over his office of a teacher, in order that the rule of Truth be extended, interpreting everything in accordance with our tradition, so that no one will be dragged into error.

After James received this message from Peter, he read it to the Elders and they agreed they must be very cautious that 'Truth without error' be passed on. It was also agreed that only one Book at a time be turned over, then if the person showed indiscretion in handling the message of the first Book then he was not to be trusted with the rest of the Books. In this way the one wanting to be a teacher was to be proved by study of not less than 6 years. Let him be brought to the foundation of 'Living Waters' where the regeneration of the righteous takes place. Where we ourselves came at the time of our the end that we sin no more. (Remember that sin is the breaking of Divine Law). To the person handed one of these Books then let him say:...'I shall always be obedient to HIM who hands over to me the Books of teaching, and shall not pass on to anyone of these Books, I will not copy them, or give them carelessly to another until I have become a good teacher after the allotted time of training. If these Books cannot be carried by me I shall consign them to the care of one who is of the same Faith or like extraction (same race).

James told the Elders that if these Books are passed on to all without discrimination they will be falsified by men, spoiled by misinterpretation as they were already trying to do. If this was done then Peter felt that those who earnestly seek the Truth will always be led into error.

Now; if you have no knowledge of who you are and why you are here in earth then it is impossible to understand these old Books and their connection with the Scriptures the Apostles were trying to leave for us. This was also the message given to Dr. Swift to relay to us and he did this in sermon after sermon...this is still a mystery to be searched for.