ERM - Tape 081 - The Pyramid and other symbols of the Kingdom.


TAPE NO. 81......BY: ELLA MAST 1-89

The Pyramid and other symbols of the Kingdom.


We hope those of you on the Tape List had a wonderful Day remembering the coming of YAHWEH (Spirit) into the flesh as YAHSHUA...our Savior. Yes, we do not believe that December 25 was His birthday as we calculate the time, but according to old methods a child's age was reckoned from the conception date, thus we do not want to argue this point, we just want to remember that HE came, and why He came, and to whom HE came. Since the 5 Petal Rose is His emblem as established by the Ancient Mystery Schools then I wanted to bring you this poem:..

'The Christmas Rose'.

'Oldest of cherished flowers.

Survivor of winter snows,

What blossom gives more pleasure

Than this the Christmas Rose.

From age to age its seedlings,

Were nourished and preserved,

As loving gardeners lavished

The care that it deserved.

Love gave the world these roses,

Love gives us all good things,

And Love inspires each blessing

A Happy Christmas brings.'

This Christmas Rose on the card that Jeanette sent is a white Rose. Five Petals, and it thus marks not only the Savior but His Kingdom Race as well. The Ancient Mystery School carried the 5 Petal Rose as a symbol, and we remember that at one time 5 Petal Roses were raised as wild roses in Germany and they were of the colors red, white, and blue. At times you see Roses with 10 Petals, five on the outside and 5 smaller petals on the inside, but then 10 stands for completion of the Kingdom, according to Ancient Israel Doctrine...and this also stands for the purpose and plan of The ALMIGHTY.

Now; We have seen at times in this country and the rest of the Western, a renewed interest in the Great Pyramid of Giza, and here in the early 1980's and beyond we have seen again this interest as to the meaning...the Mystery of this great structure. In 1979 we had the books written by Max Toth. He wrote 'Pyramid'...which we have, and the other 'Pyramid Power'. We have talked quite a bit in these tapes about the Pyramid and will try to bring you things from this author's work that we find which whets our appetite for knowledge. To the Western mind, the fertile valley of the Nile has always been a source of Mystery, of Intrigue, and fantasy. Throughout history of the Western civilization, the Sphinx has guarded the Secrets of the Great Pyramid, thus Egypt of old has played an important role as teacher, inspirer, and Entertainer. It is thought that the Pyramid shape is a Symbolic representation of the Holy Mountain of God which is believed to be in the middle of the earth. Most of what we know today of the Great Pyramid was known as early as 820 A.D. Those who came later have added little to the overall meaning altho they have measured and explored inch by inch. It was Professor Piazzi Smyth who developed the idea of the Pyramid Inch as the Standard unit to conform to PI = 3.1416 on the scale of the Great Pyramid. Many are the dates proclaimed and then some have been changed as Western man has sought to unravel this great mystery they believe lies buried in this great structure.

Many Pyramids have been built over the earth yet all were built within a 30 degree zone above and below the equator in a strip circumscribing the globe. However none of those Pyramids are quite like the Great Pyramid of Giza guarded by that half animal, half human structure known as the Sphinx, which is said to warn trespassers they were to close to Hallowed Ground. This Great Pyramid is said to be the embodiment of the Prophecy of the future. It is said that this is also true of the Sphinx and that there are underground chambers, and from those chambers in the Sphinx there are passage ways to the Great Pyramid. The entrance to the Sphinx is between the paws of the Sphinx thru a bronze door which could only be opened by a Master who knew the operation of a secret lock. This land of Egypt was considered and still is at times referred to as the cradle of a magnificent civilization that ranks highest among the two most Ancient cultures of the world. (Unquote)

We have told you much about the Sphinx and its purposes as well as the Great Pyramid...the Bible in Stone...and our author then tries to bring to our attention the thinking of Christians as well as those we consider the occult and the World Order. We find it amusing how those who were not given understanding struggle to hide the Ancient Truths altho they also uncover more of the facts.

QUOTE FROM THE AUTHOR................. With the finding of Tutankhamen's Tomb in 1922, again the myths, legends and mysteries once more came to the surface. King Tut however reigned in the 18th., Dynasty near the end of the Great Egyptian Era which dated back to approximately 4500 B.C. In the scientific sense the word 'Prophecy' passes thru three phases of maturity. The first is that of observation where events are collected and stored. The second phase is classification where collected events are categorized according to laws regulating their rule and order. Finally the third phase is that of Prophecy...where these laws are applied in such a manner as to accurately predict events that will occur or re-occur. It is not then surprising that contemporary science has not progressed out of the shadow of our Ancient Heritage. Astronomy is the only science that has completely reached the last phase, and even for this our scientists can take credit only for refining the phrase rather than for achieving it. To this day we are still only on equal grounds with the Ancients in this field of science, for we know for a fact that as far back as 1722 B.C., that the Chaldean Astronomers were able to predict eclipses with unerring accuracy. It is well documented that our basic foundation of knowledge in every branch of science, stems from the Ancient Schools of the Masters or Wisemen. Much that has been considered, even the superstitions of past civilizations is now proving to be the core of an Ancient Secret Coded science. Many a modern discovery betrays its origin and basis in this secret science of the Ancients. Reluctantly we confess that the Ancients knew more then we of today know. The Ancients also knew that ultimate know- ledge of life, prophecy and truth would elevate any science, religion, or art form to the highest degree. Enough evidence exists to suggest that the Ancient Masters of knowledge had reached the third phase in not one, but possibly all branches of science. The achievement of the Masters still shines in our era as brightly as ever. We find that the prophecies of these Ancient Masters are locked into the Pyramid form, much like a combination lock where the correct sequence of numbers must be selected before the lock opens. This has been the task since the mysterious disappearance of these Ancient Masters. The Prophecies when once they are finally unlocked can never be made completely known to the public, because the Masses will not be able to understand or cope with the tremendous power of the knowledge. Such has always been the basic tenet of the Secret Societies throughout time. This word...'Pyramid' a definition symbolizing the ascent of that life form from its lowest form to that of Majestic men governing every aspect of life. (UNQUOTE) We would say that this is referring to the Kingdom rule. (QUOTE)...This Great Pyramid and the Sphinx parched by a searing sun, eroded by the winds, tangible, enigmas, ancient remnants of a time beyond memory, beyond history, beyond understanding. The alignment of the passages to one another, the alignment of the Pyramid to the Pole Star has been known and discussed for centuries. The connection of Al Cyone in the Constellation of the Pleiades as well as to Dragonis and Centauri are known as well, altho mostly not understood. It is like a Detective story that spans a period of much, much more than four thousand years. The modern thinkers look to such as Madam Blavatsky for answers, whereas the Ancient writers were looking elsewhere to such places as 'The Book of The Dead' and other Ancient writings for answers as to the Mystery contained in the Great Pyramid. Ancient Astronomy and the Ancient Calendar tells us that the sun was in the Constellation of Taurus at that time, and this information enabled an accurate placement of the Great City of ON...per instruction. But in order to understand these great mysteries, the mind must be freed of time limits. WHY? ask, would these Ancient Pyramid builders..why would they choose this precise alignment of certain stars in the heavens as a focal point for all these structures? Why would someone build centers of great spiritual significance where these geomagnetic lines intersect?

Everything dealing with Ancient Schools of thought or philosophies alludes to the possibility that there was once a great order of those some would call Mystics...who possessed an immense knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, and construction back there those thousands of years ago? This order of Wisemen built their facts not only into the structure of the Great Pyramid but also in the key Temples of each great civilization they created. The other Pyramids found around the world did not have this Pyramid structure which contains evidence of Stone Masonry as does the Great Pyramid in Egypt, except one building in South America which has stones formed by irregular cuts. Many of those stones are 10 to 20 times larger than the stones of the Great Pyramid, and they were also lifted into place wedging each other together. Did these Holy Mystics carrying the knowledge of Stone Masonry build this Temple and buildings found in South America? It seems that these builders were of a different race, highly educated scientists with knowledge of Astronomy, Mathematics, Engineering and other sciences. It is because of this that Wise Men of today constantly recognize that the real knowledge of the Masters was not written in perishable manuscript form but rather in the Symbolism of Construction of enduring ROCK itself. (UNQUOTE) (We suggest you read....'In Search of the White God' for traces of the building in South America.')

(QUOTE)......The Symbolism of the Pyramid had so effected the minds of our scholars that as the Continental Congress of the U.S. of America prepared the Seal...that it was the Pyramid design which was suggested by all three committees. And it was the Eagle...the symbol of the Sphinx (Phoenix) was also chosen with the Spread Wings for an emblem of these United States. (UNQUOTE)

Our Author calls attention to all the symbolism of the U.S. Seal altho he does not explain it as we do. However he calls attention to the fact that the drafters of the Declaration of Independence were Masons, and that George Washington was sworn in by a past Grand Master, and that the Bible used was brought from a Masonic Lodge. He tells us that the Masons founding this Nation drew their inspiration from Ancient Schools and Philosophies such as the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, the Doctrine of Pythagoras, the Alexandrian School, Plato, the Rose Cross and so forth. He calls attention to the fact that number 13 is prominent throughout the History of the U.S., and that the phrase....'In God We Trust' is a Masonic phrase and it equals 13 in Modern Numerology.

In World War I., the expedition to France sailed with 13 ships on June 13, 1917, and it took 13 days to cross the Ocean. President Wilson's name contains 13 letters. It is a generally accepted fact that the Ancient writings made use of a number-letter code in order to preserve a record of Ancient and Sacred knowledge at the same time concealing the real significance of the writings from all except those possessing the key to the code. It is believed for example that the Book of Moses is so written. The Constellation of the 13 Stars above the Eagle on the U.S. Seal is said to convey a code message in symbolism, in which the number 13 is the most important key. Each of the 13 Stars contains 5 points forming a Hexagram. Interestingly a Hexagram can be composed of either two interesting equatorial triangles, or 12 smaller equatorial triangles. Taking anyone of the large equatorial triangles formed by the Constellation of 13 Stars there is within that triangle exactly 10 Stars known as the Tetraktys...upon which Pythagoras is said to have sworn his pupils to secrecy. (The word Tetraktys means as near as we can figure out...marching orders...Tetra means 4... thus the four living creatures of Symbolism, and remember that Levi was not numbered as the Children of Israel marched with their Tabernacle in the wilderness.)

Our Author tells us that the Symbolism of the 6 pointed star dates back to Ancient times, and the number 13 in the Great Seal must mean a possible key to the Destiny of the U.S. which in time will effect the Destiny of the rest of the world. With the Symbol of the Eagle representing the Symbol of the Phoenix then this..a new nation...will arise out of the ashes of the spoilers to bring forth the new nation more prudent in the application of its Alchemistic knowledge.

(QUOTE) When you look at the Great Pyramid, the achievements of the Architects and builders of this great edifice made their achievement an emblem of Eternity, indeed thus a Sermon in Stone. The missing Capstone...the lack of completeness...why is it missing here? Why the number 3.1416 called PI...which is determined from a circle? Where did these men more than 5 thousand years ago acquire this knowledge? (UNQUOTE) We hope we have given you some of those answers in this tape series. There are many predictions in this book by Max Toth, and only time will see if these predictions come true. Some even claim that the Cap Stone was taken to Western America. He is referring to the story from the Mormon Church of the coming in A.D. 421., some people from the land of Bethlehem. If I remember correctly these were thought to be Levi and of course now called Jews. We would say that if these people brought the 'Capstone' to America it came in their Hearts as the Love of Jesus The Christ. Our Author tells us that regardless of what others claim as the reason for the missing Capstone and its location along with other secret chambers and Mysteries of the Pyramid, the time will come again when the Secret Wisdom of the ages shall be the dominating religion, and philosophical force in the world. The rediscovery of the secret room in the Pyramid as prophesied is close at hand. The Modern world may uncover many secrets that the Ancients knew, but there is ONE...that is the secret that carries Life and the sands of time have buried civilization after civilization, the Pyramid still stands as ...TRUTH... and remains the visible Covenant between the Eternal Wisdom and the world (order). These monuments have remained in clear vision as others have disappeared, and they cause us to search for Higher Truths, to rise above our limited...materialistic vision to more spiritual levels, for the teachers of the Secret Doctrine believed that the Pyramid is the Gateway to the Eternal. Once (Adam) man has relearned the secret entry into the Pyramid he will meet the Masters of the Mysteries, and they will help remove the shroud of dogma and reclothe him in the vestments of truth. And this Great emblem...the Triangle being the substance of the Pyramid is also the key to (Adam) man's triune existence.

The method of quarrying these tremendous blocks of stone weighing from 2 to 70 tons has never been found. Curiously in the Quarries there still exists blocks of stone that were never trued or used, and have been identified as coming from a particular hole in the Quarry wall. These blocks of stone seem to have been removed from their corresponding holes as if they were plugs, but it is left to ones imagination as to know how the cut in the back was accomplished. The reasoning is that these implements used had a tremendous force applied to them in order to work. Granite is also many times harder, and therefore even more difficult to work with than the limestone, but it seemed to pose no problem for these Great Masons.

There is an old Arabian story which tells of a marvelous piece of paper, with Sacred Inscriptions on it. This was said to have been placed on a dressed block of heavy stone ready for transportation, and when struck with a hammer this block magically lost its weight until only a few men were needed to transport the stone. Today we have pocket sized calculators, some even smaller and when viewed under a microscope these circuits resemble road maps, yet under decipherable script could these Ancient pieces of paper with the Sacred Inscriptions have been just electronic circuit boards....wafer thin???? Could the hammer have been actually a battery or an energy cell which would activate the device causing it to counteract the effect of GRAVITY, with the piece of stone then somewhat...floating...a small group of workers could then move it, could they not? Another thing to consider:...what happened to these amazing tools for they all seemed to have mysteriously disappeared, or maybe they were simply moved to the next job after they had served their purpose in this area... why not?

Much mystery still remains unanswered...many explanations are found but just what is correct? Why were the air channels in the Queens Chamber not opened until 1872? Who dug the well shaft and why? Then the Great Step must have had a great purpose...why a huge stone 3 feet high forming roughly a 6' X 8' platform? The Great Step is a 3.5 foot square horizontal passage way just over 47 long leading to the ante-chamber, the walls of which are finished with polished Red Granite. Then another low passage way leads to the Kings Chamber. In the Kings Chamber is the coffer carved out of ONE tremendous block of Red Granite. It is so perfectly created that upon striking it with a hand it still gives out a clear bell like sound.

Our Author tells us that as the Christian Era developed the Great Pyramid was identified with Biblical prophecy, and Pyramidology accepts the proof that the Pyramid is the Bible in Stone. That it foretold many, many centuries before HIS Birth, the coming to The Christ and of His Messianic Mission. There are Bible texts referring to Jesus The Christ as the Living Corner Stone...the Foundation stone or Capstone. Granite is said to symbolize spiritual and Divine things, and we find use of this in the Kings Chamber and in the Grand Gallery.

Adam Rutherford founded the Institute of Pyramidology, the only Institute of its kind in the world, in London, England in 1940, and from there it spread all over the world. In his first book he tells us that the Pyramid has been found to portray the Christian religion upon a scientific basis. Rutherford dates the founding of the House of Adam to 5407 B.C. (unquote)

Dr. Swift at one time was very interested in Pyramidology, then he began to fell that the dates being prophesied might be only predictions and thus could be wrong, and he wanted to move on with establishing symbols and facts of this Kingdom to be built in earth. According to the interpretations of several Pyramidologists we are now passing through a phase of ending which they correlate to the 'Period of Cleansing of the Sanctuary'. (Daniel 8:13-19) (UNQUOTE)

Remember that the Sanctuary as we have told you before is..'Living Stones' growing into the Kingdom of earth. Now; our Author tells us that the abrupt end of time as prophesied by the Pyramid only indicates the completion of the one gigantic cycle, and the start of another, and he tells us that after that the internal dimensions of the Pyramid then start fresh. It is said that the Pyramid will then once again prophecy all significant dates and events taking place in this New Cycle; for the Pyramid itself is a glyph expressing the Laws of Genesis, which in turn determines our History.

Now; Symbolism has been used for expressing and recording prophecies throughout time, and is the key to unlocking the prophecies of the Great Pyramid. Ciphers have been used to hide the truth in many different ways. The knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries were never revealed to the layman except thru the media of symbols. In this case then symbolism fulfilled both the need to conceal Sacred Truths, and to offer a language for those qualified to understand it. Formless Divine principals are always represented by Symbols. The Wise then penetrate the veil of Symbolism with respect and clarity of vision. The ignorant on the other hand being unable to differentiate between the truth and the false and envision only a universe of strange signs and figures. Symbolism thus is the key to unlocking the prophecies of the Great Pyramid. Symbolism fulfills the need to conceal these Sacred 'Truths' from those who cannot understand, and it offers a language of explanation for those qualified to understand these formless yet Divine Principals which are always represented by Symbols.

Our Author tells us that there is a book written by Rodolfo Benavides of Mexico City, Mexico...entitled 'Dramatic Prophecies of the Great Pyramid', and in this book the author tells us that for the period of 1987-2001 that there will be much madness and confusion, but eventually heralding a return to normalcy, new environment, new climate, new philosophy, a new Messiah, and when the trumpeter signals Yon Kippur...the New Era begins...Without a Jewish nation or congregation. (UNQUOTE)

O.K.; this is something to watch for. Since the late 1800's the Pyramidologists have believed that this Great Pyramid is the Bible in Stone, and that the Ancient manuscripts comprising the Old Testament and later ones incorporated into the New Testament, make the Bible students believe that the writers of these Ancient manuscripts were extremely prophetic. They became in awe with this conception of the construction of this Great Pyramid and declared that it could only have been done through the Divine inspiration coming from the Almighty Himself. Thus the Great Pyramid and the Bible are now thought of as equal to each other, and the Kings chamber thus represents the UNION with the Divine.

Prophecies and Predictions therefore are two different things...many prophecies become only predictions. Those people who only see humanity today as evolving have no answers as to the prophecies of the Great Pyramid, they can only predict, while others must search and be willing to advance in learning, always looking forward as to the meaning of these great symbols left for us to decipher. Knowledge of Symbolism is thus the key to the door we are trying to open. Words and their meanings sometimes sidetrack us in our search for truth.

Our Author tells us that there is also a difference in the word to its meaning, for the word applies only to YAHSHUA (Jesus) as of now, where as many were raised from the dead and the bodies of the Saints were said to have risen from their graves and went into the city of Jerusalem, and were seen by many, but this was a resuscitation... or a renewal of the old, not a Resurrection as such (Matthew 27:52-53). Our Author also tells us that Ancient Hebrew was a language written as an aid to memory to sufficiently remind the reader of what was already familiar to him. We ask you then...if you are not familiar with what is behind the scene of Ancient Hebrew then how can you determine what Ancient Hebrew is saying? We agree that only those moved by inspiration from the Divine Mind would be able to do this work. (UNQUOTE)

We who believe we are the children of the Kingdom, the children of our Eternal Father are always looking for answers as to his purpose...His plan for the development of His Kingdom here in earth. To find these answers we have turned to the symbols left as 'way-marks' by our ancestors, believing that we are only rediscovering Ancient truths brought into earth by Adam and Eve. We in this process believe we are going back to perfection in our thinking, and in the process we are going to come out of this tunnel of Darkness into the Great Spiritual light at the end of that dark tunnel. We believe that the timeless message of the Sacred stones reveals our future which we are only groping for. In our search we look for some of these mysteries and symbols which belong to our race, and we find that Dr. Swift outlined for us in His sermon....'Mysteries and Symbols of the Kingdom' many of these emblems and symbols connected to our race and our nation. Dr. Swift tells us that there are many mysteries in this subject concerning Israel, and one of the most important for you to know is that the Adamic race was put in earth to build a Kingdom. This race has a mission of administration...of the earth...under the Kingship of our Savior, and we are to bring all people under this administration which will remove them from the bondage so they also can move toward their destiny. There is one thing that makes you as a race of people capable of fulfilling this destiny and this is the Spirit within you, for you are the children of THE GREAT KING OF KINGS. One of the Ancient symbols which marked our race in earth is the symbol ...'The Winged Orb' which the race carried always in migrations. Today you find this emblem all over the earth where this race has migrated. You find it on buildings built by the Master Builders, and you find it mentioned in the Scriptures as in the Book of Malachi 4:2. The race brought this great symbol with them as they came into Egypt and they put it on that Great Temple of ON. To them who carried it this is the interpretation of verse 2: 'But unto you that love my name, shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and ye shall go forth and grow as the light he hath protected in His Household.' Thus they carried 'The Winged Orb' the symbol of Righteousness...they were the children who believe and seek His Kingdom, and you also find protection as you do this. Another symbol which belongs to our race is the 'Eye of YAHWEH' which is always upon those that love HIM. (Psalm this in the Ferrah Fenton Bible as well). The Ancient Aryans were called the Sons of YAH whether it was in Ancient India, the far off Steppes, or down around the Persian Sea as they came in migration. Back in the days of the Patriarchs as some came into Egypt with Enoch and Job for their great work, the Egyptians called them the Children of YAH..the Children of Osiris, the LORD of Light and Resurrection. And they carried with them this symbol of 'The Eye of YAHWEH' ...for it was on those great Discs they carried as they came into Egypt. This was for their protection, for these Discs were highly polished and in the center of the Disc was a Triangle and in the Triangle was 'The Eye of YAHWEH'. When turned into the sun a blinding light was reflected back into the eyes of the Egyptian horses and riders, and they fell before this great light which was a symbol of Reflected Glory. This was a symbol referred to throughout the vast background of the Ancient Wisdom Schools. Another Symbol our race carried with them was...The Cross...which was to be lifted up. The 'Cross of Christ' as the Apostle Paul, a Master Builder said:...'God forbid that I should save in the Cross'. We must understand The Cross...why the necessity of The Cross before we can understand why we are here.

And now why the Triangle? There was a Great Temple built in the city of ON, and the Head of this Temple would be YAHWEH (spirit) embodied as the flesh. This is also a Pyramid..a Triangle of Living Stones formed into a Temple...a Kingdom for the MOST HIGH. (I Peter 2:5) He said:...'Ye also are lively (Living) stones, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God and Precious...Living Stones for His Kingdom.' A Pyramid cannot be a square building. There is only one building which carries this symbol of the race, and that building is a Pyramid, for it can also have this Capstone...'Which the builders rejected.' The Apex of a Pyramid has all the dimensions as far as angles are concerned, as all the rest of the building. It seals all the rest of the building in, thus is the Capstone. There was thus an Eternal message in Symbolism in the Ancient Pyramid, for the Chief Corner Stone was left off showing that His Kingdom can only be completed...held together by YAHSHUA. Thus the chief corner stone is the father of the race which builds His Kingdom and is thus identified as a Marked emblem. When placed upon the symbolism of History then the 'All Seeing Eye of YAHWEH' is placed in that Corner Stone. He is the ROCK of Deuteronomy 32...His inheritance is His Kingdom Race, so don't let anyone come along and try to take this Ancient symbol from you for 'The All Seeing Eye of YAHWEH' was your symbol long before the Illuminati was formed and decided to adopt it as a symbol for their organization.

Another identifying symbol of your race is the Eagle. Return to the days of the Patriarchs and some of the earliest measuring marching orders of your society and you find the standard with the symbol of the Eagle upon them. The white people of Rome carried the Eagle symbol, and they knew that they were an Eagle people, but long before this the standard was used and the Eagle was displayed. In the 32nd., chapter of Deuteronomy when God refers to his people he said:...'As an Eagle stirreth up her nest and fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings. So YAHWEH alone did lead Israel, and there was no strange God among you.'...Yes, HE raised Israel as young Eaglets, and HE the Great Protective Eagle, and HE guided you and HE bore you on Eagle Wings. 'They shall mount up as Eagles, they shall be weary, and shall walk and shall not faint'..... Yes, an Eagle people whose emblems are to be found still today, and this nation still carries them especially because one of the great prophecies that related to God's purposes would be the eventual gathering of this household of his our nation. In this Great Household of Joseph which made up the background of Anglo-Saxon people, would be found those of the tribe of Ephraim and a company of nations and the other a Great Nation. But out of the emblems of the past when the standards were raised in the days of early tribal Israel, each tribe would march under their own emblems and the individual emblem carried on the standard of Manasseh was this 'Outstretched Wings of the Eagle'.

In the 18th., chapter of Isaiah it says:...'Hoe to this land of the Outstretched Wings of an Eagle, to this nation powerful from its beginning, with tall, and clean shaven men.' Remember that all prophecies God has made concerning this nation is thus marked concerning its rise, its greatness, its responsibilities before THE MOST HIGH GOD. And HE said:..Yes, you are an Eagle people, and this Eagle symbol belongs to this race. Another symbol belonging to this Race is the Lion. In the blessings that Jacob gave to the House of Judah...there you find the symbol of the Lion.

To the House of Dan was given the symbol of 'trail blazer', to Issachar was given the symbol of 'a patient ass' in measure standing between two staves of civilization...the Western Christian world and the Soviet Union. But to the Tribe of Judah was given the symbol of the Lion.

As to this House of Joseph...his branches would run over the wall... the archers will shoot him but his bow shall abide in strength..his arms shall be made strong by the Almighty God of Jacob..'From whence shall come the great protection for this Stone of Israel' this Kingdom in earth. And in that blessing of Joseph..his land is to be blessed, he is given the precious things of the lasting hills, given mineral wealth, the blessings which agriculture brings to a society. And this House of Joseph shall carry the symbols of the Bull and the Unicorn...with them he shall push his people to the ends of the earth. These symbols of the Lion, the Bull, and the Unicorn are to be found in the emblems carried by Britain, but 'The Outstretched Wings of the Eagle' belong to Manasseh. The Eternal Throne is found in Britain and this Throne shall endure until YAHWEH as YAHSHUA shall administer the affairs of this world, but the Throne belongs to Judah, for out of Judah comes also the Lion...YAHSHUA...thus The House of Judah..the King line of the House of Judah is walking with the House of Joseph and we find them joined as of today. As HE takes them in His hands as ONE STICK, we shall see this more clearly...but they work together today as Britain, the U.S., and Germany.

Another symbol connected with our race is found in the Book of Genesis chapter 15, 'Look toward the heavens, see if you can number them, so shall thy seed be.' You are stars of the heavens, not as sand of the seashore as are the children of the flesh from Abraham...thus Stars are a symbol of this race.

In symbolism the tree is also mentioned, and you are on Olive Tree, sometimes referred to as a Green Tree, or then the Dry Tree, but always an Olive Tree, where as the Fig tree is the symbol of the Luciferian tree. The Olive Tree is used as the sign of the Household of God whose oil is the symbol of Spirit. Thus the tree marking the kingdom of YAHWEH in earth is a 'Living' thus 'The Tree of Life'.

When looking at the Seal of these United States you will notice that it carries the Olive Branch, and if you look at the Seal of Britain there you also see the Olive Leaves and these leaves are also found in almost every one of the nations, every branch of the Commonwealth, every great nation of the white race. You are an Olive Tree, and here in our nation the Olive Branch carries 13 leaves, and 13 olives. This of course may be one for each original colony, but it also marks the members of the actual tribal house of the Kingdom of God. Here also you see the arrows of Joseph, and we find these arrows in our Seal clutched in the Talons of the Eagle. But we also find those of Joseph on the War shield of early Britain, and we find arrows in Germany where also we find the symbol of the crouching Lion. These are very vital emblems, they are symbols of time, of plan and of destiny, and woven behind these symbols is the assurance of YAHWEH (God) to preserve His race, thus these symbols were to identify this race, and the things related to them.

Another symbol of the Race which was carried by the early church was the symbol of the Crossed Golden Fish. Through all times the fish has marked the true church, the Mystery of the church under attack. You find this symbol in the Star Bible, and at the time of Jesus you found it displayed as the mark of a people...a called the church.

In the Book of Zechariah there is another great symbol or emblem to be found and that leads us to the last days in prophecy, and this emblem is the message in symbolism portrayed as 'Zerubbabel'. In the third and fourth chapters of Zechariah the prophet is talking of a land where a great identifying symbol is to be set. 'There shall be a land like a great plain, and there shall be a headstone set upon it, and the seven fold spirit of the 'Eye of YAHWEH' shall be in the Headstone thereof. Behold! a land, a servant'. Here in symbolism the prophet is talking about a kingdom and the symbols of that kingdom which are to be recognized. This is a symbol... also laid before Joshua...thus it is the Jacob Stone..a symbol of the Kingdom. This man Zerubbabel in real life was of the King Line of the House of David, and he was the one who was directing the rebuilding of the Temple after some of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi returned to Jerusalem from Babylonian captivity. Thus we are in symbolism then talking of a land which will carry the symbol of the Kingdom, and the symbol of the Great Headstone...a nation with the Triangle, and 'The Eye of YAHWEH' displayed upon their Seal. Today the United States of America is the only Israel nation to thus display this symbol. And the promise as explained by Zechariah is that to this nation God says:...'I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day.'

We thus believe that God has raised up this great nation whose civilization and people are made out of all the tribes of our race, that altho we started out as predominately Anglo background that moving into this great nation came others of Israel until we become ONE out of the many tribes of our race, and we were thus identified in symbolism as A NEW BEGINNING. We are thus the symbol of the New Order of the Ages, the re-cemented brotherhood of the children of the Adamic race who caught the pattern of their self respect, who have understood that they are sealed together by the destiny of this 'All Seeing Eye of YAHWEH' which we find upon the Seal of our Nation. This Stone (Kingdom) is set in a land...and this land is the United States of America. We tell you today that these are just some of the Mysteries, the symbols, the emblems of the Kingdom, but they are also a part of your Destiny and of your inheritance. As we bring these symbols to your attention we tell you that your race is in the greatest days of all human history. This race is not going down, it will stand. These is a conflict of Race, a conflict of Satanic design which moves to crush the Kingdom of God in earth. And Because of these impossible conditions the world shall be continually engulfed in fury, but this Race shall survive, and the world shall know Peace thru this Stone Kingdom, thru your Race, not by integration, but thru mutual respect, and the proclamation that YAHWEH is thy YAHSHUA...Savior. Not a Jewish Messiah...not a World Order under the control of Darkness but a New Beginning, a New Age when the Kingdom of YAHWEH rules Supreme over all the world and people come out from under this bondage of a misguided pattern of thinking, for The God of Jacob...this one who is YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA, HE ALONE IS GOD!

Can you any longer ask:...'What does it matter if we are Israel?' The message today called 'Israel Identity' is considered of no value in teaching what is termed 'The Gospel Message' and yet that is the major theme of that Gospel. Without it you are missing the great significance of the covenant YAHWEH made with our forefathers which when understood makes the theme of the whole Book come alive.

Today we think of the years when this almost empty Gospel has been preached. We think of the work, the enthusiasm, the great amount of money collected and then poured out in the name of 'Preaching the Gospel' while the moral condition of the Israel Nations has grown steadily worse. Since it is the program of God to bless the whole world thru his servant people...Israel...redeemed...restored then the quickest way to establish this state of being is to put Israel 'RIGHT' with Her God. Altho Israel of today seems to be following a dark path still she cannot lose the marks of the Kingdom for they are all around, and someday she will lose this blindness, and realize the part these leading nations of Israel are to play such as Great Britain, The U.S. of A. and Germany...and when they are no longer blinded to their inheritance the results will be amazing. Perhaps we had to go thru this period so that we could understand the great Love of God, after we have seen the awfulness of Sin. But we believe that if God had not singled out a handful of individuals in each century who could help reverse the degeneracy setting into the hearts of America then by now America might not have remained a major nation. Thus we believe that this is in the program and plan of THE ALMIGHTY and Israel nations will awake and play their part in this master plan of the Universe.

Until the next time.....May YAHWEH Bless E.R.M.