ERM - Tape 082 - Secrets Of The Holy Lance


Tape No. 82-------by Ella Rose Mast



'There are truly more things in Heaven and on earth than man had dreamt.' Professor Karl Hanshofer...1943 (How true, How true) This will be possibly a strange tape for you...but remember that we are in the period when knowledge is coming forth fast. Hope I can keep up with it.

As you know there was a Lance...a spear that was used to pierce the side of YAHSHUA (Jesus) as He hung on the Cross. This caused the blood and the water from the body of The Christ to touch the earth. Symbolically this was necessary as a symbol of the cleansing of the earth in due time. It was not spirit which flowed onto earth, but the breaking of the water is also the route into physical birth and later the route to Baptism. The blood of YAHSHUA was shed for the restoration of the children of the Kingdom, and the furtherance of HIS program and plan for the salvation of the world. Restoration for the Race of the Kingdom would lead to the Life of the body (Immortality) which the Adamic Race lost by the sin of Adam and Eve. This will restore them to their place in the program of the kingdom...'on earth as it is in heaven.' Salvation of the world will then come...but for 'Each in his own order.'

After reading this book I have the feeling that these two men are telling us to look for strange events to happen...and soon.

One of our authors is Col. Howard A. Buechner, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He received his education at Tulane University (B.S.) and Louisiana State University (M.D.). He was formerly a professor of Medicine at Tulane University and currently is a Professor of Medicine where an honorary Professorship has been established in his name. He is an Internationally recognized expert on Tuberculosis and other diseases of the Lungs.

During W.W.II., Dr. Buechner was a medical officer with the 3rd., Battalion, 157th., Infantry regiment, 45th., Infantry Division. This unit liberated the Dachau Concentration Camp, and he was the first American physician to enter this prison. He was promoted to the rank of Colonel in 1958 while in the reserve forces of the U.S. Army. He was called to active duty during the Berlin and Cuban Missile crisis of 1961-62. His Awards include the Medical Combat Badge, the Bronze Star, three Battle Stars, the Army Commendation Medal and the War Cross, the Distinguished Service Cross of Louisiana. He was also awarded the Cross of Merit of THE ORDER OF THE HOLY LANCE for his contributions to the cause of World Peace. This award has been bestowed on only 18 individuals who are non-members of the Order. The award was hand carved from the metal taken from the box in which the Holy Lance was contained.

Dr. Buechner is also the author of approximately 200 medical text books and scientific articles. He is listed in 'Who's Who' in America and many other references. He has written other books as well as the one entitled: 'Dachau....the Hour of the Avenger..An Eye witness account', written in 1986.

As you realize he is a good aged man today, but has had remarkable experiences in his walk here in earth. His picture here in the book was taken in Munich Germany, May 1945., and shows a good looking Aryan young man.

Our second author is Captain Wilhelm Bernhart, he was born in Berlin, Germany. He joined the German Navy in early 1943., and was assigned to the Reich undersea boat service,..the U-boat Flotilla group, stationed at Danzig. He served as Chief Torpedo officer aboard the U-530 from August 1944 until July 17, 1945., when his ship formally surrendered at Mar del Plata, and served as an intermediary in the recovery of the 'Secret of the Holy Lance', in 1969. In 1979 he assisted in the planning of the Hartmann expedition which retrieved Adolph Hitler’s secret treasure. As a Knight of the Present Day Order of the Holy Lance, he is familiar with the efforts which this group expends in the interest of Peace for the World. He is the author of 'Return of the Holy Lance 1985...which is as of yet unpublished.

Captain Bernhart was engaged in commercial shipping for 32 years. He is now a U.S. Citizen and lives here in America. His military decorations include the Underseas Boat-War Badge, the Reich Eagle Award, the Iron Cross which is the equivalent of the Purple Heart Medal, and the Knight's Cross which he received for saving his ship from destruction by the enemy.

As you see both of our authors are good aged men today, one a German by birth, one an American. Both are today Knight's of the Order of The Holy their own admission. And remember this book has a 1988 copyright...thus we say this is strange knowledge now coming forth. The title of their book also mentions Adolph Hitler in connection with the Holy Lance which makes it at once controversial to some people. These two men were on opposite sides during W.W.II...enemies then, altho both of the Aryan Race, and friends now. They have dedicated their book to their Comrades-in-Arms who honorably served their respective countries. (Quote) 'To those who fell in combat, and now lie in Bitburg, or St. Avold or other cross-marked fields, we pray that their soul's rose up like birds escaped from a fowler's snare. May they rest in honor and in Peace.' (Unquote)

Our two authors acknowledge that there is also another author...and the key information of this book is based on the testimony of this one man whose name cannot be revealed at this time..because he knows too much. This person was an officer aboard the German U-Boat 530., which carried the Holy Lance and Hitler's other treasures to the Antarctica in 1945. It was because of him that this treasure and certain other items from the treasure were recovered. Remember that Captain Wilhelm Bernhart was also on that U-Boat 530., as Chief Torpedo Officer.

Now;...earlier I did a tape titled UFO'S, and it was Tape No. was about a book written by two Canadians, men who were talking about the German UFO'S and the escape of many at the time when Hitler was supposed to have died. If you do not have the tape or a written copy then let me know for it goes very well with the history of this book report. Over the years I have wondered just why this hatred of one man, Adolph Hitler, has not been allowed to die down...for it brought about the tracking down of many, many Germans and the determination to destroy all Germany...but why? There has been tyrants before in history and people have been abused but in time this is forgotten and only remembered sometimes in the pages of history. Surely there is much, much more behind this continued outcry...for it really did not start with W.W.II.

According to our authors Adolph Hitler had been obsessed with the longing to possess this Holy Lance, the Spear which was used to shed the blood of Jesus at the time of the Crucifixion. But these authors have also given us the story of this Lance according to Legend and History. I think we should bring that part of the story to you first. Even though this is taken from tradition and Legend still who is to say that it may not also be true.

The origin of this Holy Lance altho based on Legend is an interesting story which I will try to outline for you from this strange and interesting book which surfaced only this year of 1988. The authors bring us several legends and you can take your pick, but some are more realistic than others and I will try to carry the story in that you get the picture from the beginning of the Adamic Race up until the facts these men present from W.W.II., onward.

As you know, Dr. Swift outlined the message that we came into flesh as a Race to build a kingdom, and were told before we came that we would fall and this would require an atonement which only YAHWEH himself as YAHSHUA could make. From the Scriptures then you have this story of Cain and his part he was to play in this Great Mosaic of Destiny. Cain was marked or identified as to who he was, and we are told that Tubal Cain was his descendent and that Tubal Cain made instruments and etc. Legend says that Tubal Cain was searching for a harder metal with which to make weapons to protect the sons of Cain so they would live out their marked days and not be destroyed. Legend says that Tubal Cain saw a great light in the heavens, and then a streak of fire came down to earth. The next day Tubal Cain went to this area and there found a great mass of molten metal which almost certainly was a Meteorite. This Meteorite would have most certainly contained iron, carbon, chromium, nickel, manganese, tungsten, vanadium, cobalt and titanium, and a fusion of such would be like Stainless Steel and from this great meteorite then legend says that Tubal Cain made a sword and a spear. These instruments would not rust or become dull, and could not be destroyed as long as they were not parted from each other and were used in a just cause. However still these weapons would bare the mark of Cain, but the days of Cain and the sons of Cain were also numbered in God's great plan. With the days of Tubal Cain running out we are told that he placed the spear and sword in the mountainous region in the land of Canaan in what was to be known as Ephraim land. Placed the Spear and the Sword in a Crevice of a rock.

According to Legend when Joshua delivered his people into the land of Canaan, the sword and spear were found and used in subduing the enemy in the land. In the days of the Judges the children of Israel had not obeyed orders to cleanse the land and they were tested by these people who surrounded them and there was much trouble. Then the children of Jacob began to call on YAHWEH for help and He raised up a leader for Israel. This man was Ehud, the son of Gera, a left handed man, but also a Benjaminite, and this man according to Legend found a sword and a Lance wedged in a Rock where YAHWEH told him it would be found,...near the grave of Joshua. With this the leader of Israel and the Sword and Lance delivered Israel from her enemies.

It is said that Gideon also possessed this Sword and Lance and it came into the possession of Saul, but he thought to do evil with it and Saul died. David and then Solomon possessed this Sword and Lance, and later Ahab then King Hezekiah, used it to protect Israel (715-686 B.C.). According to legend this Sword and Lance passed on to the Maccabees, to the Hasmonean Dynasty and when King Alexander Jannaeses fortified the mountain top of Masada (103-76 B.C.), he buried the Sword and Lance within its walls. In 63 B.C., they were found by the Roman General Pompey and he took them to Rome and presented the Sword and Lance to Julius Caesar. According to the Legends then Caesar gave the Lance and Sword to a Loyal Centurion who carried them back to the Holy Land.

Now; over the years those who believe in the Holy Bible have sought tangible proof of the accuracy of their Bible. They have sought evidence which proves that the Bible is based on more than myth and legend. Not because they doubt but because they then can say:...'See it is all true.' Today Archaeological research has helped real believers who only wish to convince other Christians who are more interested in anything relating to the person of Jesus The Christ. Actually He was associated with so very few material things, for He never wrote a book that we know of, an article, in fact never a single word on paper. Therefore anything which touched His body has become to the Christians a Holy possession. His garment no doubt has long since crumbled into dust, the crown of thorns, the reed, and the Robe disappeared almost 2000 years ago. The Alabaster Box perhaps will someday be made manifest for it was the container for the Ointment with which he was anointed both before and after HIS Crucifixion. The Cup and the Chalice became most sacred of all material objects associated with The Life of The Christ. It is believed that this was the vessel in which Joseph of Arimathea caught the last few drops of the blood of The Christ which dripped from the wound in His side...after the blood and water had enriched the earth.

In the literature from the era of King Arthur we find references to a Bleeding Lance. Many are the claims made that some one...some place holds a relic connected to The Christ, but one wonders if these are true. However a very important relic has lasted thru the years and this is the Holy Lance.....another is a Nail from The Cross....both of these pierced His flesh and shed HIS blood. We are thus told that 'one of the soldiers with a spear pierced His side and forthwith came there out blood and water. And he who saw it bears record, and his record is true; and he knoweth that he saith true, that ye might believe. For things were done that the Scripture should be fulfilled. Then...'a bone of HIM shall not be broken'...and another Scripture saith:..'They shall look upon HIM whom they have pierced.' John 34-37.

This soldier who stood before the Cross was a Roman Centurion who had loyally and bravely served his country for many years. This spear he held in his hand had a special quality, it did not rust and was always sharp. This was the finest weapon in the Roman Army, and had been handed down in this family from grandfather to father, and now to his son...this Centurion who was near the end of his long and distinguished career as a Professional soldier of the Roman Empire. To end his long service he was assigned to non-combat duty in the Political Observation Corps of Jerusalem, under Governor Pontius Pilate. He was thus free to come and go as he pleased in this province of Palestine.

While he was there on duty the Centurion became attracted by stories of this tall, slender man with light flowing hair, and compelling blue eyes, known today as Jesus of Nazareth. The Roman Centurion began to follow this ONE. He stood on a low hill and watched the Disciples feed a multitude from two small baskets of bread and fish. He heard HIM say:...'Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the earth.' Then another time:...'Ye have heard that it hath been said: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I say unto you, whosoever shall strike you on thy right cheek turn to him the other also.' One day HE said:...'I am able to destroy the temple of God and to build it in three days.' The Centurion heard these words and he pondered them. He saw HIM heal the sick, cure the crippled, and the blind. Saw HIM cast out demons and even raise the dead. He heard these strange words:..'I am the way, and the man cometh to the father save by me.'

One day the Centurion approached YAHSHUA (Jesus) and asked him to heal his favorite servant who was old and ill. Arriving home that evening he found this servant well and strong. At that moment the Centurion knew that he had spoken with one who as God now walked the earth.

After Christ healed the servant of the Centurion Legend says that Simon Peter asked for the use of this Sword to protect Jesus not realizing HE needed no protection. But in the Garden of Gethsemane Peter cut off the ear of the High Priest's servant, and Jesus quickly restored the ear. After all, HE came to die for his people and for the world. Legend also tells us that always there were those who tried to make copies of the Lance to use it for evil. This is believed to be the case as Herod killed the babies in Bethlehem.

The day that The Nazarene was brought before Pontius Pilate the Centurion was deeply moved as he wondered who would bring such a ONE for judgment. The Centurion stood there as Pilate declared he could find no fault with YAHSHUA (Jesus). But the crowd would have none of this, they cried for his death. Pilate then washed his hands of guilt and the crowd chose to free Barabbas....and then the temple crowd cried for YAHSHUA to be Crucified and the Centurion was stunned. But then came the command for this Roman Centurion to take command of the Crucifixion squad and he was totally heartsick, but he was also a good soldier, had been all his life and he would obey his orders. He watched as they nailed YAHSHUA to the Cross, then stood there in agony as he also heard the words from the Cross. He heard the cry:...'I commend my spirit into thy hands' and he knew that this ONE called the Nazarene was leaving this earth. The two thieves one on each side of HIM were as of yet not dead, but now comes the Temple Guards...these were not Roman soldiers, and they wanted to hurry the dying so they could get on with other events, so they ordered the breaking of the legs of the two thieves. As they then approached 'The Christ' this Roman Centurion automatically stepped forth, and pierced HIS side to show that He was already dead, and His legs need not be broken. The point of the Lance was thrust into the right side of The the chest between the 4th and 5th rib. This was a common practice among Roman soldiers on the field of battle when they sought to prove a wounded enemy was truly dead. It is well known that blood does not flow from a body after death, it must be pumped out if necessary. But...a miracle...for out came blood and water to enrich the earth, and this made this Lance which brought it forth A HOLY LANCE....the Lance of Longinus meaning....'THE LANCE OF THE LORD'.

In that moment having fulfilled his destiny another miracle occurred...for the Centurion had his failing eyesight restored. We are told that the tip of the Lance suddenly cracked and fell away signifying it would never be used again as a weapon to draw blood, for any reason. Even tho the point would be made again this would always remain true. In his compassionate desire to protect the body of 'The Christ' the Centurion had also fulfilled that prophecy of the Prophet Ezekiel. And from this moment on, the Centurion was a devoted follower of 'The Christ' and revered by the brethren. He was referred to thereafter as Longinus...the spear man, and his Lance became known as the 'Spear of Destiny'. Later a Nail from the Cross was embedded in the Holy Lance which increased its sacred quality for the followers of The Christ.

As time went by there came the birth of the Legend that he who held the Holy Lance in his hand would be able to control the Destiny of all Mankind. The exact Prophecy is said to be:..'Whosoever possesses this Holy Lance and understands its power, and who it serves, holds in his hand the destiny of the world for good or evil.'

Whether you accept this story of the power of the Lance or dismiss it as an interesting myth none can deny that on this fateful Friday, April 5, 33 A.D., the history of the world was changed forever.

We then pick up the story of the Lance as it was taken back to Rome by the Centurion, when later then in 286 A.D., the Theban Legion was sent to Gaul by the Emperor of Rome to crush a revolt of Peasants. But when the commander of this Legion...a direct descendent of Gains Cassius our Roman Centurion found that these peasants were Christians and he refused to fight against his brethren. We are told by our authors that this man also carried the Holy Lance, not as a weapon, but as a symbol of His Faith. He was ordered by the Emperor of Rome to destroy the Holy Lance and denounce Christianity and embrace instead the many Roman gods. But this Commander refused as did each of his men, to obey this order. The Emperor then ordered that one man in each ten should be beheaded for refusing to obey. Holding the Holy Lance high, Mauritius went first, then each man at the head of each group of ten calmly submitted to a similar death. Finally we are told, the entire Legion stepped forward to meet a Martyr's death rather than to deny their Faith. Today there is devotion to St. Maurice and the Tehban Legion, and this can be found in Switzerland, along the Rhine, and in Northern Italy. The Abbey of St. Maurice was founded in 534 A.D. and the feast of his Martyred companions is celebrated each September 22.

The Holy Lance thus came into the hands of the Emperor Maximian, but he could not bring himself to destroy it. The daughter of Maximian married the Emperor Constantine who was a Christian, and the Lance was given to him as a Wedding present. It is said that he carried this 'Spear of Destiny' with him as he marked out the Capital city of Constantinople, and as he walked he proclaimed:...'I follow the steps of HIM who I see walking ahead of me.'

Legend says that the Holy Lance then fell into the hands of Attila the Hun, the one called the Scourge of God, who swept in out of Central Asia with his mongrel hoard. With the Spear of Destiny in his hands it seemed he might now rule the known world, but he only advanced as far as Germany and the Knights turned him back, thus the Lance had failed him once. He turned and then sacked Northern Italy going to the very gates of Rome, but again the Western world fought back and he was forced to withdraw. He realized the Lance had failed him the second time, and it is said that his horse to the gates of the city of Rome saying:...'Take back your Holy Lance since I do not know HIM who made it Holy.'

The 'Spear of Destiny' is said to have then passed into the possession of a French General who then defeated the forces of Islam in 732 A.D. Then finally the Holy Lance came into the hands of Charlemagne the Great who used its power to force a unification, a consolidation of nearly all Christian lands of Western Europe.

Finally in due time Heinrich I Duke of Saxony, King of Germany, came into possession of the Lance, and while it was in his custody he unified Germany. It then passes to the English King Athelstan who used it for the good of his nation. When his sister (Edith) married Otto the Great, the Lance returned to Germany as part of her dowry.

Otto II (980-1002) was crowned King of Germany. He became also Emperor of the Roman Empire in 996 A.D., and he assumed the titles of...'The Servant Of Jesus Christ'...The Servant of the Apostles; and the Emperor of the world for he thought of himself as the leader of World Christianity. It was during the reign of Otto II., when a Nail from the Cross was inserted in the Holy Spear and this caused it to fracture. It was then tied with very fine copper wire, and fitted with an iron clamp to hold it together. Interest was great in the Holy Lance, and about this time an imitation Lance was created called the Lance of Krakow. But it could not take the place of the original. Henry the IV., had a silver sleeve fitted over the Lance, and the sleeve bore a Latin Inscription:...'The Nail of the Lord'... a golden sleeve was added later over the iron and the silver sleeve, but it also bore the same Inscription.

Finally the Holy Lance came into the possession of Frederick (Red Beard) King of Germany. He was the son of the Duke of Swabia, of the House of Hohenstanfen. He became one of the greatest of Roman Empires of the middle ages, a legendary hero, and a symbol of unity to the German people. In the spring of 1189 King Frederick formed the 3rd., Crusade. The object being to go to Jerusalem to free the city and to recover the true Cross. The Crusaders set out overland but King Frederick was killed before reaching Jerusalem. In fact only a small number of his army under the command of Frederick of Swabia, and Leopold reached Jerusalem but they carried the sacred Lance back to the land in which it became Holy, this for the first time in 1000 years.

Next we are told of a disagreement with the powerful King of England, and it was decided that the Lance should be hidden in some secret place. There in Jerusalem in the year 1191 an organization was formed of German Crusaders known as the 'Knights of the Teutonic Order.' The Lance was placed in their possession for safe keeping. In the year 1198 the Knights of the Teutonic Order assumed a more military character, and transferred the center of their activity from the Middle East to Eastern Europe, and the Sacred Lance served as their banner of Faith during the conquest of Christianizing Prussia.

Another test of courage for the Western Christian world came as the Mongols from the Steppes of Asia under the leader, Genghis Kahn. They poured thru the passes and into Eastern Europe. You know who brought them forth to help destroy Christianity in the West. We have told you this story before, how they wore yellow arm bands to identify themselves as they pointed out the different places for looting after they had opened the gates of different cities to let the Mongol hoards enter. At this time the Lance was sent by the Teutonic Knights westward into Western Germany for safe keeping. The struggle with the forces of Genghis Kahn lasted for several years. After he was killed they still kept coming but not with as much strength.

For the next 500 years of history not much was heard of the Holy Lance. Napoleon never possessed it altho he did dissolve the order of the Teutonic Knights. The Lance had been hidden in an Ancient tunnel beneath the ramparts of Nuremberg Castle. However fearing that Napoleon might find it, they sent the Lance and Sword to Vienna for safe keeping. After Napoleon lot power in 1814., Germany requested the return of the treasure but this was refused, but the Order of the Teutonic Knights was reinstated in 1834 and they were to see to the safety of the treasure.

Thus it was thru Legend, thru tradition and thru knowledge known only to certain men that we have this story of this Talisman of our race. There is written testimony of the conversion of the man with the Spear for he witnessed those events at the Crucifixion and played his part in Destiny. He knew that the Vail of the Temple in Jerusalem was rent in twain, and the earth shook, and the graves opened and many bodies of the Saints arose and came out of their graves. Matthew 27:51-54. He also knew that the Lance and Spear used to pierce the side of 'The Christ' was in size and design similar to others produced since 3100 B.C., but he also knew that the one he held was very old, that something seemed to set it apart.

Later on in order to enhance its sacred significance, a decision was made to embed in the very heart of the Spear, a Nail from the Cross. In doing this the Spear head of the Lance broke in two and that is when they bound it with 4 bands of highly flexible copper wire. The two parts of the blade were thus held together but the Nail was now embedded in the heart of the Spear and the sleeve of iron was added to strengthen it then the sleeves of both silver and gold and that is how it looks today.

Today a Lance and tip (Spear) which fits this description is on display in the Hoflenburg Palace in Vienna, Austria. It measures 3 inches wide and 5/8 inches thick. It is battleship grey except for its golden sleeves. However it projects a quality of newness which disputes its estimated age. Actually this Vienna Lance is probably a 1938 copy of the original in the opinion of the authors. Over the years there has been copies made and this is one of those copies.

As we come up to the era of W.W.II., it seems that Adolph Hitler had been obsessed with the longing to possess this Holy Lance...this Spear which pierced the side of 'The Christ'., this Talisman of the Race. Hitler came in contact with the Lance in 1907, and it came into his possession in 1938 and it disappeared from view at the time he is supposed to have died.

Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in Austria just over the border from Germany, but he always considered himself a German. In 1907 he went to Vienna thinking to go to the Art School located there. It was here in Vienna that he learned the story of this Holy Lance which was then on display at Hoflenburg Palace. He visited the Lance again and again and as he stood and stared at this Holy Talisman a voice seemed to whisper:...'When all hope is gone, think of me.' He felt compelled to study the history of the Lance in the great libraries of Vienna. As he learned that it had guided the destinies of famous German Kings of Roman Emperors of the First Reich he began to believe it had mystic powers. At this time he was only 18 years old, but he begun to believe that he would someday possess the Lance. Always he returned to the Lance and its whispered message which remained the same. He says that on one occasion as he stood looking at the Lance he became aware of a mighty presence around the Lance. It seemed...'a bridge between the world of the senses and the world of the spirit.' A window into the future seemed to open up to him thru which he saw a single flash of illumination, a future event by which he knew beyond contradiction that the blood in his veins would one day become the vessel of the Folk-spirit of his people. And now he began to believe that this powerful Talisman would come into his possession and guide his ultimate destiny.

In 1913 he failed the physical exam for the Austrian Army, and he left Austria and went to Munich Germany, and here at 24 years of age he was at last on German soil. In 1914 then W.W.I., began and he volunteered for service in the German Army then spent 4 long years on the western front serving as a messenger. He was decorated twice with the Iron Cross for faithful duty and bravery. As the war ended in 1918 he was in a hospital recovering from blindness after exposure to poison gas.

Now; the Versailles treaty stripped Germany of much territory and required the payment of huge reparations for war damage. Here Hitler found his role in life. He joined the Socialist German workers party, became an orator, politician and organizer, and called always for cancellation of that Versailles Treaty. As the Lance had foretold Hitler's destiny it placed him on the scene at an opportune time. He wrote Mein Kampt (My Struggle) which he dedicated to his faithful friend, Rudolf Hess, who had entered the prison with Hitler and took down and edited the book. The original name of this book was 'Four and One-half Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice.' He included in the book a plan to reunify European territories lost to Germany after W.W.I., all those would later be recovered.

After coming to power, Hitler went to Vienna in triumph and the people welcomed him. He went to Hofburg Palace there in Vienna and went direct to the treasure room. He stood silent looking down at the Holy Lance. He then held Sacred Talisman in his hands and touched the point which had pierced the side of Jesus Christ and caused His death in order to ensure the Resurrection and Eternal Life. The Holy Lance remained in Hitler’s hands until shortly before his reported death in 1945.

The Third Reich came to an end only 7 years after Hitler claimed the Holy Lance. By that time Heydrich was dead...Himmler and Goering had defected, Hess was in prison and Albert Speer had refused to carry out the Fuhrer's final orders. Did the Lance bring about the rise and fall of the 3rd., Reich? It must be remembered that the Lance brings either good or evil, depending upon the purpose of the one who holds it in his hand. In the case of Adolph Hitler the role of the Lance will probably never be fully under- stood, because as some have said:...'He was a man without measure'. We would say that Hitler had within his inner circle of men one at least who was more interested in building up his own power, for Himmler added the Supreme Order of the 13 Knights of the Holy Lance to the Black Order, and the Order of the Blood all in preparation of building himself up as the supreme ruler of the world. He wanted a headquarter of this Knights, and he bought or rented Castle Wewlsburg. The strange part is that he never lacked for money, this is why we say he was to meet his downfall. It seems that a group of Industrialists and Bankers saw that Himmler was never short of funds....of course he was to reward them later. However when he made his move to replace Hitler he was stripped of all offices and rank, and was arrested by the British May 22, 1945., and he committed suicide and was buried in an unmarked grave.

Himmler had a copy of the Holy Lance made for himself, and one of the radical thinkers he surrounded himself with was Alfred Rosenburg. We thus believe that a Secret society with different motives was in the midst of Hitler's men of power, thus a mixture of good and evil, and this would not last for long in connection with the Holy Lance. It is said that Hitler never attended any of the meetings with Himmler and his Knights...that he compared them to the Jesuits with St. Ignatius Loyal as their leader.

While the Holy Lance was in Adolph Hitler’s possession (1935-45) he frequently allowed it to be placed along with other Reich treasures on display. But when this catch of treasures was uncovered on April 20, 1945., the real Lance was not there and only Himmler's imitation spear had taken its place in the Reich collection. It is said that when informed of the articles found, General George S. Patton was most interested. From his study of Ancient History he appeared to be the only one to appreciate the significance of the Holy Lance. He traveled to Nuremberg and there held, altho he did not realize it, the ‘false Lance.’ After this Patton's military power was steadily eroded by higher authority because of his outspoken opinions. He died as results of an implausible auto accident before the year ended...December 21, 1945. Perhaps the most implacable anti-communist in the world was dead.

This false Lance passed from German to American possession and the atomic age began at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is interesting to speculate as to what Patton would have recommended for this most awesome weapon ever invented, and whether a fear of his ideas brought about his death??? These Knights of the Holy Lance were said to worship the Sword not The Christ thus they fell following a false Lance. Those who followed the True Lance served their country well. Only one man was ever awarded the Knight's Cross with golden Oak leaves, Swords and Diamonds. This was Rudel who flew 2,530 combat missions over the Russian front. He even flew after losing one leg in combat, and he survived the war.

The second author of this book as we have said before is a holder of the Knight's Cross. The medal was presented to him personally by Grand Admiral Donitz with these words:...'You are one of our country's lions, our nation will honor men like you in the future, you not only saved the boat, but all those on board by your loyalty to duty and honor.' (Unquote)

Hitler at one time had said:...'I want to set up an order which shall express and develop the concept of Nordic blood, so that we can attract to ourselves, all the Nordic blood in the world, denying it to our adversaries.' The S.S. idealogy became racial purity, but it seems to me after reading this book that this other secret society within the ranks had other thoughts.

Another man in the hierarchy of the 3rd., Reich was Reinhard Heydrich, he was known as the Black Prince of the 3rd., Reich. Himmler is said to have not liked Heydrich, and Hitler is said to have expressed the thought that he did not like either of these men but he thought that he needed them. It is thought that Himmler may have had Heydrich killed thus there was bad blood between these men. Heydrich had recommended his successor to Hitler and had smuggled a message to Rudolf Hess, thus the intrigue in the 3rd., Reich was extensive.

Then we learn that Karl Muller was given a large and carefully sealed package to be delivered to Professor Karl Haushofer in Munich. There he was given a large bronze, lead lined box which had been carefully sealed, and he was ordered to bury it in a pre-determined spot in the Bavarian Alps. In this box was specially treated paper written in unbreakable runic code, which described the power behind the Holy Lance, and the secret to the use of that power. The box was intended for the person who had been designated as the successor of Heydrich. How it would finally arrive in his hand was another Mystery. Heydrich had brought his own downfall, he had forgotten the old prophecy connected with the Holy Lance:...'If the Sword or Lance came into evil use, to him who holds them will they turn to his fall and death.' Ego has been the downfall of many, and people tend to forget that.

The defeat of the 3rd., Reich was inevitable after America came into the war. The 45th., Thunderbird Division of the U.S. Army won the attention of the German Commanders. It is strange but the first of the Thunderbirds wore the symbol of the Swastika thinking it an old Indian sign of good fortune, but they dropped it as they realized the Nazi Party had adopted it as their mark of distinction. The Swastika was replaced by the Thunderbird sign or symbol. The Thunderbirds finally paraded in Adolph Hitler's Plaza in Nuremberg. The Thunderbirds liberated Dachau Prison and one of our author's, Col. Howard A. Buchner, was there to see the final end of the 3rd., Reich, the first American Doctor to enter Dachau. He once stood on the ground under which the Holy Lance was buried. He revisited the Lance in 1988.

Now; where was the Lance from the time of Hitler's death until 1988??? In 1939 Germany sent an expedition to Antarctica and claimed a portion of the subcontinent as its own. In 1943 a second expedition prepared a natural cave in the Muhlig Hofmann Mountains as a hiding place for valuable possessions. In 1945 as message after message came stating the Allied assault on the Fatherland was successful, after they crossed the Rhine River, Col. Hartmann reported that Adolph Hitler slammed his fist on to the table upon which rested the Holy Lance inside its protective case. He declared that the Allies will never take this Lance from his beloved Deutschland. He was determined to send the Sacred Lance and his personal treasure to a place where no enemy would ever find it.

Now;...This Col. Hartmann knew the lagend of the Lance, he knew of Hitler's obsession of it, and knew of the plan now to send certain of the Reich treasures to the Antarctica, and Admiral Donitz was charged with the responsibility of making the preparations for Valkyrie II, as the mission was called, and we now learn that Col. Maximilian Hartmann was placed in absolute command of this mission. In the spring of 1943 Admiral Donitz had dispatched an especially equipped submarine to Antarctica. There men had built a large steel reinforced entrance to an ice cave. Was he now seeing the end of the war? Who knows. But now six bronze, lead lined boxes were carefully packed with the Sacred Lance and other selected treasures of the Third Reich. The boxes were hermetically sealed and the content of each marked with a special mark. They were transported to Kiel where a submarine U-530 was standing by prepared for a long journey, hidden and protected in a massive covered concrete covered slip. Col Hartmann personally handed the U-Boat Captain his orders, and another package containing his final instructions, the latter not to be opened until the U-Boat was 100 miles at sea. The submarine reached a position off the coast of Antarctica, and 16 men of the crew then went ashore into the icy landscape as the rest of the crew waited. Their map had been faulty and several days were lost in locating the cave, but the secret hiding place had been found and then all men were back on the U-Boat. The U-Boat was now ready to proceed on the second half of her journey. All the log of the U-530 and relating documents were now destroyed. A substitute Log was in place. All equipment which might indicate a special mission was stripped from the vessel and her guns were jettisoned.

Remember that one of our authors was a member of the shore party that had entered the ice cave, and helped place the treasures therein...and later on July 10, 1945...two months after the war in Europe was over, this same U-Boat with our second author on board surrendered in the harbor of Mar del Plata, Argentina. The Allied Intelligence team of course converged on Argentina but all that they found was that this was a late model German U-Boat and seemed to be carrying a large quantity of cigarettes, altho none of the crew smoked. This was never explained, and the ships log only stated that its mission had been to remain at sea and disrupt Allied shipping in the South Atlantic. When the war ended the ships log indicated the Captain did not know just where to surrender his ship. The men on the Submarine were interrogated, and it was noted that the crew was very young. The Captain was only 25 years of age, the second Officer 22. In addition not a single man had a living relative, apparently their parents, brothers, sisters, wives, and sweethearts had all died during the war, and none of the crew as we have said smoked cigarettes, altho there was this unusual amount of cigarettes on board. The crew was released from custody and disappeared, and until now not one of these men has ever revealed the spectacular mission of the U-530.

A Newspaper article published on August 17, 1945 reads:....(Quote) 'Long overdue U-Boat takes secrets to Argentina. Mystery of the U-530 revives many rumors as to the ultimate fate of high Nazi personalities, including Hitler himself. The Argentine Minister of Marines stated that investigation showed that no German politician or military officer was on board the U-530, and that no one had reached the Argentine coast from the Submarine before her surrender.

On July 17, 1945 the Argentine Government issued a decree handing over the U-530 to British and U.S. Governments, together with the crew, and all available information concerning her belated and mysterious surrender. At this point we would ask you to remember who was in control of the American Government at this time.

Now; back to Berlin just before the end of the war...and here is another story that our authors give to us:....'In late twilight May 1, 1945.... a single engine aircraft took off from an airfield in the vicinity of Berlin which was still under German control. Within minutes the small plane emerged from the smoke and flames of the burning city and landed on shell pocked Unter Den Linden street amid Soviet Artillery and dangerous rubble. At the controls was a young Luftwaffe Lieutenant named Helmut Unger, who was destined to become a Knight of the Holy Lance. Before the plane stopped rolling a U-turn had been made and the pilot was gunning the motor for a take off. Three men emerged from a near-by shelter, they were Col. Maximilian Hartmann and two SS Troopers. Each man carried a bronze, lead-lined box hermetically sealed. As they were loaded aboard, Col. Hartmann gave the pilot his brief oral orders, and handed a sealed envelope. The two Officers saluted and the plane took off. It has never been revealed as to just how Colonel Hartmann left Berlin. In the boxes was an airtight canister and the Sacred 'Blood Flag' of the Third Reich. It is not known what was in the second box, but the third box probably carried personal valuables of the Josef Goebbels family and others who occupied the Hitler bunker.

Flying at tree top level the little plane swept over enemy territory and out across the North Sea to Kristiansand, Norway. There a U-Boat stood ready on orders of Admiral Donitz. The Fuhrer had died April 30, 1945 and named Admiral Donitz to replace him. No one except Col. Hartmann and Admiral Donitz ever knew what the metal canister contained, no one else has ever known with any degree of certainty.

On August 17, 1945 this U-Boat 977 appeared off the coast of Argentina at Mar del Plata and surrendered. The only thing unusual about this crew was their youth, and like the U-530 the men of the crew had no living relatives of any kind, and after their release quickly disappeared from public view.

In 1979 Col. Hartmann revealed that the U-977 had carried a funeral Urn to Antarctica, and he is reported to have stated that the remains were of Reich Chancellor Adolph Hitler and his wife Eva Braun. After years of speculation as to the death of Hitler...Col. Hartmann testified that Hitler died in his bunker in Berlin. Substitute bodies of a man and woman were burned beyond recognition outside his bunker. They are the bodies which were later taken to Russia for burial. The bodies of Hitler and Eva were taken to another location and cremated, then their ashes were sent to Antarctica..there they rested in an ice cave, but perhaps now they have been returned to Germany with the Holy Lance. According to Col. Hartmann on April 29, 1945 Hitler insisted on leaving his bunker to encourage his troops in their flight for Berlin. makeshift forces mostly of boys and old men were still resisting the Soviet advance. Hitler is said to have walked several blocks to join them, and was there mortally wounded by Russian artillery. He was carried back to the bunker, and there he married Eva Braun and the next day he died of his wounds. The two bodies were saturated with benzene and completely consumed by fire. The ashes were put in the metal canister and sent to Antarctica as we have described.

Now;...did Col. Hartmann lie about the death of Hitler, so as to cover his escape, is that still a mystery? Many are the tales as to his death, and also as to Hitler's escape. Then in 1987 when this book was nearing completion one of the crew of the U-Boat 530 came forward with what is said to be the true story, and that man is Captain Wilhelm Bernhard...our second author....(Quote)...Before leaving its home base, the forward torpedo compartment of the U-530 had been partitioned off and converted into fairly livable living quarters. On the night of her departure 9 passengers came aboard...8 men and possibly 1 woman dressed as a man. Their faces were covered, and only the party's spokesman was made known to the Captain of the U-530. It was known that all of the passengers but one were heavy smokers. On the day that the submarine neared the coast of South America one of the passengers...their spokesman...ordered more cigarettes and brandy and more coffee for 'The Fuhrer'. The startled attendant snapped to attention, clicked his heels and said:...'Yes Mr. Borman'...thus the identity of one of those passengers...Martin Bormann was confirmed, and this man Martin Bormann was Adolph Hitler's personal secretary. Another passenger was said to be SS General Karl Muller. He was one of only two people in the world who knew the number of a Swiss bank box which held the key to the secret of the Holy Lance. The other person was Rudolf Hess and you know of his fate. It was thus imperative that Karl Muller escape to a place of safety from which he could direct the recovery of the Holy Lance and the guide to its power, at an appropriate time.

Official records list Karl or Heinrich Muller as 'missing' at the end of W.W.II., because he had disappeared from Berlin in May of 1945. It is known that he was completely trustworthy, and fanatically loyal. His life was closely entwined with the mysteries of the Holy Lance. He was commissioned to safeguard the Lance itself and to create false leads as to its true location. He accompanied the Lance to Antarctica and was to orchestrate the journey of the Lance into the future.

Now; as to the other passengers...who where they, and did other U-Boats carry similar groups? Did some unload their passengers in Buenos Aires, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil???? For 42 years this secret had remained of the transportation of the Holy Lance, and the officials of the Third Reich and so why now does the stories come to light???

Our authors now tell us that General Karl Heinrich Muller, a Mystery Knight of the Holy Lance and holder of the Knight's Cross, and the War Merit Cross with Swords, escaped to South America aboard U-Boat 530 in 1945. It is Muller who directed the recovery of the Holy Lance in 1979... and he died in 1988..thus there was no danger to him in disclosure of this mystery here late in 1988. The authors tell us that he was probably the last of the original Knights of the Holy Circle. His picture is given in this book, courtesy of Jost W. Schneider Wuppertal, West Germany.

As was predicted at the wars end the treasures of the Third Reich were quickly consumed by the appetite of the enemy. The Crown, Scepter and Sword and Globe of Charlemagne were found in a cave in Siegon, Germany by troops of the U.S. First Army. Millions of dollars worth of gold, paintings and other things were discovered in a salt mine by General George Patton's Third Army. The mine was located about 40 miles from Berlin. General Eisenhower, Omar Bradley and General George Patton descended into this mine in dangerous elevators to inspect this treasure. Valuable paintings were also found in different places. The collections of Goring were discovered, and the entire collection was valued at 200 million dollars. Hitler's treasures were found in various places including his famous..'Eagles Nest' retreat on the Obersalzberg Mountain. 9000 paintings of the Third Reich were shipped to the United States, as well as airplanes, and a three masted 295 foot sailing boat known as the 'Horst Wessel' now named 'The Eagle', were part of the booty.

What then was in the sealed 8 lead-lined boxes shipped to Antarctica. We know that one was the Holy Lance which Hitler worshiped, a bronze plaque which he cherished. The third article removed from one of the boxes is a remarkable painting by Hitler...of himself. It is entitled 'Germania and the appointment of the Gods at the beginning of the world'. One of the figures in the picture is Rudolf Hess as a young man. The fourth item was the 'Blood Flag' of the Third Reich. Undoubtedly the items in the box were of more significance than those left behind. Therefore Hitler's most valuable treasures did escape the hands of his enemies. The rape of Germany during and after W.W.II is a known fact. To the victor belongs the spoils. it has always been so in times of war.

In 1959 a message was smuggled out of Spandau Prison. It was quickly intercepted and turned over to the four powers...France, Britain, Russia and the United States. The message was unintelligible to them except it contained mention of the Holy Lance and was signed 'H'. The next day Rudolph Hess the only inmate of Spandau, attempted suicide altho watched and guarded around the clock.

In 1969 Rudolph Hess was taken to a British Hospital, his first trip outside Spandau Prison. Several days later an ex-crew member of U-Boat 530 received the key to a bank box in Switzerland, along with full authority for its use. This box led to another where a number of sealed envelopes were found along with a large amount of money. The message had been signed 'H'. Whether or not it came from Rudolph Hess is unknown, but remember he was the last surviving member of the 5 powers of the Third Reich, each symbolized by the letter 'H'. HITLER..HIMMLER..HEYDRICH..HAUSHOFER..AND HESS. Remember that General Karl Muller had been Heydrich's messenger, he knew the number of the Swiss Bank account and he had been familiar with the crew of the Submarine, and could have sent the message and signed it 'H' for Heydrich.

Many have wondered why a man such as Rudolph Hess...on a mission for Peace was sentenced to life in prison alone in a Castle and guarded by four Nations, until death. But now you know that he had many secrets, and was the last power of the Third Reich, and the last known Interpreter of the Holy Lance.

Rudolph Hess died or was killed August 7, 1987. He was 93 years of age. He now lies in a secret grave, and even the prison where he was confined is to be destroyed.

Another twist to this story which does not quite ring true is that Hess was murdered by Himmler in 1941 and a imposter was sent to England on the Peace mission. I keep remembering that the son of Hess visited his father at times and he would have known. But there is even more to this story because it was learned that Gorbachev prior to Christmas 1987., was going to release Hess...and we knew that it was the Russians that would not agree to this release, but it was said that Gorbachev prior to Christmas 1987 was going to agree to the release who then did not want Hess released after all these years? In fact who forced the U.S. and Britain and even France to hang on to this prisoner all those years for it is not like these nations to do this???

Now; the sealed envelopes in the Swiss Bank box were opened by a member of U-530, and this man was instructed to contact Col. Maximilian Hartmann and deliver the contents of the box. As Col. Hartmann read the documents which were delivered to him he realized that he was the only man in the world who would soon know both the secret of the power of the Lance, and its location as of that time. The first envelope contained part of the total message:...(Quote)

Wouldst thou soar heavenward on its joyous wings?

Cast off the earthly burden of the real,

High from the cramp'd and dungeon's being....spring

Into the realm of the Ideal.’


This proved to be the code for the location of a long bronze box which had been buried at the foot of Schlegeiss Glacier in 1942. The box was to contain the secret of the Power of the Holy Lance. The second envelope contained instructions which directed Col. Hartmann to reorganize the order of the Knights of the Holy Lance. This group then would be the ones to recover the Lance from its resting place in Antarctica and use it as a guiding symbol in the attainment of World Peace. Again this document was signed with the letter 'H'. The third letter contained a large sum of money to be used in recovering the Lance. One of the seaman of the crew of U-530, Captain Wilhelm Bernhart, our second author was this man who would help find the ice cave in the Antarctic. And in due time the box was recovered, and another amount of cash was found that would help with the work to be done by the Knights of the Holy Lance. The Secret of the power of the Lance was written in Runic symbols, and the original then was written in Runic code which had to be deciphered by Col. Hartman. There is a picture in this book of this Runic code.

Col. Hartmann then had to spend some time in studying both cryptography and Runic symbols before he could decipher the Runic code written by Professor Haushofer. He could trust no one else to help him, and he had to be careful as he learned the secrets of this code. With the secret of the Lance now in his hand he began slowly reorganizing the order of the Knights of the Holy Lance. He traveled the length and breadth of his country again and again, and he selected one man here and another one there until he had the same number as the original...13 with himself as the head of this group of the circle.

In 1974 the first meeting of the 13 Knights of the Holy Lance was held in Munich, Germany. They met in conjunction with a world Peace assembly and quietly they reaffirmed their dedication to this cause. They knew that the rescue of the Holy Lance would be quite a task after all these years. But the men were given their orders and Col. Hartmann as the group leader then set a starting date of March 19, 1979. On May 19, 1979 Col. Hartmann and his expedition leaders boarded a plane for San Paulo Brazil. On arrival at this destination in Brazil they set out for a pre-arranged meeting point at the Lufthausa information center and here is their story of what then happened:....In the crowd in this air terminal they saw two old friends, and they were then immediately taken to a small villa high up on a mountain slope above the city. In the evening they watched the lights of San Paulo below and they could see the Mercedes-Benz office building with its gigantic tri-star in brilliant white encircled by blue as it revolved slowly in a 360 degree arc over San Paulo, Brazil. There are, after all, many German corporations there. They spent another day in this area, and then the plans were made and they would be on their way to Antarctica. From a small airfield near San Paulo they boarded their plane. And their pilot was the same pilot who had flown secret cargo from burning Berlin to Norway May 1, 1945.

The flight to Antarctica was without incident, and once on land they equipped their plane for what would be needed, and they made several solo flights as they equipped the plane with more fuel tanks so as to see the results of the weight on their plane. Finally they took off to rendezvous with a 52 foot converted fishing boat also loaded with supplies and fuel. There they refueled their plane and were on their way for another stop...they were looking for a ship which would have a helicopter on board for the last phase of the trip. The ship was found, they landed and now with the helicopter it was a short trip to the destination as to where they could land. From there it was snowshoes to their destination...the ice cave. As they arrived at this point they realized that the door once established to the cave was iced over. But then it had been placed there in 1943. They had to use some explosives to remove the ice and finally found the iron door, and they were soon in the cave. One of the items found in the cave was a small obelisk marking the spot where the map said they would find the chests, and there were those 8 large bronze chests placed there in 1943. The aircraft could not take them all so they selected four of the boxes, and the one marked H on the top they took on the first trip out of the cave. But before they were ready to leave on the copter they opened the chest marked H to be sure they had what they were looking for, and there it was...the Holy Lance, the Lance that pierced the side of our LORD. Col. Hartmann lifts the Lance aloft in his hands and without thinking he said:...'The Holy Lance points always toward our homeland.' He later enters those words in their log...July 30, 1979. (I hope you have noticed just what did happen in 1979)

These men returned to South America to the same place they started their mission from, and they left 3 of the certain interests there in Brazil. The papers were then obtained that declared the Lance a work of art and they passed thru customs with no difficulty. Two of the men returned directly to Deutschland (Germany) from San Paulo. Two of the men returned to New Orleans International Airport. Then they traveled onto a mid-western state to show an old friend, one of the crew from the U-530 this 'Heilige Lanz'. They left with him a small plaque, which was one of the Fuhrer's prize possessions. It depicts a Holy Knight killing a monster. (As I read this I thought of Enoch killing the Dragon). A second gift was the painting by Hitler entitled 'Germania and the appointment of the Gods at the beginning of the World'. They also gave to this old friend a log of the Hartmann expedition. (Again remember this is a man who lived or died in our nation) Several days later the Holy Lance was once more in Deutschland.

In Vienna, Austria today stands the copy of the Holy Lance. The true Lance is resting on its faded red velvet cloth in a secret place in Germany. There it is guarded by the present day Knights of the Holy Order of the Sacred Lance. Night and day...four Knights of the Order stand constant vigil in protection of this sacred relic of our race.

Today the Knights are many in number, and they exist in all professions, and walks of life. They two things in common, they are devout Christians, and they are dedicated to the cause of world peace, for freedom for all people. The present day Knights of the Holy Order of the Sacred Lance look to the future with greater hope than ever before. They have dedicated themselves to the cause of righteousness directed by the influence of the Holy Lance which represents the Power of Almighty God.

AS they ended their book the authors anticipated some of the questions this book would raise and they answered them thus:.....

QUESTION:..Is this book fact or fiction?

ANSWER:..For security and political reasons; his true identity must remain a carefully guarded secret, but he is an actual person, as are all the individuals mentioned in this book.

QUESTION:..Exactly where is the Holy Lance today?

ANSWER:..Somewhere in Germany, probably in Westphalia, not far from Paderborn.

QUESTION:..Where is Hitler's treasure today?

ANSWER:..It is divided in several locations. Some is still in the ice cave in Antarctica, and a portion is in Germany near the place where the Holy Lance rests. A smaller portion is somewhere in South America, and a very small amount is in the United States.

QUESTION:..What does the treasure consist of?

ANSWER:..Hitler's personal papers, various historical documents, many personal items belonging to Hitler, Eva Braun, and certain High Officials of the Third Reich, a very large quantity of valuables.

QUESTION:..What is the estimated value of Hitler's treasures?

ANSWER:..It is priceless. A figure of 12 billion dollars has been suggested. This is probably the total amount of all carried to South America after W.W.II.

QUESTION:..Where is Hitler's body, and that of Eva Braun?

ANSWER:..Three possibilities, at least part of their bodies, ashes are in the ice cave in Antarctica, or a remote possibility, if Hitler escaped to South America then he is buried there, or their ashes may have been returned to Germany by members of the Hartmann Expedition...our authors do not know.

QUESTION:..Is there really an organization known as the Knights of the Holy Lance?

ANSWER:..There really is such an organization, and they will make themselves known to the world when the Holy Lance indicates that the time of destiny has come.

Our authors are aware that this book raises many controversial issues and leaves the answers to tantalizing questions dangling in the winds of time.

The resolution of these mysteries will hopefully emerge in the eternal flow of history and respond to the constant inquiries of the curious minds of men. There are those who are driven to probe forever the nooks and the crannies wherein reside the ever fading echoes of the dim and fleeting shadows of the past. The answers lie with them.

In his last address, only 90 days before his death, Adolph Hitler warned Western Europe of the dangers posed by the ‘Red Storm’---the forces summoned from the Steppes of Asia. He spoke of the horrid fate of the ‘Helpless Goose’ and ‘defenseless sheep countries’ of Eastern Europe were impotent. This was like one sheep promising to defend another sheep from the tiger. He outlined events that led to the rise of the Third Reich and to some extent the fall of the Third Reich. He mentioned the hand of Providence. And on four occasions, invoked the name of God. He stated that he was filled with the Holy conviction that God Almighty would not abandon His people. He appealed to the German youth to look to the future and to stand before the Almighty asking HIM for HIS Grace and HIS Blessing. He asked them to safeguard freedom and the future of life. He concluded by saying, ‘This fight will not be won by Central Asia, but by Europe, and at its head will be the nation that has stood against the East for 1500 years and shall represent it for all times, this the German Nation.’ Adolph Hitler had learned the lesson of the Holy Lance and the secret of its use too late. But he had passed the warning of danger and the key to the power of the Lance to future generations.

This is the Secret of the Lance:-------------

The name of My Angel is Gabriel whose name means, ‘the Power of God.’ When you call on ME in the name of My Son (embodiment) nothing is impossible. I will send My Angel to you and with his help, you will rise above all others for GOOD. But he will slay you for evil. I AM THE POWER, I AM THE POWER, I AM THE POWER. There is no power in the Lance except thru ME. I AM FROM ALL AGES, FROM ALL TIMES, FROM ALL PLACES AND TO ALL MEN. There is no God before ME, I AM the Power.’

This is the message of the Book. More knowledge is coming forth every day, is it not? The authors are not identity people perhaps, but devoted Christian men who have had great experiences in these years of Jacob’s Trouble.

Now, the power of the Holy Lance is only in the belief in the God of Jacob, who came as Savior---YAHSHUA. The Power of the Holy Lance is in understanding the program, the plan of our Father. What you have been experiencing here in your short span of earth walk, may be preparing you for work to be done as the Kingdom Administration is set in place. Oh, you may be able to pray a beautiful prayer, and people will say, ‘Wasn’t that wonderful.’ But the lasting power of that prayer will show if it has a place in the program of the Kingdom in earth and all those possibilities wherein only the spirit within leads.

If you are only looking for the things of the ‘here and now,’ then they can be acquired with little or no suffering. But if you want to ‘reign with HIM in HIS coming Kingdom,’ then you will of necessity have to be schooled in the things you should know. And this leads on a difficult but rewarding path. Remember what the Apostles and the early Christians went thru. The we see the same tribulation on down thru life up unto today. The Apostles were in the beginning of the cycle, and we are now in the end of this cycle. We believe thus, as we look for deliverance and understanding.

The Holy Lance is thus another Talisman of our Race. And that makes it precious to the children of the Kingdom because of what it symbolizes. As we passed thru the hear of 1979, remember how we wondered what would happen if as Pyramidology suggested that this was perhaps the beginning of the preparation of the Kingdom rule? And here in 1988, we finally learn that this famous Talisman of the race was recovered in that year and then returned to Germany after first passing thru these United States. No doubt this was a well kept secret for a good reason---all these years.

In the hands of man, the Lance can be used for good or evil. And in the hands of the enemy, we are sure of which way it would be used. We are now wondering if the development of the ‘Holocaust’ was simply a device used to cover other ambitions of the enemy. We wonder why as yet no outcry for the Lance to be delivered into the hands of the enemy? Why was it taken back to Germany? Well, Germany is a part of Judah in scripture, and Germany is on the East in the marching orders of Israel. And here at the end of 1988, we learn that the takeover of all Western Europe is now in the works, as they are also joined into a One World situation. But again, remember, that everything works together for Good to those who love our Savior. So hang on to your Faith and you will ride thru the rest of this tunnel of darkness into the Glorious Light which is just beyond.

Until next time-----may YAHWEH BLESS. E.M.