ERM - Tape 083 - Graven In The Rock - 1893 - Historical Accuracy Of The Bible





1. 'Graven in the Rock'

Or the Historical accuracy of the Bible, by the English author... The Reverend Samuel Kinns. 1893.

(This book is confirmed by the reference to the Assyrian and Egyptian Monuments found in the British Museum and elsewhere.)

Once again we have an old book from the Swift Library. Many men of the Race were in that time period writing books showing where to look for the proof of the accuracy of Our Bible. Our Author also wrote the book..'Moses and Geology', in defense and illustration of the Holy Bible. In that book he endeavored to show that the scientific accuracy of the first chapter of Genesis is remarkable because only a Divine Origin could account for the harmony of its statements with geological facts. Nine years later our Author then set out to bring to his readers this book entitled 'Graven in the Rock'. He did this after his study of Egyptian and Assyrian Monuments and Sculptures...most of them found by then in the British Museum.

Archaeologists had been at work and much of what they uncovered was now in the British Museum, and this made his work easier. Archaeology had been established as a true science by this time alto today it seems to have been a forgotten science. Our Author altho not a so called 'Identity' Author, was simply pointing out facts found recorded which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible story is true. Our Author tells us that in his research almost every day he found fresh facts which convinced him of the Divine Origin of this Bible. He tells us that the officials of the British Museum gave him every assistance in his study and research, and urges all 'doubters' to go to the same source and examine these invaluable relics of the past.

Back in the days as our author gathered his facts for this book he found men of all ages and stations in life who had their doubts as they studied the Bible. There appeared to them difficulties in believing the Bible to a Revelation from God to man. They found in their minds that it seemed inconsistent with historical and scientific facts as they understood them.

Today we find the same resistance but from an Identity point of view, and we believe that when reaching for such facts you will be fulfilling the instructions of Deuteronomy 32"7-9---to look backward to your father, to your grandfather for your roots, for the reason why you stand in earth today as the builders of God's Kingdom. As you follow this path back into antiquity then we find that our ancient Patriarchs of our Race carved these facts---"In the Rock's.

Our author in his first book tries to show that the Bible and science are in complete harmony, and that science has furnished us with Mathematical proof that the Bible is an Inspired book. Here in this book "Graven in the Rock" he hopes to give you some direct proof of the historical accuracy of our Book. He believes and we agree that when this understanding is reached then the Bible becomes a ladder uniting heaven and earth, which will lead us to a personal relationship with our maker--our God. Since many men had worked on the translation of the Egyptian and Assyrian tablets before our Author then their work made his work much easier. (Remember this was in 1893)

We have told you----from our work on the Swift ministry that Adam man left a trail for others of the Race to follow in their search for knowledge, as they followed the path of destiny. Our author thus found many works to compare and he found them in this one place---the British Museum. And he discovered that records from one place and then from another on that same event or subject would agree, thus more than one trail had been left by the generations before us.

One of these men our author mentions many times is Sir Henry Rawlins born in 1810. He had been sent form England to East India Company military service in 1827. Later he was sent to Persia and there he studied the ancient inscriptions upon the Behistun Rock. A Picture of this ancient Rock carving is also included and shows a picture story as well as other carvings on the face of a Rock mountain. This turns out to be an Aryan record of their history and the advances from one language to another in that area of the world.

Sir Henry Rawlins in his greatest work--"The Cuneiform Inscriptions of Western Asia", which came out in 1881 is said to tell how he himself climbed the face of that mountain and studied the inscriptions on that Behistun Rock. He sent a letter to our author describing his adventure.

The Rock of Behistun is a very remarkable object on the high road between the cities of Ecbatana and Babylon. This Rock of Behistun doubtless preserved its holy character in the age of Darius. (You will remember Darius from the Bible story.) The name Bhagistan----now written as Behistun---signifies "The Place of the gods" In the old Persian theology this referred to the local (Aryan) Divinity. In other words the gods as we have told you before are a mark of the Aryan, or Adamic Race.)

This Behistun Rock, or the mountain of Behistun is the terminal point of a long narrow Range, and at the extremity it rises in height and becomes a sheer precipice. It is on the face of this precipice that this famous carving was done. Three different languages are here displayed----Persian, Scythian and Babylonian. A ledge two foot wide is just below the inscriptions for from that ledge there is a 500 foot drop thus these inscriptions were placed high on the precipice probably for protection. Sir Henry was able to place a ladder on this narrow ledge then climb to record the top of the inscription. The Babylonian inscription was hardest to reach and he hired a Kurdish boy to climb the rock. A Painter's cradle was made and from this seat, under the direction of Sir Henry the boy cast the Babylonian version of these records of Darius the ruler of that day. Even at that time (1800's) Sir Henry found that weather was causing much damage, and he believed that in time the whole inscription would come tumbling down. This did happen, but fragments of it are now in the English and other museums and of course we find that this record by Sir Henry was preserved and again one of the Race read the inscriptions before destruction came.

Sir Henry in his work thus left a full translation of this Persian text in his book:---"Records of the Past". From that translation we learn that Darius tells of his people, who they were, that altho he is now king still 8 of his Race, his family tree have been kings before him. He says:--"For a very long time, some of my people have been kings"--and he identifies the figures shown in the inscription. Thus the past as it is translated shows the history of a Race. Shows that God raised up men in every generation to carry forward the work of the Kingdom.

Another man who recognized that the history of the past was of so much importance was Professor Sayce of Oxford University. He also believed that those historical texts of that ancient period could be read with the books of the Old Testament thus bringing the Old Testament in line with the facts of archaeology This story reminds us of the Egyptian inscriptions on the Rosetta Stone. In the Egyptian inscriptions, the hieroglyphic meaning is 'Sacred engravings'. As you know the Egyptians were a highly civilized nation at a very remote period. On the Rosetta stone were also three types of writings thus advancing the interpreter from one language to another as the story unfolds.

In his book "Moses and Geology" as quoted here, our author points out a series of facts which prove that the order of facts also prove that the order of creative events as given in the first chapter of Genesis coincides with the sequel of animal and vegetable life as manifested in the various strata of rock. He also pointed out that when the account of creation was written that much of mankind were quite ignorant of the science of geology and most knew little of the science of Astronomy. He pointed out that it would have been impossible for anyone to have Divined the sequence of events by any inductive reason what so ever, for including the grouping into each separate period. There are all together 15 events given in the first chapter of the Bible, such 15 events could be written down in a different orders. All this being so then the write of this chapter must have received a direct revelation from God, not only of the events themselves, but also of the sequence of their occurrence, which would lead us to believe that the following chapters thru out the Bible contain a Divine revelation to man.

Our author tells us that there is a misunderstanding which many have believed---that in the early periods no rain had fallen until the time of the flood of Noah's time. We would say that this came from the belief would be absurd because geological evidence shows that for millions of years before the time of Noah there were fresh water lakes, thus rain had to have fallen eons of time before the creation of Adam-man. Even Niagara Falls in all probability existed before this time of Noah. We have told you from the Swift ministry that certain events of Genesis I had their time periods, and this tells us also that man and later Adam-man did not develop from the lowest animal organism--therefore we believe that the Bible and not Evolution--be right.

If the Evolutionists theory be right then the first three chapters of Genesis must fall, and with them will go the whole Bible. Even the story of Redemption as revealed to our first parents in Eden, all its teaching is bade upon the first two Chapters of Genesis.

Many quote Charles Darwin, but when he wrote in 1876 these are some of the things he said:--(quote)--'I gradually came to disbelieve in Christianity as a Divine Revelation, but I was very unwilling to give up my belief. I considered the impossibility concerning this immense and wonderful Universe, including man with his capacity of looking far backwards and far into the future as a result of blind chance or necessity. When I wrote:--"Origin of Species"---there arose a doubt---can the mind develop from as low as that possessed by the lowest animal be trusted to draw such grand conclusions' (unquote)

Our author calls on us to place the Biblical account along side Darwin and see which has the greatest claim upon us for belief. After the outline of creation in Genesis I we come Genesis II:--"Let us make man (Adam) in our own image." Surely this can only imply a special and direct act of creation for "THE LORD GOD formed (Adam) man of the dust (elements) of earth, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life." Surely you cannot believe that (ADAM) man's body had descended from a lower animal, but formed from the earth, the word used is "Bara", and it is used three times to specialize this creation or forming of Genesis II. When this form was molded by the Divine hand he breathed into it part of his own spirit, giving him speech, intuitive knowledge, with the ability of knowing and appreciating the Divine attributes of this creator, thereby raising him above all animals.

On the other hand:--Darwin's description in "Descent of man" is as follows-----Man descends from a hairy quadruple furnished with a tail and pointed ears, and inhabitant of the 'Old World". In fact Darwin goes as Ferros to suggest that some where in that far distant past, man evolved from some reptile like creature, an amphibian, some fish like animal. The Evolutionists like to point out the drawing of embryos saying:---'see how alike they are'--but the finished work destroys all these words. Another argument used by the evolutionists is that no two things are alike in the world, not even two grains of sand, two leaves in the forest and so forth. But to the believers of Creation this is simply another proof of the Divine Origin of the world, by a Designer of infinite power and infinite resources.

Take the Chrysanthemum;--it is marvelous the number of variations the gardener has been able to produce. This can be said for other flowers, but when left to themselves they go back to their original simple, form and color. The domestic pigeon has been made to produce a number of seemingly different species, but if taken to an island far away from man they soon go back to their original stock--'The Rock Dove'. Surely this proves the tendency is rather to permanency of species rather than changing them?

For instance consider the Honey Bee:---The base of each cell of the honey comb instead of forming a plane is composed of 3 planes in the shape of diamonds which are placed in such a manner as to form a hollow pyramid at the bottom of the cell. Was there a heredity knowledge of the fact of how this cone was to be built or did one day a bee--just evolve who knew how, and then after all that all bees knew they must build their cones thus to hold the honey? Or was this just a special endowment which must also mean a special creation? Study the bees further and you find that the bees are able to do what no chemist so far has been able to do which is to produce wax from sugar.

Examine a wasp and the comb of its nest is of hexagonal cells, but instead of being made of wax they are constructed of a type of paper. Thus the wasp must have quite a different internal structure and be endowed with very different instincts. The wasp builds downward, protected from above as she suspends perpendicularly, not horizontally like the combs of the beehive. There is secreted in the body of a wasp a sort of glue specially adapted for this paper-making for her nest. The Wasp and the bee then are two different species, they did not evolve sometimes as bees, and sometimes as wasps--that is impossible. Many are these examples and when you ask an Evolutionist to explain they cannot. Some chemical processes are quite beyond the control of any animal organism, and therefore must all have been arranged by a Designer infinitely wise so that each specie has been brought into existence by a specific act of creation.

My friends had the pen of Inspiration written only the Words:--"In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth"--and added no more, those words alone would have born the imprint of their heavenly birth, and if received in Faith, have done much for the development of the human mind, Remember our author is writing in the 1800's and so did Darwin before him---and yet today we still have people trying to tell us that Evolution is the way to think. It is taught in most schools as something that is true not that it is just a theory. Even Darwin said that he could not believe that 'The eye' just evolved.

In the second chapter of Genesis 'The LORD planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there he put the (ADAMIC) man in this garden he had formed. The man (ADAM) was told he could eat of the trees therein that were for food. Surely divine power was used in this instance for other parts of the earth had been covered with trees for ages, but those which sprang forth from the garden here in were for the benefit of (ADAM) man. When there was no helpmate for Adam---did she evolve?---No, the Divine mind formed her and brought her forth. Our author tells us that a great lesson is to be found in this translation of how the woman was formed, for she was not taken from Adam's head to show her authority, nor from his feet to manifest her inferiority, but from his side to indicate her equality, And no there is not a missing rib in (ADAM) man, that is not the purpose of the translation.

As to the Serpent--the signs of the Zodiac are of great antiquity---this same story is found in the Star Bible as well as in our Bible where as 'evil'---'the evil one' is symbolized as a serpent. In ancient Egypt carved in the Rock you find pictures symbolizing 12 men carrying a huge serpent which they have conquered. In symbolism this was depicting the coming of the 12 tribes of Israel who would do this job of conquering the enemy of the kingdom. This was understood to be the version of what would 'in time' occur as the people from the Garden moved thru their destiny.

The Bible is thus the bravest of books--coming from God--and conscious of nothing but God's truth. It awaits the progress of knowledge with calm security. It is light not Darkness that the Bible portrays, and leads (Adam) man's ransacking among antiquity for proof of His faith. Some of the higher critics even go so far as to think that the Adamic Race were mere savages, but the Bible repudiates such criticism.

Our author also brought out the belief that the flood of Noah's time could not have been all over the earth for the word was 'erets' and in general use is to designate a country or region. Remember the author was writing this back in 1893---and yet today we still have the church hanging on to a theology which was to say that this flood was all over the earth, and all people then came from Noah and His three sons. But then they also say that they could not read or write at that time, thus it would not be "Graven in the Rock" now would it?

There is an Assyrian Deluge tablet found in the British Museum, and it tells of the instructions to Noah to build a ship--probably of Cypress wood. It also tells us that as the rains came than also an earthquake compounded the catastrophe. In this inscription it says:-----'In the country of Nizir rested the Ark. The mountain of Nizir stopped the ship, and to pass over it was not able.' Thus the Ark did not pass over this mountain, it also the plural which is used here thus a mountain Range stopped the Ark, and the water was not all over the earth---now was it? As to the sending forth of the Raven and the Dove we read:----" I sent forth a dove, and it left, the Dove went--it turned, and a resting place it did not find, and it came back."-----"I sent forth a swallow and it left. The swallow went, it turned, and a resting place it did not find, and it came back."----"I sent forth a Raven and it left, the Raven went, and the raging of the waters it saw; and it ate, and it darted about, it did not return". This tablet then states that as Noah and his family stepped upon the side of the mountain they built an altar on the peak of that mountain and the gods (Noah and his sons and their wives) smelled a sweet savor."

"Graven in the Rock" also contains the Biblical story of Abraham, of him buying a place for burial from the children of Heth as is recorded. We have told you before also that these children of Heth were not the Cainanite Hittites. These were not the Hittite-Cainanites from whom Esau took wives who were such a 'grief of mind' to Isaac and Rebecca'. Always you must determine the genealogy of the people of the book before you can gain the meaning of what is written.

Many are the tablets which have been found which record the rulers and the wars of that area of the mid-east as well as Egypt, but these tablets have been placed in the British museum for the tracing of the Adamic race, and much work is still to be done, and much is still to be learned from the work of dedicated men as they decipher these ancient tablets.

The "Tarkutimme Seal" contains Assyrian and hieroglyphics, and this is also in the British museum. Here thru these outlines of history found in this book "Graven in the Rock" a person interested in Identity can trace the Race fathered by Adam. Such men as Dr. Swift with this book in his hands--would see the fulfillment of his message thru inspiration and could trace our Race down thru the years--out of the high Tarim basin, down into Egypt, and thru the flood, thru the time of Abraham, Joseph and Moses, then back to Canna land, then in migrations out of Palestine even to the last of the race who remained until after the crucifixion and Resurrection of YAHSHUA--our Savior. These people left their marks as did the other races involved and, you only need to be able to separate the people in their descriptions, their beliefs and so forth to be able to prove thru the Biblical story all these things of the Identity message. The Archaeologists in their work has now made this easy, and the confirmation is now found in the British Museum. We ask..why the British Museum and other Museums in the Christian West if the Anglo-Saxon and kindred people are not the people of the Book?

For instance turn to Egyptian Archaeology and there it has been proved that Queen Hatshepsut...a most famous Queen was an Aryan. An Obelisk is still standing at Thebes, Egypt. It is 100 foot tall and covered with symbols...these are Graven in the Rock, while in the British Museum is the translated copy of many of these happenings in the time of this famous Queen. She had her ships constructed on the Red Sea, and they were manned by Phoenician sailors willing to go anywhere. After all they had been sailors thru many generations, and we know them today as the descendants of Enoch.

Two Obelisks came from Egypt known as 'Cleopatra's Needles'. These were fated to follow the path of Joseph's sons but they had been erected at Heliopolis that Ancient city of ON. The children of Israel must have frequently gazed upon them, and no doubt Moses read these Priestly Hieroglyphic writings on the four faces of these Obelisks. Today one of these two Obelisks stands along the Thames River in London, England. One stands in the park in New York City. Dr. Swift told us years ago as to the writings on these two, which are connected to our race and our destiny. In 23 B.C., Augustus Caesar caused the Obelisks to be taken down and transported to Alexander, Egypt. There they stood in front of the Palace for nearly 1,500 years until the waves of the sea undermined them and the Obelisks fell on their faces. They lay there for some years until finally after much effort this one following in the footsteps of Ephraim was brought to London, and now stands on its foundation along the Thames River, linking the long, long past with the present. The inscription has been read, and today we know that it marks the resting place of the symbolism of the tribe of Ephraim. The one in New York does the same for the tribe of Manasseh.

In Egypt according to the Biblical story there came a king who 'Knew not Joseph'...according to that which is 'Graven in the Rock' this king was not a pure Aryan. He knew that Joseph had done for Egypt but was determined to destroy anyone who might threaten his kingship, rather like Herod at a later date. The Hyskos or white Shepherd kings would leave Egypt but a white Priesthood would remain at ON until their work would be finally finished as they protected Joseph and Mary and of course the precious baby Jesus until their return to Nazareth. Years ago we used to see Christmas cards showing Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus standing between the paws of the Sphinx, in Egypt, thus the story of our Ancient parents knew they carried down thru the race.

History of Adam's Race is marked in stone. The tracing of this Biblical family is to be found by anyone who is interested, it is in the British Museum and other Museums even some in the United States of America.

There is another Museum in England. This is the Sir John Soane Museum which was left as the property of England. This Museum also contains many relics of the past. One of these is a great Alabaster sarcophagus. This is also covered with figures and hieroglyphical writings which is said to explain:...'the trial of souls before Osiris'. There is a row of trees in the carving indicating we are entering a garden, and a great Serpent looks over the 'Top'. Osiris is seen sitting on his throne, and in his right hand is a Cross...the symbol of Life...while in his left hand is a crosier..the emblem of power. In this story depicted here our author tells us that here in the hieroglyphics is a trial, and a judgment. One considered a doer of evil deeds was taken back to earth in form of a pig where as the pig is considered so unclean an animal that it was looked upon as one of the severest of punishments. Behind Osiris is the 'Garden of the Blessed' wherein lies the mummies (bodies) of the gods, said to number 12. We would say times thousands and times thousands.

This Alabaster sarcophagus is thought to be the coffin of the king who was the father of the Princess who took Moses from the cradle in the water and raised him so that he might find his destiny. No doubt Moses had the advantage of being taught the Hebrew tongue, his mothers tongue, for during the reign of the Hyksos (white shepherds) in Egypt it is clear that the Semitic language was more generally the spoken language thus neither Abraham or Joseph had need of an interpreter in their dialogues with these kings of Egypt. Also the Israelites while in Egypt were ruled by those of their own race. The inscriptions and pictures of these people show the beauty of their wives, and the grandeur of their living. It also shows that the final downfall of those Dynasties came about when finally the king took a wife not of the race, and the son born became as the grew to manhood... the king who 'knew not Joseph'. These Ancient inscriptions as well as the Bible story bear out the fact that the Israelites were held in high esteem until the death of Joseph. (Numbers 1:16) 'These men were the renowned of the congregation..Princes of the tribes of their fathers, heads of thousands of Israel'. A bit more clear perhaps as to Exodus 13:18..'The children of Israel went up harnessed out of the land of Egypt.' In understanding..this word harnessed means in 'battle array', and we then find that in just a months time they were able to fight with Amalek, and win. After all YAHWEH had promised they would come out with 'a Mighty Hand' did he not?

According to our author:..(quote) 'The critics have dealt some mighty blows in their efforts to destroy the 'ROCK OF TRUTH' but instead of splitting off the smallest fragments from its mass, their weapons have split to pieces in their hands, and OUR ROCK stands, unshaken as ever. We may cling to it with perfect confidence, and safety thru all the storms of life, be they ever so severe, until a bark be sent from the other side to carry us to the other side, to a haven of endless rest, endless peace, and endless joy.' (unquote)

In spite of the critics we are to remember that the FACTS of History and our FAITH OUR GRAVEN IN THE ROCK. Some of the Papyri in the British Museum date back before the time of Moses. One of the Papyri gives an account of a Hyksos (white shepherd) king in a cursive handwriting 300 years before Moses was born. With all available knowledge of his background, his race, then Moses had the knowledge and with Divine guidance we say that he wrote the first five Books of the Bible called the Pentateuch even tho the critics will not allow this. Our Savior and His Apostles left upon record, positive testimonies in reference to the Divine Authority, and the Mosaic authorship of Pentateuch. We tell you that if the Pentateuch should fall the whole Bible would fall with it, and we would be left in total Darkness as to our origin, and with nothing to comfort or guide us in our walk thru this life. If deprived of our Bible there would be only despair, but thanks to our Heavenly Father this was not to be even tho critics would have it so.

As we come to the time of King Solomon in History we see that King Solomon was given great knowledge and riches. He married a daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt who must have been acceptable to YAHWEH for this Pharaoh's mummy was hidden with that of Thothmes II and Ramses II in a vault in Dier-el-Bahari. We tell you today that this was the daughter of a Hyskos (white shepherd) Aryan according to all the facts in these Ancient inscriptions. Solomon in later life made many human mistakes, but under Divine Guidance he set an example of the Kingdom of God in earth. However there was more to the picture which would be played out and the splitting of the 12 tribes of Israel came about.

Archaeology has helped us today in tracing the Israelites as we step outside the Bible in this effort. The British Museum and other Museums now holds these facts...they are there for any of the race to examine. There are pictures, articles, showing the life, the style of clothing worn at that time in that time of history as well as many other things. For instance; the entrance to the Nimrod Gallery is a bas-relief of King Nimrod seated on a throne, and this picture portrays much about the life and history of Chaldea in that time. Nimrod is pictured in several of these reliefs as a Great hunter. The Bible tells us this but we also have told you why from the Swift Ministry. There is a record there of offerings of tribute to Shalmaneser...Remember him? Here is pictured an offering of tribute to Shalmaneser II by Jehu...the King of Israel.

In his book written in 1875...'Records of the Past'..professor Sayce translates this inscription: (quote) 'The tribute of Jehu, son of Humri (Omri) silver and gold, a golden cup, golden vases, golden vessels, golden buckets, a staff for the hand of the king, and scepters...I received' (Unquote). In this inscription are 10 men dressed as Ancient Judeans (Hebrews) carrying this tribute to the Assyrian king. This is what we had learned from the Bible as the tribes of Israel were taken captive. But point this out to people of today and they say:...oh, that is Old Testament stuff...I'm not interested. It makes me sick..for people were so cruel in those days.

Oh! really, then we would ask you to remember what happened in Dresden Germany in W.W.II. This city of refugees, mostly women and children with no military installations, and yet some one gave the order and American and British pilots fire bombed that city at night. Talk about a holocaust... that was a terrible one.

We come then to the rule of Sennacherib and the Archives contain records of the events so that they can be checked one against the another, and we can also check what was done in Jerusalem as Hezekiah came to power, and the people now left in Judea of the Race had a good king for a time. Under the rule of Hezekiah the Temple was reopened, and a great feast of Passover was held. Hezekiah swept away the 'High Place' of worship until there was nothing to interfere with the worship of YAHWEH (God).

The British Museum again comes up with the proof of what happened in that time for there is located two remarkable Cylinders which carry the story of the exploits of that area...and especially the annals of Sennacherib who is now the Assyrian king. Here is given an account of the siege of Jerusalem as Hezekiah refused to pay tribute to the king of Assyria.

The Biblical story is explained and recorded in this Assyrian King's account. It tells of a letter being sent to Hezekiah telling him to surrender, and how Hezekiah took the letter to the Temple and spread it before his God. We then find the Biblical story of the Assyrian camp being hit and many deaths which occurred. There is also an account of the magnificent Palaces which Sennacherib built, all described in detail. There are pictures of Lions and Bulls seemingly used as symbols, and there is the picture of the Winged Lions and Bulls, and sometimes Lions with human heads. Altho our Author does not explain the meaning of these symbols which were found at Nineveh still you will remember the symbolism as we have explained it many times before, and remember here the 'Gospel of the Stars' and the story found here as to how they fit together.

For the story of Nebuchadnezzar, for his part in the Judah Kingdom downfall we suggest you read the Totten report of that area, at that time, as to what happened in Judea after the people were taken captive to Babylon. It is the story behind the scene which traces the migration of Israel's King line to the west. But remember that this break up of the Kingdom of Israel was from YAHWEH...migrations westward were in the story...and from captivity then Israel would begin her westward journey. II Esdras 40-45

Here today in our own nation we can find evidence to substantiate the Biblical story. In the Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago, Illinois, is a clay prism which tells of Sennacherib’s own account of the strike against great, male and female, and horses, mules, camels, oxen, sheep without number as he raided Judea when he took the ten tribes captive. You can also find this evidence in the Bible Handbook by there are many instances in that Handbook which also confirms the Bible story as Archaeology has uncovered it. Jerusalem itself did not fall at this time..that would come later as the final captivity would take place. As you read the Book of II Esdras (Ezra) read the whole 13th., chapter and you get the picture of the preparation of the children of Israel to leave the place where they were held captive. How they wanted to go to a land where there would not be these multitude of nations that were there in the Mid-East area where they could not seem to hold their own place and worship only The Great God of Israel. In some of the old Books we find that before the 10 tribes headed out on migrations they had sent out scouts to all the areas of captivity, to see if any wanted to join them in their westward migration of Destiny.

Ancient History thus agrees with the Biblical account as to what happened to Zedekiah the King of Israel, to David, and his friends as the final end of the Kingdom of Judah arrived. We also learn that Nebuchadnezzar finally realized that the God of Daniel was also the God of his Ancient forefathers whom he had forgotten, and this also tells you the racial lineage of even Nebuchadnezzar. Again I think the Totten works are a good source for the tracing of the Children of the Kingdom of Israel..Westward. Our Author then tells us that Nebuchadnezzar became a worshiper of YAHWEH after his illness. A great change was noticed in him, for now he lifted his eyes to heaven, and blessed the Most High. This always happens as one of the Race finally gets his eyes opened as to who he is.

Now; after all the accuracy of the Egyptian and Assyrian Monuments, and their connection to Ancient History, and the Biblical story surely no one would argue with the prophecies of the Coming Messiah...surely they must be true. Even the Mythologies of the Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Romans and even the Ancient Hindus (Aryans) were all based upon this original story of a promised Redemption made so long ago before to Adam-man.

Our Author tells us that in the Gallery of the British Museum, you find the Divine Babe represented, in a stable, surrounded by animals. This same thing is seen in churches, upon stained glass windows, altar pieces and so forth, yet there is not in the New Testament Narrative any intimation of such animals being present at the Birth. The whole theory of stable and animals is built upon the word...manger, and our Author tells us that this is simply symbolic. We covered that story from the Swift Ministry in my early tapes of this series thus we will not repeat it here. But the more we learn the more we see that the true story is found in symbolism which is what we have been telling you for some time. Altho our Author is not an Identity Minister still he has pointed out certain things which bring forth the Identity of the people of the book. The Author states that he is reasonably sure that Mary and Joseph were of Royal descent. We have also covered the lineage of Joseph and Mary and we would agree that they were of Royal descent.

The biggest obstacle in overcoming this tracing of our ancestors is this theology that all people, all races, came from Adam and then from Noah after the flood of that time, which when carefully considered is a biological impossibility. Another concept that misleads is the idea that Salvation was the only message which Jesus preached. Even after the coming to the front of what is called 'British Israel' teaching still not too many of the race would accept and understand.

According to our Author as he ends his book:...from these Ancient writings ...still available, then we learn that in only 70 years after The Christ...Christianity had made such an advance that men, women, and children of every rank and age openly professed it, and their pagan temples were almost forsaken. The fact that Our LORD was an historical personage is clear even from the records of profane writers. To HIM we owe our existence. We are only links in the chains of history, but HE who made all things is God Almighty. Each must then study our Bible for themselves in order to fully enjoy the inestimable treasures it contains, and such studies accompanied by prayer, cannot fail to lead to a perfect conviction that the sacred volumes cannot fail to lead to a perfect conviction that this sacred volume has emanated from a Heavenly and Loving Father. (Unquote)

We would also like to add that we are thankful to be living in a time when knowledge is finally coming forth in abundance. The time of Great Apostasy....great darkness seems to be ending at least for they who search.

Since the time when our Author was writing much more has been uncovered of the old records. In 1967, The National Geographic Magazine put out a great map of The Bible lands of today. Old cities and their modern names are located on this map. Jericho is still listed as a walled town and diggings there have uncovered furniture, clothing, utensils and even food of those inhabitants. And faces plastered on skulls here portrays people who lived nearly 8000 years ago. The city of Ecbatana is now Hamadan and it is recalled that it was Darius who carved his autobiography high on the mountain side as our Author told us. Arbela in Iran of today is one of the oldest villages yet unearthed and here 7000 years ago nomadic man turned from hunting and fishing to Agriculture...and yet we are being told that all men came from Adam 4004 B.C.????

Much could be learned from studying this map which should be in the library of every church, for in it you can also trace the Bible story of a people and their walk thru the races of that area. Until next time...