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1. The Races of the Old Testament

2. The Message from the Pleiades


The Races of the Old Testament is by A.H. Sayce and printed in Britain by the 'Religious Tract Society' in 1925. 'The Message from the Pleiades' is contact notes from the book of 1974.

Our author of this book 'The Races of the Old Testament' has tried to show by this new science at that time called 'Ethnology' that there were different races involved in the Biblical story of the Old Testament. Organized Religion has tried to ignore this fact that there were different races than the Adamic Race involved in this age old struggle as outlined by the Old Testament, altho Archaeology has proved this to be a fact.

Our author then had quite a struggle trying to prove his theory of different races by this new science of Ethology by itself. But looking at the Picture from the Identity point of view we will try to help our author point out the great differences in these people and the similarities of others involved in this Old Testament story.

We have tried thru the 'Mysteries of the Kingdom' series taken from the Tape Ministry of Wesley A. Swift and my understanding to outline this situation for a better understanding as to the people involved and the part each plays in the story. Our author tells us that RACE is one of the most indelible natural facts we are faced with as we study the Old Testament story and we would surely agree. Race, he tells us, is also one of the most insistent Biblical facts. Thus when understood you find the Bible is not a history of the Human Race at large, but a history of one distinct people among the Races of the Earth. All other races they come in contact with the Adamic Race are thus for a contrast. This Bible then is not Ancient history as such; it is a contemporary chronicle, and it is a panorama which moves to the music of a Kingdom..On the Move..One Race which flows like a stream thru this ocean of Humanity called 'The World Order'. (Unquote)

In order to outline our story our author picks it up with Abraham and since we have outlined the Race of Adam up to that time of Abraham and beyond then we now will use this One Man's Destiny (Abraham) to try to point out the difference in lineage, background and belief of the Races who Abraham and his generations come in contact with. We find that with Jacob the Covenant moves on and the name of 'Israel' now is openly proclaimed... meaning 'God with us'. Therefore it is imperative who these people are, for Messiah and His coming was the message of these people, and with His coming the Christian Church was established.

Mr. Sayce will attempt to do this very thing using this new field of science of Ethnology as well as the work of early Archaeologists. He was trying to determine the type of people represented by the photographs and so forth found on the Ancient monuments in Egypt. He was still trapped in church theology which caused him much difficulty but he became convinced early that the Negro belonged to an entirely different race (specie) of Humanity. He saw that the difference between the Anglo-Saxon or Celtic Race with its many divisions, and the Negro race was so extensive that he felt he must first define the word 'Race'. Here is the conclusion of our author: (quote)...'Race is not a nationality, a community, or even a people. A Nation may consist of more than one race, it is a body of people found together by the possession of a common government, a common history, but not necessarily a common origin.

A Nationality is that part of a nation which has preserved the memory of its common history. It is that part of a population which has grown into a community with similar laws, habits, and language. The claim of Nationality must be decided on linguistic grounds, those of a Nation on Political grounds; where as racial unity is determined by kinship in blood and physiological traits. A confusion of Race has more than once brought with it disastrous results.

The term 'People' is wider than those of Nation and Nationality. A people is a population which exists in a peculiar geographical locality, no matter what its origin and history.

As to Language...then Race and Language are not always synonymous. Language indicates social contact, and many times social contact implies intermarriage, altho not necessarily racial inter-marriage, rather different units of the same race as we have seen happen in Britain.

In the subject matter of Ethnology there are the different characteristics of man, in so far as they serve to separate humans into distinct species or Races. One of the characteristics used to distinguish races is the shape of the skull unless found to be artificially distorted such as the children of the 'Flat Head Indians' of North America, for they flattened the heads of their children when young, when the bones were still soft and pliable. They put the head between two pieces of board and gradually brought them into the required shape. Apart from that artificial distortion the shape of the skull is one of the most marked and permanent characteristics of Race. When we find in the same family a long-headed member and a round headed member we feel sure that the blood of two different races is running in their veins.

Next to the shape of the skull the position of the jaw is perhaps the most valuable of Ethnology tests. The greater the projection of the jaw beyond the line of the face, the more animal like is the latter, and general rule.

Teeth are also a mark of the differences in race. The Egyptians now classed as Aryans were found to have excellent teeth while their Nubian Neighbors lost most of their teeth at an early age, and their teeth were much larger and more prominent than those of the Aryans. The Black skinned population are found to have wisdom teeth with 3 'so called' fangs (divisions) while European has only two divisions of the wisdom teeth. Early Europeans however also had the three so called 'fangs' or divisions.

The form of the nose, and of the eyes may also distinguish one Race from another. Our author reminds us that we are all familiar with the flat nose and wide nostrils of the true Negro, and the somewhat hooked nose of the Jew, and the rounded or slanted eyes of the Chinaman or Japanese, all marks of different races or species of races. The thickness of the lips is again a racial feature, characteristic of the African, and found in the dark races of Egypt and also the Jew.

The difference in hair depends upon its form. The nearer the shape of the individual hair is to a cylinder the flatter it will be. The wooly hair of the Negro is due to the fact that his hair is oblong in form while the hair of the Mongolian when examined under a microscope proves to be round, and is thus consequently straight and lank.

The color of the hair is an important test in determining racial affinities. The Aryan or white race is marked by three colors of hair, pale or straw colored, golden red and black. The brown or auburn is the results of the intermarriage of the dark-haired and the fair haired within the Race.

The color of the eyes is less important from the point of view of the Ethnologist than the color of the skin. As our Author studied this situation and he tells us that the dark color which is characteristic of Race has nothing to do with Climatic influences. In Northern Africa is to be found in those Ancient pictures..the fair skinned Kabyle and the swarthy skinned Bedouin living side by side under the same conditions of climate and food. For the past 6000 years or more, fair skinned Egyptians and Nubians dwelt in the same valley of the Nile, and except where they intermixed with the darker neighbors, the Egyptian still remained a member of the white race, however his skin burned and darkened, but not like that of the Negro.

The dark color of the Black race according to our Author is due to the pigment which is spread over the true skin immediately beneath the epidermis or scarf skin. In the case of the Negro it is found even in the muscles and brain. This pigment mainly consists of Carbon excreted by the lungs in the form of Carbonic oxide, and deposited from the capillaries upon the skin and membranes. (unquote)

No...the different Races did not come from Adam or later from Noah and his sons...this has been carefully established. Even the susceptibility of different diseases divides the Races altho the organized church does not as yet accept this fact, in all its ramifications. Mainly the church is only interested in what they call 'saving souls' thus no attention is paid to the difference in Races.

Our Author lists the Chinese Race as the Race who had less to do with the Biblical story than any others altho you find some of their characteristics in the people of the story. These people...the Chinese, Mongols, or Tartar have a short-round head, high cheek bones and small black eyes contracted at the inner angle. The hair is black, and abundant, with little on the face and less on the body. The skin is a light yellow color, and the legs are distinguished by their thinness. Our author tells us that if a white Aryan marries a Chinese wife, his children will inherit the racial characteristics of either himself or their mother, they will not however originate a third race, only a cross between the two.

We tell you that the child of such a marriage will look more like the mother's race than the father's according to Biblical Law. The child of this union however is no more counted in the Aryan or Israelite Race. YAHSHUA, Himself, declared repeatedly that his works, His Gospel of the kingdom could not be understood except in their relation to God's Covenant and plan as recorded by Moses, and the prophets, thus his fulfillment of Old Testament covenants, and promises became the basis of the New Testament Faith and Doctrine.

In the brief space of the first eleven chapters the Bible narrates the mighty processes of Creation, and 2000 plus years of history which terminates in such tremendous events as Paradise Lost, the Rise and fall of Empires, and the deluge of Noah's time. From Genesis 12., it requires 1178 chapters to record the story of One man's Destiny...this story of Abraham and his generations. It is true that other people are mentioned in the Bible, not for the purpose of giving their history as a race, but only as they come in contact or oppose this one man's family and its destiny thru the generations.

Archaeology has now established this story of Abraham which began with Adam, and is the story of a Race of people who were in earth for a definite purpose. Archaeology has also confirmed that this Race of people were Aryans...Caucasians or the White Race. Thru the years they have carried many names such as ..Manu..Tall white ones..Hindu while in Hindustan.. later they were called the Shemite, Hebrew and Israelite. Only a small listing of these people are made in the Scriptures simply because they have a bearing on the main theme of the Scripture, but the Race was numerous and was to be found in many places.

Our author agrees with what we have told you many times before, that this idea that the three sons of Noah represented different colors of skin is ridiculous, it is Biologically impossible even tho the church theology still clings to the idea of everyone from Adam. This idea that Japhet represented the White Assyrians, Shem the Olive skinned Assyrians and Ham the black race is preposterous. Our Author points out that the sons of Ham could not possibly have been black, they are to be found in Archaeology always as white people. Even the child of the violation of family law was not black. Ham's children were all of the Adamic race, and language, even their children in generations beyond Ham, until some began marrying outside the race, and this then brought about the absorption of this wing of the Adamic Race.

As we have told you before the tribe of Japhet went to the east and in time thru the generations that followed were finally absorbed in those lands. We have in the tape series from the Swift tapes outlines of the lineage of the early races of earth even before Adam. And now we will attempt with the help of our author to see who these people are that come into contact with this Race of Destiny...out of Abraham. For the covenant moved from Abraham to Isaac and then as Abraham lays his only son on the altar of sacrifice most people believe that the only lesson learned here was that Abraham was totally obedient to his God. This is true of course but as Isaac was laid willingly on that Altar that Abraham had prepared.. the supreme purpose of dedicating to the service of Almighty God was not only on Isaac alone, but also the nations of people who were to become his posterity. When Abraham bound Isaac to the wood of the Altar he sealed the Destiny of all nations who would be born of Isaac, by committing them to serve the Eternal Will and Purpose of YAHWEH, and yes Abraham perhaps walked by Faith where he could not quite see the results, but that is why his Faith was considered righteousness was it not? Hebrews 11.

Abraham left Ur of the Chaldeas, a white ruled Empire, but the ruler was now falling into Pagan ways as the practice of Race mixing was going on. Abraham had gone to Haran where more of the white race lived then went on into Old Palestine where many branches of the mixed race lived, even some remnants of pre-Adamic people. Then Abraham went down into Egypt and there were people of his own race. Altho our Author does not realize this, still he found from his new science that they were the same people. We have told you from the Swift Ministry that those Adamites in Egypt had been there since the days of Enoch and Job. And remember that Abraham took his great library with him, and Archaeology tells us that he left it there in Egypt. Left this great library of facts and traditions and so forth of this race he represented since the days of Adam...left it there with these people who could understand what they would be reading.

There in Egypt our author found that these Aryans were in charge of the government and the Temple. He established this from looking at the many artifacts uncovered by Archaeology. He also found that other Ancient people lived there at the time of the Aryans, and also the Negroes, and this increased his belief that there was more than one race in this Biblical story.

From Abraham came Ishmael (Arabs) even before Isaac, and our author found the Arabs much the same type as the Aryans, but as you know they were not of the covenant lineage of Isaac.

Isaac then became the father of Esau and Jacob and remember then that Esau married outside of his race. In fact he married two women of the Canaanite-Hittite line. These wives reached backward in their lineage to Cain and the Akkad people who were in the land of Nod when Cain went searching for a wife outside the Adamic race. These people were a light skinned people with somewhat Asiatic characteristics unless they had mixed with the dark skinned people of India. They were termed 'Hill People' in the Scriptures because they lived mostly in the mountainous areas but also because they worshiped in the 'High Places' in their pagan worship. Esau's descendants are numbered in the 36th., chapter of Genesis and we find their name becomes Edomite, and their base was at Mt. Seir...south of what later became Judea. These were the people whose descendants were taken in...circumcised in the time of Hyrcanis and then they took over the rule of the Temple and nation, and were in power when Messiah...YAHWEH IN THE FLESH AS YAHSHUA SAVIOR came to Jerusalem in His Ministry.

But back to Jacob who carried the Covenant Mark. He had 12 sons and remember Joseph was...because of Jealousy..sold into Egyptian slavery, after he had told his family of his dreams. Genesis 37:5-10. However in Egypt this dream would be fulfilled making it a true prophecy, as his father and other sons came into Egypt and there Joseph was the ruler. The lady Joseph married was the daughter of Potipherah the Priest of the city of ON. Our author finds her a descendent of the race traced from the east, and we believe her to be a descendent of Enoch. Thus here in Egypt was this white race as rulers of the nation, and the Temple, but also was found descendants from another age...we believe from Ancient Atlantas, and these were tall bronze people with yet a distinction as being some what different from those Aryans from the east. Also in that land were those called the Nubians, and of course the Negroes of Africa, both of those were dark skinned people, but the Nubians were undoubtably a mixture, sometimes with these others of this light skinned race.

The Book of Genesis tells the story very well as to the bringing together the sons of Jacob there in Egypt. Our author finds that they did not even need interpreters for they seemed to understand each other very well.

To prepare for the next step in the migration of this people a Pharaoh came to power, one that is said:...'he knew not Joseph'. In otherwords this Pharaoh was not of the pure race and he did not understand what had been taking place here, and he began to make life miserable for the Children of Israel, and they began to cry to their God for deliverance. And YAHWEH would then bring His people out of Egypt. The man Moses was prepared as their leader and those Israelites came out of Egypt into their wilderness traveling, where as for 40 years they would be building a young, fighting force which would be necessary to retake the old land of Canaan which their Ancestors had once built into a great civilization.

This old land of Canaan bordered on Egypt in one place, and it was originally the narrow strip of land which lies between the Sea and the mountains along the coast of Palestine. Here at one time the Phoenicians ( descendants of Enoch and family) built their ships and started out on their sea voyages. In time the name of Canaan was applied to the descendants of Canaan the child who was of the violation of family law in the Hamite line of Aryans.

The first battle for the Israelites as they came out of Egypt was with the forces led by Amalek. This Amalek was a grandson of Esau and one of his Cainanite wives, and the prediction was given in Genesis 17:16., that YAHWEH thru His people would have war with Amalek from generation to generation, and we see from Biblical history that this has happened. Here then was the Edomites from Mount Seir attacking Israel when Israel asked for safe passage thru their country, and were refused. However there were many different types of people int this old land to which Israel was going, and they must first be made ready to face such a force before they could take over that old land called Canaan.

The Amorites were approached by the Israelites for passage thru their country. These people were descendants from Lot and his two daughters. They were white people in their beginning but were not of the Covenant line, and some would go eastward to try to hold their lineage for a while others would be absorbed by the Cainanites and mixed people of the land. But Israel was not disturbed as she moved thru their land outside of Canaan land.

It was the Edomites that were the first nation to attack Israel. These Esau-Cainanites were sometimes called Kenites since they came from the lineage of Cain and the Akkad woman he married. Remember that YAHSHUA would later talk of this lineage as He talked to these people now in control of Jerusalem and the temple. He said:..'Ye are of your father the devil... he was a murderer from the beginning.'

According to the Biblical story, as the Israelites now approached the old land of Palestine where once their people lived, they were told that YAHWEH would deliver to them the cities of the Hittites, the Amorites, the Cainanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites. They were told that these people living in these old cities were utterly evil, and they were to be totally destroyed, everything that breathed was to be destroyed. Deuteronomy 20:16-17. This drastic step was necessary so that these people who were now so evil would not teach Israel to sin against YAHWEH. The people of these Ancient cities were totally given over to their sins as was those in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Their cup of iniquity was now full and running over and they were to be totally destroyed or Israel would be tempted and fall one more time. YAHWEH knew how His people would act as they did this job for they were a tender hearted people especially when it came to destroying women and children, thus this warning was given to them. (vs 18).

The Hittites were the first mentioned that the Israelites were to totally destroy as they enter old Palestine under Joshua. The Hittites according to Archaeology and our author, were a mixed race of people different even from the Ancient Egyptians and the Aryans who came into Egypt in those early days. The Ancient city of Cappadocia, the city of the Hittites was found in 1906-07., there in Asia-minor and from all records they were found to be not a race of people as such but a combination or mixture of different races, and they worshiped the goddess Ashtoreth. The Amorites who had stayed and mixed with the people of this old land are listed as those who were to be destroyed as well as the Cainanites. These were no longer white tribes, that inheritance was totally destroyed in this mixing with these other people.

The Perizzites and the Hivites were harder for our author to identify by the science of Ethnology because of the mixture of races which were represented here. The Jebusites were an offshoot of the Amorites at one but they had quickly mixed with the other inhabitants of the land.

Now; remember that at one time the Aryans had spread out from the east into the area of the Euphrates and then on to the west. And you had different races represented in what is now called the Mid-east area. Always there was war among these different people as the program was to wipe out completely these people of the Kingdom. Sometimes in the same area there were still Aryans trapped here as well. Remember in Deuteronomy 20:20., which is a strange verse:...'Only the trees that thou knowest that they be not trees for meat, thou shalt destroy, and cut them down.' As you have learned...trees designate races, and we see the result of this warning.. as Rahab helped the Israelites and then was rescued by them. For this lady was an Aryan living in that old land.

For instance the Midianites were different from the Midinites who lived in that same area. The Midianites were Aryans..White Shepherds..and it was from them that Moses obtained his wife, and YAHWEH made it very plain that this wife of Moses was very acceptable altho she was not of the covenant lineage from Jacob. Our author tells us that these White Shepherds for 518 years had held their headquarters between Egypt and Judea and as they came out of Egypt as the Hyksos they finally moved north along the coast and disappeared from view. But they had held their position and lineage until their destiny had been accomplished.

Our author tells us that the Edomites, the Amorites, and the Moabites had many of the same characteristics as he studied those Ancient people with his science of Ethnology. We have told you as to their beginning, and this would explain some of these characteristics but now they were so mixed with other races until like the Perizzites they did not even represent a race, or even a tribe. It is said that the Hittite face was called 'snouty'...the figure was stout and thick limbed, and not to tall, with yellow skin like the Mongol, with hair black and eyes of brown. They wore boots with upturned toes like the Asiatics, and their language was also an Asiatic type language.

Our Author discovered that there were several different races in the Biblical picture, but the Aryans moved among them and that the Medes and Persians were also mostly Aryans. Khammurabi was said to be an Aryan, and even in northern India you found the Aryans. In contrast to these Aryans were the Negroes of Africa who according to our author in all those centuries of association with the Aryan's had learned little or nothing.

Our Author in trying at the last to fit the Semite language and the Destiny of a people into the confines of the Jew had trouble with his new found science of Ethnology. He had trouble trying to connect the Jews with others in Jerusalem at the time of Christ. He could not find that the Jews were a pure race as they would have to be if from Abraham, thus he wondered how these people..supposed to be Semites could be the children of Abraham. He decided that the Jews as they came into this picture were even not a pure race, for there were black Jews and seemingly white Jews, and then Jews by religion rather than origin. There were the Sephardin Jews, of Spain and Italy who were well known and then the Askhenazim Jews of Germany, Poland and Russia who were different in stature and appearance. Our Author found some of these types of people scattered thru out all the tribes who came into contact with these children of Abraham called Israelites. The time had come when the evil, self-seeking Jewish leaders would no longer find security in their claim of descent from Abraham. If the children of Abraham they would do the work of Abraham.

The new Temple of Jerusalem at the time of The Christ was a One World Temple with its glitter and gold and serpents. One wonders, did YAHSHUA leave this seat of Israelite religion until they would finally realize that the Jews would even crucify Messiah-Savior to hang on to this kingdom they had taken over? Is that why so much is tolerated today?...One Wonders.


THE MESSAGE FROM THE PLEIADES.....The contact notes from the Billy Meier story.....1974.

Some of you will remember that we had a few years ago the first book of this story about the UFO'S coming from the Pleiades with E.T.'s (extraterrestrial beings) who made contact with a man by the name of Billy Meiers who lived in Switzerland. He claimed he had been in contact with UFO'S on and off most of his life. A friend in Dighton, Kansas found this volume one., in a traveling library and brought it over to me and I read it and then ordered Volume II so as to get a better picture as to what this story really was. Volume II was not much help and certainly not worth the price, altho I do have some good pictures of round UFO'S.

Since we are fascinated with the UFO story and their possibilities this story of contact was very interesting. However as I was reading the volumes there was a nagging feeling that there was something wrong within this picture. Was someone trying to change our Faith. Was someone trying to teach us that there is nothing but evolution and reincarnation to be counted on?

Then recently Dr. Worsham sent me this book..'Message from the Pleiades' and this book carried on from where Volume II left off. Here are not revealed the Contact Notes of what Edward Billy Meiers was supposed to have asked and received as answers from these E.T.'s from the Pleaides. Here is what Billy Meiers is to tell us people of earth about our religion and our life in earth, so that we will supposedly have a new understanding of all things.

A publishing company in Arizona published the works of the story of the UFO'S and the pictures are excellent. Then you will remember that Hollywood came out with the movie E.T., and people were very responsive and the movie made a lot of money for some individuals. This little E.T. was a weird little creature but very loveable. However I remember that as Enoch and Paul were taken into the Pleiades for their education remember how Enoch described the Pleiades, and the people come and going? They never wrote of any such as little E.T. The Pleiades according to Enoch was the headquarters of the Throne of YAHWEH-God. The old books we have been studying as well as the Scriptures tell us that Lucifer was in rebellion in the heavens and then was ran out of space and confined to earth. In the Scripture this woman in the heavens (Revelation 12:1-3) is Israel, this Biblical story of the Adamic Race. This is not the story of the contact from the Pleiades in the Billy Meier story altho a woman is one of his contacts. But as we study this story we will learn what her philosophy is, and does she follow the teaching of the 'Woman'...Israel, or that of Lilith, the fallen Angel consort of Lucifer??????

These contact notes were written in German and have been translated several times by bi-lingual scholars with different backgrounds, and one wonders if this translation is that which we think happened to the Edgar Cayce predictions...the translators turned and turned until it was as tho Cayce believed in Evolution. The publishers then asked, is this story true or Satanic? We will tell you what we think after studying this 3rd., book on this same subject.

It seems that the first contact revealed here in the Contact notes was January 28, 1975., in Switzerland where Billy Meiers lived. But Billy Meiers claimed to have seen UFO'S in the sky every since he was small. He had lived thru W.W.II and had seen the planes coming over, and perhaps even seen the German UFO'S at that time. In his story of earlier events then Billy Meiers claims that in 1944 on February 4, a pear shaped ship came in and touched down and an old gentleman took him on board. They flew around for a while then came back to earth and Billy got out of the craft and went home.

Billy is supposed to have talked to his Priest about these voices he was always hearing. He was told that this voice in his inner consciousness was a telepathic communication method from one in another world to one on earth, from another human who lived in another world was thus in communication with Billy Meiers and he called himself..SFATH..and said he was from the Pleiades and he was to educate Billy in the things he would need to know so that he could re-educate people of earth, especially in the realm of their religion.

Then a lady called ASKET took over the education of Billy Meiers and he had many adventures so as to toughen him such as 'The Foreign Legion', 'Desert Caravans', 'The Slavers', 'Pirates of the Arabian Sea', and even took him to the continent of India where he made his living as a snake catcher, medicant, and aesthetic. While in India where he made his way to Ashram north of Delhi to study with a teacher of philosophy, and we are not given his name. But while he was there ASKET contacted him several times, and he saw and photographed the ships she came in.

This is but a bit of background for the education of Billy Meiers before he was back in Switzerland for the final contact with the Pleiadeans of this story. Just wanted to show you some of the sources of his so called education.

On January 28, 1975., Billy is trying to record and tape voices inside of himself. (?) Now he could understand these voices and he immediately took his motorcycle and headed for a certain spot which he seemed to be told to come to, and he then photographed the UFO coming in. And now another young woman steps out of this ship and her name is again spelled in capital letters like all the others, her name is SEMJASE...and she speaks fluent German. She tells Billy that he has been selected and trained so that he can teach earth humans about some life forms loose in the Universe who are very barbarious, and who often attack and destroy everything in their way, even whole Planets. (now..just a comment...according to the Scriptures this has already happened and we are looking for the Kingdom of God to be established until it will be 'in earth as it is in heaven.')

We will try to give you an outline of what Billy is supposed to be taught, as a (quote) further mission is aimed at our earth religion, and the underdevelopment of human spirit. (unquote) This woman (E.T.) tells Billy at the next meeting that The Supreme Force over everything is the Creation...not as we of earth thing..the Creator. God is not the creator, only a creation of this Supreme Creation, and like all creation, God is but a dependent Creature. The Human hunts for his religion...and wrong beliefs, and affirms God as being the creator of Creation itself, then goes further and pretends a normal earthman by the name of Immanuel, who is also called Jesus Christ, is God's Son and the Creator. Different sects go out to maintain these same things which already approach delusion. Beam Ship deceivers out there put out the lie that we or others of us come from other Planets at the order of God. That is also a lie from sectarians and deceivers. THE CREATION ITSELF gives the commands or religions, for religion is only the primitive work of human beings, the purpose to lead them for exploitation while a spiritual difficult life caused them to fall. (unquote)

Wait a moment:...there is more: (quote) To better understand this teaching of the CREATION as being the CREATOR or all then understand that Live starts from somewhere and then develops thru evolution until the higher spiritual capacity is developed. And those beings on this higher level of spiritual capacity are the CREATORS. (unquote) They use this verse:...'Let us make man in our image'..Genesis 1:26) the basis of this teaching.

Now; remember that all this time Billy is seeing these UFO'S he is also learning what makes them operate, he is learning many fascinating things, and now and then we find this teaching...a little here and a little there. Before I finish this tape I hope you will know when and why this teaching, and how it is to be used. I think it is very important that we understand what is being planned in this time of our age in destiny. This is why I am mainly telling you only the part of this story which deals with our Faith, and what we have understood up to now.

This lady E.T. then tells Billy that there is a secret old Scripture.. the original was destroyed by a careless handler, but this old Scripture alone offers the truth to the earth humans, and it will destroy the madness of religion. She tells Billy that he is not to contact other UFO'S for she alone had the one and only truth. Billy is told that he must Break down this blind acceptance of belief. (unquote)

Remember what YAHSHUA said when talking to Thomas? 'Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.' John 20:29. In this story of the flying saucers which we enjoy, then see the planting of a philosophy which will destroy your belief if followed. Clever isn't it? You must now throw out your BLIND acceptance of this belief in Jesus Christ, of His Kingdom in earth, and all that goes with it. What the enemy does not know apparently is that this love of YAHSHUA...Jesus The Christ...was put in our hearts so as to keep it there while we go thru this last period of temptation.

Billy is told by this teaching from the Pleiades, that (quote) The spirit world as you call it, does not exist, there is only the fine material world. The spirit moves from one body at its death, goes to a place to wait until it gains another body to live in, and then lives another lifetime in that body. (unquote) This my friends is not the teaching of YAHSHUA but it is the teaching of Satan (and Lilith) to Satan's people. Reincarnation as we have told you is not for the Adamic Race. There is some truth in this story however for some people.

I would also remind you that there is only 'ONE' people who have tried to wipe out the Adamic race..only 'one' people who have tried so hard to wipe out the belief in the restoration of the Kingdom, to wipe out our belief in Jesus The Christ. There is only 'one' people who hate the Cross, and want it removed from every place where it is to be found...need we ask why???

I was checking the Phil Donahue show one day and a young man and his 6 year old son were guests. The young man was an atheist, and is teaching his little boy that there is no God, and that the Cross should not be used for a symbol. The little boy said he did not believe in God...altho he didn't of course know why. I noticed that the young man was married to a Catholic girl and now there was trouble because of religion since they have a child. It developed that the young man was part Jewish in his background, and it was not right for the mother or her parents to take the little boy to their church and have him taught to believe in a God that you cannot see. The little boy was not to have anything to do with a Cross which was just something pagan to hang on to. Man is his own God and if you don't evolve in the right manner you are out of luck. As I listened I thought...this is the same message the E.T.'s from the Pleiades are supposedly teaching to Billy Meiers and this third Volume of the UFO stories...these notes are being used for this same old story. Getting the Christian West ready for the One World Government which is already in operation for the European nations, and the U.S. is expected to fall quickly in line.

Billy Meiers is told that he must write and spread this new scripture ...this great truth..but it will be met with hate. This is to be an extra-ordinary work, and it must become the door to reveal untruths in the Christian as well as other religions.

Want to know the name of this Book of Scripture???? O.K. It's name is T J or the Talmud Jmmanuel. They have changed the first letter of the name Immanuel to a J and this book was written so they say in the lifetime of Jmmanuel (YAHSHUA) by of all people Judas of Iscariot (Iscariot) whom YAHSHUA said was a devil. But here in this book of the teaching of the E.T.'s from the Pleiades we are told that this book was written by one of the disciples, the one who had an education and who could read and write. this original document was supposedly hidden by the Essenes for Judas Iscariot was of that organization. They tell us that the story here is that ...Judas Iscariot was the son of Simon Iscariot a state Politician, and the great scroll of this teaching of The Talmud Jmmanuel was for his father to use in convicting Jmmanuel (Immanuel-YAHSHUA). Judas Iscariot they say received 70 pieces of silver for the scroll, and was to receive 30 more upon the delivery of Jmmanuel to the Constables. When Judas realized what he had done he threw the money bag in front of the High Priests and Elders and later went to the Potters field and hanged himself. The later confusion was said to be deliberately introduced by the Pharisees to save the name of Simon, the Pharisee father.

Well...the names are changed just a bit, and from all old records Judas of Iscariot, or however his name was spelled was not an Essene. What is interesting here is that these notes in this book tell us that a 'Born Again' Christian had been studying the T J scriptures, and may publish it when the SOCIAL CLIMATE IS LESS HOSTILE TO SUCH REVELATIONS.

We are also told by the E.T.'s from the Pleiades that the great flood of the Bible was exactly 10,079 years ago. We believe it was much longer back than that because Archaeology tells us that Negroes were being buried in Kiliminjaro 73,000 years ago, and the great flood of Genesis 1., was much before that, because no traces were found of Negroes before that flood. They may be trying to tell us that this is the date of the flood of Noah's time and that would then make Messiah before his time, thus they explain as they deny Him.

We are also told that it was a missionary by the name of M.R. Rashid, a Greek Orthodox Priest of Jerusalem who destroyed the T J in 1956. This man had been trained by the Pleiadeans to bring out the Talmud Immanuel...then his Christian religion got in the way. He had studied the original scripture written by Judas Ischarioth (Iscariot) and had translated it into German. Then he fled Jerusalem, hid the papers in a wooden wall in Lebanon, and the Scriptures were burned by the Israeli army raids. Thus the Pleiadeans had to train another to distribute this so called scripture of truth.

Billy Meiers was instructed (quote) that Jmmanuel (Immanuel-YAHSHUA) is not the religious figure of the last 2000 years, he was only a human being. He was equipped with great knowledge, he was however just a teacher, a prophet of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, NOTHING MORE. No creature should ever become so idolized, or even adored as is the practice of human beings on earth. When we allowed the removal of This Talmud from its 2000 year hiding place, the only reason was because the time for truth had come. (but remember this was 1956...that would have been the perfect time for it to be used in the 60's wouldn't it?) And now:...(quote) the lessons of Jmmanuel are not HIS lessons, but those of the Creation, and its laws, which Jmmanuel had to learn to recognize, and to acknowledge. He has only revealed that which the natural law provided for. Never again should the mistake of this delusion be committed, and Jmmanuel be seen as the embodiment of his offered lessons, and become idolized. The Truth of the Talmud ought to be learned and acknowledged as such by itself, without invoking the name of Immanuel and without his glorification. Important alone is the truth, and the laws, but not the person who has brought them. If then another 'cult' should be constructed around Jmmanuel then the purposes not accomplished. THE INDIVIDUAL IS THE DOMINION OF CREATION, HE HIMSELF, IS THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM. (unquote and unquote!)

And now we are getting to the 'meat' of the matter for now the Pleiadean spoke of this...NEW AGE...and Meiers is told that he must assist in spreading this truth outlined in the Talmud Jmmanuel for this NEW AGE. Meier is being trained as a prophet of this...'NEW AGE'. We have told you before of this dream of the NEW AGE their dream of a ONE WORLD government has been carefully laid out. And for this NEW AGE then of course you will need a new religion, or no religion at all, for your thinking along that line will be controlled by this wonderful State. This Talmud Jmmanuel is said to represent the true testament of YAHSHUA (Jesus) and to be the document which led to the Gospel of Matthew. The first version is said to have been written in the time of Jmmanuel (YAHSHUA'S Ministry), the first version was then stolen but it was written over again in its complete form by the same author, who we learned was one of the disciples (Judas of Iscariot) around the end of the first century. Two or possibly more copies of this Talmud Jmmanuel were delivered to the Palestine area. One of these copies was said to have been secreted under a stone in a tomb near Jerusalem where it remained until Meiers Lebanese friend was prompted to unearth it in 1963. Another copy is said to have reached the early Christian church, and the indirect Christian compiler in forming the Gospel of Matthew. Soon thereafter the scripts which had been stolen and been reacquired by the Apostle Peter or by Mark, were apparently augmented with the aid of Matthews Gospel to form the Gospel of Mark. The point in the Talmud Jmmanuel where the theft is mentioned corresponds to a point in Matthews Gospel where its sequence of events from there on are folded back in to Mark's Gospel.

In 1978 Meiers had the German version of the Talmud Jmmanuel printed in booklet form and started distributing it. However here in 1989 neither the general public nor Biblical scholars seem to be aware of its existence. We are told in the synopsis of this Talmud Jmmanuel that Dr. Worsham received as he wrote for a copy that the large part of the teaching of Talmud Jmmanuel is derived in large part from what he (YAHSHUA) was taught by the Pleiadeans during that well known period of 40 days and nights. (How about that ???) The Talmud Jmmanuel portrays Jmmanuel as an even greater prophet than does the New Testament, and a teacher of the power of individual spirit, after one's spirit has become knowledgeable thru lifetimes of experience and learning. Jmmanuel’s healing ability they say was made manifest thru the purposeful action of his own great spiritual power. These Celestial teachings so they tell us remain heretical to the Biblical scholar, as they depict Jmmanuel having survived the Crucifixion, having taught reincarnation, not resurrection. And how about that????

It is further pointed out by the Talmud Jmmanuel that Jesus lived a while in Syria after the Crucifixion, and traveled eastward thru Pakistan to Kashmir India, and died there many decades later, all this can now be examined in a new light...if you are willing to take a look at this so called truth now presented for your view.

In the synopsis of the Talmud Jmmanuel we see the comparison of the Gospels of Matthew and Mark to the Talmud Jmmanuel and we see many mistakes in the Gospels pointed out, and then some comparisons of different verses. But we are then told (quote) is apparent that only a person who is receptive to the essence of the 'New Age' teaching will be receptive to the Celestial teachings presented in the T J. The interested reader is invited to learn this story of what lies behind the New Testament Gospels, and form his or her opinion as to its reasonableness and genuiness. (Unquote and unquote).

Now; after all that...I should tell you that there is still more of this teaching, but I think this tells us that the Talmud Jmmanuel denies every thing we believe in. It denies that YAHSHUA (Jesus) is our Savior, that HE was actually YAHWEH in the flesh. It denies that there is such a ONE as YAHWEH (God) and of course there is no kingdom and no children of the kingdom. The E.T.'s do not even claim they are the children of the kingdom, rather they are the creators of us earth people, thus there is no God. What is this but Atheism....I doubt that this will fool any person who is interested in the identity message...I doubt it will fool to many who are only schooled in the Gospel of Salvation...but it sure is a good try. Me, I will stay with my belief in My Heavenly Father as my Savior. I believe in the Gospel of Salvation for everyone who will hear, but I also believe in the Gospel of the Kingdom and I also believe that in time 'Every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim that YAHSHUA (this Jesus of Nazareth) was YAHWEH in the flesh.'

As I read this rendering of the T J as to this Jesus of Nazareth I remembered a book that Mrs. Swift has sent, and in it is the report of Pilate to Caesar about this man. It is very interesting and in time I hope to bring it to you. One thing that caught my eye is the description of Jesus.... (quote) His golden colored hair and beard gave to this appearance a Celestial aspect. What a contrast between him and his hearers, with their black beards and tawny complexions. Further on in the report he remarks about the reaction of the people to this Nazarene...not the poor, but the rich and powerful were so against him, and we remember who was now in power in Jerusalem. Pilate then tells how he felt when the Nazarene came into his presence...for this was not just an earth man standing there and Pilate trembled in every limb as Jesus stood before him.

We hope this small explanation of what is included in the T J will help you understand it when and if it ever comes out in print. After the 'Last Temptation of Christ' then perhaps a movie about the contents of this T J will be next, so be on the alert...we are in the time when all things will be thrown at the children of the Kingdom trying so they hope to reroute this Kingdom Administration which is coming forth.

Until next time......

May YAHWEH bless---E.R.M.