ERM - Tape 085 - 1. History of the people of Israel 2. Jews and their Lies





1. The History of the people of Israel.

2. The Jews and their Lies.


In this old book once more we find a lot of history as to the affairs of this special race of people who came from Adam, and here in this book we are interested in the time of the Maccabees, up thru the time of Jesus. By this time of the year of 1895 as our Author, Ernest Renan, was writing his book difference in the word Jew and Israel was not realized by most Christian writers. However as we look back to this time in history from an Identity point of view we find many interesting things in this old book.

Today we know there were different races in the land of Judea at that time just as there is in our nation of today. Here in Judea the Maccabees, who were Israelites, were struggling to hold on to their religion and their nation. They knew they were the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their God was the great YAHWEH of the heavens. These Maccabees were the sons of Mattathiah of the Asmonean Dynasty. The names of these sons were:..Mattathiah, Judas, Jonathan and Simon. As this story begins the eldest son Mattathiah, is dead as well as Judas and Jonathan has been taken prisoner. Simon then takes the place of High Priest and leader of the Israelites and continues this struggle to try to hold their place in Judea until the Messiah comes. The greatest danger to Israel in this time was the hatred of these nations of people who lived on the borders of Israel. And they hated the Israelites because of the God they followed, and they now thought that the time had now come when they could finally wipe out completely this nation of Israel.

Syria at one time had been ruled by Aryans, but now a mere bandit ruled there. He had killed the boy king, and then he killed Jonathan after he was captured. But Jonathan, before he was captured, had sent envoys to Rome reminding the Romans that they were brethren...were of the same Race of this now band of Israelites trying to hang on to their small nation here in Judea. Jonathan had also sent a letter to the Spartans (Greeks) reminding them that they were also of this same race, and the Spartans had replied that they had checked the records, and yes they were of the Adamic Race. Jonathan then informed the brethren that the Asiatics were flooding this area from the east, and the Israelites here in Judea were in great struggles to maintain their way of life and even their lives. Then Jonathan was captured and he had been betrayed, and then he was killed and Simon the last of the Maccabee brothers took the reigns of power there in Judea. As Simon became High Priest, Governor, leader of Israel, the coins, silver shekels of his reign carried this Inscription:..'Jerusalem the holy: Shekel of Israel.'

The rule of Simon was prosperous as the Israelites cleared out the pagan cities, and purified their land by removing all traces of pagan gods. You may read of this great struggle of the Maccabee brothers in the book of I Maccabee. In chapter 14., we see that the land had rest in the days of Simon. That he sought the good of his nation, that he extended the borders of the land, and gained full control over the country. The people then were able to till their land in peace and had bountiful harvest. Old men sat in the streets and talked together of where times before were not this good. He strengthened all the humble of the people, and sought out all the law, and did away with every wicked man. He made the sanctuary glorious, and added to the vessels of the Sanctuary.

Now; wait a moment...what are you being told but that when the people, especially their ruler did all good things and followed the teachings of the God of Israel then everything went well in the nation. Rome was hearing many wonderful things about Simon, this Israelite, and they were sending presents to these people who were of their race. It is recorded how Simon spent great sums of his own money to arm the nation's forces to pay their wages. he fortified cities where formerly the enemy dwelt, and Israelites once more were able to live there. It may seem strange, but these people knew who they were as did the Romans who addressed them as friends, and brethren...yet today as in the time era when this book of Maccabees was translated then all the people in the land of Judea suddenly became Jews.

The Israelites erected a column with an inscription in Hebrew relating to all the events in the life of Simon (I Maccabees 14:25) and Archaeology tells us these people were Hebrews..Israelites..yet modern history calls them Jews mainly because they lived in the land of Judea, and because by the year 70 A.D., the Jews were the only people left in that old land.

How then did it happen that the Jews were able to take over the rule of this Israel nation and the ritual of the Temple...after all under the rule of Simon then God once more smiled on this nation?

As the ruling time of Simon was coming to an end, the pressure from the outside was again very great against Israel. Simon called his sons to his side and reminded them how his father and brothers before him had given their lives in this struggle to maintain the Israel nation. Now it would be up to his sons to fight for the Kingdom of Israel, and maintain the worship of the God of their fathers.

As we study the gradual downfall of the nation of Israel here in this old land we find that some of the children of Simon began to marry outside of their race, and Simon did not stop this practice. One of the Son-in-laws was named Ptolemy, he was not an Israelite, and yet Simon had made him governor of Jericho. then one day as Simon, his sons Judas and Matthathias came to Jericho...they were murdered. Israel was then in great mourning and the Priesthood descended by inheritance to John Hyrcanus who was not to be a strong ruler.

In the Book of II Maccabees, chapter two, we are told of the hiding of 'The Ark of the Covenant' and other sacred things by Jeremiah the Prophet. In the writings of Col. Totten we have outlined for you this story of events here in Judea as the Israel hold on the land was slipping. And with the 'Ark of the Covenant' then gone from the Temple we realize that God was moving His people westward, and how He accomplished those movements is another story.

A Greek by the name of Jacon of Cyrene wrote of this era of the Struggle of the Maccabees. The original of this book is lost, but you can follow the outline of history in this second book of Maccabees. Now that you can know that these people were Israelites then we ignore the translation that calls them Jews. You will realize how this word..Jew..came into being, and know that this is a story of your race, in the history of that era and time. You realize that many races lived in that old land of Palestine, and the areas around it. Knowing this you then understand how these other races were dedicated to wiping out the Israelites who worshiped YAHWEH..the Great God of the heavens. They were just as dedicated to that purpose as our enemies are today as they take prayer out of school, and try to remove every Cross from our land.

Our Author tells us that this Jacon of Cyrene believed in the resurrection, thus an Israelite, and he carried out his belief to the uttermost. The original history of that time written by Jacon Cyrene was known to Philo the Judean, known to the Author of the Epistle of the Hebrews and to the Author of the Fourth Book of Maccabees. In this Book is no mention of the person of the Messiah, but great is the message of the power of HE who is to come. This writer according to our Author shows how Israel was from that time forth brooding over HE who was to come. This feeling then moved over to the Christian beliefs which became a great rallying call, for Israel, as YAHSHUA their Messiah and Savior fulfilled His mission.

But there in old Judea the power struggle continued. The religion of the Israelites was called Judaic as they returned from captivity in Babylon, but as outsiders were taken into the land, then into the race by marriage the religion as well as the law laid down at Mt. Sinai was being changed.

Now...listen to this:.............

As John Hyrcanus ruled he began to take these outsiders..Idumaeas..into his nation, had them circumcised and declared them Israelite Judeans. But many of these people were descendants of Esau and his Cainanite wives. They were Edomites and if you check the Scriptures, Psalm 83:4, you find these were the people who vowed to take and destroy the nation of Israel..'so that it would never again be a nation.' The Idumaeas were Sadducees and they began to change the Judaic Faith of Israel to what became Judaism. And here we see the downfall of Israel as the rich and powerful dignitaries came to the front of political power. These men were of the party of the Sadducees where as the true Israelites were true Pharisees. In time the Sadducees proclaimed they believed like the Pharisees so they would be better accepted by the Israel people, but when elected to the Sanhedrin they voted with the Sadducees, and they were in fact false Pharisees... thus you must make this distinction in the Pharisees as you study that situation.

It was in the time span of the rule of the last Maccabee that the Essene organization came into being. Israel Priests began withdrawing from the Temple life in Jerusalem. The Essene organization was a secret organization as the Levi Priests of Israel went to the cave areas to live as they copied their Scriptures and tried to remain a presence in the land until the coming of the Messiah.

Josephus the Judean Historian who was also a descendent from the Asemonian Dynasty tells us that the Essene company tried to keep a quiet connection with the Temple affairs altho the Idumaeains now called Jews tried to weed out this organization. The Essenes had many Books of Scripture. They had the Books of Enoch in their possession. Our Author also tells us that the 'Book of Jubilee' and 'The Testament of the 12 Patriarchs' were much used in that time. Later Jesus in His discourses had some striking coincidences with these Ancient writings. Irenaeus, Clements of Alexander, Egypt as well as the Apostolic constitution, and most of the Ancient list of Cononical Books mention these writings. Today they are much mistranslated and rarely mentioned.

Since 1821 critical science possesses...translated from the Ethiopic, a Book of Enoch. In those fragments you read of Noah, and that flood, and how it was predicted. Yet the commentators at the bottom of the page think that the Books of Enoch were not written until the time of the Maccabees, a little over 100 years before The Christ. The critics do not believe in what they call Angelology in the writings of Enoch, saying there is no such thing. They think Enoch probably fed upon the Book of Daniel. My friends Enoch lived long before the time of Daniel and Archaeology produced at the time of Enoch was already a proved science for it came in with the Adamic race. Archaeology has proved this for a fact. Enoch wrote of the coming reign of justice upon the earth with even the thought that Angels themselves will be judged, That the former heaven will be disclosed, all Celestial powers will be disclosed, and all Celestial powers will then shine Eternally, with a light seven times brighter than now.

One reason the critics thought the Books of Enoch were not written until the time just before the Christ is that they believed these ancient people could not read or write until that time. They would not consider the findings of Archaeology altho it soon proved itself as a true science. (With their biases out look no wonder the facts of history became so


Our author tells us that the perfection of life in the Essene community was actually the perfection of Christianity which came later. In fact when the disciples of Jesus met they no doubt felt that the Essene and they were brothers-- or brethren. As we look at this picture we see that there was a direct connection between the Essenes and early Christianity, for this one and the same people. There was one gate into Jerusalem that took its name from the Essenes for it was thru this gate that the messengers came and went from that community in the caves and those of the race who were still in Jerusalem. The Jews now in power in Jerusalem tried to find the headquarters of these Israelites, but as the messengers came and went the Shepherds would drive their sheep over the trail to wipe out all tracks and thus the Essene community thrived. Remember that was when John the Baptist was taken and raised, so he would be protected until his time to proclaim the coming of the Messiah.

We find that the Israelites living in Egypt at this time were on the best of terms with the Egyptian government. They even served in the Egyptian army, and occupied important posts in both. However they continued to send their tithe back to Jerusalem and to go back on Pilgrimages. But remember that the coming of Messiah. But notice the difference in these people living in Egypt altho now call Jews as well---but they caused no trouble in Egypt where as the Jews here in Judea were always in an uproar. The Israelites in Egypt broadcast as it would be today, however any books which came forth from Israelites in Judea were quickly translated in Egypt. We owe much to these translations of Daniel, Enoch, Baruch and even the Maccabees for without the Egyptian translations more would have been lost. The Jews in Jerusalem were discouraging such writings for they depended on their Rabbi to keep the law and traditions up to date, by changing and changing them.

In the writings of the Judean Sibyl she talks of the ''Great Day of the Lord'', and that one of the signs of this day with the end of things coming in earth was to be ''In the Starry sky at night thou shalt see Swords after nightfall, and before dawn. Storms of dust shall pour out of the heavens, the light of the sun shall be extinguished at mid-day, and the rays of the moon shall appear, and the turning back shall lighten the earth; when the Rocks shall sweat blood, when we shall see foot-soldiers and horsemen in the clouds, and air mists which seem to represent the jaunting of wild beasts, then know that the God who inhabits the heavens is about to put an end to war. But before that day all men sacrifice to the Great King.

As you read the writings of the Judean Sibyl, you will notice also in the writings about the Maccabees that strange scenes were in the heavens at that time when the God of Jacob fought for his people--at that time he only allowed--''what was to be'', but when the Israelites started mixing their race then God stopped helping and that nation was taken over.

Our author tells us that there was not much truth to be found in Judaism. That was not such a surprise to us---but the Sibyl speaks of a new form of humanity which descends from heaven, and of the final end of evil, of the flock of sheep, the death of the Serpent, and the Divinity of Destiny. There is where we would look for truth, and in these writings there is a Judgment day of God, and an absolute standard of Right and Wrong. The Witness's we look for in the heavens has an existence outside of ourselves. As every important event affecting religious history occurs we find traces of this permanent Judge, who looks upon everything from the Israelitish point of view and justifies the saying that 'The Sibyl still lives'.

Our Author tells us that as this Asmonean Dynasty the last of the Maccabees began marrying their daughters outside the race, then the nation was destroyed and the Edomites (Esau-Cainanites) gave to Judea a Jewish Sovereign. The Israelite rulers were replaced by the Herodians. The kingship as well as the Priesthood was now bought and sold instead of inherited, thus we see the corruption of the race brought about the displacement of Israel and in her place now the Edomites were in power in Jerusalem and the translations did not tell how one race replaced...was now governed by the Edomites and their brethren who would despise the coming Messiah. By the year 65 B.C., the slaves taken to Rome became the colony of Israelites in Rome which had so brilliant a destiny as the followers of The Christ. Thus they were not Jews...they were Israelites from Judean..Judeans.. yes, but not JEWS. We have told you much about this colony in Rome and won't repeat it now but it is to be remembered just how this came about that all Judeans became called Jews in later translations.

Our Author tried to show that Christianity came from Judaism but could not quite do the trick, but when you put the right people in the right place then all the pieces fall in line.

Some place the writings of Ecclesiastes about this time when the Israel nation was broken into a number of little local dynasties, and Independent towns, kings, and governors, all now answering to Rome, and yet they warred among themselves. The Essenes by way of reaction to the wickedness of the world around them became more withdrawn and considered as a spirit of mysticism by those who did not understand. In talking about Ecclesiastics our Author did not point out the difference between Jew..Israel..or Pharisee and Sadducee and then he had this to say:..(Quote) This little book which is so skeptical, and yet so elegant, and yet so gloomy was written a little before the Gospels and the Talmud. What a strange way to set before us every contrast...a race which gave god to the world then reminds us that the judgment of God will come. (Unquote) Our Author not understanding the difference in people here in Judea was looking for fulfillment of all prophecy in the Jews, and was forced to say:...this could not be the race which turned the world upside down by belief in the Kingdom of God. For another people are those who believe in nothing but riches, wealth, indeed any sort of things which are their sole reward ..then he says:..'Go then, bring upheaval to the world..put the Son of God to death upon the Cross, set you country in flames, and end in a well cushioned mansion of the Champs Elysees grieving that life is so short, and pleasure so fleeting, vanity of vanities, all is vanity.' (Unquote)

Thus it was the Israelites who preached the Kingdom of God...where as the Jews set their country which they took over in flames and crucified the embodiment of YAHWEH-God. By 54-53 B.C., the Israelite Temple at Jerusalem saw destroyed all the golden ornaments, and the country in flames. A daughter of Israel, of the Royal line..was betrothed to Herod (a Herodian-Jew). The wealth of the Jews was also starting to beguile the Roman Empire with their 'glitter of gold' and the so called pleasure of foreign women. And the Romans made Herod..'King of the Jews', and Mariamne the daughter of Israel's Royalty became his wife.

Hyrcanas now a broken old man was sent out of his country, and in 38 B.C., a bloody battle was fought and the Herodians were now firmly established in Jerusalem. The books written by Jeremiah's Secretary show the sorrows of this era for the Israelites. The Jew's now in charge of Jerusalem and the Temple followed the rituals of Israel as best they could so that the tithe of all Israel would still come into the Temple. But behind the scene Israelites...Judeans were moving out of old Palestine. Many were already in Alexander, Egypt and more came into that area, and they became citizens of the nation, and were not disturbed before the second century after The Christ. Always Israelites as they came into a nation formed new cities, were honest, industrious, the nucleus of an excellent middle class. They quickly took root in any country into which they moved, as tho it were their fatherland. These people were never apart of revolutionary movements, were such a contrast to the Jews as they later came into different nations. Damascus was a city more Semite than anything else, and by Semite we mean Israelite, and Rome had its Judean colony which became great. And Caesar Augustus always made an exception for the Judean Israelites for they worshiped no foreign gods. The major source of difficulty between Rome and the Judean colony of Israelites was this sending of these great sums of money to Jerusalem, this the Romans did not understand as they also knew how difficult it was to rule over these Jews now in control in Judea.

After the marriage of Mairemne and Herod more trouble came, for Herod was very jealous of her birth and her name, and he was never happy with this wife he had obtained, and in time he finally gave the orders and she was put to death. Then Herod showed his birthright, for he erected temples in Judea to Caesar and to other gods, altho he did not erect such a temple in Jerusalem, altho he built a great Palace there. He built the port of Joppa, and Massada was fortified.

There was more than one Herod in this reign of the Herodians, but as one took over from his father there was no difference in thought or rule. As to the Temple which stood at the time of The Christ, our Author describes it this way:..(Quote) 'This old Israelite temple..what remained of it..had no style, no doubt looked mean with the rest of the rebuilding and Herod then decided to rebuild the Temple. The work began in 19 B.C. The essential parts were completed in 8 years, but the porches took longer and the whole structure was not completely finished until 63 B.C. A.D., and then was destroyed completely in 70 A.D. As Herod contemplated the building of his Temple he completely destroyed the old temple..EVEN ITS FOUNDATION. He doubled the size of the terrace on which it stood making it extend as far as the remains of Solomon's Ancient Palace which formed the South East Angle. Embankments were then built to carry the rectangular space to an eminent height above the surrounding valley. The great walk called Solomon's Porch with its rows of columns looked down upon the valley of the Kidron. The gates at the foot of the slope communicating with the interior was by subterranean stairways and made no break in the colonnade. All the arrangements in the Temple were reproduced on a grander scale. The altar of Sacrifice which had been restored by Judas Maccabees was again rebuilt on the same model. The Western wall which the Jews now come to not the old wall..but it does contain some of the old blocks which average 20 to 26 feet long. The ceilings were wood carved and painted. The columns of the porches were nearly 6 foot in diameter and 40 feet high. A subterranean passage enabled the king to pass from the tower of Antonio the eastern gate of the temple. Here a platform shaped like a tower where in he could stand safe from any insults offered by the crowd.

Oh, yes they formed a so called Holy Place altho the 'Ark of the Covenant' was no longer there. The dedication took place, and the king ordered 300 oxen sacrificed, and this Temple of the World Order decorated with Serpents and much gold and silver fascinated the Israelites, the Israelites here in old Judea, at the same time that it troubled them for they knew something was wrong. When HE came to Jerusalem then YAHSHUA found nothing good about this Temple except the poor widow who cast her two-mites into its treasury. Our Author altho not understanding the difference in people tells us that the Christian church did not grow out of this Temple, no it grew out of the schools of the scribes, and out of the hall of justice, but not out of this Temple that Herod built. And yes..the Israelites still went to the Temple just as the people do today, altho many times as back in old Jerusalem strangers control at the hierarchy...their religion.

Finally a governor was appointed for Judea and he lived at Caesarea, but the Jews still retained control of the Temple and they refined as they said, and changed the religion from Judaic to Judaism. They destroyed much of the Hebrew literature. They condemned and sought to stop the writing of new books as this was thought frivolous in its undertaking. Everything was to revolve around this oral teaching as their Rabbis changed and then changed again their thinking. The Talmud was not yet written but it was being made.

Always the Israelites made a distinction between the solemn texts designated to be read and the formless notes intended for personal use. Such truth was not originally written..such as tradition..this was supposed to have been preserved by oral transmission. But the Jews now in charge were putting the corrupted..on the same footing as the Sacred Text. As Jewish scholasticism was built up, by design, it substituted itself for the Faith of Ancient Israel, and that fatal book, THE TALMUD WAS COMPOSED. Our Author tells us that the Talmud is a most exasperating book, that the Jew..Shammai worked hard on practicing all the man made laws, even went so far as to even eat an egg that was laid on the Sabbath. Our Author tells us that the law of Israel opened the way to sacrifice for sin, but the Rabbis added to it until it became a foal of Judaism.

Now; I always feel sort of sad as I see our Authors struggle to write history while blindness as to the difference in people remains over their eyes. We understand that the Apostles moved out to Lost Israel telling them that yes..this Jesus of Nazareth was their Savior. He had paid the price.. was the ultimate sacrifice, and now Israel was no more confined to the Netherworld, their guilt because of the fall is now gone, and they are to look toward the future. The churches received so many truths..and they managed to hang on to the Gospel of Salvation which is for all people, even tho Salvation is different for Israel and this they forgot. But we find that the Bible carried two different Gospels. One is this Gospel of Salvation which YAHSHUA said very little about, for He is our Salvation. The other is the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' and this is strictly an Israel Gospel since they are the administrators of this Kingdom which in time will cover all the world, and which the world order in time will understand, but first Israel was to be restored. As long as our Authors fail to realize the difference in Gospels and the difference in people they will continue to be puzzled as to why these Ancient people called Hebrews..then Israelites changed so much as they became called Jews.

Men such as the Great Martin Luther in his day was one of these confused Adamites, and he did not realize that he was an Israelite altho he knew that the Jews as he said abomination. Not long before he was killed Martin Luther wrote:...'The Jews and their Lies'. This little booklet surfaced then as quickly hidden from the American public. If you doubt these words we plan to bring to you..doubt that they originated with Martin Luther then you may find the original language in the 'Martin Luther's Works, in the Congressional Library, in Washington D.C., unless the enemy has finally been able to destroy it.




I have decided not to write anymore, neither of the Jews, nor against the Jews, because I have learned that those miserable, wretched people will never cease trying to win over the Christians. I have permitted this booklet to go forth, that I might be found among those who have resisted such poisonous undertakings of the Jews, and have warned the Christians to be on their guard against them. I would not have thought a Christian would permit himself to be fooled by the Jews. But the Devil is the god of this world, and where God's word is not, he has easy sailing, not only among the weak, but also among the strong. God help us...Martin Luther. (Unquote)

Writing to a friend..Martin Luther continues:...(Quote) A Christian should not quarrel with the Jews. If you think you must then remind them that the nation of Judea was taken from them together with their temple. The Jews were then expelled from Jerusalem. That such terrible wrath of god is sufficient proof that they certainly must be in error, and doing something wrong. This wrath leads to the conclusion that the Jews are certainly rejected by God, and are not his people, and HE is not their God. (Unquote)

Altho Martin Luther was not a student of Identity still he knew the things the Jews were saying about YAHSHUA and about Mary his earthly mother. He had been listening to the boasting of the Jews that they were the children of Abraham..but the Christians were 'goyim' not even human beings in their sight. Martin Luther did not seem to realize that the Jews were claiming their connection to Abraham thru Esau but he loved His Savior and could not condone what they were saying about YAHSHUA. Martin Luther reminded the Jews that YAHSHUA calls them vipers (John 8:39) saying: 'if ye be were Abraham's children ye would have done the works of Abraham'...then verse 44:..'ye are of your father the Devil.'

Martin Luther warns the Christians that they be on guard against these hardened, condemned people who accuse God of Lying, and who desire the whole world claiming they are not mislead. They boast of superiority because they have circumcision. They defy and defile the whole world, yet imagine they stand before God as Abraham's children? They are liars, and bloodhounds and have falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end without ceasing, and with their interpretations. No wonder then the Jews were so against Martin Luther as he said those things. He also tells us that the Jews not only practice Usuary but teach it as a right which God has commanded them thru Moses, in which as in other ways they lie about God in a miserable manner. He says that they parade the ten Commandments yet keep none of them which makes them seven fold more unworthy to be the people of God than the heathen. If this Dear Christian...has not altered you...then he warns the Christian to take note of what you are doing when you permit the Jews to mislead you..for 'When the blind lead the blind then both fall into the ditch.'

Martin Luther in his experiences tells this story:..(Quote) 'I have also had this experience...three learned Jews came to me in the hope of finding a new Jew in me because we were reading Hebrew here at Wittenberg. They also pretended that things would soon improve because we Christians were reading their books. When I disputed with them they acted according to their kind, and gave me their interpretations. When I compelled them to remain with the text, they said they had to believe their Rabbis. Later after I had recommended a safe conduct for them to the guides, that they be permitted to pass for the sake of The Christ..I was informed they called 'The Christ' Malefactor. Therefore I do not care to have anything to do with them. St. Paul says they are given over to wrath. The more you try to help them the more wicked they become...Therefore I say:..LET THEM ALONE.

The Jews say that when their Messiah comes he will take all the gold and silver of the world and distribute it among the Jews only. Therefore dear Christians know that you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement an enemy than a real Jew. In history they have been accused of poisoning wells, stealing children and mutilating them, as in Trent and in Weisgensee. They deny this but I know full well, the will is not lacking if they could transform it into deeds in secret. Know this for a fact..for a certainty, and act accordingly, should they at times do something good. In order to have a space to live among us they must of necessity do something. But their heart is and remains as I have said.

Scripture reveals that there are TWO SEEDS...of the serpent and of the woman..and they are always at enmity, and there is no concord between God and the Devil. The Jews are foreigners, they do not work, do not earn anything they take from us, yet they have our money, our goods and are lords in our land where they are in exile, and yet they curse us while we are protecting them, (Unquote)

It seems that it was the Talmud and the Rabbis which changed the attitude of Martin Luther. He seems acquainted with the Talmud of his day, and he declared it worse than Heathen Philosophy. Martin Luther suggests some might think he was saying to much, but actually he felt that he was saying to little for (quote)...I see by their writings that they curse us who they call 'goyim', and wish us evil, even in their schools and prayers. They rod us of our money thru the system of Usuary, and they think they have rendered God a service in this, and they teach that such should be done. No heathen would do this, and none does, only the devil himself, and those he possesses, like he possesses the Jews.

Burgeusis who was a Rabbi among them (probably an adopted child) then became a Christian and he was much moved that in their schools they so horribly curse the Christians, and from that draws the conclusion that they must not be the people of God. If they were the children of God they would act like the captive Hebrews did in Babylon to whom Jeremiah writes:..'Pray for the king of the city where you are captive; for their peace is also your peace.' But these bastards think they must curse us and do all matter of harm. Therefore they certainly are not God's people.

Martin Luther was to say:..the claim they are abused by the Christians but actually since Jerusalem was destroyed, some 1400 plus years ago, they have tortured and persecuted Christians all over the world. We did not fetch them here (Germany), they are a heavy burden on our country and yet they thank us by cursing our LORD and Savior. Tell me...what are we going to do with these condemned people?

First I would suggest that you stay away from their schools, and their synagogues and warn people against them. Not knowing, for what we so far have tolerated, God will forgive us.

2. Refuse to let them live among you.

3. Take away their prayer book and Talmud, wherein such lying, cursing and blaspheme is taught.

4. Prohibit their Rabbis to teach for they keep even the poor Jews captive by using the passages from Moses. But Moses states...'What they teach must be according to the Law', this they refuse to do.

5. The protection of Jews on the highways must be revoked. They have no right in the land.

6. Their Usuary must be prohibited, all property which was obtained dishonestly must be turned to good use with God's blessing. Finally strong young Jews should be given flail, spade, and spindle and made to earn their bread by the sweat of their noses such as must Adam's children. If we in our land (Germany) fear as we make them work, let us use the wisdom of other nations such as France or Spain who made them give an account of themselves as to what was taken by Usuary...divide it equally, then expel them from our land.

And Especially our Preachers must believe that our LORD Jesus is truthful when He says of these Jews who do not accept HIM..who crucified HIM..'ye are vipers, children of the Devil.' You say ..'yes' but the Jews do not believe in the New Testament, therefore they know not these things. I answer:...'whether they know this or that, we Christians know that they openly Blaspheme God the Father when they curse this Jesus. We should refuse them having their synagogues which so far we have tolerated in ignorance. We should forbid them to teach in our nation for it is written: 'Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD, thy God in vain.'

The Jews are not excused because of their ignorance for God has caused this Gospel of Salvation to be preached for almost 1500 years. If any can hear the word of God for almost 1500 years and yet say:...'I do not want to know'...that ignorance will only earn a seven fold debt.

Their Messiah is false. I would say this for myself:..if God would not want to give me a Messiah different from the one the Jews look for then I would rather be a sow than a human being. The Jews desire only a worldly king who will slay Christians, divide the world among the Jews, and make them all rich lords, then finally die like other kings, his children after him likewise. We Christians have a Messiah who helps those in Spiritual need, who fear death. He makes us skip for joy and happiness. We shall never cease to thank and Praise our Father- God, for we are in paradise with HIM no matter what we are called to do here in earth. We Christians have such a Messiah, and we thank our Father with full overwhelming joy in our hearts. Such a Messiah the Jews do not desire...what good would he be to them? It is my opinion that if we are to stay clean of the Jews blaspheme and not become partakers of it we must separate, and they must leave our country. Thus they could no more lie and cry that we are holding them captive. This is the nearest and best advice that makes it safe for all parties. As a good Patriot I wanted to give you this warning for the very last time to deter you from participating in alien sins. (Unquote and Unquote)

Martin Luther was soon dead after this and the world moved on still not remembering his message.

Now; the Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached. Dr. Wesley A. Swift was a leader in outlining this Gospel. We are not told that all Israel will understand only that this Gospel will be peached, and today we look for more events to come to pass in this program of Our Father.