ERM - Tape 087 - Satanism In The United States





1. Satanism on the rise in these United States?

2. and Why?

3. Who is behind this proliferation of Evil?


We have told you many things thru the tape series which touched on this subject. It is an old, old story of Good against Evil. It is a Biblical story as well when an understanding of Scripture is obtained. From an Identity point of view the purpose of this fight between evil and good is to stop the establishment of God's Kingdom Administration in the earth. To do this then Satan and his children must destroy the 'moral values' of this nation as well as the same in other Christian nations of this Western world. They must destroy the love and belief in Jesus as Saviour of His people. In fact to do this they must change even the Doctrine of YAHWEH outlined in His walk here in earth as Jesus of Nazareth. One way to do this was to blind the people of the kingdom with this idea of heaven and hell...and being kind hearted then our people would work hard to 'SAVE' all people from an Imaginary Torture Chamber instead of concentrating on the Kingdom over the earth.

For some time now we have had a report put out to help guide the Police Department and different agencies as they try to cope with this entrapment in Satanic Worship and especially the number of missing children here in the United States...these are children above and beyond the number of runaway teens many of them who also become victims. This report is to be used as an introduction to this Satanism which is on the rise in these United States altho the Major Media scoffs at the idea calling it only rumors to scare people when there is no such thing as the worship of Satan in our schools, in our cities of Kansas and other places as well.

This month the WIR (World Intelligence Report) carried a report from Dr. Coleman on this Rise of Satanism here in our United States, and we decided we must try and outline just what is causing this seemingly, unstoppable menace of 'Crack' flooding the major cities of the U.S. which is only a part of this story of the Rise of Satanism in our nation. Many sources report an alarming rise of this evil, this occult worship of Satan. As yet there is no official recognition of this problem at the Federal level altho many Police departments are calling for a major Investigation and crack down on this evil. With the break down of western Christian values in this Christian nation then surely there must be something wrong. Wold International Review asked Dr. Coleman to address this problem for them. I do not always agree with Dr. Coleman as he does not always go far enough in his identification of people...from an identity viewpoint, but he does name names and came up with a very interesting report for WIR. With these two reports in mind plus what we have learned thru the years we believe our people need to recognize that this age old menace facing America is only getting worse, and many dedicated people are becoming very worried.

Dr. Coleman reminds us that some people have difficulty in coming to grips with Satan as a real entity...spirit or otherwise even tho in the Scripture there are a number of accounts where Jesus The Christ actually and literally talked with Satan. We have always been aware of this problem, and it has been known that many so called 'Intellectuals' scoff at the idea that there is such a force in the world, but as this problem here in the United States gets worse perhaps they will be forced to awaken to the fact that when Jesus said:...'I have selected you 12 and one of you is a devil'...HE meant just what He said...and if there is a devil then he had children, which is a fact established by the Scriptures.

Here in these United States the rapid rise in this deadly mixture of Baking Powder and the cheap dregs of Cocain is destroying many of the youth of this nation, and many even of the Intellectuals are now becoming alarmed. But after all isn't that the WHY of CRACK???? Its use is directed at the young people because Crack means instant addiction; often instant death, but also its sale brings enormous profits to the Satanic world. ask can't this drug menace be stopped? Dr. Coleman believes, and I concur, that this is because efforts are not coming down from the top seat of power. After all some World famous financiers, Institutions, and leading Politicians, and very important people are those making big profits from the sale of this drug.

In this report for Police, Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers and Counselors they are being informed as to what to look for as they work with those who become involved in Satanism, and drugs as they belong together and do not forget that Alcohol is also a drug. This report was not for parents altho I think it should be. The reason given many times is that Parents react 'in fear' when something threatens their children. When reports of Satanism become known then the Press is instructed to constantly remind people that this is only a rumor, and nothing to be alarmed about, turn your children out to play...unsupervised..nothing to going to harm them.

Now; there are many so called symbols that today are used by Satanists and people should be aware of them. We have told you thru the years as to where these symbols came from and how Satan and his children have turned many of the Adamic symbols to their own evil use; sometimes only charging them just a little.

The Church of Satan has its roots in many sources, such as 'Classical Voodoo'...'The Hell Fire clubs' of the 18th., Century in England.. The Ritual Magic of Aleister Crowley, and the 'Black Order' of Germany in the 1920's and 1930's to name a few. This led to the organization of a church, and then this organization became more open as time went on. The Church of Satan was formed in the United States April 30, 1966 in San Francisco, California. The High Priest proclaimed this the beginning of the Satanic era. The Mass Media coverage is credited with the initial growth of this church, and Anton S. LaVey..the High Priest held a funeral for a member of the United States Navy who was killed in San Francisco. The Media carried coverage of this funeral thus the church was launched with much publicity. The members of this church of Satan is listed as being in the numbers from ten to twenty thousand. The Headquarters of this church of Satan is in the Central Grotto in San Francisco. A Priest is required for group worship, and this worship is based upon the belief that man needs ritual, dogma, fantasy, and enchantment. This Worship of Satan consists of so called Magical rituals; and there are three kinds:...

1. Sexual rituals to fulfill desire.

2. Compassionate ritual which they say is to help another.

3. Compassionate rituals used for anger, annoyance or hate.

There are different Grottos over these United States where they gather their members on Friday evenings for group rituals. Equipment needed includes a Black Robe, an Altar, the symbol of Baphomet (Satan) (The description is of the goat in the star symbol only with the 5 pointed star in the circle but the star is showing two points up instead of down.) Also needed are candles, a bell, a chalice, elixir (a wine or something such to drink) a sword, a model phallus, a gong, and a parchment. The highest religious holidays of this church is one's own birthday and the second most important is Halloween.

The Church of Satan worships Lucifer...calling him the bearer of Light, the spirit of the air, the personification of Enlightenment. Satan is said to represent the forces of nature, and members of this church are taught that 'SELF' is the highest embodiment of human life.

The writings of Anton S. Levey provides the direction for the Satanists. He wrote many things but some of them are entitled:...'The Satanic Bible'...'The Complete Witch'..and 'The Satanic Ritual.' Included in them are 9 Satanic statements which are:..........

1. Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!

2. Satan represents vital existence instead of Spiritual Pipe dreams!

3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self deceit!

4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!

5. Satan represents Vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek!

6. Satan represents responsibility for the responsible, instead of concern for psychic Vampires!

7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all fours, who because of his divine and intellectual development has become the most vicious animal of all!

8. Satan represents all of the so called sins, as they lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

9. Satan has been the best friend the Christian Church has ever had, he has kept it in business all these years!

The Church of Satan stands as a gathering point for all those who believe in what the Christian Church OPPOSES, and members are generally hostile to the teaching of the Christian Church, and to its behavior patterns. To a lesser extent the same position holds true for all 'Eastern Religions'.

We have told you before, from the Swift ministry, who started most of these Pagan religions. And it is also no surprise that the Church of Satan believes in all things just opposite to what the true Christian church teaches. One thing to remember and to teach your child is that the techniques used by the DRC'S (Destructive Religious Cults) to make a captive of a young person is always for the hidden purpose of promoting the wealth and power of the leader of the cult. Drugs are used, loss of privacy, hypnosis, fatigue, subliminal messages are used in long confusing lectures, and always the converts are taught rejection of old values. Fear is one of the techniques used in breaking down the resistance of a new convert, chanting, conformity to dress codes, burning bridges to the past, donating all your assets to the cause...these are just some of the techniques used in indoctrination. Since the young are more impressionable and easily troubled, these are the ones sought after for converts to Satanism. The best recruits are those who are idealistic, submissive and emotional, for they can be bent to the will of the leader. There are 27 different steps used in the recruitment, indoctrination, and disorientation process. Of these 27 steps it is said that only 17 steps of this psychological coercion is needed in a 48 hour period to result in a disoriented person. Theft of money or property is one of the first things encouraged by the Satanic leader, this then can be used in the fear process to hold them in the group.

Satanic leaders preach..'the end of the world', thru some catastrophic means, usually in a World War..with Communism, thus automatic weapons must be stockpiled and drugs must be sold to enrich the cult. Since the 'End of the World' is near you may ignore the traditional 'moral' rules of society so that you may attain spiritual power. Of course the recruits are not told that this Spiritual power comes from Satan, not at first anyway. They then teach that the authority figures such as natural family, doctors, law enforcement officials are Satanic and must be eliminated.

Within the Satanic cult abuse and torture especially of children is continuous starting with an early age, so as to insure control. Some children are sacrificed, some are programed to kill other children, and parents in the Cult of Satanism are expected to abuse and even kill and consume their first born sons, perceiving this to be an honor. But remember this is an old, old Pagan practice...go back into the old books, even into the Bible and you find that this is true. Ritual Child abuse is quite different from 'normal' child abuse which stems from unresolved rage, from their own childhood abuse.

Basically the Satanist leaders want to create 'Robots' to be programed and directed according to the rules and purposes of the leader. If your child falls into one of these groups which exist even in your small towns and your schools do not expect them to be normal when you find them, for they will have been put thru torture before being...'Reborn'...into Satanism. Many times they are put into some kind of a pit, cage, coffin, or grave which may contain bones or a body (human or animal), snakes, spiders and so forth. Children are told that worms will eat their brains out, and then they are left there by themselves for some time. Being 'Reborn' into Satanism is as tho..hauling them out of 'live burial'..thru symbolic death. This is a standard ritual for children. After being 'Reborn' a Satanist Sexual torture becomes continuous form both male and female as well as from trained animals. Infants and toddlers are prepared physically for later abuse with objects being forced into their body openings. Girls within the group are impregnated as early as possible and then taught that unanesthetized abortions are an honor. Chronic disruptions of sleep, starvation, excessive exposure to heat and cold break down resistance and increase susceptibility to brain washing. Children are forced to participate in abuse and murder, and an adult hand guides a child’s hand as it stabs a baby. They are told that they are bad..worthless individuals, stupid, evil and are lucky the cult will keep them since no one else wants them.

One thing people need to remember is that many Satanists, even whole families, masquerade as active Christians, and they attend Christian churches, and then the children in the group are raped with symbolic Christian objects, and are even told that Jesus approves, even believes that they are bad.

Now; if I am disturbing you with this report, then fine, for all or you have children or grandchildren, or friends with children and this great evil we are describing is very, very real.

The general physical tortures of Satanism according to our reports include the mutation or marking of the body, for Satan, the drawing of blood, hanging by arms or feet, tubal insertions in the body openings to allow fluids to be introduced, electric shock to the spine and the knees, dragging with a rope or leash around the neck, being treated like an animal, immersion if feces, blood or urine, being burned, blood transfusions, and skin grafts from sacrificed victims.

Drug abuse begins in the very young, and is a part of general brain washing and rituals. Hypnosis is also used in this ritual of abuse and indoctrination as well as near death experiences. The young recruits are force fed 'Ritual Meals' of blood, flesh, semen, urine, and so forth after being starved for days. This prepares them for later rituals such as the sacrifice...for Satan.

Dead snakes, rats, objects such as these are seemingly pulled from between the legs of girls who are then told they are giving birth to bad, rotten things. This is said to serve the purpose of preparing them for later orgies, and for birthing, and also is evidence that they are bad, and need to be purified (by more abuse).

Once again this is just some of the material contained in these reports put together by police and other agencies for a guide in facing this menace. Adolescents from all walks of life are in great danger. It seems that the ages most vulnerable is from 11 to those who can be recruited into Satanism. Rock concerts, game clubs in the community centers, or yes in the schools, and at private parties at a friends home, all are places to recruit converts. And Heavy Black Metal Music is used, fantasy role playing of games like Dungeons and Dragons, this game used in many schools, Movies, T.V. Video's which have occult themes, Occult books, all are a part of the process which invites recruits into actual recruitment situations. All prepare a youth for what comes later unless parents are explaining and supervising the dangers they face. As a parent you may help your child escape this net the Satanists are weaving. And as a parent you should know what type of activity is operating in your areas. Discuss this with your children, and if you find occult records, tapes, or books in your child’s possession, discuss them at once with the child, point out the psychological techniques being used to entrap them.

If your child has already fallen into such a deceptive recruitment, then watch for abrupt emotional changes in the child; changes in school students habits; rejection of parental values, and goals such as marriage and family; watch for an unusual interest in books on Satanism, black magic, witchcraft, and obsession with certain types of Rock Music groups who use Satanic masses or symbols in their recordings; and then watch for the rejection of one's friends, even the use of a new vocabulary...all of these are symptoms of a conversion, or at least near conversion of your child. Then if conversion takes place do not give your child money, for it will not do them any good. Seek help from professionals who are more aware of what is involved, and always seek legal advice as to local laws governing deprogramming before attempting to forcibly remove your child from the influence of Satanism.

Police are informed in their reports that when conducting a Homicide Investigation that the location of the body is very important in determining what type of ritual has taken place. North is said to indicate Satan's supremacy. If you remember...the message from the Star Bible then you will know that Satan remembers where he came from before being confined to earth.

In the report, Police are told that in these investigations of Homicide that missing body parts may be used in additional rituals and ceremonies. The location of any stab wound's or cuts may indicate this murder occurred during a ritual, and may lay out a precise pattern. Any burning marks, tattooing or branding marks will also indicate a 'Ritual Murder', and may also tell just what ritual has taken place. Wax drippings, oils or incense found on or near the body will give indications as to the ceremony conducted, and may match items located in additional searches. Be sure to look for human or animal feces whether consumed or smeared on the body. A stomach content must be analyzed to find if urine, drugs, wine, foreign blood types, even human flesh has been consumed. Search should be made further from the crime scene to find if there are trail markers, such as pieces of string on trees, which may lead to the ritual sight.

There are many symbols which Satanists use. We have given you some of these before and explained how they were in the beginning a part of the identity of the Adamic Race but have been changed to represent Satan. A few of these symbols that you may not have noticed before are:...AC/DC..which means Anti-Christ-Devil child. The Mark of the Beast...FFF (Revelation 13:16-18) and remember that the letter F is the 6th., letter of the Alphabet thus 666. The Mark of the Beast is of course the Mark of the World Order which is controlled by Satan. Horns and tails added to any letter is also Satanic.

The Swastika in a circle as it is used in Satanism is called a broken cross. The Swastika of old was a whirling cross. This Satanic Swastika is said to show the elements of force turning against nature, or out of harmony. Another symbol used by Satanists if the ..Lightening Bolt..and another that you might not be acquainted with is the question mark upside down which is supposed to be the Anti-Christ cross of confusion.

A complete calendar of important dates of Satanism is included in this report, these are calenders used in witchcraft and Satanic Rituals and I will give you just a few of these dates as an example of the evil represented:..........

January 7...St. Winebald day, blood rituals, animal or human sacrifice or dismemberment.

January 17...Sexual ritual.

January 26...Sexual ritual, human sacrifice a female or child.

February 2...Welcome spring, animal and or human sacrifice. Satanic revels...sexual ritual.

March 1...Blood ritual, drinking of human blood for strength and homage paid to the demons.

March 3...Animal sacrifice.

March 20...Sexual orgies held, animal or human sacrifice.

March 24...Feast of the Beast, any sixteen year old in the group becomes the bride of Satan in a marriage ceremony.

April 1...Good Friday, mock death of Christ, animal or human sacrifice, male, female child, this feast day sometimes falls between March 22 and April 25, in different years and is followed by 3 days of feasting and chanting.

April 19-26...Sacrifice preparation, kidnaping, holding ceremonial prepreparations of persons for human sacrifice.

April 22...Grand climax, sexual activity, oral, anal, or vaginal sex, human sacrifice, a female, may be a girl child.

April 30...One of two most important Sabbaths, blood ritual, animal or human sacrifice.


This my friends goes on month after month. The Entire Satanic calender is now known. Halloween is identified as related to the Satanic High Holy Day with more Sexual rituals and human or animal sacrifices. And December 25 is used to mock the Christian Christmas.

Yes, this is a gruesome subject, and taboo in our modern world but Dr. Coleman has learned in his research that 53,000 young children disappeared last year in these United States, they are in the age group of from 3 to 12 years of age and are in excess of the great number of teenage runaways. No one knows how many of these children were kidnaped and became victims of 'Ritual Murder'.

This sacrificing of young children as we have said is an old, old practice. It has been done U.S. before but never in great numbers as of today. This is a practice of the Baal Priesthood and Dr. Coleman tells us (quote) that this was an extensive practice by the Baal Priesthood..this Ritual Murder of young children...before the arrival of the sons of Noah into Ancient Egypt. These facts cannot be concealed, they are a part of history and well documented and uncontested. (Unquote) We would remind you that it was the sons of Seth namely the coming into Egypt of Enoch and Job and their great company that stopped this practice in Egypt. It is an established fact and has been known for many years that victims of Ritual Murder are subjected to the most vile and sadistic torture as well as degradation of the victim which is the purpose of these devotees of Satan. Rape is considered a practice of torture, and degredation thus it is encouraged. An example of this occurred in Rome, Italy, and was publicized. Wilma Montessi was lured into Satanism then raped by 30 men of this group while female Satanists cheered them on. When the ritual was over Wilma Montessi lay dead. Her body was then thrown into the Sea and later her body washed up on the beach near Rome. One of these men was convicted in this crime and he was said to be from the top drawer of Roman Society, thus the story made the headlines.

Dr. Coleman tells us that altho Satanism has spread fast among the lower classes of society still its origin, its seat of power came from the halls of the High and Mighty. Today it is quite common to see bulletin boards advertising Satanism in one form or another. Dozens of so called 'comic books' feature Satanism in thinly disguised form, many of the Hollywood stars promote it. All across America 'Baphonet' (Satan) phone lines are open. If you have a computer it can be used to gain access to a telephone line that will connect with at least 800 known Satanic book stores, covens, Satan churches, and New Age Social events in every one of the fifty States. The leaders of this Satanic organization come from the upper realms of American Society. Why not? Asks Dr. Coleman since we have this 'Temple of Understanding' at the United Nations, and a Luciferian Trust of which Robert McNamara is a founding member, and former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance a leading participant?????

We described this 'Temple of Understanding' to you earlier in the tape series telling you who was the supporters of it as it was built. But Satanism is not a new thing, it was here in earth long before what is termed 'Christianity' was born, in fact it was here long before the coming of the Adamic Race. It was the cause of the sinking of the land masses of earth such as Atlantas, and Satanism rose to be a threat in every western nation at one time or another except here in these United States. As Ritual Murder was exposed those associated with it were expelled from the other Christian nations. Then in time people forgot and those associated with it came back into those nations. Here in these United States, the Great Nation of God's Kingdom we are now faced with this Satanic evil...ON THE RISE. We will have to deal with it until the followers of Jesus The Christ realize who is behind it. Satan was a Murderer from the beginning as Jesus told us, therefore why would you expect any other behavior pattern?

Back in the days soon after the Crucifixion and Resurrection Clement of Alexandria, Egypt was fully aware of the worship of Satan which was on the Christian perimeter at that time, and he wrote of it fully. Even at that time the Christian religion, this belief in Jesus The Christ was being severely tested, just as it is today. We are told that Satanists roam Los Angeles and other places in search of dumpstirs near abortion mills, in search of tiny infants wrapped in plastic and dumped. They remove these small bodies and sell them to Satanic groups over the nation, where they are used in Satanic rituals if no human sacrifice is available. After all when you study their calendar of events it takes a lot of bodies for human sacrifices.

The discovery of 12 bodies and the remains of cooked human parts near Brownsville Texas has shocked many for a few days who did not realize that Satanism is again sweeping the world. Yet in a few short weeks the story seems to be swept under the rug after the funeral of the young student used in a Ritual sacrifice was over. The Hillsdale, Michigan Police recently held a public meeting to discuss...the Rise of Satanism in their area. Slides were shown of skinned animals with hooves and entrails removed. The Police detailed the Rise of Satanism in their area, and told how thus far the Satanists had confined themselves to knocking over grave stones and sacrificing animals. In Wichita Kansas there were headlines about animal sacrifice and Satan worship some time back, but the Press came on the air to tell the parents that this was all just rumor...nothing for parents to be afraid turn your children out to play unsupervised. But if you will take the time to study the Bulletin boards in public places, you will find advertisement of Satanic underground meetings, and in many places Dr. Coleman tells us these messages out number all offers of small services such as mowing the lawn, and house painting and so forth.

This is horrible to consider but those who molest young children say they enjoy doing this because they get a thrill out of robbing the young of their innocence. These people try for jobs at Day Care Centers, among Cub Scouts, or any place there is a chance to experience this thrill.

The advent of Rock Music was planned...Dr. Swift was so against this type of music when it started and now we see why. It has opened the door to the acceptance of Drugs, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, which the Media coverage then helped to publicize and this was to sow confusion in the minds of the young. With the so called 'Liberation' came the worship of Satan and the vicious onslaught against the cornerstone of Christian civilization...THE FAMILY UNIT OF OUR SOCIETY. The increasing evidence in the truth of that statement shows up in the statistics of the numbers of Teenage young people who run away from home, and in the staggering number of children who disappear without a trace every year.

We the citizens of this Great Nation of Gods Kingdom seem to ignore the grief of these parents whose children are missing while we furnish the money to build a Holocaust Museum in Washington remembrance of an event which is said to have happened so long ago.

Now; you ask...who is behind this situation, who operates and finances Satanism in these United States? Dr. Coleman tells us:...(quote) That the Headquarters of Lucifer on earth is now the Rockefeller...D.F.R. Pratt House in New York City. The evil influence of the Rockefeller family reaches down into all levels of our society. David Rockefeller is the head, and his assistant is Kissinger. These two men are the direct link with the Kremlin and the agents in charge of launching this One World Government now in the making. The Headquarters of Luciferism and Satanism in the United States is the Church of St. John the Divine..a Rockefeller property leased to the church in much the same way as Columbia University is avoid taxation. Under the roof of the church of St. John the Divine every branch of the occult comes together. (unquote)

Devotes of the occult and worshipers of Satan in the past...some present are Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Margaret Mead, and David Rockefeller. We have found that the Rockefeller background goes back to the Marranos as does others who at one time were in high positions such as even President and Vice President of our nation. Nelson Rockefeller was reported to be deep in the occult when he was Vice President.

Bishop Paul Moore in the 1960's took up the cause of ordaining Homosexuals and Lesbians without regard to Christian teaching. He was the one who set Jim Jones in business with the help of Rabbi Maurice Davis back in 1961. This resulted remember in the death of 913 people at Jonestown.

Now; what does 'Ritual Murder' involve?? The reports tell us that the helpless victim is kept in a state of constant terror, the younger and more innocent the victim the bigger the thrill. At the end of the ritual the victim is bound, whipped, and in case of a female..then raped repeatedly, if a male then sodomized. Eventually the victim is murdered while the Satanists chant over the suffering victims.

Now; tape recorded evidence of all these things is locked up in our United States Justice Department, but if you are thinking at all you will know why this evidence is not as yet brought out and used. In fact the Justice System in this nation is controlled to a large extent by this same organization we have been talking about.

Dr. Coleman tells us as have others about the record of Lieutenant Col. Michael Aquino and his wife Lilith who are involved in running a Satanist church, and yet Lieut. Col. Michael Aquino has 'top secret' security clearance. All this came to light when the Baptist minister Gary Hambright, who worked at a child care center at the Army base at Presidio California, and Hambright was indicted on a charge of aggravated rape of a 4 year old girl at the Aquino home. Hambright was involved in 58 cases of child rape in one year. Police knew this when the four year old girl gave a description of the Aquino home. There in a search the Police raid turned up scores of Video tapes showing Hambright molesting young children. It turned out that these Video's were made by...Lieut. Col. Michael Aquino himself, and yet he still retains his Military job and top secret clearance and was not prosecuted when it was learned that Aquino was a High Priest in the Temple of Set in San Francisco, which is also often visited by foreigners.

Who are these foreigners??? Are they members of the KGB or the GRU??? Who is protecting Lieut. Col. Michael Aquino?? One thing we can be sure of reports Dr. Coleman is that his protectors are high in power in the U.S. Government...or probably in the unseen government which has the most power.

As you can see..Satanism is not a street level thing. It is being conducted from the top down, and if you could discover some of the most prominent people connected with this evil perhaps you would be shocked. According to Dr. Coleman and other sources a seminar under the Auspices of the 'Center of Soviet American Dialogue' will be held. Father Dolan, a board member of 'The Temple of Understanding'..a trusted confidant of Bishop Tom Moore will participate in the October Seminar. What you ask is the Soviet connection with Satanism? Good question:..Gorbachev is considered an 'Enlightened One.' Dozens of Soviet guests regularly visit Bishop Tom Moore and one of the members of 'The Temple of Understanding' moves frequently on shuttles between Moscow and New York. This however should not be surprising if you will go back and review your tape on this 'Temple of Understanding' you will see who was the instigators of its building. After all the Soviet leaders do not believe in Jesus The Christ. Their goal is not to see a Christian America remain in matter how much they talk Peace, and disarmament and so forth. They are dealing with the Unseen Government... the C.F.R. always have been with the final conclusion being this One World Government. When their goal is accomplished even the myth of Communism will be dropped as a cover.

Now; who is sponsoring this meeting of Satanic traitors? Dr. Coleman gives us some names:...(quote) The Rockefeller Foundation, John D. Rockefeller IV, Rabbi Marc Tannebaum, The American Jewish Committee, The Marshall Field Family, The Carnegie Endowment Fund, The Southern District Scottish Rite of Freemasons, Henry Clausen the Supreme Grand Commander of the Freemasons, Robert S. McNamara, Alexis Johnson, Father Dolarn, Paul Moore, James A. Garrison, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Thomas Watson Director of IBM. These are some of those sponsoring this coming meeting.

All across America women and girls are degraded by acts which for the sake of decency we cannot describe, yet the Justice System of our Nation deports American citizens of 30 years..old men..on the premise they might have been prison guards 40 years ago, then lets these members of a national ring of convicted traders in young girls, for torture and sexual orgies..lets them go because a Judge here and there hearing the case suppresses evidence. Then the government in a political trial tries Lieutenant Col. North who tried to keep on serving his country as he had done all his life. Thinking to stop the Soviet foothold in another Central American country, Col. North became a political football and was finally convicted on three counts by a jury from Washington D.C.

A few people are sounding the alarm as to this Rise of the Satanic menace in our nation. I did not enjoy making this report just thought you should at least be aware of some of the things that are going on.


Until next time.....May YAHWEH Bless.