ERM - Tape 088 - The Druid Bible





1. The Druid Bible

2. The Primitive Testament and Natural Predecessor of the Old and New Testament.


Our Author is Captain George H. Cooper and he is Mathematician, Navigator, Archaeologist, and explorer. This Book was published and printed at San Jose, California. Copyright 1936.

Again we have an old Book on loan from the Swift Library, written by one of our Race who was searching for truth, altho perhaps he did not know who he was or why he was in earth. Still he has many interesting things to say when we look at the picture painted with his pen...from an Identity point of view. (Quote) It must be admitted that this present age has witnessed a rapid application of discovered facts which make the accomplishment of our age possible. Thoughtful investigators will grant the need of praise due prehistoric men for their part in the accomplishments of the present. Thus we say...'The same yesterday, today and forever.' (Unquote)

Today we are grateful that such men as Dr. Swift picked up the story and marched forward with this uncovering of the past so that we may see a glimpse of the future. We have thru these past years, using the Swift tape ministry, and others as well, as our understanding to try to trace our race out of the far east thru Chaldea, Palestine, and into Egypt and Britain, and in the Golden Age of Enoch even into South America, but we have always wondered...'Did these Master Builders come on into North America, even into these United States, since some things did point to this conclusion?

Our Author in this Book tells us, and we have pointed this out also in other tapes, that with the coming of the Airplane then photos were taken in 1923 from the air over Britain and these photographs showed not only the circles of stone such as Stonehenge and Avebury but also great mounds in connecting earth works which revealed the work of an Ancient people. Our Author thus titled his Book:...'The Druid Bible'..telling us that the Druid Bible was in reality thus 'The Gospel of the Stars'. This was the Bible available long before our world had its written Bible, and this 'Gospel of the Stars' was the picture story written in the heavens. We have told you also that with the coming of the Adamic Race a written explanation of this Sky Painting was obtained. This Race brought a message to earth as to who they were and why they were here and just how this would benefit those of earth. Oh! The World Order had put figures in these star groups, but they did not understand the promises of this message which we call 'The Gospel of the Stars'. Only those of this Adamic Race who were 'Spirit of His Spirit' could understand these promises, made before the foundation of this earth.

Our Author tells us ..(quote) that the stories or traditions upon which the Old and New Testaments depend for their ground work are the very traditions which themselves are the product of a people who symbolized them prior to the invention of writing as we know it today. (unquote)

We tell you that the Adamic Race came into earth with a type of written language and the knowledge which resulted in the building of the picture stories in earth, and that Britain seems to have received perhaps more than her share of this building than the other nations of Israel with the exception of Egypt. As you trace these symbolic messages, thru the circles, squared..the triangles, the Round Towers and the Round Tower of Britain and then on back you find the path backward in time unto the pronunciation of the Sons of Seth that they began to call themselves 'The Sons of YAHWEH'. Genesis 4:26.

Mathematical Astronomy is commonly ascribed to the Chaldeans for the simple reason no one traced it further back. In the Identity movement Dr. Swift stands out in our mind as one who did the most research on this subject as it pertains to our race. If our Author had been subjected to the Swift Ministry then he might have reached a different conclusion as to why Britain contains so many of these so called pre-historic mounds, circles and squares built so long before the coming of Christianity to that area. We tell you that these Master Builders of the symbols of 'The Gospel of the Stars' in Britain did not originate in Britain, no they came into Britain as they had into other areas to leave their message as to what promises were found in 'The Gospel of the Stars'. We would say that they accomplished their mission altho the modern world may not be aware of this. And yes, Britain was an early cradle of civilization, but there were other areas which could make this claim also after the coming of 'The Master Builders' to their area.

Our Author was born in Warwickshire, England in 1859. He tells us that his family was very poor and he learned hard work at an early age, working on a fishing trawler was quite an experience as well as an education for him. After coming to America his thoughts were often of his homeland and he returned in 1926 to the land of his birth. Returned to look once more at the Ancient Mounds and Circles as he sought to put his thoughts into a book, so as to leave them for a later generation to ponder on. This has always been the goal of our leave a path back thru the generations as to why we are here and how we came.

Our Author tells us that these Mounds and Circles of Britain contain the theological message of Stonehenge. That these erectors of Stonehenge were great Mathematicians, who understood the purpose of the circle, the triangle, and the square in the composition of their building. We tell you that these many things relate to the same message which we find in 'The Gospel of the Stars'. There was no writing or hieroglyphics on any part of Stonehenge as those who came after the Ancient Builders were expected to understand the message that they left. Today there are many books written which explain this message and they are easily found if someone is interested enough to search altho if you ask the average person..even in Britain they seem not to know what you are talking about, altho they may have lived by such an Ancient site all their lives. We have told you much about Stonehenge and Avebury and other circles of stones, and all the mounds and circles at Glastonbury thus will not repeat them now as we are more interested in finding traces of the work of the Master Builders in North America. Since they also built such a great civilization in South America way back in the days of Enoch or soon after then why this silence on North America? We have spoke of the ruins in Mexico so what about these United States? We ran across a circle of Stone in Washington State on one of our trips and we tried to find out just what it was...out there all by itself, a school teacher said she would try to find out why it was out there in that pasture area fenced in as tho it seemed protected. We never heard from the school teacher after that as to whether she even tried to find any thing out about the site.

As we studied this Book 'The Druid Bible' we were thus glad to see our Author uncover some of the remains of the Mound Builders in these United States. For there are some of these Ancient messages laid out in the form of circles, squares, and so forth as well as the effigies of serpents, birds and certain beasts that fit into the story of the figures found in certain Constellations of the heavens...right here in these United States.

In the state of Ohio, along Bush Creek is a bluff on which is the effigy of a Serpent which is about 1200 feet long. This Serpent appears to be in the act of swallowing an object, commonly spoken of as an egg which is in its jaws. This specimen is about four feet high, heaped up of the earth in that vicinity. There are also smaller effigies within that vicinity. We have told you before that this swallowing of what was termed an egg was in Antiquity termed...'The Orphic Egg' and this Orphic Egg was to represent the World. Always the Adamic Race was aware of the Biblical story altho our written Bible was not available at that early a time. The Bible the Ancients had was 'The Gospel of the Stars' and this they understood. In fact this race is the one who explained the Ancient meaning to the world, and they were always aware of the part the Serpent played, not only here in their life in the flesh.

Our Author tells us that across the Ohio River from Portsmouth, on the Kentucky side of the River, is a circular mound around which is found 4 concentric circles which are easily traced. They are several hundred feet in diameter. Across and thru them are 4 avenues, at right angles which form a Cross. And always when you find such work you most always find a Cross. Surely the people who were responsible for this building here in the United States must then have been connected with those responsible for the symbols found in 'The Gospel of the Stars' such as they are portrayed in Britain.

Two and one-half miles southwest of the town of Chilicothe on the banks of the Paint Creek in Ohio is situated a group of enclosures..two of them are consistent of a large square and a small circle. These two are a part of the Constellation of Ursa Major. The large square is formed about the forepart of the bear, and the circle follows around the throat to the snout. This group connects to the original 'Black Water' group of 7 enclosures which are determined to be a representation of the Constellation of Corona. Other enclosures contain within them symbols of the horseshoe. There seems to be no regular system in the construction of these mounds except they are circular or rectangular in principle and that many of them are suggested by Mythical figures in the Constellations of the Stars. Thus there are certain hints of the evidence that the American civilization of those days of the 'Mound Builders' must trace back to Britain. In fact there seems to be a chain with connecting links from Britain to America, even with Mexico City, and the Great Aztec Stone.

Our Author believes that this Calendar Stone...the Aztec Stone is a replica in another and advanced form of Art of the complicated monolithic structure such as Stonehenge. Our Author thus not understanding Identity thinks that these Ancient circles of Britain must mean that Britain is the spot mentioned in Genesis as the Garden of Eden. But we believe after more study thru Identity of people that the Ancient Master Builders of Britain were simply portraying the wondrous story, of not only the drama in Eden but the promises of 'The Gospel of the Stars' as they built their mounds and circles and Crosses in Britain, in the United States and in South America. They told their story to us to discover the message they left in their works.

Our Author also finds that the number 7 seems to be a mystic number which is symbolic of perfection. We tell you that this is Adam's number and you find it outlined in the heavens as groups of stars were frequently arranged in conspicuous 'Sevens'. The Ancient Master Builders being the Astronomers they were would have understood the meaning of the number 'seven' as they outlined for the world the meaning of these stars in the heavens. For instance the Little Bear of the Heavens has a square, and a handle or tail consisting of 7 conspicuous stars, four of lesser magnitude ending in what is the present Polar Star.

Cassiopeia is also a square with 7 stars in the form of a chair. Orion contains a beautiful square and a handle of seven stars. The Pleiades is of course 7 stars or Islands in the sky. Our Author tells us that in Britain are located 4 rivers, in fact the river Avon has 4 heads which carries the symbolism forward even to suggest that the river and its tributaries are suggestive of a tree which also figures in the Biblical story.

In the British Museum the Author found sculptured slabs in the Assyrian section which have forms of trees upon them. Here he found...the 'Tree of Life' and two other the three of Good and one called 'The Tree of Evil', then it shows that these two trees became as one. Here we see again the story in symbolism of the great rebellion in the heavens where in Lucifer becomes Satan now knowing both good and evil, where as the 'Tree of Life' is the Adamic Race in their mission to build HIS Kingdom in earth. This is a part of the message carried by the Master Builders of the race as they used the Universal language of Symbolism to tell their story. Oh this symbolism which now knew both 'Good and Evil' the builders carved a double system of clusters to emphasize the rebellious story. In the British Museum you find many examples of this story carried by the Master Builders. We believe that in the creation of the Land Masses the Creator placed in Britain not only the River Avon with its three tributaries, marking a symbolic Eden but many more marks of a nation and a people.

In the United States there is a picture called 'Tableau Des Bacabs'. Our Author found a first hand copy of this original picture at Stanford University. On each side of this picture there are 13 dots, and around the corners are hieroglyphs in circles..24 of them in all. From these corners following the diagonals to the inner square is a series of lines and dots, heavy and light containing sections showing a Swastika. Among the dots and hieroglyphs are 8 figures having certain symbolic subjects around them. In the center square is a tree with a broad bar across it. Squatted beside the tree are two figures, one apparently in conversation with a Serpent.

The mathematics of the picture corresponds to the mathematics of the 'Calendar Stone'. The Great Circle in the state of Kentucky near Portsmith, Ohio, the Circle of Stonehenge, and the Mathematics of the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Hebrews all point toward a far advanced geometrical and astronomical data of an Ancient people who left their work to imprint upon their race the influence which brings this knowledge to our world today. Running thru all these systems is the suggestion that you must look somewhere else for the original...we would then suggest to our Author that he look to 'The Gospel of the Stars'.

In the Book of Josephus we are told that the number of Adam's children was 33 sons and 23 daughters, thus 55 children. This is the exact number set forth in this picture called 'Tableau DEs Bacab's'...also called at times 'The Cortesian Codex'. On the left side of the birth symbol are three lines of dots, when counted there are 33 dots on the left side and then on the right are 23. The outstretched hand of the woman can be imagined as saying:...'In sorrow shalt thou bring forth children.' The pair under the tree with the serpent shows the couple degraded to the status of human.

Our Author comes to the conclusion that the story on the tablet and the creation story are thus one and the same. He stress's the fact that the Ancient writers of the 'Odyssey' and 'The Iliad' and other stories must have had some knowledge of these Ancient mounds in Britain since so many symbolic marks are there.

We in the Identity movement see the establishment of the British Isles, the American continents, as having their place in history along with Germany and the other western Christian Nations, and we maintain that our Father had plans that must be fulfilled in those Nations. That these Ancient Master Builders understanding more than we of today, built their effigies of symbolism to mark a race and a purpose in the Earth. We would wish that our people would remember more than they seem to, it would help in establishing these facts. For instance there is a picture in the Chalk Cliff of Salisbury Plain near the town of Westbury, England. Our Author asked older residents of the district the meaning of this picture of a White Horse carved there. The replies he received were that this Horse had been cut there in commemoration of a great battle, BUT NOBODY KNOWS JUST WHAT BATTLE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO COMMEMORATE. We would suggest you go to the Scripture for your story of the White Horse and that battle.

Yes, the Ancient Greek stories of Mythology were rich in reference to the Isles, as a pleasant place of residence, fruitful gardens, palaces of Kings and Temples of the gods, but they are also in their Mythology talking about the stories in the Heavens, the Bible of the race long before the written copy of the message was in our hands. The Druids of Britain and other places were well acquainted with this 'Gospel of the Stars' and they also carried on the traditions by word of mouth so that the story would come on down thru the generations.

Our Author tells us that 'The Almaden Stone' was found in a cave seven miles south of San Jose, California in a hill east of the Almaden road in the year 1910. This stone was seven inches square and one inch thick. In the stone is picture writing, in fact it is as tho two pages of a book. Our Author interprets the picture writing on one side as coming from the Constellation of Cassiopeia, and it is said to relate to the conditions or aspect of a Stellar concept preceding the advent of (Adam) man. The other side of the stone relates to the expulsion of the inhabitants of a certain city...who crossed the ocean in a westerly direction. It is believed that this was only a part of a complete book, the leaves of stone being set up in a row. The front pages showing the prior Celestial Concepts in due order. The leaves were, when turned, presenting the history of (Adam) man, and the peopling of the American continent. (unquote)

The story on the stone as outlined by our Author is again taken from the Star Bible, and yes the Untied States is also in the picture. From a Mayan section of a Mexican Codice we also find these words in the vertical lines:

....... 'Across the ocean

Looking out for land

destination in sight,

Anxiety for success of journey

Proceed to shore in boat.'


The horizontal lines condensed...beginning at the top read:.......

'Across the Ocean

Sun and moon pass everyday.

Routine and all is well.

Problem for Immortality helpful.'


We have learned that all antiquity used this form of art, called picture writing, and once again we tell you that yes some of the race crossed the ocean to the west. In this picture writing is the form of the Constellation of Sagittarius with her seven stars, there are in one place and four in another.

Our Author calls our attention to another antique found here in America. This is the Los Gato Bowl, which is a sculptured bowl standing about 10 inches high, and weighing about 40 pounds. Inside the bowl are dotted circles, pictures of birds, animals and a female thought to represent Cassiopeia, and a winged make figure thus Cephus. Some of the same scenes you find in Britain and in Greek Mythology are also seen here.

In the California Indian section of the Anthropology Museum at San Francisco University of California is a piece of Stone on which is cut a series of straight lines at varying angles, cutting thru each other. This is showing the Constellation of Cephus. Is it not significant that these Rock Inscriptions of California altho they appear to be of a more remote age, are of the same characteristics as the earliest inscriptions of Egypt? But among them all there is nothing to suggest an American origin.

There is also a Babylonian Tablet which our Author found in the British Museum. There is cuneiform writing on the tablet as well as picture writing. There is a circular flat ring and on the ring are 7 figures on the inside of the ring. The 8 stars inside the ring are said to represent the Constellation of Gemini. One star is much brighter than all the rest. There is a Cross inside of the circle, a tree, a male and a female, and of course the Serpent which seems to be talking to the female. And yes, these figures or symbols are found in Britain but they are also in the story of 'The Gospel of the Stars'. Our Author not trying to be an Identity buff however seemed to at times write with tongue in cheek, thinking that he would point out all these things and let you find the symbolic meaning.

Our Author describes also a picture brought home by friends from Central America which was called a 'Buddhist Painting'. But notice the symbolism here in this picture which was highly decorated. Our Author found it easy to interpret. Actually his friends had found a number of pictures said to be from Tibet which were similar, and all carried the Creation story, even tho they were called a Buddhist work of art. This picture described here is called 'The Eden of Tibet', and it is similar to the Eden story our Author has painted as taking place in Britain. This picture also carried a tree, and in the center of the picture is Cassiopeia in her chair, and there are seven stars on the circle behind her head. The male figures are holding symbol topped staffs passed thru a globe shaped bowl in their left hands. In the upper corner of the picture are two WHITE horses. The dias on which Cassiopeia sits is the so called 'Alter Stone' as it sits in the center of Stonehenge.

Our Author then brings us the picture of a plaque found in the year 1925 in the Temple of the Warriors at Chichen Itza, Yucatan. Here our Author tells us that the Carnegie Institution of Washington D.C. sent a party to find this stone plaque which was rumored to be there. Perhaps we now know why our Author wrote his book as he did, not as an Identity book. This plaque shows the outline of Salisbury Plain. This would have stamped it as a Druid piece even without the symbolism. But it also shows that these people of YUCATAN, altho called Mayans were substantiating their claim that their ancestors came across the ocean..'From whence the sun rises'. There is of course a Serpent in this picture, and the face on the picture is of a Lion (Leo the Lion). There is a triangle made by 3 large dots, almost like eyes, and a White Horse is also in the picture. In the center is a Jade wheel which is also Druid work, for remember they were Astronomers. This picture is of the Stellar Heavens of the Mayans, and its longer axis is 'East to West'. In the Northern latitudes the sun is viewed as to the Southward of the observer. When seen soon after rising it is seen in the Eastern Sky. This explains the phrase 'Eastward in Eden', because as the sun comes into view it is actually eastward of the observer. The geometry of this Chichen Itza plaque shows circles, squares, triangles, and a dot in the center. The border of the plaque is similar to the petals of a sunflower.

In the British Museum is a plaque called 'Lubaantum', and this is also in symbolism, showing a circle with an altar fire burning. The curved platform near the lower end of the picture holds the form of Serpens precisely as it is laid out on Salisbury Plain. The Angular platform on the left side is unoccupied. There are several Druid symbols for Serpens..the Serpent. The two protruding horns at the top of the picture terminate in the two stars of the Constellation of Cygnus. There are many trees in this symbolic picture but three stand out with the symbolism of two trees becoming as one.

In November of 1935., the Carnegie Institution found pottery in Guatemala and on a vase is a picture. In the center of the picture is a masculine face. Immediately behind him is the face of a female. Above them is an implement, the point hidden in the ground. Above the implement is a head of wheat plainly seen growing, standing out among the other foliage. Here again is another symbolic picture but with 'The Gospel of the Stars' story available....easy to read.

In another picture there is a shallow bowl in the form of a circle. There is three legs on this bowl, and in the center of the bowl is a figure of a female and a male in human form. Above the figure of the man in a horizontal straight line are 7 dots. A large hole pierces the bowl at the center. In other parts of the picture there are 5 figures...4 males, and 1 female. The make figures seems to be addressing the woman who is carrying a ring with 3 pendant legs. Two males are carrying symbols of Serpents attached to their backs, and seated between them is a Jaguar. The figure of the female is the same as on the 'Los Gatos Bowl', but the one on that bowl faces toward the east, while on this bowl it show the female facing toward the west. In the top of the picture with that being north in both pictures this reading was made. The pedestal on which the lady is seated contains a number of dots and you then realize that the lady in the chair is again called 'The Mother of the Living'. In the upper right of the Pedestal are a group of 8 dots and a small Cross. The dot in the upper left corner is the North Polar Star.

We have mentioned the book the 'Popol Vue' and our Author tells us that he found a translation of this books and had it translated into English. He tells us that it was written in Latin and Quiche by Diego Reynoso. The story as we have told you before in another tape was the story of two remember dies and then is resurrected, and the two brothers then became in symbolism....fixed stars, and now they are in the Constellation of Gemini portrayed.

The 'Popol Vue', our Author tells us, was arranged in 11 traditional stories. In the 10th., tradition is the story of the crossing of the Seas to Tulan, the land of the Maya.

In the 11th., tradition the Maya history is brought down to the time of the Spanish Conquest. The story of 'The Popol Vue' as a whole reveals the fact that the ancestors of the Quichie came across the Atlantic. The Maya sculpture and the Pyramids reference to the Lion and the Lions is only part of the story. 'The Popol Vue' is really a symbolic story, partly supernatural, and one more time it tells us the same old story of a race and their wanderings over the earth, and the reason why of many things.

When considering the symbolism of Ancient Egypt we find much the same story. From classical writers then Osiris was known in Egypt as early as at least 4000 B.C. The Egyptians changed their gods with the worship of Osiris. The connection of Osiris with the Druids of Britain is also clear and certain. And the ANHK (oval-without the loop which was added later) is the meaning of life. (Today this has become just a sex symbol altho it was not so in the beginning.) In this picture are two winged goddesses and they are standing by or rather on the 'Altar Stone'...this mystery stone of Stonehenge. The Swastika symbol is said to portray the human family..father, mother, son and daughter.

(The an Ancient emblem..consists of a cross with ends of

the arms bent at right angles, all in the same direction..thus making it a

whirling cross and when whirling it formed a circle. Today the Swastika is an Ancient ornament which Webster's tells us is true, and if you go into the Catacombs of Rome you would find the Swastika was a symbol of those who followed The Christ...portraying this earth with their Redeemer.)

In the Babylonian Legends of creation found in the British Museum we find that the Cosmology of Babylonia, and the Astronomical system originated together. Greek, Egyptian, Syriac, and Arabic Astronomical and Astrological texts all associate with the 12 Signs of the Zodiac and the 36 Decans. All these others such as the Almaden Stone, the Uaxactum vase and so forth all symbolize a part of the Zodiac. Why if there is nothing back of all this then why use the signs of the Zodiac when they tell their stories in picture writing?:...Why?

Josephus, a Judean Historian, told us that the sons of Seth inscribed their discoveries on Stone, and that their discoveries were inscribed to perpetuate those discoveries in Astronomy. Then Mythology and Astrology people the story in the heavens and made the Star pictures come alive with the stories of creation, thru the Crucifixion and Resurrection and yes thru Restitution of all things. Always the people of earth watched the heavens and stood in awe of its Majesty, but the sons of Seth are the ones who transcribed the message found in the heavens and this race then carried that message out over the earth, and thru the generations.

When talking about the Majesty of the heavens our Author remembers a gorgeous Celestial display which occurred in May of 1920 in California. (Quote)..After the evening meal about 7:30 in the evening many were startled by the appearance of the sky. There were no clouds in sight but the coloring of the atmosphere changed from one color to another. The North Eastern hills riming the valley there in Southern California became illuminated with a yellowish Light, flanked by other hues, and the Vault of the sky became tinged with many shades of blue, moving to a dark velvety appearance. About 8:30 as our Author watched the heavens from his home in San Diego, the yellow shreds of light began to dart toward the Eastern horizon from a point near the Constellation of Coma Berenicss. Soon after similar streaks of yellow light pointed to both the North and the South but chiefly to the South. At 9:30 P.M. the points of this radiation was south on the Meridian, and the streaks were shooting past the earth all around the Horizon.

Looking straight up it appeared as tho we were looking thru the mouth of a huge funnel. Looking in every direction there was nothing to see but the play of colors. The streaks of Light had gradually taken on a bright golden luster as if polished and were sweeping past the earth on all sides in umbrella fashion, forming the upper half of a heavenly ellipsoid. The most spectacular part of the performance was now passing and sweeping all to the west and by 11:00 P.M. the display was over. At no time was a meteorite seen. This was more of an electric display. In this instance knowing that Electricity is a tangible fluid altho to us is carried in a wire, still what must have been displayed here being so spectacular, then think of what must have been the display when Elijah called down fire from heaven? (Unquote)

We have told you many things in these reviews of old books, and our Author we feel has added to our knowledge. He tells us that in Ancient Mexico the buildings show the influence of Egypt as tho the Ancient Builders were in communication with each other. Geologists tell us that even the Islands of the South Pacific suggest a sunken continent. And it is a proven fact that Mexican civilization at one time used a Mathematical base which was somehow known to the Prophet Daniel as well as the Ancient Britains. Surely we should then be curious as to who these people were who built these symbolic messages all over the world?

Even here in the United States scattered over the Mississippi valley are these mounds, the relics of a past age, marking a people recording a message they brought from the heavens. Even the Mound Builders then took their designs from the visible heavens. Took their stories of the Serpent, from the same place. Our Author tells us that we thus have a chain reaching from the Semite literature of the east to the Mounds of the west, to go along with the Creation stories handed down from age to age. All these messages which the Builders left use the square, the circle, and the triangle in their work as well as the Serpent in their symbolism. This we now know that the earthworks of North America, here in the United States are related to the massive building of things enclosed in circles, squares, round tables, and towers and so forth in Britain and other places.

In the Serpent mound in Ohio, we find that the jaw of the Serpent is trying to swallow something called 'an egg', but the head of the Serpent is pictured as close to the Constellation Corona in the heavens. Its tail terminates in a star not far from Aquila. In the winter time you view the heavens and you can see the head of the Serpent as tho coming up to the back of the chair on which Cassiopeia sits. The circle in this picture is thus around this 'Orphic Egg'. At this time of year the figure in the heavens tells the story left by the Mound Builders in Ohio. All the Ancient nations carried this same story which we thru Identity claim is the Adamic story for Cassiopeia of the heavens is the Israel of the Biblical story, that is what the Serpent is planning to swallow.

In Mongolia a Stone Sculpture was found and once more the message fits the Constellation of Serpents, and part of the Constellation of Hercules, as well as Greek Mythology. In summer the Constellation of Serpents occupies the evening sky, and in winter Serpents occupies the Constellation...but still Serpents on opposite Meridians thus showing the dual nature of the Serpent interpreted as both 'Good and Evil'.

In Mexico as the Spaniards came in they were astonished to see the Cross symbol widely used, then coming to the Mississippi valley you find various articles such as shell gorgets and so forth on which the Cross was engraved in many different and highly artistic forms. Sometimes the articles are crossed by lines perpendicular to each other. Then you find others like a wheel with curved spokes. In one instance a shell gorget is shown with the Ancient Swastika. The Northern mounds are rich in this form of art. The great Serpent mound of Ohio is connected with this Constellation which contains a beautiful Cross of four stars. There are many Cross's in the heavens, but the Southern Cross is the most brilliant and viewed easily in the Southern Hemisphere. The Swastika Cross..the whirling cross...also like the Cabalistic methods of the Ancients also shows the figure ten, and in whirling is continuously marking a people of numeration. The Mathematics of the Bible when understood are a play on the transformations of the Octimal and Decimal numerations. This must be understood else the mystery will remain just a mystery in all cases. The Ancient Swastika must be understood to have marked the followers of The Christ in their earliest times. Go into the Catacombs of Rome and you will find this to be true.

The definition of Cabala is tradition, or a mysterious kind of science, delivered to the Ancients by Revelation, and transmitted by oral tradition thus serving for the hidden interpretations of the Scripture. The Druids perpetuated their system of knowledge orally. And the Cross and the Swastika are symbols of the same idea...which is the complete (Hu-) man (Adamic family). The Cross is symbolic of both male and female where as the Swastika represents the four divisions of the Adamic family...father, mother, son and daughter...into all generations.

Probably no other book has been subjected to such extensive investigation as has this collection of books which make up the Bible. The Bible must not be taken merely as History, but as forms of literature prevailing thru Ancient history, showing a strange and Divine people with a definite purpose in life who recorded their messages in all places where they traveled in their occupancy of earth. They left the message of who they were and why they were here, and Mathematically the Bible when understood will tell the same story.

The New Testament carries the same symbolic numbers..3..5..7..12 and 144,000 which is a multiple of 12 representing all the children of Jacob-Israel. The Ancient Druid religion was at one time considered a Universal religion, it is the Universal language of Symbolism which tells this story. Symbolism can be written and understood in any language at the proper time. However those who do not understand or believe the Biblical story cannot then see the message of the Druid Bible which is actually based on 'The Gospel of the Stars'. Only one race ever carried the great redemption story in its entirety. Only one race ever left their Faith Symbolized in Stone, in gems, and even the dirt of the ground. This is a heritage worth recognizing...a treasure worth acknowledging.

Once again we have gained more knowledge from another author, for this we are grateful. Once more we have learned things which enrich our Faith which helps us 'put on the Whole Armor of God' as we face this evil in our world. The Book of Ephesians outlines the 'Whole Armor of God' as being... Truth, Faith, and Peace which is understanding. As you reach for Truth, you must first find Understanding, and as you receive Understanding then your Faith which is a gift of God increases.

Since I had already done the review of the Old Book 'The Gospel of the Stars' Weiss., I did not bring you the meaning of the same Constellations that our Author outlines in his Book 'The Druid Bible'. You may obtain the 'Gospel of the Stars' from the different sources listed in our Kingdom Series.


Sara Jones sent the following poem by Rudyard Kipling showing the understanding even in those days:.......



By: Rudyard Kipling


It was not part of their blood,

It came to them very late

With long arrears to make good,

When the SAXONS began to hate.


They were not easily moved,

They were icy-willing to wait

Till every count should be proved

Ere the SAXONS began to hate.


Their voices were even and low,

Their eyes were level and straight,

There was neither sign nor show,

When the SAXONS began to hate.


It was not preached to the crowd

It was not taught by the State,

No man spoke it aloud,

When the SAXONS began to hate.


It was not suddenly bred,

It will not swiftly abate

Thru the chilled years ahead,

When TIME shall count from the date

That the SAXONS began to hate.





'Then the House of Jacob will be a fire

and the House of Joseph a flame; but the

House of Esau will be as stubble. And

they will set them on fire and consume

them, so that there will be no survivor

of the House of Esau. For the LORD has


(end of message)