ERM - Tape 089 - More Symbols (migration, satanic version, etc)




Subjects:   MORE SYMBOLS

1. The original symbol of migration...its meaning.

2. The Satanic version...its meaning.

3. Other symbols and their meanings which mark a race altho not well known.


We find that a perfect marriage requires that you fall in love..time after time with the same person. The study of Identity by the many avenues reminds us of a perfect marriage for all roads lead back to a certain people, in earth for a certain purpose.

The original symbol of Migration (see Figure 1..last page) meant as we would say today:..'Westward Ho'. This symbol should always be shown pointing west (using the top of the page as north). This symbol in its original meaning marked the migration path of a RACE from the High Tarim Basin to Israel's final resting place as the Western Christian Nations.

In Tape #87., we gave you the Satanic symbol with the original symbol now pointing upward or north enclosed in a circle. This symbol is said to represent 'Anarchy'..the abolition of all law. Initially those into Punk Rock music were the ones who used this symbol but now it is widely used by others. Changing the point of this symbol to the north shows this now to be Satanic for it was out of the 'North parts' of the heavens Satan was thrown out of after his rebellion. The abolition of all law would certainly reduce earth to more catastrophe. With the circle around the symbol meaning containment then who would you expect Satan and his children to be trying to contain? After all they control the World Order already, do they not?

As we trace this Race by the symbols with which they marked their westward 'Trek' we start with the premise that the word man of Scripture has a derivative root meaning of...'to think'. In the Sanskrit the word was 'Manu' and we believe that this 'Living Spirit' breathed into Adaumn-man raised him up as different than the races of earth at that time such as the Chinese, Mongolians, Turanian, Egyptian, and Negroes for instance who were in the world at that time.

In the Ancient 'Veda' of India we read:..'Indra (YAH) hath tamed the Dusky Races, and subdued them for the Aryans.' As we study this situation we remember that it is said:..'a picture is worth 1000 words'..thus an idea expressed in picture, or symbol can be understood in any age, by a people of any language, even by those who cannot read. This picture can be understood instantly whereas hearing or reading of words takes time. Thus with the symbol of migration translated into our language today it would be 'Westward Ho'.

Heraldry as it is termed today is neither more than or less than the science and art of Hereditary symbolism. We look therefore to Heraldry as one way of tracing different people of the same race in their wanderings from east to west. One thing which has been a blinder to this understanding of Identity as it relates to Scripture is that these people moving 'Westward' had thru the generations lost their recollection of who they are, and where they came from, but if you are interested in searching, you find the Marks they left in their Westward 'Trek', even in their ceremonies for something they faithfully did was to bury their loved ones as they died.

In 1880 Archaeology as a Science was starting to make the Bible come alive. Archaeology was telling the Western world that the word 'Abiri' was given to these people who came into the land of Canaan after the Exodus. This Ancient word was from the form of 'Habirm', meaning Hebrew. The Tel-el-amarna Tablets found by Archaeologists showed these people to be Hebrews, but also identified them as a people who long, long before had come from the east, long before even they went into captivity in Egypt. These according to Archaeology were known as Aryans..Manu..Tall White Ones ...Sethites. Never in Archaeology at that time were they identified as Jews, however the Cainanites were listed as being those who opposed the Hebrews. As this fact began to dawn on the Christian to who they were, then came the theory of Evolution making all people the same..they just evolved. This idea or theory was then pushed in the Christian west even tho Darwin himself said that it was only a theory for he could not quite bring himself to believe that the 'human eye' actually evolved.

In tracing the Adamites Westward we find that always they left their inscriptions, and symbols to mark their path even as they buried their dead, then marked their burial places with symbols telling the story of their purpose in earth.

To the Christians of today it may be perplexing to hear of Cross's dating back to at least 3000 B.C., where as the Bible does not speak of 'the Cross' exactly until the Christ died at Calvary. Yet the Archaeology evidence proves that these Aryans from their beginning considered 'the cross' as the 'Key' to the Life to come, and this 'Cross' was also the symbol of Divine Victory over the Serpent.

Where then did these Aryans get their promise of Atonement such as the Christians of today believe in..this Atonement for sin? We find that thru out Ancient, Primitive religions, in Mythology, and in the Faith of these Ancient Hebrews you find this anticipation of 'The Atonement', and with the coming of Jesus of Nazareth you saw this promise fulfilled. One of the symbols then found even in their cemeteries and in the Catacombs left as they buried their dead was of...'The Good Shepherd..holding a Cup.' (IF you have not read the booklet 'The Symbol of the Cup' by Dr. Wesley Swift we suggest it is well worth your time.)

With all this vision of better things to come..better promises..where did all this vision go until the Christian Church seemed to settle for only 'Heaven or Hell' ..this theology that makes a monster out of our Heavenly Father??? What else can you think of a theology, knowing that Our Father told us...'Before the foundation of the world' about His plan of restoration, and how even His people would fall as they came under the spell of this rebellious they would fall just as had the other races before them. Then as the race..after being set back on the track of Destiny as they marched westward would leave their message of the coming of the Messiah, and we now have seen this we saw the work of Jesus as He led 'captivity captive'..led this Adamic race now confined in the Netherworld back into the Spirit world from whence they then can you spite of all this fulfillment of prophecy..that as a child of the Kingdom stumbles here in the physical world that this same YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who controls can you believe that He is still going to burn your Spirit, or something in a place called Hell, for ever and ever? Believing this then that would make HIM a Monster God.

As our people, these Aryans, buried their dead they also sang as we do today that the Spirit is returning to HE who gave it, and they laid their bodies of loved ones in the ground..then what is there left for HIM to burn???

It is not well known but the monumental symbols of Eden were also showing in the Sphinx of Egypt, in the Winged creatures of Babylon, or Assyria such as the Bull and the Man both with Wings, or the Sun House of Phoenicians? In the Coat of Arms of various nations, and families, even in our nation as the Eagle and the Stars..this is symbolism which is not recognized by most of our people, but it is there when people finally turn to look. Hiding this knowledge of Symbolism under the mantle of Evolution has contributed to this blindness of our people, until this co-existence with Communism is being pushed as the path to Peace. We know that there is no Peace without the one and only 'Prince of Peace..YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in the flesh.' As we look at this picture it is apparent that one must go back, and on back into the past to be able to understand the future. It is therefore nice to know that there is a pattern of knowledge still available because our ancestry very diligently left their symbols telling the story. Always some of the Race thru the years has been busy recording the knowledge of the past. It is available as our people 'turn' as 'turn' they will at the proper time. Much of what is now thought of as pagan will be understood as Symbolism of this Biblical story. For instance..those 'Winged Bulls and Lions' found by the Archaeologists with their heads and faces of white men..found in Babylon, and Assyria, and in Nineveh as well as other places. These will be recognized as a part of this story of a race from heaven to earth recorded in Scripture as 'Living Creatures'. Ezekiel 1 and Revelation 4:7.

The Coat of Arms in the world's Royalty and Nobility of the Western world can also be traced back to those earlier symbols of 'Winged Creatures'. Anyone interested in Genealogy will find much interesting material in 'Fairbairn's Crests of the Leading families of Great Britain and Ireland.'

Since it is believed that truth is stranger than fiction perhaps we need to look further at these symbols that we have not brought to your attention before. And yes, they will seem stranger than Fiction to many of our people because of this blindness as to who they are, and why they are here.

Another type of Swastika (Figure 2) is found in Ancient Europe, it was connected to the Whirling Cross and this Cross shows the three entrances or names on each of the four arms of the Cross, thus the twelve names of the children of Israel into this Kingdom of God. Revelation 21:12.

There are many types of crosses called 'the Sun Cross' (Figure 3) to be found and these were Solar discs and they were thought of as the connection coming of Messiah. He to be the Sun of Righteousness..and these were found three millenniums before He came. You find this symbol in some form all thru the east and into Ancient Egypt and even in Britain.

The St. Andrews Cross which is like a capital X (Figure 4) was said to be the symbol of the form of Christ and His victorious Cross.

The Cross bolt symbol (Figure 7) is also referred to as 'a battle ax' or a hammer. It is recorded that Indra..the Divine overcame his enemy the Devil. In the Indian Vedas we read: (Quote)

'With thy spiky weapon, thy deadly bolt,

O Indra (YAH) thou smotest the Dragon in the face.'


These Ancient Aryans knew who they were and why they were here, but with modern thought and higher education our people still insist that the natives of Britain before the Roman Invasion were surely painted Savages roaming wild and naked in the woods. Surely this has added to the blindness of our people? Perhaps this was what prompted an unknown Poet to record: Quote....

'When a land rejects her legends,

Sees but falsehoods in the past,

And its people view their sires

In the light of fools and liars,

'Tis a sign of its decline

And its glories cannot last,

Branches that blight their roots

Yield no sap for lasting fruits.' (unquote)


With the beginning of the 19th., century the trend of thought of many scholars seemed to carry skepticism toward their descent, and in many cases even of the Scriptures. In fact they tore down the structure of the Old Testament yet put nothing in its place. Like students of anatomy they would dissect the body but they never discovered the Life or soul thereof.

The modern 'thinkers' seem to want to believe they are sons of Apes instead of sons of God. Their chief aim seems to be to elevate man and belittle God. If our people would see their origin thru the mists of antiquity they would better understand their heritage and their destiny. Remember that on the Altar of Sacrifice Isaac was was his seed after him to the service of YAHWEH FOREVER. Genesis 22:9. We believe a great awakening is in store for our people after which they will be able to see these symbols from so called 'Prehistoric Days' which are now recorded for their eyes.

Going back into the Crimea of Southern Russia many Ancient cemeteries have been found. On those Tombstones are Hebrew-Phoenician inscriptions, which indicate that here were no heathen people, but people of the Kingdom, very conscious of their descent and destiny. These symbols proclaim their racial descent as well as their Faith.

As we come up to the time of the Messiah and His ministry there are also Marks to be found as to the Identity of these people closely connected with The Christ. We find that John the Baptist was baptizing on the EAST side of the Jordan River, at the same place the Israelites crossed as they came into Ancient Canaan land under the leadership of Joshua. Thus here the people were baptized, and then they came back to the Westward side of the Jordan and now they needed a new leader, who of course was Jesus of Nazareth, and they left John the Baptist and followed Jesus into the New Covenant.

In the ruins of a town north of Capernaum along the Sea of Galilee was a home at one time owned by the Mother of Mary Magdalene. She was also a relative of Joseph and of the Virgin Mary and of course Joseph of Arimathea. In time Mary Magdalene lived in the home with her husband. And as late as 1969 ruins of this home were still pointed out as having a connection with our Savior. At the gateway to this home on an elevated stand was a statue of a woman on her bended knees, with her hands stretched out before her as tho one entreating. Opposite her was a statue of a man clad in a mantle, stretching his hand out to her. At the woman's feet on the same pedestal a certain strange plant was growing, which rises as high as her garment, and this plant is said to be a sort of antidote to all kinds of diseases. This is said to be Jesus of Nazareth forgiving Mary Magdalene and the town was named Magdale.

In one of the Houses of the Scribes in this is probably called a synagogue, but look at the symbolism found in those ruins. There was found a carving of a seven branched candlestick..where as the Jewish candlestick of today holds 9 candles. I can show you this in their catalogues. Here in the ruins they found a carving of a Lamb, and a pot of Manna which was ornamented with the flowing pattern of Vine Leaves, and a cluster of Grapes. The pot of Manna of course was the heavenly food the Israelites were fed in the wilderness, and the Lamb was to represent the final sacrifice which of course only the Israelites at that time accepted.

As the crucifixion and resurrection were completed still the race, now followers of The Christ still buried the bodies of their loved ones. Stephen was the first Martyr..and the followers of Christ buried Him.. these were known as 'Devout men'. The Roman law allowed this burial so these bodies would not be gathered and burned as was the pagan custom.

Through out the Mediterranean area Catacombs were built by digging tunnels into the rocks of the Hillsides. Some Catacombs were found to be four or even five levels in depth. In Italy by the end of the third century the Christian community owned a large property almost at the gates of Rome. Here several separate burial areas existed. One of the most famous was known as the Catacomb of Priscilla. Many of the Martyrs were taken to the Catacombs for burial. Here in the Catacombs were found the Archway design used by the Master Builders as they cut into stone. Stairways were cut out to different levels, and every inch of space was used for tombs for the dead. The most simple type of burial was achieved by digging a hollow into a wall, wrapping the body in linen and laying the body lengthwise to the passage, then stones or tiles and such were used to seal the opening. Sometimes two or maybe three bodies were buried in the same tomb, depending on the circumstance of death. The outside of the tomb might be marked as to the number buried inside. In case of a child the tomb might be marked by a child’s toy. Always some message was left marking the dead. Since there was such a limited space to work..only two men were able to work at one time in digging the Catacombs; therefore the work must have been continuous, thus it was remarkable to those who came to find, that there were so many carved messages.

In one of the Catacombs this inscription was found:...(quote) 'The east sent the Disciples, this we willingly admit, and by the shedding of their blood, they followed The Christ thru the Stars, and have sought their home on high.' (unquote)

We find many reports to show this a true statement. We find that as Mary Magdalene finished her ministry in France..she also followed The Christ... into the Spirit. After she finished her ministry..after her body was placed in a tomb then a church was built over the spot. In the inscriptions we find here the same story of the Anointing in the House of Simon along the Sea of Galilee..and there also we find the picture story of her coming to the Sepulcher after the death of our Savior. Yes, they left their messages for you who come later.

The Spartans (Greeks) wrapped their dead in Red Robes, and Olive Leaves. Surely we can say that they remembered the symbolism if not their identity. In the Mediterranean area in the third and fourth century churches were then built at the Catacombs to mark the graves of the Martyrs. Here as well as in the Catacombs themselves were many symbols marking a race, a Biblical story. Here you will find symbols such as a fish, a dove, a ship, and a lyre. Remember also that these symbols were around long before the coming of these now called Christian or followers of The Christ. Among those symbols everywhere found was a Cup, and a Shepherd bearing a little Lamb on His shoulders. In fact in the Catacombs was carved the complete Biblical story. There was pictures of creation, of the naming of the animals by Adam. There you find the story in pictures of the fall of Adam and Eve with the Serpents involvement. Then side by side with these pictures you find the picture of the 'Good Shepherd'.

In the Catacombs you see the picture of Cain and Able bringing their sacrifices, and here also in the background you see a serpent very dimly. Noah and the Ark are pictures as is Abraham's offer of Sacrifice of Isaac, and you see Jonah and the gourd vine and also the picture story of Moses and the burning bush, and then also Moses striking the ROCK as the Israelites wandered thru the wilderness. David and his sling are pictured as is also the Star of Bethlehem. Then we see the visit of the Wisemen as they came to the BABE. A little further along you find the picture story of the Baptism of YAHSHUA (Jesus) and the Light of Spirit coming in the form of a Dove. A little further and you are looking at the choosing of the Fishermen (disciples). And even the Last Supper is pictured. In fact the whole Biblical story is shown with the many symbols which mark a race. The Denial of Christ by Peter is pictured as well as pictures of Peter's suffering. Pilate is also shown washing his hands, and Jesus is pictured wearing a Crown of Thorn's.

In many pictures in the Catacombs we see boxes of Books just as we saw when studying the Brethren of the Rose Cross. These boxes of books were as tho telling us there are many books which should be studied to acquire the whole story. And then we see The Christ shown as Judge as outlined in Revelation 20:12...'And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened; and another book was opened which is the book of Life; and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.'

Now; in all the 'Art' of the Catacombs..those searching and recording found not one picture of otherwords no 'Hell'. Instead a Faith is pictured much more simple and direct than the Faith pictured by the theologians.

In one Mosaic we find The Christ seated between Peter and Paul. In front of them is a box of documents such as you see in many of the picture stories. The inscription here reads:...'Thou who art called THE SON, art also called the FATHER'...Yes, they knew who HE was.

Clement of Rome one of the early Christian fathers tells us that the Phoenix Bird which was also found in the Catacombs was the symbol of 'Resurrection and Eternal Life', it as well as the Swastika is the symbol of the family of YAHWEH in earth shown forth the relationship of the old religion to the new called Christianity.

As the Israelites marched and migrated in their destiny they called their symbols of who they were. In studying the history of Britain you find the Cross of St. George in England which was a Red Cross on a white ground. St. Andrew's Cross of Scotland was a white cross shaped like a Capital X on a blue ground, and the Blue remember was the color of the Israel nation. The Irish Cross was a Red Cross on a white ground...shaped like a capital X as well. The St. George and St. Andrews crosses were combined as the Cross of Christ. In the Ancient Hebrew:..'I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.' The word Alpha was written in the shape of St. Andrews Cross or as an X., where as the Tau (the last) was written in the shape of St. George's Cross. As the first Union Jack of Britain combined these three crosses as the Irish Cross of St. Patrick was added in 1801..thus the three formed then the Flag of The Christ.

Even the writers such as Sir. Walter Scott called attention to the heritage of a race as he recorded:......


'Unless the fates be faithless grown,

And Prophet's voice be vain

Where in is found the Sacred stone

The Wanderer's Race shall reign.'


Read again Genesis 49:24., in the King James Version:...'From thence is the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel.' In the Ferrah Fenton version:..'From whom is Israel's guardian stone?' Where then do we obtain our symbols, these symbols which mark our race? Who then when understanding can doubt this Identity picture we have been painting? Always look backward for understanding, for we seem to have lost that vision. And doubt not these symbols which the different tribes carried, for always there seems to be more and more to find. The Tribe of Dan were the way-makers, and you know their main symbols, which were a serpent, a horse and rider, and an Eagle on a staff, but did you also know that at times you find the Tribe of Dan under the symbol of a white horse standing by an OLIVE tree, and yes a serpent is in the picture...always for they were well aware of the cause of the fall and the desolator. Recopying the many symbols helps in understanding the symbolism of the Scriptures, and the depth of the promises as our Heavenly Father corrects our world and sets us on the path of the Restoration of all things. In the distant future we will then see everything back in its own order, after every knee has bowed and every tongue has proclaimed..'He who is called the SON is also the Father'...just as those who carved their messages in the Catacombs proclaimed almost 2000 years ago.

Oh! you say, but the suffering of our people has been so bad, surely there could have been another way? No, where do we find you were promised a 'Rose Garden' as you volunteered to come, but the experience of some in every generation has been more than other perhaps for a purpose. Besides even if your physical life is given you will know because of His Atonement follow HIM back thru the Stars to Home. 'But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall

mount up as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall run and not be faint.' Thus they mount up as Eagles..Isaiah 40:31., and 'As an Eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them and beareth them on her wings; so the LORD alone did lead him and there was no strange God with him.' (Talking of Jacob in Deuteronomy 31:11) We then can only ask:..YAHSHUA teach us to soar! Remember the Eagle is a symbol of Nobility. (Figure 8)

Great is this Biblical story in Symbolism as well as in the written Word. The Well Shaft in the Great Pyramid portrayed in symbolism..THE TEARING OUT OF THE NETHERWORLD...THAT CHAMBER OF DEATH., for the Adamic Race, for Adam's body went also with his spirit after The Christ had made ready the way of escape. Surely we should not turn blind eyes to these many examples of the Great Secrets of this mighty Book we call the Bible??



Do not fear the cutting knife,

Do not shrink in pain;

Let the red drops of thy life

Fall like bleeding rain.

That which thou to death dost give

Is the seed which yet shall live.


Do not fear the winter's breath,

Let the seed drop to the earth,

Everything laid down to death

Waits a resurrection birth.

Let the flower drop; on the thorn

Fairer glories shall be born.


Do not try to hold life's joys,

Or the past years golden store,

Love it is Who thus destroys,

To make room for so much more.

Love it is with radiant face,

Leading to a wealthier place.


Do not let self-pity breed

Bitterness, nor fierce regret.

These are worms which kill the seed,

And sad misery beget.

With a willing heart let go,

God will richer gifts bestow.


Learn the lesson fast or slow,

This is Heaven's law,

We must let the old things go,

To make room for much more.

We shall reap in some glad way,

Fairer joys than lost today. ( EM )


No, I did not write that....Jeanette found this 'The Higher Life' in some of her mother's things. We do not know who this EM is but thought you would enjoy.