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1. A simple Faith, Amazing Grace

2. The Scope of God's Grace (by: Wesley A. Swift)


Today we read and hear so much about 'The Holocaust'. This word.... Holocaust is a very mush misused word, it's meaning..a burnt sacrifice. It is not then to be used in connection with the Catastrophes which have effected the 'chosen people' in their migrations and occupation of the earth as they build His Kingdom. It is a Catastrophe therefore when people of the kingdom are caught in the Spider Web of the World Order, and suffer thru no fault of their own.

As we look back thru history we find this has happened time after time since Adam and Eve came into physical earth. Each generation seems to go thru such an experience which becomes a great educational process, not only for them but for those of the Race who begin to look for answers. We find that from somewhere these people always find the strength to walk ON in the path of their destiny. It seems that as these people face such catastrophes that they reach inside themselves for strength to walk on, and they do it without a great 'Wail' of complaint.

Looking back in history to the time of the even called 'The Trail of Tears' the Comanche..these so called Indians..were moved from their homes we see that once more the Historians failed to identify a people. We outlined for you in tape # 35., the coming of some of the Manasseh people into Central America then on into these United States from Mexico. We have also told you that there were many so called 'Indians'...whole tribes of them who were actually Aryans who had come to this land of America, in fact some of them had come even before the time of the Birth of The Christ. These Aryans were forced to go tribal to protect themselves as well as to obtain food for their survival thus became called 'Indians' by the Historians altho at times described as blond, fair haired and blue-eyed.

If you were on our tape list at that time you will recall the August Newsletter of 1984. This was a report on that so called 'Lost' English Colony. We brought you the story as to that mystery being solved. It seems that the people of the British Colony had joined other white people near them who were mis-numbered with the Indians. Thus we find that there were many Aryans back in that time of our history that were caught in such types of situations and were lost to view of the Historians.

With this in mind we look at what happened to the Cherokees and we realize from an Identity point of view just who these people were, these so called 'Indians'. People in this division of the Cherokee tribe had fine homes which had been theirs for 50 years. They had furniture in their homes which had come from the old country. They had their own tribal laws and had obtained quite civilization in the south-eastern areas of the United States before that area became the state of Georgia.

Here in the summer of 1989 we have again a story about the catastrophe which took place in connection with these so called Indians of the Cherokee Nation. This is written as a novel, by a great, great grandson of the boy who walked down that 'Trail of Tears'. The Novel..'No Resting Place' by William Humphrey gives us who write from an Identity point of view more insight into just who were these so called Indians. The author did much research as well as recalling the traditions and stories of his ancestors, thus this is a most interesting book to read for it adds to our knowledge of just who these people really were, who we find caught in this catastrophe of 'The Trail of Tears'.

From their beliefs, their traditions, their way of life we from this Identity point of view identify the main group of the Cherokees as Aryans. There were of course, as in other Indian tribes, a division of Asiatic Indians and those who were a mixture of the two, thus you must identify people and point out this difference if you are to understand history.

Ignorance being considered as 'bliss' most people would rather not recall what has happened to other people since it did not effect them. We see this happen time after time as False Shepherds use their influence to change the course of history. Looking back we find the False Shepherds were to be found using their influence in these United States even from our beginning as a nation, and before. However the Chief of the Cherokee, according to our author, had saved the life of Andrew Jackson on March 27, 1814 and the Cherokee Nation then felt that now with such a friend in Washington D.C., surely they would receive a fair hearing and save their homes, their way of life. Thus they appealed thru the courts, for surely justice prevailed in the courts here in these United States?

In the Novel..'No Resting Place', we see that a minister came from Scotland answering as the thought 'the call' to SAVE the Indians. Imagine his surprise as he arrived to minister to these people to find they had a very Ancient civilization, with a tribal government, altho they were now denied the rights of citizenship here in the state of Georgia. This minister could not understand such treatment of these people after he had appraised the situation, and he was heard to say:...(quote) 'Where are the Indians?' He learned that these so called 'Indians' were even forbidden to dig for gold which had been recently found on their own land. He then wondered, could this be the reason for the denial of their civilization? After all it has always been the LOVE of gold which caused men to do many evil things. Could this be the reason men were in the process of using their power to force these people from their land, their homes, with the U.S. Government now inclined to help in the process?

Here in this part of Georgia there were no feathered headdresses, no wigwams, no colorful costumes, no beaded moccasins, thus just where were the Indians? Here this minister from Scotland found there had been a church, a school, a grocer, a dry goods merchant, a chemist, a print shop, a Doctor, and even a newspaper with correspondence with some people in Europe. All of these places were now shut down because these people were labeled as 'Indians'. Now; these Cherokee people along with the other Indians of this area of the South east portion of the United States were to be moved to the west. But in this section of the Cherokee Nation they found large clapboard houses which were set back from the streets. The houses had wide verandas, and beautiful furnishings on the inside. Little girls at play in this area were fair of skin with golden curls and wearing pinafores and buckle shoes. Here were little tow headed boys more decently dressed than the urchins back in Edinburgh Scotland from whence the Minister came. Here were such names as:..McIntosh, Dinsmore, Ferguson, Duncan, Ross, Stuart, and Cameron to name a few, thus where were the Indians?

The first pastoral duty of the Reverend Mackenzie called for the baptism of a boy..Amos Ferguson, who was about 12 years of age. This was a sand haired youngster with fair skin, blue eyes and freckles. And this turned out to be quite an education for the minister. The boy insisted on being baptised in a certain spot where two rivers came together to make one big river. The boy insisted on this spot because as he said:...he was also two in one. This the minister did not understand...even tho the boy had two names..the one in school was Amos Ferguson, but in his home he had another name which was Noquisc..meaning 'Bright Star'. The Reverend Mackenzie tried to explain the 'Holy Trinity'...father, son, and Holy Ghost to this boy but since he had just accepted but did not quite understand himself he was having difficulties in his explanation and he stumbled in explaining just how these three were actually not three Almighties..but the boy interrupted saying:..(quote) 'Sir this is quite clear to me..The Almighty is three in ONE, and ONE in three.' (unquote) This the boy had been taught by his grandfather as he taught him the story of creation and the early history of his people. But since they were now classed as Indians and their land to be given to others who would believe that here was a group of the 'chosen people', who had not mixed to any great extent with the darker skinned Indians. These Cherokees had prided themselves with maintaining their race and heritage. A few had fallen to the race mixing scheme but those who fell had then joined the dark skinned people of their tribe.

At one time the newspaper 'The Phoenix' had been quite a publication. However this had also been destroyed,..after all why would Indians have any connection with western Europe..was the question of a blinded people? The 'Phoenix' had published an article entitled...'Remarkable fulfillment of Indian prophecy'..which read:..(quote) 'Our elder brother will settle around you, and then will ask you that you sell to him. He will point you to the west, but there will be no rest for you even there.' (Unquote) After the publication of this prophecy in the Phoenix that newspaper was closed down for this prophecy was coming true. These people of this Cherokee Nation had gathered knowledge like manna from heaven, which could be gleamed from the libraries in their homes, thus they had retained some knowledge of who they were and where they came from. There was much talk of blood... the white man's blood, red man's blood and mixed race blood, but in the past this had been quietly observed. The white Cherokee and the Red Cherokee had for years dwelt side by side with little mixing of the two. Each were proud of their heritage and obeyed the call of their tribe, when they assembled together six times each year, each part of the tribe maintained this separation. They played ball games with each other, ran footraces, had shooting matches, and danced night and day, but each maintained their place in the tribal council. Now; this was all to end, they were all driven out of their land. The floor to ceiling windows in the homes of the white Cherokee were now having their shutters closed. Their homes always painted every 5 years were now needing paint. This would have been the 10th., time their houses had been painted thus marking this civilization..back 50 years. Gone now were the seven branched scones from the hallways, the fine rugs from the floor, the marble topped tables. In the Libraries books still remained since they could not pack many to take with them as they left. Gone also was the fine porcelain figurines of Biblical characters..such as old world Shepherds and Shepherdess's. Gone was the bronze clocks with the statue of George Washington, all had been sold as they fought for their homes within the courts. They could not have been taken on the Trail west so they were sacrificed for the cause. Before long the houses, the land, barns, sheds, and cabins would have new owners. The property of the Dispossessed Cherokees would remain behind, after all you do not deport property.

What seemed to have caused this great concern was that the Cherokees had declared themselves to be a Nation within the boundaries of what was now a state, and this would not be allowed, in fact you cannot do that today.

The Choctaws, the Chickasaws and the Creek Indian tribes had sold out and moved west. The Seminole had fought in the Everglades, and lost, but the Cherokee had fought to save their land and homes in the white man's courts. They had tried to conform thru education and to dwell with the incoming colonists in peace, but this was not what some in power wanted. After all there was gold on the Cherokee land.

Even tho some of the Cherokee had obtained their education in William and Mary's college, and at the Academy in Philadelphia, this was not recognized as an identification of a people. They had before this always tutors for their children. Then came the Mission Schools and now all the children were to be mixed together. Universal education so they said would break down class barriers. We today recognize this as the program of Satan's children who manipulate Blind Shepherds even some of our own race. The idea is to mix all people, and you will do away with these 'chosen people' before they realize who they are.

The Georgia constitution had been amended so that the tribal government of the Cherokees was abolished, then it was decided that the Cherokees would not be allowed to assemble even for religious gatherings. Any Cherokee who advised another not to emigrate to the west was now to be imprisoned. All contracts between the Cherokee and the new settlers was not to be nullified, and the Cherokees were also forbidden to testify in court against other whites. Those bent upon the dispossession of the Cherokees held the power, and these people were to be herded from their land to join those who had gone before them to the west. The Cherokee were considered the 'diehards' of this situation, as they were the last of the Indian tribes to go west. They had fought to the last thru the courts, and then had appealed to the government in Washington D.C., but back came the order to prepare for the removal of these people from their land.

The first contingent of the Cherokee were already packed and they started their migration, with their wagons and what possessions they could manage. Dr. Ferguson and his wife left with this group, but they left behind their young son to assist the Grandparents as they took the trail west. The Fergusons left here in the homeland then began to pack for this trip, and when almost completed one day the men came to measure the Ferguson land which was now to be divided up. The elderly Grandfather met them in his Kilt and Sporran possibly to impress them as to who he had been, but to us this shows his background and heritage. He served these men home made drinks on the Wide Veranda, and then escorted them into the dining room. Now there was not great Mahogany dinning table, no chairs, no silver, crystal or china...all was gone, even the Ancient portraits were gone from the walls, but you could see the outlines where once they had hung. The pride of this Grandfather would not admit defeat, thus he seated his guests on the floor, and food was served to them there.

Since the boy Amos had traveled with his Doctor father as he made his rounds, it was felt that young Amos would be of great assistance to the Grandparents and others on that trek to the west. This minister from Scotland who had come to serve these people decided that he would also go west with them and he and his wife were packing what was the bare necessity. Then the people were moved to a camp where they were being organized into a line of march, and those who did not come in to this camp voluntarily were finally bounded up like cattle and they came in with only the clothing on their backs, thus they started west without any provisions, not even blankets. The Government however had issued ONE blanket to a family, and there were to be government rations of salt pork and corn meal available.

The elderly Fergusons and their Grandson had paid a final visit to the family cemetery which contained the remains of Fergusons who had died here in the new world..stretching back in time over a century. But here they found that the graves had been violated, there were skulls, bones, coffin lids, and so forth lying on the ground. They stood in silence, the flowers they had brought fell from their hands, this was the last straw, now they were ready to leave this land forever for what kind of people would do this, were they looking for treasure among the dead??

The trek to the west now began, the wagons and carts were strung out for miles, the military commander and soldiers with the supply wagons were dispersed along the line of march. The last stragglers..40 in number now joined the line of march. They came walking 4 or 6 abreast, some carried staffs, some with packs on their backs. Mothers carried babies, fathers carried small children on their shoulders, while others were pulled along by hand. A stick woman was carried on a litter by her three sons. They joined the line of march without a pause, and then the soldiers were amazed as some began to sing and the whole line of march joined in their version of that song:...'Just as I am without one plea, But that thy blood was shed for me, that thou didst me come to thee...O Lamb of God I come.' They sang in English as well as in their native tongue and the soldiers were amazed at what was taking place. People of all colors of skin were now being brought in by the soldiers, they ranged from the purest white thru all shades or red, to deepest black, all were now in this line of march. A camp was then made so that one more sweep of the area could be taken. Here the people sat on the ground by day and slept there by night, in their marching position. This stop lasted for days and the people became dirty, disgusted and hungry. Here were people who were used to their daily bath. Who were now becoming dejected, and the Commander of this column wondered if they would rebel.

Finally in June when the heat was becoming intense they moved out once more on the trail with their cattle, hogs, chickens, and so forth which they thought to use for food. They had wagons for hauling feed for the livestock as well as drinking water and other provisions. Yet the trail was still difficult and they were then split into smaller groups since the more frail and elderly people kept dropping to the last of the column, they could no longer keep up with the soldiers and the oxen. A drought was occurring in the area they were moving thru and they were forced to use their provisions faster than they had anticipated. Then the people began dying and the trail was marked by the 'Cross' marked graves. Finally they reached the Tennessee river and they were forced once more to camp, to try to reorder the line of march, and to gather food supplies. Here they would stay until October before they would once more be able to continue westward.

The Reverend Mackenzie was busy helping to bury the dead as well as baptizing the new babies as they arrived. One baby boy was born after a difficult delivery, and then three days later the tiny baby died, and yet these people spoke of how GOOD GOD was to take the little son who did want to go west. The soldiers who were trying to be kind still cursed the men who had caused this great catastrophe to such a people. Always when things seemed almost unbearable the soldiers would then listen for out of the night would come the sound of singing such as:..'Amazing sweet the sound, which soothes a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I am found, was blind but now I see.'

A normal day on the trail would start with a blast from the bugle. One person took a first step and the people with the carts and wagons, then some on horseback would lead the way with the army wagons strung out thru the line of march, for these wagons would haul those to weak to walk, the trail being so rough all walked if possible but some simply had to ride in the wagons until their time to die.

Young Amos and his Grandfather became spokesman and interpreter for his people as well as councillor. Captain Donovan used the boy as interpreter since the people under this great strain were reverting to their Ancient language which the Captain could not understand. As the people passed the cross marked graves of some who had gone on the trail before them you would hear a low moan which would spread all thru this marching column. The name of Dr. Ferguson’s wife...the mother of Amos was on one of these markers and the boy was first to find it. The Grandparents seemed to lose strength as they stood by this cross marked grave. As days passed the other cross marked graves would be more numerous and the low moans would become deeper and the soldiers would once more curse the men of power who had caused this.

As the fall rains commenced this only added more misery for this marching column and after the rains they knew that winter would not be far behind. Then one day the rain turned to sleet, the dust of the trail turned to mud..freezing mud and still these people marched on, but each days march got shorter and shorter, they could not go any further and the Captain stopped pushing them onward. One evening Amos returned to the Ferguson camp to find his Grandmother failing fast. Grandfather had been using his strength to keep her moving and had even used his own blanket this evening to try to keep her warm. Amos and Grandfather stripped the muddy shoes and stockings from her legs, they must find a way to stop the shivering. Then Grandmother began to sin:..'Oh Lamb of God I come, I come'..and both the men knew she was ready to die. She was not going to have to walk any further down this 'Trail of Tears.' Grandmother Ferguson was now at rest under one of these crosses that lined this trail on both sides. Young Amos then realized that Grandfather Ferguson had now lost his will to live. He talked constantly about his wife, how she had been a Cameron, one of those who had come from overseas to escape persecution..a Comanche yes, of the pure bloods. Grandfather talked these nights of how beautiful his wife was the first time that he saw her. It seemed to his Grandson that now his mind was always in the past.

A wagon now followed this marching column at a distance..small pox had entered the picture. The boy and the minister read the Doctor book that his father had left to try to find some way of helping these people. They heard the people cry, not because of thier hardships, not because they were tired and cold, and their bodies ached, no they cried for their lost homeland, for their lost lives, and the further west they came, the greater the pain, but the boy and the minister could not seem to find a way to help this heartbreak. Grandfather Ferguson was now feeling this stress more than those who had not left someone in a 'Cross' marked grave. Winter was now upon them and their supplies were running low, they were forced to kill the oxen which pulled the carts just to stay alive. Now everyone was on foot except those who took their turn in the army wagons such as the sick and dying.

The weather turned cold and now the soldiers were also walking after hoisting a weaker person into the saddle and even wrapping them in their own blankets. But the most demoralizing to these marching people was the death of the children. Their SEED was being planted in holes along this trail. As parents had died then other always picked up the small children and struggled on, but now the dying was taking the children. Yes, they reasoned that surely these 'chosen' were finding their way home, and there must be a purpose in all this, but then death as they understood it was always the backdoor to home, and after the suffering here then they expected Glory. The minister could no longer believe in this theory of the fires of hell as he had been taught, for what about the innocent? He could not believe that these people were going anywhere but HOME.

Then the weather turned bitter, and the people could simply go no further, and camp was made. Soldiers were sent to hunt for fresh meat. Captain Donavan used the government money to buy any food available. From the nearest town he bought out an entire dry goods store, and the people made tents out of any fabric available. Even the dead were no more buried in their blankets, there were given to those still living. In the Ferguson division of this march which started with 1500 people, there were now 700 with a Dr's son as their only doctor. The minister worked with the boy among the living and the dead, and at times the minister wondered if he was God's recruiting officer. Young Amos Ferguson had only his memory of what he had seen his father do as well as this book of Medicine his father had left with him and he poured over this book at night trying to find some way to help his people.

Finally the night came when the minister kept another Midnight vigil. No need to plead for her soul, for he knew his wife Nell would not need this, thus he helped her pray that she could just go home. She had followed her husband down this trail of torture, and now she would rest in one of those 'Cross' marked graves, having experienced the suffering could the Glory be far behind? As the weather signaled that spring was not far behind, the people realized that the rest of the trail would been a bit easier, and then began to wonder if their Cherokee prophet could be wrong, were they really coming to the end of the migration trail??

Yes, in the story the boy Amos found his father eventually and did not need to be told that his mother was gone for he had found her 'cross' marked grave beside that 'Trail of Tears'. His Grandfather had lost the will to live before this and the boy had prepared for another 'cross' marked grave...Grandfather would soon be joining his wife who he had left further back on the Trail and the boy knew that this was what he wanted to do.

Yes, we find from the Identity point of view that these white Cherokee were Aryan people caught in this web of the World Order, they like the Delaware and other so called Indians were caught in the web of circumstances from which there was no escape until they went home. As you review history you find many of these disasters in the lives of those of this Race. The problem is that most of our race seems not to realize that they are here for a purpose, and they do not then realize even what comes after the suffering, altho they are looking for something better. Yet even back in that time of history which we have been studying we heard those so called 'Indians' singing of this 'Amazing Grace' which they were looking forward to, and they their Father, as they moved under His Wing...going Home. Somewhere out there among the stars is where they believed they were going altho they did not quite understand just how they were going to get there. They were sure they were going because they believed that they were two people in ONE. Their Faith was so much more simple, and meaningful than that which theology has fastened upon our people. This was a simple faith which had been handed down from one generation to another. They had received the knowledge of the Birth of their Savior gladly. They accepted this fact as the simple fulfillment of prophecy. They did not create any barriers to this simple faith, and they learned the hymns which enforced their faith, or they created hymns that enforced their faith and they had their version of the song..Amazing they struggled to fulfill their destiny.

The Novel..'No Resting Place' is full of history, and we recommend it as good reading, and this book can be found at the book store. But as you read remember the outline of which Indian tribes contained Aryan people, and it will be much more interesting reading. Remember also that such catastrophe as this has happened before and after that even as well to these people of the race. Remember that the southern people of the United States were the Aristocrats of our race as a move was made to wipe them out after the Civil War. This is just an on going war between the people of the kingdom and the people of the kingdom of darkness. It seems that some people of this race have suffered more than others, but still each group rises to the occasion, and they struggle on. Each generation plays its part while caught here in this net of the World Order, as they occupy and wait for deliverance. As the going becomes rough then each will sing:..'Oh, Lamb of God..I come, I come.' This seems to have been better understood by our ancestry for they believe in this Grace that was not something earned, rather something given. This carried them thru the catastrophe which they suffered.

Today there are hard choices we sometimes are forced to make, and if we feel sorry for ourselves then we need to look backward in time to see how some of the race handled such situations, then we will struggle on for there is to be an end to the suffering and after that...the Glory.

AMAZING GRACE...the scope of this Grace to a race, and to the Dr. Wesley A. Swift.

There are many things we must understand as we look out over this world torn by strife. We see this great struggle between the powers of Righteousness and the powers of darkness, and as we view this struggle we think of the Scope of God's Grace to His kingdom and to the world. This word... Grace..relates to the nature of our Father, thus there is nothing more important than for you to know and to understand the nature of our Father.

We would then point out that the Eternal Father had a purpose, and a plan, and when He does what He wants to do, then a great amount of things which He is carrying out, and that which HE bestows on you...that which He has promised to do for you is utterly dependent upon HIM, without any condition, or decision upon your part, without any ability on your part to stop it...this is what we refer to as GRACE.

There is something that all theology must embrace, and what the people of His kingdom must understand. Also His people must understand that all things have been known unto The Father from the beginning. Remember also that Righteousness is going to triumph, altho this does not separate you from this struggle you are in, or the experiences you are going thru. Just remember that there is no condition which effects temptation hurled at you, by the forces of darkness which He does not know about. In all these situations HE has made an escape for you, and eventually triumph will come for His Kingdom. The Omniscience which He possesses understands and knows all things. He knows, and He feels these things because He Himself also took a body of flesh so as to be as the Bible tells us:...'Just like unto his kinsmen'. He thus can know all things and feel them as well as you feel and know. He however has already triumphed, and as the Second Adam...without transgression..for He was the Lamb without spot or blemish.

We would point out to you that YAHWEH promised to restore back to this process called salvation..this Glory which you had with HIM before the world was framed. This Glory you came into the world enveloped with as you emerged as Adamic children is what we are talking about. This Great Salvation for His Race requires a restoration to your physical being now embodied in earth, all the Glory of Celestial children. However this is something you cannot earn. This is Amazing is it not, if you are not familiar with His plan, but this GRACE is something you should understand..this is ALL THOSE THINGS WHICH YAHWEH BESTOWS UPON YOU BECAUSE 'YE ARE GOD'S, but you did not have anything to do with this as far as determining whether you receive it or not. As you understand this fact then you will know that God is Sovereign, and He does as HE pleases, and HE pleases to do good. As you understand this then you will realize that GRACE is absolutely unmerited LOVE..Unmerited Favor.

You, lots of times, hear people say that the blessings of God come because of their keeping the works of the Law...but absolutely not, as far as the restoring of Glory, and the promises of the Father which come to you...If this were the way you received 'ALL THINGS' God will bestow on you, then you would be able to say...'I earned it.' From that viewpoint you haven't earned anything for these are just things that come to you because you fulfill the law. There are covenants, one if a covenant of the law, and this covenant was not given to any other race, it was only given to Israel. Why? Because you were to live here in earth as you establish His kingdom. This was the laws of administration, and the rituals of that law ruled from Moses to Christ then the rituals of the law were nailed to the Cross.

Now; there were many of the Race under condemnation because of disobedience to the law. No man seemed to be able to keep the law to perfection. The Apostle Paul tells us that 'All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God', and this also included the people who did not possess the law. In fact they had no knowledge of sin until they came in contact with Israel, and learned this knowledge of transgression of law. People don't like this little word..sin..but we just as well use it because it is such a simple world to describe transgression of the law. Sin then is violation of Divine Law, of the way God put the Universe together, the way He made things. Sin is a violation of how men should live. It is a violation of all the principals of morality, of ethics, and of the laws of science, the laws of conscious existance. When we deal with Agriculture law, or the chemical law of the things we digest, or the things we take into our bodies, these are laws of things as God created them. They are fixed laws, they are laws of facts, and when God gave the law He said it was good. But when we speak of GRACE then the Grace which God extends to you is not something you have earned, or done. We want you to know that out of the fullness of the heart comes a deep appreciation, and more praise unto the Father for what He has done for you and me, and this you did not earn, He did it for you, because of His own nature. The full appreciation of all He has done will come when you more fully understand this amazing thing we call Grace to a Race.

If we were to look upon the fact of what we have received, and what God is still going to do with us as something earned then we would fall far below the standard of what HE has proposed for us. In these situations we face here in the flesh, we do not realize the measure of His Grace, but this GRACE is something God does because He want to do it.

In the Book of Jude this is pointed out for us:..'Now unto HIM that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of HIS own Glory, with exceeding joy.' In otherwords HE determined to do all these things. You cannot come 'faultless' before HIS presence but HE can bring you there with joy..for Himself. His desire then is your elevation to the restored level of the Glory of Sonship in the Spirit. He just says this is what He is going to do.

HE does this without conditions, or judgments or hells, or any kind of a torture chamber. Those ideas came out of medieval superstitions and false religions of a Satanic world. This is not what you are saved from. This Salvation comes from the fact that you are short of power, short of life, short of Glory, in fact short of all those things which prevent you from accomplishing the destiny which you were sent here to accomplish. You are thus saved from transgression of law, and error until you turn and do the things which are right and constructive. Thus 'HE came to save his people from their sins.' HE didn't come to save them from Himself, or from the imaginations of man concerning HIS preference. There are different types of Salvation which reach out to the ends of the earth, and we can show you that there is not a race upon the earth which God's Salvation does not reach out to, or that He will not in time adjust. He in fact will reconcile 'ALL' things unto HIMSELF. This my friends is GRACE..however it does not change the status of being.

The reality of God's GRACE to HIS Kingdom is one of the most important things we can understand. If you will turn to the Book of John, these words become more valuable predicated upon previous statements that Jesus has made. He said:..'I have come..Incarnate God..I come as a Shepherd would come. I come into the world as a father, and now I am in a body of physical flesh.' The Book of Hebrews tells us that HE came in this body of flesh, like unto that which His children now in earth occupied. And while here HE said:..'I come for the Lost Sheep (of the House of Israel). This takes on significance because of His coming only to Israel. The GRACE of God to His sheep was thus the giving to them of Eternal Life because the violation of the principals of Life He had given them had brought them death of the physical body. Whether you like it or not there was something that descended upon the nature of your race, upon the physical bodies, and the physical nature which then passed on to all the descendants of Adam, and continues to this day. This has worked within the members of the bodies of Adam's family, and this is called Transgression. It is a factor which exists within you, a certain condition which makes you leap toward the positive which does all things right. We are thus told that with this transgression both sin and death passed on to the sons of Adam and this existed down to the time of The Christ. These two existed however before the law and after the rituals of the law. I want you to know that even in the midst of the close proximity to that Divine structure that God the Father came down to talk to Adam. And He renewed His promise He is going to restore, to give unto his race the Glory which belonged to the Adamic Race, and the He would crush the head of the Serpent..this is Destiny, and HE promised Restoration..but this my friends is God's business.

Now; the law was given to Israel, the law was codified, the law was good. The keeping of the law however is not something you do as a condition for receiving Salvation. We want you to know that Salvation for Adam's Race is..spiritual restoration of Glory..the entrance into the dimensions of spirit...this comes by GRACE not by law.

Now; the law was a mighty handbook of Divine WILL. It is important for your walk thru Destiny. If you do not obey the law you suffer the consequences. It is intended that this law move thru HIS children, HIS kingdom with HIM making this institution work until the whole world lives by the authority of the law, from one end of the earth to the other..until people live in adjustment with the Lord God who made all things. And now you are to remember that God bestowed upon His Race..GRACE..AND AS YOU TURN TO THE DECLARATIONS OF THE VASTNESS OF GRACE then understand from what the Apostle Paul makes clear that the whole of God's purpose for those who are HIS Saints, HIS believing offspring, those of HIS household..that by His own plan..His purpose this all falls into the category of Predestination, of Sovereignty, this is what God determined to do..this is..AMAZING GRACE, and you had nothing to do with any of it. HE predestined things to be done, you just receive and function within this process. He wrote your name down in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. He predestined you to fulfill the patterns of the image of His own Glory before you were born into this world. These are Facts...they are the things that HE said. Grace thus is just a part of the structure of God's program, a part of the facts of the Christian Faith. The Great purposes of God are thus unveiled, and some of these facts are as yet mysteries. It is a LIGHT..a spiritual story which has been hidden away, but God is going to 'is the Christ in you which is the Hope of Glory'. This is also the hope of the entire world for it is in you and by you that God intends to fulfill His purpose.

Oh! you say:...but Christ is the hope of the world. Yes, and He is also the creator, the master, the Eternal Father. HE is the Light of Life in you..and that is the Hope of Glory. It is also the Glory and the Majesty which was on the face of The Christ that is in you..this is a mystery, yet the Apostle Paul with his great understanding tells of this mystery.

Some will try to tell you that Faith is not Grace, but it was the Grace of God which imputed it to Abraham. It was not something that Abraham did by keeping the law, it was just that Abraham believed God, so it was imputed to him for Righteousness. You and I are the children of Abraham and if you believe God you please Him, for without Faith it is impossible to please HIM, but we have not in anyway forestalled HIS purpose.

The Apostle Paul said:...'Since HE hath predestined these things, HE has called you, and justified and glorified you so what shall we say:...'If God be for us, who can be against us?' HE did not spare His own embodied Life, but delivered Himself up for us, so that He would be able to freely give us all things. HE paid the price because the price of sin was death. I think this is significant because we should remember the facts surrounding this price:..'The wages of sin is death'..'But the Gift of God is Eternal Life'. In this instance HE declares that since HE has accomplished this for us, since HE did not spare Himself, then who can lay any charge against you. Who can lay any charge against any of His race after He has chosen us and justified us by HIS GRACE.

As Peter was writing His Epistle he revealed a mystery...'Ye are the Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father who set us apart by His Spirit. He predestinated us under the obedience of the sprinkling of the atoning blood of Jesus Christ...Grace be unto you, and Peace unto you'...when you understand this because this is the purpose of the Eternal.

The final development into the Glory of God, the great and tremendous purpose of what God has in store for not my friends something that you have earned. This is what HE bestows out of HIS GRACE..because of HIS Love for you. This has not however separated you from the fact that He has written the laws in your heart. One of the Spiritual transitions of a new era was to take these people (Israel) who had the law before them, as a pattern...and put it within them until they would understand, by the Spirit, and want to do the thing which is right. Not thru Fear, not to just earn a reward but because it is a part of their nature to do that which is right. God would never be satisfied with service thru fear. He would never build a kingdom upon such a foundation. There is a law more powerful than the law of fear, and that is the secret of Great Powers, this is the 'law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus which hath made me free from the law of sin and death.'

It is within this concept that we are told of the might conquest in this climax of the age, in which the sons of God, thru their manifestations are going to show forth Light and Life. The vibrations of creation are wailing with expectations for a better day. They are going to behold the manifestations of the sons of God as God's GRACE descends upon them, and charges them with Light and Life of Life until even death is overthrown..laid aside.

We are to understand that there is coming a great and tremendous hour which ushers in the greatest wave of Kingdom development, in the twinkling of an eye, as Christ Himself rejoins His Household, His family. Then the Kingdom shall swing into place with tremendous power and there shall be no more death for the kingdom, no more cross marked graves. As far as the kingdom is concerned that is the climax, and in that hour we are going to find that each of HIS children are going to think as He thinks and know as He knows. And while waiting for that time we want you to understand your relationship with HIM. He gave you the job of building His kingdom..that program has not changed. He put HIS church in the heart of the kingdom, but it was not to set the kingdom aside. It was to give power and life to the work of the kingdom, it was to help the kingdom do its work. The Life of the Kingdom is God's Spirit..nothing else. The secret is that the spirit of the Celestial children here in a physical world shall accomplish God's purpose. The reason why therefore is that you are the children of HIS GRACE, and have already been charged by His Mercy. This is not conditional, He is not taking back what He has promised. He is not going to throw aside His redemption because this is His possession...He redeemed Israel. But by writing the laws in your heart, then as you fulfill the laws you will create the condition which the keeping of the Holy Law and the Holy commandments bring about.

The Law if Holy, the Commandments are Holy, but men my friends do not have their Sonship and their Glory by obedience to that law which is HOLY. It is by the GRACE OF THE FATHER WHO IS HOLY, AND WHO GIVES IT TO YOU THAT BRING HIS SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO THEIR LOST GLORY.

Someone said:..Do you believe in Eternal security? Well, there is no other security is there?...'I have given you Eternal Life, and you shall never perish' you understand and know this part of the Covenant and the atonement then you have no fear.

Now: if you understand GRACE you will then accept all that the Christ had done, and you do not have any self condemnation, no self judgment resting on you, and you will say no more:..'I am not worthy..I can't have it..this is not for me.'

This is however not effected by the thoughts of men, this rests upon the promises of the Father which is always good. Whether men understand it or not the great moving force in a physical creation, the whole physical Universe hangs on just what has happened. Every individual Christian, every one of your race hang on what happened in that one Great event..which is Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection. In that Atonement, the blood atonement was freedom for every one of the Adamic Race, every one of the children of God, for HE took your place and you are not free by that work which HE wrought, not by anything that you have earned.

It is the responsibility of the people of the Kingdom of God with the knowledge they possess, not because it pleases the Father to build that which HE wants to build, because they are a part of the very heritage that HE is building. are then free by that WORK that HE wrought, not by anything that you have earned. But it is the responsibility of those in the kingdom of God, thru the knowledge they now obtain that which has already been obtained, because they want to please the Father, and they want thus to build what HE wants built. You my friends are a part of this, it is your inheritance, you are the one receiving it. This is your field of life and living that you are developing.

Therefore, let me point out to you that in this great Nation of God's Kingdom we have a very conscious responsibility to our children, to this family which exists in earth, to our Household, to the fact that we are the children of the Father to realize that this is our heritage, that we are a Kingdom of Priests..because we are progeny. As such we want our nation to be occupied with people who are our kinsmen. This may seem to some who do not understand the distinction between the World Order and the Kingdom of God with its Nations and its people, this race of Destiny..but this is the message which the church should proclaim as it teaches the truth of God to the ends of the earth.

Now; I want all men to come to the knowledge of God, When every knee will bow, and we also want every man to get into proper adjustment with HIM... but we do not design to violate the principal of the Holy law by a system of mental gymnastics trying to transplant a new position on those who God created by intermingling them with our race, by mongrelizing our society, and violating the intent and principals of Gods economic laws by letting strangers who hate Jesus Christ decide our Destiny. Every once in a while someone so bound up by interpretations will deny God his own right to be God. He will say:..I don't want people to hear that type of Gospel. He would like to see his people still in the throes of Babylon through out the years to come. He would not understand why it is that a great nation, here where more people worship than in any other nation on the face of the earth... why you are taxed...with a great burden to help people who hate your God. He would never think to correct that situation.

Considering how blind we have been as to our Destiny and concerning the laws of God still Our Father has dealt with us with GRACE..and still protects us in this hour. If we had maintained the principals of the law in its fullness we would never have permitted strangers to come into this nation to begin with, and to settle here. We would never have let them gain control of our economy. We would never have permitted them to teach in our schools. Today there is depravity, degeneration, immorality, and disrespect for parents sown into your race and into your schools and into your colleges by these strangers who came in..and yet God told us not to let them come into our society.

Now; God is not punishing you because he is displeased,..your punishment comes from violation the wisdom which HE gave you. HE by HIS GRACE has kept His Spirit poured out upon you to keep you alive until a great percentage of our children don't believe these people who teach them because of the Spirit in them, which is guiding them further than the instructor. A child came home from school, from a class for 8 year olds, and told his mother that the teacher said:..'I don't believe in God'..the youngster then thinks that there must be something wrong with the teacher because his mother taught him about God when he was little. Thus this is the responsibility of the parent to keep the children in contact with the true church, with the spiritual law, and with spiritual truth until something develops in them which is like a great wall against evil. A lot of people think they have no responsibility to assemble or associate themselves with spiritual things, or to raise their children completely outside of spiritual things and of course this spiritual veil of protection which would descend upon them as they develop naturally but they are not beyond the GRACE OF GOD to deal with His kingdom family. They may have grown up without proper nourishment or this portion which comes from soul development but even as a youth they will know error when it comes from an adult. Unfortunately we have today the catastrophe which exists in some fields of theology where in a child can be sent to church and not be instructed properly. But this is also a part of prophecy of our the falling away first which has taken place. We are thus ready for the restoration where the great and mighty purposes of God are going to be demonstrated thru His awakening sons, thru his charged and powerful children.

We have been going thru some very unusual and prophetic incidents which many people don't even realize. But God made this very clear that there is only one set of weights and measures, and just standards. He made it very clear that we are not to evaluate the life and the blessings, and the creative wealth He has bestowed upon us, by the standards of Babylon. The economic and degenerate philosophy of the powers of darkness symbolized by that term..Babylon has sought to maneuver you and draw all men into this trap of the love of money which is the root of all evil. They therefore have tried to make of money a commodity, and they use it, and God knew they would use this method, thus He warned you that this is the strategy of the kingdom of darkness.

I want to tell you something which is a matter of fact. When your Nation was formed with its constitution, with the articles of Confederation you lent to the states as they accepted the constitution, these same powers. You laid out the laws to govern your society, and you established the power of the Congress to coin money and fix its value, with its one set of weights and measure. But from the beginning the enemy was trying to worm their way in and get hold of your economy and your Nation. They did get that hold and still maintain it to this day. They have taken your God, your silver and have inflated your dollar and taken away your power. But get this clear, gold or silver has no value except as a coin, and that value is just what men impute to it. But the great strength of God's blessings, in the things men produce with standards which are just, must be able to exchange through out the times to come, when you have economic trouble. These are laws, the things that govern this are all tied up in the laws of the Universe. All these depressions and economic problems all this strife and your lack of accomplishment is because you have let the children of Satan in violation of the principals, of law, move into your society and leave their burdens on you.

You say...but what has this to do with the GRACE OF GOD, and the Kingdom? Well, you should be thankful that God has given you intelligence, initiate as well as other things. He has given you the bounty of the land which He delivered into your hands, that you have been developing with its vastness of resources, until you have been able to give more to yourselves, produce more for yourselves under His bounty, than anyone else on the face of the earth, even while the parasites were taking more from you than from anyone else.

Now; I want you to understand that this is not the restoration of your Glory..this bountiful blessing..this is not the manifestation of His sons, with great power..which is supposedly a miracle. This is the operation of the kingdom which has to operate on the basis of truth. This His dedicated sons daughters are going to bring it back. You are going to see in the proper the GRACE OF GOD charges His sons for their own benefit, and for the work of the kingdom.

One of these days there will be no Cainanites in the House of God, no strangers in our Nation except they come to visit. You won't have to worry about your sons being marched off to war to battles which bring only benefit to the enemy. You are going to see the earth ruled over by righteousness. And we tell you that this righteousness will move out of your life like the waters of THAT STREAM OF LIFE which Jesus said came out of His innermost being.

I want you to know that the work on Calvary was in the purpose and plan of the Father, it is finished, no one can add to or take away from this finished work in the plan of the Father before the foundation of the world. That was consummated in His intent purpose as it took place.

We who believe in the Kingdom program know there will be no loss, and we know the climax of the program, we know this is an absolute. However this does not eliminate us from our responsibility, from our racial self respect. It has not separated us from the Destiny which God has decreed, and for the kingdom we are going to build from one end of the earth to the other, and we never will let go of that Destiny ever again. That is your Destiny, and under this flag, and behind that Cross which gives it vital life we will succeed. The process of evil will be chastised if obstructive, and eliminated if they would destroy, but not beyond the GRACE of God to deal with each in their own sphere.

God's Spirit does all these things and His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are His children. When we look into His face we can say:...'Our Father'. If YAHSHUA-Jesus were to walk into this auditorium everyone of you could stand and look HIM in the Face. It would not please HIM if you could not do this because as you look HIM in the face you can say:..Father I am Justified by your works.

With this in mind let us do the things God has ordained for our development which is establish His Kingdom in earth. Let us acknowledge this Amazing Grace of Our Father for His children and thru them for His world.