ERM - Tape 091 - The Mayan Factor, a path beyond Technology





Subjects: 1. The Mayan Factor, a path beyond Technology.

(The words in ( ) are by E.M. expressing her thoughts.)

This book review is by a modern author and it contains many Ancient suggestions. Much has been written about the Maya Civilization in Central America, and also we have told you about the people of the tribe of Manasseh who came into that area long before the Birth of The Christ. From Archaeology we have outlined the civilization in South America in the time of and shortly after the Golden Age in the time span of Enoch the Adamite who obeyed so perfectly that he went home without seeing death. In this interpretation of the Mayan Factor by our author there are things which no doubt would shock our modern thinkers. In our culture today, as only modern History is read, anything old has been outdated as not worth your time and effort. Knowledge, especially of Ancient things is considered not worth possessing.

Our author then suggests that any vision of the Universe which does not shock us, is without value to us, and perhaps he is right. The Ancients believed that the earth, sun Galaxies, the Universe, everything everywhere is alive and intelligence and purpose, that there is life only on this planet of ours, that is all. Our author thus wonders if we can find the courage to shake ourselves away from that delusion, and find the way to learn the truth of the Universe. (We suggest that you should start with the knowledge of earth first. When you understand the Identity of the people of earth then you can start to understand their purpose in the plan of the Almighty. In that process you throw out the theory of evolution.)

According to our author these people called the 'Maya' were a people of a different cultural aim, which required a different development of consciousness. (If you were to understand that these people were from the tribe of Manasseh..and from this Kingdom of would understand this different development of consciousness he is talking about. They seemed to have retained some of their knowledge of who they were and their purpose here in the earth.)

Our Author thus recognizes that part of the people called the Maya had a particular thinking ability not found elsewhere in the people of Central America. The Maya, he tells us, had a belief that each era had its special quality given to it by the Divine mind. The Maya's felt they were engaged with the mind of the sun, altho the modern scientists have relegated this belief to the 'Fairy Tale' bin. (From an Identity point of view we believe the Maya used the symbol of the Sun as the symbol of YAHWEH their Eternal Father. A Mayan or any Adamite standing bathed by the sun had many thoughts not understood by the modern mind.)

Our author believes that we must reconsider this idea that there could have been a science more advanced than the prevailing one, which after all underlies every aspect of Global Industrial Civilization. Up to now this was unthinkable, yet the time has now come when this 'Unthinkable' may be the only solution remaining in order to allow a safe passage beyond this age of Nuclear Militarism, and Environmental poisoning which now threatens our planet. The forces of Materialism have maintained their form of myth of ever progressing technological superiority..such as the attempt to hide the UFO phenomena..and even hide the phenomena of the 'Face' on Mars by classifying documents and withholding information from the public, altho they allowed the Space Shuttle Challenger to be seen as it exploded January 28, 1986. In that awesome fiery moment the myth of technological 'Superiority' suffered a severe blow. However just four days earlier 'Voyager II' flew by Uranus with the release of bewildering information, yet this was quickly classified and withheld.

What if...the way we do things is not the Wisest or the best? What if we are not the Wisest or most intelligent Civilization the earth has ever known? Could there have been a people smarter, wiser and even more advanced than us who in our smugness we have overlooked? (Interesting questions are asked by our author..We would suggest you read..'In Search of the White God.') Could there have been a science superior to ours practiced on this planet and elsewhere? What makes us so sure that Scientific Materialism is the best Technique to use in getting answers from a Cosmos infinitely more vast and mysterious than the average mind can comprehend? Many have tried thru out this 20th Century to inform themselves and others of these things they have been discovering but their message has not reached the 'War Lords' whose power and decision making has shaped the social order of Political thinking of this era.

This idea that there was Scientific progress practiced by a people considered still in the Stone Age could not be accepted. Yet this system of thought is the science known and practiced by the Maya people, and it was based not only on the present but on the future as well as the past. Thus our author asks...who were these Mays people? Where did they come from and what were their achievements? Why did they do what they did, and why did they abandon their civilization at its peak, and where did they go? (We have tried to answer some of these questions thru the tape series and we hope we have succeeded.) Our author tells us that Eastern forms of thought, and actual practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Flower-arranging, Martial Arts, and so forth have come to the Western World and revolutionized our culture and impacted our scientific thinking. (We tell you much of this was brought by the children of Darkness, altho the Adamites came from the east as well.)

Our author tells us that the knowledge of the Maya has remained shrouded in secrecy, yet those people are curiously connected with the Hindu of the east, and with Ancient India. He tells us that the word Maya is a Hindu term meaning:..'Origin of the World.' It is also related to the concept meaning...great..measure..mind..and mother.' In the Indian Vedic..Maya was the name of a noted Astrologer, astronomer, magician, and architect, as well as the name of a great Wandering Tribe of Navigators. (as we have told you before the Hindu from Hindustan were Aryans, and Aryans were also in India and built a civilization.)

Go to Egypt and you find the name..Maya..meaning 'Universal Order'. In Greek Mythology you find the seven Islands of the Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, and one was called..'Maia', and known as the brightest Star of that Constellation. Finally our month of May came from the name of the Roman goddess..'Maia'..the Great One..the goddess of spring, the wife of Vulcan. The question then remains..Who were the Mayan? Where did they come from? Where did they go? Why does this name associated with this Central American Civilization appear across much of the world? Is this just a coincidence? Scattered across and thru the jungle of Yucatan, and the Highland of Guatemala are incredible numbers of Ancient cities and Temple cites. Here you find towering stepped Pyramids, finely laid out with Plazas, and Ceremonial Centers which are adorned with Sculptured stones, covered everywhere with Hieroglyphic inscriptions.

Three thousand years or more after the Pyramid building in Egypt the Maya came on the scene. Then even more amazing than the rise of this civilization was its sudden abandonment. By A.D. 830 after some 500 to 600 years (we say more time than this since the Manasseh people came several hundred years before The Birth of Christ..and earlier had come the people of Enoch's time into South America and then some on into Central America.)... these centers of activity were finally left to the jungle. It seems that the Maya abandoned their civilization at its very Peak, and our author then asks why? (We have told you that it was the Asiatics coming in that forced the Maya to abandon their civilization and move north. Perhaps they were also moving in their path of Destiny since the principal number of the Maya was 13.)

Our author informs us that the Maya computed the length of the earths revolution around the sun to within a thousandth of a decimal point of the calculations of modern science. We are told they did this without such precision Instruments such as we have today. They kept Calendars as to the lunar and eclipse cycles, and maintained calendars showing the revolutions and synchronization of the cycles of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They did this using a simple but flexible numerical system that counted by 20's instead of 10's, and used only symbols. By the time the Spaniards came this understanding of the past had been forgotten, and yet their Calendar remained. Was this a clue, and for whom? (We say for the Adamic race, the children of God's kingdom.)

In the volumes of Literature which have been written up to now it is... always as tho this Maya civilization was not as advanced as ours. With this in mind then both our author and myself believe that the Maya civilization cannot be understood using the yardstick that modern writers use to measure and judge those people called the Maya.

Our author then comes to the conclusion that the Maya were not only smarter than we are today, but their science was also well in advance of ours. They used no metal tools or labor saving devices such as the wheel, and they had no beasts of burden. (No, but they gave you a glimpse what it is to be like in the Kingdom age for their subjects did the work and these people ruled and taught.) Perhaps the time is thus right to read the clues they left behind. Let us leave this current level of scientific thought, and drop our childish and now dangerous infatuation with the myth of progress and technological superiority. (We thus tell you that the Kingdom of Darkness today holds the scientific world in bondage. We need to move from under their influence into the path of Technology beyond our modern thinking. This we will do as the Kingdom of YAHWEH comes to its fullness.)

Now;..our Author was conceived in Mexico, but born in these United States and then spent his first five years in Mexico City. His parents had an apartment address:...100 Calle Tula, Mexico City. The name Tula is the Toltec form of Tulan or Tollan, the name of the Maya center of Origin. Our author was 47 years of age before he realized the vastness of the Mayan Factor. In 1953 his father took him and his twin brother to Mexico City. There he visited the National Museum of Anthropology which stirred deep and Ancient feelings. Here was fantastic displays of artifacts, and also the Great Calendar Stone of the Aztec. They then visited the Great Pyramid city of Teotihuacan which is known as...'The place where the gods touched the earth'. As our author climbed the Pyramid of the Sun he said he knew that it was not just a knowledge about things which he thirsted for, but a knowledge which comes from within which he so greatly desired. In the fall of 1953 while working in a public library, he found the book ...'The Ancient Mayans' with its photos of the Mayans. Here he found the description of the Maya in relation to other people of different races. Here were the diagrams of Ancient Temples and reproduction of stone and sculptures. Here was the mathematical system of the Maya and he quickly learned that a Dot = 1., or a unit of a multiple of 20. The letter A=5., or a multiple of 5 times 20, and a shell, or glyph is a Zero or completion. Morley could not explain this system so our author would have to spend more years before he would understand.

In 1964 our author went back to Mexico and there he found the book:... 'Burning Water' by Laurette Sejourne, and also he found her book: 'The Universe of Quetzalcoatl.' Here he realized that this plumbed Serpent was an underlying force and not a myth? (Dr. Swift outlined for us the difference between Quetzl and Coatl, and how Satan would then claim to be both thus will find this also in the tape series.)

In 1968 our author returned one more time for another visit to the land of the Maya. He realized that there must have been what he calls..'Star Beings'..guardians in this story of the Maya and again he asks..who were they? In his interpretation using the Christian time table our author charts the Mayan 5,125 year great cycle as beginning in 3113 B.C. Thus its end would be A.D. 2012. This agrees with the Hindu (Hindustan-or Aryan) concept of the four ages of mankind. (Adamites)

As our author put together his version of the Maya Sacred Calendar what struck him immediately was the rhythmic effect of the 20 repetitions of the notations which went from 1 to 13. He wondered if the Calendar might be some kind of a code. Our author turned to Buddhism and Meditation in his effort to understand the Cycles of time which seemed to indicate that he never turned to Identity..or perhaps did not even know this study existed.

In 1976 our author went back to Mexico, to Palenque..this Egyptian type Pyramid with the relief sculptures of the foliated Cross, and the great 'Cross of the Sun'. As he stood there he wondered...where had the Priests, and Astronomers, and the people gone? What knowledge did they take with them and why? This seeming gulf between the present day Maya, and the builders of these Ancient cities could not be judged by our idea of 'material progress.' Could it be that the purpose of the Maya was to codify and establish a system of knowledge, a science, and having done this they then moved on? Did they see a period of gathering darkness on the horizon, and for that reason knew it was time to call it quits and check out? Given the condition of the world today who can say they were not correct?

Our author then entered his own personal battle with Alcohol in 1978 and when he emerged from that fog in 1981 and looked around he thought the global crisis of the 1960's had now become epidemic and yet seemed now to be taken for granted. As he once more began to study he realized that the Egyptians had been responsible for the anchoring and setting the course of earth, thru their work of the Great Pyramid. Since that be true then the Maya were the Navigators reaching out to charter the waters of galactic synchronization out INTO THE FUTURE.

As our author looked at the picture of Mars where in the Viking Probe showed what appeared to be a large face...sort of like a massive persons face looking skyward...this face looked straight up to the heavens and thus was uncanny, and leaves the immediate impression that it was made precisely for those like ourselves, blundering into the Universe with our pride in rocket propelled sensing devices. Our author studied Richard Hogland's Computer enhanced photos of this 'face' that appeared to be carved into a Mesa top he felt as tho some memory was stirring in him. It seemed that a civilization at one time had developed on Mars, and that civilization had met with a tragic end. He felt that the knowledge of this event was somehow still present in earth's field of consciousness. (We have told you in this tape series from the Swift ministry that Mars was the last great base for Satan's forces in that struggle when Satan was finally driven out and on to earth, and confined here on our planet. Thus is the White Face on Mars just like the White Horse on the hillside in England, just for beauty as some would try to tell us, or are they signs left by ancestors telling this continuous story of Restoration?) As our author continued his studies it was Christmas morning 1983..and as he was again looking for facts as to this 'face' on Mars, he turned to the Overlay in the book..'The Influence of Primitive Art, on Contemporary Art', by Lucy Leppard, and he opened the book to page 144..and set their stunned for here was a model for a sculpture by Noguchi done in 1947...29 years before the Viking mission. Our author then wondered if the NASA information has shown life on other worlds, then what is the relationship between knowledge and recollection? Can THE FUTURE ALSO BE OUR PAST?

In 1985 our author once more went back to Mexico. He then began to understand what he calls 'the solar cult' of the Maya, as well as of the Egyptian and the Incas. He now realizes that the Sun is not only the source of sustained life, but also the mediator of information beamed to and thru it form other star systems. He now realizes that 'Sun worship' which was imputed to the Ancient Maya is actually the recognition and acknowledgment that higher knowledge, and wisdom is literally being transmitted thru the sun (YAHWEH). He believes this knowledge comes thru the cycles of the sun spot movements. The Maya sacred Calendar then would be the means of tracking this information. He believes there are two star systems which are the communication field. These two are the Pleiades, and most likely Arcturus. As our author studied the stars in his last night at the motel in Yucatan he came to the conclusion that the Maya are returning..NOT AS YOU WOULD EXPECT..BUT WITHIN..and thru us as we rediscover the messages they left behind. It was the National Geographic Society which brought the Maya to our world's attention with their full page color pictures. It has only been about 140 years since this knowledge of the Maya has been discovered, as well as that of the Inca.

In our library is a book...'The Incredible Incas, and their timeless land' by Loren McIntyre..and it also carries many incredible pictures of an Ancient people. The Inca said that gold was 'the sweat of the sun' and silver was 'the tears of the moon.' In olden times the title Inca applied only to the Royal Family, it is a term of nobility. There were many people who later were called Incas, and they were from the darker skinned so called Indians, but there was also a fair complexion, blue eyed, and golden haired Inca. These came from this great civilization established in South America before the Maya came on the scene.

In Inca Mythology it says that the Sun sent his son and daughter to walk in the wilderness, and they were to teach mankind to live in houses, work the soil, raise Llamas and enjoy the fruits of the earth, because before the Sun sent the son and daughter to these desolate mountains, the people lived in grottoes like beasts, eating grass and roots, and even human flesh, going naked and covering themselves with skins. Thus the fair complexion Inca were in later times still worshiped for what they had brought. This Ancient people built Temples, one three times as tall as the Olive Trees around it and a city block in length. This was a Quecha, or Holy place and these people were called Queechie. They built roads or thoroughfares which were judged to the world's finest. Greater than the Romans because this one highway was laid thru deep valleys, over mountains and thru snow banks and Quagmires, thru live rock and along roaring rivers. In some places it was smooth and paved, in others it tunneled thru cliffs, skirting gorges, linking snow peaks with stairways and rest stops, everywhere clean swept and litter free, with lodgings, store houses, and temples of 'The Sun'. These roads ran up and down the mountainous west coast of South America thru Peru and Ecuador of today. In scattered areas on these mountain slopes these Ancient people terraced and irrigated the land and produced abundant food, for the six million or more subjects of this Ancient Empire. There was a 10,000 mile network of roads, some as wide as 24 feet, and some tracing back and forth between the two main trunk lines.

Our author tells us that they traced back this presence of people at least 1800 years before those finally called Incas came on the scene. We have told you some of the story in the Book Review:..'In Search of the White God'..about these Ancient people..and how the ruins of their Ancient civilization is to be found in the rain forests of the Andes Mountains. The Incas tell us that these people prayed thus:...'Oh Sun..My Father..Let thy sons be conquerors of all mankind. We adore thee, and offer this sacrifice.'

In Peruvian schools today it is still taught that (quote) The sun told these two he sent into earth to wander the land and wherever they stopped to rest and eat then probe the earth with this golden staff they carried and any time it sinks into the earth there set up your court. The SUN ordained that his children teach the people to live by his wisdom and light. He promised to keep them warm, to grow crops, and he would take a turn across the earth to see that all went well..He would do this each day.

The couple journeyed north then threw the golden staff and it buried itself in the earth. Here they built a Temple to the Sun. The city they built was called Cuzco..the meaning of the word was:..'Navel of the World'. Quecha was the language adopted for the Empire. The Incas utilized stone for roads, bridges, aqueducts, baths fountains, tombs, tools and weapons. The lasting monuments of the Incas, their cities and fortresses were fashioned in stone. In Ancient times potatoes were cultivated there in the Andes, and Corn was cultivated at lower levels, and walls of stone were built to hold the earth against erosion on the sides of the mountains. Stones jutted from the walls as steps from one terrace to another. It was from these terraces that the Incas raised food in abundance, more than necessary for their people.

In the later days a great earthquake and slides hit the area and all the later constructed masonry came down but beneath where the Spaniards had built their church they found several original structures still intact, their splendid walls were undamaged by time or earthquake, proving once more that there had been an Ancient civilization one time in this area.

The Great Cycle of Mayan interest was then tied to the Christian Calendar as a date of 3113 B.C. August 6-13..but in the Mayan chronology this date is written as This same date will occur again December 21, 2012 A.D. Yet today even with the advances in Archaeology the true story of the Maya remains almost a closed book. (As we studied the Maya story we find that these people had four languages spoken in their lands, the leading one was that of the Quechie and to us this was one more identification of these Ancient people.

To our author it seems that sometime over 2000 years ago a people called 'The Maya' began to leave clues or indications of their presence in areas which today are called Central America and Mexico. These people had been preceded by a mysterious group called the 'OLMEC' whose origin along the coastlines dates back at least 4000 years, and the Zapotecs of highland Mexico built their great center Monte Alban at least 600 years B.C. With the rise of the Maya in Central America came the Pyramid Metropolis in Central Mexico. This civilization grew until perhaps 830 A.D. when the Maya then disappeared. No longer were great monuments carved in stone recording endless dates and Astronomical data. Now warfare and Human sacrifice were on the rise, and by the time the Spaniards arrived in 1527..altho the great buildings still existed, and some had been built upon to gather height, still the knowledge of the Maya was not hidden. The later books such as the 'Popul Vul' gives no information about their predecessors. The Christians as a whole do not seem to be able to translate what has been left behind by the Maya. In fact they seem not to be interested...not at all. (The word Popul means...meeting place..have not found the meaning of the word Vul but you will remember the story which it tells.)

Our author then asks:...Did the Maya plan to confuse their texts? And Why? (We believe the time was not right for understanding these things of tomorrow.) Does what the Archaeologist have discovered, in South and Central America seem to say:...(quote) 'Oh! you of earth..those who built us have been here, appearing as humans, like you. Can you not see, can you not understand what it is that we have left for you? Could you not open your eyes and see, and know the gift we have left for you? (Unquote)

Our author tells us that there are two Mayan terms. 1...Kunab Ku and 2. Kuxam Suum. The first translated:..'One giver of movement and measure'... or in otherwords, the principal life beyond the sun. Movement corresponds to energy and measure refers to rhythm accounting for the different limiting qualities which energy assumes thru its different transformations. Kuxam Suum is literally 'The Road to the Sky'..this cord connecting the individual (Adamite) and the planet thru the sun (YAHWEH), to the main core...or Kunab Ku. (From an identity point of view to me this is the same story we have given you time after time. We gave you the symbol of this diagram where as you came into earth..down thru the circles of the do the work for our Father. Then when finished we take the outside available..after the atonement..and we go back to where we came from.)

Our author altho not an Identity buff still goes to great length to establish this connection, perhaps he thinks this is true of all people, but this connection is for some..and it is to the stars. He quotes from the 'Popul Vuh' which we have discussed before and he tells us that this book which is available now is not the original since...THE ORIGINAL CAME FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SEA. Our author does much work with the Maya numbers which we would say 'Marks time'. He does not point out the difference between the Plumed Serpent-Coatl and Quetzal who is YAHWEH. We tell you that it was when Satan..Coatl decided to portray himself as Quetzal-Coatl... or both God and Serpent that the Maya civilization dies as had others and the white Maya moved on in their Destiny where as now in Maya land there was left behind...wars and human sacrifice.

Our author however still believes that there was a people who shared a common science with the builders of Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Step Pyramids of Central America. He believes that there must have been a Universal language (we say symbolism) which was understood by all. However he also believes that we are coming to the end of an important cycle. Looking to the Christian religion he believes there will be a world destroying fire power unleashed which will destroy the earth. (We having a different understanding believe it is the World Order under control of Satan which will be changed and cleansed. We believe the kingdom of YAHWEH comes to its fullness right here on this same earth.

Our author does realize that The CHRIST is No. 13., with His disciples counted, thus we ourselves believe in a new heaven (Cleansed Adamic race), a new earth (a cleansed earth) and his our author believes will be the same as the entry into this new cycle which follows A.D. 2012., the Mayan Calendar date he has given us. However our author does tell us that the orthodox Christian viewpoint would have an end in destruction, where as we believe the Maya story is not really an ending, rather an invitation to ascend to an even more vast scale of operation. (We as we have said before are looking for the rise of the Kingdom, and its rule from one end of the earth to the other.) Our author believes that this new program will be apparent according to his interpretation of Mayan numbers by 1992. Then he believes we will move onward away from this 'materialistic-war-oriented earth life.' According to the teaching left behind by the Maya..a return is promised to help rid the world of the scourge of the 'lords of Materialism'. (We would say this is the return of THE CHRIST.) The purpose of this return our author tells us is to establish a kingdom..whether for Quetzal-Coatl or the kingdom of heaven he does not know, but the picture is strung out like a bead of inside thru out the Mayan story. We thus move into this coming 'Solar Age'..and the light body or etheric double..what the Egyptians called the Ka will thus be activated. The Solar mind which is purely electromagnetic or 5th., dimensional, and knows no time then begins to function. It is the 'lords of the Sun' according to the Maya who have been vigilant, and attuned during this time who will realize this power. It will be because of their religion of 'Son Worship' that will make this possible. (If our author did not believe in evolution perhaps he would have realized that he was recording great truths.)

Our author tells us that according to the Maya:..(quote) 'The Ah Kines' ...or servant warriors of the sun..they are those who realize the Light (spirit) body is within the physical body. Those who understand this circuitry of the human body will use the Light (spirit) body to navigate the Electromagnetic waters which we call the Universe. Understanding this we may return to post historic simplicity and channel the alternating currents of the galaxy to suit our situation. This disregarding of the Light (spirit) body is what consigns us to the realm of the beasts. (We would say to the World Order.) This is of course nothing new for in the 1600's Sir Francis Bacon spoke of...'miners of light.' These are the same as the Mayan ...'Ah Kines'. Our author tries to tell us that we have ben floundering in our evolutionary cycle until we cannot pass on to a higher dimension. (We believe that we are but fulfilling prophecy and the time will come when the Spirit will once more guide us in our Destiny back into this field of light.)

Our author believes it is the control of the mind which is the most important. (We have been telling you this for a long time altho we are speaking from another viewpoint.) As we enter this age which our author calls the 'Solar Age' then people will understand more. We suggest that we have already entered the air age, and there is quite an awakening in store for any who turn to learn. Our author suggests that in this 'Solar Age' we will need a Spiritual life style to live in that age, and he believes that by 1992 the life style of Humans will begin to resemble more extended family styles of the Prehistoric phase instead of this Industrial Militaristic era. (We think our author is trying to tell us that with the spirit leading our thinking instead of following this world order under control of Lucifer and his children of the kingdom of darkness, we will think with the intellect we are equipped to use when not blinded. When we no longer need a military economy, think of the Intellect which can be used for other things.)

Our author thinks that after 1992 we will be taking down the old military establishment with its vast wealth, and the economy after 1992 will be freely regulated. The production and distribution of global wealth will be controlled. Criminal activities such as theft, hoarding, plunder, rape and murder will be controlled and then abolished. As the year A.D. 2012 approaches our author believes this planet will be humming and vibrating as never before. (To me this can only come with the rising of the Kingdom of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA could it be this close?)

Our author believes that in that time earth will be ready for the emergence into inter-planetary civilization. Then as if a switch were thrown a great voltage will race thru this finally synchronized circuit called Homo Sapiens (we suggest the Adamic race) and the earth will be illuminated, a current charging both poles will race across the skies, connecting the polar auroras in a single brilliant flash. Like an iridescent rainbow the external projection of the planetary antipodes will be instantly understood as the external projection of the unification of the collective mind of humanity. (unquote) (Is the author trying to describe for us the coming of Jesus and the Hosts of Heaven?) ...(quote) In that moment of understanding we will be projected into an evolutionary domain that is presently inconceivable. (unquote) (We suggest that at that moment we shall know as YAHSHUA knows, thus that should be a great awakening.)

Our author altho a believer in evolution which clouds his thoughts still in my estimation has revealed many truths, about a people in their march thru Destiny. Even tho they march in Blindness, still they marked their purpose, and the plan of their Father..symbolized by the Sun. Their purpose...taking back control of a World Order under Satan and his kingdom of Darkness.)

Our author believes that he has discovered from the Maya cycle that after 1992...we will have a 500 year old Golden Age. (We believe that after the kingdom of YAHWEH comes to its fullness with a perfect rule all over the earth that we have not even imagined most of what will occur..thus we wait for things to happen, and will see if the author has revealed any new dates.)

Our author altho pointing out the number 13 in the Maya story, and its connection to the USA Seal with its 13 arrows, and 13 stars, 13 stripes, and 13 olive branches does not connect this no. 13 with the tribe of Manasseh. Our author may have his dates wrong..time will tell..but from an Identity point of view he has also confirmed many of the things we have brought to you thru the tape series. Whether August 16-17 of 1987 was the shift point into the last 25 years of the galactic beam as our author has sought to prove will also be revealed in time. Dr. Swift told us in 1962 that time would be measured in 25 year cycles, so we still wait and watch developments as Our Heavenly Father brings ALL things under His control. As we watch and wait, never for an instant do we forget the coming of the Kingdom with all its promises.


A people cast off to be gathered again,

A nation dispersed in its blindness till then,

As numberless as the same of the sea,

And yet there's a remnant by Sovereign decree....

And this is Israel.

A people not known as the people of God,

But reck'ning they're gentiles as blindly they plod,

Recipients of blessings forecast as of old,

Belonging to Jacob in Grace manifold.

And this is Israel.

A comp'ny who'll wake at the dawn of the day,

The first fruits to God and the Lamb in array,

Awak'ning to truth that they are who they are,

God's Israel indeed to alert near and far... .

And this is Israel.

If casting them off proved salvation so rare,

Then life out of death shall their gathering declare,

But stealing the firstfruits the harvest assures,

Till all of God's Seed-grain the promise insures.

And this is Israel.

By: Norene Nicholls.

The above just a little reminder of the many things that Norene Nicholls has contributed to the Identity message, before she was called Home.