ERM - Tape 092 - The Apocalypse - Joseph Seiss





A Book Review By: Ella Rose Mast


We have on loan from the Swift Library 3 Books which consist of a series of Lectures on the Book of the Apocalypse (Revelation). Copyrighted in 1865 and written by Joseph A. Seiss. Other Books by this Author are:..'Last Times'...'The Gospel in Leviticus'..and then later 'The Gospel of the Stars' which we have already reviewed for you.

A few years ago we did a study of this Book of Revelation tying it to events in history. We did this using the tape ministries of Dr. Swift and Pastor Comparet and my understanding. We thought we would bring you any different ideas this Author might have, for remember he was a minister in the middle 1800's.

We do this to stir interest in this last Book of inspiration in the New Testament since many have not wanted to consider this message here contained, thinking it does not speak to us at this end of the age. Our Author believes, and I agree, that this Book called 'The Apocalypse of Jesus The Christ' should be studied so we might understand some of the events which are still before us. We will also review this message from an Identity point of view because that is where our interest lies. Our Author gives us a wonderful testimony as to who this one called Jesus of Nazareth really is and that alone should recommend the Books.

Our Author tells us that in the Scriptures the Book of Genesis outlines the generations; Exodus is the going forth out of bondage; The Gospels are the very heart and substance of all communications between God and His people. Then God Himself designates this last Book as 'The Revelation of Jesus The Christ', thus the substance of this Book is expressed in the Title.

There are books bearing the name of Apocrypha...meaning something concealed. Some Bibles carry these books between the Old and New Testament. But this word Apocalypse means something revealed, disclosed, manifested. Therefore the 'Apocalypse or Revelation of Jesus The Christ' must be the revealment or manifestation of Our Saviour Jesus The Christ. This is not only a report of a mere prediction of Divine Judgment upon the wicked, and the finally triumph of the Righteous made known by The Christ, but it is a Book of the Revelation of Jesus The Christ, of His own person, office, and future administration when HE shall be seen coming from the Heavens, just as He was once seen going into the Heavens.

In writing to the Thessalonians (II Thess: 1:6-10) the Apostle Paul refers his readers to a time of rest when the Lord shall be revealed from the heavens with His Mighty Angels, in flaming Fire (Shekinah Glory); when HE comes to be Glorified...IN HIS SAINTS, and be admired in all those who believe.

In writing to the Galatians the Apostle Paul (Gal. 1:12) tells them that the Gospel that he preached was not of man, for he did not receive it from man; he was not taught by man BUT BY THE PERSONAL APPEARANCE OF THE CHRIST...on the road to Damascus.

In the Mysteries of prophetic rapport which Scripture describes as 'in the Spirit' John tells us that it was as tho being caught out of his proper place and time and stationed among the Stupendous scenes of the GREAT DAY OF GOD ALMIGHTY, and made to see the actors in these scenes, and to look at them even transpiring before his eyes, so that he might write what he saw and give it to the church (the Spiritual center of the Kingdom).

First we find this revelation as to just who this man called Jesus of Nazareth really is, and He is proclaimed as God Almighty...The Christ when in the flesh. Then comes the revelation to the earthly churches, and HIS Judgment upon them, as well as the revelation of the glorified church or true church, and then HE judges the World (order). All of this is revealed thru the opening of the seals, the prophesying of the witnesses, the fall of Great Babylon followed by HIS manifestation to the world in the Great Day of God Almighty, followed by the establishment of His Kingdom, the placing of His Saints in their future sovereignties, and the final revelation of His relations tot this 'final act of judgment', the destruction of death, and the grave, and the final estate of a PERFECTED REDEMPTION.

The Scripture bears the message of God's promise to David of a son (Issue) whose kingdom is to be established forever. Isaiah paints the same picture of the Messiah, the SAVIOUR OF ISRAEL. In Jeremiah's prophecies, in the words of the annunciation to Mary, in the Christ's own parables, and in all the writings of the Apostles it is the same. Why? Because the Christ Himself too came in the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men, and humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the Cross. Therefore at the Name of YAHSHUA every knee shall bow..of things of heaven, and things in earth and things under the earth. Every tongue shall confess that Jesus..The Christ is Messiah..He is also the Almighty Father, with whatever else may be included in the phrase 'The Son of Man'...and HE shall come in Glory and all the Holy Angels with HIM, and He shall set upon the Throne of His Glory. Since the full manifestation of the man called Jesus The Christ is still future, then we must be well informed as to the measures.

There is no doubt of who this man called John really is. Turn to his Gospel and in chapter one it gives a full account of the pre-existence of the LOGOS..or THE WORD. Tells of how this WORD was born of Mary, tabernacled in the flesh, and was called 'Jesus of Nazareth'. In his first Epistle John gave another summary of the same testimony that which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled THE WORD OF LIFE...WE declare unto you:...'These things are written that ye might believe that Jesus is The Christ, the SON (embodiment) of God, and that believing ye might have life thru HIS Name.'

This Book of Revelation sets forth Our Messiah..draws away the veil between us and HIM. It shows us the offices assigned to HIM as the Lamb. It shows the history of Our Saviour, the work to be done as HE cleanses HIS church of error, as well as the great Apostasy and its effects on our FAITH. It shows us the power of the Father (Spirit) as the armies of heaven come with HIM. It dwells on the condition in which we find the world (order), what it brings to His prepared and waiting Saints (believing offspring). It tells what Satan and his children have accomplished and ends with the raising of the dead, the Kingdom in place, and explains how our world will be cleansed and renewed. We are told what to hope for and what the ungodly must fear, and where the safety and consolation of man (Adam) is to be found.

The Impending Advent of THE CHRIST is the theme of the Book of Revelation from beginning to end. What if this Book seems to be dark and mysterious...some would have us believe the future ought not to be examined until after it comes to pass? Yet this is the Legacy left to us, and the Saviour pronounced it blessed:...'Seal not the prophecy of this Book'...Is it not then meant to be an open Book from that time forward until the end? Woe to the man who attempts to wean Gods people from it or warn them against looking into it.

Standing as we do upon the very margin of the Great Apocalypse ye who hope to be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb do not put this Book aside, rather study it faithfully as to its content. Pray that your hearts be opened to its teaching, and make us all partakers of the blessings it foretells. (unquote)

As we see John giving the Standard greeting to each of the congregations of the seven churches we realize that 'Peace' means understanding, but this is also a Peace preceded by and rooted in Grace, and this Grace comes from HIM which is, which was, and which is to come. Seven is the number of perfection...also completeness for this church age, and it is to Identity people the number of Adam's race. In symbolism God Himself goes forth to His Elect..the good pleasure of HIS own WILL making His Grace available in them, and for them, helping in all ways, bringing into effect in due time the Divine Administration of HIS Kingdom which HE give to HIS Saints (believing offspring). It is thru the One we call Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus The Christ whence great blessings flow. There is no Salvation in any other, no Name under Heaven given among men whereby we may be saved. If we now have the Liberty to enter into the Holy of Holies it is only by the Blood of Jesus The Christ. If there now comes to us Peace (understanding) it is because of this ONE.

There is only ONE ALMIGHTY GOD...The Father (Spirit) in HIS unchanging nature and Universal presence...filled the office of 'Son of Man' in HIS embodiment as Saviour. He did this with His Blood-sealed testimony, and the power of His Resurrection, and moves on into the Royal Administration of HIS Kingship. We do not have to wait and work to be forgiven, the work has already been done. When HE left His tomb it was all done, and now we only believe. The ordinances were nailed to His Cross and now Israel has a New Covenant, one not based on how His people act.

As you study this Book of Revelation remember the scene of the Blood-Atonement, the breaking of the bonds, the restoring of His Saints. We are thus not only Loved, freed from our sins, but we are Priests, named and anointed for immortal regencies, thus an Eternal Priesthood. As Fishermen, tax gatherers, and such listening to Jesus...found themselves on Apostolic thrones and ministering as Priests, we realize they are rulers of the dispensation which is wide as the world and lasting a TIME.

We ask you to consider all that is embraced in the Priestly Reign of the Saints (believing offspring) in the ages to come after these events which John is given an outline of in this message he is to write down and deliver to the church (the spiritual center of the Kingdom). John recalls:...'Men of Galilee' HE shall come in like manner as ye saw HIM go into the heavens.' John remembers that was as tho a cloud hid Him from their views He stepped into this His Resurrected body. We tell you that the religion which does not look for a Returning Saviour, or locate its highest hopes, and triumphs in the Judgment scene into which the 'Son of Man' must appear, is not the religion of this Book, and is without authority to promise salvation to its devotees.

Yes, there are even some faint-hearted Christians who actually would prefer HE not come, it would disrupt their daily routine, but this was not true of the Disciples who questioned HIM as to:..'Wilt thou at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?' NO..their prayers were always:...'Thy kingdom come' and...'Come quickly LORD Jesus'.

When John wrote this Book he was the only surviving Apostle, all the others had been Martyred. But in this Book John brings forth the knowledge of a Brotherhood (of a race), a Kingship as yet not revealed, a time of Coronation, and the entrance into this Kingdom which is to rule all over the world. John had witnessed that leaders of the world (order) have always been at enmity with God and His Truth, and they were not that conform to this teaching of John. If at any time you see the world (order) at Peace...on good terms with the church of Jesus The Christ it is because the church has descended to a compromise with the wicked. At that time..always even back thru history the 'Johns' and 'Pauls' of the world go into banishment to quiet their influence. However this persecution of John only led him into communication with the heavens, it did not shut him up. John was now shut out from this world, estranged from earthly friends, thus became conversant with Spiritual realities and now able to communicate with Celestial orders. John now sees this Mighty Saviour and in His right hand (a symbol of Authority) was 7 Stars. Seven thus being the perfection of all His program, as well as the symbol of the Adamic race. The two edged sword out of His mouth is the symbol of Administration and Judgment. This is a

WORD, is good news and also a sword of Judgment.

John's first vision carries over into the end of the church age. In this age he sees that the wheat and the tares, the good and the evil..Christ and anti-Christ are side by side, each at war with the other, and the conflict just intensifies until the 'LORD of the Harvest comes with his reapers'. These 7 churches listed by John were meant to be representative of the whole church...every member...of the true church, the spiritual center of the Kingdom. The period of time represented by this history of the 7 churches stretched from the time of the Apostles, to the coming again of THE CHRIST. This history points out the First Love a they are started out then the gradual cooling of this Love as some false teachers come in. John outlines how Clergy gradually formed itself into a system which in time would unite with the World (order), and this made way for Mystery Babylon to begin to set herself aloft. Each church listed as an era always had some good points, however there were again many errors creeping into this physical church, and this would reduce...would in fact change the Faith.

This Isle of Pergamos was described as the center of evil, thus Satan's throne is listed as being here, and there was much teaching of evil in that era as Israel would be seduced to fornication. The Nicolaitans were known as 'People Conquerors' the method of worldliness.

In the days of Martin Luther more Light would now come back into the Life of the Physical church, altho there would then come a deadness after age covering the Spiritual lethargy of the Protestant centuries before the great Evangelical moments.

The Philadelphia church marked the Brotherhood of the Saints. The key to truth is marked by the House of David from which the Christ came as 'Son of Man' in all its meanings.

The Laodicean church symbolized lukewarmness, empty professions, false peace, the unthinking multitude. Everything which marks one of these periods pertains also in a lesser degree to every period. It is just that one element at a time distinguishes the 7 eras from each other because of its predominance. But every era contains all those conditions represented by these 7 churches. The Laodicean era however brings to the front all those things which are being said to the churches. In all 7 situations there were those who held to the True Faith, as well as those who began embracing the World (order) as their First Love cooled. To those who held true in each era is promised rewards:...In the Ephesians era the award was 'To eat from the Tree of Life which is in the midst of Paradise.' To the victors of the Smyrna era the award was:...'The crown of Life, and to escape from the second death'. To the victor of the Thyatira era:...'They are to have authority over the nations, and to rule them with a scepter of iron, and to receive the Morning Star'. To the victor of the Sardis era:...'these are to be clothed with white raiment and walk with THE CHRIST, and have their names contained in the Book of Life, and confessed in the presence of the Father, and all the Holy Angels.'

To the Victors of the Philadelphia era:...'they are to be made a pillar in the Temple of God, never to go out, and to have the Name of God written upon them, and the Name of New Jerusalem...the city of God, and the New Name of THE CHRIST HIMSELF'. To the victors of the Laodicean era:...this is a different promise...the highest of all and this is promised, 'to those who hang on to their Faith'...'These are to sit with THE CHRIST on His Throne.' This is a list of the seven awards given to the Saints (believing offspring) until THE CHRIST has reinstated His Saints in all positions which Adam lost. This is the Destiny to which the Faithful shall attain.

'He that hath an ear, let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches'. Always as God sowed, so did the evil one. And He who sets out to find a perfect church will be disappointed for always there are tares among the wheat. We are told to remember to 'let the tares grow with the wheat until the harvest', which is winding up of the present order of things. Why? Because when rooting out the tares you might pull up some of the wheat.

In this Laodicean era the great foundation doctrines have become obscured. An open Bible is your only Law of Faith, trust in a crucified and risen Saviour is our only justification. This Glorified Jesus...(YAHWEH in the flesh) is the only Master of the Church (the spiritual center of His Kingdom). This is what the enemy has always thought to destroy.

As the era of the revivals came our Author tells us that throughout Christendom swarmed great multitudes of false teachers. Yet to those He loves, an open door is still maintained. The Laodicean picture is a church divided between the Christ and the World (order). There is much religiousness, but very little religion, very little true faith, a joining of the ballroom to the communion table, of the Opera with the worship of God. There were so many missionaries in the field, so much given for magnificent churches, such splendid Cathedrals and influential and intelligent congregations, so many learned and agreeable preachers, such excellently manned and endowed institutions, such admiral worship and music's..what more can be wanted? Is this not the voice of Christendom which says:... 'I am rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing?' The words of The Christ is:...'I am about to spue it out of my mouth'.

Let us see to it that we HEAR as the text commands, and learn to view the errors, corruptions, mistakes, and see as 'THE CHRIST' views them; to Love what He Loves, and to hate what He hates, and to hope only as He has given authority to hope, and to this end may Almighty God grant us His helping Grace. (unquote)

Our Author, himself a minister, was giving these lectures at a time in history when the idea that the people of Britain and like king might be the people of the Book, when Pyramidology was also becoming a subject for study...and when the Jews began to demand that they be the Judah of the Book. He found however from this Book of Revelation and is observations that the physical church organizations did not have all the answers. He believed that secret things belong unto the LORD, but these things which are revealed belong to us...HIS people, and to our children.

Our Author believes that the first event to take place as the Almighty straightens out this mess we are in, will be the coming to the forefront of the True Church. This comes as the church age ends, and this will be a Faith which has no errors for the Kingdom.

As John keeps abreast of this unveiling he sees a throne, but around this throne are also 24 smaller thrones, and on these thrones are the 24 Elders, and these are real people, the seniors of a great Celestial assembly, and they represent another great assembly (Israel). Around the throne John sees these same 4 'Living Creatures' we have seen before, and these you know as the representative 4 tribes of Israel in their marching orders. These 4 'Living Creatures' are pictured here as redeemed men, glorified, and related to the Judgment throne, and also to the affairs of the Kingdom on earth, and they also represent many thousands upon thousands of glorified ones. The many Wings pictured signify these were from above in their beginning. (This my friends is pure Identity...a message for Israel...whether the Author knew it or not).

As we come to the Sealed Book of Revelation 5:1-14...our Author finds this is a record of a forfeited inheritance, with the redemption still largely future. As the Lamb takes this Book this is not Ecclesiastical history which this Book is introducing, it is what Scripture calls:..'The Redemption of the Purchased Possession.' Redemption has its roots, its foundation in the past, but its realization lies in the future when all Mysteries shall be finished. Redemption comes to us and takes its significance from certain laws and customs of the Ancient Hebrews of the Old Testament. Under those rules it was impossible to alienate estates beyond a given time. What ever disposition a person may have been forced into where as in some way he loses his land, his estate, then came the year of Jubilee, and the land or possessions can be returned to the former owner.

When an Inheritance was thus disposed there were two instruments of writing which made up the transaction. One was open and the other sealed, specifying the price and particulars of the transaction. These mortgage deeds went into the hands of whom the property was turned over to. The sealed book became a sign of an alienated Inheritance, but held so to be liable to be recovered on the terms specified.

When anyone legally representing the original proprietor was found to lift or destroy that sealed instrument, and planned to buy back what had been disposed of then this person was called the 'goel'..meaning Redeemer. And as the seal was lifted then the Inheritance was considered redeemed, so far that now he had the full right to dispose of it as he wished, no matter what might be found on the property, and to enter upon the property undisturbed.

Here as John witnessed this sealed book situation, our Author recalls that Ancient arrangement..which was for the redemption of an Inheritance. The coincidence is complete...this type of writing was also found in Jeremiah 32:6-12, and now here in this Book of Revelation a competent God comes forward to exercise HIS Right!

This scene is portrayed as Heavenly, and principalities and powers stood mute and downcast as they surveyed the requirements for this work, and yet it would seem as if some effort would somewhere be made. After all this is quite an Inheritance, this is the successful repossession of what ADAM LOST. Surely ONE would be able to redeem it? After all, remember Satan said:...'Ye shall be as gods'..yet Adam and Eve fell and without redemption the dream of a better Destiny for the Race, and for the world would not come.

Heaven itself seemed to grow silent and breathless as all waited, and John is seen weeping for no one as yet stepped forward to even look at the Book. John knew..'by the spirit'..what this Book represented. He knew that if no one stepped forward to open it that all the promises of the Prophets, all the hopes of the Saints, and all the promises of a Redeemed race, and world must fail. John understood this office of the 'goel', and that failure at this point would mean that 'the redemption of the purchased possession must fail if ONE did not come forth.' Could this be possible that this would happen? Had he (John) been all this time hoping, preaching, and prophesying what would...after all...not be accomplished? Was this promised Inheritance to go by default?

That BOOK, uplifted but unopened, is the grief of the true church, for it speaks of the Inheritance unredeemed, the children of the Kingdom still estranged from their cherished possession. Yet THAT BOOK would be the assertion of the reinstatement into what Adam lost. Until that Book is opened, the Seals broken the people of God must remain in sorrow, and tears. Yet.....'Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.' Such anxious and tearful longing for a 'better country', and the Ransomed Inheritance is noticed in Heaven, and there are many precious assurances form there.

'Behold! the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, from the root of David overcame and can open the Book with its seven Seals'. 'Weep no more'...this is what the true church has been hearing from the prophets, the elders, the apostles, the ministers thru all ages. It is the essence of the Gospel which has been sounding ever since the promise in Eden, that the 'SEED OF THE WOMAN' should bruise the Serpent's head. This is what the first Christians and their successors went everywhere proclaiming. It has been the only comfort for God's children in all ages of their Inheritance. It is a comfort which has cheered their pilgrim steps thru life, illuminating their passage to the grave, and a joy to their souls as they stand waiting for the victory of HIM who so far has been triumphant in so many fields. He is the true GOD..will now complete His work by lifting these long standing deeds of forfeiture, and break those Seals.

As HE takes the Sealed is the Lamb, our Redeemer-Saviour, and He stands among the thrones, where also are the four 'Living Creatures' representing the tribes of Israel, there is also the elders of those same tribes before, but now HE is going forth in Power to take possession of a Kingdom. John had seen this ONE dead on Calvary but here HE stands very much alive and in Heaven altho there are marks of torture on HIM. And as one Seal after another is broken there comes a great assault upon the enemy, the usurpers who occupy the earth.

Our Faith (the Adamic Faith) does not end with a sepulcher. We have a risen Living Redeemer, and here HE stands. The seven horns symbols of strength for the establishment of the Kingdom. The horns show the fulness of Intellectual and Spiritual Power. This Lamb is the Branch, HE is the Corner-Stone, and the eyes of all penetrating vision and completeness of Spiritual and Universal Wisdom.

Three grand qualities of the 'Goel'..of this lost Inheritance are now brought into view:.....

1. The sacrificial virtue to take away sin from His people.

2. Strength to conquer and overcome all foes.

3. Perfect and Universal Intelligence direct from the indwelling Spirit.

Then here comes our Saviour...and HE takes the Book, and this is the act by which the World (order) is subdued, Babylon judged, anti-Christ destroyed, the Dragon vanquished, and death overthrown, the earth made new, the reign of blessedness and Peace set in place which will transform this world into a Paradise of God. Thus this is the lifting of the Title Deed of the alienated Inheritance, the legal act of repossession of all that was lost in Adam, and paid for by the Blood of Jesus The Christ embodied as Saviour. Heaven looks on in solemn silence as that act is being performed. The Universe stands in awe, and grows breathless as it views this act, and the 'Living Creatures', the Elders, and all the Hosts of Angels are filled with wonder and joy. A Song never sung before by the believing offspring bursts from their lips and they proclaim HE is worthy to open the Book.

Where in all Eternity is there another such scene? The CHRIST has now been proclaimed the possessor of the right to enter with His Redeemed Ones into their Inheritance..which is the Kingdom. The chief prayer of all the Saints has now been brought forward:...'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.' Not one of the 'Living Ones' (children of spirit) is lost, they are all carefully cherished, described here as golden (Royal) bowls. 'And we shall reign on earth'...this will fulfill the promise of the Kingdom, the dominion under the whole heavens, being given to the Saints (believing offspring) of THE MOST HIGH. Daniel 7:27.

Some would have you believe that this idea of the earth in connection with the final bliss of the Saints is preposterous. That this idea of the earth enduring forever, and a glorious and Everlasting Kingdom with the CHRIST, and HIS Saints being established in literal reality is foolishness. But if the Ransomed in this scene with golden crowns on their heads, kneeling at the feet of the Lamb with all the prayers of the Saints, the predictions of the prophets in their hands could sing of this Kingdom as one of their elements of hope and joy, perhaps we should turn and listen.

If the Saints shout in Glory:...'We shall reign in earth'...surely we are not heretics for believing they knew what they were saying. To be Orthodox must we believe that these approved and crowned ones kneel before the throne of God with a lie upon their lips??? Shall they, from thrones in heaven point to earth, as the future theater of their administration, and give thanks and praise to the Saviour for this privilege, be condemned for telling you these facts?

Woe to the man who is convinced of this truth, but for the sake of position, or friendship refrains from confessing it. Well has it been said of him:...'He barters away his kingdom Inheritance for the applause of men. He eclipseth the glory of The Christ to enhance his own. He would deny the adoring songs of Celestial Kings that he may win a little empty favor by pandering to the pleasure of an ignorant, unbelieving, and godless world.' (quote and unquote)

Before He can read this Book then HE must destroy those Seals...and this is the right, and possession of the earth, using His Judicial Power and Sovereignty as He asserts, and enforces His claim and title as the victorious kinsman of our fallen Race, to the end that all its territory, kingdoms, people may be manifested, and HIS forever! It is the Judicial procedure of the ...(in this case) Almighty 'Goel' (Redeemer) to rid the purchased possession of the Dynasties of wickedness, to cast out the rulers of Darkness of this world (order), to restore the earth to its proper fertility, and Peace, and bring in the Empire of Righteousness and Salvation.

All of the acts under the Seven Seals are acts of Judgment, but the finished work will find Satan and his word, his power finished, and the Saints in Resurrection and on their thrones, and the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our LORD and His Christ (anointed people)...theirs forever.

This Judgment begins at the House of God before it touches the World (order) to any extent. All error must be removed from the true church before it can be manifested. A time of judgment is always a time of transition. It is the closing of one order of things, and the opening of another. This is the nature of the transactions here described. The present World powers with their Satanic intermixture are to be terminated and that which will be destroyed will never be re-established. But during all this time of judgment there is a place of safety for God's people.

'In time of trouble HE shall hide me in his pavilion; in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me.' Psalm 27:5 'Come my people enter into thy chambers and shut thy doors about thee; hide thyself as it were for a little moment until the indignation be past.' Isaiah 26:20.

We would be wise to observe all these things, to understand them and realize that these things are coming to pass, and turn for protection to where it can be found. You must have the wakeful, observant, all-seeing Eagle eye, if there is to be a timely and triumphant Eagle flight.


'Must Jesus bear the cross alone,

And all the world go free?

No there's a cross for everyone,

And there's a cross for me.


How happy are the saints above

Who once were sorrowing here,

They ever taste unmingled love,

And Joy without a tear.


The consecrated cross I'll bear,

Till Christ shall set me free,

And then go home, my crown to wear,

For there's a crown for me.



Until next time......May YAHWEH BLESS