ERM - Tape 099 - Those Amazing Aryans - Part 2






As we look once more at the civilizations in the distant past we realize that this modern world owes a great debt to the men and women who lived, loved, and laughed so long ago. Actually there is little new....under the you begin to understand the PAST.

In this study we will review some of the facts recorded by Ivor Lissner in his book...'The Living Past'. Our author was born in Germany and spent his adult life traveling and studying the great civilizations of the past. He expresses this thought:..(quote) 'Only when you recognize what generations before you have striven for, thought, and achieved, will you recognize and best employ the opportunities your own short life affords. Only then will you realize that you are set upon a veritable mountain of Human History, and civilizations which others have built for you over thousands of years.' (unquote)

Through this tape series we have traced civilizations, people, and races, and we realize we must use a different standard in assessing the civilizations built by the white race. We must also recognize as we read the work of Ivor Lissner that we must be able to recognize the difference in people and races who were on this earth over thousands of years. We must study each civilization and determine just who these people were and where they came from.

The Science of Archaeology has been a great help in exposing this story of the 'Living Past'. This blinder...of the time table of Adam-man held by the Christian Church as well as the teaching that then all people came from Noah's sons after the flood have kept people from the study and understanding of these Ancient civilizations that the science of Archaeology has uncovered. Yet even with these blinders, as you read these findings, if you are alert you will see in what is recorded the differences in races, in their accomplishments, their beliefs, and life styles, and in this way you can trace these AMAZING ARYANS by these recorded facts.

For Archaeologists uncover an Ancient city which was known almost 2000 years before the Birth of THE CHRIST, they will tell you that most of the people of this old city were Semites (Aryans) and were not racial kin to the ones referred to as Sumarians. The Archaeologists tell us that the God of the Semites was the Great God of the Heavens, whereas the Sumarians had a female deity known as Ishtar. Then in other places they will mis-name people as Sumarians who were interested in Astronomy, who in fact had an amazing sound knowledge of Astronomy. In fact they believed in Resurrection after death, and they looked forward to the coming of their Saviour. This is why we tell you that you must trace people by their life style, their religion, and their civilizations, in fact an Identity point of view is a big help.

The Swift Ministry traced these people from these Ancient Books, and the help of Inspiration from the High Mountains to Northern India, and then out over Western Asia, into Europe, into Egypt and ever Westward across the Ocean to the Americas. We find that this migration started back in the Great Golden Age almost 5000 years before the Birth of the Christ Child in Bethlehem. We have told you much of this trail of these Aryans back in the Mid-East and elsewhere, and in this report we hope to bring you more information as to the great civilizations which existed in the now arid desert country near the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers as well as Eastern Asia and other areas of the Land of the Far East.

The situation in that area today makes it hard to realize that cities once flourished and mighty kings reigned here, and many gods were worshiped. Unless acquainted with Archaeology one would not realize that thousands of people lie buried beneath the sands, as one city was built on top of another, and perhaps a modern village may rest on top of all that history.

Always we find that as an Urban Civilization has reached its peak, it is because its people no longer care for anything but their own comfort. When they have become lazy, peaceful, and law abiding, and tired of war then invariably a race of nomads falls upon them and destroys their pomp and splendor.

Babylon was a good example of this for Babylon was at one time a great city, and their king ruled over the entire area as far as Egypt. There were Palaces, and Temples and great irrigation systems, as well as the famous 'Hanging Gardens'. Then one of those kings became intoxicated with his own power and soon Babylon began to decline. The Aryan king who began to compromise with his belief in One God soon brought disaster upon himself and his people.

Archaeology gives us the facts that there were other races of people in earth as the Aryans came on the scene. Archaeology tells us that from about 5000 years before The Christ, Agriculture was a dominate factor in the production of food, and the breeding of cattle also became popular. Archaeology tells us that there were people in the land of Egypt as the Aryans came into that land for their great building projects. It tells us that these Aryans who came into Egypt believed in the hereafter, that they practiced Agriculture, were acquainted with the use of copper, and gold and silver. Archaeology also tells us that these people in Egypt then built a great civilization, and they were in contact with Central Africa and other parts of the world. Ivory was imported from the South, and from Nubian shells came from the coast of the Red Sea and turquoise from the Sinai Peninsula. Archaeologists found in this civilization copper articles in the shape of fishhooks or a harpoon; ceramic ware was found in that time period as well. Also found was sewing needles, quite like the ones used today, and like those found in that same period in Mesopotamia and other places in earth.

In one Tomb in Egypt was found a small case which had crumbled, but the jewels it once held were intact. There were 21 golden bracelets, a golden necklace, a pair of golden tweezers, and a golden sea shell, and the two halves of this shell were of beaten gold and joined by a hinge. We wonder who was the Queen or Princess who carried this trinket, who was the graceful woman who used shells like this little container for perfume or cosmetics? Surely you cannot believe these people wandered barefoot or lived in tents? In but a short time after they arrived in Egypt the Archaeologists tell us that these Aryans were able to lift and shift the most gigantic stone blocks ever known in the entire history of Architecture.

Facing the old city of Cairo, across the River Nile is the village of Giza. Nearly 5 miles to the west on the edge of the desert are three pyramids, lonely and enormous which reach into the deep blue sky. One of these is the great Pyramid of Giza...the one called 'The Bible in Stone'.

During a visit to Egypt, the Greek Historian...Herodotus inquired as to this Great Pyramid said to have been built by a Khufu who had been dead over 2000 years or more years. This name of Khufu sounded to the Greek as 'Cheops' and this is where the word 'Cheops' came from. The Great Pyramid stands near the N.E. edge of a rocky plateau. A second Pyramid..a burial pyramid of Khafre (meaning the sun god RA rises aglow) stands on higher ground. Then there is a third pyramid and it is the smallest of the three, and is a burial pyramid of Menkance meaning Eternal is the essence of RA, but it is the Great Pyramid which attracts all of the attention.

The Arabs say of this Great Pyramid:...'All the world fears time, but time fears only the Pyramid'. Those of today who are not interested in the story of the Great Pyramid of Giza should remember that Herodotus the Father of History, once stood here in 450 B.C. gazing in wonder at this great gigantic monument built by this race so long ago. Mark Anthony strolled here with Cleopatra; Julius Caesar and Napoleon all stood here and gazed in awe at the majestic buildings of history. 2000 years or 4500 years are as nothing in the breath of time called history.

Here in this area of Egypt is also the legendary Sphinx, half lion and half human that crouches on its limestone base. This creature gazes out over this landscape still keeping its secret from those who are not interested in searching the past. Only thru this knowledge called Identity do you find the reason for these mysterious monuments built by this race. You find them from the High Mountains of Asia to the Americas, but here in Egypt you find something which is different in the Great Pyramid. In the burial Pyramids you walk down steps to a burial chamber, where as in the Great Pyramid you walk up to an empty sarcophagus and the great message for you when you understand.

After the Golden Age of Egypt as this civilization began to wain there came more of the race...the Hyksos (White Shepherds) to enforce the rule over Egypt until the time of prophecy was fulfilled. But in the time when Queen Hatshepsut ruled she had continued the building work of her ancestors. She had enlarged the Temple at Karnak and she had erected the two Obelisks at this Temple. (One for Ephraim and one for Manasseh, the sons of Joseph). She prepared a funeral Temple for herself just as her father and grandfather before her had done, but she also prepared a secret burial place for herself in the rocks, and sand swept western hills on the Nile, in this place later called the 'Valley of the Kings'.

An enormous city arose along the Nile River at Thebes..a place for the Living was on the East side of the River, and that for the dead was on the West bank. (As we told you before..the 1/2 brother of Queen Hatshepsut was the Pharaoh who knew not Joseph. He was not a pure blooded Aryan, and as our Author tells us he tried to erase all knowledge left by his famous sister. In spite of this the White Priesthood was maintained at the City of ON until after the birth of the Christ Child..for His protection).

As we study these old books we must always keep in mind the difference in people, the difference in races for at times the Author makes no distinction, or garbles the findings such as saying that someone is a Hittite and yet this man is of Indo-European lineage, thus we know he is probably an Aryan living in the land of these people of Cainanite Ancestry.

Also you must remember that under the Aryan rule Egypt gave the Western World Architecture, the Stele, the art of Stone Masonry, some aspects of religious concept, the principals of Governmental organization, the civil service, glass making, and even the postal service as well as medicine and other things. All of these things were passed on to the Greeks by those in Egypt of the Golden Age, and handed on down to us, but they came from the Phoenician (Enoch) culture which became an intricate part of our life.

Archaeologists have revealed for us that these ruling Aryans in Ancient Egypt were described as a handsome race of people, whose aristocrats truly bore themselves like kings. The men were robust and very muscular with narrow hips and broad shoulders. Their skin was light at birth which then tanned under the hot Egyptian sun. Unearthed as belonging to these people are combs, hair curlers, hairpins, powder boxes, razors, perfume, rings of gold and silver, cosmetics and so forth. Their education system was based on discipline and was considered a necessity. In order to preserve the Royal Blood the Pharaoh's never married outside their race. The great majority of these Ancient Aryans (Egyptians) practiced monogamy, and the stability of family life is matched only by that of the modern Christian countries.

Our Author tells us of many vanished civilizations which remain a mystery to the World (Order). Sometimes that which is termed Hittite today is something left by a former people who were there first. These people termed Phoenician were of the Semite race according to our author, and they were also a great seafaring people. Their language ties them to the Semitic race as does their religion, and they were termed a fearless, and infinitely a patient people. Our author then turns to tell us that these people were probably of a Cainanite tribe of whom we read about in the Bible. (Now you understand why we say that you need, as you study these old books, a bit of knowledge of Identity to understand the author as well as the Bible.)

Ancient Phoenicia comprised the Coastal areas of Modern Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, and the people carried the Ancient symbol of The Phoenix, and at one time they were the undisputed masters of the Mediterranean Sea. Their ships made them the traders of the known world. They linked East and West and were the bearers of civilization in the truest sense of the world. They city of Tyre was a Phoenician city which later was taken over by forces of darkness. Cartage was another Phoenician city and in 149 B.C., 700,000 people lived in Cartage. By the time of THE CHRIST the Phoenician people of the Mediterranean area had adopted Roman and Greek customs and disappeared from the arena of world says our author. We would say that the Romans and Greeks adopted Phoenician customs and thus the Phoenicians disappeared from world history.

When speaking of the Persian Empire, our author tells us, that this people started out in their migrations from somewhere in what is now Southern Russia and reached Persia by crossing the mountains between the Black and Caspian Sea, and many trekked on further, but some at least then settled in what is now Iran. These people are also described as being tall, white skinned, and were sort of Nomads and Herdsmen. And by the year 559 B.C., their descendants held sway over the kingdoms of Babylonia, Assyria, and Syria of today.

The Medes were a part of this same race of people. They according to our author were cousins of the Persians, and Cyrus the King in the Bible was of this race. He never stooped to mass killing and allowed the many gods of the people in his kingdom to remain in place. Cyrus and Darius built the Persian Empire and Erxes inherited it.

Alexander the Great was the next conqueror of this same race. He treated Darius with great courtesy. When Darius was murdered by his officers then Alexander the Great gave him a State funeral as befitted a king. At its height the Persian Empire stretched from Egypt, by way of Palestine, Phoenicia, Phrygia, Ionia, Cappadocia, Citicus, Armenia to Syria. It extended across the Caucasus mountains, to Babylonia, Media, modern Iraq, Afghanistan, Baluchiston, India West of the Indus, Soctria and Bactia. It bordered on the Steppes of Central Asia, and many races, probably 50 million people lived within its Empire, while in the Heartland of this Persian Empire the people numbered about 500,000. But for 200 years this handful of Persians (Aryans) were virtually masters of this known world.

Ivor Lissner tells us that there were many languages spoken in the Persian Empire, but the court language at the time of Darius I., was... Old Persian which was related to Indian Sanskrit. This again helps to identify these people as those Amazing Aryans. Many of the words both in Europe and in the Indus valley were found to have a common derivation.

Long before the Birth of THE CHRIST CHILD there appeared a man in the land of Persia...called ZOROASTER. His disciples recorded his prayers and precepts, and when translated the Zoroastrian Bible is said to mean 'Interpretation and Text'. Legend tells us that the home of Zoroaster was in what is now called Eastern Iran. Many words of his 'Avesta' resemble those of the Indian 'Vedas', while others recall the Ancient Babylonian traditions.

In the writings of Zoroaster was the story of creation, and the story of the development of this race as the descendants of Adam and Eve. And Zoroaster also believed in the Invisible...One Great God of the Heavens.. as did all those of the race. Zoroaster followed the work of the Magi in establishing the worship of these people of his race. He believed in an end of this present evil world, a resurrection of the dead, and a last final judgment. He taught that the good spirit would prevail and (Adam) man would be redeemed, evil would cease for all times and all good men would enter a Paradise.

It was the embracing of other gods and life styles into the Persian Empire which began its downfall. Reports say that the Persians fell prey to 'Racial heterogeneity'...(we would say plain old race mixing).

As we look for traces of these Amazing Aryans in India you only have to turn to the time when Britain controlled that land and their findings as the Archaeologists were allowed to dig. Writers then tell us that Aryans came at one time to India from the West, but they also admit that there were some of these people in that land much, much earlier, for a much earlier civilization has been found. As the Archaeologists began to dig in the Indus Valley they found that these Ancient people had baths, toilets, drainage, fresh water tanks, beautiful interior courtyards, comfortable bedrooms, guest rooms, dining rooms, and such and they ask who were these people?

The most important building evacuated so far at Mohenjo-Daro is a great bathhouse which had been equipped with hot air, steam, and water, and a fine swimming pool, dressing rooms with running water, cold showers and so forth. A huge granary was excavated in 1950 and these grain bins were so constructed that constant ventilation kept the grain moisture free. The largest building has not been unearthed at this time because now a Buddhist Shrine stands above it, and it would have to be destroyed before the secrets beneath it can be explored. Many jewels have been found at this dig, as well as silver, copper and bronze mirrors, even a saw with serrated teeth, fishhooks, cotton thread, weights made of Alabaster, quartz and jasper and limestone weights...with unit weight of .0302 ounces, and in- creasing to different ratios. Spindles for weaving cotton were found, and it was determined that this civilization was older than that of Ancient Egypt. Children’s toys were also found here, and one of the toy oxen was found that could nod its head.

These excavations at Mahenjo-Daro have shown that history will have to be constantly rewritten, for people had thought that India's prehistoric age had been dark and barbaric.

Sir John Marshall declared that the Jewels of these Indus people were cut with such a consummate skill that they might better have come from London's Bond Street. Our author was amazed that it is always the oldest examples of the Indus civilization that shows the greatest, and highest culture perfection. To people of an Identity inclination they realize that this was the first civilization formed after the Sethites came out of the High Country and we are not surprised. The White people coming later into that area of India about 1500 B.C., were the children of Abraham and Keturah.

The writings of the Indus (Aryan) people has been found by the Archaeologists and it has been deciphered. The 'Vedas' contained every thought, dream and vision that these people had. The name of their God was Indra..YAHWEH..He was the God who embodied Adam and Eve and Noah, and the Dragon which Indra slays is explained in this writing. In the Veda is a little 'Ode' about the choice of a wife which shows the depth to which their writings explains their lifestyle. QUOTE:...'A man should marry a woman who is intelligent, beautiful, virtuous, lucky, and healthy. Of course the signs of luck are hard to recognize.' Unquote.

Our Author tells us that when Buddha came on the scene he denied that the 'Vedas' was Divinely inspired, and he attacked the cast system which had kept the great civilization growing. he said:...'Rich, and poor, young and old, we are all the same.' He then established a religion without a god and he died in 480 B.C. Hinduism took over much of the Buddhist so called religion, and Buddhism died out in Northern India, but spread out over the Eastern World.

The word 'Veda' means knowledge..thus the 'Veda' was a book of knowledge and insight. But many religions were formed from it by those who had no concept of the depth of the Aryan belief.

We have stressed the migrations to the west of these Aryans, thus we will now look at the far East, for some did go on into that area and for many generations did hold their racial purity. In fact the Archaeologists have uncovered traces of these people in the far East and this was even long before the children of Abraham and Keturah went to the East, in fact even long before the Japhet people went to the East as we have outlined for you before.

In Cambodia the Archaeologists found at Ankhor Wat a Temple, cities, and shrines and towers. The main tower at Ankhor Wat soars 230 feet above the jungle. It has 3 terraces and 9 smaller towers. The Temple covers an area of roughly 48,000 square yards, and the Moat surrounding it is nearly 36 feet wide and 12 1/2 miles in circumference. The Deity depicted here was in the form of a king, and the worlds highest mountain was depicted by the highest temple tower where the power of the GREAT GOD radiated in all directions.

There are several hundred structures in these Ancient ruins. It has been decided that these Ancient people were THE KHMERS, and even at the time of THE CHRIST the KHMERS still ruled in Cambodia. These Ancient people are described as a strange people, their countenance was different, and their hair tended to be curly and of a different texture than the straight black hair of the Mongols, Chinese, and Japanese.

As we have told you before, these Amazing Aryans have left their marks of faith, hope and civilization that lingers on, altho in time always the Serpent people take over and build on top their Satanic symbols. However at one time the Khmer civilizations had more than 15 million soldiers under its overall command, and more than 100 different kings paid tribute to that nation.

Sanskrit inscribed tablets identify many of the buildings as Temples, others as Libraries, or Courts of Justice, and still others as hospitals. Stone columns, doors, and walls are elaborately carved in both high and low 'reliefs'. Brick walls are covered with heavy plaster decorated with many elaborate carvings. Today the Cambodians live in flimsy huts built on stilts and reached by ladders. At night they pull up those fear. Their gods are many and their life has become a nightmare since that great Aryan civilization collapsed.

As you know, there were Asiatics on earth thousands of years before the coming of the white man. But in 1921 a whole village was discovered in China. Here the Archaeologists found that there had existed an advanced civilization whose beginning is shrouded in mystery. This discovery was exactly like that at Mohenjo-Daro in India. Nothing...not a trace and then all at once a complete civilization, a fairly sizable population..spinning wheels were found, earthen vessels decorated in many patterns, tools made of bone and horn, sewing needles with finely cut eyes were to be found. Large Urns were found decorated with human figures, dogs, horses and other ornamentation. A cat barely over a tenth of an inch high suggests that even in those days this animal was a household pet.

The first skeletons found were ground up by the Chinese and sold to Apothecaries as an elixir guaranteed to prolong life. But the human figures on the Urns were not those like the Chinese. When the next wave of the Aryans came they bought all the old bones and sent them to museums all over the world. Archaeology and Paleontology tell us that as race mixing and strange gods entered this civilization it was also destroyed. But the fact remains that these Ancient people (Aryans) moved out over the earth and established great civilizations and left them for the world order, but without the pure white man to maintain those civilizations they all deteriorated.

This is a part of the education for those of earth, as well as the Universe as they witness these events. We believe that this is a part of our education as we built this great Mosaic of The Kingdom of God in earth. Today you only have to look at the continent of Africa for an example of this type of deteriation. Look what has happened in the parts of Africa after the Colonists of Europe were forced to leave by the work of the United Nations.

Our Author tells us that Buddhist Monks came to China from India, Missionaries (Aryans) came from Persia, and Nestorian Christians (Aryans from Central Asia, and these Mongols and Ancient Tungus people of China were almost assimilated yet some of the strains still linger.

But the facts are that from the Tarim Basin high in the Himalayan Mountains where they first built a great civilization, these Adamites (Aryans) then moved out over the earth, and they built their civilizations which we have traced thru these old books, and thru the findings of the Archaeologists and others. The life style of these Ancient Aryans is fantastic, but the little country of Palestine had a greater impact on humanity, on its ideas, ethics and beliefs than mighty Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Egypt, India and China.

From this land came to the world the Bible, that Book of Books which has outlived all the dead such as India's Mahabaratha, the teaching of Confucius, the teaching of the Chinese and the gods of the Aztec in Central America. Flowing along without a break, this history of YAHWEH, and His 'Chosen People' lives on generation after generation. As the Aryans faded from the scene the Israelites a branch of the same people took over center stage, but in our world today they are not recognized by many of our people as being from the same race...Adamites all. The past has been forgotten and the enemy of God's Kingdom has been able to blind you as to your roots.

In this land of Palestine lived a Semitic people as they are called today ...originally they were known as Jews today, but there were Cainanites and actually seven different strains of these people, and the Arabs were there also in their areas. Just before the coming of Jesus The Christ as Saviour the Edomites began to crowd the Israelites out of power and claim they were a part of the Tribe of Judah. They were then successful in that they took over the running of the government and the work of the Temple, but this was by that time Herod's Temple for he had the last temple built.

Abraham of the Bible (Genesis 14:13) after he arrived in Canaan land was known for his firm belief in YAHWEH, and his total obedience when he was put to the test. But the modern church does not see the purpose of Abraham...not wanting a Cainanite for his Son Isaac to marry, thus he sent his servant to an Aryan (Hebrew) household for a wife. This girl was Rebecca and you find that story in the Bible. From there you can follow these people until they are called Israelites and then on to their dispersement from that old land. They are also easy to trace beyond that time if you will take the time to study, for the old books are there, and the records in different places will substantiate the story.

Centuries before the birth of The Christ Child the religious literature of these people (now called Jews thru misunderstanding) was being gathered by these people and preserved. In time this literature became our Old Testament. In the Tenth Century B.C., Israel became a Monarchy and this is also described in the Old Testament in the Books of Samuel and Kings. Saul, their first king, was a Benjaminite and he was a good king until he grew older and then he betrayed his people and his God and had to be removed. David was to succeed Saul as king and YAHWEH Himself picked him out. All this is recorded in the Old Testament and we see how David vanquished the pagan forces around Israel. He founded the City of Jerusalem once more and then his son Solomon built the great Temple to YAHWEH. Under his wise administration Jerusalem became one of the wealthiest cities in the Mid- East. Solomon's fleets roamed the seas and brought the wealth of the world to the Israel Kingdom. Solomon is also the one who brought 'The Ark of the Covenant' into the Temple.

This Kingdom of Israel lasted only 200 years and then it broke up with the ten Tribes going into captivity first, then the last two Tribes were taken to Babylon. The ten Tribes went into their westward migrations, whereas some of the two Tribes of Judah and Benjamin with their quota of Levi came back to Judea to try to rebuild and be in place for the birth of the Messiah. It was at this time that the Edomites began to crowd the Israelites, and some of the Israelites had even married outside their race and brought those people with them back to Judea. By the time of Christ this crowding out of government and Temple of the True Israelites was almost accomplished, and the temple then in Jerusalem had been built by Herod. It no longer contained a Holy of Holies, altho the Israelites still went to the Temple because Jerusalem was still the center of their worship altho they had lost control of their nation. After the crucifixion and resurrection, the remaining Israelites in this old land, left in their migrations and at the time of destruction in 70 A.D. This seems to be one of the reasons for the blindness of people today as they try to determine who the people of the Book are, since they have no idea of the History that is available for their enlightenment.

There has always been arguments also as to how old was the Book of Job. And was there ever such a literal person as Job? Archaeology helps us in that respect as well for they find traces of Job in Egyptian writings 2000 B.C., or even before. (From the Swift Ministry we have reminded you that Job and Enoch lived at the same time, thus the timetable for Job is even further back than 2000 B.C.) The Universal agreement however is that the Book of Job is a Sacred Masterpiece of Hebrew Literature. Gothic Victor Hugo and others have described the Book of Job as the most important poetic work produced by mankind, an all encompassing epic of Spiritual Life.

From an Identity point of view we have always thought that the Book of Job in symbolism is the story of Israel in their walk through the world order, with her Faith undergoing a great testing, yet always hanging on to the promise of restoration given before the world was framed. God Himself speaks as He opens Job's to something which is greater than great. He shows Job the nature, the Omnipotence, the Wisdom, the Justice, and Love of the creation, and the structure of the Universe. All the apparent enigmas, secrets, and contradictions of nature are only a part of the well considered...incalculable plan. As Job (Israel) admits that he did not understand all these wonderful things planned for him....Israel. Then YAHWEH (God) restores Job's good fortune and increases his possessions...double what he had before and Satan..the Dragon, or Serpent, lost his wager that he could tempt Job and he would fall....would reject his belief in His God and the promises given before the foundation of this world.

As we come to the Birth of Jesus The Christ our Author Ivor Lissner gives a beautiful testimony as to who HE is according to the writings of the Apostle Paul...and then calls Paul a Jew, altho a Roman citizen. This many writers do...after all perhaps he would not have been allowed to publish this book if he had not written this way. Then the Author goes on to state that there were still Israelite teachers in Jerusalem at that time, and Paul studied at the feet of Gamaliel, and there he learned the Israelite Law, and then to him, these people now professing their Faith in Jesus The Christ were thus breaking this old Law. But later on the Road to Damascus, Saul met his Saviour and the blinders were removed from his eyes (as to who he was, and why he was in earth, and the part he was to play in his plan of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA for the restoration not only of the children of the Kingdom, but all the people trapped in this World Order...each in their own time table) and then Saul became Paul the Apostle sent to Lost Israel now scattered among the Nations of the World.

Within the past 40 years Papyrus fragments of New Testament Books have been discovered, many of them found at Oxyrhynchus, Upper Egypt where the ground is so dry that it preserves perishable material remarkably well. This ruined town lies less than 100 miles from Cairo, and has become a Research Center for New Testament Scholars.

The Codex Vaticanus Manuscript of New Testament literature was put together in the 4th., Century. The oldest known manuscript of Antiquity is the Sinaiticus discovered by Tischendorf on his visit to Sinai in 1844.

Ivor Lissner tells us that the Books of the New Testament are probably better authenticated than any other documents in the library heritage of mankind. By 1874 scholars had gathered 120,000 Testament manuscripts of an early or late date with only minor divergences. Today there are many versions of the New Testament and yet their substance remains almost unchanged. Therefore no matter how much of history is destroyed, or however much the facts are buried still the Spirit of Life in Jesus The Christ lives on in our World.

When our Author turns to the civilizations in the west established by the Aryans then Rome comes to mind. The Roman Empire became a mighty Empire, and at first it was a Republic, the people were governed by laws such as was Israel, then it also became a Monarchy as did Israel, and the challenge to succeed became a battle to endure, to hold the success in the face of all the temptations of the World.

It was Julius Caesar (an Aryan) who took over a dying Republic and turned it into a Monarchy. It was Caesar who merged the concepts of a free Democracy and Absolutism effectively. But the era of the Emperors who followed him showed that fire and water do not mix. Caesar had his profile appear on a coin, and that was a part of his downfall. Under the reign of Augustus, Rome attained her greatest height of accomplishment. In 14 A.D., at the age of 76 years, Augustus died, and some 50 years of uninterrupted stability and splendor for Rome ended.

Some of the rulers who followed him were good and some were not so good. One Marcus Aurelues..under his rule North Africa experienced an unprecedented flowering. This ruler himself a descendent from those seafaring Phoenicians, turned Carthage once more into a Metropolis. In Asia Minor he erected a monument in honor of Hannibal.

Rome truly had many faces. Rome became the place where people of all the World (Order) gathered. Rome then brought in many slaves from Africa to do the work, and when freed they became cruel and dangerous.

The wheels of history continued to roll across the globe, civilizations were built and destroyed, and here once more a civilization built by Aryan people would not be able to stand under the rule of a King, and the great accomplishments of a tremendous heritage perished.


What an immense road of human experiences we view as we look back at the learn from it if we can. (What a tremendous testimony is our belief in Jesus The Christ, in the Almighty program and purpose of the Kingdom of God...if we would only understand.)


Until next time........God willing

Ella Mast