ERM - Tape 100 - Various Questions and Answers



By: Ella Rose Mast


I started this Tape Series...Mysteries of the Kingdom, using the method of Questions and Answers and will finish this series with this 100th Tape the same way. Through these 100 Tapes, plus the other material we have tried to refresh your memory as to the outline of the Great Mosaic of This Kingdom of YAHWEH (God) in Heaven as it will be in earth. We have used the Swift Tape Ministry and my understanding for our source of knowledge, and if by this time you do not realize who you are, and why you are here, then we must have failed. However, it has also been a great learning experience for us as well, and we believe we have only scratched the surface as to the knowledge available to us if we are interested in searching.

We believe that as we search the past we are given knowledge for the future, thus we keep studying and searching and trying to better understand the Message contained in the Swift Tape Ministry which we have had access to over the years. We have been retyping some of what we consider those Swift Tapes with the deeper meanings, perhaps to reach yet a better understanding of what Dr. Swift...under inspiration was revealing for us.

QUESTION:...Why did Moses break the tables of stone as he came down from the Mountain after talking with God?

ANSWER:...In the writings of the early Christian Fathers as well as in the Sinaitic writings we also find this Biblical story of Moses on Mt. Sinai. In the Epistle of Barnabas we are reminded of this again and it stirs our memory.

Remember that Moses had been 40 days on the Mountain receiving instructions from none other than Almighty God Himself. No doubt Moses was once more instructed in the program of the Kingdom as to how these final pieces of the Great Mosaic would be filled in. Moses no doubt was instructed as to the part these Aryans now called Israelites were to play in their time table here in the flesh as time was drawing near for the Coming of the Messiah.

In this Epistle of Barnabas, there is a word inserted which stirs out interest. Moses is now coming down the Mountain, after the instructions...and carrying these two tables of stone and said to have been written on by the finger of God.

Moses now has the instructions as to how to set in place the Administration of the Kingdom here at Mount Sinai. These instructions he recorded and we find them in our Old Testament. As Moses is now coming down the mountain he literally heard YAHWEH say:...'Moses, go down quickly for thy people whom thou led out of the land of Egypt have BROKEN THE LAW.'

The word here in this Epistle is that..Moses UNDERSTOOD and he cast the two tablets out of his hand...AND THE COVENANT WAS BROKEN. Why? 'In order that the covenant of YAHSHUA, the Beloved, should be sealed in our hearts, in hope, of His Faith, wherefore for the whole time of our life...Faith will profit us nothing unless we resist as becomes the Sons of God, in this present evil time against the offenses that are to come, SO THAT THE BLACK ONE MAY HAVE NO OPPORTUNITY OF ENTRY.' (UNQUOTE)

What then was it that Moses understood? We believe that Moses after the instructions by YAHWEH now understood the program of the Gospel of the Kingdom...the Mysteries of the Kingdom, and he realized that these Adamites, Amazing Aryans if you will, were never able by themselves as a people to totally obey their Father and God while here in the flesh, tempted by the evil one. They by themselves could not attain Restoration, or even perfect Faith, for this would only come with the help of the Father and His Grace.

The two tablets of Stone therefore represented the Old Covenant with its promises and chastisements if our people did or did not do this or that. Moses now threw down these two tablets of stone which had been broken once more as the Israel people here at Mt. Sinai followed the lead of the children of darkness and set up the Golden Calf to be worshiped. Moses symbolically was confirming that the old covenant was broken in order that the program of the Gospel of the Kingdom would move forward as preplanned. The Rituals of the law would now bring these Israelites to the Messiah and the New Covenant which YAHWEH as YAHSHUA would put this covenant in our hearts, and no one would be allowed to remove it as our people wandered through their 'TIME' of blindness as of yet today. No longer does the Covenant depend on what our people do or not do as did the old covenant. After all our FATHER...YAHWEH AS YAHSHUA PAID THE PRICE OF SIN, NOT ONLY FOR US BUT FOR ALL. No longer is Adam's sin held against the race.

Do no misunderstanding....we did not say that the law had been done away with....God forbid! Or we would have more trouble than we face even today. It was the Rituals of that law which led Israel to the Messiah which were then nailed to HIS CROSS. The Law still works as always, for if you disobey as we do, then we face chastisement.

The New Covenant in place with the work on the Cross, then the fulfillment of that Covenant does not depend on our individual actions. This form as outlined in the Great Mosaic is being fulfilled event by event on the calender of 'TIME'.

Barabas remember was writing to these children of the Kingdom in their 'time period' now called 'The Last Days'..or from the time of the Resurrection onward. Barabas then went on to say:...(quote) 'Therefore we ought to give great thanks to YAHWEH-YAHSHUA that HE has given us knowledge of the past, wisdom for the present and that we are not without understanding for the future.' (unquote)

This understanding for the future is what Israel has always been searching for, and then as now they sometimes stumble as they march on in their Destiny. But this does not mean that we quit searching, for Our Heavenly Father has always sent someone to tell us what is to be. This we believe HE did with Dr. Swift. We also believe there is much more understanding to be found if we search. Dr. Swift recorded so fast in his Time Table here in the flesh that it was hard for those who were following at that time to retain all that he said. The Great lesson in all we have learned is that when you find a literal meaning for a Bible passage then search on for a deeper meaning which the Spirit within you can reveal.

Barabas also stressed that 'the ritual' of Circumcision was also misunderstood. held a far deeper meaning for the Children of the Kingdom. Many people of other races embraced the 'ritual' of Circumcision, and Barabas tells us that an evil Angel (Satan) misled people until they would think that flesh circumcision was all that was to be found in the Biblical story of Abraham and his household, as to the hardness of your heart while here in the flesh, but also this was a hidden thing so that the program of the Kingdom, for the Restoration of the Adamic Race, and the future RESTITUTION of all things would not be understood by the enemy. Those things would be installed in our hearts, so that we would not forget the New Covenant as we wandered on this path of Destiny. You would be encouraged to forget that YAHSHUA was known as the spotless LAMB of Sacrifice...slain..before even the beginning of this Cosmos. You would be encouraged to forget that this program of the Kingdom as outlined in the Great Mosaic was already in place along before the coming into flesh of Adam and Eve.

However, according to Barabas nothing could change the deeper meaning of Circumcision. Abraham is said to have circumcised of his household '18 men and 300'. In the Greek the letters are I (1) and H (8) and these two are the first letters of the Name of Yahshua (Jesus) while the Greek symbol of 300 is the capital T. Therefore 1=10 and the second and greater covenant which was an Act of HIS GRACE. He who placed this gift in our hearts is none other than the one called...'Jesus of Nazareth'.

Moses received the program for the Administration of the Kingdom from YAHWEH, HIMSELF, and Moses was here in the flesh as a servant, but the promises were confirmed to us as a people, for an inheritance, by HIS suffering as YAHSHUA-Saviour on that Cross...for our sake. The law was given for Israel's benefit, and through you it will profit the whole world. The law remains and we break it as we often do and it brings chastisement, but this does not mean that God is mad at you, this is just an established fact. Moses understood that his people would not be able to accomplish all things they were to do here in the flesh. He understood that it would take a Restoration, and the work of Our Father on the Cross before we could walk in His Light. However the old Covenant was broken so that the new Covenant would come into play at the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Today we stumble often as we walk in the flesh, as the World Order buffets us from side to side with their claims and counter claims of who we are and what we are to believe, and who we are to worship. We are thankful that Our Heavenly Father put some things in our hearts that cannot be removed, otherwise the enemy would win more battles.

Remember that as the Adamic Race..those Amazing Aryans moved out over the earth so that they would enrich the World Order by building great civilizations all over this globe. They showed those of the World Order how this was done, and who to worship making all this possible. Always they had to contend with the negative point of view held by Satan and his children, and as these waves of civilization died out then Satan the Prince of this World Order would see that all was destroyed, and the worship of the Great God would once more be corrupted.

The enemy is allowed to throw their weight against the Kingdom of God until their cup of Iniquity be full, but they were not able to understand the New Covenant, or how it is engraved in our hearts, thus they are led to believe that they can win this battle to destroy God's Kingdom in the earth. The 'TIME' for this battle however is running out but they do not know that it is the Kingdom of God that will attain the victory.

QUESTION:...Some people still feel and write that the 'Little Horn' of Daniel is the Roman Catholic Church and its Papacy. Have you changed your mind about this?

ANSWER:...NO. We still believe as we always have that it is the power behind the scene that controls..politics, economy, and religion that is the

'Little Horn'.

Now; this little horn of Daniel was to rise up out of the Beast System (World Order) and speak Great Blasphemy against the MOST HIGH. In the Mystery Schools of Ancient Israel they had maps of the earth, and they knew that the world was round and where the continents were located. The Kingdom of Darkness also had crude maps and Satan and his power had areas of the earth marked off which he was going to overthrow. On his maps the earth was divided into ten divisions and three of those divisions were marked for his territory in Asia and Europe. These three divisions reached from the Mongolian mountains and the Steppes of Asia to the areas of the Danube River on the West, along the Slavic countries of the Danube..this was division one. China was divided into 2 divisions. After the fall of Vietnam in 1975 then all of S.E. Asia was now under that marked off area of control and all Asia was under Communism. Africa and the rest of Europe were also on this map under Communism. Africa and the rest of Europe were also on this map of Satan as to be under his control as the 'Little Horn' of Daniel would be explained later by Daniel. North and South America were listed as areas number five for the take over of Satanic power.

Daniel tells us that this Little Horn is different than all the others which have gone before...even tho they were to considered as 'little horns' because the horn was a symbol of power. But this last...'Little Horn', or the old divisions of Asiatic power which we saw in Ancient Mystery Babylon under that same control, this final 'little horn' was to come up from that same area of control, and it will rule until the Coming of the KING OF KINGS.

In our lifetime this 'Little Horn' was again the rising of the Satanic power...using the political system of communism to threaten the Christian areas of earth. It is the same Satanic power not only controlling the political field, but the economic and religious fields as well. Thus the 3 tusks, or ribs of this famous Beast System (World Order) is again...the political field of politics, the economic field, and the religious areas.

Here in 1990 we are watching the fall of communism as a political tool used against the west, but the 'Little Horn' is not finished, and still has a great power in those three fields of influence.

The great force which will defeat the Powers of dwelling in you. The Light of God, the Spirit of God, and the Love of God will destroy evil and Light the darkness, because YAHWEH has a design for the restoration of every conscious spirit and soul in this Universe. He has the power to stimulate the spirit in you so that His people respond when HE calls...'TIME'. Altho there are many areas of error in the Roman Church still this is also true of the other denominations thus the 'Little Horn' (power) which Daniel is describing is still the Satanic power of Satan who is Prince of this World.

QUESTION:...Could you give me a short answer as to who is this Son of Perdition?

ANSWER:...Satan. And also his offspring.

QUESTION:...What is Faith?

ANSWER:...Faith is believing in what God has said.

QUESTION:...What is the Light of the Spirit?

ANSWER:...It is the perfect comprehension which comes out of the Dimension of Spirit...out of the mind of God Himself. This LIGHT from THE MOST HIGH is a tremendous pattern of wisdom that moves upon our society and breeds Faith. It is a natural function for the Children of the Kingdom.

QUESTION:...Does the church today fulfill the promises of God?

ANSWER:...The Apostle Paul declares that part of the purpose of YAHWEH coming into flesh was to confirm the Restoration of the Kingdom of Israel. These promises cannot be all fulfilled in the church because the church is only the spiritual center of the Kingdom, there is more than that to the Kingdom, there is Administration. Actually we need to understand the National Message of both the Old and New Testaments before we can understand the problems facing us today.

QUESTION:...Where is that earthquake fault located that is supposed to pass through old Palestine?

ANSWER:...The great valley of the Jordan River runs through old Palestine North and South, traverses a considerable part of this great fault line. But the fault begins in the Tauras Mountains of Turkey, goes south down the Jordan River, on through the gulf of Akaba, and across the Red Sea and ends in the Transvaal in Southern Africa. In a line this great fault covers 1/3 of the distance from one pole to the other. The Sea of Galilee is over 600 feet below the level of the Mediterranean Sea. The Salt Sea, or Dead Sea is 1292 feet below Sea Level.

Ezekiel 47:10 tells us that at En Gedi which is an Oasis on the west shore of the Dead Sea that this will in time be a place where fish will be found, thus it would no more be a Dead Sea.

When the feet of YAHSHUA touch the Mount of Olives the land to the west and parallel to the Dead Sea, including Old Jerusalem will be leveled out...turned into a plain. Zechariah 14:8-9.

QUESTION:...What was the OGPU which Dr. Swift talked about?

ANSWER:...This was an organization that had as its function the practice of inspiring terror in the Russian people, and to prey on the non-communist world. Over the years this organization has had many names, but eventually it became the KGB.

Until the late 1930's the Soviet Scientists had been able to read all the journals of western Scientists. The calculated risk was then taken by the power which aimed to control, to allow the west to expend the intellectual an financial blood and sweat of harnessing the atom while they would watch and wait and then steal the developed secrets. The idea of nuclear fission and ultimately the atom bomb was never a monopoly or a secret. But translating that concept into an actual device was another matter, thus... an Atomic Secret.

Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, and his colleagues rushed to have a part in this secret, and always insisted that the mechanics of the Bomb should be fully disclosed to the whole world. After Dr. Edward Teller had triumphed over Oppenheimer's ideas and won President Truman's assent to build the bomb but to keep the process secret then Dr. Teller's reputation was then attacked. And always remember that it was the two Christian cities of Japan...Hiroshima, and Nagasaki where the bomb was dropped.

As we look back over the facts as they are laid out today we realize that there were dedicated Communists in our Government, and in the State Department in those years, and they also moved into the Atomic work field. In fact Dr. Oppenheimer had managed to be appointed to the top position in the Atom Bomb Project. Men were also protesting in this country that there was to much Jewish influence in all these areas but to no avail.

As the United Nations was established, it was even attempted to place the United Nations in control of Nuclear energy. When International control of Atomic Energy never came about the 'secrets' must be stolen. This proved to be quite simple since known communists sympathizers were in very high places in the U.S. Government.

This may have been the 'Greatest Plot in History' as Ralph de Toledano suggests in his book of the same name, but as we view this past history we think of the song:..'He holds the whole world in His hands'. We believe that HE knows just exactly how to use this 'secret weapon'...this spirit which is in you to stimulate the children of the Kingdom until they resist just enough so that the enemy never quite wins, altho they do retreat to try another time. If this were not true this nation would only be history at this time. Even after the Rosenberg trials and convictions, and appeal after appeal, still came the cry of...'Anti-Semitism' as the motive behind the arrest and prosecution because those involved in stealing the Atomic secrets were mostly all Jews.

At the end of W.W.II the United States had the most powerful Army, Navy, and Air Force in history, and of course in its military arsenal was the Atomic Bomb. This was true even tho many of the enemy were in high places in our Government. The program had been to use this power for the destruction of Germany and then weld the U.S. into the One World Government where as the Sovereignty of the U.S. would be finished. But Our Heavenly Father would have other plans for now the U.S. would rise to her place in prophecy.

In his sermon (10-27-68) Dr. Swift would remind us that there was 'A Strategy for Victory' for the Western world. This strategy consisted of being able to know the mind of God. But only those people who can think on this same wavelength can know the mind of God. Only one people can understand His purposes and Revelations.

In his sermon Dr. Swift would go on to tell us...(quote) that you cannot go to a denominational church to learn the program of the Kingdom. Altho ministers have gone to college and a theological Seminary, and studied long and hard, still they have only been taught pastoral psychiatry. They have been taught to take a text and straightway depart from it. Inside the organized visible church of today they are teaching a pattern of Revolution, and the policies of man creating his own concept of God. They are thus teaching areas of Humanism. The Christian churches have been invaded by an unassimilatable force. Inside the ministry of the Methodist, Baptist, and other Christian churches are a whole raft of young, so called 'converted' Jews who have moved through the Seminary, and they have no area of conversion because they have no capacity to understand the things of God.

In this strategy for victory it becomes very important for you to realize that you of this Adamic race are Spirit of His Spirit, begotten in the in the flesh for a very definite purpose.

The program of THE MOST HIGH outlines this process, that now you are here in the flesh, and the World Order which hated Jesus The Christ will also hate the people of His Kingdom. It is then God's purpose to educate these children of His Spirit until they think of victory. They must be stirred until they think the thoughts of God, and reach for the understanding of God's Mind.

On the other hand it is Amazing..this blindness..until the heirs of the Kingdom remain in total ignorance of who they are, having them sing hymns, pay tithe, and say:...we believe in Jesus The Christ, and when we die we are going to heaven. People think that this is the Gospel of the Kingdom, and why they are here. Religion of today makes it appear that God sent His family down here into flesh, where Lucifer was in control, after the powers of Darkness were driven out of the heavens, and then had to take a chance on getting them back into heaven.

Remember that Lucifer had roamed the earth long before you came. He had already created great catastrophes...continents sank, atomic warfare had bombarded the earth. Then God sent His sons and daughters to correct this situation, but He didn't know whether He could rescue them or not?????? How foolish can you be???

The Church teaches that you are to love the Bible, believe the Bible, then turns around and teaches that everyone came from Adam when the very first chapter of Genesis tells us that...'Kind begats like kind....Seed having life in itself'. This only proves that they do not even understand the patterns of genealogy also outlined in the Bible, for 'Adam was the Son of God.' Luke 3:38

It is not strange that you know that the Adamic Race is the offspring of YAHWEH (God), that you realize that He has fulfilled His Scriptures, His covenants, His promises of redemption by His own EMBODIMENT,...this same Scripture also says that only those to whom He has given His Spirit can be activated by the Spirit of God. Thus we find that the program of God is complete for His Kingdom. It calls for a Standard of Righteousness even as the heavens are ruled with Righteousness. It calls for the rule of righteousness as the 126 trillion suns and sidereal systems are ruled with this Righteousness as are the Hosts of God, the Angelic Hosts, and the created Hosts, the people who dwell on other planets, in other places, all are ruled by the Laws of God. We were thus taught by YAHSHUA pray...'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.'

When HE talks about the Vastness of the Heavens He expects you to understand as did the Psalmist who said:..'The thoughts of God move by the Holy Spirit of God', and he rejoiced in his heart at the thoughts of God MADE KNOWN TO HIM.' The Scriptures promise that God's word will not depart out of the mouth of 'thy seed's seed for 1000 generations' and this will also be fulfilled altho Adamites move blindly in their destiny. The Scripture outlines this family of God from Seth onward. The old books are inspired volumes identifying this Race, and their battles with the forces of evil, and yet to come is their great victory as they are to reign over the earth from sea to sea, and pole to pole.

In the writings of Enoch you also find this story of destiny, as he talks of the whole development of time and history right up to the return of The Christ, and of this triumph over the powers of Darkness. The pattern then remains that the great men of the Scripture knew of the purpose and the plans of the Almighty, and they wrote of them. The pouring out of HIS Wisdom and Spirit upon His prophets, and ministers was to clarify, for His race, which he had planted in the earth, how they were to conquer and bring in the Kingdom. They understood about Lucifer, how the people of Asia had been taken over by Lucifer as His Satanic Priesthood had involved them in all the worship of Idols, and all the concepts of pagan gods. They understood that there were many, many pagan gods in the religious patterns coming out of Asia and Africa, and they warned their people not to mongrelize with these people, not to integrate or the curse of God would rest upon them because they had carried this Holy Seed, this Spirit withing, and it would not be passed on in this process of mongrelization. God made it very plain that He was establishing a family here in earth who were to grow up and conquer the world for God and Christ.

Under this strategy then the Holy Spirit makes known the Word of God, the prophecies of God, the program of God unto every son or daughter who will read and move under inspiration as they read the Scriptures. God also does not do anything in the face of the earth until it is revealed unto His true ministers and prophets. We consider a true minister to be one who recognizes that YAHSHUA-Jesus is the embodiment of God, is the Majestic Christ and acknowledge HIM, acknowledge HIS Virgin Birth, HIS Return and HIS Kingdom.

Now; we see that there has been a darkness, in part which has swept over the churches and the nations. Lucifer has been fighting a deadly battle with the children of the Kingdom. In fact we were told in the Scriptures that Lucifer's ministers are transformed into Angels of Light, and from them comes all types of misunderstanding, all types of philosophies, and approaches to religion, without identifying themselves with the program of the Kingdom of God or the Atonement which He wrought. God has warned His people that FAITH is the great Spiritual stimuli that moves through the intelligence of men and guides the actions of men. That Faith comes by hearing, and hearing from the Word of God. If this program of God is lost to them they are a lost people not knowing which way to turn.

Testimony as to the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' has been asleep in the Western Nations as usurpers, Cainanites, Khazars, Amalakites run around supposedly interpreting your Scripture for you. The world today is divided between the nations held under the Beast System (World Order) and those nations of the Western Christian world. The program of God calls for the defeat of these people who move under the program of the false god. We do not apologize for belief in the Gospel of the Kingdom. We do not apologize for our God, or for the Word of the Scripture, and will work for it to our dying...rather our LIVING days.

Many ask:..How and when will the white race wake up? The only message by which it will wake up is this 'Gospel of the Kingdom' Salvation is when the intellect, the mind awakes and you find out who you are and then move forward to do the things God wants you to do, then you will become victorious as a people, for God reaches into the intellect and spiritually enlightens His children concerning the program of God, this we are told in the Book of Hebrews. 'Through Faith they subdued kingdoms, they wrought righteousness, they obtained promises, they stopped the mouth of lions, and out of weakness they were made strong.' Out of weakness they were made strong, and they turned to fight the armies of the aliens. Some were stoned, others afflicted, and the world was not worthy of them. They abode in the world as strangers and gained a good report because through FAITH they understood the promises, and knew that the Kingdom was coming, and they were participating in helping to spread it. This was a part of the plan of God from before the foundation of the world.

Today many of our people do not know the Gospel of the Kingdom, they do not know what Revelation is talking about as it says the 'Woman on the back of the Red Beast'...this Mystery Babylon. But God said that He has a way to wake up His people, and they will come out of Great Babylon. But God said that He has a way to wake up His people, and they will come out of Great Babylon because her sins have finally reached unto Heaven, and God remembers her iniquities.

Here we are not only talking about Ecclesiastical Babylon with all her iniquities and pagan rituals, but these pagan powers move out to make war with The LAMB OF GOD. Revelation 17. But the LAMB shall overcome, and those who are with HIM are called...'the chosen, the faithful.' This 'Woman' sitting upon the Back of the Beast System (world order) is Organized Jewry... Zionism using the power of Darkness (Satan) and the sons of Lucifer...and this power governs all the pagan races, all the mongrels brought into play by Lucifer, and they plan One thing:...As they see the power of The Christ gaining in the they remember that HE said:..that He would come in power and great glory; they then say that they have to be ready to turn on HIM..and always they have to fight HIS people.

Using the strategy of this system called Mystery Babylon they control all the areas of the economy as well as the other areas they concentrate on, but God then says:...'come out of her O my people', meaning do not support this program of usuary, and extortion anymore because it was through this program that they have gained control over all the world. Look at what the enemy has already accomplished...the Federal Reserve System is a part of this Mystery Babylon, most of the Banking Systems of our Nation are controlled by Organized Jewry. After the Internationalists (Zionism) took over Asia and Africa they moved to throw all of Asia and Africa against the Christian West. They sent their teachers and instructors into your schools and the hierarchies of the church and moved into every available area of control they could enter.

I (remember this is Dr. Swift speaking) spoke to a man in our meeting, he was from the Methodist Church of his area and he said:..Dr. Swift we had a unique situation at our church the other day. Our Minister invited a Colonel from the Travis Air Base to speak to us. This man was a Jew, and he was supposed to speak to us about the Jewish religion. The church was full of people ready to hear this man, and this is some of what he had to say: (remember this was in 1968)

The Jews have been well accepted in America, and I want you to know where we stand today. We Jews control the Entertainment field. Lets face it, we also control the financial field in America. The majority of the Banks in America are owned by Jews. We have a blanket hold on the whole Amusement field and on Hollywood. We own all 3 T.V. Networks, we control them lock, stock, and barrel. We own most of the major newspapers and what we do not own we control through advertising. This man was bragging and then he said:...Isn't that wonderful...see what we are doing for America. We Jews also control most of the psychiatrists, and we are setting up the thinking patterns that moves into every fraternity, especially the medical organization. We Jews are remaking the minds of the world to fit the Jewish ideas. You should be glad of this because we gave you your Bible, and we are now giving you the next plans...of World Government and total integration which will do away with the race problem. You Christians should be happy that we are giving the world our philosophy. This man then went on to say:..We Jews have taken over the money from you so as to put you on check book money which is easier for you to handle. The Jew is actually a blessing for he has given America a great increase in business. In fact you people will have to now conform because we can give you either depressions or stability. (quote and unquote)

What this man was outlining was their great power and control over America that so many of the patriots had been trying to expose. Their plan called for having the young people of America so used to seeing crime and vice that they will accept it as a way of life. And here our people sat in this Methodist Church and learned from this Jew himself, a man out of our military establishment, how they had been able to promote liberalism, socialism, and communism.

Dr. Swift went on to say in his sermons that there was a way out of this mess that we find ourselves in and that was to follow God who said:..'Look to the Word, Learn the Word, find the Word, realize that all this is against your race for a purpose, because they plan to absorb your race by mongrelization. What you are to do is to decide to stand up...'come out of her O my people'...understand what is going on.'

One of the strange things is that as they now control the monetary system of the world as a part of this Mystery Babylon, they think that they can now bring this nation to her knees by a depression such as we had in the days of Herbert Hoover. In those days the Bankers said they had no money to lend, and the depression lingered until we heard that Germany had established her own bank and no longer were they borrowing from the Jews. The Jews then ran out of Germany with the same old cry, but all of a sudden there was money for everything, especially money for the destruction of Germany.

We tell you that never again will they be able to pull this same trick on the American people, never again will the American people take another depression like the one in 1929-30...Never again. (unquote)

As we now look forward from that time when Dr. Swift was speaking back in 1968., we see that the enemy has been able to bring about small depressions, a sell out of the Korean and Vietnam wars, and other disasters, but Germany has been gaining in strength, and the U.S. has not as yet collapsed....the battle still goes on. In Central America we have gained a bit and in Eastern Europe the Communist hold is slipping. Communism as a political tool is bankrupt and has been proven a disaster as a National policy, but the enemy has not been defeated as yet, in fact they just try a different tactic to maybe move on your in a spot where you are aware that they are working.

There are thus many trouble spots in the world as this battle continues between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness, but many people are now looking forward to the destruction of this Mystery Babylon system, and in their own way are trying to...'Come out of her O my people.'

The enemy not understanding what was put in our hearts with the New Covenant so that our people would endure through out this period of persecution, have also turned their weapons against The Christ himself by trying to degrade HIM through even so called Art forms. They have tried to deny His Name in our schools and even in our churches but they have not been able to remove HIM from our hearts...this they will not be allowed to do.

In Moscow on May 1, 1990., people marched carrying the Cross and they defied their rulers who finally left the reviewing stand, but they did not move to stop this march. What a change from other May Day parades in Red Square. However in South Africa it is the same people who are trying to bring down that white Government thus you do not relax your guard for the enemy is still there and still trying. Never forget that there is a strategy for victory and it is being followed. How long the battle will continue we do not know, but we are confident of the outcome.

QUESTION:...Why did God create evil and why does He permit the Devil.. do all these things?

ANSWER:...We have answered this before but the question always keeps coming. I would refer you to the Wed. Night Bible Study Tape for 1-27-65 by Dr. Swift. If anyone could has a better answer lets hear it. This is Dr. Swifts answer:...'He made Lucifer who was an Archangel, a bright and shinning morning Star that sang with all the morning stars for millions of years. Everything God made was good, but it is impossible to polarize anything without capacity of opposition, this is the ultimate of philosophy, the acme of the knowledge of negatives. As long as you have Light you have utter antithesis of Light which is utter darkness. As long as you have something right, the only way it can be right is not to be wrong. So you could not have an Archangel serving God with Rightness, and not have the deviation to turn away from this to serve that which is against the law. You can never cope with something which is against that which is right....UNTIL IT APPEARS, and then runs its course of development, then you can destroy it, you can weigh that which is negative before it appears, without having destroyed this positive pole from whence comes this negation into existence.

Therefore the Law of opposites was handled by YAHWEH-YAHSHUA with complete OMNISCIENCE, and with total knowledge. He even permitted the measure of timing, probably set the chemical reaction which ended up with Luciferian reaction, and in the fullness of time he handles this situation..maybe for the Universe, and for this Mantavara (mixture of races), maybe every area of creation in the vastness of the Universe. There has to come a point of realization in the areas of things which are correct and perfect.

Now; if new creations are made in the ages to come, apart from these new creations being a final spiritual perfection of this which has happened, it may be that this future creation will have to discover the right which polarized the creation. But by this time we will be experts with HIM, and will rule with HIM over the endless ages. In this Universe they will never have to learn this experience ever again. The reason why I cannot tell you about sidereal systems beyond tomorrow is because technically...'Eye has not seen nor ear heard what is over that horizon'. But I have never been bored, nor expect that I ever will be. (unquote)


Now; with this Tape 100., I am closing out this series of 'The Mysteries of the Kingdom'. I hope these 100 Tapes have been a Blessing to you, and a source of strength as we march forward into tomorrow.



May YAHWEH Bless.......