ERM - Tape 118 - Peace, Peace When There Is No Peace


TAPE NO. 118......By Ella Rose Mast




As the year of 1991 ran out, Men in earth were working hard to set in place something called PEACE in the Middle-East, but actually they have been trying to do this since the rebellion in the heavens so long ago. In the beginning the word Peace meant understanding, where as today it seems to mean a process of getting along with the world order. Still in blindness we find many of our people today still trying to help the enemy establish their type of a One World Government which in the final analysis leaves our Savior out of the picture. In this great longing for Peace our people seem happy to give away their inheritance to another people, just so the enemy might want to live with us in Peace.

There is however, another side to the picture if you care to look for it. Behind the headlines we have been reading from publications from the pen of the enemy that the Christian religion must be..used until the One WORLD GOVERNMENT is set in place...then will come the rude awakening for the Western World. We saw some of this USE as the newspapers reported about the newly released Dead Sea Scrolls. The Terms..'The Staff'..the 'Branch of David', ..'The Root of Jesse', all of these were interpreted by the enemy as being from the they say..a Jewish group at the time of Jesus. If the Christian West once more accepts this explanation by these so called Scholars, then once more they will miss the opportunity to stand up for their inheritance and their God, and will continue to look for Peace in a World Order wherein they are only 16th., of the worlds population.

We would remind you once more that there were many people in Judea at the time of Christ who were not Israelites. There were Jews (Edomites) in control of the Temple in Jerusalem. There were Israelites in residency as well, and some were out in the caves in the hills who were called the Essenes. There were people from the Arab lineage still living in this old land as well, and some people of the mixture of the races, as were the Edomites.

Today we are the Book entitled 'Judaism' by Isadore Epstein who these people called Jews were supposed to be. This is a short summary of this explanation as to the people of the Bible according to this Jewish author. (Quote)..'God chose Abraham for his purpose, and out of him came these people called Israel. As they came out of Egyptian bondage they went on to become a nation in Palestine. Later they were separated into two groups because of disobedience, and now were called the House of Israel, and the House of Judah. The northern ten tribes of the House of Israel went into captivity, and while there they mixed with their captors and became the Summerians, thus no longer recognized as God's people. The House of Judah also went into captivity, in Babylon. Then after 70 years, God cleansed some of these people and brought them out, making them new people now called Jews. They were brought back to Judea thus making them inheritors of all the Old Testament promises to Israel. (Unquote)

On the other side of the picture we recall the deeper story from the Swift Ministry, and the old books, as well as our understanding of the scriptures, as to how the Adamic Race started in the heavens (spirit), came into physical earth with a special mission. The Old Testament to us out- lines their March of Destiny, explains their fall, and the necessity of the coming into the flesh of their Messiah..Redeemer. The Old Testament outlines the chastisement of this people, as well as the promises to them. It tells of their migrations in their March to their Destiny. Many of the old books help record their story. In the New Testament is recorded what Jesus said to the leaders of the Jews who had taken over in Judea..'Ye are of your father the Devil' (John 8:44..thus tying them back to Cain). In this instance then you must go back in your story, back beyond Abraham, on back to Cain and then to the rebellion in the heavens of Lucifer which we have tried to outline for you through these many tapes. Without this understanding the Christian West, although it protests the evil, still tries to 'get along' with the World Order in their search for PEACE.

We have tried to describe for you this battle listed in The Dead Sea Scrolls as the battle between 'The Children of Light and the Children of Darkness'. We have called attention to this 'yoke' of blindness which seems to effect the Children of Light, as they marched onward in their Destiny. Thus this has been a continuing battle, which you would expect since this is a battle for the control of our earth here on this planet on which we live.

Here in our modern world, we find that someone has been trying to change history, and since we have outlined this battle many times let us go back to the 1800's for a bit of an to the 'setting place' a portion of Palestine for a homeland for the Wandering Jew. Wars have always been the way of life for so many years in the Old World, but has also in Latter Times effected the New World also. But we find that as time went on the Sephardim Jews, descendants of the Jews at the time of Jesus, had been for many years living in the Western Christian world. They had been in and out of many countries of Europe, always moving from place to place, and where as always they worked to control the economy and the financial markets of the world. Always they were building a financial Empire in the Western World and finally they established their Headquarters in London, England, and became thus a City within a City.

Because of their control of wealth the Sephardim Jews were gradually being accepted into the mainstream of Life in the Christian West and thus began to intermarry with the Israelites of this Aryan race. In this manner they gained an acceptance into the Western Christian World, and finally the Religious world accepted them as the people of the tribe of Judah, simply because they were the people in that city was finally destroyed. Always these people used their financial power to obtain what they desired, but as yet they had not been able to obtain Palestine, although they now proclaimed that they owned Jerusalem when London was yet a Marsh. We would say that they did not own Jerusalem, only occupied it at that time.

In the early 1800's there were about 1500 Jewish inhabitants in Old Palestine which the Turks then controlled. There were Greek Orthodox Christians in that old land, especially in and around Jerusalem at that time, as well as other representatives of other Christian divisions. The two old cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem still tugged at the heartstring of the Christians of those days, as they still do in our world today. Britain, after the inter-marriage of Jew and Anglo-English would of course be considered the leader of the Christian world to see that the dream of the Jews for a homeland be fulfilled. Yet, also a Jewish nation set in the midst of now 500,000 Arabs would need a strong protector.

There are several names which keep coming up in this struggle to establish the Jewish homeland. One of the more powerful, and in the Financial world was Rothchild. As the British Government now releases the papers telling of events in this time frame, the story of this struggle to place this homeland ONLY in Old Palestine becomes more clear. As you remember that this is a struggle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness, then you understand that old Palestine would be the only place acceptable to the leaders of the Jews as a Homeland. This has been a Zionist dream ever since 70 A.D., when prophecy was fulfilled in Jerusalem, besides only Palestine and Jerusalem would convince the Christians that this was what was to happen in prophecy. Thus you see this struggle has never ended, but also remember that since the Zionist goal has never been totally reached even here in late 1991., then you see that the Almighty is still in charge and brings to a head the situations which fulfill the prophecies.

Disraeli was another name of a man caught up in this old, old struggle. Disraeli was a man from a mixed marriage, a Jewish mother and an Anglo-English father. In the book:..'The High Walls of Jerusalem', Disraeli is described as born a Jew, converted to Christianity at the age of 13., by his father. But in his own writings, Disraeli seemed to have discovered that he was a Jew in every aspect but race, and in this instance he was neither Jew or Aryan, but because his mother was Jewish he was declared a Jew by her people. However with his fathers wealth and position he managed to become Prime Minister of England, and he well knew that money was the factor which contributed to this rise to power. Christianity did not fit within his thoughts which seemed to be more Asiatic than western, altho he had acquired the English Title of Lord Beaconsfield.

You must now realize that Britain now had her fifth column as did Germany, created as these Christian people of the west intermarried with the Jews in violation of Divine Law.

Another name to be recognized as an example of this entrance of the Jew into the Christian West was Col. Goldsmid who in 1895., explained to a friend, that he was born of Jewish parents who had been baptized as Christians so as to take advantage of a better situation in the Christian world. This is brought out many times in books written about this same situation.

As these many wars raged on in the Middle-East and in Europe men were always sitting around so called Peace Tables and carving up the lands all in the name of PEACE, which would in most cases just bring on another war. As the old Ottoman Empire fell, the land would once more be divided up and this Peace table would also just set the stage of the next war. In all this time of War, behind the scenes the Zionist's were working in the Christian west trying to establish a homeland for the Jews in Palestine.

In approximately 900 A.D., three religions were presented in the land of the Khazar Kingdom, to the King who was trying to find a way to control his people. Judaism was finally accepted, and as these people now called Jews because of their religion, came to the west they were known as the Ashkanzie Jew and there were disagreements between them and the Sephardim Jews who thought they were now integrated into the Christian west. However both factions would finally agree that Palestine would be the only choice for a homeland. Places in Africa which had been suggested as well as places in South America, would be rejected since only Palestine would fulfill their objective desire.

After Tsar Alexander II of Russia was assassinated there was a large exodus of Jews from Southern Russia. This exodus was from its beginning (according to the author Sanders) aimed at the shores of the U.S. and Canada, and also Britain. As these people came into the Western world there was pointed out the difference between them and the Sephardim Jews who were already established in the western world, and many of them had no desire to go to Palestine then, or in the near future. Yet behind the scene Zionists were working to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine..FOR A PURPOSE.

Laurence Oliphant, another man of Britain, was working for this Jewish homeland. He and his wife went of Haifa to live, and it was through his work that Baron Edmond Rothchild,..head of the Paris branch of the family decided to start providing for the colonies of Jews in Palestine. Oliphant formed his idea of the Zionist society in 1890., so as to further the cause of this Jewish homeland. And Col. Goldsmid would be quite active in helping raise money for the migrating Jews from the Khazar Kingdom.

Theodore Hertzl was another name to be considered as a 'man of the times'. He was tall with dark eyes, a princely Assyrian style beard, a magnetic personality, one to command attention. He moved in the circle of so called 'LIBERAL THINKERS' as many of the young Jewish men of those days. He was not interested in religion as such, yet when he became interested in Zionism he talked of a Jewish homeland in some other country, but not in Palestine. However when he came to Britain he met with the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Britain, and also with Sir Samuel Montague and began to change his mind as to where the homeland should be.

Sir Samuel Montague, a banker, and liberal member of Parliament for White Chapel, was also a man from Germany, yet now in the British Parliament, a member of the English Hovevei Zion. At lunch in Montague's home, Hertzl caught his first glimpse of the Aristocracy of English Sephardim Jewry. Hertzl described his wife as a Christian of Jewish descent. They had been married in a Civil Ceremony in Scotland, then as she became Jewish they were remarried in a Synagogue. As Hertzl talked of a Homeland, say in Argentina, he was lead to believe that this was not acceptable to Western Zionists. In fact Col. Goldsmid was to say that a Homeland must be in Palestine because:..(quote:..'From the High Walls of Jerusalem')..'The pious Christians will then help, since they have been led to believe that the Messiah will return, after the Jews have returned home.' (unquote) The Zionists then began to push for the restoration of the Jews to Palestine as they were to say:..'according to the prophets'. Hertzl was at once moving in high circles, he had been introduced to the man who would become Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. His help was asked for, and now Argentina, or any other place then Palestine faded from his mind.

At the Zionist congress of Aughts 29, 1897., Jews from all over the world were represented. The Sephardim Jews had been moving slowly on this idea of a homeland in Palestine, satisfied to first become integrated into the government of the Western World, and to raise to high places therein, before making such demands. The elegant Dr. Hertzl of Vienna however was in a hurry. He professed as he said, to have risen as tho from the dead, a royal scion of the House of David. But the Rothchild Jews had fought for years to be able to sit as a JEW in the parliament of England, but this incoming of the Ashkenezi Jews in such large numbers was disturbing to the Christians and even the Sephardim Jews who had grown to like this living in the Christian West.

As Winston Churchill became first Lord of the Admiralty of England, this before he became Prime Minister, he also as had others before him favored a Homeland for the Jews in Palestine. As always in this time frame, a war was going on somewhere, and Britain was being stretched out as an International Empire, and thus engaged at all war which required a great deal of money to pursue. As Peace would be declared in one place then Peace Treaties were being formed between two faction, so as to have a respite from war, and as always areas of land and people would be carved up in such a way which would also lead to another war after a few years. After all, Wars are money makers for those who furnish the finances to both sides of the conflict.

Another Gentleman of 'the times' was Albert Montefiore Hyamson, who had worked his way to the position of an official of the Post Office Department in England. He was known as a writer, a lecturer of Jewish history and he began to write of the Jewish STATE in Antiquity and the wish to revive it. He spoke of the great friendship of the British government with the Jews. He called attention to the fact that the Jews NEEDED Palestine for their purposes, and they also would need a protector. He also went so far as to stress:..'That the Christians were to blame for the persecution of the Jews for the past 1900 years, and now there was an opportunity for them to commence paying for this persecution. (quoted from 'The High Walls of Jerusalem') Quote:...'Let Britain remember her past, think of her future, and secure for the Jews, under her protection the possibility of building a new Palestine on the ruins of her ancient past.' Unquote

On the other hand there were men in Britain like Loyde George, a Welsh Lawyer at the time of the Boer's War in Africa as Christian fought Christian. He railed against the Jewish influence in that war and other wars, and called attention to the presence of the Jews in all trouble spots. he rose to positions of power in the government would also become aware of who controlled the 'Money belt'. He soon learned that Lord Rothchild was the man to whom all men turned when in need of financial help. Churchill and Loyde George were friends at times and rivals at other times, but both were under financial control of the Rothchilds which would cloud their thinking to a certain extent.

Another man then came on the scene in the late 1800's and this was Chaim Weismann from Pinsk (Russia) where he had been preaching for 30 years about 'Palestine for the Jews'. He completed his education in Germany, and in Switzerland then went home a confirmed Zionist altho still clinging to his language of Yiddish. He had formed a sort of Labor Union among Jewish workers called 'The Bund' and here he had preached Zionist Marxist Theology.

As Chaim Weismann came to London, England he was not impressed, for he saw the poverty and smell of the Jewish quarters in the suburbs of the city of Vilma. He saw again as he had in the past the old living quarters of his people, how they soon reduced their area into a Ghetto. However he also soon saw the many Jews now in high places of the government, and he forgot the former and was soon writing:..(quote) This London is the hub of the world, you sense the breaking of a Giant into a city within a city. (unquote) He had arrived in London a week after the death of Hertzl and picked up his mantle to carry on the battle for the Jewish homeland. He settled in England’s second city of Manchester which had a population of 600,000 people, 30,000 of them were Jews and recent arrivals from Eastern Europe.

This great influx of Asiatic Jews finally brought about what was known as the 'Alien Bill' as Britain tried to stop this migration into their nation. Churchill was opposed to this bill as he demonstrated his friendship..always..for the Jewish people who continued to cry..'a people who had suffered so much after giving the world so many blessings.'

As W.W.I., ended the Zionist thinking had been that Britain should control Palestine and within 25 to 30 years there could be one million Jews in Palestine, maybe more. But plans do not always work even when pushed in the Western Christian world.

Another gentleman to play a part in this drama was Arthur James Balfour, he had been raised in Britain, and his mothers brother was Lord Salisbury. Balfour was a bachelor, and in the salons of Britain he was known as a 'Pretty fancy'. He however succeeded his uncle as Prime Minister of Britain and he had many wealthy Jews as friends, especially the Sassoon family. He was from Scotland but would later be the man to write the Balfour Declaration.

In the United States one of the most powerful Zionists was Henry Morgenthau, he made contact with the so called Jewish Philanthropist Nathan Strauss and Jacob Schiff of New York, and immediately America began to transfer gold to Palestine, presumably for Jewish relief work. On September 24, 1914., a large American cruiser anchored in the harbor of Jaffa. A boat was lowered and then came ashore with 4 bags of gold said to be worth $10,000.00 which sailors carried to a Jewish Bank. You will thus remember that always when wars are in progress, this Zionist program still carries on behind the scene.

As W.W.I., ended and the Old Ottoman Empire fell then the British Mandate over Palestine brought a renewed push for the Jewish homeland. Men were busy once more carving up land and sitting at so called..Peace tables and this carving would guarantee W.W.II. Behind the scene the program was not to simply defeat Germany, the program called for the complete destruction of Germany.

In America there were Jews of German extraction but these were 2 or 3 generation German Jews of that nations fifth column. They here in America were at that time the most influential section of American Jewry, and were now in high places in our government. The old established Sephardim Jews in America were not the trouble makers, it was the more newly arrived Jews who were writing and preaching as soon as they realized the purpose of the Zionist drive for a homeland.

Waldorf Astor, scion of one of the great American fortunes and his Virginia born wife Nancy, both became British Subjects, and made their London home a prominent political Salon. Chaim Weizmann was introduced into this circle of Society by Dorothy de Rothchild. In this circle then Weizmann would come in contact with Arthur James Balfour.

As I read the book..'The High Walls of Jerusalem' by Ronald Sanders, I was struck by the fact that he had a good outline of what had taken place in this drive for a Jewish homeland..only in old Palestine. I was struck by the immense and constant work carried on behind the scenes on behalf of the Jews, not only in Europe, Britain, and the U.S. but also in Russia. You could see how men with almost no understanding as to what was being planned were also making plans for the future, and not realizing that they were being guided by unseen men...guiding every nation by the power of the Purse. None of the Christian nations seemed to realize that they were being manipulated by their born..Fifth column. As some of so called 'Lost Israel' were taking over Palestine from the Turks, the fifth column in their midst were also working, and making their plans to eventually take from them what they had acquired according to Prophecy.

As the world approached the year of 1917., and the building of the Soviet Union you will remember who led this situation. One of the men who came west just before this, in the year 1916., was Jabotinsky from Russia, a dedicated Zionist. In England we find Arthur James Balfour now in the Foreign Office. And the Zionists were very happy since here was a Foreign Secretary of Britain who had all but wept at one time because this homeland for the Jews had not already been established. However as Britain took Palestine the Jews came together, no more squabbling among them as to their leader, or how to accomplish their dream. Now they would concentrate in establishing a British protector program for Palestine. In the U.S., President Wilson's advisor was Justice Brandeis who was consulted always and he was in favor of the British protectorate for Palestine. As we review the facts of history we see..that as the British troops were taking Palestine from the Turks..the Zionists were already in positions of power to carry out their program. They were also reaching out politically to protect their gains in the Western Christian world as they brought into the Western Society the Jews from Poland, and Asia who were so different from the inhabitants of the society which they were entering. These people were different in tradition, in language, in manners and customs, in religion, in intellect, and spiritual aspirations as well as Ideals, literature, and of course their language was Yiddish. They were out of harmony with their new environment and it was said that they needed a center in which to develop, before joining the mainstream of Civilization. Anti-Jewish legislation in the Russian Empire had not been harsh, but the program of Zionism called for moving these people into the Western Christian world, thus they must have a reason for this western movement. And the cry was then heard:....'A homeland for the persecuted Jews'.

Even as the British troops then took Palestine men were meeting in Paris and in Rome, and supposedly Protestant and Catholic wishes were being satisfied as to the Holy places in Palestine, while actually they were being maneuvered to protect the Zionist claim to Palestine. The religious Christian Hierarchy were assured by the Zionists that they had no wishes or claims to the Holy places which should be left in religious hands. Pope Benedict XV., and ardent Liberal had been disturbed by the reports of Persecution of the Jews in Eastern Europe, thus his sympathy was with the Zionists, and he was visited often.

It was well known that Britain had always governed her colonies with wisdom, thus the drive for...a British protectorate. Weizmann was now saying that under British rule great and flourishing communities of Jews had been established in other places, such as Canada, South Africa, Egypt and yes also in America under this English speaking race. The fact that England was a Biblical nation, at that time being told they were a part of the 'Lost Tribe' brought a so called spiritual affinity between British and Jew. This was the line of thought being promoted to influence the Christian West. This brought forth the wish that the Jews be allowed to take over Judea, then as time went on they would over run Galilee. But their demands seems to be small in the beginning.

In Russia as the Soviet Union was established this brought to power Jews with a FAR LEFT PHILOSOPHY, and they were now involved in setting in place the Communist regime which would be used as a scare tactic against the Christian West. For many years as the program was also in progress, to secure the homeland for the Jews in PALESTINE.

Another man who must be mentioned, who played a part in this story, as well as in the siege of Palestine, was T.E. Lawrence. He worked well with the Arabs, and when Sir Edmund Allenby became the British Commander of the British troops in Egypt, he sent home commanders who were inefficient. He met with T.E. Lawrence, he listened to him and then turned him lose in the Desert for the two pronged attack on the Turks holding Jerusalem. Yet at this very same time behind the scenes the former Ambassador to Turkey, Henry Morgenthau of America was meeting with different Zionists. Chaim Weismann was also busy as they were ironing out their differences in their program, bringing all under one leadership. Chaim Weismann was developing into the man to be chosen as the head leader of the Zionist cause. Many were the claims now being surfaced as to Anti-Semitism. Some were saying that now the British wanted to get rid of their Jews, so would send them to Palestine when this had always been the cry...Palestine for the Jews. There were some Zionists that felt that if only Jews lived in one area of Palestine it would seen become a ghetto, thus a way must be found to integrate the Jew into the civilization already in place. Lord Rothchild was asked to see that complete liberty and life on a basis of equality be secured for those with different religious beliefs in Palestine as the Jews would come in to live among them. Thus you see the discussions that were in place..behind the scenes...even as the British were in the process of taking Palestine from the Turks.

On November 6, 1917., in Russia occurred the Bolshevik uprising and immediately on the 7th., of November power was seized by Lenin and immediately the world heard that cry of 'persecution of the Jew' who must have a homeland. It was now proclaimed that these were former Hebrews, and must be returned to Palestine so that they could rebuild their Temple, and the cry then was heard:..'Next year in Jerusalem'.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem, Allenby had taken the city of Jerusalem without destroying the city. December 11, 1917 General Allenby rose his horse at the head of a procession through the new part of Jerusalem. But he dismounted as he reached the Jaffa Gate, then entered the old city on foot. He found a unit of Arabs guarding the sacred enclosure of the Dome of the Rock and this Muslim Contingent in the capture of the old city of Jerusalem were thus recognized. Allenby went to the Citadel and read a proclamation stating that the city was now under Martial law, and would remain so as long as necessary. He told the inhabitants of the city that they were to pursue their business without fear of interruption. Since the three great religions held the city in such affection, every sacred building, monument, holy spot, shrine and so forth were all to continue as before.

Yet even here as General Allenby was voicing his instructions for the governing of this old city, a Zionist by the name of Picot from France stepped forward and announced that on the marrow he would take the necessary steps to set in place a civil government for Jerusalem. General Allenby at first seemed to be stunned by this announcement, but according to T.E. Lawrence of Arabia, General Allenby regained his composure and drew himself to his full height then looking down at Picot he replied:...'The only authority here is that of myself, the Commander-in-Chief. Picot protested trying to invoke a name from a by-gone era, but he was cut short...Allenby was the Commander-in-Chief, and the British were to have Jerusalem.

On February 2, 1918 a shipload of Jews..Russian Aliens, now in London's east end, sailed for Palestine. The British, French and Arabs were now busy creating a new map for the Mid-East by the middle of 1918. Chaim Weismann was talking with the Arabs in Palestine, and he was assuring them that the Zionists did not plan to set up a Jewish government in Palestine, no..they wished to work under British guidance to colonize the country without encroaching on other legitimate interests. T.E. Lawrence was of the opinion that the Arabs and the Jews in Palestine could get along as long as Britain was in control.

A meeting was then held in the home of Lord Rothchild between the Arabs and the Zionists with Weismann and T.E. Lawrence present. The Arabs were assured that measures would be taken to protect the rights of the Arabs in the Palestine area. Then a Paris Peace Conference was held and the Arab leader accepted the Balfour Declaration and acknowledged there was to be unrestricted migration of Jews into Palestine. T.E. Lawrence was the translator for the Arabs who did not speak English. Some were later to say that the translation was very loosely done, but the Arab added the provision to his signature that if changes were made in this agreement then....this signature was not accountable. And before the ink was dry changes were being made, and now the cry was for...Palestine must be the National Home for the Jews...and the League of Nations was to be the protector and Britain was still to govern the country under a mandate from the League. Later they would explain that 'National Home' meant that it should be possible for 70,000 to 80,000 Jews annually to be sent into Palestine until Palestine was as Jewish as America is American.

The Arabs were saying that the Jews were welcome to find refuge in Palestine under a Muslim or Christian government responsible to the League of Nations, but to establish a Jewish state or to claim sovereign rights would bring conflict between them and other races. Felix Frankfurter was the American representative for American Zionism, as men were now working to carve up the Middle East. Zionism was manipulating governments and me to try to change the name of Palestine to..'Eretz Israel' (The Land of Israel) The British Military in Palestine was having problems and many commanders had become quite Anti-Jewish very quickly. Then a Jew was named as the British High Commissioner of Palestine in 1920., and Jewish immigrants were coming in floods into the country, and the troubles mounted.

In 1921-22 Winston Churchill his star now in ascendency tried to solve the many problems in Palestine by saying that all the land west of the Jordan must be given to the Jews for a homeland. But he also suggested a limitation should be established on Jewish immigrants coming in, which seemed to be such a disturbing element. Yet the flood continued, and when Labor Leader David Ben Gurion urged the Jews to sympathize with the national aspirations of other Oriental people this was met by a storm of protest, and the Russian faction left the Zionists organization and formed their own called 'The New Zionism' led by Jabotinsky.

Hitler rose to power in Germany in 1933., and over the next 3 years 150,000 Jews entered Palestine. By the year 1936., the Jewish population of Palestine was 384,000 Jews living in this Arab land and their leader now urged the Jews to fight for THEIR HOMELAND.

Next the United Nations organization was formed, and this body also sought to settle the divisions of Palestine. As to the actions of the Jews as they came in force into Palestine we suggest that you read the Book...'The Rape of the Holy Land'. The United Nations envoy was murdered by the Urgum gang now on a rampage in that old land. (Today we see who is now the leader of Israeli, and is dragging his feet in every way in these so called Peace talks going on here in December of 1991).

America had been dragged into W.W.II., on December 7, 1941., with the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was allowed by the high officials so as to bring America into that war, but according to Zionism all the western world was not to blame for the death of those quoted...6 million Jews.. If they had been allowed to go to Palestine this death of Jews would not have happened. Now the Western Christian World must pay the price for their failure to SAVE THEIR JEWS. The British must also now relinquish their hold over Palestine.

On a day in May of 1948., the Union Jack flag was lowered over Palestine and a Jewish provisional government in Tel Aviv proclaimed:..'The State of Israel'...Ben Gurion a Zen Buddhist was appointed as Prime Minister and Chaim Weizmann (Zionist) as President. In the Arab world the Arab League countries prepare for war. President Harry S. Truman of the United States in his blindness, announced American recognition of the little abortive Jewish state now called Israel, and did this before the other countries of the western world were informed. The deed was done, and there would thus be continual war in the Middle-East from then on.

As we have reviewed this history as to the establishment of this little called the Mid-East, we are compelled to realize that even here at the end of 1991., still the Jews have not been able to accomplish their goal of destroying the Mosque of Omar in order to rebuild the Jewish Temple of Herod. Even with the Blessings of many Christians this has not been allowed. After all the Supreme Sacrifice was made by YAHSHUA almost 2000 years ago, and we do not go back in time for we are going forward under the program as outlined by our SAVIOR. Yes, in time there will be a Shrine in Palestine, but not now. thus the Dome of the Rock now covers the Holy Place as does the Arab protection of Abraham's tomb, and all the plots to destroy...over the years have failed. THE ROCK has been enclosed and protected by the Dome of the Rock, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture older than any Gothic Cathedral in Europe.

A fanatical Jewish cult has always been plotting to destroy this Dome of the Rock and other Islamic structures so that their Temple may be built on this very spot, since only that spot will convince the Christian west that Jews are to rule the world. It was on this very mountain top, remember, where YAHSHUA, the Galilean drove out the Money Changers from their Jewish Temple with such force that they then plotted to kill Him. These few acres of real-estate have been over the years at the heart of a religious and political struggle. A controlled Media fails always to report the true facts of every confrontation and yet the struggle goes on.

An example of this occurred October 8, 1990., when Palestinian demonstrations were gunned down by Israel police and snipers on Haam al-Sharif the Moslem Sacred enclosure of mosques, shrines, and monuments in Jerusalem. About 20 Palestinians were killed by police bullets, over 140 were wounded and 120 were arrested. Twenty-two Jews including policemen were injured during the riot by rocks, inhaling tear gas, or falling down when running. The site of this October Massacre is the very heart of a conflict so Ancient and fierce that a world war could begin because of this religious struggle.

Haaram al-Sharif, known to the Jews and Judeo-Christians as the Temple Mount, is the site where the Jewish Temple of Herod, and King Solomon's Temple once stood. A fanatical cult of Jews claim they must rebuild the Temple so that the Jewish Messiah may come and then Zionism will rule the world. Some claim this must be done so that Messiah will come and straighten out the thinking of the Christian world. Thus October 8, 1990., was just another series of conflicts between Jews and Arabs, the only difference is that the Israeli's used bullets and the Arabs only threw stones. The News Media played it and played it as an attack on the Jews while at prayer.

Behind the scene reports say that the Palestinians did not throw stones until after the Israeli police had fatally shot several Palestinians, and wounded several others. By then the plaza had been cleared of worshipers.

In otherwords, that hail of stones that caused you to sit up and take notice, as it was played and replayed on T.V. came five to ten minutes after a border police officer had squeezed off a long burst of automatic weapons fire into a crowd of angry Palestinians inside the Moroccan Gate.

The Israeli government then refused permission for the U.N. to send an International investigative team. Prime Minister Shamir then appointed a commission which provided a whitewash and placed most of the blame on the victims. After the six day war in 1967., there has been this continued war at this site.

As this present Peace conference now in its second site of meeting here in December of 1991 convened, then once more we see the Israeli Delegation stalling, for a time, and not willing to talk of anything of substance. They want the Arab world to recognize the Israeli state as the rightful heirs to old Palestine, and until this is granted they will act this way.

How will this end? Who Knows...if they force this situation to come having the U.N. now take over the task of settling this question then once more you find the Zionists ahead of the Arabs and Christian west, since the New head of the United Nations is a man from Egypt, married to a Jewish wife. And this conflict will be carried out to its rightful end with the entrance of YAHSHUA into this ancient battle between the Children of the Kingdom, and the Children of Lucifer's Kingdom.

Once more we cannot go around this buckle your seat belts and ride it through, for we know who is going to win.


Until next time, may YAHWEH Bless