ERM - Tape 119 - TheWhy Of The Cross


TAPE NO. 119  -  By Ella Rose Mast



Today in our world many are the questions...even the teaching that there is literally no such a personage as the one termed 'the Devil', this being only the evil in your heart, if you do not accept this idea of World Brotherhood, Love everyone, and so forth.

Therefore from the Scriptures, the Swift Ministry, my understanding and even from the Book..'Urantia' (Earth)..we find that there was such a rebellion in the heavens, and there was such a personage, a being who led this rebellion.

'How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the Stars of God; I will sit also upon the mount of the North; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be LIKE THE MOST HIGH.' Isaiah 14:12-14. In your references see Isaiah 34: 4-5., for a bit more as to the identification of the people who followed this rebellion.

It seems from all reports that in a portion of the total Universe...a long time ago, there began to be some doubts as to whether this total Perfection of the rule over all worlds of the vast Universe by the ONE Great God, the Universal Father as he was termed by some, was the best picture for the people in this portion of space. After all they had never experienced anything but total perfection. There were in this picture many administrators of these regions, here in the area of space in that time frame. There were also those termed the Sons of God..issue of His Spirit...thus children of the Kingdom in heaven at that time. This was a great One World Government, so to speak, out there in space and it ruled over this area which contained our earth also, and Lucifer was one of the Administrators of this area at that time.

Lucifer was a CREATED being, and it was said that he was perfect in all ways from the day he was created until unrighteousness was found in him. He had served his Creator faithfully for a long time. He had been to the Headquarters of God many times. He served in his portion of the total Universe and worked well with all the others of this administration faithfully, visited the inhabited planets, one of them our earth, and he taught the things in which he had instructed, faithfully. He did this until he began to be unrighteous...and you are to understand that righteousness...means RIGHT THINKING...thus when he began to think other than Right..or the thoughts of God then he began his rebellion.

Perhaps, so as to understand this situation better, we need to look more closely at our earth here today. Here we find men trying not as a part of the great over all One World Government of Heaven and earth, but for our earth only. And still trying to do this without the help of Our Heavenly Father who knows all things, who already has a program for this Earth, which will come to pass whether they plan it or not.

Looking backwards then to the Luciferian Rebellion, here was Lucifer, trained to perfection, a Creation endowed with wisdom, a brilliant personality whom YAHWEH would then allow to have doubts, which through Jealousy would lead him into rebellion. Was this not then for a purpose?

If your idea was that there is only empty space 'out there' then perhaps you are not looking far you read:...'How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, star of the morning, you who dared to confuse the Worlds'.

In this great One World Government of the Heavens, in this portion of the Universe in which our earth rotates, we find that Lucifer and most of his staff led this rebellion against God, and all fell from their high positions in this government and eventually were forced into our earth. The Dragon eventually became the symbol of all this evil caused by the Created beings who were at one time part of the Administration of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Why this rebellion? Why this opposition to the rule of the Eternal Deity, the triune God...spirit, soul, and body...termed the trinity by many, yet all in ONE, INDIVISIBLE DEITY? Remember that Lucifer was a created being, he was not an ascending SON, or as the book 'Urantia' terms him...' a Paradise Son'. In otherwords, Lucifer was not 'Spirit of HIS Spirit', he was thus not Spirit of the Universal Father's Spirit, thus we would say...he was not a Son of issue out of HIS SPIRIT. Lucifer therefore even with all he was granted as a servant of the Universal Father would still want more, as he visited the great Headquarters in space and saw the Sons of God in their positions. Thus jealousy would lead him into rebellion, and this was allowed so as to show the overall developing Universe the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. Since the end of this Rebellion was planned to be played out here on our planet earth, then today you are a part of this great drama whether you like it or not.

In the beginning of this rebellion, perhaps in three different places in this area of the overall Universe, this battle began as a battle for the minds of people. Lucifer set out to change the thoughts of the citizens of this area, as to whether these Sons of Paradise were just trying to be greater than Lucifer himself. This battle for the mind was allowed because it would show any doubts as to this rule of God over the total Universe. It would show the results when someone..other than God..set themselves up as being smarter than God himself.

According to the book 'Urantia'...Lucifer had watched as other parts of the Universe had been developed until they were ready to take their place in the total Universe, under the total rule of the Universal Father. He knew what had transpired in these other situations, but never before was it found that a 'Cross' was necessary to bring those areas into their part of Perfection, until the program of the Restitution of all things could commence. Even after witnessing these things still Lucifer, now in rebellion, no longer thinking the thoughts of YAHWEH (God), no longer would Lucifer accept the Creator Father as his God, as the ruler of the Kingdom. The material emblem of the government of All Creation is three Azure blue concentric circles on a white background, whereas the Luciferian emblem was a banner of white with one red circle, in the center of which was a solid black circle.

Yes, we find that there was a war in the heavens, and Michael the Archangel and his forces fought against this now rebelling force under the banner of the Dragon. While this was going on Gabriel and his hosts tried to stem the many errors which the Dragon forces were using to sway the thinking of the various personalities of the area. This was a deadly war because it effected the development of all things in this area, which before was trying to come to the point where they would be accepted into perfection, and take their place in the overall Universe.

As many of the staff for Lucifer fell, this caused many of the lesser personalities to go astray. They could not feature such a dazzling personality as was Lucifer to be capable of..'going wrong'.

All the time while there was war in the heavens we find that here in earth, Lucifer's lesser officials were pushing the cause of Lucifer. According to the book 'Urantia', no Paradise Being ever went astray, it was only the lower order of Beings who fell for Lucifer's line of thought. None of the Ascending we would say..on their way home would fall for Lucifer's cause. This we understand from the Scriptures, for the Apostle Paul tells us that 'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.'

As the Universal Father (God) did not move to stop this rebellion then Lucifer was encouraged to continue, not realizing that this was a battle for all times, to see what was the best way to govern the whole Universe. To finally settle this question then Lucifer given time to try to prove his case.

The old books tell us of the great battles, even the evidence of Nuclear war on earth, far back in the history of this planet, long before the coming of Adam and Eve. All of this was brought back to our memory by the Swift Ministry.

There is one thing you must remember, Lucifer's rebellion would not change the program of The ALMIGHTY in any way. HE knew what Lucifer would do, before he rebelled, and he prepared for that action. Nothing thus, no one, would be lost in the long run because of HIS letting this Archangel run his course of rebellion. Dr. Swift recalled for us the writings in the books of Horus as to the cause of the sinking of Atlantas and Lemuria, as Lucifer and his hosts pushed their program of race mixing and degeneration, showing that self-will brings Chaos to a people who follow that course.

Lucifer as Satan..the Devil, freely roamed the areas of rebellion, and even came into the assembly of the Sons of God claiming he represented all the people, however he did not for many even who fell in the beginning of the rebellion began to see how wrong they had been. Yet now they must wait for their place in the Restitution of all things. 'Angels who kept not their 'first estate', but left their own habitation, HE hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the Judgment of the Great Day.' Jude 6.

There is much evidence that the Adamic Race was put in earth for a Divine purpose, and that their 'fall' would require a Redeemer-Savior. Only ONE could fill those shoes, only the Eternal Father could produce this redemption, and in the process cut off the power of this rebellion against His Household.

All the rituals of Sacrifice in the Old Testament were but a symbol of what was to be manifested at a later day. Our earth had not at the time of Adam and Eve developed until it was a world in step with the Divine Plan, and this was because of the Luciferian Rebellion, thus as Adam and Eve came into flesh they were subject to the temptation of this Rebellious Archangel and now in the flesh...they 'fell'. This then called for the work of 'The Cross', it had been planned for, and promises had been made before the foundation of the world...before the coming of Adam and Eve. The Universal Father (God) had promised that HE would be 'The Lamb slain before the foundation of the world'. Revelation 13:8. Thus as Adam and Eve fell then God came into the Garden and stripped the Fig Leaf emblems off of them and clothed them with skins. This was the first symbol...the sacrifice performed...showing what was to come later. We think that YAHWEH did not make a seamstress out of Eve because he was doing something which would show not only Adam and Eve but the later generations as well this promise of the Eternal Sacrifice. No doubt a sheep was the sacrifice, and at the bidding of YAHWEH BECAME coverings for Adam and Eve. Thus the symbol of sacrifice started in the Garden. Within this symbol was all the 'Work' of 'THE CROSS'. It terminates in all areas of the heavens then to be free from any areas of rebellion, and on earth also...for 'every knee shall bow', and according to the book 'Urantia' those who will not bow the knee shall be as tho they had never been. Those in the great prison systems will have also learned the great lesson...the difference between 'good and evil', that within every sin is concealed the seed of its own destruction, thus the Scriptures tell us that: ..'the wages of sin is death'. Romans 6:23.

In a Universe consisting of different levels of perfection, then transgression of law (sin) is a potential in all areas where imperfect beings dwell. The conflict of truth and untruth, fact and falsehood would allow error to creep in. Thus the Willful rejection of truth would become error, where as the persistent pursuit of sin...and error is iniquity. This is the situation we find in our earth today. We have over the years heard this phrase:...'Give me Liberty or give me death', the famous words of Patrick Henry, but there is also a true liberty which comes with the development of all things according to the program of our Heavenly Father. False liberty is a deception of error. Enduring Liberty is based on the reality of justice, intelligence, maturity and so forth. One brings self respect, the other self admiration.

In our developing world, on this earth, we have had to contend with men who became tyrants. And in this talk of development we are not talking about 'evolution' which has received such a play on words, and much misinterpretation. Actually to evolve means to develop, to more forward in the program of THE ALMIGHTY. After all that is the only program which is going to work, and when men finally see this fact they will wonder why they have been so blind.

As we consider the 'TIME' taken for this rebellion of Lucifer, many will ask:...Why so long? The reason we find is that it seems that no Being is annihilated until all moral values, all spiritual realities are gone, both in the evil doers and in all related supporters. We then remember the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Most of the Liberties that Lucifer sought he already had, if he had stopped to consider, others he would have received in the future according to this Great and Wonderful program of the Almighty. Therefore Divine Mercy delayed the punishment of this Rebellious Being and his hosts, know that ALL THINGS work together for good to all beings who know God and love to do HIS Will. Therefore you many find that Justice may be slow in a Mercy dominated Universe but...IT IS CERTAIN. There could be no half cure for this Rebellion, it must be played out and corrected step by step. The other Archangels were instructed to let this rebellion run for eventually YAHWEH-YAHSHUA would get back His Archangel, as the evil nature of Lucifer...his actions as Satan will eventually be found no more. Short sighted individuals on our earth should never criticize the all wise administrators of the total Universe. As the Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom make their way back home they will better understand the 'WHY' of all this delay in stopping this great Rebellion. They will then better understand the overall program of the Eternal Father, they will better understand the 'ONENESS' of this program of perfection, they will also better understand the three personalization of Deity, which many term 'Trinity'..consisting of Father, Son, and Spirit, actually ONE Deity ...undivided, and indivisible.

Now; I cannot go along with the idea that the first human species were evolved from cells found in some ocean mass of substance. Moses in Genesis I., tells us that they were created, as male and female. How this was brought about I do not know. I do believe that the Children of Spirit, the Children of the Kingdom were involved in this, but time will bring back all such memories.

We find from the writings of Jeremiah the prophet, that he recalled the world before the great world wide flood of Genesis 1:1-2., and he also tells us that undoubtedly some of these people did not fall for Lucifers errors, because YAHWEH DID NOT MAKE A FULL END OF THEM. Jeremiah 4:27. Did they just enter their space crafts and fly away to other areas of the Universe, not under the rebellion?

After the bringing back of the earth then it was repopulated and restocked with all the animals and fishes and birds, as you noticed the fish of the sea did not all die in that time span. The next great step in the stopping of this rebellion thus brought about the coming into flesh of Adam and Eve...the promised Son and Daughter of the Almighty. A Garden is a place of beauty, and such was this Garden of Eden which was provided for them. Never before had our earth had such a beautiful place. In symbolism then, in this Garden was planted this 'Tree of Life'..Adam and Eve the beginning of this Adamic family who were to lift this earth back to its place in the scheme of all things. The Adamites were not supposed to live always in this Garden, since they were the emissaries of a New Life to all the earth. They were to be examples to the races of earth, and even the 'Urantia' book does not have Adam and Eve as evolving out of something in earth, even there they came from outer space to be the new rulers of earth.

The 'Urantia' book, as well as the Scriptures points out that Cain was not the son of was the son of Eve and Lucifer..thus the fall of Eve brought forth Cain (I John 3:12)...'Not as Cain, who was of that wicked (rebellious) one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil.' Adam then perhaps not wanting to be separated from Eve followed in this path of transgression...and violated the Law of God which had been made very plain to Adam, since Adam knew there was not anyone of his race....a help-mate for him to marry...thus Eve was deceived, yet Adam was not, but both thus lost their Aura, or Light. Adam and Eve were always pictured as individuals with extraordinary spiritual development. As YAHWEH by beginning the ritual of sacrifice set these two back on their path of Destiny, we find that altho they were now here in the flesh still they retained the all important connection of 'SPIRIT OF HIS SPIRIT' which was to stay with this race and be passed on to generation to generation, so as to fulfill the purpose and plan of the Almighty. In due time Seth would be born, and now Adam and Eve had produced a son who would carry on that great Destiny of the Kingdom of God now in earth. The transgression of Adam and Eve had been an error of judgment, not a sin of deliberate rebellion.

The Descendants of Adam and Eve as outlined in our Bible made a mighty contribution to planet earth, they built a great civilization, and because of the Luciferian rebellion, and the many children of this rebellion they were not always able to maintain this civilization as they then...moved out over the earth as programed.

Destiny was established by the Supreme God, Adam and Eve did not have anything to do with this, the Universal Father, the Great I AM who is within and without all things and beings, who is in this Mystery unrecognizable, yet He is always near, was to finally walk the earth, and here at that time would say:...'I shall be with you always' His Disciples and Apostles.

We tell you that the more of the past which you understand the more of the future you can comprehend. With the fall of Adam and Eve, their restoration to their path of Destiny, with the symbol of the sacrifice, the Adamic world now looked forward to the coming of their Messiah...Redeemer as 'Son of Man' and 'Son of God'...phrases which when understood point forward to the 'WHY of the Cross'. HE would come into earth, as a babe...just like His children had entered into flesh. It was understood that the enemy would not understand this great mystery. They would not be able to understand how God...the Almighty could by 'THOUGHT POWER' roll His body into a seed, and then bring it forth in birth...out of His race, so that here in the flesh He would execute the acts necessary for Redemption, in this great Drama of preparing Earth for its entrance into her portion of a perfected Universe. Since this rebellion of Lucifer had been allowed, this coming now of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA...Redeemer would require more activity than had been required as other planets had reached their orbit of perfection. Here in this work on earth, here in the flesh, the communication with the Father (Spirit) would never be broken. You find much evidence of this, as physical consciousness talked to spiritual consciousness...when this is understood you find that communication would continue after the work of the Cross was finished.

As we have said before, we do not believe that this ONE..Jesus of Nazareth was only perhaps a creator son of YAHWEH, we believe that only YAHWEH, Himself, as YAHSHUA-Saviour, in the flesh could complete this Redemption of His Household. Some would have you believe that YAHSHUA-Jesus became a son of God because of obedience to the Father. We believe that HE WAS YAHWEH (Spirit)-YAHSHUA-Saviour in the flesh on a great Mission to bring this part of the Universe back into its rightful orbit, and stop the consequences of the Luciferian rebellion which HE HAD ALLOWED. We see the evidence that this rebellion was to show the Universe the difference between good and evil, thus our earth became the theater of the Universe for this great drama. We do this work now required of redeeming His Household and moving the establishment of the Kingdom forward.

'An Angel of the LORD appeared to Joseph saying, Joseph thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife; for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name YAHSHUA, for He shall save his people from their sins.' (transgressions)

To those who would transfer the Hebrew race, the Savior and His Apostles and Disciples all to another race we cannot agree. The Urantia Book does this as does the Scriptures if read in blindness. This puts the Urantia Book in the same category as the others. There are some wonderful things written within, but as you come to the WHY of the Cross they go along with ...what we call blindness. For centuries the Hebrew people had proclaimed the coming of their Savior, Redeemer. Then when he came, since the enemy (now Edomites) were now in control of this old Hebrew territory, and even most of their religion, the Edomites became in the minds of people, considered as the only people who lived in old Judea at that time. The old records of what happened in Jerusalem at the birth of the Christ Child were now almost forgotten except in the songs and worship of the Christian Faith. The Jews were looking for a different type of Messiah and did not understand YAHSHUA, or accept Him. Thus we believe that any writer who does not accept the fact that Jesus was YAHWEH (Spirit), now in the flesh, as Redeemer...Messiah has a different understanding as to the work of the flesh.

Yes, the hour came, YAHSHUA stood accused before His enemies, His human consciousness was well aware of what the effect on the Apostles and Disciples would be when He carried out His mission. He has warned them to be sure, but little did they realize as to what was now to transpire. Soon earth would be known in the Universe as the world of the CROSS. Yes, the enemy would afterwards teach that the ONE who died on that Cross was not as His followers had thought Him to be. NO, He was not a redeemer of a certain people, He lived and preached only Eternal and loving Salvation. If there was any other message then Jesus as a Jew would someday set His people up to rule the world. It would be the work of the Christians to carry forward this hope of Resurrection and Restitution of all things. This they did, even in Blindness, as they seemed many times not to understand His work as 'Son-(Issue) of Man'...coming forth as He did out of His race in earth, and also as 'Son of God'..(Issue), and Adam would also be traced back in His lineage as a Son of God. Thus the enemy were not to understand this Mystery, and they tell you that He taught only the Brotherhood of all men of earth, and yes, many true Israelites go along with this theory in their blindness, at this time.

Today we have the Scriptures, a great library of books, in our homes, and we have scattered these Scriptures all over the earth, hoping to enrich the earth. We also have many, many other books for study, but if they do not agree with our Scriptures, then to us they are just that...books to be studied to see if there is any more knowledge to be gained as we reach for understanding of this tremendous story to be found in this book called... the BIBLE.

Certainly you would expect the enemy to deny the Resurrection, as they would also deny the bringing of 'Captivity captive', as YAHSHUA rescued those Adamic spirits held in the Netherworld. The enemy may hear the words but they fail to understand the meaning, yet the coming of 'The Spirit of Truth' at Pentecost would bring the endless growth of this 'Gospel of the Kingdom' which Jesus proclaimed. Pentecost revealed that the spirit seeks out those who are able to receive, that this religion of Jesus was the most powerful, unifying force the world has ever known. Deny the fact that 'race' had a part in this story and you give your inheritance to a people who deny the 'WHY' of the Cross, even tho they read:...'I am not sent but to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.' (Matthew 15:24)

Yes, as He drank the Cup in the Garden He took all the transgressions of the whole world caused by the Luciferian rebellion, took them upon Himself, but if the Sons of God had not been embodied in earth, there would have been no need of a Cross. Always remember that first...'All Israel shall be saved' (from transgression), and then 'All flesh' the Great Restitution of all things. The WHY of the Cross is now finished, we move on to other events in the establishment of this Kingdom...'In earth as it is in Heaven.'

Always remember that God and people need each other, only together can they reach the final attainment in the Divine Destiny of this Universe. Only thru this program of this 'Gospel of the Kingdom' which Jesus preached will this be done. Christianity today is subdivided, and secularized, and presents a great obstacle to further development, advancement. But the True church preaching the Gospel that Jesus preached would bring old and young together in a great bonding never found since the time when Jesus walked the earth, a man among men. To accept the idea of this Administration of the Kingdom would bring the full significance of His command:..'Follow me'. When we bring the Living Jesus to the church that bears His name, and let the living religion supplant the theological religion..ABOUT..Jesus, this Gospel of the Kingdom will then open the door, to a blinded people who will then understand the 'WHY' of the Cross.