ERM - Tape 120 - Yesterday's Knowledge Brings Hope For Today


TAPE NO. 120 - by Ella Rose Mast




Looking out over our mixed up world of today a sermon given in 1962 by the late Dr. Swift came to mind. Rereading this message and thinking of all that has happened over that period of 30 years we realize how intense this battle between 'The Children of Light' and 'The Children of Darkness' has become. And yet there are many people over these United States that are still hanging on to their Faith and looking forward to more developments.

We still find no better outline of this story then in the prayer given by Dr. Swift before he began this message:...(quote)

Almighty and Eternal Father again we come before you to worship you in spirit and truth, recognizing thy abiding presence which is with us thru out all ages, and not only with us but the essence of thy spirit is also in us. We are thankful for the witness of Thy Spirit concerning who we are, and from whence we have come. From the testimony of the Apostle Paul we have the assurance that we are thy household, the realization that Thy Kingdom is an Eternal Kingdom. We realize that with this Kingdom you shall accomplish with it all that you have purposed and ordained from the beginning, which you also made known unto us. Grant us to possess in our Faith the continuing assurance of achievements over evil, for thy purposes which shall be established in earth. We pray...Our Father, that you shall lift us and sustain thy people, giving them that serenity of Peace which can come upon their consciousness in the midst of conflict, so that they can carry forward this opposition against the darkness, with the assurance and confidence of His children, looking forward to the fulfillment of all prophecy as events transpire, some of which are in the areas of opposition, but known unto you from the beginning, just as the end is also known unto thee.

Knowing these things we have the assurance of victory as we press on in our achievements. Our Father, we pray that as we meditate upon thy purposes and our relationship to it, we see that it is our obligation within our time span to lift up thy standards, and make sure that thy people maintain a continuing identity with thy Mind, and with thy Presence. Thus as we commit yourselves into your hands we pray that THY WILL BE DONE IN EARTH. We pray for the awakening of Thy People, for the declaration thru the True Church, of Truth, and for the establishment of Thy Kingdom, in all its Majesty thru out the earth, in all ages to come. Knowing that this shall be accomplished because you have told us that every knee shall bow, and every tongue proclaim that thou art GOD,--We thus commit ourselves into thy hands saying:...'Thy Will be done', and in Thy name we ask it.' (unquote)

As we dwell on the developments of the past 30 years we see that it is still just as important today for us as a people in the Western World to retain this knowledge as to our identity as it relates to our society, and the great traditions of our Household and our Race. Through these past 30 years an intense pressure has been placed on every area of our life to try to drive out of our society the very concept of THE CHRIST, and everything which relates to HIM. Dr. Swift was warning of this program thirty years ago, and we find that today the pressure is still on and that the enemy has made some gains over these past years.

In February of 1892 the Supreme Court of our land decided that the United States of America was a CHRISTIAN NATION. With this declaration and the unprecedented amount of tradition, and evidence to prove this fact the Supreme Court then came forth with that Declaration. Since there is no stronger foundation on which to build a civilization, or a culture than on that foundation that THE CHRIST--THE MESSIAH--YAHSHUA was YAHWEH (God) em- bodied in the flesh, then you can understand this great drive on the part of the enemy to remove Prayer from our schools, and The Knowledge of THE CHRIST from the minds of our young people. Why? Because this is a very definite program against the foundation of our society, our civilization, and our culture. Make no mistake...this is the same enemy as of old which Christianity has always had to contend with. Thus these warnings and the knowledge found in the Swift Ministry are still valid today, and worth repeating.

We again tell you that we can do without those who would strike at the heart of America, but one thing we cannot do without and keep on our path of Destiny, is our Saviour--THE CHRIST--. Him we cannot do without here in America for we are a part of this people who are told:..'Unto you a child is born'. We still thrill to the words of this prophet Isaiah as he says:....'Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and HIS name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace.' If there be some in our society who cannot say that these words were said to us, then my friends, perhaps they are not a part of our society, for our position is that 'THE CHRIST' is LORD in America. In fact our Congress before its great infiltration ruled that this must be ingrained in every mind, and was thus added to the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag as 'This Nation under God'.

Today after all these years of 'The Iron Curtain' over Russia and the Israelite nations trapped behind this curtain, we see this curtain torn to shreds as those people once again struggle to be free to worship God. We see this as part of the struggle between THE CHRIST and ANTI-CHRIST even though the West was duped into helping hold this system in place, yet we also see God's purpose who are now assured that HE also has the ability to carry out the projects and objectives of his plan. Thus we watch the events taking place not only in the Middle East, but here in our own land and over the Western World, and we wonder.....what next?

Going back to the message given by Dr. Swift in 1962...'The Power of Creation', we read words which are still appropriate for today:...(quote) 'It is important that we understand that with every attempt to subordinate our society, to move it into a second class position, or to seek to tell us that the DAY of the White Man and his civilization is over, that Christian civilization must now step aside because out of Africa or perhaps Asia shall arise the New Forces which shall determine the Destiny of the is important that we realize that the Destiny of the World was determined BEFORE the order of this world was framed. The Destiny of this world was determined before our Solar System was formed. We tell you that there is not an individual of our race who was not with the Father when HE put this great productive program of Creation in place, and then put this whole Solar System in its rotation path.'

The great secret is that You were with the Father, not in a physical body in earth, but with the FATHER when the world was framed. Remember how God reminded Job of this fact as He asked him:.."Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion"..(Job 38)..or will the Unicorn be willing to serve thee? (Job 39) Job was thus reminded of who did these things, as JOB watched from his position...with the Father.

The Apostle Paul then tells us that (Ephesians 1) "you have already been blessed with all Spiritual blessings before the world was framed."

These are INTENSE TRUTHS and may not be dwelled upon in most churches because they have never considered the depth and the value of what is declared. However if one goes back into the original texts in which these truths were framed, you realize that every attempt was to demonstrate that these people who make up this Christian society, the race of which you are a part, was to convey into the thinking of this people that this was a Divine Household, a Spiritual people who existed in the Spirit with the FATHER before they ever dwelt in earth. (Ephesians 1:3 and I Peter 2:11)

Yes...we have been blessed by the Eternal Father, the Great Spirit who is the Creator of the Universe, the Great Spirit who is the Father of His own Embodiment. Yes...the MAN CHRIST JESUS, blessed with all Spiritual blessings in Heavenly places, in our spiritual existence as His offspring before the world was ever framed. We are thus Strangers and Pilgrims in earth because we are a part of a heavenly order which was higher and with greater capacities, and greater abilities than the earth orders which we were sent here to develop. The program every Christian prays for every day is:..."Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heaven."

It is only with this realization that the laws of Spiritual Power which control the Universe are far superior to the activities, and the processes by which men live in is under this realization that we come to an understanding of God's purposes, of His sending His Celestial Household from heaven to earth. It is thus only then, we can understand this embodying His Household in to physical bodies, of His projecting as a creation... not my friends as though making something out of nothing, or forming out of the substance of earth...but BY PROGENY HE BEGAT A HOUSEHOLD. That is the meaning of the ancient begat, or to PRODUCE OUT OF HIMSELF.. thus Adam, we read, was the Son of God. (Luke 3:31)

By this fact alone you are given an origin, you are from a Household, for Eve was taken out of Adam, thus making a Divine family who were placed in earth where creations and civilizations had fallen under the catastrophe of the influence of a fallen Archangel. This is a rather significant situation...don't you think..when out of all the superstitions and patterns of darkness which DID NOT WORK, God with HIS Great Grace intended all along to transfer an administration of a Heavenly Order to earth, and the way to do this was to embody them, then as they fell He then embodied HIMSELF.

Today we read of the clash of Scientific minds over the age of the Egyptian Sphinx. Seismic studies conclude that this Great monument in stone is 2,000 years older than traditionally believed. This brought a cry that this finding was 'Pseudo science', but we believe that by studying the old books as well as the Bible that at last some scientists are going back to the truth. In fact this scientist...Robert Schoch of Boston University would set the time of the building of the Sphinx at about 4,500 B.C.

From the Ancient prophecies in the Book of Horus, those Ancient Egyptians looked forward to a day when the Eternal Father...YAHWEH-PUTAH, from the heavens would send His own household from heaven to earth. This is the reason that as Enoch and Job and their company were building the Great City of ON that the Pharaoh of Egypt came to the acceptance of the fact that these men were the children of Osiris, the very soul of Ra, and recognized Ra as only the symbol of the God of LIGHT. As you study the background of those people you will discover that at that time, Monotheism was again introduced into earth with the coming of the sons and daughters of the Eternal.

Two of the great sources of these Revelations concerning the pre-existence of God's Household come from Enoch and the Apostle Paul, two men of our race who were given unique experiences much different than most people, in that both were taken into the heavens, both were escorted far from earth into different dimensions and places. These men not only went...but they returned and described for us what they saw and heard. Enoch for instance wrote volumes about what he saw and heard. He translated how technological wisdom was applied to a physical world. Always we thrill to the descriptions of these things which Enoch saw and heard, as this Faith..left his home in earth to become the great revealer of things of Spirit. He tells us of this, so called, "Cloud" which settled down outside of his home and how two men came to his home...came out of this cloud and informed him that the Eternal Father has bid us come to take you unto HIM, for he has things to tell you which you in turn will pass on to thy brethren. There was no fear in the man Enoch as he closed the shutters of his home, locked the door, and informed his family that he was leaving on a little trip. Then with the two messengers he walked into the Cloud and found therein a great Chariot. Enoch then tells of his journey out over the earth, and out over the great ice packs, then on out into space. As Enoch journeyed OUT into space he tells of the wanderers which we understand as the planets of this Solar system. This was the first record in literature that told us of Uranus and Pluto because our Scientists did not establish them until the 1930's. We had to wait for the development of our electronic telescopes to be able to pick them out in the heavens quite easily, but Enoch in his space journey told is where they were.

Today we find that there are many things about the Books of Enoch like those of Revelation which tell us things about those great Patriarchs of our Race, showing us also the tremendous experiences which they had in their life time in the flesh, which were accurate, and in scientific detail far beyond the ability of our day. Yet we remember this journey for Enoch occurred about 5000 B.C.

Remember that in the course of Enoch's experience he saw the Massive Palaces of the MOST HIGH where the clouds floated beneath the ceilings. He saw the Glory of Space and as he recorded, Enoch was taken out to this cluster of stars which we see, called the Pleiades. Job confirms this recognition of the Pleiades as God said to him:.."Canst thou bind the influence of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?" (Job 38:31)

Today our Scientists know that to this area of the Milky Way, and probably further, that the Pleiades is the gravitational center around which all these forces move in slow orbit. The bands of Orion are responsible for the great elliptic which forms the great oval patterns of certain Solar systems, even effecting also our own Solar system. However, Job was told these things which he was to record, and he did this in ages that proceeded the scientific and technological developments of our times. As we consider all these things we remember that God told Enoch:.."I bring to your remembrance all things, and especially that you and your household volunteered to go into earth on this great mission." Thus Enoch had a household in the Spirit and all volunteered to come to earth, as did others of this race.

While in the Heavens, out there in space, Enoch saw the tremendous numbers of people from every part of the Universe, coming and going before the Throne of God. Enoch discovered that many of these people were his kinsmen, the offspring of God, his brethren, and some of them had not as yet dwelt in earth...others had. When Enoch had seen all these things then he was told that..."You and your brethren were sent into earth to build a New Order, to establish once again the rule of Righteousness." However your race, altho volunteering to go down and be embodied into physical bodies, lost a bit of your remembrance, and since this was true, then Enoch had been brought home in his physical body, so that he might return in the physical body and then record all that he had learned and pass it on to his brethren. If this were not true, then Enoch would have remembered all these things without having to be told.

The Apostle Paul told us that as he was taken into the presence of God he didn't know whether he was in the physical body or out of it. This is very significant as it shows the reality of life in space. We think this is important since it relates to the Household of God, but also because it proves that the Celestial plane and the physical plane are so alike in form and activity that it was impossible for the Apostle Paul to tell whether he was in the physical body or out of it. He had every sensation of conscious existence and the immortality of Life was being born testimony to the permanence, by the experience of this great Apostle of our race. We think it very significant that in these writings of Enoch, that he also talks about how God brought back to his remembrance how the Solar system was formed as well as things relating to conditions in the Universe. After all, there are worlds out there governed from the headquarters of our God. The limitations of some minds make it hard for people to realize that the Universal Father (God) is the perimeter of these sidereal systems which we can behold and photograph. Through our electronic telescopes we find that beyond the range of anything we have produced...there is still on out there...sidereal systems after sidereal systems. You then remember that God has always been in this business of creating and existing. More than that He was before all things that were ever created. The Apostle Paul bears testimony to this in the Book of Colossians.

Today, as we study the situation we are in, we realize more and more that a force is in our world that is seeking to destroy everything which is constructive, everything that has emerged out of the developing civilization of God's Kingdom. But the technological developments of our times are throwing more spot lights on the formation of the Universe and greater evidence of the Creator is being demonstrated every day.

We would also point out that there is a quality of co-creative ability that exists inside of you. Everything in God's Universe that you now see existed in idea and form in the mind of God before He ever put it all together. He compressed with great circles of Creative Light, placing in the heart to it, HIS MIND to balance its form. And under the compression of HIS LIGHT, and the electronic elements which were within the structure of such formation, and under the electrical compression, then formations were put together from one end of the Universe to the other. There is not anything in the Universe which you can see or handle which isn't put together with electrons, protons, or neutrons and down in the heart of this is the MIND quality, or the bookkeeping factor of the atom. Strange as this may seem all that you can see had to first exist in the intelligent conscious form of THE MIND OF THE CREATOR, and the Creator not only put together all the things of the Universe, but THE QUALITY OF THIS CAPACITY TO KNOW, TO THINK, TO DRIVE AND DIRECT SUCH FORCES IS ALSO IN YOU. The Apostle Paul thus told us (Philippians 2:5)..."Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus"...never forget this. In the original text it was something like this in verse 6:..."He in this physical body was in the form of God, and he was consciously aware that he was equal with God because the spirit within him, this celestial form was God." Thus the Apostle Paul was saying as he spoke for The are also children of God, so let this mind be in you. For you are Life of HIS LIFE, breath of HIS BREATH, bone of HIS BONE, and you are to start thinking on the level of God-like activity to accomplish GOD-LIKE RESULTS. That is the reason the 82 Psalm says:.."Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH". In the King James Version of scripture it reads:.."Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of God". This is too much for some people to absorb in one statement, but if they would study the patterns of truth they would soon realize that they came from somewhere...thus the Apostle Paul said:.."Ye are strangers and Pilgrims in earth".

As you assemble with people of your race what do you think you came to? Do you just go to church just to be going? The Apostle Paul tells you that you have come to a 'gathering of the FIRST born, who were begotten in the heavens.' Think of have come to the gathering of the first born which was formed in the heavens...'You have come to an innumerable company of LIVING Spirits. You have come to the New Order of the ages, to the Heavenly Jerusalem. This is what you approaches you come to the Assembly, or church, the true church, therefore the church is a very dynamic, spiritually embodied organization. It is the great stimuli of A New World Order, it is the Heart-Center of God's Kingdom and you have come to a group of citizens of this Kingdom who are of a Celestial order, who were trans- planted into earth to build a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed. You are a part of a people begotten by the Spirit before ever the creation of the earth.

The Apostle Paul continually reports things he saw and heard, and you finally understand that his ability to see, to catch the vision of things that had not been made or formed, is a part of the process you received OUT OF THE FATHER...until you can also pick up tomorrows trends, until you can pick up ideas that are in His mind of things which are to develop in earth. These are things He talked about, and things He gave to His prophets to record as He talked to them, as such you than are co-creators with the Father.

We tell you that there is not anything that is made out of nothing as some would have you think. Everything that you see is a part of something, and everything is made out of something. Even a particle of Light moves with velocity and has substance. The pattern in all this is the synthesis of the Universe, out of the field of energy, and out of its wave lengths of energy, its electronic particles are held together by the Mind of God. There is also a counter part of this fact...which is that this MIND is also in you, and the continual making of things, at your disposal is a part of your Destiny. Everything which you create, everything that you with your Father, is not always made out of substance. There are principals and ideas which are formed with milliamps of energy generating in the seat of your consciousness, and received there in that great receiving set of your intelligence, but they had to come in. The Father has been relaying Wisdom and Knowledge to you, had opened the vein of receptivity of anything in His mind, thus again:.."Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus".

After all, if you were to stop and meditate about this ONE who was born ..."Unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given, who is the Everlasting Father." Thus this is the Mystery...this was the embodiment of the Ever- lasting Father. Since all things were made by Him...the One called THE CHRIST as the Book of Colossians informs us, thus all things created, both in the heavens and the earth, both visible and invisible...wavelengths of energy, spheres, and dimensions of power, whether they be thrones or dominions, principalities of power, all things were created by HIM, this Eternal...embodied Christ who was before all things, and by HIM all things consist. He is the only head of the body, or as termed today...the church, but He is the beginning, the first formed of all substance by Spirit. You are then also a part of that First Born because you are the children of that Spirit. You are the Celestial children of the Father, and you were there before this world was framed.

As the Apostle Paul makes this declaration there is only one race of people who were ever able to find out by the guidance of spirit, and their own initiative as to how far out this creation reaches, or how small it can be. Did you ever hear of Africa grinding great lenses to probe the great distances of space? Who has the wavelength that causes this reaching for knowledge? First you have to know that there is something out there, and then you have to find it. Secondly you must have something within you, such as a pattern of inspiration which moves you, even in blindness. And people who developed the radar, the technological ability to harness the vibrations of energy, also produced the electronic lenses which now the world copies. And we are now able to take the impression of invisible objects, only because they were before so far away.

With the space exploration now up to date, as these pictures are finally being read, we find they also reach back to unravel the past. An Ancient city is now here in 1992 being uncovered from beneath the sands of Saudi Arabia proving once more the authenticity of the Biblical stories. It was only from space pictures of earth that the Ancient trails were found beneath the sands leading to this Ancient trading city. This reminds us of how the Ancient Round Table of Britain was also found from the Airplane, thus as you reach for the future it is wise to look back and confirm the past.

As we look out at the vast sidereal systems and see the vastness of space, no wonder the mind is struggling to comprehend. No way could you have, by yourself, set up an understanding of what you are now able to photograph, and by mechanical calculators put together for measure which our Fathers mind has produced and held together unless you have a way of tapping into that mind for yourself. Beyond all that which you have sought and accomplished are still these words:.."Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you." Then you must realize that this is a fact, that there is nothing which has been retained in the Wisdom of God, or in your ability to know...from your race...if you but speak.

Today we are being slowed down in our search by the preaching that there is no racial superiority, all races are the same, all are equal. Did you notice that while they are telling you this they always want you to get the Western Check Book out to help raise the other races to your level? Back in the 60's the teaching of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) was that they wanted to restrict the further development in the Western nations, until the rest of the world could 'Catch up'. Did it ever occur to you that this was an admission that you were out ahead? We tell you that people in blindness have accepted this philosophy, but there is only ONE blueprint, ONE program, of which the Bible is filled with the outline...which is: "Thy Kingdom Come." It is that those who were begotten of God and sent into earth shall be elevated to leadership to carry out the great blueprint of God. To bring Righteousness and Justice, as well as Peace to earth with Divine Law, and Righteous Administration. We are well aware that we cannot accomplish this without Divine assistance, that God Himself is going to participate in this, and we would not want it any other way, but we also have no other expectation than to expect that it shall be accomplished. We also are not going to take any backward steps from this objective.

On the other hand we see the progress and the ability of our race to pick up the waves of the law of the octane and translate it into the most beautiful of all combinations in the areas of sound, to catch little symphonies of the heavens and to pass its patterns on. The ability to probe into the microcosmic of all this as we probe the vastness of the Universe will come with time and experience. That which drives us on is this feeling inside as to where we came from, and to which we are going home to. As we strive for knowledge we build even the electronic telescopes and we photograph viruses too tiny to be visible to the human eye, but we can blow up those photographs as big as we want them to be.

Yes, we are developing better and better ways to confirm the age of different things, and to push back and back the dates we have acquired as to events in the past. As we determine this pattern of the quality related to spiritual waves of capacity which was bestowed upon a people who have been begotten by the essence of that Spirit, and whole mind is of the same wavelength as that of the Universal Father.

It is true that your enemy challenges you today with the technological developments, and some would equate this as a sign they are as able as you, but remember how the secrets that they stole began in the minds of your race. They stole the Nuclear secrets so as to hold that threat over your heads for so many years. Astonishingly the people who stole those secrets were non-Christians..and not of your race. You will remember that with those secrets the Soviets went into space first, not because you could not do this, but again...people not of your race wanted to slow the western world down so the rest of the world could, as they say, 'catch up'. Also German scientists and their whole families were taken to the Soviet Union after W.W.II., and they were forced to help them develop this which their pagan society could not do.

Today we find the same story, out of one man's family has emerged those who constitute the white nations of the western world, who built a great Christian civilization, culture, and society which was 'Christ' based and inspired and directed because this is their Destiny. In this area there is nothing withheld which you have applied yourself to seek, which has not been found. Today as we probe space we are looking for something you know must be out there although we have ourselves forgotten just what. That which we are learning today is that which the Spirit in you already knew, it is only that here in the flesh you do not remember. The foundation of these factors however reach back into the antiquities of yesterday, for after all, you are the Children of the Eternal, you are co-creators with HIM. Thus we now say that we have probed the thresholds of new areas, and of a New Earth.

In the Swift ministry, Dr. Swift spoke to you of the patterns of co-creation, of the passing from Death unto Life, talked to you about the powers of Immortality, about this tremendous age which is developing upon you. He has talked to you about the promises which were then assured unto you by the Apostle Paul and other Patriarchs of your race and Faith. Today we are even seeing much evidence in the material and spiritual fields that tell us we are on the edge of a great age of Immortality. Today we are even seeing some acknowledgment of the fact that because of this technology which has emerged out of this Christian society that it has also prolonged life outside of this society thus fulfilling the prophecy of being a 'blessing to the world'.

Some who do not understand will not like the idea of Immortality, being restored to earth, because as they say...there wouldn't be enough room here for all the people. But who said anything about you having to stay here? In each area where something is about to happen, in each area where God is about to turn loose new areas of horizons, He starts to prepare His sons and daughters to react accordingly. We are already preparing for the greatest development in the history of the human race. We are preparing for the greatest development in the history of the human race. We are preparing not only just for the probing of space, but areas of transportation as well. Before you have gone through many decades, moving throughout the Solar system will be just as readily accepted as you now accept the big planes. Your great grandfather probably thought they were too big to fly, but he had not applied himself to solving that problem.

We tell you that as you are probing the thresholds of space, you will find no problem that you are not capable of solving, nothing will conquer you, nothing will stop you, nor will you ever find the earth so populated that there will be no room to move about, on the part of the Children of God's Kingdom, for you will be traveling in and out of space and into the furthermost extremes of the great sidereal systems, and TIME is not the limitation which you thought it was. Time is to disappear with your horizons on the outside, expanding...Time shall be no longer due as to how long this World Order has to be under this power which oppresses it.

The Apostle Paul in the Book of Ephesians tells us that because we are the Children of the MOST HIGH, the mind which is in you can activate the whole seat of your knowledge until you will eventually realize the potential in you. The Apostle Paul tells us that in the program of our Father that you are to teach these Living Spirit called Angels in the far outposts of the Universe. This Apostle tells us that the sons of God who have had these experiences here in earth are going to be educators, and administrators, masters over the Universe before this program is finished. You are told that the children of the Kingdom shall be as many as the Stars of Heaven or the Sands of the Sea Shore. You are also told by this directive, that there will be from this Adamic household...the administrators of the Universe who will sit with the Father to govern throughout the Universe, for of the Increase of this Kingdom there shall be no end.

Today we sometimes are swallowed up by what seems to be temporary environmental victories upon the part of the enemy as a result of the brain washing of your society and civilization. For years you were depressed by the rise of Communism as to what might come to pass. People were even being encouraged to build bomb shelters here in the U.S., but this great nation of God's Kingdom is not destined to be completely taken over, instead it is the World Order is Celestial administration, and a New Order in earth. The World Order is destined to change, as co-creators you are helping to build this New Order.

Our civilization is going to emerge from this mud which is trying to engulf it, emerge with Spiritual guidance and it is going to rule the world irrespective of all the resistance the enemy will bring. This battle will not be settled by Peace Conferences, but with the victory of God's Kingdom over the destroying forces of earth, and then the world will know Peace, and you will know success.

You have been told from the beginning to the end of the scriptures that this is the purpose and plan of God. This Kingdom of God is not just an idea, it is now emerging in substance and form and eventually shall be complete as an administrative force in the heart of the earth. John talks about this city...New Jerusalem...which he saw descending...this Great Living City made up of people. A great Living city of Adam..emerging out of this Adamic race. Down they came through the House of Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and his many sons through tribes, and cities, states and nations until they developed into the Great Nations of the Western World, thus you have been watching this expanding and developing Kingdom as it came to pass.

No, this is not a golden city lowered from the heavens on golden chains as some would tell you. This city (people) has been gradually coming in as the people are born into this world out of Celestial realms, coming in to build a New Order, to accomplish their destiny, and we are told that in the climax of these events that the very body of God will dwell with us here in earth. He will join His people as He wipes every tear from their eyes. There will then be no more death, no more sorrow, no more pain, for these things will have all passed away.

You say:...but this is just superstition! No, my friends, this is Destiny. The Book of Hebrews catches the significance of this coming of The Christ (2:9).."This YAHSHUA-Jesus made a little lower than the Angels who could not die"....however physical bodies do die, thus Christ took upon Himself a body that could taste death as He came as 'Son of Man'..a babe out of our race. By coming this way He was able to taste death for every man, and to conquer the power of death so that ultimately man would be released from this pattern of death. Verse 14:..."For as much then that the children are partakers of flesh and blood, He also, Himself took part of the same, that through death He could destroy all the power, and that which was involved around this area, which laid against men. He would deliver men of the fear of death which all their lifetime had laid on them as a bondage. He did not take on Himself the nature of Angels, but took upon Himself the nature of our race, and we are told that He was not ashamed to call you His kinsmen, brethren, the family of YAHWEH (God)."

The Apostle Paul understood that this was not a mental gymnastic that develops because you believe this or that, but this relates to you and to your household, and this is something you will remember someday because the Spirit of God will bring this back to your consciousness. Jesus said:.."I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, I give them Eternal Life, and they never perish." We then point out to you that the greatest possession which you have, although here in earth you may be rather unaware of this, but this great possession is this mind in Jesus The Christ, is also in you and the soul consciousness where your innermost being resides, here in the living mind, is where you dwell. This is the real you, the sum total of these driving and forming energies are not without form, because you are the image of the Father, just as the body of the Man..Christ Jesus..was the image of the invisible YAHWEH. This body is thus the image of the consciousness of the soul.

We also tell you that you only become co-creators with the Father of this new World Order of the New Age if you are a descendent out of this Adamic race, only this way can you be a creative participant. This does not mean that the people of earth will not be blessed by you because they will. It does not mean that you will bless the whole world, then lift and guide the World Order to a place above you. But it means that you consist of this household of the MOST HIGH...that you are in the world for a purpose. Being sons and daughters...then through you the Eternal Father does many things, for this is the way He works. Whether you like it or not, you must face this inevitable conclusion that there is a dynamic creative area out of which these events come.

Today we need to encourage our people to learn more about themselves, to learn more about their Father, their relationship with HIM. The Father has determined to show a great expansion of His Kingdom, that knowledge shall increase, that spiritual Light shall pour out on you like in the 'Latter Rain', bringing an outpouring of spiritual guidance, wisdom, and knowledge until you will turn from this idea that all races are the same, that Universal Brotherhood, and such ideas that blind you to who you are and why you are here...are false. He will give you a greater understanding of what the Mighty God who rules the Universe expects of you. Then in time you will realize your responsibilities as instruments in His hand, as co-creators with the Father. With this understanding will come the great serenity of Peace, which can fill your hearts and minds. Then comes the kind of strength that means Life. You will then be able to see beyond the physical to the point of total Victory, but you will also see it here in the Physical.

We would remind you that the only mind the Anti-Christ can take over are those who cannot see this building of God's Kingdom. Always the enemy runs up against this seat of resistance in a Christian nation, and this brings their downfall. Thus we tell you that you are destined to rise, awake, and march forward to your destiny.

Some of you may say:...But that takes too long, maybe it would be better to just go along with the World Order since we are all going to die before anything happens?? My Dr. Swift used to say..if this is your philosophy then we ask you...when tragedy strikes, and personally you are effected, what do you fall back on for comfort unless it is your Faith, and the promises included in that Faith. Where do you go for comfort, unless it is back to your Father?? Think about that.