ERM - Tape 121 - Power Of The Spirit


TAPE NO. 121......By Ella Rose Mast





"For the earnest expectations of the Creature (referring to the physical body) waiteth for the manifestation of the Sons of God." (Romans 8)

The Apostle Paul coming to the end of his service here in the flesh was leaving recorded great revelations for the children of the kingdom. Your references as to the participants in this story take you back to Genesis 3:17-19....back to Adam the progenitor of a race.

Always we hear this expression:..."we came into this world with nothing, and we shall go out the same way." Many people take this to mean that we came in as Spirit and we are thus finished with this physical body at death. Yet looking closer at this situation we would remind you that to enter, and participate in a physical world as the sons and daughters of God, to build HIS Kingdom in earth, you had to have a physical body to dwell in. Thus how did you acquire such a body?

We find that YAHWEH had created the other people on earth after the great flood, Created them..."Male and female created HE them." (Genesis 1:27) He then blessed these people and told them to replenish the earth. YAHWEH then rested from all that He had done, then in this Seventh Era (7 being the number of Spiritual Perfection) we find that YAHWEH...The Elohim..formed a body for Adaum...for the next step in His program of the Redemption of earth, and this body was formed from the elements of earth (dust as it is recorded). Then YAHWEH breathed...the breath of Life into this body and it became, as recorded, "a living soul". Thus a living Spirit, out of the heavens came to live in this physical be the means of starting this race which was to build YAHWEH'S Kingdom in earth. A physical body was required since this was a physical world in which Lucifer was now causing so much chaos. And remember this body for the man now called Adam was FORMED not CREATED as was the body for the other people of earth.

The second chapter of Genesis records this story of the establishment of this particular physical body, here in earth, and we find that YAHWEH THEN TOOK ELEMENTS from Adam's body for the body of Eve. Adam would then say.... speaking of Eve his Wife:..."This is now bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of man." (Genesis 2:23) Later did not YAHSHUA also use those same words...Bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh to describe His Children of the Kingdom? "therefore shall a MAN leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his Wife, and they shall be One flesh." ...One Race... And they, (Adam and Eve) were not ashamed. Looking further into that last statement we find other meanings for this being 'naked'. The meaning being that they were not as yet clothed with Righteousness, or that they did not as of now understand all things like they did when home in the Spirit.

YAHWEH would take Adam over the earth, and he would name the animals and the people, and he would see the difference in himself and the other races, and he was told that since they were different then he was not to cohabit with them. This was the reason that Eve had been presented to Adam as his helpmate, his wife, they being of the same flesh, same race could produce the Children of the Kingdom who would be able to carry a special seed forward.

Adam and Eve are thus represented as two children of spirit, now in physical bodies on this earth, in a totally new environment for them. The Light of Spirit still clothed them since it was as yet still on the outside of their physical bodies. They were like two 'babes in the woods' here in this environment, and listed as 'not ashamed' because they had not as yet been tempted, and had not violated the law given to them by YAHWEH. They had not as yet been tempted by this one called in symbolism...The Serpent ..who we know today as Lucifer the Archangel who rebelled and became a Devil, or Satan.

Remember that Lucifer was once a great Archangel who ruled...under the guidance of YAHWEH over 1/4 of the Universe which also included our earth. He was known as the 'Star of the Morning' because he instructed the people of his area, in the knowledge and program of the Almighty YAHWEH. He had become jealous, as YAHWEH had acknowledged His Children of Spirit, and in his rebellion went totally opposite to his character as an obedient, created Archangel. Yet being also of spirit, he had retained the knowledge and power to enter into a Physical body in earth, where he had been driven in his rebellion. Here in earth Lucifer heard the complaints of his Children of Darkness as to this LIGHT which shown from the bodies of Adam and Eve, thus Lucifer schemed as to how to put out this Light, and to stop this Kingdom of YAHWEH from being established in earth. In his work in earth Lucifer had become symbolized as The Serpent, and The Dragon.

Genesis 3., tells us that Lucifer as 'The Serpent' was more subtle than any beast (Enosh) of the field (the world), which YAHWEH had made. Therefore now in a body of flesh himself, then who would you expect Lucifer to tempt? After all the other races had already fallen under his control. From the old records we find that Lucifer had established his headquarters close to this area where we now find Adam and Eve...and since Adam seems to have been asleep one more time then Lucifer tempted Eve, to come...'see how we live'. Eve knew that Adam had been told about this (race) tree in the midst of the Garden which they were not to mix with, yet much later the disciple would tell us that 'the woman (Eve) was deceived but the man (Adam) was not.' (I Timothy 2:14) Thus Eve was deceived and she violated the law, and the child, Cain, was 'of the Evil One' (I John 3:12).

Adam then followed his wife in his violation, and the Light of Spirit not being about to cohabit with Darkness retreated to the inside, thus now Adam and Eve looked like others of earth, and they knew that they were NAKED, and they thus hid as YAHWEH came into the Garden and called to Adam. Actually they had dawned the symbolism of the Fig Leaf, and it would take a restoration by YAHWEH HIMSELF to set them back on their path to building His Kingdom. Adam and Eve had thus hidden themselves like two kids who knew they disobeyed and would be chastised. After all YAHWEH had told them while in the heavens that as they came into physical bodies they would fall. But being strong and under His protection there in the Spirit they could not comprehend this temptation. They had been so sure of themselves, but YAHWEH KNEW that as they stepped thru the veil into physical life they would not remember many things, thus they could be tempted and they would fall. If this were not true then the Kingdom of God in earth could not have been started, for it had to be a physical kingdom to take back the rule of earth from Lucifer, here in the physical world, therefore these physical bodies of Adam and Eve were very important. It was to be in these physical bodies wherein a seed for the kingdom could be passed...forward...from one generation to the next.

It was to Lucifer, who thought he had called a halt to YAHWEH'S Kingdom here in earth, by substitution his seed for this child of Eve then YAHWEH said to Lucifer:...'because you have done this, I shall put ENMITY between thee and the woman (symbol of the kingdom)...between her SEED and thy SEED." And...'It shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise HIS heel'. (Genesis 3:14) As you pause to let these words sink need to bring forth a visual picture of just what these few recorded facts are telling you. It is from the Swift Ministry, and the Old Books, that we are trying to do this, and now you must also admit that the scripture is talking about a special people who will later be acknowledged in the physical world as 'God's Israel'...YAHWEH'S Kingdom people now in physical bodies for a definite purpose, this being the building of His Kingdom here in physical earth, and the battle is now between the Children of Spirit, here in physical bodies, and the Children of Darkness the seed of Lucifer in rebellion.

Oh! Yes, Adam and Eve were very much aware that they had lost this covering of Spirit Light. From the old records we find them now outside this close proximity of the Garden's spiritual connection,.. on their own at last here in this world that they did not as yet understand. Adam thus kept pleading to go back to what they had lost, and finally YAHWEH reminded Adam of the promise that He would take him home when the 5500 years were past as they had agreed, but in the meantime now Adam and Eve must fulfill their time of service here in the flesh, since this was the reason they agreed to come into earth in the beginning.

We remember that YAHWEH had promised others of the world order that He would send HIS Children of Spirit into the physical world to build His Kingdom, and eventually to whip the Devil, and this in time would bring the restitution of all things, when even those of the world order who had fallen under the violations provided by Lucifer would thus have their time for redemption.

Here into this Great Picture we now see Adam and Eve, who when tempted had also fallen, and this would call for a restoration of the beginning of YAHWEH'S Kingdom here in the physical world. Since the Spirit retreated inside the bodies of Adam and Eve...where else would it go, since they as you were 'Spirit of His Spirit?' ...this would call for the next step in this great program...which was a restoration of these two who were to build His Kingdom. Thus YAHWEH came into the Garden and called for Adam and Eve.

In HIS capacity as High Priest of His Kingdom we see YAHWEH as He stripped the symbols of the Fig Leaf from these two children and clothed them in the symbolism of the Sheep of His Pasture. With this accomplished then Adam and Eve were resigned to pursuing their mission here in the physical earth.

Going back into the Ancient records once more we see that there is some misinterpretation of the fourth chapter of Genesis, since Cain was not the son of Adam, as the Apostles would remind us later. The early records have Adam asking Eve where this child Cain came from and she replied:..'I gotten a man from the lord (Baalie).' Many important men of earth were called Lord's, and some still today have this title. The next child for Eve was the son of Adam and he was named Abel...'The keeper of sheep' meaning he was one of the sheep of HIS Pasture, as Israel is sometimes referred to.

Adam and Eve will now move forward in their destiny. Cain true to his inherited nature, killed Abel and then he would leave the close relationship of the family of the Kingdom, and move out on his destiny the work of his father.

With the birth of Seth, Eve records that YAHWEH has given her another child to replace Abel, and this one now is able to carry forward in his Seed, here in the flesh, this all important connection...Spirit of His Spirit. We are now told (Genesis 5:1) that this Book is a record of the generations of...the race..of Adam, 'In the day when YAHWEH placed him in the likeness of Himself.'

We are reminded that the 'Beginning of Wisdom' is acquiring the knowledge of the nature of God. Without a bit of the understanding of this nature how can we understand this story so carefully laid out in the scriptures beginning with Adam and Eve as they came into physical bodies, to build a race for the Kingdom...and eventually to this yearning which the Apostle Paul outlines for us as coming not only from the Children of God's Kingdom but the children of the world order as well, as they also wait for this Manifestation of the sons and daughters of YAHWEH (God). Oh! you say: ...'why this yearning, I don't think this life is so bad'. Then perhaps you have not suffered as even some of the world order have over these many years. The reason for this yearning is that this IS THE PROGRAM OF THE ALMIGHTY, and it calls not only for the restoration in all ways for the Children of the Kingdom, but also for the restitution of all things in due time.

This physical body in which the Children of the Kingdom live and work then became a very important part of this great program. Here thus combined heaven and earth, and if this were not true then where did you get your 'AURA?'

Now you will say:...'But this body decays after death',...Yes, but it was here in the physical body that Adam and Eve violated the Law, thus this is what must be restored so that the Devil does not win. This physical body was formed out of the elements of earth, and can thus be easily restored, since this is the work of our power Father and God. Always remember that this program calls for the building of a Kingdom, here in earth where Lucifer has caused so much chaos. This administration of a Kingdom would thus require a King, and we find that the promise was that YAHWEH would come to earth, in a body of flesh, just like His children were living in, and we find that HE did just that....coming as a helpless babe, just as you did. Why? So as to Redeem His children and to defeat the Devil here on his home territory.

After the Resurrection the Children of the Kingdom, at death then went on home, nor more waiting in the Netherworld for their Saviour. And yes those elements of the physical body now on earth, will be restored for a Resurrection of the body is promised. When He can call His servants from the ends of the heavens, then those who are Spirit of His Spirit will be given the power to recall all elements of earth which were a part of them. This Power of the Spirit today is not as yet understood to any degree. This yearning of not only the children of the Kingdom but those of the world order which the Apostle Paul spoke of will occur as all shall see 'the manifestation of the sons and daughters' of the Kingdom. As this occurs the World Order will even accept the Administration of this Kingdom, under the rule of YAHSHUA. They will be willing to work and will be happy under this Administration since at that time the power and influence of the Devil will be held in check.

The Great Mosaic of this program of YAHWEH (God) is not a Racist program as some would have you believe. It is simply the program for the greatest good for all people. When the World Order is no longer under the Luciferian bondage then they will also be willing for the development of the administration of this Kingdom, all over the earth.

Today man people are feeling as tho we are standing on the edge of a great development, but they do not know quite what to expect, and some are even rather fearful as to what is ahead, instead of being happy and looking forward with anticipation. Not seeing this great picture some are trying to set up a New World Order under this same old bondage. All you could thus establish would be a One World Government under the control of these same Children of Darkness who now hold the world in Darkness. Now...what is to come is the Kingdom Administration under the control of THE KING OF KINGS.

Remember that as YAHSHUA (Jesus) walked the earth in Old Palestine, those who had taken over the control of that land from the Israelites came around HIM, not accepting, rather they were accusing HIM of many things, and YAHSHUA identified them as HE said:..."Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there was no truth in him." ...thus calling him a murderer he was referring back to Cain who killed Abel. YAHSHUA was always very careful to point out the difference between the Children of the Kingdom and those people now in control of Jerusalem and the land of Judea, which He had given as an inheritance to His people. Today however, having been infiltrated and misled, the church no longer points out this fact, instead have almost joined the thinking of the world order, just opposite to the program of God as laid out by Jesus as He walked the earth and preached 'The Gospel of the Kingdom'.

As YAHSHUA was carrying out His Ministry He was asked for signs of the end of the age, and He replied that there would be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. (Luke 2:25) As Luke would outline these sayings, then also it would be as it was in the Days of Noah...(Matthew 24:27). Well in the Days of Noah people were eating and drinking and having a great time without a thought as to what would happen, even tho Noah had been building this Ark in their territory and preaching to them. But the Ark represented Salvation for all of Israel now left in that old area, and Noah had knowledge of this impending catastrophe...did he not? For he was told that in 7 days (Genesis 7:4) the rain would start, and every living substance in that area would be destroyed.

In the old records, according to tradition, we are told that Noah and his family took the embalmed, Physical body, of Adam into the Ark to preserve it. Adam's body, this symbol of the developing kingdom here in earth, was later taken by Shem to Egypt where the Great Pyramid had already been built by Enoch and Job and their great company of Savants. The body of Adam, so says tradition, was then placed in the Pyramid to await the Resurrection of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, and for the fulfillment of the promise made to Adam that he would be taken home in 5500 years. You will remember that Adam's spirit had been in the Netherworld with the spirits of the other children of the Kingdom up unto that time, and then later when the Pyramid was broken into, there was no trace that Adam's body had been there, only an empty sarcophagus like the empty tomb where the body of YAHSHUA lay for that short time.

All through the Old Testament we see how the Adamites buried the bodies of their loved ones. We have given you much evidence of this throughout this tape series. They buried the bodies of their loved ones, especially in those earlier days, and tried hard to disguise those resting places, so that the graves would not be found. Those in Egypt, early, especially went to great length to try to preserve those bodies, especially in THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS. What were they looking for, if not the Resurrection of the body?

It is also interesting to see that it was the Arabs who were to remain in that old land, who would then maintain the burial place of Abraham, Sarah, and those buried in that tomb. Did not the plan of YAHWEH call for the Israelites to leave that old land? Did HE not know that the Children of Darkness would try to destroy any trace of the Children of the Kingdom, if they were allowed? Did HE not know that these Children of Darkness would take over Israel's inheritance, and claim they were the rightful owners... as YAHWEH-YAHSHUA moved His people into a New Land, in the West?

When considering this subject of the physical body of the Adamites we remember that when YAHSHUA was on earth that Lazarus died, yet He tarried an extra day or two before he came to Bethany. Mary would say:..'I ye had been here Lazarus would not have died?' Yet there was a purpose in this situation, was there not, because of course YAHSHUA did know what was happening at Bethany even tho He was not present. Again from the old records we find that the Spirit of Lazarus was in the Netherworld with the other Adamites who had gone before. Yet as Jesus called, then Lazarus came back and picked up his physical body which had been restored and came forth from that tomb. This was not the time for the Resurrection, but Lazarus had more work on earth to do for YAHSHUA, and he would need this physical body for the spirit to dwell in, thus this was a Restoration, but after all there is nothing too hard for our Savior and King, He was merely teaching Israel a lesson as He walked here in earth, and the Apostles would record it for us at a later date.

In the Book..'The Coming of the Saints', we read that tradition says that Lazarus, after the ascension of The Christ, remained for a time in the company of the Apostles, with whom he took charge of the Church at Jerusalem. After this he went to the Island of Cyprus in order to escape the persecution in Judea which arose as Stephen was stoned by the Jews in Jerusalem. After having filled there the office of Missionary and Priest for several years, he then entered a ship and traversing the sea, by the Grace of God, arrived at Marseilles, in France. Here exercising the functions of his Priesthood, he served God, to whom he had entirely consecrated his life, in righteousness, and true holiness. He preached the Word of Life to those Israelites who had not as yet received it, and gained many converts to Jesus the Christ. (Quote) "We who occupy his old house at Bethany, that is to say his former tomb, and perform our religious duties at the place of his first internment, humbly pray to Jesus Christ, by the spirit of St. Lazarus, our patron, and his own special friend, that He would design to lead us by his goodness, so that we may rejoice in his help entering with him, in the joys of Eternal Life hereafter." (unquote)

At Marseilles there was the Cave of St. Lazarus, in the Crypt of St. Victor, thus the physical body of Lazarus was entombed in France. Further records tell us that the life of St. Lazarus was similar to that of St. Mary and St. Martha, who also worked to bring the message to Lost Israel in the West. In those records we read that it was YAHSHUA Himself who greeted these devoted servants as they stepped through the veil when their service in this life was over, but they also left their bodies in their tombs and were expecting a Resurrection Day in the future.

There is no doubt that we here today are much closer to this... 'Day of the Lord', which shall bring great changes to our world. With this in mind remember the Prophets of Israel, and all the promises made to them. For instance we recall (Isaiah 66:22) 'For as the new heavens, and the new earth which I will make, shall remain before me, saith YAHWEH, so shall your SEED, and your NAME remain.'

'Egypt (a symbol of the world order) shall be a desolation, and Edom (the Jews-Cainanites from Esau's violation) shall be a desolate wilderness for the violence against the children of Judah, because they have shed innocent blood in their land. But Judah shall dwell forever, and (new) Jerusalem from generation to generation. For I will cleanse their blood (race) as I remove their sins from them, that I have not cleansed, for I will dwell in Zion.' (Joel 3:21)....In the Ferrar Fenton version Edom shall be destroyed for what they did in the land of Judea. Thus Israel is to go forward, forever, and with the Kingdom rule here in the physical then more and more of the children of the Kingdom have been coming into earth to dwell in physical bodies. When their work is finished in earth, they will go back into the Spirit taking only those things allotted to them as was necessary for their dwelling in this physical world. In otherwords, the physical elements of earth which were a part of this physical body, will become one with Spirit thus you are:...'Spirit, Soul, and Body', as was YAHSHUA as He also went back into the heavens.

We recall that Enoch went into the heavens without tasting death, and Moses also...because the devil could not find the body of Moses, and if it had been on earth he could have found it. Moses was seen talking to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, and the Disciples were filled with awe and wanted to stay on that Mountain forever.

As you let your mind expand past simple interpretations by men who had no understanding you see some of the grandeur and Peace on the other side of this worldly picture. The quality of life in that old land as Jesus walked the earth was such that the Disciples longed for something better. We see somewhat the same situation shaping up here today. A climax of events has to occur, only this time there will be no Crucifixion, that was accomplished almost 2000 years ago. Today the Children of the Kingdom have established their Destiny in the Western World, and this time they are to move no more. The Battle is thus here in the Christian West, has been for these last almost 2000 years. Although we have been misled, and deceived in many ways, yet we also have 'The Word' for comfort, and as you study you find that YAHSHUA came to earth, and showed His people by example as to how things were to be done. His physical body also lay in the tomb, but HIS Spirit returned and raised that body, and He went back into the heavens... 'Spirit, Soul, and Body.'

Jesus had taught His people to pray:...'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.' We thus believe that Lucifer will not be allowed to gain anything belonging to the Kingdom. Thus this physical body plays a part in this great program of the Almighty God, thus this is one reason we celebrate Resurrection Day as we follow in the footprints of our Savior, who came and showed us the Way.

The Apostle Paul in his writings to you of the Kingdom, after his great experiences was leaving you a message to be understood by you, but not by the World Order. The words may have been somewhat twisted as the enemy tries to deceive you, but still John (2:21) tells us that this physical body is the Temple (dwelling place) of the Holy Spirit, whereas the Apostle Paul in Romans 12:1 records:...'I beseech ye therefore brethren by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies, a living sacrifice, holy acceptable unto YAHSHUA, which is your reasonable service.' In otherwords, live in this body and serve Yahweh-YAHSHUA for the children of Israel (the Kingdom) are many....'yet also one body (one people) in Christ.'

There is no way that we can settle for only personal salvation, and going to heaven when we did as all of this story lined out in the Scriptures. Instead, we are looking for the fulfillment of the prophecies, and especially this one by the Prophet Isaiah (60):...'Rise and shine (be enlightened) for thy Light is come and the Glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.' (vs:1) We then read of the Kingdom Age as Isaiah records:..'For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the LORD God will cause righteousness (right thinking) to spring forth before all nations.' 'Their seed (Israel's seed) shall be known among the nations, and their offspring shall acknowledge them, that they are the SEED which the LORD hath blessed.' (Isaiah 61:9)

Then the LORD speaks and says:...'Surely I will no more give thy corn (food) to be meat for thine enemies, and the sons of strangers shall not drink thy wine, for which thou hast labored.'

In this Kingdom Age we no longer will give our blessings to another people for all the world shall call you a Holy people...'The Redeemed of the LORD, and thou shall be called Sought out, a city (people) not forsaken'...thus a people blessed of God.

We therefore are looking for the kingdom age, for the administration of the Kingdom here in physical bodies, and we who are still here will meet our Savior, here on earth in this air breathing, physical body, as He comes this time as KING OF KINGS, to join His people as ruler of this Kingdom. We believe in the promise that:...'For whom He did foreknow He also did predestinate to (as the old record says) conform to the image of His Embodiment that He might be the first born among many brethren.' This my friends, is your Destiny. 'Moreover whom He did predestinate, them He also called, and whom He called He also justified, them He also glorified.' (Romans 9:29-30)

I, like the Apostle Paul, am persuaded that nothing, no one, shall be able to separate us from the Love of our Savior and God. I also believe... 'Arise and shine, thy Light has come' is talking about the time when the Light of Spirit is once more back on the outside of the Physical Body just as it was on Adam and Eve in the beginning, and that will signal the manifestation of the sons and daughters of the kingdom. For those whose bodies were left in earth, the Spirit will gather the elements they once used, and then the children of the Kingdom will be like YAHSHUA, able to step back and forth through the Veil if this were necessary. We believe that He came and showed us the way as He told us:...'Verily, Verily I say unto you...He that believeth (understands) the works that I do, shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to my father (into the Spirit).' Now He works through His Children in earth, here in these physical bodies.


Until next time YAHWEH willing.......E.M.