ERM - Visions Of Joseph Prescott Bk 16 Vol 2


Report by Ella Rose Mast


Visions Of Joseph Prescott

Booklet 16, Volume 2

by Joanna Southcott



This booklet also deals with Visions of Joseph Prescott as did booklet 15.--These vision were to show that the night is well spent, the day is at hand when all of the prophet Joel's words shall be fulfilled. The end comes by visions and seen by young men and prophecies given to the LORD's handmaid.

The Spirit of Truth then says: all that I said in My Gospel is now like green leaves in spring. Then know that your redemption draweth nigh. It is like your summer night at hand. And like your husbandmen are the disciples, preparing for the summer fruit, to bring forth the increase, and try the grounds of every heart.

Joseph Prescott, one of the men to examine Joanna's writings was going to be 4/15/1803, when he saw a hand which held a box with the lid opened, where in was a quantity of gold pieces, as large as half crowns. And there was some reading on some of them, of which he could not distinguish. Then a voice said to him, 'This is a cabinet of Graces, which I the LORD have to bestow on my people, and let the sinner take care that he doeth not sinneth against ME. But I will lock it up from him. It is the representation of the Bible and its contents.’

Joanna then received an explanation of this dream:---“The box which is opened before you shows what is in store for my friends, that are longing for my coming, and are working to bring in my kingdom. There is your reward, spiritual and temporal. There are the grapes hanging in clusters, without any interruption, and so in the vision. So that nothing appears to blast your happiness. Neither will there be an interruption to your happiness when My kingdom comes down below. All will be handed down to you as that vision appeareth. But as two disputed about the box so will men dispute about the coming of my kingdom. Some will say one way and some will say another way. And so men will place it to their own judgment which way it will come. The marriage of the Lamb hath come, and his wife hath made herself ready."

Revelations 22:7--Behold I come quickly, blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of this book.

And then Revelations 20:l--And I saw an angel come down from heaven with the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

Thus, you begin with the woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet. Then be glad for the marriage of the Lamb is come and the wife has made herself ready. Then come and partake of the 'waters of life' freely. Then an Angel comes down from heaven with the chain in his hand for the Satan is to be chained in the bottomless pit for 1000 years. And he is now cast into the bottomless pit. And he will not be released until that amount of years is over. But as two disputed about the box so will men dispute about the coming of my kingdom. Some will say one way and others will say another way. And so men will place it to their own judgment, which way it will come.

Joanna then writes pages of verse describing this.

The 6th vision is also seen by Joseph Prescott --( see now some of these men are having visions.) He saw a crown composed of diamonds and of a rich and curious form. And on the bottom part of which there were 4 squared, 4 short pillars, 4 large arches and several small ones adjourning, in a serpentine form. At the top a ball formed with branches of diamonds spreading from the ball to the top and bottom. Different ways in the form of 6 cornucopias encircled in a circle of glory.

These words then came from the 'spirit of truth':---Joseph, tell my servant to style this a crown for it represents a representation of the Godhead.

Then there were 12 visions given to the men and then explained to Joanna, all bear the same message---that Satan is now to be chained up and the kingdom of God come forth. (Again is this not what Hale-Bopp told us this summer?)

Now people are crying to YAHSHUA CRYING FOR Satan to be bound so that they can get into a better life. They are then told to watch the times; watch the seasons, watch the spirit as to whether it be true or not. Watch the whole thing draw the link, lengthen the chain, and then see if it adds up to a perfect day. It is like a flower in the bud opening more and more until a full bloom flower appears. This is the work of god as he brings the world into order with HIM. The new earth and the new day will be when the Church militants join the church triumphant. When sorrow and sin are done away with. And joy and gladness are in every heart. It will be a new heaven to the Saints, when they have the liberty to come and converse with Saints down below. It will be a new earth to man, when sin and sorrow are done away with, when JOY and gladness is in every heart, love and peace in every breast. Instead of the enemy you will be surrounded by Saints and Angels and brotherly love in every heart one toward another. This will be a new earth to man and heaven will be new to Saints and Angels when you have a free intercourse with one and another without the infernal host that is now hovering in the way.

When Satan is chained down it, will be thus a new heaven to Saints above and Saints below and they will praise the name of the LORD from one new moon to the other. And they shall be the LORD’S people and He their god.

The fullness of the gentiles is the redemption of man. Now you come to the fullness of what HE died to purchase. The fullness of all happiness is when your delivered comes out of Zion and turns ungodliness away from Jacob. Your deliver is the LORD of Hosts, the Mighty one of Israel is His name. He shall now perform the interest of His heart, in the redemption of (Adam) man.

Where is this perfect race of mankind that my delight should be with them? They will come from the sealed Numbers (12 tribes of Israel). For now is coming the "Fullness of the Gentiles (Nations). They believed in me for Salvation and now they believe in me for redemption and now they are clamoring for Satan's destruction. These sealed ones will bring astonishment and affrightened countenance to the world but to God their names shall stand forever in the Lamb's book of Life.

And the world will see that I have destroyed the enemy for their sake.

Now some even criticize the sealing of the people, the signing of their names for Christ's kingdom to be established down here. And they are to inherit the 'Tree of Life.' But this seal is given without money and without price and some had said that Joanna was making money out of this signing of the people, saying they believed in Christ, and had a desire for the kingdom. Of course this was not true.

Read your bibles and you will see how man's (Adam's) redemption takes place, from the promise made in the fall between the serpent and the woman. For every place man's redemption is spoken of it is to the woman. In Isaiah: ---The LORD is her husband, and all of her children shall be taught of God. In Revelation 19:7 is mentioned the Lamb's wife and where the marriage of the Lamb is set forth as uniting all nation's together. In the Gospel she is called Blessed that never bore; and the kingdom of heaven is likened to a woman having a little leaven--until the leaven be whole.

In Revelation 12, she is aid to have the moon under her feet, treading down the light that shineth in the darkness and being clothed with the sun which shineth bright to the peaceful day.

Now all these scriptures were never applied to a woman before, nor even understood until now. They say that they condemn Joanna for saying that you are the bride. Then they must also condemn ME for saying that I am the Bridegroom. The book ends with page after page as Joanna retells the story. Over and over she repeats in verse and in long hand so that surely at last people will believe.