ERM - Volume 6, Book 6+

VOLUME 6----Book 6

by Joanna Southcott



By L. Mayer

(Explained by Joanna --published 3-2-1806.)


What kind of a revolution wished for is the question. It cannot be that the revolutions of the past are what is wished for, since they brought nothing but the same type of situations. The only kind of a revolution wished for that could bring happiness to mankind is the destruction of our spiritual enemy. And for everyone to rise against him in prayers and petitions to the Almighty to fulfill his promise made in the fall, that Satan's power may be destroyed. All that is included in this promise is what is wished for by those who wish to inherit 'The tree of Life.' Christ must be the desire of all nations (of Israel) before the desire of all nations comes. Only that way can (Adam) man return to that perfect state of innocence and happiness which he was formed for at the first.

The desire of (Adam) man's heart is to come to the knowledge of the LORD. That they may be with God, and God with HIM. They will come to this long wished for revolution planted in the hearts of (Adam) man against the powers of evil.

Mark what is said in St. Luke's Gospel. No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. For ye cannot serve God and mammon at the same time.

After this gospel is digested and understood then you must love the LORD and hate the evil. And then your eyes shall be opened to see who was the author in the beginning that worked to cause trouble with Cain against his half-brother.

This from the 'spirit of truth.'---"The Great Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, the devil, and Satan, as he was called, which deceiveth the whole world. And I heard a loud voice saying:----'Now is come Salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ. For the accuser of our brethren is cast down which accused them before God, day and night. Thus you see from the gospel we have a glorious revolution which will arise in the hearts of believers against the grand enemy of man kind. When they are longing for the kingdom of their God.

It is said in the book of Daniel that when the LORD cometh to make the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Living God, it is said that there was given unto his dominion and glory, a kingdom wherein all nations and people and languages should serve him. For his dominion is an everlasting kingdom which shall never pass away. Nor will his kingdom ever be destroyed. And if the Saints are to take the kingdom they must revolt against the evil heart that is to be destroyed. For only when he is cast down, can the scriptures be fulfilled. That the tabernacle of God is with (Adam) man and he will dwell among them, and his delight shall be when HE is with the sons of (Adam) man. As it is written by the prophets, then he will pour out his spirit upon all flesh, and his laws will be written upon their hearts. That they will all know the LORD from the greatest to the least.

These are the promises made for the end, unto those who love his appearing, and are longing for the coming of our LORD. For these are the people to whom it is said, that the LORD is going to give the kingdom to. For it is written:--We long for the day when they shalt not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. "He will swallow up death in victory, and the LORD God will wipe away all tears from off of faces. And the rebuke of the people shall be taken away from off all the earth for the LORD hath spoken it.”

Thus you see that it is impossible for this prophecy to be fulfilled by an revolution of men against kings, Emperors, popes, or whatever heathen, the nations (Of Israel) may revolt against.

Our Savior spoke of the Comforter to come, this spirit of truth, to guide us into all truths. His disciples did not understand all these mysteries, in fact they could not have stood, at that time, knowing all things that would come upon the earth. And yet the mystery of our LORD's death is not completed before the promise made in the fall is fulfilled. They would have been eager to see the end of the Serpent at that time, but the Savior did not encourage this for he knew what was to come.

But now with the publishing of the works of Joanna Southcott, as she recorded the revelations given to her by the 'spirit of truth'. This is a different matter. Joanna received letters then against all that she had declared from the spirit of truth. AS John saw in the spirit the wonders of heaven, it showed what a wonder it is that all this is to happen upon the earth. Concerning this woman (Rev:12) when the sun of righteousness arises with healing in his wings to hide the fall of the woman, it is to fulfill the promise that was made to her in the fall.

The wisest philosopher, or the deepest diviner never discerned how man, that was born of woman, could ever be freed from the fall, as long as the woman stands under condemnation. Therefore Christ must free her before we are free indeed, to be made heirs of God and joint heirs of Jesus Christ.

Now the woman of Revelation 12, is a wonder to the world. But only to unbelievers. But scripture also says that a place was made in the wilderness for the woman, and there she was carried so as to be protected for a time. Some men explain this woman as the church, but there is also about 12 different explanations of that. The testimony of Jesus in the spirit of prophecy and without that spirit, the church cannot become the bride. For Christ at his coming is to spit the organized church out of his mouth for it is neither hot nor cold.

Thus the arguments at the trial went on and on. Joanna says that there is no name given under heaven whereby a sinner can be saved but in and thru Jesus Christ. And yet by their judgment they have set up men to pardon their sins, who cannot even save their own souls. We see the same the same error among the Arians (Aryans) and among all sects and parties who are looking to one part of the scriptures and forgetting another. Leading themselves into much error.

Joanna also says, ----I had no witness within of the manner of my visitation (by the spirit of truth). So it is by my own feelings of heavenly joy, I often experience from these visitation of the spirit that assures me in my own mind that it is from the LORD. For it is written the spirit of the LORD bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God where by we cry Abba, Father, MY LORD and MY GOD.

She then says that she wants all men to read the scriptures with attention, and judge for yourselves, for these are those that testify of the LORD and HIS coming back, to take out of His kingdom all that offends and do wickedly. Therefore those that despise the visitation of His spirit, to give the warning, then let them read the scriptures and judge for themselves. Oh that they were Judge for themselves. Oh that they were wise and that they understood this. That they might consider their latter end. For the Love of God passeth all understanding for those who love the coming of the LORD Jesus Christ.



BOOK 45 ------Volume 6------ Joanna Southcott.


This book includes letters and observations to ministers by John Crossley, also those received from Joanna Southcott considered to be the doctrine of Devils.

Thus this persecution of the message of Joanna was to go on and one, men would not admit this was from the 'spirit of truth' Joanna comes to the point when she cannot answer all of the letters that are coming in that are against her writings. The Spirit of truth still keeps encouraging her. Others of the women were trying to help in this letter writings and they took their answers from Joanna.



BOOK 44 ----Volume 6-----Joanna Southcott.


(This taken from the signs of the times.)

Now the LORD would first give a warning before the dreadful judgments should come and Joanna was assured that the LORD would incline the hearts of his servants to come to her, to learn the truth of what was coming upon the earth. The fulfillment did not take place until 1801 the warning went out to the world. And then the LORD inclined his servants from different parts of Britain and other parts to come to Joanna to search for the truth.

Some of Joanna's prophecies were for Germany and some for Spain and other places, thus noting that the writings of Joanna were moving out to other nations. But you were to discern from the communications how the nations were joined together in the prophecies. And reports were now coming in from different nations as to what had occurred in those areas. The reports were of heavy rain, and hail of immense size. Of hurricanes, and yes even famine in place such as the East Indies. In Charleston, in America of that year, Captain Bail reported that very malignant fever raged in every part of the city. And people were dying and some of the ships crew as well were dying. And reports came that the people were fleeing the city to get away from the fever.

Since the weather and storms have been so violent since the first of the year, then Joanna hopes people will stop and think ----is it because of the evil of the people that these storms persist.

Now here are the signs of the times which came from the Savior's words. Another comforter is this 'spirit of truth' which comes to bring in HIS Kingdom of Peace (understanding) which He assures us that the unbelieving world will not believe. The spirit of truth will come to guide you into all truths. This is to show you what comes before the end of the world. (Meaning the end of Satan's rule) (The Identity Movement would thus grow and show the people as to who they are, and how they fit into this program of the Almighty God.)

Joanna wrote many a verse to explain all that was to happen. But then she adds that the final day of judgment will not come before HE has judged (Adam) Man without the powers of darkness to work on him. (In other words after the devil is penned up).

It is written:-- Six days did I labor, and rested on the 7th day, and I said, 'My spirit will not always strive with (Adam) man so there remaineth a rest for the people of God. 1000 years, and as long as Satan is chained before the 6000 years is up, so long will he be let loose before the 7000 is up. Then will come that awful day of judgment, for the graves will give up their dead and death and hell must give up their dead. But now I come quickly and my reward is with ME, to search the heart and try the reins of the children of (Adam) man. And happy thrice are those who long for my coming.

Now speaking of the Bondwoman and the free. The bondwomen are those who believe they shall abide forever under the bondage of the fall. That all MY promises are forgotten. That my Gospel will never be fulfilled. These people perish for unbelief because they will reject knowledge. I will thus reject thee. But those of the free must believe I shall free them from the fall and make them free of Satan's power. And know by Faith that Sarah was called the free woman. But you say it was by marriage that Isaac was called the son of the free. And yet I tell you that it was by Faith that you must obtain the fulfillment of the promise of what I have said. For it was by Faith that Abraham obtained the promise of a son. And then in Isaac all the families are to be blessed, and that promise I am now come to fulfill, and to free the woman from the fall.

Behold the former things are come to pass and new things I do declare; before they spring forth, I tell you of them. Sing unto the Lord a new song of his praises from the ends of the earth. Do men say that our beloved kingdom has already come? Is this not to be at HIS Second coming? To come in the clouds with power and glory.

Now another observation which is an error among believers who simply suppose that as soon as they believe then this glorious thing shall take place, that then sorrows will be done away with, they think this must happen right now. But we are also told that trials of every kind will come to believers before the end; for all must grow together until the harvest come. When the LORD comes to free his suffering friends, will be at the time of the harvest. But many when they find that the wonders do not quickly appear, their love waxes cold, and I fear that many grow tired and faint by the way. All these wars and tumults, distresses, and perplexities must be in the end to bring in this glorious, and peaceful kingdom of our LORD and His Christ. We sometimes see the wicked go thru life much easier than some of the true sons and daughters. But you need to look beyond the grave to see the outcome of this.



BOOK 43---Volume 6----by Joanna Southcott.


(This book also is a copy of letters and communications written by Joanna Southcott as to what people were saying to her and her response. These are transmitted now by Miss Townley and Mr. W. Sharp in LONDON as they are helping with this ministry.)


"As the crackling of thorns under a pot, so is the laughter of fools."

This may be applied to many. As these men read the first books written by Joanna, they sought to go to Exeter to inquire as to the truth. They thought that this appeal to the church made her writings true for impostors shun the truth to avoid investigation. Since Joanna's works were sealed for a time, this also impressed them. Then men took the sealed box into their possession for an examination when they had the time to study them after the seals were broken. But both these gentlemen were ready to believe in the Spirit of truth.)

Much of the writings of this book are then repeated, time after time. And for people to hear, over and over again. Maybe it will then penetrate hearts and stay a while. Thus the time is winding down for the work of Joanna and the Spirit of truth says: "come MY people enter into thy chambers, and shut the door about thee. Hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation is past. For behold the LORD cometh out of His place to punish the inhabitants of earth for their iniquity. The earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.” William Sharp signed his name to this.



BOOKS 38-42 -----Volume 6 by Joanna Southcott,


Here you will find the controversy between Joanna Southcott and Elias Carpenter (one of her judges)

At first Joanna felt sorry for Mr. Carpenter for she thought him a weak character trying to be so tough in his criticism of her. But this continued until she was forced to answer him. The rest of these books cover the same area as all the arguments for and against the writings of Joanna Southcott. These men were not able to come up with other charges which could be true. Joanna is told by the spirit of truth to answer the charges for HE was allowing these men to make these charged to show up the lack of knowledge of man. Always the answer is the same as to how things must come to pass. Thus the program of god is established and (Adam) man must conform.